California Burns: Apocalyptic ‘Extreme Fire’ Future Arrives

by | Jul 31, 2018 | Headline News | 71 comments

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    As California burns, experts say these extreme fires are no longer rare, but the new normal. The town of Redding is being threatened by the fast-growing Carr fire outside of the town and the fire itself is so hot it has begun creating its own weather.

    Recent California wildfires have been notable for their ferocity. At least six people have died, including two firefighters, in the past month in fires that continue to burn hot.  Last year, 44 died as a result of the wine country fires that caused epic destruction. The conflagrations have also spawned bizarre pyrotechnics, from firenados to towering pyrocumulus clouds that evoke a nuclear detonation. These events are not aberrations either, say the experts. They are California’s future and the new normal for the entire state.

    As of Monday night, the Carr fire was just 23% contained, according to the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, known as Cal Fire, as reported by CNN. As of Monday morning, the Carr fire had burned more than 98,000 acres, and containment stood at only 20%, with more than 5000 structures threatened. In the evening, Cal Fire began lifting evacuation orders, allowing residents mostly on the east side of the fire to return home. Awareness of fires “is not just because the news is covering it more”, said Michael Wehner, a senior staff scientist at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. “More acres are burning. That is almost certainly due to climate change.”

    Almost all of the researchers assume that climate change is the reason the fires in California are moving the proverbial goal posts. “Climate change is continuing to unfold,” said Anthony LeRoy Westerling, a professor of management of complex systems at the University of California, Merced. “The impacts from it will probably accelerate. There won’t be a new normal in our lifetimes.”

    According to the Guardian, Gabriel Lauderdale, a Redding firefighter, said the rhythm has changed even during his 10 years fighting fires. When he started, sometimes years passed without fires so big that his company was called to help outside their county. “Now, it doesn’t just happen every year, it happens multiple times every year,” he said. He hasn’t been home since June 25 either because he has been helping fight fires all over the state of California.

    But scientists also want to emphasize that climate change is not the only way humans are implicated in California’s astonishing fires and should not be used to “relinquish local or individual responsibility” said University of Oregon researcher Mark Carey. Increasingly people are building in risky areas, and forest managers have allowed stands to grow too dense.


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      1. Geeeee, how in the HELL!!!! did we all guess it was going to be “Human cause Climate Change”.

        • In California, flaming has two meanings.

          • I know of four. Of which two are Californians ignorant?

            • HARP is causing this. When you have vehicles Aluminum wheels burn and trees nearby still standing, tis is manipulated weather fire storms.

              The fires last year around LA was to clear land to build a mass transit system in the designated pathway. It was all a scam. If you got a CA State wide map you can see exactly where the transit route was going and the line of where the fires burned down the path that they designated for this train system. Its all a scam.

              • And there is GOLD in them that hills that those people in the way built houses upon. How can you mine Gold when people have homes there? Burn em out.. Shoo them away with Fire, yeah that’s it, fire..

                And BTW/ Patriots, Remember FIRE is also the great equalizer and a great force multiplier to remove the cult parasites in this country, the enemies foreign and domestic that have hijacked our country. Eye for an eye. A mass civil war is a coming, get prepared to defend your homes, property life and liberty. All of these bubbles they invented are about to burst, is “Economic Genocide.” So you better get your precious metals in place now, before the pull the plug and they destroy the US Dollar, just like they did to Building 7 and other Twin Towers, “PULL IT” and then danced in celebration as they filmed it.

                Five Dancing Israelis Arrested On 9/11
                ht tps://

              • BlowMe: This entire country is so completely out of whack in about every way possible!! Jesus, it is vile & disgusting. Don’t worry folks, Gov’t will take care of things. . .Uhhh wait a second, Gov’t has gotten us into these various $hit storms…never mind.

        • Open Borders arson is “the new normal.”

          • blame-e: Yuuup, open borders equals no country. this country is trashing out daily, I see no solutions as Trump is controlled or threatened by deep state. Folks, get house in order now.

      2. Hey California,

        How are those “Expert” Water management policies working out for you? State’s as dry as a tinder box and thirsty as hell – all for the sake of a small fish (amongst other liberal abnormalities). So glad I left CA when I did, shame it has so much potential but it gets wasted on lefties, welcome to the new normal in California. If you haven’t wised up and left by now, I hold no hope for you….

        • I have never been to CA and I plan to never step foot in that God awful place nor do I plan to spend a damn rusty penny there either…

        • Not all of us can afford to leave. I am out of work right now. Big mouths are just that, big. Nothing to do with wisdom.

          • D-88: We left Fla. with no job in ’82, had to relocate for a job, we did it, so others can too. I bought used furniture and visited thrift stores, we ate more beans and pasta dishes. Other than that, the ’80’s was really my fav. decade.

      3. Good way to clean up all the Scatalla all over the sidewalks and streets. Maybe all the tents too. Now maybe these exceptional folks won’t have to smell that any more at least, or walk in it.

      4. Perhaps it is punishment for being godless heathens.

        • Mean Menzo, Not all of them are “godless heathens” as you say. I don’t live there but one doesn’t need to live among them to know they are not ALL bad. What a terrible thing to say.

          • Sometimes judgement falls when the good folks say nothing and let the godless heathens reign free.

            • Exactly. Just like GOD told Lot (paraphrased) – If you can find any good men in Sodom – grab them and get out! Oh, and don’t look back.

        • It is the “new norm” because it’s part of their agenda. Agenda 21 that is. These fires aren’t natural or accidental. Nor are they simple arson. It’s much deeper and darker than that.

          • I agree with you 100 percent. I just wish more citizens would get
            an idea of what is going on in this world. I also agree it is the new norm. Just look back and you will see the conditioning that has taken place to achieve this new norm. fake news agencies and legit ones cant even keep up with the news and most important news doesnt get reported. Anyway thanks I for the post and even putting it in simple words so even lefties would get it. Have a great day and keep your powder dry. God bless y’all.

          • Nonsense Infidel. We were behind the RV trailer that ignited the Carr Fire. He blew out his wheel bearing and showered the road with sparks. Ignited 3 separate spot fires. We tried to get him to stop but he just flipped us off. This was an accident, pure and simple. Well written article Mac!

          • We must assume that the upper level managers of our public lands know, through education and experience, about controlled burns as a policy option. If they are historically literate they also know that controlled burning was practiced successfully by Native Americans for thousands of years, leading to the beautiful “park-like” landscape that the European explorers first rode into. So if our government land managers know of this option and its previous success, we must also assume that its opposite, allowing the fuel load to build up to catastrophic levels and then burning out of control, is the policy they have selected, because it is, in fact, what they’re doing.

            The Taylor Fire is a few miles west of me and has now burned through about 30,000 acres. This was my recreational backyard for 26 years so I know every inch of it. I have always known that this fire was inevitable if the government agencies managing this land didn’t begin an intelligently designed prescribed fire program. They didn’t. This is a choice, not an “oops”.

      5. Ahhh yes, climare change. Yeaahh, right. How about this…. fires have regularly decimated large tracts of land on all continents from the beginning of time. We get more now due to government regulations denying controlled burns, more human error starting fires i.e. Campfires, cigarette butts etc.. We have a tinder box in Upstate NY waiting to happen. It’s called the “Forever Wild”
        law in the Adirondacks. There is so much uncleared dried tinder that when it goes it devastating.

        Introduce people and homes, you get loss of life and horrific consequences. It ain’t the climate folks. It’s dumb Government and dumb people that live in places that dumb Government has made unsafe.

      6. Arson isn’t climate change.

        • Neither is bad forestry management because of environmental ignoramuses.

          I hear there are some arsonists leaving threatening signs around. They need a hot prison to live in.

          • You have hit the nail on the head. I hate to see good people loose everything but you would think the Forestry Department could manage the situation a bit better. After all, it is not news that the entire joint is prone to spontaneious combustion.

      7. Califuego is simply one of the Military’s “DEW” proving grounds. Yes, Man is causing these firestorm outbreaks. But with weaponized “Directed Energy Lasers”. And not the cause of californicators driving their H2’s across Hell’s half acre.

      8. OK folks,buy a couple of memory sticks,have a few 1 terabyte meself,as of tomm Defense Distributed will have all sorts of gun making files for upload.Yes,I know many out there for years but this is a celebration of their win over the defense dept. in court and many state ag’s losing it over this(they too dumb to know horse left that barn years ago.Even if you have no intention of using info. have it to mirror across net if net tries to control said information,well,that and WBFYTW!

        Come on folks ,do your part!

        • You can only access a flash drive so many times before it dies Also, data loaded on flash drives only holds its integrity for, on the average, 7-years.

          I don’t store anything on my computer anymore. Everything goes on a flash drive. I buy a new one every year in December.

          Better to off-load all the data onto good quality copy paper. You’ll want to buy a good, smart, high-speed printer with high quality printer cartridges with extra-large capacities, capable of holding a full ream of paper.

          • I just checked through my very oldest flash drives, and they were fine. The oldest one is 7 years old.

            There is a data backup company that uses thousands of hard drives, and they have kept records on every single one of them. On average, if a hard drive lasts through the first year, it will last 8 or more years. That’s the peak, and the number of surviving drives tails off after that. I have extra backup drives much older, and they still work when I occasionally test them. I have had very few hard drives that failed while I was using them.

            I keep all my hard drives as extra backups, so I may have a dozen or more backups of all my files on them.

            I also backup the most important files to CD and DVD. I have many hundreds of them filed away.

            The document files that are most important are also printed on paper. I have stacks of notebooks full of website printouts, photocopies, and even entire PDF books printed out. As I need the room, I will repunch and coil bind them.

            I have a number of websites, and way down deep in the directories of one of them I have stored some files that are important to me but not to others. It’s my personal “cloud.”

            BTW, I’ve found the cheapest way to store printed out books, unless you’re given the notebooks, is to use coil binding. A bonus is that coil bound books take up less shelf space. A minus is that there is no spine that you can label.

            If you want to archive entire websites, the program I use is called HTTrack Website Copier. It is freeware. Just realize that some sites are really huge, so it make take days or weeks to download some of them.

            As far as printing, laser printed pages tend to stick together, and the print comes off on other pages. That would mess up double-sided pages even more than single-sided. I use inkjet, even though it’s more expensive. People say the ink will run if you get it wet, but even laser printed pages wrinkle and stick together if you get them wet. Just keep your printouts dry.

            If you print out photos, print them as large as possible so that you preserve as much detail as possible.

            • Good storage/alternative record keeping ideas ect.,first though,load on stick/flash what have you while you can,then,printing/transfer can happen at your own pace.Many AG’s as I said feaking,may be a interesting rebattle of this case but lets just get more info into the hands of all,then court decisions in that aspect moot

              • I’ve got flash drives that are 7 years old and they still work just fine. I’ve begun transferring data onto a 1 terrabite external hard drive. So if anything happens to any of my flash drives I’ve got a backup.

        • If you’re talking about 3D printed plastic guns, I downloaded a load of those files a good while back. I may never use them, but they won’t disappear.

          I have a lot of files that I have archived just so they won’t disappear. That’s why I’m the Archivist.

          Many, many terabytes of drives, thousands of books (tens of thousands more on the computer), thousands of records and tapes, and a ton of printouts.

          • Arch,get the idea will be a lot more then just 3D plastics,and in theory will be a open source library so hopefully folks contribute missing stuff.I know a lot out there already,but,a library dedicated to building will be nice but also a target,hence copies!

      9. Interesting why, here on this blog, my comments appear on THIS computer but NOT my other one.

        If anybody reads this, please make a quick “reply” note for me.

        • HiCenturion. Hope all is well.

      10. My father was a forward air controller for the USFS in the 60’s and 70’s. I remember him being gone to California for months at a time. These fires are nothing new.

      11. Maybe the illegal aliens are just terra-forming in advance of their conquest and takeover.

      12. Warchild:
        Why? Because F You, that’s why.
        Wbfytw. I had to look it up.

        _amazon shirts for sale at wfytw

        Shakespeare would roll over in his grave.


      13. Fire is natural and it should be allowed to be FREE.

      14. there are two types of fires: planned and unplanned. If you dont burn the forest debris on a regular schedule then an unplanned fire is much worse. End of story.

      15. Plank #9 of Marx’ “Communist Manifesto.”
        “9. Combination of agriculture with manufacturing industries; gradual abolition of all the distinction between town and country by a more equable distribution of the populace over the country.”

        I am saying this with sincere respect to the 1% of sane people, living in mountain communities and ‘burbs.

        (Insert awful Sacha Baron Cohen skits, from either side of the cultural divide, here…)

        The 99% are a mix of ‘Deliverance’ types (who have some kind of violent loyalty to their cul-de-sacs and dirt farms and think I care) being awkwardly integrated with urban 😉 types in the govt subsidized homeloans.

        I know it’s taboo, in conservatism, to put nature first, making it more important than human life. It sounds like the Georgia Guidestones. But, I would genuinely prefer what has existed here, before the urban sprawl.

        “As California burns, experts say these extreme fires are no longer rare, but the new normal.”

        The last couple of rainy seasons filled our lakes and reservoirs to capacity or higher.

        While it was fun to blame the black guy (Cranston Fire), or whatever person, who I don’t like, at any given moment, hotspots seem to be consistent with fault activity.

      16. Too many fires…too many arsonists. Same problem in Colorado. Agenda 21 wants rural folks relocated to the cities which are easier to control. Good luck to the boonies folk.

        • When you leave the country, urban people move into your house.

      17. “Agenda 21 wants rural folks relocated to the cities”,hmmmm….Warchild just does not see that working out,so,tough to the 21 folks.I want a lot of things also,doesn’t mean I will get em but not living in the cities I can do!

        • Warchild, when the time comes I’ll be back at the BOL with family in GA. We’ve all discussed Agenda 21 and all the other NWO BS and decided NO WAY we’ll give up our rural homes. Once I relocate I’m staying put. If it comes to it I’ll fight and die at the BOL.

      18. Let it burn.

        • burn it ALL…except the farms ……and NO federal relief funds!

      19. Let it burn.I simply don’t care. Anyone too stupid to leave Calif gets no sympathy from me.

        • I lived in Ft. Myers for over 20 years. They call this Red Tide. It happens every year at least once. I’ve been out on the gulf during Red Tide and it is unbelievable to see this vast amount of death. I’ve been gone for 12 years now. When I lived there for some reason it didn’t affect dolphins but I did read this year that it has. You can pull up maps to see actual photos of the water and see the red tide. They claimed it was safe to be out on the water back then but I only did it once. We all coughed for two days for it too. There is no way this is simply an algae.

          • The Red Tide happens directly across the Gulf in South Texas also. Seems to come in cycles when there is insufficient rain and fresh water inflow. Stinks to high heaven and looks Biblical in nature.

      20. “Climate change !” what idiots. it is naturally occurring weather and your SUV hasn’t changed squat. in Houston, we are on the southern end of a cold front that came thru with 20 mph north winds, something Houston would never be getting with an ever warming climate model

        what has changed is people buying more in areas prone to wildfires, hurricanes, etc.

        and let’s not forget in the case of these extrme fires that are now here to stay, many of them were started by people and some intentionally.


      21. I wonder if a politician stopped blowing hot air could that be ‘climate change’? LOL.

      22. In mexico fires are started intentionally- they just burn out. These fires are for ground clearance. When mexes come up here they do the same- and are amazed that the fires don’t go out.

        They prolly don’t fight fires south of border- brush cannot accumulate- nature takes its course. North of border fires are fought so huge amounts of fuel builds up. In jellystone park the hippies decided to let nature take its course. BUT all that underbrush had UNNATURALLY built up, because of 100 yrs of fighting fires. do the mexes have all those air tankers? I doubt it.

        Has anyone here seen pictures from mexico where a fire was so bad it looked like hell? Never, never never heard of ANY such devastation!

        A Century of Fire Suppression Is Why California Is in Flames:

      23. I Live behind the Lines in commiefornia and know this from observing the many areas of these fireS that so-called managers of the forest-pile the dead wood and leave large piles near the road that are never picked up . Leave large tracts of dead forest to rot and become perfect fire starter .have been informed this policy is call let the forest be natural . I am a Off-road ,camper and have been up and down calif and seen this mess first hand this is MAN MADE ,Sure weather happens , summer is hot but THEY WILL NOT LET PEOPLE HARVEST THE DEAD FOREST IN WINTER .

      24. You’ll know something’s up if:
        1) The fire follows the path of borders or zones indicated by Agenda 21 (or similar).
        2) The people aren’t allowed to return to the their homes or..
        3) The rules, regulations, laws and taxes are set up such that it’s cost prohibitive to rebuild, thereby causing..
        4) People to be forced to make the decision to move to the big cities.

      25. My thoughts exactly “it’s human agenda-cide burning”.
        It was so obvious!!! Raging house fires three side by side
        and an untouched blooming flower bush between them…
        How does that happen unless a direct hit from some
        electrical arch. That bush would have been scorched or
        burned by heat alone….but no. Very telling.

        I know people all over California..Oregon. My ❤️ goes out
        to them. They have my prayers even if they are “democrats.”

        They are not “demoncraps ” there is a difference.
        Demoncraps are haters. Democrats are just ill informed and
        uneducated because of indoctrination schools.
        Hope TPTB fools hang for all the grief they are
        causing INNOCENT PEOPLE. ???

      26. Uff Da! More Californians leaving the state and heading this way!

      27. Sanctuary state got no money from our tax dollars , Cali is so broke it can’t fund shit
        Because sanctuary states and cities are illegal and an affront to our Bill of Rights
        Therefore the Democratically run state and cities decided if they weren’t going to get any money from the Feds
        They would get it from declaring emergency status
        So a lot of these fires were started on purpose

        This is your Democraticly run states and cities
        And how they think of We the People
        And just to be fair , the Republicans are just as vile

        Time to clean this Circle Jerk of a government out

      28. This is actually not a true article is it? A great number of the fires were started by Arson. So, is climate change now responsible for the human evil that is showing itself?

      29. “These events are not aberrations either, say the experts. They are California’s future and the new normal for the entire state.”

        Welcome to the imbecile left way of handling problems.

      30. Forest fires, no affordable housing, sky-high real estate, homeless people everywhere, hepatitis caused by human waste, parts of the state wanting to secede, drought, etc. Is anything going right in the state? Fortunately, the vinyards are doing okay except for the nuclear waste in the wine. San Andreas and Hayward have got to go sometime soon. Still, people stay so it must be the weather. I don’t understand it!

      31. Climate change is bull crap. People who live out in the weeds need to manage their properties eliminating brush and high grass. It takes work and is not easy but it pays off that is how I saved my home in a wild fire. Also have a water storage tank to put out fire your self I did it stopping a fire 30 ft from my home I had no electric power so no well water but I did have the water tank Plan ahead

      32. For many years, the tree huggers have been pushing for “virgin, untouched, forests”. Well, they got them. Then developers came and built thousands of homes in the path of the coming fires. When you don’t manage forests by cutting them and using the lumber, you get very thick forests that burn fiercely, sooner or later. Lack of proper conservation methods is what is going on here. And Climate Change. The Climate Change in California is due to the Climate being populated with idiots who are more ideologically focused than they are focused on reality.

      33. Yep! It doesn’t matter what you nitwits think– catastrophic climate change is here and its going to get worse– torrential downpour of rain in some areas and in other areas, there will be burning and droughts– It will get worse because of the jet stream. The jet stream controls our weather and the jet stream is being adversely affected by the arctic warming. The arctic is melting– its heating up 2-3 times faster than the rest of the planet. And the heat gradient– the difference in the temperature at the north pole and the equator is diminishing. And this diminishing heat gradient is screwing up the jet stream– making it slower and wavier and sometimes even stops. And then you have this monsoon like weather– extreme rain in some areas and extreme drought in other areas. Its because of the jet stream– its getting all screwed up and we will have increasingly bizarre weather– its going to go bonkers– like fall weather in the spring and spring weather in the winter. Growing crops will be a bit of a problem, to put it mildly. But I guess you can always eat the money paid you by the fossil fuel industry. Right?

      34. BIBLICAL SCENARIO– coming to a town near you. And you dumbbells who REFUSED TO LISTEN will be hiding and frightened and it will be too late…


      36. (I didn’t mean Mac was a dumbbell– only people who are closed minded like the Jews, when they were warned over and over and over and just kept smiling and pretending all was well… IT WASN’T!!)

      37. Web results:

        Monsoonal Patterns Start Dominating Jet Stream Circulation ……

        Monsoonal Patterns Start Dominating Jet Stream Circulation // Jul 28, 2018 Abrupt … Posted on July 28, 2018 by … Paul; Social Media. View paul.beckwith …

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