California Farmers Skip Planting, Sell Water to Desperate Cities: “We’re Afraid They’ll Just Take It”

by | Mar 19, 2015 | Headline News | 178 comments

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    The water crisis in California is reaching epic proportions.

    And it’s going to cost everyone, big time.

    After a sustained drought, NASA has reported that the state has less than one year of water reserves remaining, with no back up plan if things go wrong.

    Now, there is so much demand for water in Southern Californian cities, that many farmers are opting to sell their water rights to urban dwellers – not just at a premium, but at an unbelievable and unprecedented rate.

    CBS News profiled some rice farmers with historic rights to the Yuba River who are being offered so much for water, they have decided to forego planting their crops altogether and sell the new “cash crop” – liquid gold.


    The going rate has jumped from the $50 per foot acre, which many farmers have been willing to pay, to an astounding $700 per foot acre.

    Many fields will stay dry because farmers will be doing what was once considered unthinkable: selling their water to Southern California. He and his fellow growers have agreed to sell 20 percent of their allotment to Los Angeles’s Metropolitan Water District as it desperately searches to add to its dwindling supply. This new price means growers will earn a lot more money on the fields they don’t plant, making water itself the real cash crop in California.

    Fourth generation rice farmer Charlie Matthews knows that the soft approach is the early one, and fears that cities will use any means at their disposal to steal or take his water if he isn’t cooperative. The crisis is that big:

    “In the long term, if we don’t make it available we’re afraid they’ll just take it,” said Charlie Mathews, a fourth generation rice farmer with senior rights to Yuba River water.

    That desperation will express itself in terms of draconian water rules for urbanites – who have already been reporting each other for using too much water on their lawns – and higher costs… much higher costs. According to these farmers, there is virtually no upper limit on what people will pay for water when they really need it.

    Agriculture, it appears, will go elsewhere, with market demand for water in a crisis enough to trump just about everything. As SHTF has already reported, the drought could impact the food supply and create shortages or extreme prices.

    According to Matthews, water will sell at any price:

    “They have to pay whatever the last price, the highest price, people will pay,” Mathews said.

    There is no short term plan for recovering from California’s water crisis, and the stakes will only get higher until a solution is found.

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      1. Should be an interesting topic of discussion for any debates in ’16

        • California preppers have a choice:

          (1) Move

          (2) Prep harder and faster.

          Rest of the country, and fwiw, there was a time not long ago when there was deep concern about the state of California going bankrupt. And if that happened, it would suck the coffers of the Federal government (and, by logic, the other 49 states) to bail California out.

          California has the potential to be the whirlpool suck for the other 49 states, going down the drain and sucking the rest of the nation in its wake.

          Not good. Not good at all. Just sayin’. And I’m a Biblical Christian on the Left Coast.

          • ‘Taint nuthin’ compared to the People’s Socialist Thugocracy of Illinois, home of uber-corruptocrat Rambo Uh-manuel.

            Man! That socialism thingy is working reeeeeeallly well, isn’t it!
            Liabilities outweighed assets by $49.2 billion in the year ended June 30, compared with negative net assets of $47.9 billion at the end of fiscal 2013. This left Illinois in the worst shape of the 43 U.S. states that had filed fiscal 2014 audits. The only other state with negative assets was Massachusetts at $29 billion. Texas reported the biggest positive net assets at $119.4 billion.
            Illinois had $45.1 billion of net assets, including revenue, land, buildings, investments and cash on hand, versus $94.3 billion in liabilities such as expenses, debt and pensions. The state marked its thirteenth consecutive year with a general fund deficit, which decreased for a second straight year to $6.7 billion in fiscal 2014 from $7.3 billion in fiscal 2013, the audit showed.

              • no , its for the invasion forces or did you not here, Russia,s putin has started war games last week!

                • This is all part of exactly where Obama is going.

                  Control and shut down the water, put American farmers out of business. Then the crash, no food because it’s all imported and the dollar value just went to near zero.

                  It’s the perfect storm. Makes me want to buy more long term stored food.

                  Side note: a bug out location with no potable water is a death trap. If you know a place in the desert with potable water that no one else knows about, you are golden!

            • If I were a dictator this is what I would do.
              Turn one of the most populous states in the country into
              a communist wasteland.

              Shut off the rain, or some other method, to cause mass-destruction of agriculture.

              Watch as people leave in droves, ideologically infecting all the surrounding states.

              Check, and mate.

              • AND leave a lot of prime real estate up for grabs, for pennies on the dollar. THAT IS A BANKSTER TACTIC. All they have to do is hold onto the property for a while. The drought will only last until they get what they want. Then, they’ll stop seeding the atmosphere and the taps will turn on again.

              • Has anyone noticed the correlation between Gov Jerry Brown’s (Moonbeam’s) election in 2010, and the beginning of this record-breaking drought that began at that very time? Taking DMC’s comment into account, it would seem that God isn’t too happy with the uber-liberal Dems’ unprecedented legislative advances regarding abortion, gay rights, gun control and the like over the past few years.

          • It doesn’t make sense for preppers to stay there if you know what’s coming.

            • Hey buddy…can you spare 10 bux to a guy who’s down on his luck for a glass of water?

            • The mountain people here are self reliant and know where and how to get water in remote areas. I have lived in Tahoe over 10 years and never seen a drought like this. I live just inside the town but walking distance to the Lake; and it is BIG. I have a wood burner with lots of fuel everywhere (thanks to the treehuggers :)). We are also close to a quick getaway into Nevada (7 miles) then north to Idaho. I am staying here and setting up wind and solar.
              Semper Fi

            • I am pretty sure there are no Preppers in KKalifornia

              • Anubis” I’m always amazed at the oversimplified thinking that most folks have, especially when it comes to ‘classifying’ something. California is a great example: people talk about it as thought it were this single structure; as though the population, geography, and natural resources were uniform. With the exception of the smallest states, every other state is different from one part to the next and California is the most different of all when it comes to these, and other, categories. The folks that live in the north where all the water and most of the timber is, are far removed from those of the south and big cities. The mountain folk are a nation unto themselves, many not too different than those found in Montana or Alaska. Go to the desserts, they are odd bunch as well, hell, there’s even a difference between the high and low dessert folks, but all these groups are serious about surviving because they have to given their harsher environments and remoteness. To lump all Californians into some city dwelling ‘sheeple’ is a disservice. California has more preppers than most western states have people.

                • Very well said G8. Cali is far more diversified than most people think.

              • I think Daisy (The Organic Prepper) would be amused by that comment, Anubis. I believe she’s in CA.

                • No she is not.

                  • Yes she is. Somewhere near Auburn/Colfax east of Sacramento, I believe.

              • No preppers in Ca.? You must be either joking or really dumb if you believe that. Most of the state is rural or wilderness.

            • Tell you what, ACID, I’ll move if you pay for it…LOL

              Know this, all cannot inhabit the same place. Make a stand and fall where you’ve made it, not scurrying away to someplace greener pastures believed to be found…

          • It’s Option 1 (“Move”) that concerns me. Where will they move TO? It’s hard enough to find a job without an influx of Californians competing for those same jobs.

          • “until a solution is found”… He, he, he! Yeah.

            THERE IS NO SOLUTION… this is just the beginning. If those people have any sense at all, they will leave and find another home while they can.

          • Don’t lump us all together, the northern third of the state is not in the same shape as the rest. There is a shortage of water up here too, but we are less populated than the lower part. Another way to say that is we have not overdeveloped our area. Irresponsible growth and greed on their part, now they want ours. Imagine that.

          • Is it bad that I just hope they all die of thirst? I don’t want Californians invading and infecting my neighborhood with their progressive mental illnesses.

        • Somebody asked about my knives. EDC is the Cold Steel Voyager Vaquero XL plus a few leathermans and swiss armys in my pack. In the woods I carry the Rambo style survival knife. Plus the big spear in my pants.


          You need to read Master of the Blade and learn a knife fighting style, with fighting stances and moves and shit.

          • Find a like minded warrior, buy practice knives, and go at it. I had a friend, a ‘Nam SEAL, who I would practice with. Due to playing drums for 30 years, and dad having showed me some K-Bar technique, I at first took him. Then he showed me what a SEAL was about: naked aggression, and the fierce will to win overcame my superior speed. I knew I could strike before he could, but was afraid to do so. You are so right about psychological preparation. There is something in the core of a warrior satisfied when you look in an opponent’s eye, and see that look of fear as he realizes your steel has just sunk into him. But without the proper mindset, neither a gun nor blade will help you. I had a Polak friend from Compton CA (only White family in miles) stand up to a punk who pulled a gun. He said “shoot me”, as he whipped out his 7″ push button stilleto. The punk put away his little .25 cal., and walked off.

          • Knives? Nothing better than a Marine K-Bar. Its indestructible.

        • I do not support the Amerikkkan military but I strongly disagree with those who say we are demonizing Putin and that our aggression against Russia is unwarranted.

          Putin is a fucking piece of shit KGB colonel. Communism killed 270 million fucking people in the last century and don’t you think for one second that these fucking pieces of shit have changed. We should use every avenue to destroy Russia for good.

          I don’t believe in getting involved bureaucratically in the Ukraine. I believe we should have colonized the Ukraine.

          I make a standing challenge to Pussy Poot to get in the fucking ring with me and I’ll teach his ugly slav ass some fucking Judo.

          • Most of that was before Putin. Just say’in. If it was not for him the Zionist’s would have the NWO and WW3 by now. And he had help stopping it, but he may be gone. We will see soon, very soon.

            • You piece of puke. Putin is a thug, ex KGB. Too bad you never got to experience what a visit to the Lubyanka meant. You might be smarter after a set of vice grips on your nuts and a blow torch on you feet..

          • I left this site because of sociopaths like you, please for the sake of God seek help.

            • Agree. I enjoy reading readers comments, but let’s stick to the subject friends, and quit all the name calling, and picking on the ‘Jews’ and/or ‘Zionists.’

              Because they manage their money better than we do, and work together to make their money work for them, and their money has accumulated into fortunes, let’s not be so rabid we can’t see that if WE had cooperated with each other as they have done, WE could own the world. Nope, we’re too independently minded to cooperate and work together.

              Sad, but true. Know this, I’m an outsider looking on just like most of the rest of us – but I’ll not begrudge them of their cooperation and thrift.


              Son of Liberty

              • Son of Liberty,
                Well Zionism trumps Liberty. They have rigged it that way.
                Since you are a “Son of Liberty” I thought you should know that.
                Comments warning about the threats of Zionism are just as relevant as any other prepper topic. The People’s Republic of Kalifornia (where the drought is taking it’s toll) is a Zionist Run Nightmare. Decent Kalifornians are totally screwed. the Cali. state ZOG don’t give two shits about their citizens having no water.

                • Zionism sunk the U.S.S. Liberty.

                  • The Liberty did not sink. It was however heavily damaged and I would bet the attack can be laid at the feet of old LBJ and his merry band of psychos.

                • Zionism is an ideology that calls for Jews to return to their ancient homeland of Israel. Since you hate Jews and don’t want them in America, maybe you should support Zionism? And your logic is faulty, since Jews in California wouldn’t have water either.

                  • Read Trotsky. He called for a Jewish World Revolution. Zionism was captured by the Jews who run the West, and their Gentile co-conspirators. Most have intermarried with those Gentiles, and are atheists (some say Satanists). They laugh at the Zionists, especially the Christian Zionists (who are actually old Testament Jews). They took over the Israel project and have turned Palestine into an armed camp, and craftily named it Israel to gain the support of the OT worshipers. When Jews are convicted of crime, they can flee there. But the real intent is for Judea to fall again, this time in a war with Islam, with stupid Gentiles doing most of the fighting and dying. The NWO is the JWO of Trotsky, with the Jewish anti-Christ ruling the ashes of our civilization.

                • you are so misinformed concerning zionism…Kalifornia as you call it is NOT run by Zionist …Zionist love Zion ,want to live there,raise the family there and live in peace there, in Zion . NOT USA , have you not read a map ? you probably think that secret organisation with the special hand shake is out to bring a order and conquer the world..hahahhaha when actually we are more concerned about who’s cooking the chili on friday night at the meeting ! HAHAHA your problem is your a hater of jews . Shame on you , you should love your neighbor and do good to those that despise you and you’ll have treasure in heaven if you know HIM .


                  You should, because he has a very active part in your life. You are enslaved to him and do not even perceive it. He ultimately holds the note on your car and home; he sets the price for your food and oil; the interest rate for your money which you let him use to make his money.

                  He makes your laws, runs your countries war machine; he makes presidents, and pro-choice laws; he stirs racial animosity, he is the guarantor on your insurance policies, he is also your taxer.

                  He tells you what is acceptable for you to say, and then sets up the apparatus (PC, political correctness) to condemn and punish you when you disobey.

                  There is nothing in your life that he does not control. He corrupts your churches, he takes away your crosses from government lands that you fund, he takes GOD out of your schools, and inserts ‘alternative lifestyle’ re-education in His place.

                  He is your master and yet he is invisible. He has muddled your history books and omitted truth and inserted lies.

                  He drew the Christian nations into war against each other in the world wars. He forments wars and revolution–he is above all a revolutionary–for his credo is “Destroy everything; whatever is, is wrong”.

                  He poisons your children with unsafe and unnecessary drugs and vaccinations, he poisons you with chemicals like fluoride in your water, emasculates your men with feminizing hormones in your plastic food containers and masculinizes your women with chemicals.

                  He is behind the women’s movement, the racial integration laws, the social welfare system–he is above all a Marxist Communist.

                  And that is not all he has done to you. His motto is “Out of Chaos, Order”. Thus he must destroy your world so that he might rise from its ashes. “Pluralistic chaos, out of which the phoenix of the New World Order can rise. Resurrected from the ashes of the Mysteries of the past”.

                  He, above all, promotes social reforms, for they all play into the hand of destroying everything that was once holy and good.

                  He is the friend of the gay, the lawless, the atheist, the criminal. He shall make your world theirs. He is the enemy of Christianity, God, and Jesus Christ. He seeks to make the world his own, along with his g-d, Satan.

                  He attacks every tenant of your Christian Bible, yet he is esteemed as the chosen of God by the ignorant and indifferent. The Bible paints a very different picture of these people and their great ancestor satan, the serpent of old (Genesis 3:14-15.

                  The Kenite is everything spiritually and morally vile. Don’t weep for his safety, for he wants you DEAD. And in the end, for a little while, his g-d and father Lucifer shall rule the world–then Christian beware. You have not seen nor heard anything yet by comparison (Matthew 24:21-22).

                  You may ask if we are not to harm or hinder them. You can’t. He already possesses you, what can a slave do to the master? Only the true GOD can set things straight at the ‘appointed time’.

                  Just open your eyes to the truth and try to protect yourself and your loved ones until that time. And pray Study the WORD and pray. Study who the Kenite is today and you will have the answer to all the above. They are behind all the ‘isms’ that are destroying our way of life in their push to own the universe.

                  And thank you Hunter for your comment #3351138, March 19, under subject Russian Attack Posture.

                  • Awesome post Granny…’tis pure unadulterated TRUTH!!!!

              • Wake up son of liberty. Jews and zionist are F-N parasite banking predator thieves. Yeah they manage you and my money well by sucking the life out of its fiat wothless value. You are a stupid dolt read any part if history for the Rothchild facts. I also support Pres Putin because he is against the zionist new world order agenda 21. WWTI

                • Silver is off to the Races, $16.83 now. Up nearly a dollar in the last day. Bought 32 Lbs+ of silver in the low $16.10 range weeks ago. All in 1 Oz Rounds. .999 pure…Cached in various PVC tubes and burried in no man’s land. LOL. That’s part of my retirement security.

              • Good post Son of Liberty.

                • What flavor of Kool-Aid are you drinking FreeSlave?

                  Does Glen Beck or your false preacher/teacher serve it up to

                  What super-sized flavor of Kool-Aid have you been drinking Slave?

                  Served up to you in the gallon size by your false preacher/teacher or might it be the Israeli firster, Glen Beck?

                  Whomever it is they are thrilled to have you on board with their lies.

                  • ZOG POG,

                    Meet MaHaMaHa who wrote in a comment above yours:

                    “HAHAHA your problem is your a hater of jews. Shame on you , you should love your neighbor and do good to those that despise you and you’ll have treasure in heaven if you know HIM.”

                    • Slave:

                      What is it about John 8:44 that you don’t understand? Jesus knew who the Kenites were/are and he HATES them. Your “its the liberals” sorry assed excuse does not cover it anymore, Slave.

                      Its the Zionists using the libs to ruin the world. At some point in the not to distant future I pray the God, not g-d, will give you the gift of “eyes to see”. So far that has not been given to you.

            • Nothing says loser like posting stupid messages that proudly claim to have ‘left’.

              Pathetic little turd.

            • it will be one of us sociopaths that save your ass not god

          • Acid; He’d leave your sorry ass in the dirt and he’s older than you too!

          • Acid face– sounds an awful lot like that little guy who kept posting nasty comments here about elderly people– what’s his name?

          • Let’s not forget, etch-a-sketch, that at least TWO of our American presidents have been former CIA upper echelon. A few more have been from THEIR family. So if having been deployed in a spy agency makes a bad president, or a bad person for that matter, then WE have certainly had our share of evil leaders and their buddies…unless you’re so brainwashed as to believe that OUR spy agencies are inherently more ‘honorable’ than the rest.

            I dare you to try and test that argument, using the NSA and our own CIA as stand-out examples of honor. I suspect you still allow mainstream propaganda to color your ideology.

            • The very fact that Putin IS ex-KGB is probably the ONLY reason they haven’t been able to assassinate him yet.

        • Debate??? De-Bate??? De-Bait???

          THE BAIT!

          It really is that simple…

        • Think I will go take a shower with great lakes water… yeah, all the great lakes run by door…



          THIRSTY YET? HA HA

      2. These farmers are brainiac’s they can make more money sellin water than growing crops !
        Dont they realise that the socialist majority in Cali will crush them silly capitalist farmers to a pulp ?
        If they dont farm , there is no farm , thus no tax break.
        Once control of their water and precident is set to sell water or relinquish water , they lose .
        BYE BYE Cali farm industry .

        • As long as they are enrolled in the dept of agriculture farm subsidy programs they are still farmers with full fleged farm benefits.

        • Yes, those were my thoughts too. But the article said they were only selling a portion of the water and were only fallowing a portion of the fields. Still it opens the door for the cities to consider this their water now.
          SoCal has a history of reaching out and taking water even to destroying whole valleys. The people will want to protect their states resources but the water companies are tasked with supplying water.

        • Hammerhead. The other result would be a food shortage/price hike.

      3. Citizen pulls over policeman

        Off topic but incredibly interesting: 5 min. Incredible interchange – guy doing the stopping has incredible knowledge, and to be honest, the policeman is really excellent here – he listens and acts exactly how police should, and be all about. There are LOT of good police out there, including Sgt. Dale on this site, or my neighbor, a former state trooper

        • Amazing video, thanks for sharing.

        • Granddad once pulled a cop over for being a bonehead. Caught the cop totally off guard when he said to the cop, “Do you know why I pulled you over?”!

          Reamed the cop a new ass and walked away! I can’t even imagine.

          That cop was lucky, Chicago cops once dragged granddad and a friend into the station (circa 1946) when they he realized the sham cops were pulling, he and one man he was with, vets, took on a dozen armed Chicago cops and walked out of the station. Justice served! They didn’t even kill any of the cops, but he never set foot in Chicago again!

          He was a scary man if you pissed him off, part of an army recon unit with a 600% attrition rate in the Pacific.

        • Good video. I commend his attempts at holding the police accountable. Back to Reality…The Tyrannical ZOG of his State will not comply. The Master does as they wish despite the Slaves’ cries of protest.

          • I didn’t find any tears in that video. Quite the contrary.

      4. Meanwhile Nestle’s is buying as much water rights as they can so they can sell it to the Chinese who have destroyed about 60% of it’s drinking water.

        Then you have fracking companies who need between 2-8 million gallons of clean water per well.

        And you get the picture why in a 100-200 years I question if they’ll be any humans left on this planet.

        • Btw, we are not alone. Brazil is facing MASSIVE water shortages as well.

          • In any time or place, clean water should never be poisoned by fracking. It takes huge amounts of water and not only is that water poisoned but it mixes with the water table and poisons that too. A little common sense goes a long way. And poisoning water should be illegal.

            Where are the runoff containment resevoirs for SoCal roadways? That stormwater could be allowed to seep back into the ground water tables or filtered and used.

            Why is water being shipped OUT of Cali? Really!? WHY? Give notice to those companies to cease now.

            Who drained down Fulsome Dam and where is the investigation and charges?

            The people in charge need to be called on the carpet by the people of the great state of Cali. Good Luck to you all.

            • Senator Feinstein and Senator Boxer released the lake water to save a 3 inch fish in the rivers. It went through the river and out to the ocean.

              • Wish I could give your post a thousand points.

                I have family in Feinstein’s district, they can’t figure out how this bat shit crazy bitch keeps getting elected!

                • Your family needs to learn two words to understand the why and how of California politics:

                  Stupid Libs

                  • Another two words: Voter Fraud!

                    • Another two words: Zionist money….

                • Congressmen have districts. Senators, like Feinstein, represent the entire State, at large, and have no district.

                  • Moon-Bat Feinstein is my senator, she lives and operates about 400 miles from me! That’s why we need the state of Jefferson. California is over 800 miles long, and contains about a third of the U.S. population. 92% of it lives in the lower two thirds of the state. We have no representation up here.

                    • Southern Ore and northern Cali is such a beautiful area. If you ever get your state, learn from states that prosper:
                      No state income tax.
                      Flat rate sales tax and restrictions on county and city taxes.
                      Business friendly environment, especially towards mom and pop types.
                      Set limits on property taxes.

                      And then go further: 🙂

                      All laws written by legislators, not corporations.

                      No professional legislators- set term limits.

                      No corporate funding of elections.

                      A 5 year waiting period between corporate and state jobs in the same industry. (This protects from state employees who are actually working for corporate interests rather than looking at the long term interests of the people.)

                      State operates as a separate entity from the federal government and NDAA is illegal.

                      Illegals can not receive state welfare or state medical.
                      (This is important for the fiscal health of the state but also for it’s moral health. It is not good to teach people to break laws. Giving them rewards for doing it is just destroying everything you are trying to build. Lift people up for trying and working, not for breaking the law and lieing.)

                      Keep control of your schools and keep federal materials and dollars out!

                      Enshrine the Ten Commandments and God in your state and protect freedom to practice religion. Is there a better partner than God? The Ten Commandments are the basis of western law so they won’t steer you wrong.

                      Make Jefferson a free state. By this I mean set it up such that it’s focus is to facilitate interactions of people and business only as much as is needed to prevent anarchy but never seeking to direct or control the lives of it’s citizens = Government with a gossamer touch. If this is built into the state constitution and laws then it will protect against corporate and OWG intrusion.

                      And draft environmental laws that make state decisions trump the federal or EPA rules. States were created to be dominant over the federal government but slowly communist factions have used federal funds to buy the rights and minds of each state. Freedom can be cheaply sold but in reality is is priceless.

                      Jefferson = a state our founding fathers would recognize.


                • Senator Feinstein (Feinsteen) is an Uber Wealthy Billionaire. by 2005 she was already worth 99 million.
                  I always ask the question…What group in Kalifornia does Feinstein represent? Wealthy Jews… (1 to 2 % of the population.)
                  Great representation there Kalifornia!

                  • And you’d figure or hope she at least would spend a few million to fix that mug. 😛

                    • Fuckstine is rich because her and her troll husban are thiefs. Google the “chocolate mountains” not to mention he was the low bidder for the 8B train contract…..

        • The CEO of Nestlé’s stated at one time that humans did not have a right to water. Heard it myself. Go figure.

          • Oh but, I’ll bet he maintains it’s HIS right to contract and SELL that same water! To customers/people who he says have no right to it either, right?

      5. I live in SoCal. I will tell you this much…when they stop watering golf courses then we know it’s getting bad. Golf courses are still being watered where I am at.

        • With well water or reclaimed sewage water. No one is using first use water on golf courses in San Diego. Over ten years ago all city owned areas in Santee were switched to reclaimed water. New piping was installed the light purple type to identify it was not drinking water as were warning signs not to drink it. They had to dig up all the streets to do it so it was not cheap.

          • That’s for landscaping. Also most yards around here are dead or have been converted to hardscape.

        • kynase,

          It is a vital political imperative to maintain appearances to the very end. The most visible signs of prosperity will be the very last to feel the pinch.

          Right now I’m in New Jersey and there are TV ads beckoning people to vacation in California. In the TV ads California looks like a tropical garden paradise. Not the parched state it has become.

          You are correct and I hope you are not there when the golf courses turn brown.

        • In southern California, they use ‘reclaimed’ water on most (if not all) of the gold courses – straight from the sewage treatment plant out pipe.

      6. … but not to worry!!! The Hollywierd limousine liberals and the Learjet leftists will all still have THEIR pools filled!!!

        Reminds me of the old story about in the USSR, under Leonid Brezhnev in the 1970s, his ancient grandmother – born in the 1800s – once came to visit. He proudly showed her all around his Soviet commander-in-chief office, including polished mahogany desk, gold plated desk handles, Italian marble private bathroom, as well as showing her all his personal Zil limousines, luxury dachas, etc.

        Finally, the end of the day came, and all his aides, assistants, helpers, support staff etc. etc. left. His grandmother looked around very, VERY carefully, to make sure absolutely utterly EVERYONE was gone. When finally satisfied, she sidled over as close as physically possible to her grandson, and whispered as quietly as she possibly could:

        “This is all very well, Leonid – BUT WHAT IF THE COMMUNISTS COME???”

      7. this is stupid, they can still farm AND sell the water for profit.

        it is called Permaculture Farms.

        look it up, it is worth your time.

      8. I heard the man in video say two things, “…afraid they will just come in and take it.” and “…mob rule.”

        The second statement will invariably lead to the first statement or vice-versa.

        Where are all the sleazy environmentalists who blocked construction of the desalinization water plants in California years ago? Living in Colorado and the North West no doubt.

        • They are still blocking them and even the one in Carlsbad which is almost on line is still being attacked and they are going to court yet again. They never give up and don’t give a crap about the environment, it is all about disrupting everything a normal society needs to function. Not only are they bringing the third world here by the millions but are making this place just like the crap holes they came from.

        • You want to drink Fukashima water old man?

          And besides, there are too many fucking people in the world. We can live without people. We can’t live without the ocean.

          • You’re asking to me to choose between dying of thirst versus a slow death from radiation poisoning? All I can say is that people dying of thirst will usher in the most horrific parts of the scriptures compared to radiation poisoning IMO.

            When people start dropping dead from thirst and the bodies start piling up in the streets, the survivors will become unrecognizable as humans and will begin preying on other survivors.

            Neither option will be pleasant in the end. The only solution is mass migration if it comes right down to it.

          • The world would certainly be better off without you Acid Retch. Fugging nutbar.

      9. oh well

        a fool and his money are soon parted




        there’s a sucker born every second..

        dream on

        nough said


      10. Just a side note, by way of reminder:

        “It is proper to take alarm at the first experiment on our liberties. We hold this prudent jealousy to be the first duty of citizens, and one of the noblest characteristics of the late Revolution. The freeman of America did not wait till usurped power had strengthened itself by exercise, and entangled the question in precedents. They saw all the consequences in the principle, and they avoided the consequences by denying the principle.”

        –James Madison, Memorial and Remonstrance, 1785


        Watch this only after taking something to settle your nerves….please.

        Border Patrol illegally rips man from his car and terrorizes his wife and child

      12. If it’s that bad, why is anyone with any common sense still there? If you can handle the weather, come to Wisconsin. Plenty of water, land and wildlife for all. I can say this because I know no-one will actually do it. All the yuppy good for nothings couldn’t handle it and the so called preppers all have their own ideas.

        And like I’ve said before. We are in an extreme labor crisis here. I’ll hire anyone that can physically work outside. And I don’t care what nationality you are. There isn’t anyone that will work in the trades anymore.
        molon labe

        • Hows the gun laws?
          Work? Like ag work?
          Land cost?

          • All types of construction. We had a rough time when the market tanked, but now and in the foreseeable future we can’t keep up. Land costs range all over the place. Good farmland, if there’s a farmer that needs it, goes for 4 to 10k an acre. Best deals now are in the northern 1/3 of the state. Stuff that hasn’t sold and the discretionary income market hasn’t come back. You can find 5 to 20 acre pieces of rec land, woods, for 10 to 40k.

            All farmers need help too, but hard to make a living off that. Some farmers are supplementing income by giving bonuses of cattle or pigs each year so workers can build a herd. Most of this work though is done by mexicans, no kids want to do any grunt work.

            I know you live way out there, but you’ve probable heard of our governor. Broke the school unions, passed right to work, and we have open and concealed carry. After decades of liberal agendas we’re finally heading in the right direction. It sucks that he will probably be our next president. I’d rather have him stay here to finish what he started. Although it will be a wild ride if he does get in!!

            Milwaukee and Madison are cesspools of liberal crap, but the rest of the state is conservative and I would guess 3/4 of the people have guns and know how to use them. This includes the cities, because 100% of the blacks having guns cancels out all the liberals that don’t. Milwaukee is becoming a warzone, cops and blacks shooting each other every night. Don’t go to ‘brown town’ after dark…

            My daughter goes to UW milwaukee and she carries her 9mm everywhere. (Don’t start about not being allowed to carry at school) One bright spot is she has friends that go out target practicing a couple times a month and they’re good. A few of the girls are very impressive with their weapon handling.
            molon labe

        • I was in Milwaukee a few months ago. Cave of the Mounds, Harley Museum, Experimental Aircraft Museum, went by where the late great Dahmer’s house used to be.

          Wisconsin bitches look so sweet and innocent. So cute with that accent. I wore tight fleece pants with no underwear to try to get them to look at my crotch.

          • You did a bunch of driving if you went to all those sites. Couple aren’t even close to Milw.

            Accent? You guys are the ones with the accent.

            Tight pants and no underwear in a wisconsin winter?? You were probably hallucinating from hypothermia when you saw those chicks!
            molon labe

            • 🙂

          • Acid, you are a sick SOB.

            I know I couldn’t stand the winters in Wisconsin since I have lived in the Confederacy all my life. I used to go to Alaska every summer and I met people there who moved from Wisconsin to Alaska to get to a better climate. I’ll take 100 degrees and 100% humidity any day over the wisconsin winters. Also the women from wisconsin are very nice and friendly, But they can’t hold a candle to the Confederate girls in looks.

            • And by the way, if any of you Yankees come to live in the Confederacy please learn to speak properly, that northern accent is nerve grating to us. :-))

            • I don’t mind the Wisconsin/Minne-so-cold winters. If you have the right gear and clothing it is nothing more than pain in the ass. I’ve been out when it was 20 below. My only bitch about the Midwest winters is the duration! There are times when it seems to last for 5 months.
              I have to laugh at the whiners who bitch about winter and how cold it is when, they go out with just a baseball cap on, no or only thin gloves on and wearing sneakers. Duh of course you are going to freeze if you are out in sub zero temps dressed like that.
              As for the women of Wisconsin, they are a great deal for a guy who wants a woman who can keep him warm in the winter and provide shade in the summer.
              Wisconsin does have some very interesting places to visit. Take the Madison and the University, they are still locked in a time warp; they have yet to get the message that it is no longer 1968.

          • Hey moron, you are so full of shit!! You just googled a bunch of places in wi. Cave of the mounds is a couple hours drive from Milwaukee. I can’t fukkin stand your bitch ass.

          • Probably don’t have anything to look at.

        • WLprepped, I agree if it’s that bad in California get out and come to Illinois, plenty of water, the Great Lakes and the Mississippi River, and other than the weather you’ll never know you left California. And you won’t ruin another State. Trekker Out.

      13. Irrigate-able land will be turned into housing tracts.
        Saw this in Corrales NM- the lushest desert areas are by the rivers.
        People want to build by the river and the cottonwoods.
        Then the 50 year flood comes where there used to be farmland. ETC
        Too late to grow crops on fertile ground thats been paved over…
        in the desert west USA no less…

        Life out of balance.
        (But I will say it again, theres still room for one more kid
        as long as it is MINE not yours)

      14. Water ranching in northern and central California has been going on for years. These culls are buying substadized water for pennies on the dollar, and selling it to strapped municipalities for big money.

        So the tax payers of California, specifically The tax payers of each of these counces, pay their taxes and support the subsidy. The farmers purchase the water at like 22.00 an achre foot, turn around and sell that water they purchased at 22.00 an achre foot, for 150.00 dollars.

        Get this then these pieces of shit pump ground water to farm. The folks in the foothills surrounding the area often run out of well water. While the farmers make huge money on the water farming, then they screw the locals by draining ground water, and then sell their product at a profit.

        This is aractice that needs to be stopped. In fact this is a felony, they are stealing the water from the counties and state.


        • You ever heard of supply and demand Dirk?

        • It’s no different than you buying a stock at $5.00 and selling it a $65.00.

          • …nobody else’s life and livelihood depends on a stock.

            Nobody loses their family farm if you buy that stock out from under them.

            Playing the stock market is nothing more than high-stakes GAMBLING, you you should never gamble with what you can’t afford to lose.

      15. Cannery meet the coal mine and the American if not the worlds future.

      16. The phenomenon that can not be spoken in Florida continues as salt water intrusion moves inland…n-moves-inland

      17. We grow plenty of rice in Arkansas. the entire delta about 1/3 of the state is one big rice paddy. and some years the cost of harvesting it is more than thecrop is worth. I know farmers who stored rice In their own grain bins hoping for a better price. never happened it turned into weevil infested bug dust.big agri buisness farmers couldn’t survive without government subsidy programs. Ill bet those calif farmers get payment for not planting a crop.

        • Old Guy–I have a closet of rice-filled 5 gallon buckets (16) from that state. Bought @ Sam’s Club.

        • OG, I grew up un a farm in the Mississippi Delta. My father farmed 51 years and raised Cotton, soybeans, and cattle. I think farmers can make a profit without subsidies if they were good frugal farmers like my dad because of the law of supply and demand. The only problem is the price of food would be much higher but would be balanced out by the public not being taxed to support the subsidies. The subsidies is the way the federal government keeps control of the farmers and keeps many just above broke.

      18. The illegals will work for less, that’s why they are flowing in nonstop. Both pretend political opponents win, just not the American people whose jobs have been shipped out to cheap labor and much higher profits for the job movers. California has the cheap labor in abundance, too bad the water is in jeopardy. The illegals will flee north and eastward, as someone here mentioned. How long will it take to make the illegals the majority in America? Jeb’s wife is Mexican. These Florida transplanted snowbirds voted him in as governor twice. Funny Obama just announced he wants to make voting mandatory, after already deciding myself that I will never again cast a vote for either evil side of BS lies.

        • You know why china is like it is? Because it’s full of chinese people. Same for India, Japan, and any other country. The people living there determine the nature of the country.

          This country will not be like america of old as the people are rapidly being changed for another. Civilization will decay to the level of the new people and society will be fractured. There has never been a successful multi-ethnic society in all of history and our won’t be the first.

          • Vladimir Putin’s speech

            On August 04, 2013, Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, addressed the Duma, and gave a speech about the tensions with minorities in Russia:

            In Russia, live like Russians. Any minority, from anywhere, if it wants to live in Russia, to work and eat in Russia, it should speak Russian, and should respect the Russian laws. If they prefer Sharia Law, and live the life of Muslim’s then we advise them to go to those places where that’s the state law.

            Russia does not need Muslim minorities. Minorities need Russia, and we will not grant them special privileges, or try to change our laws to fit their desires, no matter how loud they yell ‘discrimination’. We will not tolerate disrespect of our Russian culture. We better learn from the suicides of America, England, Holland and France, if we are to survive as a nation. The Muslims are taking over those countries and they will not take over Russia. The Russian customs and traditions are not compatible with the lack of culture or the primitive ways of Sharia Law and Muslims.

            When this honorable legislative body thinks of creating new laws, it should have in mind the Russian national interest first, observing that the Muslims Minorities Are Not Russians.

            The politicians in the Duma gave Putin a five minute standing ovation.


            • Try reading that and inserting “Mexican” for Muslim, and “America(n)” for Russia(n)…

      19. Hollywood will save them…..

      20. Up here in western Canada most of our off-season produce comes from California. Guess we’ll be eating more from our other suppliers (Mexico, various South American countries, Spain, South Africa).

        Must be terrible to realize you’re running out water; next to air it’s the most important item for your survival.

        • @Anne Marie….hopefully here in Central Canada/Ontario…..we will be eating lots of veggies from our own back yard again this year! First, gotta get rid of some of this snow!! Take care all and get those canning jars ready|! Daisy, if things get too bad in your area, you can come back here….miss you!

          • CC—

            Good to see you back to posting here!!!

            Hope all is well for you-n-yours!

      21. And they didn’t know what to do with all of that snow that fell this winter? They should have loaded rail car tankers & sent it west.

      22. To build a population in a area that can’t handle it was a accident looking for a place to happen. It has happened before, and will happen again. This dry cycle will be a hard lesson for many. Los Angeles will be a ghost town…

      23. May I just warn people!

        This government has destroyed food production in the US to support banana republics around the world. We now import most of our food. If there is an economic collapse because of say 50 trillion in debt we can’t pay. It all comes to an end.

        There will be no food, there will be no cheap Chinese goods. It will be desolation!

        Bankruptcy is an ugly reality.

        Nothing but your own ingenuity will put food on your stomach.

        • They are pounding another nail in food production in the US this next year with the roll out and implementation of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA)
          Think obummercare for farms
          The FSMAwill kill hundreds of thousands of jobs and small farms, especially small organic or biodynamic farms, the rules conflict with most practices in these types of farms,
          Personally i could comply but am done with this crap,
          They can blow me

          • Hey Kula
            what is this Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA)? Most of us arent farmers and dont know the dirty little secrets the g-men are up to here.

            For us, we have plans to make our garden area bigger this year. Got seedlings going for spring, some are up. Should be able to get snow peas in this weekend if the weather cooperates. Right now we have snow and rain coming down but the ground has thawed.

            Saw that ObombA might have bought a mansion over in HI. Y’all can keep the half breed unless you can find a way to rope tie him and ship him off to Iran to live among his kind.

            • Obama already has the average American farmer doing over 10 hours of paperwork per week, to comply with previous regulation implemented by out of control Obama fascism.

              Sounds like those new regulations will go well beyond reporting and will start requiring permits for normal planting, weed control and harvesting activities.

              There will be cost associated with this regulation. Obama is utterly insane!

        • Um, we do not “import most of our food”. The USA is still a net exporter of cereal grains, by the shipload.

      24. And with the welfare state and loose border controls pumping up the population, water shortages will only get worse.

        The leftist government of California is going to wind up destroying the most agriculturally productive land in the world just for more votes.

      25. barry the magic negro fairy in the whitejewwhorehouse,

        just went full retard!

        you never go full retard!

        پیام نوروزی پرزیدنت اوباما به مردم ایران (فارسی)


        • can you delete that shitheads face off the thread. Tired of seeing his face.

      26. The sad reality is that there are to many people who need food and water and many of them came to CA for a free ride.

      27. It is all by design. Get it.

        • Joe:

          I wonder how many here stopped long enough to read your link. So many people are pointing to a “hot summer” and September that it certainly is worth the look. Thanks!

        • You know they are getting ready for something here,whether its a financial crisis or false flag event.

      28. If’n you ain’t already, best get your gardening game on. The shortages on fruit and veggies remain to be seen as far as severity, but the price will make you cringe. Grow it yourself if you can.

      29. Nestle Continues Stealing World’s Water During Drought

        Nestlé is draining California aquifers, from Sacramento alone taking 80 million gallons annually. Nestlé then sells the people’s water back to them at great profit under many dozen brand names.

        Water coalition to hold press conference regarding ‘shutdown’ of Nestlé Plant

        The city of Sacramento is in the fourth year of a record drought – yet the Nestlé Corporation continues to bottle city water to sell back to the public at a big profit, local activists charge.

        The Nestlé Water Bottling Plant in Sacramento is the target of a major press conference on Tuesday, March 17, by a water coalition that claims the company is draining up to 80 million gallons of water a year from Sacramento aquifers during the drought.

        The coalition, the crunchnestle alliance, says that City Hall has made this use of the water supply possible through a “corporate welfare giveaway,” according to a press advisory.

        A coalition of environmentalists, Native Americans and other concerned people announced the press conference will take place at March 17 at 5 p.m. at new Sacramento City Hall, 915 I Street, Sacramento.

        The coalition will release details of a protest on Friday, March 20, at the South Sacramento Nestlé plant designed to “shut down” the facility. The coalition is calling on Nestlé to pay rates commensurate with their enormous profit, or voluntarily close down.

        “The coalition is protesting Nestlé’s virtually unlimited use of water – up to 80 million gallons a year drawn from local aquifers – while Sacramentans (like other Californians) who use a mere 7 to 10 percent of total water used in the State of California, have had severe restrictions and limitations forced upon them,” according to the coalition.

        “Nestlé pays only 65 cents for each 470 gallons it pumps out of the ground – the same rate as an average residential water user. But the company can turn the area’s water around, and sell it back to Sacramento at mammoth profits,” the coalition said.

        Activists say that Sacramento officials have refused attempts to obtain details of Nestlé’s water used. Coalition members have addressed the Sacramento City Council and requested that Nestle’ either pay a commercial rate under a two tier level, or pay a tax on their profit.

        In October, the coalition released a “White Paper” highlighting predatory water profiteering actions taken by Nestle’ Water Bottling Company in various cities, counties, states and countries. Most of those great “deals” yielded mega profits for Nestle’ at the expense of citizens and taxpayers. Additionally, the environmental impact on many of those areas yielded disastrous results.

        Coalition spokesperson Andy Conn said, “This corporate welfare giveaway is an outrage and warrants a major investigation. For more than five months we have requested data on Nestlé water use. City Hall has not complied with our request, or given any indication that it will. Sacramentans deserve to know how their money is being spent and what they’re getting for it. In this case, they’re getting ripped off.”

        • 80 million gallons is 245 acre-feet. A drop in the bucket when you consider that Kalifornia dumped a million acre-feet down the Sacramento River to keep some stupid sardine alive. That’s 4000 times as much as Nestle bottled for sale. No typo, four thousand times !


        • Nestle is in Central Florida, too …. Big Time

      30. The farmers can grow crops, (hard work with risks), or sell their water (no work with profit). Sounds like food inflation around the corner.

      31. “The water crisis in California is reaching epic proportions”

        Ask those who are modifying the weather what the heck they think they are doing. Stop the chem-trails already. Nice folks these weather meddlers.

      32. No matter how they (NWO) do it America must go down, they can not have a America as it stands today. We must kill the snake (U.N.) by cutting it’s head off= forget about replacing our government for now and go after the head of the snake; United Nations!!!!

      33. Californication is next to a huge ocean. Those who live there can pony up the $$$ for desalination. If they don’t want to pay the extra cost for water, let them be stinky-n-thirsty.

      34. Progressive Liberalism. The rats of humanity.

      35. Please God, don’t let those Kommiefornia creatures migrate to the Midwest, PLEASE!!!

      36. This MANUFACTURED (fake) water crisis is about 1 thing… CONSOLIDATING the WATER RIGHTS from The People to THE STATE… a la AGENDA 21…

        There is NO WATER CRISIS.

        California just build the biggest water desalination plant in the WORLD that changes ocean water to potable drinking/agricultural water at the cost of less than 1 cent per THOUSAND gallons..

        this is about TAKING RESOURCES, RIGHTS, POWER, CONTROL. by “never letting a good crisis go to watste” especially a phony, manufactured one.

        All these farmers think they are getting a “Good Deal”…. sure… they are just getting BOUGHT OUT.

        • Correct Chris. Another fedgov take over.

      37. We should be concerned about California because it produces a large percentage of crops and citrus. Anything that affects farming there means we will be paying much higher prices here. You forget that the Middle East turmoil began when climate change affected food and poorer people couldn’t afford to eat. When the price of food shoots up, and the Republicans cut food stamps, what do you think will happen next?

        • Happy, Happy, Happy, Time.

      38. First off I do not care about California because of all the bullshit that comes out of it. Law Makers can’t seem to leave gun owners alone. Hollywood trash, enviro nuts. You would believe it is the Navanna of the world.

        How does the song go? I got stoned and I missed it.
        Got stoned and I missed it. I got stoned, And it went right by.

        What does it all mean? Higher prices on vegetables and they ship them from Mexico and South America. The fires will burn homes again in the summer. That’s all.

      39. I love my home here in central California. Maybe the best all around climate in the world. From my house I can go snow skiing, water skiing, surfing all in one day if I wanted to. Sure we have a drought going on and the politics of it all are crazy but all in all it does not effect me that much. Nor will it. As California and it’s people go broke I will make a lot of money and can afford what those who can’t. And no, I will not give to others what I cannot spend. The liberal dipshits in this state deserve everything they get.

        Prepping is just not about gathering supplies. It is about anticipating shortages of all kinds. As usual those who have prepped accordingly they will be the ones to thrive in a hostile environment. Feeling very pleased with myself right now.


        • Prepping for wildfires will be difficult through California this summer. Even that central zone patch of green will go brown. They are expecting more this year than in years past.

      40. guess my garden will be bigger this year.. maybe all 3/4 acre of it

      41. Need a new topic.

      42. California becoming a desert again? Finally, something to drive the Mexican drug cartels out of the US forests.

      43. Water and mineral rights can be sold, only when those riches reside directly under the property you own. Those rights are not always sold with the property though and anyone purchasing a sizable parcel of land without those mineral and water rights is cutting off his nose to spite his face.

        Seeing as how no one owns the water rights to the Yuba river, it cannot be sold to the highest bidder. The rights they are trying to sell is their right to access a certain quantity of water out of the river, not the water itself.
        IE: How can you sell access to something you do not own? This comes off like Wall Street in their manipulation of the derivatives market.
        The water will be taken for human consumption eventually, no matter what the farmers declare about their ownership of their access rights.
        What really needs to be done is for city governments to put together a moratorium on building permits until such time as as our water resources become much more abundant and all the dams are filled to capacity.
        Just down the hill from me in San Diego, they are building over a thousand apartments and condos in an old gravel pit, and these are not low income, but middle and upper income dwellings. Our city fathers are going to fall flat on their faces, when all our water is being warred over by citizens in need and our large manufacturing and military presents.

        • I live in the valley of the South Fork of the Kern River. I met a rancher whose land is bisected by that river. He has historic recorded water rights to a percentage of that flow, as well as the water beneath his land. A consortium bought a ranch down river to gain the water rights, with the intent of claiming water miles away at the mouth of Kern Canyon near Bakersfield. With little water in the South Fork in several years, they still paid a million bucks for their ranch. The water wars will be fierce. I have a cousin who is a water rights attorney, and is buried with work.

        • San Diego is incredible. In the 197o’s I would go there and pick up a friend in Spring Valley who lived in apartments looking out on miles of rolling hills. We would go a few miles east and shoot rabbits on a private ranch that was overrun. We called it Rabbit Road. At night we would sneak into Sweetwater Reservoir and fish. Today, that is all city.

      44. California has worn me quite thin. However it still beats the non cannabis states for personal freedom. Who knew 75 years of saturation lies would be so hard to overcome? Grow hemp and cannabis to stop the insanity and wreckage imposed by warmongering psychotic money grubbers. That revolution is the start to kickstart sane and legitimate stewardship of our clean natural planet and resources.

      45. People here should add something called “Eminent Domain” to their thinking when discussion water and water rights in California, or anywhere else in the West for that matter.

        That puts a very different slant on future possibilities (and preparations for what may be to come).

      46. It rains people you can collect it the gov don’t own the sky. Build a tank under the ground fed by the gutters on your home do it stealth who would know. You could put it in your basement they don’t own the rainwater that hits your roof. I think water is such a non problem theses days they can desalinate seawater and pump it inland if they need to. This story is a distraction from the real problem. Got a katadyn pocket filter it’s damn good quality. I got the carbon filter to go with it too just for added protection against pesticides in the water. In the northeast there is never water shortage. One time someone left the hatch on the supply tank and a bird got in and died they made us boil the water for a few days. They had to drain the tank and clean it. That’s it though. I got a filter for emergency use and I splurged on a good one I don’t want to be caught without potable water. Spend the $ on a berkey or pocket it’s worth it I will never buy a filter again. You get what you pay for. I’ve seen some cheap filters that aren’t worth the$ it will break. I think most people prep more food than water this is not good when you are dehydrated your piss is dark yellow you feel weak dizzy it brings on kidney stones. I could eat once a day and be fine. But I need water at least a gallon a day just to drink. If potable water is in short supply you can wash in clean lake water. Don’t take potable water for granted it’s the number 1 prep. I’d say the only thing more important is air to breathe.

        • Right or wrong, in several western states the state actually does own the sky, (or the rain at least). Why? Because it put a stop to the “water wars” that were getting people killed. The bureaucracy that has grown up around water allocation is intense, to say the least, but nobody actually dies.

          I certainly agree that I would never live there, (parts of my extended family do); I chose a BOL where we pay to get rid of excess water, before it drowns our crops.

        • So, you wanna live in Lost Angles without water then? If there’s no snowpack, there’s no cheap water. Pay the price or move somewhere else. Somebody suggested Illinois, which is already so screwed up that Californian ingrates can’t do any more damage. But it’s got water.

          Expensive is what happens when “greenies” get together to obstruct construction of needed infrastructure.

          I’m remembering the old Shoreham nuclear plant on Long Island, which had cost over-runs in the billions. According to an insider I knew at the time the UNIONS were behind a lot of the obstruction, (i.e. funding the greenies). Every mandated change order meant more work for them. The plant finally got finished, years late, but was never fueled, and then the same unions got paid to tear it down, which took more years.

          Remind me – who runs California? (crickets)

          Go to Israel to see it done right.

      47. Is not California the most liberal (anti-God) State in the nation? Is not their water supply drying up? Ah, but I repeat myself.

      48. This is great news. San Diego is about to finish a desalination plant that will produce fresh water at the cost of a little less than 1 cent per gallon and cause quite a bit of environmental damage. $700 per acre foot is about .21 cents a gallon – much cheaper than desalination and without the same negative effects on ocean life. Why not encourage farmers to sell their water if it is worth more in the city than flooding a rice field? Functioning rural-urban water markets throughout the west would go a long way to solving this problem.

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