Californians Flee The State In Droves And Flock To Texas

by | Dec 12, 2019 | Headline News | 27 comments

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    Californians are fleeing the state in droves to avoid the massive tax burden and oppressing business policies of the totalitarian state. Of the 700,000 who fled California last year, 10% ended up in Texas, which is a much more business-friendly state.

    And it isn’t just individuals who are leaving.  As Zerohedge reported, the influx of Californians should come as no surprise, as businesses have been migrating out of the high-tax, high-crime, heavily regulated state for cheaper pastures.

    Last month, we reported that Charles Schwab’s relocation of their headquarters from San Francisco to Dallas, a move they expect to complete in the second half of 2020. Announced following the company’s $26 billion acquisition of TD Ameritrade, their new 70-acre Dallas-Fort Worth campus will cost around $100 million, and provide 500,000 square-feet of office space.

    Chairman and founder Charles Schwab noted that one of the drivers behind the move from California was that “the costs of doing business here are so much higher than some other place.” –Zerohedge

    Schwab is not the only business to pack up and move. Some 660 companies have moved 765 facilities out of California over the last 24 months, according to a new report.

    The departures from the Golden State between January 2018 and now involve corporate headquarters, manufacturing facilities, data centers, research hubs, software and engineering centers and a few warehouses, according to business relocation expert Joe Vranich, president of Spectrum Location Services.

    Obviously a lot of them are going to Texas,” Vranich said in an interview with the Dallas Business Journal. “It just makes sense.”

    California companies large, midsize and small are shifting their regional or corporate headquarters to North Texas because of the DFW area’s generally lower taxes, more affordable housing, lower expenses, central location, access to an international airport and other factors. –Dallas Business Journal

    The Wall Street Journal reported last month that ” The Lone Star State imposes a 0.75% franchise tax on business margins (total revenue minus compensation), which is substantially less than the corporate tax rates in California (8.84%)and Nebraska (7.81%), where TD Ameritrade is currently headquartered. The city of San Francisco also imposes a 0.38% payroll tax and a 0.6% gross receipts tax on financial service companies.”  That made the move for Charles Schwab an easy decision.

    Another problem with California policies is the overbearing requirements when it comes to hiring workers. One law cited in the exodus requires companies to hire workers as employees, not independent contractors, with limited exceptions. Aimed at giving basic labor rights and benefits to hundreds of thousands of people working for Uber, Lyft, Doordash, and similar companies, the companies affected say it’s not feasible.

    I don’t know how companies can continue to deal with this brutal assault that is on them,” said Joe Vranch, adding “Most of the municipalities in Texas are easier to get along with, and that’s a benefit in addition to things like no income tax and an easier regulatory environment.”


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      1. Like they say, as California goes, so goes the nation. And sure enough, here they come!

        • I am one of those Califorians that left but please understand that a LOT of people leaving are not leftist or liberals. Those right minded people are out voted ( often by illegals allowed to vote ) or simply have a new law SHOVED down their throats with little way to fight back. I dont think like the liberal left California government nor do I intend to ANYWHERE! Cali is proof socialism does NOT work and I intend to exersize our constitution and capitolism that always has worked where ever I go. ( and 1st and 2nd amendments too ) Weather of not you believe it, there are right minded people still in Cali but you will never hear about them through media. California will eventually cave in on itself financially or that big quake will destroy its fragile infrastructure.

      2. Texas isn’t as conservative as one may think as can be seen in what goes on in some of the major cities; the countryside however likely fits the “country” narrative. With this in mind I see the framework for a comedy series with the LGBT “family” moving in next to the cowboy version of “Archie Bunker”.

        • Kevin2 that’s funny. Kind of a modern version of the Hatfields & McCoys.

          California is chasing CITIZENS away. I don’t think the CA politicians are bright enough to realize it. Californians, just don’t bring those insane politics to my state.

      3. Bye bye Texas, enjoy the enrichment improvementation.

      4. Unfortunately too many of them didn’t learn a damn thing from what they voted for in CA and they will proceed to make the same mistake in TX and vote for leftist Democrats.

      5. My grandson is a highly skilled welder in a union shop in Albuquerque, NM. The company where he worked throughout his apprenticeship and thereafter last year was bought out by a large California company. The California branch now is shipping much of their fabrication work to the Albuquerque fabrication shop because of the huge difference between California and New Mexico skilled labor hourly rates.

      6. And they will fuck up that state next

      7. And that will fuck up Texas next

      8. Sadly these Californians will make Texas like the place they left.

      9. I was astonished recently to see the traffic volume heading east on I-40 on a Tuesday, mid afternoon – out near nowhere. No construction delays just miles of slow traffic with utility trailers, u-Hauls, trucks, minivans and so on. I was curious and went to a fuel station on the eastbound side and sure enough – all California plates – and no there was no free concert going on in El Paso. It was mix of white, hispanic, black, asians, and in-betweeners – their household goods stacked up and from my quick survey, coming out of the central valley of California for the most part. They looked energized, if road weary, and not down and out. It seems the smart Joads decided finally to turn around.

      10. hey all of you ex-cali folks….remember WHY you left cali, and DON”T try to make your new home “more like cali”.

      11. Only problem with the exodus from Cali is a certain percentage are good little commies in disguise who try to turn their new home states into a socialist wasteland. They won’t be welcome in my area in north GA. Don’t want ’em, don’t need ’em.

        • Braveheart, You got that right. I moved to Oregon many years ago and lived there a few years, back when Oregon was mostly conservative. Oregonians absolutely hated the Commiefornians, having the good sense even back then to see what they were doing to their state.

      12. The problem is they move here but fail to change their destructive voting habits. That makes them like a virus – take up residence somewhere new, destroy it, move on.

      13. California seems like it is deliberately trying to run out middle class people and families, and the businesses who provide employment. At the rate California is going, pretty soon only the criminals, gangs and illegals will remain. Perhaps that is the clientele the state wants to cater to.

      14. Hated to leave my home in southern CA right on PCH, across from the beach sand, but I saw this coming 21 years ago and got back to Texas when good houses here could still be bought for $5,000. My sister left three months ago and my eldest daughter and family are making plans.

        The totally incompetent bastard socialist Dems have really screwed up what used to be a utopia, just as they’re trying to do with the rest of the nation in DC. They search out the best states, immigrate there, then proceed to screw them up, too.

      15. Let’s hope they don’t vote like they did in Commifornia.
        That’s how the Massholes ruined NH, they move north to escape the liberal madness in Mass and vote for the same crap when they move to NH.

        • It’s even worse in Maine, which was a solidly conservative State when I was young.

          The Massholes and NYers discovered that land in Maine was far less expensive than in their home States (along with cleaner air and lower crime) so they have moved here in droves over the past 50 years and turned Maine into a left-wing State. OVER HALF of the inhabitants in the two most-populated counties in Maine have moved here from someplace else. (mostly Mass.)

          This has resulted in a “tail wagging the dog” situation, with government policies that are “progressive” and taxes that are sky-high. Many native-born Mainers can’t afford to own homes in their own State because the carpetbaggers have driven up prices. This is especially true along the coast….. very few native Mainers can afford coastal property any more.

          The current debacle consists of Portland giddily importing hundreds and hundreds of refugees from Africa. The “progressives” are drunk with their own beneficence, and there appears to be no end in sight to this ongoing disaster. The refugees arrive here penniless, not speaking English, with no job skills, and with the expectation that the “rich Americans” will give them free everything, indefinitely.

          Governor Janet Mills (Democrat) has assured the citizens of Maine that “we are all in this together” — which, I suppose, is her way of letting us know that an even more crushing tax burden is on the way, to pay for all of the liberal largesse. (As if it wasn’t enough that practically the first thing she did after taking office was to jack up taxes more than 10%.)

          My family has been here for 7 generations, and although I loved the Maine of my youth, I can’t wait to leave the current warped version. Unfortunately, there are fewer and fewer potential destinations that are insulated from liberal idiocy.

      16. And they bring their politics and liberal views with them and they will vote for they same kind of left-wing idiots that made California the Schittcrap state it is and try to make Texas the same way.

      17. This is not a good thing. While I don’t blame people and companies for leaving, they will more than likely take their liberal nonsense with them to Texas, thereby turning a red state blue. Libs have a history of making a mess of things, heading for greener pastures, and then messing up the new place as well.

      18. I just hope that they leave their liberal politics in CA.

      19. these people fleeing california are the same morons that elected the twits that made california unbearable in the first place, and they’ll elected the exact same type of morons they elected in california, in the states they invade.. we should be able to BAN THEM and keep them from entering any other state!

      20. They are doing the same thing to Idaho. We moved there in 2011 and it was a starting to recover from the housing crisis. You could pick up a 3 bed 2 bath in a development brand new build for about 130k. Now that same house is about 265k! We left about 3 years ago and moved to the mountains of NC. I never liked cities but Boise was one of the best that I’ve ever been too. It’s to bad it will be destroyed in a matter of years and will probably be a dem state by 2024.

        • I’m curious to hear about Idaho. I’ve lived in Texas for over 20 years and have watched the liberals slowly invade and change our great state. It has really accelerated in the last couple of years:( our state is so large that as they take over our cities and of course since we are a border state, there is little long term chance to stay red. It’s sad to watch and I think it’s time to leave. We are closing our biz at the end of the year and hoping to move. We have researched 3 states and Idaho is at the top of the list due to location to our family’s in Washington. We are conservative and are looking for a little land outside of Boise. Gun rights, weather, cost of living, etc were all taken into account. I would appreciate any suggestions and would the locals welcome Texans or are they just fed up with everyone? Thanks for any tips!

      21. That’s why Texans are rapidly moving to Montana and Idaho!

      22. Escaping the policies of those they elected and migrating to better states like TX. The CA transplants will continue to pull straight Democrat voting tickets in their new areas of residence, can’t help themselves. Those too stupid to learn from history are doomed to repeat it….

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