Calls For Censorship & A 1984-Style “Ministry of Truth” Coming From MSM

by | Feb 3, 2021 | Headline News | 13 comments

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    The biggest liars and propagandized mouthpieces for the establishment ruling class are calling on Joe Biden to create a “ministry of truth” to fight information that counters the official narrative.  We are in the middle of a truly dystopic society.

    The New York Times is urging Biden to appoint a “reality czar” to lead the fight against “disinformation and domestic extremism.” But really, the mainstream media and the government want to work together to maintain their stranglehold on the public.  The government would be in charge of dictating everyone’s “reality” if this manifests.

    And yes, George Orwell fans, America’s supposed newspaper of record used the phrase “reality czar” in describing the task-force leader that several “experts” recommended would be needed to take charge of the cross-agency “strategic response” to those odious people who say things deemed false by the government. This would be equivalent to the Ministry of Truth in Orwell’s ‘1984’, and the New York Times’ experts’ see the secretary of truth, or reality czar, turning loose the tools of Big Brother to crack down on those conspiracy theorists who have created“the reality crisis.-RT

    The “reality crisis” is that people have finally figured out that the mainstream media is pushing the news at us in a way that brainwashed the weak-minded into a controlled servitude state of mind. As more and more people wake up and realize what’s really going on, the mainstream media and the government will become increasingly desperate to control and silence any information.

    Does the mainstream media actually believe that by silencing any dissent that people will suddenly begin to trust them again?  They must or they are really at the end of their rope and have to pull out all the stops to keep people from figuring out that government is slavery.

    “It sounds a little dystopian, I’ll grant,” Times technology columnist Kevin Roose conceded on Tuesday, “but let’s hear them out.” He went on to say that the “tip-of-the-spear” task force could hold regular meetings with social media platforms and demand “structural changes, such as violating the privacy of their customers under special government exemptions.

    So the mainstream media actively wants to punish “wrongthink.” Do you still believe falsely that you’re in the land of free? It’s pretty obvious by now that none of us are.


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      1. Who would be so gullible to believe this Ministry of Truth, or in the American sense – Dept. of Truth, would be for anything else but propaganda.
        My wife is from Eastern Europe, before 1991 all those countries had a M of T. She said there was a not a single person who believed anything released through M of T, the citizens even joked how absurd the information was. In fact, she said the information was such that it was actually embarrassing for citizens to know that what their gov’t was saying through the M of T was the official narrative.
        The M of T basically serves two purposes – one is to prevent real truth and information from reaching the people, and the other is to replace real information with a propagandized version for public consumption.
        With the creation of a M of T, it would be illegal for every single other source of information, public or private, to function. Even reporting a fact without gov’t approval would be illegal. The only entities who could report news or release information would be with the permission of the M of T, and even then the content would first be approved, omitted, filtered or altered first. My wife said if one wanted to know the facts to just believe the opposite of what was reported.
        The function of a Ministry of Truth is literally to control everything your hear, or see, or learn, or say, or think, or believe – period.

        • The American version of this is Smith Mundt. It’s live right now.

          Jesse Ventura was right all along.

          • ?

            Never heard of that act until you mentioned it. When George Orwell published “1984”, the title just came from a reversal of “48”, as in 1948. The Act you reference was enacted in 1948.

      2. Ha ha
        Thought and speak police – who would have thought!!
        Tick tock -tick tock
        Better start the gun confiscation before they go too far
        If not things could begin to get ugly
        Start the round up of those white radical groups –

        Tick tock tick tock

      3. “Calling on Joe Biden to create a ministry of truth” HA?HA?HA?HA?HA?HA?HA?HA?HA?HA

      4. Isn’t asking Creepy Joe to create a ministry of truth sorta like asking Sylvester to watch over Tweety Bird??

      5. Calls for truth coming from the biggest liars(msm) in the universe -that’s rich!!

      6. I’m sure if we made a “call for truth” to the msm – there’d be a busy signal?

      7. We are going to urge Biden to appoint a “reality czar” to lead the fight against “disinformation and domestic extremism” On the other hand perhaps we should rethink that suggestion.After all,wouldn’t we be the first ones they’d come after!??
        The New Joke Times

      8. “It sounds a little dystopian, I’ll grant,” Times technology columnist Kevin Roose conceded on Tuesday, “but let’s hear them out.” He went on to say that the “tip-of-the-spear” task force could hold regular meetings with social media platforms and demand “structural changes,” such as violating the privacy of their customers under special government exemptions.

        No, let’s not hear them out…
        You’re just another MSM snob that’s pushing the same groupthink BS

        • Wow, that’s frightening…

          The key point being, these companies and organizations only have as much control as we let them have.

          Just like with law enforcement or military, the respect of the badge or respect of the uniform, is earned, not given.

          If you want to beat these people at their own game, just turn off the idiot box and stay offline. Make a conscious effort to stop sharing data with big corps, and feed them a mountain of misleading identification information instead. It’s not rocket science.

          My favorite birthday to use is turn of the century. My favorite employment type is taxi cab driver. My go to signature name is jon doe. My go to actual signature is a big X or John Hancock if there is scrutiny upon what I write. My preferred phone number has no more than two numbers, repeated through the entire phone number. What’s in your wallet? Check out Mailinator and take a moment to examine what ‘bug me not’ was all about, recreate that as best you can.

      9. Soviet-style PRAVDA which is synonymous with today’s American Main Strem Media does not like scrutiny. Citizens are to SHUT UP and pay MORE TAXES. Keep in mind that some of your fellow Citizens chose this type of governance.

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