Cake-Correctness: “ISIS Cake Anybody Can Buy at Walmart… But You Can’t Buy Confederate”

by | Jun 29, 2015 | Headline News | 166 comments

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    As we all know the Confederate flag has been put in the crosshairs as an icon of racial tensions, but this story takes the cake! (Wait, sorry).

    Walmart must put cake in its mouth, after the corporate giant is cleverly caught in a cultural hypocrisy of its own weaving.

    First, the store refused to make a cake for a Louisiana man designed with the Confederate flag stars and bars and the words “Heritage Not Hate.”

    However, in a follow up request, the same man ordered an ISIS flag cake, which the Walmart bakery did fulfill.

    Why? To make a point about free speech and the narrow, flimsy and shifting targets of “hate speech” rules:

    Chuck Netzhammer said he ordered the image of the Confederate flag on a cake with the words, “Heritage Not Hate,” on Thursday at a Walmart in Slidell, Louisiana. But the bakery denied his request, he said. At some point later, he ordered the image of the ISIS flag that represents the terrorist group.

    “I went back yesterday and managed to get an ISIS battleflag printed… That’s an ISIS battleflag cake that anybody can go buy at Walmart… But you can’t buy a Confederate flag toy, with like, say, a ‘Dukes of Hazzards’ car.” [Chuck Netzhammer stated in a YouTube video]. (source: ABC News)

    So exactly whose rights to twisted culture, dark heritage and expression are on the chomping block here – and who gets to decide what speech is OK?

    Voltaire is known for this misattributed quote:“I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” Someday, his statue will be toppled, too, but not over slavery. It will coincide with the death of free speech under a new but as-yet undefined tyranny for what his image represents.

    After the ISIS cake folly, Walmart felt a Southern oblige to apologize for this cultural battle in the politically-correct civil war of the 21st Century. Here’s a hint of the outcome: both sides lose as the middle class is slaughtered in a sneak attack.

    Businesses have a right to refuse business, whether its customers approve or not; but whereas a small town pizza joint was ruined for refusing to serve a gay wedding, Walmart and corporate giants are being celebrated for the coordinated public-private partnership to blacklist controversial Southern flag merchandise – tainted by its ties to slavery and therefore made eligible for erasing it from Orwellian history and speech, too?

    This is less a battle of who is right, than it is an experiment to test the sentiments of the population, and how far they can be nudged. Is the overwhelming force of propaganda enough to once again rouse the rabble and drive the lemmings over the cliff on manipulated “wedge issues”? How long can our eyes be taken off the ball before we see how badly the country is being economically screwed over?

    Whatever your creed and social allegiances, ask yourself how we once again got stuck fighting with each other, while “they” get away with whatever they want.

    For the answer, keep watch of the problematic “solutions” offered again and again under the problem-reaction-solution conundrum society repeatedly faces. Say it again kids: never let a good crisis go to waste.

    .  .  .  .  .  .

    BANNED: Iconic Dukes of Hazzard Car ‘General Lee’ Stripped Of Confederate Flag: “This is a new level of P.C. idiocy”


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      1. Wait until a Muslim bakery refuses to make a cake for a Christian couple, gay or straight. The left will carve out an exemption for Islamic religious affiliation in short order.

        • They already do for a lot of things, unofficially if not officially.

          That’s because they know they’ll be killed if they don”t.

          • It makes no difference whether your in the North or the South, it’s time for all to fly the Confederate Battle Flag to show your resistance to Political Correctness. It takes numbers to get the attention of TPTB. Trekker Out. Deo Vindice.

            • MT, If I was a businessman I would start a flag business making confederate flags of all sizes and memorabilia with the flag on them. Don’t let a good crisis go to waste! It is about heritage not hate, it is about history.

              Fly the flag high, the confederate flag, fly it as a symbol of freedom and independence, fly it as a revolt against PC tyranny gone wild.

              Louisiana Eagle

            • Mountain Trekker,
              YUP, looking to fly one ASAP!!! time show theses scumbags we won’t take there crap anymore!!!

            • Will we fight when they take the flag away. Will we realize it is time to take life when they try/do take away an unassuming symbol. If we allow them to take away a simple symbol of defiance, something in itself that is unable to cause harm. Well, then does anyone really think we won’t allow them to take away everything else (such as our arms) My question is simply this…Not if, but WHEN, the law comes to demand the removal of a Confederate Flag from a man’s private or personal property, is that man justified in taking their lives? do you think anyone will fight for an idea,for a symbol? and if so Would You Stand With Them? and Fight With Them??? I hope everyone is asking themselves that question, because it is coming.

              • Cal here, saying to one and all my brothers
                FLY THE SOUTHERN FLAG.

                We got our big Confederate flag hoisted up and flying.
                Proud of our southern roots and those who fought the great battle.

                We are readying up to reclaim our heritage. Aint no commie politician can strip us of our God given rights or our family. And no far left loon can tell us what to think or how they want history to be told.

                Walmart got banned in Cal’s family. They did it to themselves. Hope they can afford those living wages and live off the free shit army now.

                • R. Head, etc: I hate Wal mart now, used to be a good place to shop when Sam Walton was alive (nothing stays the same). We “use” the store now rarely only to save/ get something that runs higher in Target (which I detest also for lying about their security breach) Yes, I got a nice table cl., flower pots, curtains I really like, I do not own stock in these co’s or drug co’s because of their low integrity/ethics.

            • Mt Trekker summed up well. I am from the nirth live in tje south and own a confederate flag, also the stars and stripes and a Mohawk Nation Flag. The flag belongs to the people, not hijacked for cover as our military illegally invades another country. If you like real history that played out. Look up Mohawk resistance standoff. About Mid 70’s can’t recall exact date. Youtube it.

            • Amen Brother –BIG BOX MART (seriously–check out the Jib-Jab parody on this) is surely a serious symptom to what’s wrong with us as a whole. I quit shopping there longer ago than I can remember-one of the main reasons is it creates the environment that we are not a country of PRODUCERS anymore. The almighty dollar and profit have caused serious morality issue’s with the people running these companies. Unfortunately–the 100 million on the dole in this once great country of ours LOVE this place as evidenced by the “people of Walmart” videos.

              I’m not very PC–I give 2 shits about peoples opinion about stupid stuff–people that whine about the bars and stars–get over yourselves–what you were taught in history was written by the victors as all history is–enough said–Lincoln was a piece of shit–political bullshit(a lot like today)–pandering for votes and approval from the powers that be. Slavery WAS bad–again WASSSSS bad–period–BUT the WHINING shits still carrying on about it are using it as an excuse for being useless shits–period. No slaves here for 150 years–again–get over your useless selves–and ISIS–NUKE EM–let me repeat–NUKE THEM—that would be end of story there. We been killin Muslims since the beginning of recoded history. Ya Think there’s a reason for that. We have turned into a country of neutered bark munchers more concerned about the coal giving YOU power than the shits lopping off heads over their caliphate. REALLLLY. Get your beans and bullets in order–I do believe it will become a target rich environment a lot quicker than we think–AND PLEASE post this–you seem to have a tendency to not post my non PC correct stuff–especially when it comes to controversial stuff.

              OhSoTired Out

          • ISIS should be called IS-US, since our War Whore-aholic Psychopaths created them, which is really us in muslem drab.

            Side note: Puerto Rico is in a $72 Billion debt crisis they claim they can not repay. How the hell does a tiny island like PR rack up so much debt??.

        • Yep.

          After decades of trying to make these conflicts more deeply philosophical than they really are, I now understand that the left simply hate Christians (and anyone else that might be happy) for simply having better lives.

          I’ve been an atheist for about 30 years now and rarely have had anything but good experiences discussing politics and religion with Christians. It made me wonder why hostile leftists are so angry with Christians.

          After being bombarded on Facebook with less than magnanimous posts declaring victory for same sex marriage along with threats of “unfriending” for writing anything that might appear “hateful” or bigoted against homosexuals, I discovered that they all had something in common: they were written by people that feel they’ve been left behind or left out by society. And to them, because they believe society is dominated entirely by white Christians, any misery they suffer is due to white Christians.

          These supreme court rulings have become a kind of payback for all the misery in their own lives.

          It’s classic scapegoating.

          • mc6809e

            It’s all about payback. Either right or wrong.

            • Payback… AGA “Hate” – which the gay psychologoically project onto others from their own interior hates. Such as:

              Well-known gay activist Dan Savage – tapped by Disney to assist with a 2015 production as he is a recognized spokesman for the gay community, and his H8TEful comments, including his daydreams about “f—king the s—t out of” former Sen. Rick Santorum and suggesting that another politician he opposed should be “dragged behind a pickup truck until there’s nothing left but the rope.”

              And one from the book-burning, Nazi Brownshirt gay sturm trooper types: “Who’s going to Walkerton, IN to burn down #memoriespizza w me?”

              Lesbian advocate Paula Ettelbrick proclaimed that, “transforming the very fabric of society… [and] radically reordering society’s view of reality” is the goal of the homosexual movement.

              Extra credit: Gay supporter Floyd Corkins’ attack on Family Research Inst, where he was going to kill as many as he could and then stuff ChikFilA sandwiches in their dead mouths, or that gay supporter who tried to burn down Sarah Palin’s church – WITH people in it. Or you could have been at that meeting that I was personally at, of parents of elementary school kids, whose meeting was VIOLENTLY crashed by radical gays, and then utterly LIED about in the media the next day as the crashers somehow being the victims (go figure!) Or you can just leave it at the modern Kristalnacht attempts at destroying the businesses of florists, bakers, photogs, etc. who happen to be free, independent thinkers. Not agreeing with the radical gay Nazis is VERBOTEN!! In fact, in New York, a man and wife were forced to close their biz hosting weddings on their family farm, and were fined $13,000 for refusing to have gay marriages in their very own home. The same thing happened in Grimes, IA, where an elderly couple, who ran the Gortz House Gallery, after graciously declining to host a gay wedding, starting getting vicious and violence threats, including these H8TE filled messages, “You are mean, rude, selfish, mother f***er racist sons of b**ches from hell,“F**k you, f**k your God, f**k your religion.” Another person who goes by the name “Micky” wrote, “Betty, you’re very old and almost dead. How do you both feel, knowing that America, and the world, will be a better place without you?“ Isn’t that thoughtful! This from those selfsame people who call themselves so concerned about “hate!” In Colorado, a baker named Jack Philips not only faced jail time but had to close his bakery for believing gay marriage went against his conscience, when some gay couple tried to FORCE him to bake a cake for their wedding. In Oregon, another baker fell afoul of the gay Nazi Brownshirts and their judicial Kristallnacht, and are being forced to pay a homosexual couple around $150,000 as penalty (money and power – what the left, and gays, worship). The New Mexico Supreme Court held that Elaine Huegenin, a photog, violated the state’s anti-discrimination statutes when she declined – out of the basic right to think freely and live according her conscience – to photograph a gay wedding. Newspapers may next be forced to publish homosexual wedding announcements, in violation of their existing editorial control over what they publish, and I give it a few years before the book burnings start by the radical homosexuals. Even pro-same sex marriage, libertarian, John Stossel has said that the gay marriage movement “has moved from tolerance to totalitarianism.”

              • I have to say, test, you have now caused me to appreciate your contributions here much more, although the pc bunch will piss and moan cause, “you are off topic”. lol.

                I am glad you have shown more of the true inner workings of the faggot/dyke, agenda.
                That was my purpose for bringing forth the biblical aspect of the whole mess, to show folks that were torn about how to feel about homos, how the whole evil mess started, and who started it.

                I did apologize to Mac and others about the length, and i promise it will be my last lengthy post. I wasn’t trying to hijack the thread as some say, just wanting truth to flow to those that needed it, and it took more than a few paragraphs.
                I don’t think too many people are concerned about the chinese stock market right now anyway. It may become relevant in the weeks to come.

                With your help and the comments of others, we now have a better understanding and see how and why those demonically controlled homos say and do the things they have.

                Since the liberals have succeeded in empowering them, it is just a matter of time before lgbt intstigated violence, becomes a reality on main street America.

                I say great. it is the old “give ’em enough rope and they’ll hang themselves”, tune.

                I think it would be funny if ISIS turns the american citizen radicals against them, like they have against christians.

                When queer penises are lying in the streets with bloody human heads, look for them to return to the closet where they belong.

                I say good riddance, leave our school children alone, and stop trying to convert them to your demonically controlled lifestyles.

              • Test… you are just cherrypicking more excuses to hate LGBT types. Those types are not taking over anything. It is all about seperation of church and state. Keep your religious views to yourself, they have no place in a free and equal society. Keep your hate within the walls of your place of worship. That is why church attendance is plummeting, people see right through the hateful know it all judgment you spew.

                • @ aljamo,

                  I respect your right to free speech, as well, why can’t you respect ours?

                  I’ll tell you why, because it is all about confining the Christains behind the closed doors of a church.
                  It doesn’t take much of a brain to remember that there is an off button, a scroll button, or two legs so people like you can remove yourselfs from the words that apparently offend you.

                  We christians were here long before you liberal asses got here.
                  But, you people are too dense to acknowledge that, no, hell no, your type just wants us gone.

                  If the faggots, fairies, and dykes had there way, we would all be packed up and shipped to Antarctica. Then they could all be involved in one giant massive USSAG orgy/modern day Sodom. They already have a king of Sodom over them.

                  So apparently, you have chose to stand up with the liberals and homos. Have a good trip, but leave us Christians alone when riding through our towns, communities and schools. Some of us are still warriors, following the lead of King David.

                  No question as to who I am standing with.

                • @aljamo
                  You need to read your history. You dont know shit about the separation of church and state. You are vomiting up what you heard but never bothered to learn about.
                  Start here
                  ht tp://

                  Enjoy your rights and keep up w/ the research, most here learn a great deal from your notes. Thanks.

                • Aljamo: You need to get off this site pronto! (LGBT’s have mental disorders/demonic control) You’d love The Nation site, an ultra left pro gay rag sheet online, so beat it troll. Y’all here: How the H can 4% of the population of fags and lesbians control the other 90plus % of the population and force flower shops, bakeries and photo biz to kow tow to these filthy scums? Many sincere folks have left mainline gov controlled churches who will soon kow tow to keep their tax ex. to marry this ilk. The greedy gelded sissy clergy will comply to keep their six figure income, etc. Leave these churches now- ones with the 501c3 shackles. Enough rant for today folks! Bye!

                • Aljamo, lay down the crack pipe NOW.

            • A really rotten thing in all this, to me at least, is that I can’t even innocently explore a subject during a discussion, like I used to, without having to check myself for fear I’m going to say something that’s going bring down the wrath of progressive do-gooders.

              They really are modern Puritans, just without a god.

              And it’s the worst of witch-hunting combined with feelings of revenge.

              I swear their next stop is the Reign of Terror and de-Christianizing the country by violence.

              • Thank God, you saw the light before it was too late.
                If you are sincere, may God Bless you fruitfully.

          • Look at the MASSIVE percentage of gays who were sexually abused as children. Strange that they don’t take it out on the real group that abused them – the adult homosexuals.

          • I’ll explain.

            Normally, I’m the absolute last human being to wear tinfoil, but while I do disagree with a couple of points that the video tries to make, to its credit there is no secret cabal being pointed at or named per se (the membership of said ruling elite changes, and is assumed to be amorphous – gotta give them points for that one, because it would make the most sense). Furthermore, the video actually makes pretty solid sense from a logic and reasoning standpoint..

            Here’s where I disagree with the video: I don’t think it will hold up for too many years into the future – at least not without things going totalitarian, and I don’t give that a very long timespan. Mind you, not because people will suddenly find their spines and fight back, but because the logistics won’t hold up.

            • OQ, good to see you back and I agree with your analysis of that video.


          • So where you gonna shop?

            A list of those that don’t would be appreciated.

            As for me, seems I find the same stuff in every store, Walmart or otherwise, and all made in China and other foreign countries.

      2. I wonder what the real percentage of people who find the Confederate flag objectionable and support banning it really is?

        • The number will depend on your counting them before or after the media told them how and what to think. When to think what you’re told to think is just as important, you know.

      3. So the world comes down to Marie Antoinette and cake, all over again!

      4. Well, I’ll be damn. Mac is censoring my posts.

        • No censoring should be allowed, if something is offensive, stop reading or change the channel.

          • Again, the Civil War was about the South Paying Taxes to DC and not getting anything back in return. Not about Slavery, not about Racism. Infact Abe Lincoln could care leaa about slaves, but used Emancipation Proclaimation to economically crush the South. Taxes!!

      5. I hope that the Muslim cake was made with good old hog rendered Lard!

        Question: What’s the difference between the Jew hating Muslims and the Nazi Jew haters who pollute this blog?

        Watch out fur them hogs

        • Them Hogs:

          The difference is:

          The Muslim part of your statement is true, the second part of your statement is a lie. Telling the truth of “those who say they are jews, but are not” (the damned Zionist Banksters) does not make anyone a Nazi Jew Hater.

          Your lie pollutes this blog, Them Hogs.

          • Granny, all the same, I hope someone gets poisoned from eating that muslim cake.

            • Dont worry Them Hogs. For Angry Granny, it’s all Jews all the time, every day, every hour every thought for granny. Basically, she’d become a pastiche of herself, and you just go smile at hero puddding headedness.

              There is an issue with leftist NY Jews, but it is much deeper than that.Then when they post more, they start on their embarrassing Hitler apologias, never getting a clue that he was part the the whole failed socialist schtict we are doing ourselves now.

              • I say (Test):

                Hog took the first stab on this thread… the party started didn’t he.

                It is okay with you to slam truthtellers; you are doing everything you can to convince shtf bloggers that it is liberal Nazi German brown shirts who are responsible for the downfall of this nation.

                Many here know who the stockholders are in the Fed Reserve=IMF=World Bank=International Bank of Settlements that are bringing the world to its knees. And it is not liberal Nazi German brown shirts and not even Muslims.

                Albert Pikes quotes of how the 3 world wars would be formented is spot on. The lead up to the 3rd world war fits his quotes to a T and is happening right before our eyes.

                General Stanley Butlers “War is a Racket” is a real true eye opener. Let your fingers do the walking.

                BTW: NEVER have I been an apologist for Hitler. Another of your blatant smears!

            • Braveheart:

              I agree totally with your poison comment.

              However, when truthtellers are called “Nazi Jew haters that pollute this blog”, I am not going to let the hog get away with his snide swipe.

              A little further on down this blog Test has a post full of quotes from people trying to destroy the America that we love. I would suggest to you to pay close attention to their names……you will find they are not Nazi nor Muslim are they?

        • Wild Boar aka Them Hogs.

          So far the only Jew hating Muslims on the earth is a group that was designed and created by the Zionist Jews themselves named ISIS.

          As far as Nazi Jew haters….. none are in this site unless you call the truth tellers Nazi’s which is a norm and a known tactic by your tribe to get ransoms from countries who were marked as the participants in some illusionary genocide movies mostly made by the ZOG in Hollywood.

          So go back and cheer for your blood sucking zionist army who shoots babies as a sport in a land that you sub humans have occupied and causing real genocide.

          BTW, sleep well since every country on this planet is aware of the real money exchangers causing so much harm to the man kind and soon you’ll see the worldwide tribal punishment. Sleep well as much as you can.

        • Them Hogs,
          The whole title of “jew” is so convoluted it isn’t funny. Now anyone who has anything to do with anything the world so erroneously calls “jewish” is in fact called a jew or a jew lover.

          If you follow and practice the same things Y’shua and Paul followed and practiced, your called a jew. People quote the verse (Rev. 2:9)about “say you are jews but are not, but are of the synogogue of satan.” But it doesn’t say all jews, or Hebrews or Israelites, just those jews. Paul continued to do correctly and as Yahovah commands (Y’shua said to follow the commands) and lived Torah……but the apostate church convinced everyone that you don’t need to anymore.

          Here is a better question Them Hogs……why do you suppose that islam resembles catholocism so much?

          He said He is the way, the truth and the life and He meant it. He is thee only way…..everything since shortly after Y’shua has been a lie from satan. The holy roman empire and their pagan ways….lie. Their divorced offspring in the protestant church….just another version of catholocism…..a lie. Judaism, that doesn’t accept the messiah and adds sick junk (rabbinical pharisee/talmud)……a lie. Islam, another off shoot (yet more twisted) of catholocism….a lie. Go back and find His word in it’s primacy, study things to see them from a Hebraic mindset and then look through history to see who the roman church went after the most for years, inclusing Y’shua’s own bloodline family, and you’ll begin to see things. Look at Polycarp and Iraneus who were direct line disciples after John. Ask yourself ….why was the roman church so dead set on destroying those who still kept the sabbath and feasts of Yahovah?

          • Forgot to add……why do you suppose the vatican signed a treaty with Palestine last week?

          • I would like to propose a SHTJ website, where granny and all her neo Nazis can gather with their one track National SOCIALIST Adolf supporters and just have every post about jews… and leave the rest of us alone who want to talk more broadly.

            A comment or two, a post here and there, no problem But this incessant Jew Jew Jwe Jew Jew hangup24 hours a day sure gets repetitious and boring. Not to mention absurd sometimes.

            But no. these guys think this site is theirs,and we are all here only to get stuck reading their monomaniacal psychologically hung up posts.


            • I dont read their crap,

              • Agreed, I skip all jew posts. I don’t care, hate on whomever you want to hate on. I live in HOU and have a gay realtor I use twice a year, I think I’ll find another now, they go too far. Ordering the stars and bars tonight, although the national news didn’t play on it last night.
                #1 NY convicts
                #2 Wash fire
                #3 Greece & stocks (very surprised)
                #4 NC sharks

            • /says – the same could be said about all of the Christianity and doom and gloom of Prophesies post. Quoting bible verse’s as if it has any relevance to current times.

              History has shown that every 100 years, a generation of people will say this is it, the end times are here and Jesus is coming back. Though I do not say this is completely false. The end times will come, but it will not come from the works of God, the destruction will come from man destroying himself.

              /says – clearly you and others are all on board about censoring subject matter that offends you. Though I get tired of Jesus this, and God that and everything in between. For the most part, I just skip those posts and move on and I try not to engage in this subject.

              So to those that would like censorship, maybe you are more liberal like minded than you thought you were. We all have something in common here, but we should all be able to agree to disagree on civil level.

            • How many alias’s are you allowed Test?

              • Tony Montana:

                My question to “I” and “Test” was directed at “I” and “Test” not at you Tony…..

                Sorry my comment fell right after yours so it looks like I was commenting to your post. I WAS NOT!

                • Test is doing his very best to implement censorship. Truth makes him very nervous.

                • POG – no need to apologize, I noticed your post was not directed towards mine. I love what you are posting, keep up the excellent work! Haters are gonna hate on you(us/we), but that’s ok because it only seems happen when Truth is exposed to them and if I’m deemed a Nazi/Jew (Zionist)hater, then so be it – At least I know who the Handlers are in this World.

        • Looking at the replies from the usual bunch of Jew haters, deeming themselves to be ‘truth tellers’ and denying their Nazi wannabe chops, the difference is very small indeed.

          I will bet you, however, the Muslims are better educated and more intelligent. Their hatred is based on religion.

          These guys here, no such excuse. Ignorant, deluded fools. Fodder for anyone with an agenda, just tap into their insecurities with propaganda and they’ll sublimate it into their identities.

          • Smokey,

            That’s a well put statement about tapping into their insecurities. There’s a ton of paranoia on the Nazi support group, with POG as the cheerleader on that point. This is always the same for people who need to find excuses for their own shortcomings by finding another group to blame it all on, and it really helps out the old cause if you can attach some religion to it.

      6. I fail to see where this funny, why would anybody make light of this. I’m only 53 and the America I grew up in is gone, and my generation must shoulder the blame.

        • Wrong…e.very generation going back to the mid 1800’s mush shoulder some blame.

        • Wrong…..every generation since the mid 1800’s nust shoulder some blame.

      7. Zog! don’t like it when the southern white goyim rally around a ‘give em’ hell’ rebel flag.

        this is all part of the destroy the white goy nations of the world by diversification and inbreeding zog plan.

        creating the pathway to complete zionist global control of all goyim.

        enjoy being israel’s bitch everyone!

          • Pray for this little fellow. Relative iInnocence should not have to co-exist street excrement.

            • Glad his parents didn’t let him carry a Confederate flag. THAT would be child abuse.

            • In biblical days, this little boy would have been called a “catamite”.

              Satan worked his magic through the Catholic Church. Do we true Christians think it has stopped? No, they just do a better job at covering it up now. An inside worker at the Vatican, wrote that about 50% of all working inside the vatican are homosexuals, and that they even have homo parties on weekends in the vatican.

              The agenda of the lgbt movement crowd will be to make it lawful to house children as sex slaves, in the near future.

              What finally brought down the cities of the Sodom and Gomorrah era? The cries of the abused children that reached up to Heaven. The kings of the sodomite tribes had made it legal to rape little ones. Nothing to be”prideful” about there, all you gay pride marchers.

              Satan’s lie. Have mass sex orgies. You shall surely not die.

            • Well phuck a duck,
              and screw a guinea,
              hairless boy pooty,
              is good as any.

              Those catholic priest and boyscout leaders are some seriously sick minded demons.

      8. This is no longer political correctness. This is tyranny and if the masses do not conform to their beliefs they attack and destroy. The Clinton’s began this type of character assassination in the 1990s and it has grown ever hateful since.

        This is the modern version of the Nazi Brown Shirts that beat up or murdered dissenters.


        As it was once said:

        First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
        Because I was not a Socialist.

        Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
        Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

        Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
        Because I was not a Jew.

        Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

      9. I like the confederate flag cake. Notice that the candles are actually bullet casings.

      10. Walmart!!! You can take this cake and shove it, I ain’t shopping there no more. You have taken all my reasons to go there anymore.
        S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

        • I stopped patronizing all the PC places, like Starbucks, etc. When Macy’s had a man allowed into a woman’s bathroom, I marched into our Macy’s and politely but in no uncertain terms told them we would no longer shop there. Sadly, I’ll bet I was the only one to do so in our area. Guess everybody else was too busy watching the latest DWTS show.

          When the fascist Brownshirt gays starting in on their antics in Indiana, I wrote Angies List, and told them I was gone. Some thing when Home Depot started marching in the gay parades.

          I do NOT spend much time doing this. I don’t have the time, and to be honest, more than 5 minutes is not going to do anything. Just go in, make your point, and be done.

          I may be the only one in my part of the world, but I am going to continue to do this. Walmart wants to kowtow to the PCers? ***Tell the mgmt*** you are no longer shopping there. Write a three sentence note. Get a group of people to sign it. But we HAVE to start speaking out!

          Everyone here is guns this, guns that, guns, guns, guns. Well, fine. I am a gun owner too. But the battle is NOT with guns – it is with **education and information dissemination.** You can be a trained Navy SEAL, with your own tank. But if you have 5 million leftist PC lemmings who have been indoctrinated for 20 years, you will lose.

          I take this site as a place to **exchange information** to engage in this war – a war of education and information. And the damning thing is, if people would JUST SPEAK OUT, we would win. Their ideas are absurd. That’s why many of us are ex-leftists ( I believe Brandon Smith of Alt-Market started out that way if I recall correctly). Post ideas. Make sure you tell where you sourced your information (there’s too much garbage on the internet, so if you want your posts to be of utility, let people know how to verify what you wrote, wherever possible.

          Besides, going in to these PC places – after having to bite my tongue forever at work – is really fun. I’m not nasty… but I also don’t take any prisoners. What makes it fun is I get to plan everything I say, prepare with research, etc. Nice to catch these fascists flat footed!!

          • Be sure to write the Tylenol people.

            Any see the Tylenol commercial with the two gay men and the child.

            I was shocked. Really was.

            • Who wants to bet that all these businesses are either getting some kind of grant or theyve been strongarmed by IRS or an equally evil g-man operative?

              We should try and find a money trail and expose it all. Too many pro homo commercials and activist stuff going on to not have been planned.

              George Soros and Move On, anyone?

          • Test, sounds like fun.

          • Keep on doing the little boycotts. The corporations don’t get hurt much, but they’re going to have a few dollars less in the till at the end of the quarter.

            They may not care about that, but when they get dozens of messages about their actions, they do care about that. Every blip in the earnings chart then gets associated with the backlash, rightly or not.

        • Northern Reb, I was already staying out of wallyworld all that I could. This incident takes more than the damned cake. It takes the damn bakery and everything damn thing else. No more wallyworld for me either. I’m not desperate. This shows you where walmart’s true loyalties really lay. They have no problem making a cake for people who are here to harm this country but won’t make one for native-born US citizens? F#$% wallyworld!

          • Braveheart:
            I did the same thing to K-Mart, stop shopping there when they got politically correct and stop selling hunting and fishing gear, and had Rosie O’Donnell as here spokes person.
            Now they are going out of business just like the mom and pop shops that they killed off.
            Them fools getting rid of all the confederate flags and clothing with the stars and bars on them that was the last straw no pun intended the cake thing put the icing on the cake. Walmart your done!!!!!
            S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

            • NR, I haven’t been in a kmart since that time either. There’s only 1 kmart left in my area and it’s only a matter of time before they close up also.

            • Yep they are owned by Sears and Rareback, now. Another group of Shitcago based libturds.

        • I understand the hate on WM, what I don’t understand is the lack of action against. If a national group formed, coordinated, and constantly caused problems you might get somewhere.
          Start creating thousands of store to store transfers and cancel after it ships.
          Go in, fill a cart with frozen food, walk over to the dog food isle, and realize you forgot your wallet at home. Leave your cart where it is to go grab your wallet, and while at home get side tracked.

          • AZclimber

            Dammit!!! Why haven’t we thought of that a long time ago. Passive aggressive mischievous civil disobedience….I love it!! Honestly we need to all start doing little things like that. Hit em where it hurts, right in the bottomline. Great ideas my friend.

            Aw shucks I can’t find my wallet….Let me leave this 470 dollars worth of frozen turkey and chicken in the warmest corner of the store while I go look for it, brb;) :0 :0 I love it.

      11. Wal-mart Is now the new company store, seen this coming years ago..

      12. Speaking of cakes, when to the Brownshirt gay fascists start their book burnings of those who dare to disagree with the gay religion?

        A few quotes for your reference, illustrating the fact:

        1. Masha Gessen admitted in a radio interview ( ) that the goal is to destroy the institution of marriage, nor become a part of it. She admits that the whole argument being made to push their agenda for equality is a lie, and what they truly seek to do is destroy traditional societal values. Here is what she recently said on a radio interview: “It’s a no-brainer that (homosexual activists) should have the right to marry, but I also think equally that it’s a no-brainer that the institution of marriage should not exist. …(F)ighting for gay marriage generally involves lying about what we are going to do with marriage when we get there — because we lie that the institution of marriage is not going to change, and that is a lie. The institution of marriage is going to change, and it should change. And again, I don’t think it should exist. And I don’t like taking part in creating fictions about my life. That’s sort of not what I had in mind when I came out thirty years ago.”

        2. Lesbian advocate Paula Ettelbrick proclaimed that, “transforming the very fabric of society… [and] radically reordering society’s view of reality” is the goal of the homosexual movement

        3. Well-known gay activist Dan Savage – tapped by Disney to assist with a 2015 production as he is a recognized spokesman for the gay community, and his H8TEful comments, including his daydreams about “f—king the s—t out of” former Sen. Rick Santorum and suggesting that another politician he opposed should be “dragged behind a pickup truck until there’s nothing left but the rope.” And one from the book-burning, Nazi Brownshirt gay sturm trooper types: “Who’s going to Walkerton, IN to burn down #memoriespizza w me?”

        4. Chai Feldblum, an LGBT rights activist and currentCommissioner of the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. In 2006, Feldblum said: Sexual liberty should win in most cases. There can be a conflict between religious liberty and sexual liberty, but in almost all cases the sexual liberty should win because that’s the only way that the dignity of gay people can be affirmed in any realistic manner.

        5. From Madsen and Kirk’s famous book: “The first order of business is desensitization of the American public concerning gays and gay rights. To desensitize the public is to help it view homosexuality with indifference instead of with keen emotion. Ideally, we would have straights register differences in sexual preference the way they register different tastes for ice cream or sports games: she likes strawberry and I like vanilla; he follows baseball and I follow football. No big deal. At least in the beginning, we are seeking public desensitization and nothing more. We do not need and cannot expect a full “appreciation” or “understanding” of homosexuality from the average American. You can forget about trying to persuade the masses that homosexuality is a good thing. But if only you can get them to think that it is just another thing, with a shrug of their shoulders, then your battle for legal and social rights is virtually won. And to get to shoulder-shrug stage, gays as a class must cease to appear mysterious, alien, loathsome and contrary. A large-scale media campaign will be required in order to change the image of gays in America. And any campaign to accomplish this turnaround should do six things.”

      13. Yall need this…

        Things a True Southerner Knows:

        The difference between a hissie fit and a conniption.
        Pretty much how many fish make up a mess.
        What general direction Cattywumpus is.
        That “gimme sugar” don’t mean “pass me the sugar.”
        That when somebody’s “fixin” to do something, it won’t be long.
        How good a cold grape Nehi and cheese crackers are at a country store.
        Ain’t nobody’s biscuits like Grandma’s biscuits!
        A good dog is worth its weight in gold.
        Real gravy don’t come from the store.
        When “by and by” is.
        How to handle their “pot likker”.
        The difference between “pert near” and “a right far piece.”
        The differences between a redneck, a good ol’ boy, and white trash.
        At one point learned what happens when you swallow tobacco juice.
        Never to assume that the other car with the flashing turn signal is actually going to make a turn.
        You may wear long sleeves, but you should always roll ’em up past the elbows.
        You should never lend your tools, pick-up, or gun to nobody.
        A belt serves a greater purpose than holding Daddy’s pants up.
        Rocking chairs and swings are guaranteed stress relievers.
        Rocking chairs and swings with an old person in them are history lessons.

        • eppe.

          Good one.

        • Eppe, I couldn’t have said that any better. I’ve always known those things but a little reminder every now and then never hurt anybody.

        • Eppe:
          AMEN BROTHER, AMEN!!!!!!!
          Damn proud to be a southerner in my heart by locked in the north for now!;-{
          S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

          • Northern Reb, we’d be glad to have you in the south if you could relocate here. Beats the hell out of IL.

            • Have any idea where I can buy confederate flags

              • ruffin flag company

            • Braveheart:
              Thanks, Yes it does. I love that part of the county. I have some land in south central Missouri.
              I’m will stand my ground here. I have made my mind up that at my age I’ll stay and fight I’m getting to old to run. I hope I can give my kids a chance to get the hell out of here.
              Plus if everyone that believes in freedom goes south they will need a rear guard so they can get there.
              I was born here and I’ll probably die here, but at lest they will know that there was one crazy a$$ Reb in Illinois.
              Thanks for the invite I do have family in Paris Tn.
              S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

        • I spent over 10 months in Biloxi. I like red gravy, beans and rice.
          I was pulled over by a RCMP officer and got off with a warning (doing 64 in a 35) because he had no idea where Harrison county, Mississippi was, I had to convince him it was in America. I love the south. I’m a really West coast guy, but I identify with the South. You haven’t been in the South till you you go to a Bar with a dirt sawdust deck, a three legged dog, the Guys and Gals sit at separate tables, and the looks they give could kill. I really like your post.

          • rellik, amen bro.
            My 56 years in outer Atlanta has been great(for the most part). If you can take the 3-4 months of heat and humidity, it’s a great place to live.
            But it has changed…
            Used to run around Atlanta proper, not any more…
            I live 60 miles out and want to get even farther out….
            But my next place is my last, plan to stay till death.

            I guess what I am trying to say is, wherever you hang your hat is home…

            Bless all here.

            • Eppe, the BOL I’m going to is far enough from Atlanta we don’t have to worry. There’s nothing in the mountains for the free shit army or any of the other scum.

              • Brave, Next run, are you close to Blairsville Ga.?
                Would be cool to meet and do lunch.

                • Eppe, I’ll be making another supply run to GA in 3 weeks. If I can work it out, it would be my pleasure.

            • Thanks for bringing a little levity to an otherwise serious as a heartattack world Eppster

              • Kula, I try…

                • Your doing great bud, thank you

        • I was privileged to have in-laws raised that way. They were wonderful people and I learned all I could….

        • You gotta love this guy…straight up! I don’t comment often but if what he has to say offense you, you should go bury your head in the sand and keep sleeping. Listening to him was like listening to my soul speak.

      14. I hate getting sucked in to topics like this, but I’ve seen it on major media all day.

        This was a scam, we all know it was a scam and the victim was the poor ignorant sap that made the cake.

        I say 2/3rd’s of the people working at this walmart couldn’t even spell ISIS, much less know their flag, hardly see how calling out ill informed people for being ill informed is a victory at all.

        • ‘Dumb’ is what destroyed America. It is tyrants’ weapon of choice. To dismiss the part played by dumbed-down Americans is even dumber.

        • I kind of agree, but if you’re going to ban hateful relics and displays, then you can’t pick just one, or you’re just showing ignorance, or spinelessness in the face of the crisis du jour.

          What will they do when the latinos insist the American flag is a symbol of hatred? Or the American Indians decry the sight of a cowboy hat?

      15. WalMart getting in bed with this corrupt federal government is why their stock is down more than 15% this year. Once a great example of free enterprise in America, WalMart is now nothing more than a government lackey selling cheap Chinese crap. Sam Walton is rolling over in his grave.
        The man ought to sue the crap out of WalMart. The gay couple that sued the bakery and won for not making their wedding cake got away with it and set precedence so this SHOULD be an easy case IF the law is going to be applied evenly to all.

        • The whole deal about the flag is just a very small, but important part to the agenda of the left/liberals.

          They see all confederate flag flyers as right wing, bible and gun toting, American Patriots.

          We, are what they want to dispose of. The US Constitution and Bill of Rights was written by people like us. That is why they want to dispose of it too.

          What they don’t realize is that we will fight to the death to preserve our bibles and guns. The main thing they don’t realize is that God has billions of Angels that will fight with us.

          That is why we are told to “not fear he who can kill your flesh body, but He who can kill your spirit body and soul.”

      16. Our fricken pos president and the corrupt and worthless supreme court is a fucking joke. They have pushed our buttons too far with the flags to this gay marriage over everyone and not the states judgment. Once they get to our guns and try to ban our Ar-15’s and Ak-47’s it going to be over and not for us. They are just people nothing more. They have mobs that protect them and should not. This is out of control. Until we get our country back and come together and demand justice with anger and all of us things will only decline. So I guess we just sit back and let them keep cutting away at our limbs until we are dead. When are we going to react and start protesting or whatever it takes to end this fucking madness.

        • clinthospo

          We are like the fox that is caught in a conibear leg trap. It must chew its leg off to be free.

        • Protesting assumes you are dealing with human beings. Democrats and progressives are not human. They are a waste of your time. Prep and pray for their souls. God loves them, but for the life of me I can’t understand why.

          • I know what you mean they are a waste of our time dems/progressives. It just hurts to see us have to accept this crap and I know protesting does nothing but I vision and only vision in my mind 10,000 people rushing DC demanding repeal of this crap and cause major eruptions until it gets changed back to the laws of the land and follow the constitution and not elected supreme court paid off bastards swinging either left or right due to their party and not the law of the constitution. we need something big to happen by millions of us before things change and that will not happen and people will not come together so I guess we prep and lay low until they come for every single one of us. pretty sad.

        • Clinthospo, I’ll give them hot lead before they can ever get near me. someone will cut your limbs off only if they can get close enough to you. Bullets work wonders on scum.

        • Clint, watch em make us all buy gun insurance!
          Screw em never do it

      17. Its starting early. Greece and Puerto Rico are going broke,stock market collapsing,supreme court going nuts…were done! Latest decision is now illegal aliens can’t be asked for citizenship papers when registering to vote. Their vote cancels yours!

      18. Its Simple…BOYCOTT WAL MART I used to go there once a month or so. But so much is available other places and on-line No need to EVER go back.

        • Arby I agree with you on that, im going to stop going there and start going to target now. Regardless of the business on the flip side of this, one person’s decision can impact the other 1000’s of stores. So if one manager at the Wal-Mart says we wont do it and many of the other stores will it gives that business a bad rep to all of them. Too bad it wasn’t that way but could be a policy handed down by the big wigs to stop doing or carrying certain items. I know some walmarts stopped carrying guns and others still sell them. Believe me not defending Wal-Mart at all just making a small point overall for some people to think about or ponder on. Wal-Mart is nothing but Chinese crap and sick of their crap. I do believe they do put harmful chemicals in things to soft kill us. I really do believe that. You know who I hate more than anything else. The little hockey puck dick in the white house.

      19. I have never been to walmart , I’ve seen the video freaks of Walmart and that’s enough to keep me from ever going there. Why would anyone buy the junk all of those stores sell like Walmart, miejers, costco. They are all the same. I went to a large grocery store and the people lay on the cart handles buying fat food, friggging pigs. These place only stay in biz beacause of the welfare checks. . Why I’m at it, why do men feel the need to lay on the counter at the auto parts, no shit , watch the next time your there, the guy that goes to the counter and lays on the counter, with shorts on, and frigging tennis shoes, like he’s going to the beach, instead of standing straight up like a man..bums ,fat ass bums

        • I often lean on the counter at the auto stores to look at the screen. I can which part is actually the lowest price and try to avoid the errors the salesman sometimes make. Some of them arent too bright.

      20. I wouldn’t buy, order nor eat a cake that was made by the unwashed masses at Walmart-PERIOD! The only reason I would walk in Walmart is to check on ammo.

        • PO’d Patriot, no more wallyworld for me, period! Not even for ammo. I always buy my ammo elsewhere, whenever I can find it. There’s another gun show in my area July 25-26. I can just wait and make a nice big purchase there if necessary.

          • Re: POP 10/4 on that. Sure hope someone posts that video on Farce Book. I would but I do not have a Farce Book account, closed it a LONG time ago.

          • I hear you bh. I buy the bulk of mine from Palmetto State or The Armory (Va.) I did pick up some recently from Natchez. I just stop into WM when I feel like paying cash. One thing I’ll say about Tenn.(eastern), they ain’t shy about having gun shows. I’d be ammo poor as they have a gun show ’bout once a week in Knoxville.

            • We live for gun shows! Lol

      21. Ever wonder where ‘political correctness’ came from? If you guessed ‘a bunch of lunatics,’ well, you aren’t off by much, if at all.

      22. Don’t forget to stock up on some firecrackers and smoke bombs- I figure a bottle rocket over the heads of the roaming dog packs by the trash heaps oughta scare ’em, maybe some Black Cats on a long cigarette fuse as a diversion.

        Different colored smoke bombs for signals, also for after dark to cloud up nightvision and lazers.
        Air rockets and sparklers for signals, night vision deterent, or distraction at night.
        Oh yeah, fresh pepper spray for the crazed Rottweilers.

      23. This has got to be the most insane crap I have ever seen with my own two eyes in a long time..Walmart bakers baking isis cakes to sell to jihadist and their supporters. And agency azz clowns come on here tying to intimidate me, talk?g crap. Its as if we are living in a f…king nightmare. I am on convinced that we are going to have a second revolutionary war, it’s enevitable.. there is the cake in the video and it’s real. And walmart who is working with Jade Helm 15 AI to take out patriot groups..everything I have read is true, David Hodges in right on the money. The agency idoets who come on here trying to quell is down, it’s not working, your going to take crap now?. So now we have gays getting married with their butt…slamming buddies. Idoetic Agency azz clowns are on here telling me that I an having issues with women..whats wring with this picture as we witness the literal homosexualization of America. All over the Internet, I kept seeing faggots frenching others fags,…Bruce Jenner get his dick chopped off and the trend accelerates. Next it’s people marrying animals and trees.

        • Got to agree with you here. This PC bullshit is long past getting old. Dogs and cats living together……..

      24. I can’t understand, that any proud, red blooded American still patronize Wall Mart ???
        Is there any left ???

        • Some do, I still get canned goods there, saving money on the pantry preps. Also motor oil, filters, and such things for maintaining the trickster. Christmas lights are 20% less there. Household staples are worth the trip, the same brands cost less.

          I’d buy ammo, but the clerks are selling it on the side to their buddies.

      25. I’m guessing the Wal Mart baker had no idea what an ISIS flag was. I ordered a cake from Wal MArt and “Happy” was spelled wrong. I wouldn’t get all worked up over the ISIS flag cake.

      26. Cutting your nose off to spite your face?

        Talking about boycotting. Most of the crap at EVERY STORE is from China or overseas manufacture. If we believe we are going to get something bad in the future. Why not take advantage of the money savings to prepare ourselves. Using the saved money to buy other items we need. Get the stuff while you can. The whole country is going down the shit pipe. I buy what I can, where I can.
        Dealing with the nations “Company Store” is a real pain, but you get to look at what society has become over the years. It’s Raw footage.
        So get your stuff together first and then boycott the hell out of them.

        • About a month ago I was buying some canned fruit at Walmart and grabbed a can of the store brand. The back of the can said PRODUCT OF CHINA! I nearly vomited. I couldn’t believe they would sell canned fruit from China! That was the last straw for me. So to any of you who still shop at Walmart check the label very good.

      27. You bunch of politically correct cry babies. Wal-Mart is a private business in a market economy. They can choose to sell, or not sell, whatever they perceive to be in their best business interests. What would you an have done? Big gubment tell Wally World what they can and cannot sell? You people sound like a bunch of Obamaite commies.

      28. Varoufakis Confirms Greece Will Default To IMF Today

        ht tp://

        The Mood On The Ground In Greece: “Some Have Raised The Prospect Of Civil War”

        ht tp://

      29. “TO THE BAT CAVE”

      30. The RULES aren’t made by the constitution or logic or morality or ethics. The RULES are made by self interested people who have the guns and are willing to use them. Any other discussions are just mental exercise speculating about how many angels are on the head of a pin.

      31. There’s a woman, who is a courthouse clerk somewhere in Tx who refused to issue marriage licenses to the gays and now the nut jobs have been calling for anything for a stoning, a burning, or other nasty things to happen to this woman on social media.

        So damn glad I got myself and my family out of the city and up into the mountains away from the hell that’s about to descend upon our nation.


      33. Americans would throw the Constitution (and sovereignty) under the bus just as fast as they did the Confederate States of America’s flag this week. They are too stupid and brainwashed to realize that they are looking at Federal tyranny just like the Southern States did. At least Americans in the South had the guts to fight it.

      34. When I first heard this I thought they were kidding.
        This just goes to show just how stupid the non-prepper is.

        They have no idea what the hell is going on and what is coming. This reminds me of the movie THE ROAD. When TSHTF they will be the hunted because, the Zombies will be eating them. Or they will see some muslime turds driving down their street waving their muslime flag and they will think it is a parade.

        As far as my STARS AND BARS it is hanging High and Proud.
        I also just bought two more.

        My computer crash after a lighting storm a couple a days ago. I’m using a computer of one of my Prepper friends. Hoping to have it fix sometime next week.


      35. Sarge, do you mean the battle flag or the “stars and bars” (first natl. flag of the confederacy)? Stars and Bars have a blue field with stars in a circle, upper left side of flag, and three bars, red, white, red.

        • “P”
          Battle Flag! With a Snake on it that has “DON’T TREAD ON ME”!
          This pisses me off so much I’m ready for a fight!!!

      36. Ah-Oh!

        Be Very Afraid!

        FBI Setting up Command Centers Around U.S. IN CASE of 4th of July ISIS Terror Attacks

        This is getting more and more obvious….with JH…..

        Fox News reported Monday evening on Special Report that the FBI is setting up command centers around the country to prepare for possible terror attacks on the Fourth of July holiday weekend.

        *the TRAITOROUS f*cking Zog FBI is WORSE than the Zog Al-CIA-Duh!

        never trust the FBI!

        • Sure, God forbid they should try and be prepared for such things, must be Jews behind such evil planning, right?

          And if something does occur, it will be the Zionist Jew-created ISIS behind it, right? Or is it CIA-controlled Al Qaeda riding in Chinese Communist tanks in Iowa?

          Be sure and keep us all clear on this, it can get confusing sometimes. The fluoride did that to us, you know, so we welcome your ability to cut to the heart of all the ills of the world by pointing at a Jew.


          • Smokey
            Like you I’m not afraid.

            Going out to Mt. Rushmore this week end.

            If some Son-Of-A-Bitch tries anything out there, and I can stop it. That turd will see Jesus and find out he was wrong, and burn that same day.

            Like you I think there is just as many christians (small c intended), jews, and atheist in the NWO. I don’t believe that one group out numbers the other group by very many. They are all sons of the DEVIL.

            • Mt. Rushmore is such a great place to see. Decades of toil built it, I think not a single Gov’t dime was spent, it was one family and thousands of donations of money and labor, if I recall correctly.

              If you can spend some time along the river, do that, lots of wildlife, or used to be.

          • Thanks smokey.

          • smoke i strongly suggest you do the research on previous zogfalseflags, before you go calling someone a ma’roon ya’ dumbass.

            you will notice the zog fbi had pre-staged resources and scheduled multiple exercises in the surrounding area prior to most if not all of them.

            dumb dumb dum dumb!

      37. I’m not from the south and I have never lived in the south, but I recognize the Confederate Flag’s history as the symbol of a new nation at the time. It is the flag of a captured nation. It deserves to be seen.

        • The original Stars and Stripes in 1776 was the banner of a treasonous lot of seditious slave owners, too. Racist white Yankees served under it, as well. Our first Presidents were all slave owners.

          We need to remove the flag from all public property, and design a new rainbow-type banner in keeping with the true intent of our founders, demand an apology and reparations from all whites, north and south, and replace the portraits on our currency and coinage with something acceptable to the NAACP and guilty liberals.

          Only then will we finally be free of racism in this country.

          Or so says the current wave of idiots.

      38. I wonder if I can get a beheading cake?

      39. I wonder if I can get a beheading cake. Maybe one that says: “Celebrate Clitorectomy!!” or “Sharia Now!”

      40. PO Patriot, i am starting to like your comments. Now you see whats happening. I know that i get a little intense at times. What is sick frickin society. This current gay, fag and isis trend with Walmart baking isis cakes is really pushing the envelope.

        Now the rat bastards are building shopping malls in bad areas and having retail store outlets in them, to use a kidnap and capture operations in all the major cities. I predict a day i tell you my shtf-effers, that i can see literlly 100,000’s of thousands of pissed off militia, veterans literally uprising by around the Novermber time frame. I cant see it getting any better. I remember last year November rigth up on here on Hwy 6, i happen to see this large military cammo truck with lagre wheels, with 4 muslims with huge long bairds, all talking I-phones parked right next to me in traffic. I almost called the cops. They did not fit in as in the normal cars driving down the street. Something is really taking place and i am not going to talk myself out of it. Agency azz clowns are on this site daily trying to turn us against each other and its not going to work. I choose this website to post on because it maintains the torque unlike anything i have every read and belive that is litreally the sh….t. So when i talk to real ligitimate sources such as scientist who are best friends with Guest of people like Steve Quayle, Doug Hagmann, Hawk, and David Hodges and have access to meet these types, i am going to post what i know on this site to let other take thier preps serious, and prepare for the up coming hell that will be unleashed. Now we are hearing that the Pope “ceasar” is coming to address congress. This type of stuff is not a figment of over active minds. I am preparing for the end game. How can someone like me 2 1/2 yrs ago almost starved to death in my city, and being homeless, yet it happened to me. Such and situation. I am not embarrased about what happend to me because it was due to my ignorance at the time believing that eveything was okay, that the government cares about its people, they dont give a rats azz about me and you. I then learned the hard way. My education process was very rapid, none the less.


        If a calapse happens, what these ideotic people in these fusion centers and nsa dont know, is that they are being paid to intimate us on this site and they are not prepping themselves. Based on what i know about Nibiru and the coming engineered calapse, Jade Helm 15, etc. the survival of the American people will be no more that 3-5 million max. My scientist friend told me that his scientist friend told him that the cause of this mass death will be from bio weapons, starvation, violence and gun shot wounds, environmental changes from the planets passing, Meteor bombardments on a mass scale, your name it. Like Sarge said earlier, we are heading to the ROAD, thats where this heading. Only the preppers like us survive. Fat grotesk preppers will find themselves getting protection from preppers like myself anyday. I will work with them, for them and with them to help them survive and they will help me. Everyday people are really in deep sh….t and they have no idea that when the store runs out of food thats it. I am told that from the moment you see people lining up outside the banks, run, get out to the safe areas, in 4 days its all out war, the military will have to fire on the people who are coming at them, and they the military who are being told the wrong things, that belive it, will fire on the people. I was told that our entire cities will be turned into a battlefield. Folks i have bad news and its not looking good. Really read what i have been posting, its real. All of you ideots who post on here attacking me daily, you are wasting you time calling me drug user, pill taker, etc. You have lost this info war, your wasting time fools. Walmarts are baking isis cakes., the govenment and the United Nations is a muslim organization and muslims have taken over the US govenment and they have purged over 250 generals and captains, and these are statistical facts of life that is not debatable. No addressing this fact head on will not save my life, by being scared and worrying about who reading what i am typing, i will not abandon my peers on this site, i am here to stay, till the cabal takes down the grid.


        And “jimbo, the agency azz clown” who is taking crap to me, if you need to know what i look like, see that red neck in that video above, except that i am a bit more muscular. Poeple that look like me are not afraid of little chi-com girls like you. Piss off the American white man, and its war. 75% of battlefield casualties is the result of soldiers panicking and loosing mental strenght in the battlefield. In other words mental breakdown. ” On Combat” The 135-147 range heartrate is the flight or fight range. I have been in the range many a times, and i dont run. Hey Jimbo prick, faggot, i have talked to veterans, vietnam types, ex special forces.


        I have been in fights, i have had a ni….g …r thugS try to rob me, pulled A knife on me tried to take my car, ONLY TO RUN WHEN HE REALIZED WHAT I WAS ABOUT TO DO. I am still standing and still typing, Jimbo, you might as well change your handle and take another shot at it again, you have failed miserably fag boy. You ever saw that i look like you would turn and run. You think you can come on here and scare me you little prick, nice try. Good by Jimbo, you knew it wasnt going to last long, let see what handle you will choose for your next attack.

        • Nutboy,

          Same handle as before. Like I said, I’ll bet you’re a 12 year old kid in your momma’s basement trying to project an image from your favorite tv show. I like your line, ” my scientist friend talked to HIS scientist friend who knows a guy that once met a guy who drove a cab with Dave Hodges in it and HE said”…. Like I asked you before, but for some reason you rant about everything but this, I’ll ask you again. What type of office is it exactly that you work in? Even the mail room delivery boy has to have better comprehension of reading and writing than you, so the only possibility that leaves is you must be the janitor. And, ever faithfully, your childish display of ranting and raving can only belie the fact that you’re a product of several generations of inbreeding, and that’s not an attack, it’s simply the truth.

      41. Passinthewind… You have been brainwashed to hate those unlike yourself. You come across as a psychopath like most self called “Christians” who think they know everything and are just without fault. You use childish slander names to make your point. I’d say you are the one in fairyland. There is nothing godly or godlike in your words. Just more mindless judgment.

        • Haven’t been brainwashed by or for anything. I have been conditioned to spot evil and liberalism, which in 99.99% of cases, are two in the same.

          I could care less that you think i use childish slander. Like i said before, I am not a preacher and never intend on being one. I am unique that i was created the way I am by a loving God.

          If I had about fifteen minutes of your time, face to face, you would see what kind of words I would use on you, and I guarantee you would not be calling them childish.

          And, FYI, I can back up those words with action, if need be.
          So lucky for you, you get off with just “childish slander”, for now.

          BTW, I appreciate the vote of confidence, H/C/K/shtf.

          I can tell, you are a warrior as well, not a wussie whimp like aljamo.

          Praise the Lord and pass the taters!

          • pwtw,,

            You ain’t no warrior there chief. You’s an old man with diabetes who talks out of his ass. Me thinks you’re full o’ shit there preacher, ya’ll talk big on the net’cause you know you can and never have to prove jack shit. Any asshole who says slavery wasn’t evil is one stupid sum bitch so stfu preacher.

      42. Aljamo, Passinwithewind is and established poster 100%. I have read many of his post and he is not agency azz clown material like your self. You are nothing more than and agency azz clowwn. See the the next thread Mac just posted, i highly recomend that you stock up on food.,your loving government will not be coming by your apartment or house delivery food and looking our for your safety, nor will you Jade Helm 15 buddies. They are busy blowing up school walls practising kidnaping of peoples children for post shtf pedofiles supply and demand. You have total un adultered sh…t for brains.

      43. Cant have any symbols against tyranny floating around can we? 😉 Long may the Southern battle flag wave,may she outlive her detractors!

      44. bottom line is and Im not gonna sugar coat this is that if the south had won the war against northern aggression we wouldn’t be having this conversation right now because we wouldn’t have our yankee ass noses in everyone else’s business and we would be more concerned abut our country than the jackasses that inhabit the desert half a world away but I guess we can’t change history we can only repeat it.

      45. Enough of this crap!
        I just closed my “Walmar Card” account and I am now shopping at locally owned grocery stores.

        • You should have done that a long time ago.

      46. Grow up and have a look around. Before the stars and bars the stars and stripes represented a slaver republic just as the stars and stripes represented a jim crow republic after and the industrial prison complex of today. The god damn notion that the republic stands for justice and democracy depends on what level of the hierarchy your living at. The myth that the USA was ever an egalitarian set up is a bad joke all the working classes, from doctors and lawyers to shoe shine boys, have swallowed hook line and sinker. Better grow up and write something of importance while you still can!

      47. Screw the PC dong sucking dictates of big box retailers!

        Local small bakeries should take advantage of this national niche market and offer with a simple sign to make ANY cake. Maybe some entrepreneur can start a nationwide service to provide such baked goods and call it ‘Incorrect Cakes’.

        There are solutions here. After all, ‘Big Box’ retailers are not the end-all regarding consumer demand.

      48. I wonder if he ended up eating that ISIS cake. It didn’t look too appetizing. I’m like who’d eat a green cake.

        A bright red confed cake – now that woulda looked tastier.

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