California Democrat: “I Would Love To…Regulate The Content Of Speech”

by | Dec 13, 2018 | Headline News | 44 comments

One California Democrat has finally admitted what we all knew, that politicians in government want to end free speech permanently. Representative Ted Lieu said he would “love to be able to regulate the content of speech” during an interview Wednesday.

Lieu admitted that the only reason the government hasn’t punished people for free speech yet is the first amendment.  It seems like the United States government and the die-hard statists that vote for these Communists have learned nothing from the Nazis or the Soviet Union.  Violently controlling speech (which is exactly what regulation of speech would be) is one of the most egregious of human rights violations.

According to The Free Beacon, Lieu got a lot of attention a day earlier when Google CEO Sundar Pichai testified at a House Judiciary Committee hearing. Pichai took to assailing conservative claims of the tech giant’s bias against them by reading positive and negative stories about Republican Representatives Steve Scalise of Louisiana and Steve King of Iowa, the latter of whom has repeatedly courted controversy with racially charged remarks.

According to Fox News, after CNN host Brianna Keilar praised Lieu for the “clever” stunt during the testimony, she wondered if Democrats should have used more of their time to question the Google leader about how it and other tech companies can work to prevent the spread of conspiracy theories and other online trolling.  Meaning, Keilar wants people who say things she dislikes or doesn’t believe to be shut down.  She wants to kill freedom of speech for good, not unlike Adolf Hitler.

But for now, at least even though the Nazis in charge obviously want more power and to strip any and all rights from everyone else, Lieu admitted he can’t (yet) regulate speech. “It’s a very good point you make,” Lieu said. “I would love if I could have more than five minutes to question witnesses. Unfortunately, I don’t get that opportunity. However, I would love to be able to regulate the content of speech. The First Amendment prevents me from doing so, and that’s simply a function of the First Amendment, but I think over the long run, it’s better the government does not regulate the content of speech.”

In the interim, however, Lieu will find it perfectly acceptable if Google and Facebook regulate speech and censor on behalf of the government.  It is utterly terrifying that we live in times where people are actually demanding that the government take away free speech and basic fundamental human rights so all can be enslaved by the government.

If people allow the government to regulate free speech, then it isn’t free speech.


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      • Menzoberranzan

        Fuck you, Mr. Wong. Go back to the hole your filthy ancestors crawled out of. You do not live in reality at all. There are millions of us that are armed well and will never give up the teeth that we have. You shut your fucking mouth before you get bit.

        • The Deplorable Renegade

          Menzo, I’ve got something that works on all tyrants, heehee.

          • Menzoberranzan


            • The Deplorable Renegade

              Menzo, you just answered the $64000 question. HOT lead, mixed with brass of course.

              • Historian

                “…the Nazis in charge obviously want more power…”

                Right. “Nazis” whose names end in -berg and -stein.

    1. Jim in Va.

      Sure he’s not from mainland China?

      • Anonymous

        China has infiltrated ALL US technology.
        Anything produced, manufactured from china chips, in China is compromised.
        I have proof. Relayed the info up chain of command.
        NOTHING done. They did not want to hear it.

        All tech produced in China has eyes, ears, and may save data harvested for transfer to China intel agencies. Phones-Routers-Computers-TV-Major appliances-Childrens toys.

        The technology can jump the air gap. Does not require being physically plugged in to net. When wifi or router prestent at later time. Then it does air gap transfer. I HAVE PROOF. No one cares.

        Now you know.
        As to the article above-
        Tyrants HATE free speech
        Tyrants HATE free thought
        Tyrants HATE free movement within society
        Tyrants HATE the gospel of Jesus Christ
        Tyrants HATE an armed public

        What can you do about it?
        Remove technology from your life. Take it out of your home. It is ALL a bugging device.
        Cancel your cable TV
        Stop watching TV. Stop watching nwo commie leftist scripted propaganda movies.

        Cancel your smart phone
        Buy only two guns. 1-pistol, 1-rifle
        Learn, practice, go to range often, become a proficient shot with those 2 weapons.
        Buy Ammo Buy Ammo Buy Ammo. Not smartphones.
        Apple iphone is $1000. That buys much ammo.

        Plant a garden. Store seeds. Replace seeds every 2 years.

        Buy gold. Buy silver. Store food. Rough patch is ahead. US currency is worthless. If US falls. EVERYONE else falls too. Will be a mess.

    2. Kevin2

      1, 2——-10. They want them all.

      • john stiner

        Democrat mantra = “Free speech for me, but not for thee.”

    3. Anonymous

      So thats what a globalist looks like….get a rope

      • Deplorable ruski

        He’s on the traitor list.. he will be hunted down and executed along with the rest eventually

    4. Kevin2

      Authorities to my left, authorities to my right; we’re surrounded.

      • Kevin2

        Authoritarians not authorities

    5. Abaddon

      This will never be reported by the MSM and the left will continue to erode away at our rights under the constitution. There is no such animal as a DINO. We will just keep falling farther down the rabbit hole until SHTF. The only thing to do is never get complacent with your prepping.

    6. Deplorable Neal Jensen

      The bigger problem is all the TRAITORS that never get their just due hangings…. America the “free”….Hah. its ALL BS. You aren’t “free” if you tolerate this crap in your government.

    7. Philosopher Deplorabilis

      There is an old quote used by Maya Angelou: “When someone tells you who they are, believe them.”

      This idiot showed that he doesn’t support the US Constitution and is willing to undermine it. That used to be called treason.

    8. lena

      day is coming when that will be true and the only freedom you will have is your own thoughts; maybe.

      • Chett

        Google is eliminating the need for your own thoughts as we type (for the majority of the sheeple)

        • Yahooie

          Most children aren’t being taught how to think or reason; they are only taught what to think.

    9. Maranatha

      I’d like to regulate traitors.

    10. aljamo

      With no united citizen opposition pushback, anything goes. Americans are addicted to their big brother spy tracking devices even if their right of free speech is traded away.

    11. Beaumont

      I think that mutually opposing worldviews and a balance of powers were intended to create a dysfunctional govt, on purpose, so that ambitious people would be sent on fool’s errands, after tar babies.

    12. M Edward

      I was born in California in the 1960’s. I’ve watched the once great state turned into a communist sh*t-hole.

      This s-bag should be arrested under the “Patriot Act” as a domestic terrorist and sent to ‘Guantanamo’ for a decade or two.

      • M Edward

        And furthermore ……………………..
        Ted Lieu, a HR from California is obviously a Chinese agent working toward the Communist end-game with Israel and Russia. His sponsorship of H.R. 6725 United States-Israel Directed Energy Cooperation Act of the 115th congress is proof of this.

        DEW has been used in California to start most of the ‘wild’ fires over the last two years – at least.

        Ted Lieu needs to be shipped off to the ‘Hotel Guantanamo’ as soon as a plane is available.

    13. southside

      To those wanting the ‘yellow vest’ protests to come here: just remember that we have antifa to deal with,and they’re armed. Any confrontation with them will likely end in shootings and bloodshed. So,be careful what you ask for. With the Democrats coming in the House, I expect taxes being raised,impeachment,and gun control that WILl be passed. I can see them dangling border wall money in return for some kind of gun grab. Yup,I certainly can

    14. southside

      I don’t think anyone here has any idea how crazy things are going to get. I am praying hard every day to get out of Tucson and far away from the city.

      • Philosopher Deplorabilis

        Prayer is good. But there is a time when you need to step up and start doing. Make a plan, work hard, stick to it.

        Yes, we do have a very good idea about what is going to happen. Just read an article on Drudge, about one of the political groups in South Africa advocating for the death of white people. Including their cats and dogs.

        • Anonymous

          cats and dogs are good source of protien.
          Cats make good tacos. Mexico street vender special.
          Dog best in stew, soup.

          Running white farmers out of South Africa will result in mass starvation. Millions of black people will starve and die.

          Politicians, Bankers, Lawyers, if only humanity could eradicate these parasite pests, the rest of humanity would be much better off.

          I understsnd that both Australia and Russia have invited those misplaced farmers with free land and assistance. At least they have a place to go.

          Within 5 to 10 years South Africa will beg for those same farmers to return. Starvation/famine will educate the anti white politicians. They may end up in the communal kettle?

          • Philosopher Deplorabilis

            I don’t advise eating cats or dogs owned by people in the US. Why? Toxic. Flea drops, medicines, polluted cheap pet food.

            On the other hand plenty of rats in most places. Same for pigeons. In my area raccoons run in packs and possum and squirrel are easy to find.

            Even in my small back yard I could easily raise rabbits and pigeons. Cages are not hard to build. Growth rate and reproduction rate is good, feed is cheap. I don’t raise anything now, but if it looked like we were hitting a rough patch, all the local regs would go out the door. I would love to dig up my front yard, too. I plan on surviving. No matter what.

        • Yahooie

          But my cat is black. True, she has white “boots” but her toes are black.

    15. Cal

      “Representative Ted Lieu said he would “love to be able to regulate the content of speech” during an interview Wednesday.

      Lieu admitted that the only reason the government hasn’t punished people for free speech yet is the first amendment.”

      How many here realize that with those words this Rep broke his Oath? That he no longer meets the REQUIREMENTS of the position he is occupying. His, and others who SERVE WITHIN our government, actually can be charged with Perjury, and felony or two for their words AGAINST the document to which they are Oath bound, to the contract that they are to follow and support, against the American people that he/they supposedly there to REPRESENT.

      1800’s Dictionary
      REPRESENT’, verb transitive s as z. [Latin repraesento; re and Low Latin praesenter, from praesens, present.]

      1. To show or exhibit by resemblance.

      2. To describe; to exhibit to the mind in words.

      3. To exhibit; to show by action; as a tragedy well represented.

      4. To personate; to act the character or to fill the place of another in a play; as, to represent the character of king Richard.

      5. To supply the place of; to act as a substitute for another. The parliament of Great Britain represents the nation. The congress of the United States represents the people or nation. The senate is considered as representing the states in their corporate capacity.

      6. To show by arguments, reasoning or statement of facts. the memorial represents the situation of the petitioner. represent to your son the danger of an idle life or profligate company.

      7. To stand in the place of, in the right of inheritance.

    16. Greg

      Is there not some way, without having to wait for an election, that vermin like this can be removed from office? What he wants is to have parts of the Constitution overruled, as has been done in the case of the 2nd Amendment, and several others. How long before they start calling for “reasonable” limits on free speech, and then we can work on reasonable restrictions on freedom of religion. Democrats/Liberals are actually totalitarians. To me, his comments indicate that he is in violation of his oath of office and as such should be removed. We need to bring back The House Un-American Activities Committee. And just so you know, in reality, Joe McCarthy was absolutely right.

    17. B from CA

      James Fields was found guilty of first degree murder.

      This travesty had an interesting feature, while anyone who is not prejudiced against the defendant would certainly admit, Fields had every reason to be afraid for his life; he was being attacked. Fields is accused of premeditated murder. The prosecution claims that he premeditated a few seconds before he acted. Is that premeditated or is that a spontaneous response to a situation in present time. Obviously to any unbiased individual, this is not premeditated.

      When I heard that this young man was being tried for first degree murder, knowing the circumstances, I imagined he would get off having spent months behind bars as a warning to others not to demonstrate against those who are actively disassembling our Republic. But I had not realized the depth of injustice within our Courts.

      One of the reasons for the guilty verdict was a joke this guy posted.

      My point is that we have already lost the First Amendment to some degree. You can’t be charged directly but indirectly.

      If you publicly scream at your kids or your spouse some meaningless threats like “ -/:/-/:/-/:/-/:” and then something happens to one of them, that can be used against you. But an unbiased Court would keep it in perspective and know that people often say things out of habit that aren’t even close to what they really mean. “I could strangle you” means “You really frightened me” or “you made me angry”. It doesn’t mean you are premeditating to murder.

      In the Fields case, he was joking about what the terrorists have done, driving into a crowd to murder people. How could he have known that he would be in his car being threatened by a mob, having a gun brandished while others were hitting the car.

      Fields tried to get away from them; and that is what most people would have done. I am convinced that the only reason this guy is in prison is political, discrimination, and an evil agenda.


      • John

        Does Reginald Denny come to mind?
        He was the innocent truck driver that was dragged from his truck by dark savages rioting, burning.
        They nearly beat the man to death.

        The savages rioted because a criminal with a history of criminal activity, Rodney King, decided to fight police while in his doped up and drunken state. His choice did not work out for him.

        Surround my vehicle I will honk and request you move.
        If you don’t then what happens after that is on you.
        No one will drag me from my vehicle.
        No one will impede my progress because they surround me while rioting, burning, doing crimes.

        This country is becoming an insane asylum.
        Don’t riot, burn, loot, don’t surround vehicles. Then you likely will not get run over. Seems simple to me.

    18. reper sleepr

      Yo! One-hung Lo! Let me make you No.1. Stick your tongue all the way out and let me show you how sharp my blade is.

    19. Brian

      Think twice! Speak once!

    20. Beerman

      Tired of it all.

    21. Frank

      What Lieu essentially means is, he would like to be able to regulate speech directly (that is, by government fiat) but he can’t right now so he’s content with outsourcing censorship to private platform providers, all of whom, unsurprisingly, are in bed with Uncle Sap.

      A distinction without any real difference.

    22. Anonymous

      Mind your own business you egotistical freak.

    23. Anonymous

      Hey buddy. Don’t be in such a rush for the “new order”. It won’t be the utopia you think it will be.

    24. Brian

      Fatten this guy up and he’ll pass for Kim Jong Un. They might be related.

    25. cranerigger

      The unConstitutional THOUGHT POLICE in the Republic of Kalifornia look at the limitations on government spelled out in the Constitution as a problem to be overcome. These delusional fools that have failed to understand the foundational documents of governance for our country are now in power. They hate traditional American values.

      There are far too many snowflakes and other ignorant people that will easily be led astray at some point in the near future.

    26. Mortal Engines

      I’m not sure why but this web site is loading incredibly slow for me.

      Is anyone else having this problem or is it a issue on my end?
      I’ll check back later and see if the problem still exists.

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