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California Admits Grid At Risk Amid Push To Greenify Economy

Tyler Durden
September 6th, 2021
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This article was originally published by Tyler Durden at ZeroHedge. 

In an upcoming bond offering, California listed several risks that could have adverse impacts on its economy. Besides COVID-19, wildfires, increasing debts, and cybersecurity threats, what we found fascinating was the risk to the state’s power system.

The State of California Investor Relations page recently published the bond offering summary that describes Morgan Stanley and Wells Fargo as the joint senior managers on the $2.1 billion general-obligation bond deal on Sept. 14.

“The future fiscal impact of stresses to the energy grid caused by climate is difficult to predict, but could be significant,” the state said. “In recent years, California has taken on numerous steps to increase resiliency to be better prepared to meet the state’s electricity demands.”

The warning comes as the state is greenifying its power grid system by ditching diesel and natural gas generation sources for wind and solar. Simultaneously, lawmakers in the state are incentivizing residents to purchase electric vehicles that require an enormous amount of energy. It’s a straightforward equation to understand. The more EVs on the road, the larger output the grid needs to produce or risk collapse.

Earlier this summer, California Independent System Operator told residents to conserve energy voluntarily, including asking residents to charge their EVs at certain off-peak times due to back-to-back heatwaves straining the grid.

California’s plans to become an environmental and socialist utopia face the harsh reality that climate volatility and green energy sources may not be as reliable as once thought.

Texas found out the hard way when its wind-power generating capacity went offline because a massive deep freeze across the state in February contributed to the entire grid meltdown.

So far, liberal politicians who are chasing renewable energy as a means of mitigating “climate change” will have to soon wake up to the fact that renewable energy sometimes is unreliable energy. It would be challenging for California to upgrade its grid to accommodate zero-emissions vehicles on its highways by 2035 unless the grid was completely overhauled.

The latest example of fragile grids is Hurricane Ida destroying two thousand miles of transmission lines and knocking out power for nearly a million people in Louisiana that may not even fully be restored by the end of next week.

The consequence of unreliable grids and politicians increasing EV demand is a recipe for an unreliable grid.

Readers may recall that it cost Tesla users $900 per charge during the Texas cold snap in February.

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    Author: Tyler Durden
    Date: September 6th, 2021

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    1. Andrea.Iravani. says:

      While New Orleans is once again without power as a result of hurricane Ida, and the Texas snowjob which does not result in any type of power grid damage, which I happen to know since I live in Wisconsin and my gas pipes and home heating oil pipes never freezed, and in the North East, with frequent blizzards, that relies on home heating oil have never had oil pipes freeze either, the latest scam is calling for trillions of dollars spent over decades for updating the power grid.

      We really need a no grid system for national and personal security.

      Years ago on CNBC they had a segment on Squawk Box with a man that designed off the grid roof top wind powered turbines. A typical home would need three to supply almost all electicity needs. These 
      were approximately less than two feet in diameter. They were not suspended high above the roof on poles either.

      Obviously, industries are purchasing these patents being developed by entrepeneurial inventors the same way that the oil industry purchsed patents for the first cars ever invented, which were all electric, and electric car inventors kept mysteriously dying. Henry Ford even purchased the Niagra power plant because he thought that all cars would be electric, but evidently struck a deal with the devil that used gasoline instead. 

      Another reason for an off the grid system is because these individuals spy on customers and are therefore guilty of numerous violations and are really nothing more than perverted peeping tom serial criminal psychopaths and mentally incompetent intellectual property thieves that belong in prison eternally. Smart meters spy. Copper wire used for electricty, and copper piping used for plumbing conduct sound and literally allow anyone to tap into the homes and businesses of everyone in America and spy on them. 

      They are going to have to learn how to live without being parasites for once in their pathetic lives!

      Death to the parasites! 

      No grid means more power! 

      They say that they want non nuclear renewable energy and people to be able to have higher standards of living, yet, they consistently legislate the necessity of wasteful power grid spending connecting everyone’s homes and businesses directly to them! That is wasteful and unnecessary! Think of all of the raw materials in the power lines themselves and the towers being wasted that runs from our homes 
      and businesses when there is absolutely no need for it at all! 

      Wind power does not freeze in the winter. It is used in Wisconsin, Vermont, other areas of the North East, and was used in colonial America, Amsterdam, China and many other countries. The friction of the wheels spinning creates heat and prevents them from freezing. California probably turned them off.

      They lie.

      Toyota EVs do not require charging. They are hydrogen EVs that use fuel cell batteries. 

      The power companies and energy companies are in cahoots with transportation manufacturers of everything from cars, planes, trains, and buses.

      Yes. It is a giant conspiracy by the lazy, incompetent, corrupt, parasites.

      They are fake environmentalists and fake humanitarians! They are charlatan serial criminal psychopaths, perverted peeping toms, and mentally incompetent intellectual property thieves! Nothing more! 

      Put your money where your mouth is AOC! 

      Put up, or shut up AOC! 

      I am not community property and am not your merchandise and I do not exist to provide a source of income for scumbags like you!

      Russia’s Abuse of the Nuclear Option

      It is extremely disappointing that Russia is acting so irresponsibly by developing nuclear power plants in African countries.

      Russia, as the largest fossil fuel reserve country, in addition to having many of the world’s top notch scientists that know the inherent irreversible dangers of nuclear power plants, which are even more difficult to manage in Africa because of cooling factors and water scarcity, should not be building nuclear power plants in Africa!

      Naturally, if Russians truly wanted to power Africa, they would go solar, and the fact that they didn’t shows that Russians obviously have it in for African countries, in a really big and evil way.

      As far as the JCPOA is concerned, Iran already was a quasi-nuclear power, and the JCPOA limited Iran’s nuclear capabilities, not enhanced them.

      Now, Africa will be swimming in nuclear waste like India, and there is no safe form of nuclear energy and all nuclear power plants create more nuclear waste.

      Africa also has many undeveloped fossil fuel reserves. 

      Russia wants Chernobyl for all of Africa.

      Why do you feel compelled to impose energy systems on countries that have managed to live without them while simultaneously trying to force countries that have come to rely on them off of them?


      And the European parasites are charging head on like head strong bulls to power Africa with hydroelectric and solar.

      Consider The Ends!

      Obviously, most Africans do not use energy systems because they do not need to because of their climate.

      Just what the climate alarmists want! One billion more air conditioners, refigerators, and water heaters, cars, running warming the climate with the laws of thermodynamics! Then add on all of the vacuum cleaners, tvs, computers, hair dryers, washing machines, dryers, and lights. Yeah, I can really tell that climate change is a really top notch priority of all of yours!

      Andrea Iravani

    2. Brockland A.T. says:

      It wasn’t that long ago media were warning of immanent EMP disaster from a solar flare ‘Carrington Event’, or North Korean EMP nuke strike.

      We had the harden the electrical grid and safeguard all our electronics in Faraday cages, stockpile gas and survival gear, just in case the electronic and electrical infrastructure fried.

      Now… crickets on that. Instead we have to abandon the fossil fuel energy economy to ‘save the planet’ from climate change.

      In the event of a mass EMP event today, sure we’d lose some electronics, but we could jack portions of the fossil fuel infrastructure to work without electronics. ICE (internal combustion engine) tech has very basic electrical needs.

      EMP apocalypse dangers have not gone away; but the ICE tech foundation of our energy security is, cancelled by leftist green governments.

      So… is this ‘green’ electric battery tech likely to survive an EMP event? Or will it all burn, burn, burn? Looks like they’re inclined to do a little more than quietly go dead in an EMP.

      The Carrington Event set telegraph lines on fire. Electric car batteries can spontaneously combust while parked.

      Remember, by 2035 governments – especially if COVID-1984 medical police statism sticks – may ban all sale of gasoline powered vehicles. Even classic cars may be either illegal or unusable for lack of gasoline.

      Tesla car batteries are notorious for burning to slag when damaged in a crash. Chevy Bolts are being recalled because defective batteries spontaneously combust. The household solar power batteries of tomorrow likely won’t be the durable ICE car batteries used today, but powerful – and sensitive – hi-capacity batteries like those used in electric cars.

      Only the government and a few large corporations will have stockpiles of gas and ICE tech, if the green grid burns because of an EMP caused by starting a war with China or a (real or staged) solar EMP.

    3. Andrea.Iravani. says:

      It is ridiculous watching these people in the media attack Biden over the thirteen deaths, because the individuals attacking Biden know that Afghanistan is a war zone, and it is filled with known terrorist groups, and that there are casulties in war.

      Frankly, I think that it is really remarkable that only thirteen people died vacating a twenty year crimes against humanity scene.

      The calls are absurd from the media, including Lieutenant Colonel Schelner ridiculously asking who decided to close Bagram airbase which was located in the Panjshir Valley controlled by the NRF and enemy of the Taliban that probably would have been bombed not by a suicide bomber, but gravity bomb, reusulting in thousands of deaths if
      they tried to, to critics claiming that they should have drone struck the suicide bomber, by Scott Ritter, which also could have resulted in gravity bomb attacks or multiple suicide bombers in retaliation, to
      attacks by cartoonist Ted Rall and VIPS Philip Giraldi saying that Biden should keep the embassy in Afghanistan filled with what they both acknowledge to be various terrorist groups, and since the US and NATO forces committed a twenty year crimes against humanity genocidal spree against Muslims for over twenty years, far surpassing the crimes against humanity by the German Nazis, and on equally false pretenses since the 911 plane attacks were faked and the buildings were imploded with explosives which is why only three thousand people died, because Afghanistan was a $300 million a day cash cow. What do they care if embassy employees die in a terrorist attack? Then, they would blame Biden for it, of course.

      6,294 U.S. military and private contractors died in Afghanistan prior to the thirteen, and the way that the media has not let up, you would think that 13,000 military personel died, and not 13.

      The truth is that over 13,000 Americans have died from the mythological virus “covid-19” from the GMO bioweapons shots, and those are only the ones reported to VAERS, and those are not individuals that volunteered to go and murder people in a war zone filled with known terrorists either.

      It is acually much higher than that though that died from the shots.

      Andrea Iravani

    4. Andrea.Iravani. says:

      The countries largest fund, Blackrock, run by Larry Fink with over $9.5 trillion AUM is voting with its feet, all the way to China, because the corruption in America is so thick that you can cut it with a knife, and no economy is sustsinable under such a criminogenic and corrupt environment. Of course, China is also extremely corrupt, but Xi JinPing has been making steps to reign in the crony communist corruption, which may be initially painful, as it was in America after the S&L scandal, followed by the 1987 market crash, both of which received no bailouts, and corruption was brought under control, and people were charged and held accountable for control fraud.

      Hopefully Biden will start working on reigning in the corruption. If he doesn’t the situation remains totally hopeless.

      Now that we are out of Afghanistan, maybe they can start.

      Andrea Iravani

    5. Bill says:

      Even as a young lad I understood some simple concepts; that sometimes the simplest way of doing something or understanding something was the best way, that sometimes the answers were not what one expected, that frequently continued effort (perseverance) was better than finesse, and that sometimes fixing a problem caused other problems. This applies to California, the problems are complex, the solutions are not necessarily so.
      I’ve never been in CA, but am informed as well as anybody what’s going on there. In earlier times, the growth and development of the state was incredible, a de facto nation unto itself, fantastically rich, blessed with mind-boggling natural resources, it’s potential correctly utilized. ALL that has changed, and for the worse. It has the biggest state debt by far (in reality it is more than two trillion dollars which includes unfunded liabilities), millions and millions of illegal immigrants, the highest rate of homelessness in the country, and on and on. Public employee unions, the green lobby, welfare freeloaders, and the liberal progressive political complex has lock on the state and won’t give it up without a fight to the death.
      It still has great institutions, and wealth (though highly concentrated), but surely becoming 3rd world. One can say it has been driven off the cliff, it just hasn’t crashed yet. CA won’t be fixed until it becomes ground down in the dirt (and that will happen). To fix everything else there, the first thing that must happen is fix the culture and political system. The present culture and political system exists as parasitical, it is totally dependent on the productive parts to exist, without the support of the still productive parts it collapses. Maggie Thatcher said, “The problem with socialism is eventually you run out of other people’s money”. What should happen is the removal of those assets which in turn would produce the necessary effect (for example, India has some great schools and beaches, but no one is moving there because much of the rest of the country is sh*t).
      It’s going to require an economic collapse of the state for things to change. The increasing ongoing white flight out of state, businesses leaving, professionals and skilled people leaving, wealthy people leaving. In other others words, a lot of money and talent leaving the state is the main catalyst. The political system there seeks a socialist and multicultural paradise, yet resents the outflow leaving the state. This is because they need the money. Toss in all the extras like new ridiculous laws and regulations, even more taxes and fees, upward spiraling cost of living, and a general diminishing quality of life only speeds up change.
      Similar changes are occurring in various degrees in other sh*thole states.

    6. Andrea.Iravani. says:

      We really have to ask, why would the Jews provide the surveillance state with so much self-incriminating evidence on themsleves, largely controlling the internet and the media. I know that they have utterly convinced themselves that they are the smartest people around, but when you look at their actions, the evidence proves otherwise!

      Andrea Iravani

    7. Christian Soldier says:

      Its quite simple…

      When a state, nation or country lives like Sodom it will burn as Sodom…

      Chew on these and may the Lord be glorified.

      Psalm 9:17
      Proverbs 16:4
      Isaiah 45:6-7

      and for those who deny the Lord controls all, including the weather….chew on this

      Psalm 147:15-18

      Praise be to the Lord God, to Him be the glory…for His ways are true and just.

    8. Darth Skippy says:

      “California’s plans to become an environmental and socialist utopia face the harsh reality that climate volatility and green energy sources may not be as reliable as once thought.”

      There is some weather coating but no insulation on the wires.

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