California’s Homeless Crisis Has Reached “Epic Proportions”

by | Jul 19, 2019 | Headline News | 47 comments

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    The homeless crisis in the Democrat stronghold of California has reached epic proportions. Even after throwing billions of dollars at the problem, the state is unable to solve the epidemic they created.

    And California’s plan to throw billions of dollars more at the issue won’t do much either.  The problem isn’t a lack of money.  The problem is the socialist policies in place that make homelessness inevitable. There are now nearly 60,000 homeless people living in Los Angeles County, a 12% increase from the previous year, according to the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority.

    According to National Interest, Los Angeles is not the only county suffering under the weight of freedom-trampling socialist regulations that make it difficult for the average person to even get by, let alone afford a roof over their head. Other localities in California also saw substantial increases compared with 2017, when they last conducted a count, according to a report by The Wall Street Journal. In San Francisco, the number [of homeless people] rose 17% while Alameda County, which includes Oakland, saw a 43% increase. Homelessness grew 42% in San Jose over the past two years and 31% in Santa Clara County, the heart of Silicon Valley.

    Wealthy Elitists Freak Out As Hordes Of Homeless People Take Over Their Neighborhoods All Over The West Coast

    “Even in the good old days, there was a Skid Row. Now the beggars, drug addicts, and lost souls are all over the city,” wrote San Francisco Chronicle columnist Carl Nolte.

    The city is out of control. Traffic is a mess, but it’s rare to see a traffic control officer. Trucks are double-parked everywhere. The city is dirty—a friend just back from Mexico City was astounded to find the streets there far cleaner than the ones in her native city. There is so much human waste on the streets of San Francisco the city formed a ‘poop patrol’ where workers are paid $71,000 a year, about the same as the average school teacher. -Carl Nolte, San Francisco Chronicle

    Nolte even nails the direct cause of the problem and it’s California’s government and the people who elect them.

    To cope with these problems, the citizens have continued to elect weak city governments, all built on compromise and deals with competing pressure groups. At City Hall, everybody is responsible for everything and nobody is responsible for anything.

    To make a complex problem worse, the city has so many rules and regulations that it has become nearly impossible to build anything. And the city desperately needs new housing. San Francisco has the highest building costs in the country. Architects and builders say it costs an average of $650,000 to build an ordinary San Francisco home these days. Even affordable housing is not affordable. Carl Nolte, San Francisco Chronicle

    To those who continue to warn of the destruction of socialist policies, this is obvious. To those who want everything handed to them after it’s first stolen from someone else, it looks like a utopia.  But that’s because it’s easier to vote for politicians to “steal from the rich” than it is to beat the politicians own rules and become rich. Humans have lost their sense of individuality and their freedom in the process of taking the easy road.

    California’s government also seems to have more pressing matters to attend to anyway, like banning plastic straws, plastic bags, and paper receipts. They’ve also begun providing free health care coverage to illegal immigrants while their homeless population burgeons.  California maintains a generous welfare regime, and it’s temperate and generally pleasant weather make it a natural haven for homeless people.

    But the best way for the state to help the people is by doing the one thing the state won’t do: get the hell out of their way.



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      1. I’m a bus driver in So Cal,and let me tell you it’s getting insane.

        • Bus drivers see lots of folks. Pay attention to Gonzo’s warning. The Demonrat state of California is self-destructing. Since folks of that mindset take no responsibility for their situation, KNOW they can hardly wait to bring the same failed governance to your state.

      2. Research the history of this city, and tell me it hasn’t been this way, through most all of it’s recorded history.

        This situation, at large, is sustainable, if you are an elitist, and you see all these people as downline in a Ponzi scheme.

        • Yes, L.A.’s point-in-time homeless count was significantly HIGHER in the recent past, and yet the proportions weren’t “epic” back then.
          The problem isn’t homelessness, it’s VISIBLE homelessness.

      3. Well, if it’s “…temperate and generally pleasant weather…”, homeless people don’t really need a home. Why don’t they set up porta potties? They can be pumped out and sprayed clean every few days. It would be more sanitary and cheaper than paying a buncha .gov trough feeders to clean it off the sidewalk.

        Or give em all some government cheese to bind them up. Make America Grate Again.

        • LOL, sounds like a plan to me.
          One thing you can be sure of is whatever these cretins do, it is guaranteed to make the problem worse… but it will cost more.

        • They’ll only shit all over the seats and throw their needles down on the floors. Piss on ’em let them keep on keeping on. I certainly haven’t left anything there to go back for. All they need is just that one beautiful fire or quake to solve their problems.

          • Now we just need an “EPIC” earthquake to flush them all down the toilet!

          • No, the criminal element will start charging to fix or turn tricks in them.
            Ask me how I know.

      4. I know Californian’s make decent money unlike much of the outside states heading east so even a $15 minimum wage would be lower income there. How do you fix this I have no idea. The higher minimum wage has flown like a lead balloon realizing the overall push for more pay just isn’t happening and is not in the cards moving forward. Justice I guess you call it.

        • aljamo.

          If they can panhandle $20 day, live in a warm climate, have a tent, zero ambition they survive w/o working; they just gave up. Having taken no demographic accounting they appear mostly Caucasian. Blacks I think are more skilled at gaming the system having female income producing breeding machines, public paid housing / food / medical, multiple felony baby daddy’s employed in the unlicensed pharmacy business and enforcement. The main problem is less what the homeless are doing and more where they’re doing it.

      5. You nailed it Mac! The problem is the local and State governments, and the people that blindly elect them thinking that they will get something for nothing. Until individual rights, responsibilities, and accountability is restored California, and most Western States will continue to circle the drain until they are finally kaput.


        Go team shit hole

        Make America Zimbabwe Again

        But the good news is we are going to have more and more fires so…

      7. I grew up in SE Los Angeles county. Even when I was a kid bridge underpasses were a no-go due to the “Bums” living there.
        I left 45 years ago.
        I ended up in WA state for over twenty years and finally in Hawaii for the last 19 years.
        There were/are large populations of homeless in those places.
        What is the common factor to attract homeless( Seattle is a miserable place to live outside) to these areas?
        It is the concentration of homeless services.
        Free food, free medical, lots of drugs, lots of free or low cost “stuff” all within an easy bike ride on your “borrowed” ten speed. There is also a relatively “hands off” attitude from local Democrat union cops and Democrat dominated city/state governments.
        Fix is easy. Relocate the services to remote locations. The homeless will move. There is a little more to it all than that,
        But controlled access to services, free services will motivate them to leave your cities. I know it sounds like a camp, but it is one you are free to enter or leave as you see fit.
        You can bring in what you want, but it stays there if you leave.
        I would not worry about drugs. The only crimes to investigate is crimes of violence, ignore everything else, the members of the community will deal with it.

        • The push is on for legalized prostitution as well. I’m all for elimination of prohibition, let people do with their own bodies what they so choose. However, homelessness and private property is where the line is drawn. At no point should any private entity be forced to accept other peoples presence on their lands. Can you imagine a supervised brothel? “You’re doing it wrong.”

      8. Make them work. I have studied the homeless since the 1980s and all over the world. And the common contributor to ongoing homelessness is an enabling of survival in freebies and no effort made to improve their circumstances.

        With the homeless you need to make them work for their food and shelter. And I am not a moralist on this: if they have to do whatever then they must.

        Those who do not get off their butts need to be electrically and chemically stimulated to do so.

        • Frank Thoughts

          I don’t think that the people on the streets are on the public dole as having no residence I believe precludes them of welfare payments. They no doubt sponge a soup kitchen meal here and there but panhandling, drug selling and prostitution are likely main revenue streams. Being they have their own tent or tarp for shelter and dumpster dive for food along with the preceding. I can’t envision how they can be forced to work. I think all that can be done is move them to a homeless zone, the former “skid row” and if thats where you want to be then it’s your life. Remove children as they are not responsible for their procreators decisions.

        • Frank, jurisdiction is everything. No one has the right to force a person to work much less government. And no one has the right to force another to support the homeless, much less government.

          Families, friends, civic groups, churches and individuals do have the right to VOLUNTARILY do the latter. Christians have the DUTY to do so. Silly me, just childhood memories of an old coot….

          • I’m with Montana Guy on this one. The governments responsibility and purpose is to protect our liberties. That’s it, that’s where it ends. By removing the draw of other peoples money, you remove the draw for indigent behavior. Problem solved.

        • f says, “Make them work.”

          (aka makework.)

          I saw 5-10 wetbacks, throwing (throwing!) split firewood, on the back of a flatbed golf cart, at a nursery.

          And, a clinical dwarf running a long line of people at the recycling center line, like an authoritarian.

          We have makework.

          It used to be a sign of great status, to have lazy servants, dressed up, paid to act sleepy, and used for decorations. And, ‘hermits’ have been paid to live in a garden. I guess, it keeps them out of trouble and gives them a place to be.

          Who is making who do what kind of work? I mean, are you personally one of the delegators? Are you being given some meaningless makework to do?

      9. The evolved rats have infiltrated at every level of every institution and organization.

      10. One of the biggest problems is there’s too many people living in California that simply cannot afford to live in the state.


        Not epic enough.

        • You are clueless.

          • It hasn’t reached a sufficient quantity to make the people effected by their presence do anything constructive about it.

            I stand by my statement.

            “Not epic enough”.

            • nice one, kevin!

          • Just as many “keyboard quarterbacks” here as there are “keyboard commandos”.

            The Internet created a lot of self proclaimed “experts”
            who truly believe they know everything.

            Ask a question and you’ll receive 25 different answers,all claiming to be the correct one..

            • The politics of social justice. It’s a world view thing.

      12. One of the great things about dating homeless women is you can drop them off anywhere !

        • careful now…..they mite just drop YOU off!

      13. Acts 16:31

      14. “The problem isn’t a lack of money. The problem is the socialist policies in place that make homelessness inevitable.”

        The labor surplus or industrial army. Under communism — where countries admitted to structuring the economy, on purpose — they planned for there to be unemployed or underemployed people, who would have to accept appointments to menial labor, out of desperation.

        Anyone who had done their own journalism, or who has life experience, can attest to brazen-enough waste, to make everyone very comfortable, materially. We’re not at square one, pioneer wannabes. Food, cars, water, houses, energy, electronics, and consumer goods.

        We have to create artificial demand; there is no shortage.

        “And California’s plan to throw billions of dollars more at the issue won’t do much either.”

        The enslavement of blacks, Indian schools, poorhouses, workhouses, and crisis houses, etc, all followed the same premise, that you were supposed “earn” your way to being a legit adult, after some arbitrary term of civil service, which never ends.

        But, a middle class person was given regular transfusions, to cover business expenses.

        At the point, where movement is restricted, you have a serf (marooned poor), a noble (owner operator minder hall monitor), and a king (piggy bank). It’s a return to feudalism.

        Feudalism with production quotas is a return to the ‘timocracy’, of the GrecoRoman system, in which a person’s status is linked to their agricultural production. You had to be able to feed your constituents, not collect human wreckage like an animal hoarder, who can’t feed them all.

      15. Just like a stray animal, if you stop feeding them they will go away.

        • Feral rabbits, hogs, chickens, cats, dogs, rats, and humans and do not go away, when you quit feeding them.

      16. I am from Australia (and we have a problem with homeless too) but hey… what a nasty bunch of misguided people you lot are… (generally I like you Septics) however, it amazes me that you cannot understand a simple concept of have a job, can pay rent (find housing) if you tick all the boxes…

        That means: gotta have job/income, save for a bond, have references… to get a house or appartment… no one chooses to be homeless, and I really can’t imagine the ‘free’ services/things that these people are getting is because they are too lazy to work… your country has gross unemployment (around 20%+) that Donald the dick head wont tell you… and really low wages… so consider those factors before thinking that people are homeless to get ‘freebies’… nasty F%*ks!!

        How bout you stop that bloated military industrial complex bleeding more of your hard earned dollars?! When was the last time your country was invaded?!?!?!

        • Still own your guns? How’s that working out for you blokes?

      17. A society, California in this case, that caters to sloth, vagrancy, filth, harboring those that are law breakers, and ignores ethics; yields more of those undesired traits. CA is famous for sanctuary cities, non-enforcement of common sense vagrancy laws, ignorance of basic sanitary requirements, and many other societal norms; is a FAILED SOCIETY.

        Beware, the Demonrats want to bring their communist utopia (NOT) to your state.

      18. homeless crisis is coming to you !

        when the high majority cannot afford a $500 emergency without putting it on a credit card with the stock market at all time highs and unemployment at all time lows, when the next recession/depression comes; the homeless numbers will double overnight and so will disease from so many living amongst trash, rats and bugs.

        this country is one recession away from being a permanent craphole country.

        • A poor boy rednecks financial tool kit must include several key provisions. 1. Always buy, never lease or rent. 2. There is no such thing as a safe loan, debt is always dangerous. 3. Live within your means and be resourceful. 4. Never run out of chips, beer, and toilet paper. 5. Pick up silver rounds and stash them away when your money is up.

      19. Give people free stuff and good weather you’ll get crowds. Throw in people with mental problems and a side of rats you will end up with disease being spread….just a matter of time.

      20. While crime from the homeless encampments is an issue the greatest one is hygiene. It’s in the non homeless publics best interest to provide port – a – pots at these encampments. An argument would be made that you’re encouraging them. Cholera started there is spread quite democratically across social, political, economic lines. We’re sawing ourselves.

      21. The article sums up the cause of the problem in California, and in many other areas of the United States, that are rapidly becoming Third-World cesspools: ‘Democrat stronghold’

        • Mr Chunk, respectfully, you’re wrong. CA is merely the first place like an indicator or litmus test where the results of monetary tinkering are first apparent. With consistent devaluation and uncoupling from the gold standard having gone on nearly 50 years now, we’re finally seeing the results of that. A dollar is still a dollar but the price of goods and services follows the free market, and that dollar ain’t worth what it used to be. CA is merely a window into time for what all states living under the Federal Reserve petrodollar will deal with eventually. It’s just accelerated there due to progressive politics and population explosion, where really is a redundant statement given the sanctuary policies. Somewhere in CA there is a little old man and lady sitting on their couch, watching tv, not answering solicitations, refusing to talk to lenders, and they have no plans to ‘cash in’ on that equity. They probably paid 10 grand for their million dollar home, and financed it on a 10 year note in the 50’s. Perspective my dear Watson.

      22. “California’s Homeless Crisis Has Reached “Epic Proportions”


      23. There are 27 million illegals in the USA. Many vote. They have to go back to wherever they came from.


        • The problem is not just with the illegals. The Somalis that are here legally are just as problematic as the ones coming here illegally. They all need to go.

          Our Country is not your Country. It is ours, and that’s that.

          And, don’t bother telling me that I’m a racist. Everybody is a racist. Only some people, white straight Americans, are denied the right to protect their race; a right that every people of every other Country is allowed. So, what gives you the right to deny me my rights? Nothing. You got nothing and you ain’t gonna get something, except maybe a ticket back to your own shithole Country.



      24. I’m more into the Patriot Trading Group. “I know it’s difficult to understand but the federal reserve believes in prosperity through debt and it’s goals are to devalue your currency 2%, year over year.” Something like that. When talking about the CA homeless crisis, coupled with affordability issues, you’re really taking about a runaway dollar and kensian economics and runaway inflation finally coming home to roost. Liberty is too big to fail, the petrodollar is not. What gets me is why don’t they all pack it up and just go to kansas or montana or something… They’re homeless because they choose to be. I don’t feel sorry for them and refuse to give. My brother drives through San Fran he says daily on his way to work. He says there are miles of campers and rv’s in some locations. So there are stages of homelessness. Everyone want’s that payday. Lower home prices are a good thing. What we’re dealing with is a runaway fed, and a consortium of lenders whom are all too willing to take advantage of that. China and the Saudies are some of the biggest purchasers of American real estate over the past 10 years. If you must get a loan, choose a 15, and not a 30. I’d last exactly 10 seconds on some homeless strip before I packed it up and headed for the hills. You can’t hold me down like that.

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