Report: California Police Officer Killed Protecting Alex Jones From Potential Killer

by | Dec 28, 2015 | Headline News | 154 comments

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    This article was originally published at the Intellihub

    If you don’t already know him, Alex Jones is a controversial radio talk show host who does what he says and says what he does. The guy is for real and he’s in it for the long-haul. In fact, you can likely bet he’s one of the establishment’s top enemies aside from Donald Trump who Jones recently interviewed.

    He’s been exposing the “New World Order” as he’s termed them, the world’s top “globalist elite” for years on his popular radio show, “The Alex Jones Show”.

    On Dec 22. Jones reported while on air that the Police Chief of Austin had previously informed him that they had arrested someone who came to town awhile back to kill Jones.

    Jones said:

    “He said man you know somebody came here to kill you. You don’t know about that? And I said no–we ought to look into it. And he goes, you know we had people on that and we stopped them and took them in but then they had to be released.

    But I can’t get into it because of court reasons and stuff. And then I get sent this whole file and called by a detective from L.A. where this guy came here and went to all my last known locations and was staked out to kill me.”

    “They sent State Police [in California] and he killed one of them and then they killed him,” Jones said.

    “Literally a police officer was killed in California trying to protect me,” said Jones, continuing on to defend the police for doing so.

    ‘Ten or twenty years ago they thought I was a kook, now they listen to my show and I just scare the daylights out of people’

    “It’s not fearmongering […],” Jones said.

    “We got spiders all over the place okay, and that’s not fear mongering. It’s good to know they are there, that’s positive”

    This article originally appeared at the Intellihub


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      1. Sounds to me like an agent provocateur is struggling to get back a little “street cred.”

        • Yep, because even controlled opposition has to look like opposition.

          • Exactly. You have to love the fluff at the beginning of the article.

            “If you don’t already know him, Alex Jones is a controversial radio talk show host who does what he says and says what he does. The guy is for real and he’s in it for the long-haul.”

            LoL, ya gotta be kiddin me. More like the guy is in it for the Benjamin’s and has a staff of real bean counters that love using patriotic topics and fear as a means of peddling their products on the pseudo-awake consumers of his show. Not to mention how he injects social engineering whenever possible and is most likely a massive honey-pot for his masters to keep tabs on anyone that may be starting to see through the thinly veiled illusion that America is anything but free.

            • AJ, the mouth that moved yet never said nothing

            • Joe Republic…I guess everything in your world is just fine, and that will get you someday, if you can’t pay attention to the truth about YOUR government.

              • I guess you’re one of those pseudo-awake people I’m talking about that still listens to this shill. If you’re just getting started, then hopefully you’ll figure it out before you get sucked into the cointel world too quickly. If not, shame on you for being a sucker. As for me and my world, bitch, I’ve been in the know about what the agenda is since the early 90s. I never have needed scum like Alex fuckin Jones to whisper the sweet truth of government tyranny laced with just enough lies into my ears, and never will. You need to fucking start thinking for yourself before someone like me comes along and points out your stupidity,..oh too late.

            • JR, I used to listen to Jones on occasion way, way back in my shortwave days, but my REAL radio heroes were William Cooper and Dr. Stan Montieth. Damn, almost forgot Chuck Harder with his ‘For The People’ show. Bill Cooper and Dr. Stan were my 2 favorites on shortwave radio. those 2 were always ‘straight shooters.’ One night in the summer of 2001 I tuned into Jones’ show and he was running down Bill Cooper so bad I wanted to reach into the radio and knock Jones’ teeth out. I never listened to the bastard again afterward. I’ve always believed Jones is bogus, but just never knew HOW bogus. I found a number of links earlier today with a lot of dirt on Jones I’ll be researching. If someone were to take out Jones, I wouldn’t miss him.

              • I guess you missed all of Dr. Stan’s interviews on the AJS then. Too bad you’re not like your hero.

            • So correct. He’s a “gatekeeper”.

            • Excellent analysis from both of you guys.
              I originally came to post what you just said.
              But I was afraid. Afraid that I would be the only one who knew that. Little did I know, you guys are already there.
              Let’s also remember that the Psychopathic Illuminati elite Satanic parasites operate on multiple levels.
              So the death of the policeman (if he even really exists) will help tie the corrupt police forces of AmeriKa with the some of the liberty-minded but misled Alex Jones followers.

              As one has already said, he’s trying to get extra street cred to redeem himself from cheating on his Zionis-wife with the Big Mac Mac-A-Doo. The pressure is getting to Jones. That’s why he cheated. People are waking up to him being a Rothschild-Khazarian-Mafia disinformation henchman.

              We can see !

              • Kakistocracy:

                Don’t ever be afraid to post the truth. Several people on this blog know the truth you have just posted.

                Another wide awake patriot. Welcome!

            • Milton W. Cooper was controversial, and ultimately paid the price for exposing too much…AJ is a hyberbolic, paranoid goof – and that’s just on his “good days”.

          • The best way to control the opposition is to lead the opposition

            • Whats everyone’s opinion of Pete Santilli? Agent provocateur or is he for real? I’m headed to Burns Oregon on Jan 2nd for the stand of redress of Grievances against the BLM and federal agents over the Hammond land grab and terrorist charges and Santilli is all over this one. Makes me wonder what side he’s actually working for.

              • SterlingSilver:

                Don’t know anything about Pete, but want to thank you for standing up for freedom and against the criminal scum that are trying to steal the Hammonds Ranch in Harney County/Burns, Oregon.

                The criminal scum from the sheriff, the BLM, the court system involved in this scam should all be in prison.

                More info about the protest can be found on the Bundy Ranch Blog.

              • Sterling

                Just after reading your post I noticed a link on survivalblog about Pete Santilli getting hemmed up by a bunch of newtown cops. Cops said his name and vehicle matched a “terrorist watchlist” and apparently they have him hemmed up on a felony weapons charge……don’t even get me started on that sh*t. As for his credibility sorry I can’t help you there, I have to admit my ignorance, I’m not really familiar with him or his work. Anyways just saw that story and thought you should know, though I imagine by the time you read this you will have already heard about it. Good luck on your trip brotha

        • I wouldn’t say Alex Jones is an agent provocateur, but he is ridiculous. He will never mention race, the replacement of Whites with non-Whites who will vote for the Left. And because he can’t mention race he must have another reason for the Left’s actions, and he claims that it is “population control”. To support that he brings up the financing of birth control in Third World countries and claims the establishment is planning to kill billions of Third Worlders, along with Westerners who are sterilized through chemicals in the water, “to control everyone” or whatever. Ridiculous. He’ll say things like that with no proof whatsoever.

          Alex Jones has brought up some good news about gun control and gun hysteria in schools, things like that, but it’s mixed up with tons of unsubstantiated claims. He even claims he felt a magical field around Stonehenge. He has published a series of stories at Infowars about the possibility that “the universe is a computer simulation”, which he “proves” with “at the smallest level the universe behaves like pixels” according to some lone scientist’s observation about something that I’m sure Jones doesn’t really understand. And he doesn’t care to understand.

          Alex Jones’ wife is a Jewess, so he’ll never mention the massive over-representation of that race in the media boardrooms and their stated objectives with that media power. In the past Drudge would link to some of his stories which is what brought him new traffic, but he quit doing that maybe three years ago. Finally. Jones belongs in the same category as Glenn Beck, fake opposition that is used to make all opposition look bad.

          • I’ve always felt the alex jones thing is quite simple and quite brilliant on their part. He puts out enough real and useful information to be considered legitimate, but he also puts out enough ridiculous info and theories, while acting like a buffoon when he gets in the limelight, so that anyone who agrees with the stuff that is true, will have to hitch their wagon to him. It’s like a package deal, you get some truth but you also get a lot of bs crazy. So the office lady at you work, or the family man selling insurance, that may have some suspicions about what tptb and the evil bastards running our gov’t are doing to us. They are not going to print out articles with infowars. com at the top and take them to leave on the lunchroom counter for everybody to read. Also, this is why the MSM can take relevant information, questions, or evidence and just not report on it, then it will go to infowars, thereby relegating it to “conspiracy theory” status.

            I could be wrong, just my opinion, but alex jones has always given me the bs vibe.

            • On any given day there is more truth on Alex Jones site than in all of the MSM which is laughable. Zero Hedge and Matt Drudge are probably the best.

            • The first casualty in war is truth. We are at war. Whoever commands the narrative will likely win the war. I cannot convince anyone that the concerns Alex brings up on his show are real. Most people have their own idea about things and that is their gospel, not to be challenged. Their paradigm is their comfort zone and humans like to feel safe and comfortable… right up to the point where the Gestapo breaks down their front door. Yes, Alex is a showman. He has an innate talent in the art of communication. He also has a brilliant mind and has done his research. How many people ever bother to research something in order to confirm that what they think is true really is? When your BS meter goes off, do you get up and check it out or do you just sit there and scoff because you already know it all?

          • Carpenter, AJ’s wife is a member of the tribe? Interesting. Anything to verify that?

            • Ex-wife, who nailed him for beauceau money in divorce settlement…Stadtmiller has the poop on it…you know he hates Jones from dayz gone by…maybe with good reason….Jones is filthy rich and RBN is barely hanging on, although they have excellent hosts…radiowars….

          • In looking at the officer down memorial page online, of the officers killed this year in CA, none had the circumstances anywhere near what was described in this article. None of the officers killed were a detective either.

          • > I live in Scarborough ontaro Canada. So far Alex jones story is credible. The mind control chips chemtrails and several other “mind Control” chemicals that they have used to poisoned my water. I am as cold as hell right now and afraid to turn on my furnace, because of the mecupin and other radiation shit that they have put in my gas etc; including my car. These criminals swines should pay back the people they have harmed. “Give them the empty purse syndrome” empty their banks and turn them upside down! Hillary Eloise C.C.

          • took me a while to catch on to a lot of the fake rat bastards including – fart bell , George snorry , michelle savage , glenn speck , jesse spintura , rave hodges , steve crow , and the myriad of selected jestures in the maxtrix of the sheeple ! now I see them them as the wolves they are . shills for the machine . awaken , arise , and ascend .

          • So his wife is part of the tribe. That explains a lot.
            Donald Trump has the same problem, his daughter married one and converted like the rest of the khazarians. And is proud of it.

        • a.j. is a pathetic shill – fake , poser , fat bastard who needs to get a real job!

        • The same website that reported this is now reporting some guy shot and killed TWO bigfoot (bigfeet?

        • Sad. Jones has released some very important info. Looks like this divorce and fame has eaten him up.

          And SHTF needs to think deeply about this. Jones may have been a credible source at one point, but what kind of credible man would make a bunch of claims that can’t be verified?

      2. I’d like to know the facts about Breitbart’s death. That sounds suspicious to me too.

      3. Or is this an attempt to make him look legit due to an alleged attempt on his life?

      4. I’m listening to AJ interviewing Trump as I hit the pad.
        Aj is a soft target.
        Whoever speaks the truth must/will die.
        God bless & protect Donald Trump.

        • You forgot to say “Heil Trump!”

          • John, just out of curiosity why do you say that? That is the second time this weekend that I have heard Trump referenced as Hitler. No criticism on my part just curious as to how others see this. I don’t but am open to learn.


            • Those who want mass immigration to the point where Whites become a minority see that Donald Trump is standing in their way, so of course they’ll smear him with the Hitler card. How many have been called “Hitler” recently? Jean-Marie Le Pen, Saddam Hussein, Ahmadinejad, Viktor Orban, Putin, al-Assad, Nigel Farage, Pat Buchanan, and of course Donald Trump.

              If you go on Twitter and search for “Trump Hitler” you’ll see an endless line of millennials repeating the mantra that Trump is Hitler. And if you search for “Trump dad” you’ll see millennials go crazy over their dads supporting Trump, declaring that they want to be adopted, that they want to leave the home, cut all connection with their parents, etc etc. They also call for murdering Trump, say they’ll cheer when he dies, claim that “I’m going to shoot Trump”, and the leftists that run Twitter do zero about those death threats, while they have shut down countless accounts for much less.

              • I have seen death threats on here for libruls and millenials. Are you surprised, REALLY, that they might want to kill some right wingers? I would like to see a little less of that kind of c.rap that stirs people up. Our enemies are the string pullers, not Americans, and not our children.

              • Dr. David Duke had good things to say about Trump on one of his videos. They are always trying to belittle Duke but if you listen to him, he’s very smart and usually spot on.

            • They have nothing of substance to criticize Trump with, so they are trying ad hominem attacks in the hope that they work – because nothing in their bag of dirty tricks has worked yet.

            • (Firstly, I believe that resorting to a reductio ad hitlerum, all the time, results in a kind of response fatigue. It wears-out the memory of Jews, as well as Germans.)

              Irrespective of the substance of their arguments (or lack thereof), Trump has made fun of a reporter’s handicap, and John Stewart’s Jewishness.

              Noone can particularly explain how Trump is supposed to make good on his campaign promises, without some ‘Enabling Act’, which bypasses the balance of powers.

              His political opposition might have fair reason to expect the midnight knock, involving the collection of foreigners and social undesirables, into some central location.

              Also, if you listen to the revisionist version of history, it reads like a disruption in the process of deportation. Nazi sympathizers blamed conditions in their camps on financial hardship and war.

              While I agree that this is all speculative, it is still an apt analogy, especially considering that the demoralization of the Wiemar Republic was followed by a form of moral panic.

              I appreciate the emotion, which Trump brings into the discussion, but that is not objectivity.

              • Noone can particularly explain how Trump is supposed to make good on his campaign promises, without some ‘Enabling Act’, which bypasses the balance of powers.

                Yeah? Well how’s Obama doing it?

                Oh yeah, “some kind of enabling act”. That’s never going away. Ever.

            • No, I don’t think Trump is going to be a Hitler. I was instead making fun of the commentators blind obedience to Trump. Similar to the German Citizens obedience to Hitler.

              • Or blind loyalty to any politicians… Obama, Bush, Bush, Clinton, Clinton

          • idiot

        • thinking its time for a bodyguard if he doesn’t already have one.

          • Taxpayers have been paying for Trump ‘ s bodyguards since he got rowdy about illegal aliens. No one else got security.

            • Reb,do some research nefore you speak,Cruz got it the same time trump did

              • You are correct.

              • Ben Carson also got the SS (protection), after trump did. Finally. Take time to do your research, or your just as misinformed as those you are talking about. Jess!

            • Rebecca I don’t know this as fact, but I would venture to say that all Presidential Candidates recieve Federal Protection. Trekker Out.

              • Nominees receive federal protection. Candidates do not.

                • Clinton receives protection as do all former First Ladies.

      5. 3 percent of our population are wolves at any given place or situation and wolves eat sheep.
        Do not be a lamb, I would not be surprised at all if this story is true. Libtards have the capacity
        for violence. Libtards are Marxist and we only have to look at Stalin, Mao etc,etc to prove my last
        sentence. Keep your head on a swivel, check your six, and always pack heat w an extra mag.
        I’ve also started carrying a pressure bandage and wearing pants w cargo pants. Get some training even it means selling a gun. Keep your powder dry. Phenias out!

        • if it was put on the SHTF plan, it must be true, doesn’t it?????

          • Old man,

            As for your ‘assumed truth’ of the statement (just because it is written here it MUST be true …doesn’t really hold water. (There have been a great deal of ppl coming here and (somehow) getting THEIR bs posted, (which is 100% false or extremely misleading). **THIS IS BEING DONE ON ALL PREP SITES “TO THE MAX” …and such a thing is to be expected.
            Simply “prove it to yourself” (using the web) when you run across ANYTHING that might be ‘propaganda’ (which is in WIDE USAGE in these crazy, downright-dangerous days we now live in …and IT IS NOT GOING TO GO AWAY …until either we win, or everything gets eventually switched over to a “nightmare on earth” scenario to all but the “upper-crust 1%” (and of course we ALL trust them with our ‘hearts and souls and even our children’ (to feed their pedophilic fantasies).

            • I thought his comment was tongue-in-cheek. Maybe not.

      6. “If you don’t already know him, Alex Jones is a controversial radio talk show host who does what he says and says what he does. The guy is for real and he’s in it for the long-haul.”

        What a crock of bull manure this statement is, folks.

        Alex ‘Judas’ Jones is a shill for the gang of Semitic aliens who have hijacked the USA and his ‘job’ is to spread whatever disinfo manure that the ‘Tribe’ sends to his fax machine or to his ZOG assigned email address so as to help these nation wrecking aliens continue to buffalo the clueless imbeciles who still listen to Jones and who have yet to figure out that he is controlled opposition and a gate-keeper for the likes of Sheldon Adelson, the Koch Brothers, Haim Saban and the rest of the kosher termites who have their Satanically evil tentacles wrapped around the throat of this nation.

        Let me repeat: Alex Judas Jones is controlled opposition and his mission is to help misdirect anyone who listens to him away from the identity of the ethnic group who have hijacked the USA and who are hell bent on engineering the genocide of White European descended Americans, using a combination of massive third world invasions of all historic White European nations and endless wars that these termites lie us into and which get our best White racial stock killed or maimed for life.

        • Tucker, I came across some links to some other sites earlier today that supposedly have a ton of dirt on Jones. I always had suspicions about him, even back in my shortwave days. Did you ever listen to Bill Cooper’s “The Hour Of The time” show or Dr. Stan Montieth’s “Radio Liberty” show? now those 2 were my favorite radio hosts and were always straight up. Remember the “Spotlight” newspaper? I used to subscribe to that. That publication was how I first found out about the attack on the USS Liberty. Tom Valentine, who writes for, used to host a show called “Radio Free America’ and was sponsored by the Liberty Lobby. The “Spotlight” is now The sources I mentioned were always straight up on the issues affecting this nation. I always had the feeling that something was seriously wrong with Jones and in the coming days I may just discover some other shit about him.

          • I’ve heard of Bill Cooper and most of what I’ve read about him is positive, but, no, he was a little before my time in the world of the ‘awakened’. I did listen to a few of Stan Montieth’s Radio Liberty shows, and I think he used to be on the Republic Broadcasting Network. As for Tom Valentine – I stumbled across his Radio Free America broadcasts and listened to them for a few years before he decided to retire from broadcasting. I really enjoyed Valentine’s material and miss his material a great deal. I don’t know how old Tom Valentine is these days, or what his health situation might be – but, I would like to see him return and at least do a weekly or bi-weekly show. He had a great voice for radio; very pleasant to listen to.

            Unfortunately, the old Spotlight newspaper had been driven out of business by the time I learned of it’s existence – but, I have been an off and on subscriber to it’s prodigy, The American Free Press. I used to be a huge fan of Michael Collins Piper – and liked his RBN radio show, but was disappointed in him near the end of his life when he dropped the ball on 9-11 and let Christopher Bollyn scoop him on that false flag operation and then later, made a jackass out of himself by defending the Obama false flag gun-grab at Sandy Hook.

            Piper started going downhill about the time he let Mark Glenn attach himself to him. Glenn’s influence just destroyed Piper’s legendary reputation and I have strong suspicions that Glenn was an enemy agent who was sent to do precisely that.

      7. Alex is a little liberal with truth and most likly pulled this story out of his arse as usual because he is a known government shill that people in the know are turning away from.

        The state might be trying to gain him some credit back with this story because Alex’s job is to cover for ewish bankers, its every one that did A,B,C but never Israel is his manter.

      8. Could be true I guess. Surely ain’t gonna lose sleep over it. People get whacked for their tennis shoes these days.

      9. If you don’t already know him, Alex Jones is a controversial radio talk show host who does what he says and says what he does. The guy is for real and he’s in it for the long-haul.


        Looks like someone is jockeying for some AJ airtime.

        What a maroon.

        • So, what I’ve gathered from my fellow shtf readers is. Nobody here likes Alex Jones. A government shill? Seriously? I’d like the proof of that. Dave Hodges seems more loony to me

        • BuelahMan,

          What background can you share about QV3?

          I was amused by your Photoshop of QV3 and metzizah b’peh≤/i>.

      10. So Trump was supposedly threatened. Now people who “speak the truth” are being threatened. Makes you wonder…with all the wonky crazy behavior of our .gov, how many politicians have been threatened in order to sway their vote?

        ht tp://
        “General Eisenhower, who was gearing up for his run for the presidency, said “Amen” to Senator Fulbright’s proposal. He then quoted a report in The New York Times, highlighting one paragraph that said: “The rise in illegal border-crossing by Mexican ‘wetbacks’ to a current rate of more than 1,000,000 cases a year has been accompanied by a curious relaxation in ethical standards extending all the way from the farmer-exploiters of this contraband labor to the highest levels of the Federal Government.”

        Time to bite the bullet and restore law and order.

        • Yeh, it is time to restore Law & Order (but what is that …precisely)? Everyone on every street corner has a different ‘ideology’ and since there is such a heavily concentrated number of non-Americans living in America …they (unbelieveably), wish NOT to fall under American laws, but rather, use the American laws as a “take advantage of these loopholes” and they’ll know you are on American soil as they are far too busy trying to ‘fake out Americans with a “false/non-existent Terrorism Threat.” imho, (and for reason I won’t speak on here), there’s little doubt that our gov brought down the World Trade Center buildings (because the REAL method used to drop them was like nothing within the knowledge realm of ANYONE from ANY of those countries over there ….and I am unsure if ISIS/ISIL even existed prior to The Trade Center hitting the dust. (So …this can be traced back and back and back into time).
          There isn’t a soul in America who isn’t wondering why in hell Congress is doing nothing about anything this president is doing – – no matter if he’s being unlawful and tyrannical to extremes! I dare say THEY (Congress) have each had not only THEIR life threatened, but first they would see their children die, then parents, then wife and THEN themselves …and that’s prolly why Congress is not acting other than THEY TOO wish to see a ONE WORLD ORDER (or any fashion of one), brought to fruition …one mind at a time if necessary (or one death at a time ’till all others cry “stop! we’ll do it”! …and then THEY die.
          2016 is going down in the history books as one of the most bloody years in the “History of Attempted Globalism.”
          For what little it is worth, I have NO DOUBT that (at least) Obama and his henchmen saw to it that ISIL/ISIS was not only “formed correctly” but outfitted with Assault Weapons and munitions, every Toyota 4×4 that was available for theft …and tons of OUR weapons ….which means OUR BOYS are over there “taking lead” from firearms that are 100% American with ammo made right here in the US of A.
          Remember reading how the prez is supposed to return for 2016 and ONE of many things he intends to do is buy up ALL AMMO (so that nothing remains for “We The People” …I’ll give you one guess as to where ALL of those trillions of ‘hot shells’ will be shipped to without delay (so I pray most of you have a very adequate ‘cache’ or the equipment to remake ammo).
          I’ve got too much going on and can see I’ve written another novel. Thanks for letting me ‘blow it off’ …it is greatly appreciated. Hey! Time to start a new class of ‘noobs’ (this week)and they are starting to arrive. Y’all stay safe and ‘frosty’.
          ** Regarding Virginia and their endless stupidities, does anyone have any word on whether or not other states will “drop” ccw holders from coming into THEIR states (since nobody is good enough to go into theirs)? How can VA look a combat veteran in the eye and state HE does not have “adequate training” to carry a gun in Virginia …but he WOULD if he only take THEIR courses and pays THEM the money for “the right to carry a gun” …whoa! That’s enuff right there. Infringement at any level is infringement. The day may well be coming that legal gun owners will be faced with either shooting the LEO that is ‘fixin’ to draw on them or allowing themselves to be shot to death where they sit (or are standing). That’s a sobering thought …and one that’s certain to occur on the present bearing we are taking…

          • Excellent analysis of our collapsing Orwellian Fascist Police State nightmare unfolding before our very eyes, an epic time to be an alive awake freedom and liberty loving TRUE patriot.

          • All the engineers I worked with at the time said it was a standard demo bringdown. I believe them.

          • Great article, Equorial.

            • Ya know, people shouldn’t bag on Jones so much because the truth is he DOES get people onto the wake up wagon. Where they go from there is just a matter of their thirst for knowledge. He never mentions the oooowws and is limited in either his knowledge or afraid to say things. I used to listen to him all the time until my want of truth took me a lot further. As long as people use him as a stepping stone and not the end all be all he is fine. There is a whole universe of truth beyond Jones but at least he gets some people going.

              • Genius, spot on. It’s always best to have numerous sources to go to. The internet is a world unto itself. It’s hard to determine who’s a reliable source and who is full of shit. I’ve lost count of how many sites in alternative media I’ve shunned because I think they’re bogus. At least with MSM sites, it’s simple; they’re all full of shit. But I do know who to avoid and Jones is one of them.

      11. I believe Alex is the real deal.
        Evil hates when you speak the truth.
        Alex is a bright light shinning in the Darkness!
        Keep up the good work Brother, expose The evil deeds of The New World Order.

        • Amen, brother. The dude snuck into Bohemian Grove, predicted 9/11, and made more DVDs exposing the NWO than ANYONE!

          Those are facts!

          • Damn. Must have had some good connections. Still would be a good way to discount their true actions, if they informed someone people want to discount. TA DA. Now we Don’t believe it was real – or not? A little truth with lies, is still lies. Hay, now we can keep us busy trying to figure out what is, and isn’t. Need some more computing power. Poof.

      12. Why do you think the Dems want to control the internet?

        • Jim in Va.:

          Please, it is all of them, Republicans included. At the national level the candidates running for any election already know they have/will be required to sell their souls for the “agenda”.

        • Corporations want to control the internet. It is a hotbed of alternate news, an alternate economy that shuts out global megacorporations, and generally the people’s voice that contradicts corporate-owned media and corporate-owned government at every turn. It is a group unifier that will likely spark a revolution against our corporate masters one day, they fear. What’s not to like? Note that the Internet drove Arab Spring and it drives China’s endless “instant” and continuous protests.

      13. This is serious sh…..t just saw this I was told by my scientist friend that 2016 is the year when the laughing stops..thats a close call..damn..something similar happened to Pete Santelli that was pulled over because DHS set him up, had him out on a domestic terrorist list ” white terrorist”,list, he almost got shot by several cops.. had he not complied with the cops l, he would have been shot and killed. This is messed up. This is telling us that since that bill passed that they are now on the take us people faze..that hot on Jones was a united nations hot by none other than the current administration…California is the state where the white hats FBI arrested senator Leland Yee who was seen TV after the sandy hook false flag attack with the president telling about taking guns in California. The senator was later arrested for smuggling in rocket launchers, along angry weapons and fully automatic Ak47’s, bringing in equipment to arm the Chinese soldiers who are her to be the boots on the ground.. I feel that based on this attempt it reminds me of the early stages of natzi Germany l when assinatioms started first followed by mass round ups of the Jews..this is first faze, then they roll in the tanks..this entire government needs to arrested and removed from society. They are criminals and felons. Phuck em.



        • HCKS, man I just HAVE to say, Pete Santilli is a shill! If you listened to his shit for any length of time you would know. He is totally ignorant of a LOT of things (maybe on purpose) and used to treat the women co-hosts on older shows like shit! He is an attention whore and bags on Jones because of penis envy? I seriously think this asshole is a cia op and just using the traffic stop to get attention. Look into him some more, there is a lot of crap on that guy! My wife used to listen to him and it made me wanna puke.

          • Genius, I agree about Santilli. I listened to him one time and when I heard him treating female hosts like dirt I turned him off. He belongs in the same sewer with jones.

      14. Jones probably has bodyguards wig him due to his constant exposing of the scum. Stories like this are hard to believe. I could say somone tried to kill me and failed too.

      15. The fact that Alex Jones NEVER calls for the arrests of the psychopathic criminal NWO Corporatist Fascist filth and their criminal shit stain PUPPETS in the Republican and Democrat criminal gangs of treasonous genocide supporting scum of the earth tells me all I need to know about him.

        • Actually, he has called for arrests. Just because you don`t like or agree with how news/opinion pieces are presented doesn`t buy a pass for false statements.


      16. Alex Jones is nothing but a prepper conspiracy soap opera. He takes the smallest amount of a truth and then goes so far down crazy street you can’t even see the sanity anymore. All he does is promote fear mongering to make a buck.

        Remember when the Fukishima death cloud was coming to kill us all and we needed to have iodine pills to prevent death. Yeah…

        • Maybe I its a slow moving cloud??

        • Maybe it’s a slow moving cancer is more like it.

          It takes a particle of radioactive Cesium about the size of a grain of dust to kill you (eventually). Heavy on the eventually but once it’s in it’s in.

          • Fukushima death is on the West Coast. Slower and more painful that some think. Potassium and Iodine help you body not take up Cesium. My family lives on the West Coast. Just like Europe is downwind of Chernobyl and has problems. Uptick in cancer.

      17. intellihub … seriously?

        This report is nothing but hearsay … Mainstream Media would be all over this if it where true … yet, there is silence.

        I don’t believe this to be true, just another alex jones ploy to get more followers … and nothing more.

        Mac – if you have factual documentation to follow up with this … please do so … because I have found absolutely nothing myself to confirm this hearsay.

        • FTW, re: “Mainstream Media would be all over this if it where true”

          I’ve been trying to remain passive on this site lately, but had to reply to your post. Mainstream Media is not interested in the truth. They only regurgitate what is in their puppet-master’s agenda. They know their typical viewers are mindless sheeple who believe anything they see/hear on the “news” without question. You have just shown you are one of them.

          FTW, wake up, open your eyes, get out of that herd of sheeple.

          • Nobama – I was referring to the Mainstream Media as using as a tool once more to attack Jones. An event like this (if legit) would make good ammunition for the MSM to use against him.

            You are right, the MSM is not interested in “truth” – which is why I do not even bother to follow it. It use to be a form of entertainment value, as in comedy – but the stuff that has been reported these last few years is beyond insanity.

            “You have just shown you are one of them.
            FTW, wake up, open your eyes, get out of that herd of sheeple.”

            Really, you think because of my post that I’m a “follower of the sheeple crowd?”

            Evidently, you have failed at observing any of my previous posts on this board – I am anything but a follower of the sheeple crowd.

            Follow your Christ an Almighty Alex (shill) Jones all you like. The guy certainly lost any all credibility with his Piers Morgan debate on Gun Control.

            If you seen this debate, then you’ll know what I’m getting at with Jones behaving like a damn lunatic, which in turns makes people like you and I out to be a threat to humanity.

            • FTW, I’m not defending AJ at all, I think he is indeed a fearmongering shill. Standing down, your points are all valid.

          • Tell me about it.

            “The Mainstream Media would be all over this if it where true”


            “Nobama” trusts the Mainstream Media????

            • FTW and Nobama, I agree totally. BUT he does get some otherwise lost peeps on the conspiracy wagon. They just need to get past Jones and keep digging.

              • I loved AJ for about a year. But then there was his David Duke interview. I thought ‘why doesn’t AJ respect this guy? Duke seems spot on.’ I let it go and continued to tune in during crisises I felt needed to be explained or analyzed. Finally, the horrible realization came that Jones was a shill after the Trump interview. We are so screwed because if you don’t think Trump is a fascist and involved with the Brotherhood you get what you deserve. I have no proof except for common sense and a sickening incling.

        • FTW, I don’t trust intellihub as a source either. But I question whether MSM would cover this at all. Until I find something to confirm it, I also say it’s hearsay. Ambellas is usually full of shit.

      18. “This report is nothing but hearsay … Mainstream Media would be all over this if it where true … yet, there is silence”

        Would you say the Mainstream Media reports objective news stories???

        Hate to burst your bubble but the MSM is a propaganda tool owing their allegiance to TPTB, operating only to advance the agenda…

        They mold and fit the stories they do report on. Being true or not is a moot point???

        • Read above – evidently you missed what I was getting at.

          • Apologies FTW, I read your post again and stand corrected…

            Hang in there!!!

            • MSM TV News Always is first on scene and first to make use of ANY cop was shot story. Then it is used as an antigun prop to invite on tv sara brady type airheads to cry for more gun laws to “Strengthen” those laws criminals refuse to obey already.

              MSM LOVES a cop got shot story, so if its real? it should be all over tv screens 24/7 for a couple weeks or longer.

              Someone else can check it out as I quit watching Any msm tv news long ago…The Only stuff I still view and just momentarily a couple times per week is RT tv because they do show actual film fottage and do report truth of what israel has been doing and was always 100% covered up by ALL other msm tv news Globally.

              However as I say I view rt for a few minits to see if any new stuff on israel and mid east war or terrorists stuff has been broadcast during prior week….The ONLY other RT worth watching ever is that 1/2 hr show on mon-wed-fri-called “Cross Talk” for “sometimes” that shows guests are allowed to speak freely and name names, Name Zionists and names Israel state as it should be labled as.

              but all else at RT tv is total Lib crap worse than cnn or msnbc usually…Like Jessie Venturas new tv show there and his son Tyrell Ventura and some blond bimbo tribe chick co host’s show also…Both are leftist loon shows.

              Ventura is also a disinfo controled opps agent type…And that don’t have to actually mean a paid govnt shill as it can be a shill paid by some tv station owner like Sheldon adelson etc not that he owns a tv station that I am aware of just used him as example of whom and which taboo group Pays such tv shills.

              Fox tv has Ruppert MurDock as owner and payer…Most folks never in million years would realize he too is full blown zio tribe member, with a changed name of course.

              One must always remember that They go by the Mothers DNA ethnicity to determine who has a so called “right of return” to their nation state they ALL owe loyalty to.

              That fox tv Roger Ailes guy as program VP director or whatever his title is….He too is a taboo member.

              for good accuracy and good measure always figure at Least 90% of TV show anchors, and typical Guest talker “experts” or guests from the ten thousands of private Org.think tanks etc are All always and on EVERY channel of tv you recieve Taboo to name folks.

              it is Just the Main Stations owners all Six corps worth that are 100% taboo members.

              And NO virginia! one cannot just watch and listen to that tiny 10% that are goyim gentiles as they too are shabozz goys which are 99.99% as bad and crooked.

              MSM does at limited times report real facts or truth though and a Cop got Shot equals good for buisness of antigun crap is always reported fully and often.

      19. The one thing Alex Jones said that i was really impressed by was his investigation into Obama’s long form brith certificate. If you ever get the chance, search for that. It was a real eye opener.

        As for the rest of you cop haters on this site, you forget who the enemy is. It is the FEDS, not your local deputy or policeman.

        Unless you live in Kommiefornia.

        • There are millions that watch the bad cop videos– even my naive husband–and paint all members with the same brush.
          This is just what TPTB, the elite, and the NWO want.

          We are seeing the sheeple/stupid play into the hands of those that wish us dead; we are no longer needed to slave for ‘them’. We are mere useless eaters, deplenishing ‘their’ resources.
          We made ‘them’ billionaires, so they could rule.
          Will we win the battle with the new drone technology, etc. out there??
          Of course not–but with God’s help, we will win the war.
          Keep the faith.

        • I think the enemy is above the feds… above Congress and the President. Doesn’t mean cops on steroids don’t go into a rage and shoot people. Executioner is not their job title… unless you want to give up rule by law. Not every cop does this… but all should be tested for steroid use. If I want to get killed by a drug addict, I will move to Detroit. Steroids are cops drug of choice. I had a cop customer buying carpet and his carpet did not come from the manufacturer the exact day he wanted it. We thought he was going to execute all of us. The elderly owner put himself between the madman and us… gave him someone else’s freaking high grade carpet installed same day. When he came back to pay, the owner sent us all to the exit door in the back just in case. Steroid rage.

          • Reb, not just steroid testing but psycological evaluation! Some of them are complete PHSYCOPATHS! I thought I was going to get my head blown off one time for a stupid traffic stop in vegas. Luckily where I live the cops are pretty cool and don’t shake peeps down much. Having a fire dept. badge in the window helps lol.

            • Genius: I once long ago met a couple chicks at the huge locale park near detroit while we was out on our harleys.

              Both girls wore gold very small size cop badges on a neck gold chain like jewerly…So I asked each, and one was a detroit cop small size badge and other had a wayne Co Sherrifs Star small size badge…I asked each why they wore it?

              Both said daddys was cops at each dept, and cops passed these out to their Kids to wear as an ID to Other cops who may do traffic stops on kids of other cops.

              This is their method of ID to determine who to get away with just a warning and zero ticket.

              So I asked a wayne co sherrif deputy I knew a long while to get Me one! I still have it and wear it on the lapel as lapel pin on every jacket or coat or flannel/blue jean shirt outter wear.

              And I tell you..It Works!…I have several times been stopped randomly by a cop somewheres, and regardless what dept cops from or which county matters not…Soon as they spot that small duplicate sherrifs deputy badge on me it never fails and I get warned with zero tickets.

              And the usual reason for being stopped was LOUD Straight Pipe exhaust on a very loud built motor Harely Bike…That always gains one a ticket normally since zero points attaches to vehicle infractions such as that, aka only civil infractions so zero ticket Points on driver record..But I even forgo an costly noise ticket by wearing that small badge. plus total cost to me when cop pal delievered it was just $5.95 total! Cheep Protection eh…Just dont lie if cop asks if dads a cop or whatever…Always vaguely anwer with stuff like “Yeah I have plenty cops in the family and friends as cops officer” Then change subject to “Hey is That a S&W 40 cal? or a beretta type? cops Loves to talk on guns alot.

              May be a Good Prep to obtain same type small lapel badge eh only from Your local cops or sherrifs county.

        • Not your local police? Bullshit. They do what they are told. And serious revenue collectors.

      20. Eppe and Brave, still on for tomorrow?

        • I am, getting over a cold germ from the 25th.

          12-29 10am, Waffle House, north side of Blairsville, Ga, headed toward Young Harris

          Be well all…

          • Eppe, I’ve got a family emergency back home and have to start heading back this evening. Sorry about that. Would’ve loved a meeting. I’m coming back to Ga in March. Maybe we can try again. Get over that cold and get well. gotta keep that humor coming. Take care, brother.

            • I guess we will try again at a later date…

              To all here, have a great New Year, I wish the world could work together for the betterment of humanity, but it just seems to get worse all the time.

              Eyes open, no fear…

              • Eppe;
                How are you? You seem like a solid citizen. Sorry you are having trouble hooking up with people on this site. We are about as far from you as one can get and still be in the continental US
                or I would try to make your meeting. Fucking waffle house though? What? You don’t have a decent beer joint with cheeseburgers etc?
                It’s funny how one gets a mental picture of the posters here both physically and character wise. Computers with video would sure change things. Anyway, I always appreciate your candor and positive attitude. By the way, I think that the guy who always dogged you may still posting a lot under a different name and toned down a bit. Have a good new year. I just heard from a good source close to Alex Jones that Mac is an Hasidic jew who is making big money from his advertising contracts!

        • swingin dick, this is just the way it will be when the SHTF and it comes time to take a stand. Lot of talk and a lot of no-shows.

      21. if Jones were to be assassinated there would be a counter strike, I suppose. Something for the lefties to think about.

      22. Yeah, I searched the net, and the only sites that had mentioned this “account” are the conspiracy nutjobs looking for attention…not legit news sites, not Breitbart or Drudge. Ol’ Alex is desperate for notoriety. How pathetic.

        • Wake me up when Breitbert and/or Drudge when they talk about Bilderberg, WTC 7, and the Federal Reserve.

          They won’t.

          • Even Romney crawled to the Biller begs for approval… he’s kiddy material next to them. As a Mormon , I guess he can’t marry his kids in?


        Mac, i just saw this post and read it. Economist V is being interview by Cliff Hight from
        You guys have got to hear this as we approash what i like to call the the SHTF EVENT HORIZON. What happened to Jones is some really serious sh….t.



        SHTF EVENT HORIZON Commenses & Pending.

      24. Alex Jones is the most extreme example of controlled opposition I have ever seen. He is a fraud and a shill for the establishment. This “assassination attempt” was concocted to gain him credibility as his viewership/income has deteriorated rapidly after the David Duke interview. He is a jew shill and everyone with a brain knows it.

        Make sure you spend $75 on Alex’s “special pills” to make you a stronger man.

        One has to wonder why Mac posts stuff from Alex “Jew Shill” Jones, Steve Quayle, and Disinfo Dave Hodges. If Mac truly was on our side, why give these charlatans any credibility?

        • You sound like a hired Fed.

          All of those dudes expose the NWO.

          • Go watch a few david Duke videos and read a few articles by Duke then Compare which “dudes” speaks truth and names names etc eh.

            ALL them you say outs NWO does it just with 1/2 truths or less….it Must be same as sworn in on a court witness stand for truth to count…IE “do you swear to tell Truth, Whole truth and Nothing But Truth”?

            Hodges worships and priases them true nation wrecker khazars…Daivid Duke and a few others Exposes and Names them all! HUGE difference if truth is what one truly seeks….Main problem is most who claim to seek it only except it if it Fails to name names like duke types do.

            Those folks do not really desire truth in the fullest sense…Just a tid bit more than MSM is all they require.

        • SM,
          Totally disagree about Steve Quayle.

      25. Everyone, I just checked Infowars’ home page and there’s NO MENTION of this story on AJ’s own website. HMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!

        • If it isn’t on Inforwars or Prisonplanet … then yes … this story is bogus.

          Not even that goofy religious/prophecy site “before it’s news” has no mention of it … hell, that is like a major front page story for them.

            • Yep, I see it was posted on … Thursday, December 24, 2015 19:18. This is 4 day old fake news, why is it posted on SHTFplan site and now? There are currently 51 comments pretty much what I’ve said about Jones …. SHILL.

              The David Duke interview really backfired on Jones.
              Thus – followers have moved away from him, exposing the douche for what he is.

          • FTW, I also agree about ‘before it’s news’. Another bogus site.

      26. Keep looking for and finding fault with the little things; that is exactly how the big boys play.
        Divide and conquer.
        Thanks Mac for trying to reach many that just don’t get it.
        You can’t fix stupid.

      27. Everyone check out this site: Don’t know how good it is but interesting to some degree.

      28. I don’t always agree with Jones, but he does make you think. If it is true about someone trying to take him out, that just goes to show he is rubbing someone or something wrong.


        • Alex Jones is like a few other “truth seekers”.

          He does talk about, and report on real issues … but … he is no different than a typical politician playing both sides of the isle.

          Alex Jones does speak some truth, but he also deliberately withholds key information that needs to be discussed which he will avoid at any cost.

          In the end, Jones basically is a “bias” reporter, spreading some heavy truth abroad to keep people distracted of other key information that he negates to discuss or touch upon. ~~ shill

      29. The input that I have read here earlier, stating that 3% of the general population here (USA) are wolves, is misleading.
        As a retired LEO with experience at city, county, and state level, I can assure you that the figure is much closer to 10%! People that haven’t been exposed to it (luckily!) underestimate the danger. Do so at your own peril!

      30. My current vote is
        That this is a steaming pile of feces

        I’m from Missouri… The “show me state”

        In other words AJ .. Prove it

        • PS , I’m not really from Missouri, but if he can lie so can I
          Hillary was also dodging fake bullets and missiles too

          • Even John Kerry “Thought” he was irish for 65 yaers! untill last year or two years ago when after Hillery and Madalyn “large marge” albright both discovered they were jewish and then so did kerry!

            I have met and delt with more of them than most Bar Mitzvah directors or caterers has, and they ALl know this since day were Birthed!…”Gee I Just found it Out yesterday I am tribe too”!! Riiiggghhhttt!

            Maybe one day soon Alex will announce to world he finally figured out the Bad guys simply AINT nazis! eh?

            “I Tell ya fellow patriots! That Goldman Sachs outfit is 100% evil hitler lovin NAZIS!” and they got camps set up and wish to kill off another SIX MILLION! OyVey! Someone send me a Free Bagel to chomp on!”

      31. Things gonna get hot in Cleveland just seen it on the news and st lois and chicago ect ect

      32. Better not even get your k8d a bb gun

        • Exactly
          Pass right over the non lethal shit , and get him a .22 ruger breakdown


        Silent Majority, phuck your. YOUR ASS IS NOW BANNED.

        DONT PUT YOUR ASS ON THIS SITE ever again. You agency ass clown sick pedofile, gay butt slamer rapist sex offender DHS, fusion center employee, busy downloadog gay pornography, PHUCK YOU PUNK.



        Agency ass clown Super Moderator.

        • HCKS- you are a mentally deranged individual. Maybe your “scientist” friend can attempt to help you with your major underlying issues.

          Everything I said was the truth, you just did not want to hear it. I have been reading through several of your older posts and I have concluded that you are not playing with a full deck.

          Take Disinfo Dave’s dick out of your mouth and start to think for yourself.

      34. HCKS – I thought SILENT MAJORITY’S post was spot on. I noticed he mentioned others besides Jones – as in Quayle & Hodges.

        Though Quayle and Hodges do report some truth, they hide behind the same structure that Jones does. This is how people can be easily deceived and distracted into their world.

        When it comes to guys like those mentioned above – where there is some merit truth, within that truth is buried deception. Take their information for what it is, but never ever take it as 100% factual.

        In a way, none of this is important. Some people believe that “Nibiru/Planet X or as I refer to it as the “Millennial Dodge ball” is going to destroy planet earth.

        BTW, HCKS – just because you don’t agree with “silent majority”, you shouldn’t have responded to him/her the way that you did. It is responses such as what you provided, is one of a few reasons why people attack you.

      35. Jones is legit I know someone who knows him in person..he is always getting death threats and he is 100% legit….so silent majority is a fake.. I was around on 2006 when Jones outed that his sources said that a planned engineers crags was going to take place, putting people our in the streets and foreclosure out the ass.. I red the comment and then Steve Quayle report on this in 1999. I hear him take about it on Art Bell, that 2008 was free year, all of these men have proven them selves..Jones did take about the incident did he not.. not because he didn’t put ir in the sir means that it dint don’t know Jones real story to know who he is and what him to make him I’d what he does..I also take his products and its rb bet stuff I have ever taken.. I have so met Dr Group in person to personally thank him for his products.. so anyone who is attacking Jones is attacking Dr group and calling BS in his products when in fact they really do work and live up or his claims.. you FTW may be a troll in disguise then went on the attack then changed completely to get accepted on this site so don’t critisize my post.. it seems like every time I present the facts about calapse trolls immediately following and attack my at 3:00 am if I post at that time so I know that these people are agency and this is a fact of life on this site..silent majority is a troll and I am not backing down, he uses the word jew as if Jews are bad when this is not the case.. I do business with Jews and have no problems with the them, j also know a view men veteran who does work for them and they respect him and he says that the jess are really good people, so this is the truth, and they are really good people and are highly respected by patriots like me and many others in this city and in fact it was jew who helped me get off the street and taught me to better manage my finances to get my ass off the streets from being homeless so I don’t talk crap nor am I a biggot…



      36. Yeah, what was the name of the dead officer?

      37. the name of the dead officer?

      38. My friends,

        Do not seek out Jones.

        Do not seek out Quayle.

        Do not seek out Hodges.

        Instead, seek out TRUTH!

        Which, if any of these men are speaking and witnessing to the Truth? Use THAT as your criteria when you read what they have written or listen to what they broadcast.

        “In a time of universal deceit,” George Orwell wrote, “speaking the truth is a revolutionary act.”

        Amen, Mr. Orwell, it truly is!

        Gandhi said that truth never damages a cause that is just.

        And yes, Mr. Gandhi, amen to you as well.

        Thoreau said that one person who speaks the truth constitutes a majority of one.

        Yes! All the lies out there cannot whittle away the truth. For example, look at the truth we know about 11/22/63 despite the decades of lies put forth by learned people!

        So instead of attacking Hodges, Quayle, and Jones, why not first uncover and discern the truth?

        Once you know the truth, you are free, you are liberated, and the lies melt away like butter.

        Then the person’s name and personality become much less important to that which ultimately sets you, me, and anyone else free: the truth!

        God bless you all.

        – the Lone Ranger

        • The truth will set you free. Just seeing it for what it is frees me to… garden. To be more self-sufficient, and love my home and property. I read Thoreau and admire how he lived. He went to jail a few times like Gandhi. He still went home to mama’s house for comforts….

      39. Sounds like complete BS. WHAT IS THE DECEASED OFFICER’S NAME?

      40. Sounds like complete BS. WHAT IS THE DECEASED OFFICER’S NAME?

      41. wht a bunch of horse shit.

      42. Alex Jones has gone over the edge. So his life was threatened and the police never told him until 2 years later? And then as a matter of conversation.

        Lost all credibility.

      43. alex jones, the man with a voice only a silent movie could love. ha. i think alex is a man riding a very small horse of truth, pulling a huge wagon of bullshit, while wearing a clown mask. and hes riding it to the bank, laughing all the way.

      44. alex jones, the man with a voice only a silent movie could love. alex is a man riding a very small horse of truth, pulling a huge wagon of shit, while wearing a clown mask. and he is riding it straight to the bank, laughing all the way

      45. Just saw this in my feeds.
        Why the F*&K is this even an article here, let alone in my feeds.
        Are there not more important stories? Maybe that have nothing to do with boasting ones ego?
        Please barr whoever wrote this crap from this website.

        That is all.

      46. Alex you the man!

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