Camp Fire Rages On: More Than 125,000 Acres And 42 Deaths In 6 Days

by | Nov 13, 2018 | Headline News | 21 comments

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    In the mere 6 days of the Camp Fire scorching across Northern California, 125,000 acres have been burned and 42 human lives have been lost.  Sadly, the Camp Fire has also already been given the unfortunate title of California’s deadliest fire.

    Last year, the Carr Fire was California’s deadliest fire with eight deaths attributed to the fire. According to NASA, the Camp Fire is also the most destructive in California history as well with over 7,000 structures destroyed by the blaze.  The fire began on November 8, 2018, and has grown to a staggering 250,000 acres in just under a week. The cause of this blaze is still under investigation. California state regulators are investigating two utility companies that reported incidents close in time and location to the start of the Camp fire.  Over 52,000 people have been evacuated due to the Camp Fire in over 1,300 shelters.  To date, the blaze is only 30% contained.

    The death toll is expected to continue to rise as the fire burns its way through more homes, especially considering there are 200 people still missing, according to a report from The New York Times. Adding to the 13 coroner teams from across the state who were already working to locate the dead in and around Paradise, the Butte County sheriff announced a sharp increase in experts who specialize in finding human remains. Some of those experts include 150 extra search-and-rescue personnel, cadaver dogs, and two portable temporary morgue units from the military. The sheriff is also seeking a machine to “expedite the analysis of DNA” to speed up the identification of any remains found.

    “My sincere hope is that I don’t have to come here each night and report a higher and higher number,” the Butte County sheriff, Kory L. Honea, said at a news conference on Monday night.

    President Donald Trump said on Twitter Monday evening that he had approved a request to declare the fires in California a major disaster, making people affected by the fires eligible for various types of federal government financial support.


    Extremely dry fuels from on-going drought conditions in California, coupled with rugged terrain are presenting firefighters with challenging conditions.  The excruciatingly dry conditions with high winds help contribute to the massive and speedy growth of the Camp Fire.  Presently, the high winds have abated and fire growth has slowed. Responders from across the country have joined the effort from Wyoming, Washington, Oregon, New Mexico, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, South Dakota and Nebraska.


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      1. You’d think they’d learn to keep the forests cleared of dead trees and thinned out enough to reduce risks after a while, but they just don’t seem to care about doing something like that to prevent these huge fires.

        Must be more money in fighting forest fires than in preventing them.

      2. I don’t feel sorry for all the communist scum that are dying.. I only feel sorry for the ones that aren’t communist Hillary supporting treason loving rats.. all the demonrats can burn slow

      3. We tend to be hard shell and sarcastic on this site and mostly for good reason but we need to remember that good people have lost everything. Some even their lives. They are our fellow countrymen. We are Americans. We help.

        ht tps://

        I did.

        • Fellow american’s? That is questionable….

          • Genius, agreed. I don’t have ANY fellow Americans known as libturds. Does anyone else?

      4. I feel sorry for the trees and the GOOD people who lost something.

        • I feel sorry for all the animals, they have no choice but to live there. Ya and the trees too esp. the redwoods. They need to start another fire at the tiujuana border.

          • Genius, my mistake. I forgot about the animals; the FOREST animals, that is.

      5. Pacific Gas & Electric is owned by the Wrathchild’s (intentionally misspelled) who implemented the Smart Meter Program all across the US. In many areas of California PG&E has a monopoly on the utilities. Residents have no choices. The bigwigs at PG&E answer to their Master, not to the people they serve.

        Your standard home Smart Meter has a power rating of 47KW’s. If you do the math, that’s 200 amps and not 1 amp more. If the homeowner has a 200 amp service, you can temporarily draw more than 200 amps and cause the cheap plastic Smart Meter to catch fire. They do not have any way of detecting the heat… BOOM you have a fire.

        Although this is a traceable cause of fire, many would not trace it back to this, and even if they did the truth / information would be suppressed. SM’s have been known to catch fire. Add to that the dry Cali weather, long spells with no rain and lack of proper fire prevention practices.

        There are thousands of YouTube videos posted over the past 6 years and lawsuits filed proving SM’s can and do catch fire. I am not suggesting that’s definitely what happened here with these fires, or the NAPA and Thomas fires last year. But the thought has crossed my mind.

      6. “.. investigations two utility companies that reported incidents close in time and location to the start of the fire…”

        ? ? hmm

        Could there be a connection??


        • PGE, a rothschild co.? Ya know the smoke is making it’s way here a little. Kinda smells like a taco stand……

          • BFCA, I’m sure your a good person but look at it from an outsiders point of view and experience. California retirees seem to ALL flee that shithole! They come to the surrounding less communist states and buy up houses by the thousands. They drive up house prices to where the locals (lower paying places) can’t afford to own a house. Soon after the barrage of refugees from CA happened the politics started changing to be more like CA too. They totally fook over the indiginous people to no end. IF YOU RETIRE FROM CA>>> STAY IN CA!

            • Not to mention the theft of water from surrounding states and causing water shortages for the locals because of the sprawl created by the (escapees). Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Arizona, Colorado, were all fine before the CALI INVASION.

              • You forgot WA state and Oregon being ruined also.
                I grew up in CA, but was and am still Conservative/Libertarian.
                I left CA when I was 23 and went to live in WA state.
                Despite living years of actual residence, roughly 1/3 of my life in CA, followed by a RCH over 1/3 in WA, and then another nearly 1/3 in spent in HI. I still hate Democrats. I have watched the jackwagons from the East coast and Great lakes region of the US destroy my home states.
                I have never voted for a Democrat in a general election. I NEVER will. Personally, if all large cites run by Democrats were obliterated I’d party for a month.

      7. I seldom come here any more, much like a lot of others. Look over some of the posts on this article and it’s pretty easy to understand why.

      8. Anon: Understood

      9. The cause of the blaze is still being investigated…..
        Start with an abundance of fuel ….that’s the source. add high temperatures and blast furnace like winds and bingo you have a catastrophic fire. Just like anywhere else that suppresses cold weather fires until the big one strikes. Then they ask how did it happen? It’s a mystery to all or they blame the wind. GMAB….no fuel no fire or at least greatly reduced. Hazard reduction burns are essential.

      10. Paradise-Auschwitz

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