California’s Communist Governor Proposes Taxing Drinking Water

by | Jan 14, 2019 | Headline News | 63 comments

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    Just when you think California cannot possibly come up with more things to tax, the new governor, Gavin Newsom, decides to tax drinking water. In Newsom’s first budget proposal on Friday, the communist included a tax on drinking water.

    The new budget, titled “California for All,” declares drinking water a “fundamental right,” yet proposes to tax that “right.” “The Budget includes short-term measures to bring immediate relief to communities without safe drinking water and also proposes an ongoing sustainable funding source to address this problem into the future.”

    The San Francisco Chronicle reported that the details of the proposed tax are unknown, however, a similar proposal was abandoned by then-Governor Jerry Brown last year after failing to garner enough support in the legislature. According to Breitbart, critics have already slammed the plan. Former Republican gubernatorial candidate Travis Allen is urging fellow Republicans to “take back” the state on social media, and the Howard Jarvis Taxpayer Association and the Association of California Water Agencies are saying that the state should tap into its budget surplus to pay for the needed clear water supplies.

    Safe and Affordable Drinking Water Fund—Establish a new special fund, with a dedicated funding source from new water, fertilizer, and dairy fees, to enable the State Water Resources Control Board to assist communities, particularly disadvantaged communities, in paying for the short-term and long-term costs of obtaining access to safe and affordable drinking water. This proposal is consistent with the policy framework of SB 623, introduced in the 2017-18 legislative session. The Budget also includes $4.9 million General Fund on a one-time basis for the State Water Resources Control Board and the Department of Food and Agriculture to take initial steps toward implementation of this new Safe and Affordable Drinking Water Program, including (1) implementation of fee collection systems, (2) adoption of an annual implementation plan, and (3) development of a map of high-risk aquifers used as drinking water sources.

    Newsom is using the typical democrat line of “helping the poor” clean up their water as an excuse to tax what he calls a “right.” And according to the Sacramento Bee, not everyone thinks taxing drinking water is a bad idea.  “We’re excited,” said Anja Raudabaugh, the CEO of Western United Dairymen. “We appreciate Governor Newsom’s commitment to providing long-term solutions to drinking water in our communities, and we’re looking forward to providing a solution that includes certainty for our dairy producers.”


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      1. of all the NKVD BALLZ…

        • Assassination of communist scum would appear to be a logical action for the hopefully intelligent people of California. That goes for NYC as well.

          • Menzo: Baltimore is cracking down also. People need to lv these areas, unless thye like being ripped off.

            • It’s insane how quickly this country has turned into an utter liberal hellhole.

              • Menzo, you can say that again. I already pay a stinkin’ sales tax on bottled water. They wouldn’t try that crap in the Southern states.

            • No!! Keep them where they are and let them suffer the consequences of their blind devotion to socialism. When they leave, they take their voting habits to their new state. (See Colorado for more information).


              • Not only do they take their voting habits with them they also take their obnoxious attitudes,and expect natives to adapt to them..

                • You have Commiefornia and Cuomoslovakia. I wonder when they will intern all the conservatives as being dangerous. It was men like FDR and Earl Warren that targeted the Nesei. It was clearly a racist policy against a very hard working people. I’ve actually met one such man, who served in the 442 Go For Broke unit that was the most
                  decorated Arm unit in WWII. He was just 16 when he went in and his family was interned. I asked him why he thought it took place. He said they had been prohibited from owning land, but that that was coming to an end. Imagine if hard working, very hard working, and creative people had been able to buy land? Was it FDR’s policies that moved much of agriculture to Commiefornia? Now imagine the value of that land. Who will be the next Nesei?

          • Well, we see where TOO MUCH misplaced cuckservative tolerance of treason has delivered us to. Where is your magical mysterious cavalry of righteousness and justice now when you need it magically appear and rescue you from this problem of “some one elses repsonsibility”.

        • If the idiots running that state would stop supporting all the non citizens this would be a non issue.

      2. What a shock.

      3. What’s next? An oxygen tax?

        • Be careful what you wish for. Oxygen may be next. However, being a former resident of Riverside, CA; I never would breathe anything I could not see. To all of you poor souls who still live in that septic tank of Communism and sexual deviancy: The only person who makes slavery possible is the slave.

        • Well when you vote in a commie you get the likes of Gavin Nonsense/Nuisance.

          • When you invalidate VOTER ID laws and allow the voter fraud scheme known as “ballot harvesting”, any mammal can vote. Illegal Immigrants vote all the time. College students may vote more than once.

            The folks that receive tax dollars will always vote for confiscatory taxes and fees.

            To cash in on the great American welfare lottery, Malik and Rosa learn the seven word passphrase:

            “Me immigrant, you racist! I sue, ACLU.”

            • They are scum illegals, not immigrants.

              • Bring back the house un American activities committee. In Europe in the 1940’s they had ways of dealing with communists!

        • right after that, love, because we all know, Love is like oxygen.

        • How about a bounty for the heads of communist scum such as this. I’d be in.

          • Anyone considering the “A-word” should familiarize themselves with this: ht tps://

          • Menzo, all the commies have their day coming. I’ll take all I can. The only reward I want is seeing my country rescued from those scum.

      4. Maximal fat burn is a pound a week. Any more and youre losing water weight.

      5. What this covers is actually pretty unclear. More information, such as the full proposal itself, is needed.

      6. You get what you put up with. If you just sit and do nothing you will have nothing in the end but your chains. Remember when the tribes roamed free on the land with no tax what so ever to worry about. Real freedom. Then came the wachichus and so called civilization with all its laws and taxes, homelessness starving on the streets and no where to sleep in peace Why not tax children and sex

        • Most truthful post i have ever read on here.

        • “Why not tax children and sex”

          They do but not directly. Property taxes are sued for schools and other federal taxes go to support Planned Parenthood.

      7. Martin O’Malley ex dem governor of Maryland imposed a rain tax
        And yes it passed and people paid tax on the rain
        Dems will not be happy until they get every cent you make
        And all you a holes that vote democrat in New Jersey and New York that move to North Carolina
        Cause your retirement goes further. And you pay less tax on everything
        Stop voting the same way you did when you where in a blue state
        Better yet stay there and pay for what you voted for !!!

        • Yeah but Sheetbird O’Malley didn’t get his first nickel and it was nixed by the incoming new Governor Larry Hogan who has shown that he can bend like a young sapling when he goes up against the Dems. Nothing ever changes……yet.

        • “Dems will not be happy until they get every cent you make”

          Clearly, Dems have never read about k!ll!ng the the goose that laid the golden eggs.

          • Or the “Giving Tree.” Eventually the little tree that liked giving was ground down to nothing but a stump.

            People appreciate what they earn and work for, period. Giving creates an entitlement mentality and attitude that can never be satisfied. It also creates ingrates, people incapable of expressing gratitude. Toxic.

        • The communists want one thing and one thing only: power over every aspect of your life. If you are poor or a tax $lave, even better. They can crack the whip and work you even harder.

      8. Some states tax food, all states tax you for going out and harvesting your own food, moose, caribou, deer, etc…

        Taxing water is really just more of the same.

        But don’t worry you can always vote for change and pretend it works.
        Take the guns first and follow due process second, MAGA!

      9. The sanctuary, party state of CA is failing on many levels. The rest of the country should beware. The leftists want to bring the same failing governance to your state.

        We give up our life force (time and effort) to earn money. The leftists want to take from the earners to redistribute that wealth to the takers. The takers pay no taxes but they vote to increase your taxes. Communism & socialism do not work – they have repeatedly been tried around the world.

        • Cranerigger, good points. We’re all sick of giving up anything to freeloaders. One day they’ll get cut off altogether.

          • Deplorable Renegade, thanks. It amazes me that the socialists continue to ruin every place they get a chance. They want to ruin the other states also.

        • It’s time to cut off all federal funding to these cities and states and arrest the mayors and city councils for this crap.

      10. typical socialism. I read a more in depth article about this and they propose tacking on a monthly charge to the water bill to help pay for water to outlying areas that are disadvantaged. Yup. People who choose to live in the desert and don’t have access to water or who pay higher rates because of where they choose to live. Redistribution at its finest! The sad part is this is just another example of the sheeples who can’t think for themselves, can’t reason or deal with facts and who will one day be lead to their own slaughter.

      11. On a subject not entirely unrelated; Watson, one of the two scientists responsible for discovering the DNA double helix, was stripped of his awards because he stands by his work which, to the dismay of egalitarian, proves unequivocally that there are differences between the races that are more than superficial differences, and that influence intellectual acuity and personality, both being inherited and dependent upon genes.


        • I read about that too. It’s no surprise they stripped him of his rightful honors as telling the truth is somehow bad these evil days.

          • Menzo, if I was Watson I’d be raising hell with someone. Give me truth any day and I don’t care whether some libturd is offended by it.

        • htt ps://
          Sound familiar? Extreme leftist thinking is actually bigoted and moronic. They were bigoted and harmed whites and then began penalizing them, then outright discriminated against them, then created black only positions as physicians. Yet them couldn’t fill those positiions.

          Extreme leftists think all white men are evil and cause patriarchy and if you are a veteran and a soldier, then you are the devil incarnate. And if you are a heterosexual as well, then you are mentally addled.

        • The good Doctor spoke the truth,inferior genetics can not be hidden with political correctness. Check out brain size and race,that explains much.

      12. California needs a “natural disaster tax” which every Californian would have to pay when there is seismic disturbances. forest fires or drought. Should enable California to pay its debts. Also, there should be a “celebrity tax” on every Hollywood celebrity who is a supporter for liberal causes.

      13. The Illinois constitution, at article 4, section 8, requires an “enacting clause to be part of every Illinois law. I have
        not found this clause in the Illinois Revised Statutes (sources say there is none).
        I think that California is the same.
        Without this enacting clause, the law is void.
        This clause is omitted because special interest groups write the laws and politicians vote for these laws in exchange for campaign contributions. It is part of the Black Money we hear about. Every California law is probably invalid.

      14. Dolts sold water rights to bottling companies for pennies, so now they tax rainwater and other such schemes.

        If you are a prepper, why in the world do you live in California.

        Kentucky has no rainwater harvesting laws.

        ht tp://

        • Commiefornia has 110 water bottling companies that pay extremely low amounts for water.

          Then you have almond farmers and that crop uses enormous amounts of water to achieve decent harvests. Hey, remember that California has ALWAYS been drought-prone.

          Desalinization is unlikely to do much more than provide drinking water. That can NEVER work for farming.

          You are pumping out tremendous amounts of produce to feed the country but what is the ultimate cost of doing so? Was that land ever intended for such purposes? What grew there when settlers first arrived?

          Wasn’t much of the land arroyo? Is that a sound basis for agriculture in vast amounts?

          • ht tps://

            “Subsequent work by other researchers confirmed that California’s geologic history is marked by such “megadroughts.” As noted by Ingram, archaeologist Susan Lindstrom dove on another batch of submerged Lake Tahoe tree stumps, some of them three and a half feet in diameter. Analyses extended the duration of the responsible drought from 4,840 years ago to 6,290 years; in other words, California endured a drought lasting 1,420 years at a time when Amerindians inhabited the continent.”

          • htt ps://
            Arroyos are areas of semi-arid land, and when it rains, it runs off due to the soil composition and the manner in which the kand falls. Much of it just EVAPORATES before it ever gets to aquifers.

        • Maranatha, there is a rain catchment system at the BOL with built-in filters and connected to a 55-gal. drum on every corner of the cabin. All my kinfolk close by have similar systems; also have good deep wells with a flojak or other type of hand pump in case of emergency. My property has the extra advantage of bordering one side on a year-round creek with good water [and fishing also, lol]. No laws about rainwater in GA or won’t even follow any IF they ever got passed.

      15. Only a fool exploits nature.

      16. ht tps://

        This is as basic as agronomy gets. If you persistantly irrigate semi-arid soil (such as it is), then various salts accumulate.

        If you were stupid enough to use desalinated water to soil, miniscule amounts of trace salts would accumulate with the identical result.

        Eventually this kills all microbial activity so no humus accumation occurs. You end up accelerating the formation of a desert largely due to losing whatever brush and trees are there. So there are few windbreaks and the humus just blows away.

        Then if it rains, it all will evaporate.

        Congratulations. What ordinarily would take a millenia now happens in four hundred years.

      17. Think about a cistern and if it needs a pump or is gravity fed. Then you have a way to water crops and especially if using drip irrigation to minimize evaporation. That and mulching to cut down on weeds and again retain water.

        Plus you can use a treadle pump combined with a shallow point well.

        Then you have three ways to water your crops and livestock: rain, cistern, shallow point.

        You can use swales as well.

        You can use Hugelkuture by buying cleared trees and then that acts as a sponge which then acts as a natural swall to water your crop. Just be careful of tying up nitrogen.

        BUT if you have substandard soil and are drought-prone, then you are fighting a losing battle.

        Kentucky has no such issues.

        I really like the people I have met in Georgia. The ladies there have a sweet demeanor in the rural area and when they talk…wow! Mercy!

        The issue if the SHTF is the inevitable ethnic issues when the urbanites riot and leave.

        A guy did a study of the entire USA and found based on all issues during a collapse, there was a perfect county there for a BOL.

      18. Sso4UWObxXg
        Hugulkulture as envisioned by Sepp Holzer.

        There used to be several videos on ideal strategic location but they often get taken down as many DO NOT want others flocking there. I can’t find the video, but he laid an overlay across the entire USA, and these included rainfall, weather, suitability for agriculture, crime, nuclear power plants, targets for nuclear war, etc. Then there was one county in Georgia that was ideal as I recall.

        Whatever place has to be defensible and far enough away that you won’t face fleeing crazy hungry city folks when the SHTF.

        Generally speaking most northern areas are too cold and western regions have drought issues. That leaves parts of the rural south.

        North Florida can be even more redneck than KY but they have a lot of mean spirited folks in my opinion plus too many who would flee making them the tip of the spear and prone to getting overrun. How many people have visited FL and wanted to live there? Millions and millions. So many on the Atlantic Seaboard will make a beeline for it.

        Vancouver Island might work due to isolation but it’s tough to make it for various reasons.

      19. Newsom is a blue gold bandit.

      20. The dirty little secret is while “race” theory has long been discredited, that does NOT mean ethnic studies and IQ are invalid.

        Obviously far more Asian Americans excel in med school, and this is in spite of much higher levels of poverty, and open discrimination as there are so MANY that med schools have intentionally cut Asians with higher scores to admit more Whites, Blacks, and Hispanics…particularly the last two. This is not a secret and actually lawsuits have been filed proving this is the case.

        One guy who I know very well and who was on the admissions board of a med school said, ” Do you know ANY premed students who are Black or Hispanic or Native American as we can’t find any who actually qualify! Send me their names!”

        Remember, I have consistently opposed bigotry in my comments.

        Now long ago when I was taking histology, which is the study of cells and their formation regarding medicine, what my teacher told us was that what typically happens is this. Poverty leads to less parental interaction and also results in less stimulation for attributes like dendrite formation in the brain.

        Dendrites are the connections between axons and synapses. This is why you think of the second amendment, then think of a particuar rifle, then think about a squirrel, then think of a time camping, then think about canoeing, then think about some clouds you saw, then think about air travel, etc

        One thought leads to other very different thoughts. When someone comes from a persistently impoverished background, their parents have less dendrite formation as do their children, and on and on. It happens as a result of intellectual stimulation and doing anaysis. Look it up. Challenge what I say.

        People are born to various individuals with genetic advantages. And then beside nature, there is nurture ie parents styles and skills and discipline.

        Dendrite formation is a product of both nature and nurture.

        • httvps://
          Dendritic atrophy due to poverty.

          Or this.
          htt ps://

          • Asian Americans tend to complain very little, have low levels of committing crime, parenting pushes reading from an early age, enforces discipline and hard work, regards gaining a professional degree as a priority,etc. They seldom demonstrate but instead push for economic gains by attending graduate school. Their parents typically pay for it.

            It’s nature and nurture offering a genetic advantage plus a positive parenting style causing the “model minority” claim.

      21. It would be a good idea to tax corporations that have been syphon off drinking water for communities in the name of privitization for greater profits and on the road of filling up our bodies with plastics. Probably quite a few own public utilities as well…

        But wait… For such laws to be passed, we would need a representative government, not this miserable and ever-worsening show of illiterate lackeys of those who run the show… And even if such laws existed, who would enforce them? Law enforcement enforces the interests of the elite and takes out the competition for those that already pay them…

        We are disempowered sitting ducks on a fence, trying to decide which side to fall and meet Maker (no pun intended, but it also works as such, because to a certain extent, we are all products of a propaganda machine or two).

        • Or hey, just make bottling water illegal.No taxes necessary. That water is for local agriculture and local industry and local citizens only.


      22. if the people of CA dont like the authoritarian nonsense coming from this governor, declare the election null and void and demand a recall or re-start the breakup movements of declaring a new state–divorce themselves from Sacremento.

        Also note the state flag is a bear. the bear is also the symbol for the Communist USSR/Russia. Related?

      23. Also the governor ought to remember that the USA was born out rejection of unjust taxes.

      24. I’m from CA and this is BS. Don’t group us all together. I don’t like policies like this. We live here for certain reasons, none of those being we’re Democrats. I can’t believe this. We get taxed to death here. Moved from one city to another for work and the tax jumped over 2%! I wish we could leave.

      25. Can you say”Communist States of North American Corporation,Home of the Poor and Oppressed”?That’s what we are people and we allowed it to happen.They’ll tax us to death while slowly poisoning us,drown us,freeze us or use technology,ie DEW to rid their planet of all useless life as we know it.It was nice knowing you all.

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