Buyer Beware: Do You Really Think Your Retirement Money Will Be There When You Need It?

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    The crash that shook the world in 2008 and wiped away some 40% of America’s wealth hasn’t stopped people from blindly investing their hard-earned money into new and improved Wall Street devised money-making schemes. Last year the total of U.S. retirement assets hit a record $20.8 Trillion and included investment vehicles like individual retirement accounts, government pension plans, and private-sector defined benefit plans.

    A significant portion of that money has been invested into stock markets, much of it in the form of 401k retirement plans to which America’s workers send cash blindly on a monthly basis. What’s mind boggling about this is that the overwhelming majority of people who have a 401k account have absolutely no idea how much they are paying in exchange for the privilege of having their money “invested” for them by their financial manager.

    In the following micro-documentary Future Money Trends investigates America’s 401k scheme, and how investors are being scammed from every angle and set up for total failure by their government.

    Do you really think your retirement money will be there when you need it?

    (Watch at Youtube)

    During the 1920’s boom just 3% of Americans owned stock…

    After the law for 401k’s went into effect on January 1st, 1980 the participation from the American public soared… and so did the fees Wall Street collected…

    By 2006, it peeked at 64%… Wall Street had truly found the perfect cash cow who was willing to buy blindly every single month without question.

    Talk to anyone who has a 401K and they won’t be able to tell you the fees, the investments they are in, or how much they can expect to have when they are in their 60’s.

    At best they will be able to recall that they checked the box ‘High Risk, High Return’ or ‘Conservative,’ you know, like holding Treasury Bonds… which is literally lending money to the most bankrupt institution on planet earth.

    Buyer Beware.

    In essence, as an investor you are “lending” your money to these institutions (including Wall Street and the U.S. government) via your 401k, but you have no idea of the terms of the lending agreement.

    First, Wall Street collects their “fair share” of fees amounting to some $77 billion annually, essentially shaving that much money right off the top of your investments and stuffing it into their own pockets. They are wolves, with no other goal then to put as much money in their pockets as possible before the bottom falls out. The success of your investment is the furthest thing from their minds.

    Second, and perhaps even more alarming, is that the government has started to move into the private retirement market, just like they did with health care. They’ve already begun pitching Americans on why they can manage your investment better than the private sector via MyIRA accounts, but they won’t stop there. With so much money in play, our bankrupt government will have no choice but to utilize the trillions of dollars held in these retirement accounts to fund their outrageous spending. What that means is that, in the future, you can fully expect your funds to be seized and redistributed to those ‘less fortunate.’

    And if outright re-appropriation isn’t politically expedient, then they’ll simply tax your retirement gains so heavily that you’ll be left with nothing but lint in your pocket.

    Share the wealth, remember?

    We’re not suggesting you shouldn’t invest your money into healthy dividend earning companies, but insofar as 401k’s are concerned the investments are structured to take as much money out of your pocket as possible.

    Buyer beware, because we’re talking about your long-term retirement – the money you’ll depend on to be there when you need it most.


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      1. I’ve thought about this before.The problem I see is if they try it then they would have to sell stocks and bonds to convert to cash which at any large scale would crash the markets.I guess they could try and use the accounts as collateral but who would give them the money ?

        • I invested my money on preps and my kids and both of these will take care of me in my old age.

          • An out-of-the-way little piece of property with a good micro-climate, good soil, and trees might be the best investment anyone can make. Finding that property is the hard part.

            • The financial markets are like a Twinkie:

              There is nothing “real” or nutritious about it. It’s manufactured garbage.

              Everything about the financial markets is garbage manufactured by the government and it’s banksters.

              If America is to overcome this pestilence, a new paradigm must be achieved; one that excludes central banking and its “fractional reserve” modus operandi.

              Patriots like to talk about “free market” choices on this thing or that, but when it comes to the creation/definition of “money,” the vast majority see no problem with a government monopoly on “money!”

              Why on earth would anyone accept a government/banker (criminals) monopoly on money???

              • Howdy, YMWW. I agree about the financial markets being garbage. I saw things like this coming back in the 90s and first realized even then I’ll never be able to retire, that I’ll be working til’ I drop dead. Never invested a dim e into any 401k or stocks or bonds or any of that crap. I just invest into survival supplies, the things I know will keep me alive. I also agree we need to eliminate the fed and ‘fractional reserve’ banking if this country is to have a chance at revival.

                • I wish all of us preppers which we all have different skills could just move into a large property area somewhere in the midwest or even utah,south dakota,iowa etc and build and have a community which we run it with common sense and no taxes and business barter trade and help others to a point but not make deadbeats. Wish that could happen and greed would never be allowed within our system or a monopoly. Cops? who needs cops or judges when we take care of our own with common sense and punishment within and treatable and real help for people that need it.

                  • People would be shooting each other inside of a week. That is human nature and judging by some of the posts on this site quite a few less than humans post here. It is however a nice thought that you have. It just won’t work.

                  • This could not happen with us humans the way we are today, but we can evolve. The next step in our evolution is staring us in the face. Grasp on to it and ride the wave.

                  • John W. says:

                    “It just won’t work.”

                    History is replete with examples of humans coming together to form just and free societies!

                    It doesn’t have to be this way!

                    It’s this way because of the “State.”

                    It’s this way because of “Politics.”

                    It’s this way because “central banking” and the “fractional reserve” model feed the madness.

                    It’s this way because, through politics, the worst of the worst game this system and get on top.

                    It’s this way because, through politics, the worst of the worst work to control and subjugate everybody else.

                    It’s this way because Americans have forgotten their god given right to be free!

                    It doesn’t have to be this way.

                  • Good idea – The good Lord had that one as well and unfortunately Adam screwed it up.

                • @ braveheart. Retirement? You are correct those are just numbers that can be erased instantly. People that have hard assets, precious metals, stored supplies, firearms and ammo, etc. truly have retirement security. CRAP, this is so true what stocks are. I don’t see how any person could not see gold, platinum, or silver coins, bars, or loose pieces in front of them and not say that this is REAL MONEY. That phantom money in stocks is just numbers, it is a promisary note that can bew burned up so quickly. Even property at least you can touch and feel. You can’t even touch a 401K, it is only numbers on a piece of paper or a computer screen. I sure would never feel secure with this. There is no common sense left.

                  • BI, good evening, my friend and once again I must agree. In my mind, the only SURE THINGS in investments are in storable foods, water, water purification items, medical supplies, alternative sources of light and heat, camping supplies, heavy-duty clothing with extra underwear and socks [ESPECIALLY FOR WINTER], firearms, ammunition, gun cleaning supplies, etc. Those are the things that guarantee SURVIVAL AND ARE WHERE I INVEST MY LEFTOVER MONEY. MY INVESTMENTS PROVIDE ME WITH A ‘DIVIDEND’ KNOWN AS ‘PEACE OF MIND’, KNOWING I LIVE IN THE REAL WORLD, AM AWARE AT WHAT IS AT STAKE IN THIS NATION, AND BEING PREPARED FOR ADVERSE SITUATIONS AT ALL TIMES. I TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR MY OWN WELL-BEING AND DO FOR MYSELF. THAT’S HOW I WAS RAISED. I DON’T SPONGE OFF ANYONE’S TAX DOLLARS. I’M NOT A LEACH. Sorry for the all caps, but sometimes I do get worked up over these articles.

                • In Business 101 we learned about common stock and preferred stock and how you would invest in a company and become a share holder and get paid dividends and the stock value would grow over time and everybody would be happy. B.S.!

                  Somebody figured out that you could make more money as a bookie, trader or traitor using other people’s money and not caring if they lost as long as you made yours in the transactions. Then someone found out you could short the stock and make money if it goes down actually hoping for failure for a selfish win. Then someone found out that you could bet on up or down with out owning anything or even bet on interest rates in the derivatives world all using leverage meaning money you don’t have to start with. (At least with casino gabling you are expected to use your money.) Now the latest thing is to have a faster computer than the standards in the system so you can see what’s going to be bought and jump in ahead of that micro trend and make a small amount times millions of sneaky firsts. And they say it’s legal!

                  It is all F__ed up. And the poor working man with a 401K is bending over and smiling because they tell him, ” Look you made money last year.” “Don’t worry that we made a hell of a lot more, It’s our f__ing system and we need you to keep playing in it.”

                • you are now on our (s)hit list

                • Pilgrims did it. Thanks to them.

              • here is an interesting link to a Charlie rose interview of Michael lewis. they go over the scam of wall street, in accordance of high speed trades. it’s lengthy about 54 minutes, but up to you how much you can bear’ to hear.


              • YMWW: Wrong again!!! LMAO! The financial markets are like a Twinkie but without the sweet cream filling.

                All markets are manipulated; which is why I don’t participate in them. And I do not have an IRA either, so that someone else can control my money. Pensions are the next scam. Control your own destiny even if it means burying your retirement plan in the back yard.

                Speaking of money the only thing worse than having OUR government determine what is money and what is a commodity; would be allowing a private company to determine and control OUR money.

                Oh, wait! That’s what the FEDERAL RESERVE is; a private company controlling OUR money. WE do not need a middle man between US and OUR money. Kill the FED and destroy the New World Order.

                WE are the government people.

                WE are responsible for OUR government which uses OUR money to enrich themselves and OUR defense forces to spread their globalism around the world at the barrel of a gun. Guns that WE have bought and paid for.

                Engage your employees or be enslaved by them one tax at a time. 🙁

                BTW, that 40% decline in wealth belonged to the Middle Class, not the one percent. Their wealth has been untouched by the last Recession.

                One more point. My sources tell me that a major bank is about to shutter a number of ancillary businesses associated with the financial and commodities markets.

                They had PLANNED to do it in November, but conditions, such as they are, they are retreating to retail banking now. I can’t tell you which one, so that no one shorts the stock, but it will be announced soon I am sure with a serious layoff in Chicago. Its a defensive move. Make one of your own. 🙁

            • Your comment is very thoughtful; I agree finding a secure place maybe the best investment anyone can make.

              In my opinion food security maybe our priority, followed bye equally important personal security.

              Speaking for myself: it’s hard to determine just how bad a collapse is coming. Even a great depression type collapse will still allow for some type of commonality within our society.

              A road warrior type collapse is something that most of us can not imagine.

              My fear is we maybe closer to a road warrior type collapse than we realize.

              Just my 2cents.

            • “Finding that property is the hard part.”

              You are right about that – I’ve been looking for two years…!

            • “An out-of-the-way little piece of property with a good micro-climate, good soil, and trees might be the best investment anyone can make. Finding that property is the hard part.”

              Yes, great idea! And not as hard as you might think if you are willing to buy property that is both off the paved roads and off the grid. Try North Georgia, eastern Tennessee, rural Alabama or North Florida. Email some real estate agents and tell them that you are looking for an old farmstead. They are out there and you can get away for maybe a thousand dollars an acre for a twenty acre piece. My experience is that building your own cabin on site is OK, but if I were doing it again, I would either pre-fab everything while still living in in town, or more likely, buy a used mobile home and have it hauled to the property.

          • 401K would be a good name for a suppository,

            not so good for a retirement account.

            • And would those come in sizes?

              – Sorta Uncomfortable
              – Really Uncomfortable
              – WTF?

              Or in obamas case,

              – Ha! what was that?
              – Oh! that’s nice!
              – and Dang Mooshell, That Hurts!

              • Yeah — it hurts so nice,

                pull it out DEEPER.

                • OutWest

                  Looks like you hurt some feelings. Isn’t “pull in out DEEPER” an old Barry Manilow song?

                  • Yeah Wrong

                    It seems as though some that visit
                    this site think high on emotion and
                    low on fact. Their problem, not mine.

            • You mean 201K? It’s worth about 1/2 what most people put into it.

            • Biggest problem is not knowing what the tax rate will be when you start cashing out. Many people who were in index funds the last three years have done quite well what the next year will bring is any ones guess. The best thing would have been to start doing a ROTH at a young age or have bought real estate in coastal Ca. back in the early sixties. Then life is good.

              • I can tell you what the tax rate is. I cashed out my 401K and Uncle Sugar took 25%. The reality is that my take away dollars are worth much more today in terms of tangible goods than they would be if I waited until…?(when)

                Preppers should be the first to wake up and cash out of these digital plans. I watched my 401K lose 15% of its “Value” in 3 days in 2005. The digital dollars you’re hoping to get in the future don’t exist. When the paper is worthless what good will it be?

          • 401k was a scam from the get go to make the guy on the street put their hard earned money into the stock market so it could be gamed away over time without them noticing it, and to make accessing it difficult.

            Earn your FRNs and use them to buy things for the future. The perfect saving/retirement account is all the basics you will need to use for the rest of your life.

            In other words, prepping with necessities is the best retirement plan.

            • For those that have been in the markets, have you noticed the same phenomena as I. That is in mere minutes, on my tiny home computer, one can set up an account and confirm funds transfer.

              Yet it is uncanny how damn long it takes when one clicks “sell +send proceeds to me”. Interestingly it is alway a few cents LESS and days to weeks before funds are in the fence post bank. Commissions, account fees, up front fees, end fees, management fees, paper disposal fees, global warming surcharge, BO’s vacation fund tax, coffee fees, fee for collecting fees, etc…AUUGGHHH!!!!

              Ahhh, a few cents surrendered on every account to the banksters times millions of accounts and BINGO more dough for the big guys.

              Every time I have to do anything with “investments” and “banks”, I feel that ole military BOHICO (Bend Over Here It Comes) effect.

              We are all being wiped clean with the 401k, IRA “must do” or be taxed EVEN MORE. Yet at 66 years old, I could have bought mountain goat farm land 40 years ago, and the value would be absolutely higher than the crap sold with nothing but time as the manager.

              Hey MOOCHELLE, enjoying those $8,400/night suites?

              • They do the same thing on Ebay, they hold onto the money for a couple of days before it goes into your account so they can make money off the interest. Shady SOB’s we are dealing with. I wish we could all start off fresh and start our own honest investment firms and honest business which people don’t get greedy. guess the bible is right, greed turns people into evil. We just need each other and what is ours on this earth. Don’t dwell on people that have it all, it feels better to be with people alike, just like on here. I get a good feeling when we all have things in common. Some on here don’t really care they just like to start crap or you have the government paid people to read the articles and report on people who are anti -government. I say to you, why would you try and get us into trouble when your Obama is destroying you and me. Why don’t you do your job and defend this nation instead of letting bastards ruin it with greed.

            • Yo GC –

              Many of those retiring these days who once felt ‘fortunate’ to have one of those company funded pension plans (promises) are having to face the reality of just how screwed they actually are.

              The once prosperous Acme Widget Co. that Bubba worked for all his life had recently fallen on hard times and were no longer really profitable. Also, Acme Widget HADN’T fully funded this pension plan. So when Acme Widget gets sold to a major holding company; Bubba gets a letter informing him that his supposedly secure pension is only worth 40% of what he had thought it to be. Better get busy figuring out how, at this late stage in your life, you are going to replace that 60% of the pension you were counting on.

              We are ALL so seriously screwed that I have to laugh in order to keep from crying. The whole Ponzi scheme of Social Security, Medicare, company funded pensions, 401k and IRA, Military & Government Pensions, etc. is about to come crashing down. The PTB have over promised, and put off funding their promises until it is now too late.

              We do indeed live in interesting times.

              • I know some folks who had their pensions and medical completely yanked out from under them when the company they had worked for got shut down and bankrupted.
                Anything you are depending on from anywhere other than in your hands is not secure.

            • Do you ever have a positive thought? There are a lot of people living quite well off of investments where they did not have a gamblers mentality started at an early age and stuck with it. There is a video on u-tube where it shows how two thousand a year can yield 57,000 a year for seventeen years. It is only recently that the stock market has been turned into a casino and actually in many ways it is better than ever because the days of the in and out traders and stocks crashing on the least bad news are gone.

              • JOHN – Gotta link to that vid ?

              • Who in the hell has seventeen years John? Shirley, you jest.

                And don’t call me Shirley!


          This obliteration of the right to due process and a fair hearing in a court of law, along with the mass surveillance that has abolished our right to privacy, will be the legal foundation of our militarized, corporate state. Judge Forrest warned in her 112-page opinion that whole categories of Americans could, under this law, be subject to seizure by the military…

          Once arbitrary and indefinite detention by the military is lawful, the government will use it. If we do not win this case, all those deemed to be hostile or critical of the state, including some Muslims, journalists, dissidents and activists, will find themselves under threat…

          This law, if it is not struck down, will essentially replace our civilian judiciary with a military one. Those targeted under this law will not be warned beforehand that they will be arrested. They will not have a chance to get a lawyer. They will not see the inside of a courtroom. They will simply vanish.

          • Hitler advised would-be-dictators that you need to take away the peoples’ rights little by little, so the people won’t fight back… and it looks like TPTB are following his advice to a “T”.

        • I’ve let our auto insurance lapse/cancel for a couple months before… Boom! $612 for preps… Don’t tell the wife…

          • When you do not pay your premiums, does that not put you in a higher bracket or something..and then the ins. company asks if you are insured or have been insured?/
            Something like that??

            • Car crash and a fifty thousand dollar liability lawsuit that you lose against you. Not the best strategy if you have any wealth to protect. There goes all your preps and maybe your home. Liens on your assets.

              • And they don’t come back for the months you skipped? Sounds like a berry bad idea to me.. I’d tell your wife if I knew her.

                • I think there’s a thirty-day grace period with most insurance companies. You will have to make up the payments, but I’d talk to my insurance agent to see what can be done. Goodness knows that in this economy, they’ve heard it before. The agency wants to keep your business because they make most of their income on renewals. Good luck. We’ve all been there!

                • John W.

                  There is a BIG difference between winning a judgment and collecting a judgment.

                  Rich people can be sued, but judgments never collected, because they have everything in a trust (or two or three or four). Smart poor people take the same precautions to protect their property from the corp and it’s courts.

                  If you drive safely, you will not have an “accident” unless it is someone elses fault. If you are irresponsible, then pay fair restoration for the injury you cause.

                  The courts only rule and have power over the corps property, as assigned to your particular fiction. If you have nothing registered to YOU, there is nothing they can collect no matter how much you have in a trust that is not YOU. Nor can they sue the trust to collect what the courts say YOU owe.

                  Furthermore, insurance is by nature a MARITIME CONTRACT, placing you and everything you own under maritime law. When you get insurance, you put yourself legally out at sea under the Law Merchant. Right, incidentally, where the banksters want you.

                  If you believe you need insurance, you are still under the influence of propaganda. There is more awakening to come if you open your eyes a bit further and take the time to understand the systems and it’s traps.

          • Race2extinction, that is a very foolish thing to do, taking a huge risk for little gain, unless you (and your wife) locked up the car keys during the lapse in liability coverage and instead walked/biked everywhere. Better strategy would be to stop smoking/drinking/cableTV/lattes for that extra money… or change your name to Race2Bankrupcy.

          • Bad planning. Fund your preps out of discretionary income, not your necessities.

            • Insurance is hardly a “necessity”. It has been sold as one for the banksters benefit.

              It is a con game set up by the banksters for nefarious reasons. See the comment above for more details

        • That MyIRA announcement is the start of obama and the government setting up the infrastructure to swipe all of the 401k and IRA’s into a government securities investment. Once that infrastructure is in place and when there is “an event”, staged by the string pullers, that money, “for our own protection”, will get taken. In trade, you get a piece of the US debt as collateral….. but with interest!!!!

          • I suspect that single payer which is the real goal of Obummercare will start the move to seize assets in the name of fairness. The ultra wealthy will not be affected only the poor working schmucks that have a little extra income and savings.

        • nightshiftsucks: Excellent point.

        • It’s a way of seizing the means of production. The government becomes the largest stockholder in practically everything.

          • You mean like when they bailed out general motors? Too big to fail?

      2. At this point, I would be using “financial instruments” only as a temporary holding mechanism to accumulate savings short term to buy productive farmland and other tangibles. The question is, what do you do about savings (401K and IRA) already rolled up in a “tax wrapper”? If you are working and under age 59 1/2 then you will get creamed with the higher marginal bracket at which those withdrawals get taxed, plus the 10% early withdrawal penalty.

        A screw job coming and going. And now Obama trying to sell myRAs? You’ve got to be kidding me! It’s already a moot point, because the ability of most working people to save for anything has been ravaged, thanks to the off shoring of the manufacturing jobs an the quiet decimation of yields on CDs thanks to interference (printing) by the FED.

        • Horses’sass – this is the bit where I fall down.

          In the process of acquiring a new home in a sensible location mortgage free, so that’s ticked off my list.

          My next step is then to save a little till I can purchase something tangible – an acre of land being my preferred choice. BUT where do you stick the funds until you’ve saved it? (Land here in the UK is silly money and takes you over all those stupid money laundering regulation limits in price). The risk of the bank doing a “Cyprus” on my meagre savings gets higher with every month that passes.

          My tiny silver coin stash is not something I EVER want to declare to the authorities simply because PM’s have been how generations have bribed their way out of oppressive regime checkpoints throughout history. That little pouch goes in my child’s pocket if HE ever has to make a run for it to somewhere I can’t follow.

          It’s getting so they have you boxed in which ever way you look.

          • lonelonemum,
            It seems like all the English speaking countries are facing the same thing I been reading this blog for over a year now and it seems to me the members here in the US , Canada , Great Britain and Australia seem to be facing almost the same events . I cannot imagine trying to prepare in the UK with its high taxiation and weapon laws . I was reading a UK based bushcraft blog and the posters were blogging what it is like to purchase survival gear from the US , duties , royal mail fees etc they have to pay before recieving the items it sounded horrible what you guys have to go through. As far as self defensive implements what are you allowed to possess with out a license from the authorities ? modern crossbows ? Compound hunting bows ? Survival knives?

            Living in NJ. I can relate to some of the travals dealing with a government bureaucracy harsh as it is here ( NJ never signed the Constitution and operates under english common statutory law , there is no right in the state charter to possess arms) I cannot believe what you guys on the other side of the pond have to put up with.

            My own personal prep is to stock enough supplies , water filtering etc that I can afford each month , then keep the really important stuff in a bug out bag for rapid egress .as Robert Heinlein the Sci Fi writer wrote ” you never really own more than you can carry in your hands at a dead run” .

            It’s time to pare down all the unnecessary items in our lives and concentrate on what is really important , the basic , water , shelter , food , defense . Family . And to be prepared to be mobile and adaptable , being one step ahead of the golden horde when shtf occurs is our best advantage when surviving the inevitable.

            Keep prepping a little at a time , from acorns mighty oaks grow.




            Semper Fi 8541

            • As for weapons during every bout of rioting we’ve had the humble molotov seems to have been a valuable tool of dissent and destruction. The ordinary kitchen knife seems to serve the low life criminal scum well as a murder weapon if the statistics on violent crime are anything to go by.

              Oh and some kind of bastardised mutant mongrel version of the pitbull/staff dog is used by those that don’t want to walk the streets “tooled up” but that want to appear intimidating to others. (considering how poorly trained most of em are I’d sooner trust a properly raised Jack Russell in the event of real trouble but then again, I’m not a wannabe street thug).

              I’ll admit to being slightly miffed that mace sprays like your ladies can pop in their handbags isn’t allowed but there are ways round that with a little ingenuity.

              Something I would say to some of the gun nuts on here – if someone really intends to hurt you, they’ll have no qualms using their bare hands if need be! All a gun represents is a force equaliser – the smartest thing of all is to remain sufficiently situationally aware so that you never need to use it.

              I still say every prepper should have a pop up tent & a bicycle tucked away at the back of their property just in case. They should also own a dog that won’t accept food from anyone or anywhere except it’s master. (size of dog not important , training to alert you silently when trouble is acoming is!).

          • No question your concerns are legit. It’s like getting caught in a fire fight. The longer it goes on, the more likely you are to get hit. Same as with your savings. Just have them in an instrument that you can quickly withdraw -if you have the luxury of a warning ahead of impact.

            But it sounds like you are already getting your self in a bind if you are purchasing a home in an area NOT conducive to a self sufficient life style. You need mobility/flexibility. I would (and I do live in an apartment even though I can afford a house) rent an apartment, and more quickly save the money for land. I can not be sure, but if I am not mistaken, it seems like housing prices in general are headed south unless you are fortunate to own one of those properties in very desirable areas (read: Those areas like London, California or Florida that the Chinese or hedge funds are looking to pay cash for). So why buy a house now anyway? Raw land may not get any cheaper, although some may argue that people may have to sell land to raise cash in a severe down turn, etc. Realize that there is no really good solution for most people, rather avoiding the most disasterous one.

            • Sadly in the UK the opportunity to purchase a modest home on an acre or two of land is impossible to source for under approx $415350 in your money (£250K)anywhere on the mainland. I can’t do that without a mortgage yet, and at this point no way do I trust the banks enough to leave even half that amount sitting in their accounts to be evaporated at a key stroke for which I’m unlikely to be given advance warning.

              If you wait forever for the perfect set up, it may be too late. This time last year we were in Londistan, now we are living amongst decent people once more well away from what will be the worst hotspots for civil unrest. Selco makes clear his regrets for not leaving the city sooner.

              I’m a natural cautious plodder but things are speeding up now, and it’s about avoiding being totally burnt. Time to prove your value, skills & personal integrity to your chosen new community is important. Once shtf country dwellers will be putting up roadblocks and welcoming noone who isn’t a proven and trusted blood relative of the existing community.

              Too many people seem to assume they’ll be welcomed with open arms as a completely unknown quantity into rural communities when shtf. A lot of them are likely to wind up with lead filled behinds as a result!

      3. Do we think our retirement will funds will be there when we need them? No, we don’t believe they will. Folks might be well advised to cash out now while you still can no matter what the taxes. 60% of something now is better then 100% of nothing later when TSHTF

      4. When I first heard the acronym IRA … I thought they were talking about my cousins… but then I realized my cousins were the good guys…. 😉

        • What about the Roth IRA? Who actually believes the government will allow a huge portion of the population to live tax free for the last 20-25 years of their life?

      5. Off topic, but I have to share. Remember this from the Craig’s List ad the other day?

        “Government contractor is seeking individuals to act as role players to participate in a ” mass casualty exercise ” on the FT Hood military installation. Role players will participate in an exercise that will replicate civilians in the area that have been injured during a disaster that is used in the scenario. Role players will be medically treated during this exercise at numerous locations on Ft Hood. The objective of this exercise is to train and assess medical units with regards to civilians that have been injured during a disaster.

        We are seeking individuals to take part in this exercise on March 17, 18 & 19 Individuals must be at least 18 years of age and legal to work in the United States. You will be paid upon completion of the exercise on the last day of work. Please contact Michael Boyd at (954)294-0526. An appointment will be set up to meet and further information will be given.”

        WELL, I DID A LITTLE RECON…GUESS WHAT I FOUND IN AN LA TIMES ARTICLE by By Molly Hennessy-Fiske dated April 4, 2014 (pay attention to the name):

        “Michael Boyd was at Ft. Hood the day of the shooting, and said after Friday’s service that the community was still coping.

        Boyd, 29, an electrician, left Ft. Hood shortly before the shooting, but returned later that day. He said the mood was somber, with some residents still distraught. The streets were quiet, almost eerie, he said.

        By Friday, the gloom and anxiety had lifted, he said, as people returned to work and daily routines. But he said it would take time for soldiers and their families to fully realize the gravity of what happened and to recover.”

        What are the odds?

        • It is a rather common name and is just a strange and odd coincidence…in a strange and odd world.

        • Who is Michael Boyd??

          • If you want to be a role player in the Fort Hood false flag then call Mike Boyd
            at 954-294-0526. A meeting will be set up. Compensation $100/day. March 17, 18 and 19.

            Okay–he set up the actors. I get it.

            • I found it an odd and strange coincidence that a Michael Boyd was advertising for role players in a mass casualty event at Fort Hood prior to the event, and then they interviewed another(?) man by the name of Michael Boyd who was on base on the day of the shooting and who left right before the shooting and came back afterwards. Like I said, strange and odd coincidences…but I have seen weirder coincidences.

      6. Beware of being to conservative when it come to your finances. Yes in 2008 I also lost 40% if not more of my 401k and by being one of “us” the dollars going to crash kinda guys. I put most of my retirment money into metals such as Newmont and Silver Wheaton and a few other mining co. So guess where my retirment accout is as we speak. You got it, just about where it was after the crash 2008. If I had not been playing this SHTF senario, my retirement plan would most likely be back to where it was Pre 2008. Trekker Out. Yes Be Wary, But Be Wise!

        • 1. Hold physical, not paper.

          2. PM prices (particularly paper) are being manipulated by the USG and it’s #1 go-to terrorist organization… The Fed.

          3. The manipulation can’t be sustained. Enter the Second law of Thermodynamics:

          The entropy (gradual decline) of any isolated system (the USD) cannot decrease. Such systems spontaneously evolve towards thermodynamic equilibrium – the state of maximum entropy of the system.

          Equivalently, institutions (central banking) that violate the second law (perpetual motion) are impossible.

          Translation: The system will fail!!!

          Those who maintain otherwise, are just “pissing in the wind.”

      7. Who gets to retire ?
        I never will . I’ll die with my boots on .

        Point to the passage in the bible that talks about retirement . I was brought up to believe in being productive until i fell over in the field .

        Keep the damn money , leave me with my freedom , thanks.

        • well said! I have not found the word retirement anywhere in the Bible. There is no Hebrew word either.

          • The Bible mentions slaves a lot.

            • yeah, that would be us…were the slaves the bible is talking about.

              If I have to explain it to you, there’s no point

        • Bravo! I’ll drink to that.

          Sap is flowing good today. The snow sucks to walk on with or without snow shoes. Especially with 2 buckets of sap. It’s worth ever drop of syrup at the end of the season. I stood in line today with about 50 other guys at Gander Mtn. to grab some .22 and some 45. It wasn’t bad. Everyone was in good spirits despite the whole ammo thing. Every one walked out with what ever they could get. I got 5 boxes of CCI Mini Mag for 8 bucks a box of 100. Seemed reasonable. It looked like a good spot to have the sign up sheet for the local militia.

        • Hammerhead,
          Every time i have tried to get ahead or save for the future something inevitably comes along and wipes it out or i manage to get in a bind and the funds evaporate.
          Im most likely going to have to work right up to the day i keel over.
          Such is life, hence another reason why im just kicking it these days, 1, it limits my tax liability. 2, i might as well just enjoy my surroundings and be good with the blessings i have been given!
          More is not always better,

        • Bravo!!

        • While I would agree that it’s about impossible to retire…

          Two things to be aware of.

          1. It’s merely one serious car accident away. Odds of that happening? Pretty frighteningly good I’m afraid.

          2. You know what they do to workers when they hit 50-something? Yep. First in line during a “downsize”, not even on the radar at all for re-hiring.

        • Amen brother!

        • hammerhead,
          Just so you know retirement is great. No more getting up at three in the morning, no shipyards with absolutely no parking etc. and some of the other BS. I had a job that most would kill to have and I do miss it. Left earlier than I had planned since I wanted to get a few years of the good life before everything came apart. had Obama not been elected and run the debt so high with more in sight I would still be working. A big mess is on it’s way just don’t know when or in what form.

      8. The few that own DOW JONES (I think only 10 own it). They will never use their money; they only use OPM (Other People’s Money). In doing so, they can skim the cream right off the top for themselves. The owners of the Dow are right in there with TPTB. A few more Monsanto, Con-Agra, Major Oil companies, World Bankers, etc… Anybody who stuffs their FRN’s in there to make it big deserve everything they will get at the end of the day ZERO. Just my thinking on the river bank.

      9. I’m more interested in finding out if public pensions will be there in yrs to come, I’m so tired of hearing public retires saying that the ck will be in the mail.

      10. My Step father used some of his 401k money for an emergency and the tax penalty astounded him and he closed the account and took it out of the stock market.

        Will your retirement funds be there when you retire?

        A great question and one to ponder.

        This is what I say. When the bounce comes, what will be yours is what you have the title for.

        Consider this, America is not going to return as it was prior to 2008. So, you may have to use it before you lose it.
        May have no choice. Each person must make their own decision.
        We seem to be heading towards a world wide government that resembles communism where everything is controlled by the government.

        Wealth redistribution…….

        • I am 100% out of the market.

          Don’t trust it, never will again as long as I live.

          Prefer tangibles; weapons, ammo, food.

          Trying to get out of debt and getting medical training as a nurse now.

          Learn depression proof skills people, because hard times is a comin.

      11. Paid into my 401K for 24 years, thru 3 recessions. The little party in ’08 cost me 45% of the balance. I finally retired in 2012, cashed it out, paid the fracking taxes, paid off the house, and bought gold, silver and lead. The PM’s were the best investment, by far. Figure between brokerage fees, recessions, and the tax breaks that weren’t there, I would have been better off with the money buried in a mason jar. Now they want you to buy treasuries (myRA). I would rather piss it off on booze and hookers. The rest I would waste.

        • Fellow Idahoan….

          I have finally realized too that when you have to invest through a ‘Broker’, that the person getting Broker is you….I am changing my strategy….

          Aloha from Poky….

          • That’s why you have an online account. Brokers are only for the wealthy who have the money to get extra care.

        • fellow fellow waiting Idahoans, I did the same thing in 2012 except I bougt 12 acres of farmland above Moyie, instead of PM’s (the gold and silver ones)

          • Aloha from EE-Dah-How land….if you bought 12 acres in Moyie Springs then you probably invested well. I like the Panhandle area and am also a Vandal from Moscow. Poky nice though. It is my home….

            • I drove through there last week on my way back from Ca and then Roy Utah.

              • Weber State?

                • Go Damian Lillard!

            • Poky, where you have the FBI, the county sheriff, the local city cops, the chubbuck cops, the state cops, all in one nice little area with nothing to do but fook with people. Last time I was there everyone including the liberals were bitching about the nazi fookers everywhere pulling people over for any reason (and no reason) and setting up people in bars when they leave. Ya I remember that police state shithole. Where the city ran off all the factory work with theyre bullshit and taxes. The place where fun is illegal now and the surrounding areas are regulated and closed during certain months. Is the railroad still there at all? I couldnt get out of that god damned nazi place fast enough! Although it was a good place in the 70’s you can shove that town where the sun dont shine.. 🙂

              • okie.

                Part of what you say is true. No doubt the FBI and State Troopers are here, but never had any issues with them because I try to obey the Law and never provoke them if pulled over. I just tell the truth, that is I was going 82 in a 65 and 99% of time they gave me a warning and let me go.

                Yes the railroad is still here but as you know it is an ounce of what it use to be….

                I moved in the Gate City area in the late 80s. Back then it was trashy and so forth. Lately, there have been some positive improvements such as cleaning and getting businesses in the Old Town area. Also, the Pocatello Marathon is becoming one of the top 20 marathons in America….

                I wouldn’t live in Poky myself. Our house is on the edge of town where farming is.

                Glad to chat with an old Poky dude. Remember the ISU v UCLA?

                • Howdy Ugly, last time I was there was to take care of my mothers death, me and my bro and sis went downtown to a bar and had 1 drink and left, we werent there maybe 1/2 hour and as soon as we pulled out a cop pulled us over for no reason. No one was drunk or over any limits, he was just harrassing people looking for a score. As we drove down the street there were others doing the same thing. All my old friends said the same thing, they couldnt stand all the cops everywhere. The closest I would ever consider moving to that dump is maybe soda springs area. Glad you like it though 🙂

      12. I know this guy who owns a substantial investment in Exxon Mobile through a direct stock purchase program which was started back in the early 1930’s by a relative as a personal retirement fund and has been inherited through three generations and is still growing and will quite likely be passed on to his children. He receives a substantial dividend check every quarter from a portion of the shares, the dividends from the remainder of the shares are re-invested each quarter. The check is a check from “Exxon Mobile”, (at least that is what’s printed across the top of the check) not from some joe ripoff or government managed investment company with all kinds of rules attached to it telling him how much he can have or when he can take it or how much he will be fined if he doesn’t take it by a certain age, or takes too much before a certain age, and there are no management or brokerage fees. He even periodically buys additional shares on his own. He gets a statement every quarter that shows exactly how much he has and how much he has earned. The DRIP or DSPP as it’s known today has grown and paid dividends through every economic down turn for more than 80 years and I expect it will continue to thrive even during an economic melt-down today. While the stock price has dropped significantly several times over the long term due to various economic turmoil here and there, the company has continued to pay dividends through them all including the so-called 2008 meltdown. Even then, Exxon increased its dividend, just not as much. If the bottom drops out of the market, he says he will purchase another thousand or so shares depending on how far the stock price drops. Granted, nothing is for sure and any company can go tits up or be nationalized but investing in the right company directly instead of through an IRA, mutual fund, ETF, or 401k increases your chances of survivability and anyone can open up a DRIP/DSPP account without having to get permission from the government or a crooked bankster… just saying.

        • My in-laws have the same thing. Their stocks go back to the 1800’s and their parents parents….invested in what I think was “Standard Oil” and whatever else was around at the time. The last time they told us what their dividend check was it was $75,000 for the quarter. That was about five years ago so I have no idea what they get now. Wouldn’t that be nice to have forever? Funny thing is they live like paupers and you would never know they are millionaires unless you saw their bank account or they told you.

          • Having worked in and retired early from the oil industry I can say that the majority of the people from work going on pension have at least one million in their 401K; some two million. The refinery had a saving culture and everyone (or almost everyone) put max in their savings plan and worked 35 or so years. The company matched dollar for dollar on the first 4% (then later 6%) you invested.

            Every story of investing is not a horror story. Those that “diversified” ended up buying stock or mutual funds at the recommendations from professionals that were receiving “kickbacks” to push certain investments. Needless to say the “advisor” was the winner.

            I by and large self manage my investments

      13. I personally care less about retirement. What I care about is how to stop the Sons of Bitches who have destroyed the country through the criminal banking cartels and their tribal traditions of filth and material greeds. We can bitch all we want and listen and read about the doom scenarios 365 days per year but the fact is specific tribe and their puppets are getting richer by the seconds as we are getting screwed. The reality is they know that once stomachs are hungry all bets are off so by perfect design they have conditioned us to be adoptive to the new norm by being less demanding for our rights and our freedom and so far they have been a total success by taxing the workers, providing free stuff to the unproductive class of the society and send their professional assassins to simply kill the awaken ones.

      14. Best advice i can give is to adopt the mindset of early retirement extreme. that book puts forth to learn how to live on less than $1000 a month easily, abandon our consumer culture and do things like learn to make food from scratch, live without a car, etc.

        its really an early retirement book, but could be applied to a situation in which a person loses their 401k or their pension and has to live on less than they planned.

        if you plan on living on less to start with, not having a big 401k isnt a problem. i could retire today at my current expenses, but i’m going to go ahead and wait to see what this trainwreck of an economy turns into. it just might be that the govt takes my 401k and i got to live on my current below poverty level monthly expenses whether i like it or not.

      15. OFF TOPIC: Anyone heard from Old Vet lately? Remember when he thought the trucks following vets were bs until he saw on parked in his driveway? Then talked to his friends and some had seen the trucks too.

        There have been more sightings and the “truck people” seem to be getting brazen about it.

        Old Vet, give a shout out will you?


      16. I dumped my 401K back in 2007 just in time. Paid the 10% tax penalty but it sure was worth it! Everyone at the company I worked for that left their money in their 401K took a beating.
        The only thing I invest in now is lead, silver, food and other preps. The end is near….I can feel it in my bones.

      17. “If you don’t hold it, you don’t own it”… Ponce

        The government will welcome anything that you care to give them.

      18. This OF TOPIC.
        Today while I was working I saw more military movement than I have ever seen in the 28 years I have been patrolling this area.
        HumVee’sw with gun turrets on them (50 Cal)
        Water Purification equipment.
        Water tankers
        Decontamination units.
        Air defense radar
        Heavy duce and 1/2 tarped.
        HumVee’s with M.P.’s
        Black Choppers
        I think it was two weeks ago I saw the 105 cannons.
        Also there is something on my wives face book about train full of military equipment moving though Southern Ill.
        Tank hauling flat bed trucks.
        Something is up!!!

        • WoW Sgt.

          I didn’t think it would take that much equipment

          just to bump off a few SHTF prepper / survivilsts.

          We Bad!! WE BAD!!

        • Correction
          The train was seen on 03/20/14 In N. Carolina. not in Illinois, A friend of my wife that lives in S. Illinois and has family there and they sent it to her. (SORRY)

          • Military equipment movements are happening all across the country. They are ringing us in so we cannot escape when the SHTF. Yesterday I spoke with a neighbor for about an hour about everything that is going on. He knows, he is awake but everyone else around us is still in “Ostrich Mode”. I urged him to stock up on food and water NOW. He knows what we have and said “I’ll come to you when the SHTF.” I told him I cannot feed the neighborhood so he has to prepare for his family.
            Get ready everyone.

        • Sgt. Dale,
          This might have something to do with that missing 777 , there is a whole lot of exercises going on right now . If you believe that plane is on the bottom of the Indian ocean there a bridge for sale in Brooklyn. Most likely this thing is in IRAN or PAKISTAN ( Waziristan tribal region) being fitted with a WMD I would be extremely vigilent around memorial day week end or the 4 th of July weekend. The party in power is drumming up the retoric about the NRA and its members , it seems some congressman has called for it to be declared a hate crime group and called us all scum bags.
          Between them and the MAG Hags its really getting vile . I guaranty I am on a red list , I am a NRA life member , with spec ops mil experience ( mos 8541) I will probably be the first ones they go after.

          They will probably issue us all summons to appear in court on charges of hate crimes for belonging to the NRA then send us to re- education camps or worse.
          This way they do not have to raid our homes. If our side made some of the comments coming out of the progressives mouths we would be charged with domestic terrorism. Double standard .

          Some things have been hooky at work we had a guy from DC come up and tell us we would have to be sworn in again , the new outh left out the part about the constitution , but instead me must obay the president ( no name mentioned in the oath) and the orders of the command above us .
          We recited the old oath instead after 3 tries he gave up and told us we would be reported for insubordination. He was met with a hearty FU !

          They are laying the ground work for something , I believe it will happen before the midterm elections , the party in power knows they are at a use it or loose it scenario. .I really believe this was all set up in 2008 it’s just taking longer than expected because they were not counting on people being prepared and adaptable. They thought they could bankrupt us then the crime rates would sky rocket , the dependant political class that keeps them in power failed to go after the middle class instead they went after their own. They were not counting on this.

          The rally in ct yesterday for repeal of the assault weapons and gun control act was a success over 3500 showed up to 2 of the anti’s you will not find a mention of it on the MSM . I followed the twitter feeds , western rifle shooters should post a after action report in the next couple of days.

          Be viligent something is coming , nobody really knows for sure what it is going to be.

          Keep you powder dry and your ear to the ground.



          Semper Fi 8541

      19. Off topic sort of:

        This weekends homesteading project, canned chicken soup. I picked up a new batch of shitkins chicks and so I need room in my freezer for when this batch reaches maturity. I still have 6 in my freezer from last year. The other day I cooked one up in the smoker and today I’m using it to make a vegetable chicken soup. I’ll can up 7 quarts and then keep the rest for eating over the next couple of days.

        Homesteading is plan “A” for augmenting my retirement, being that I can’t depend on any solid financial future with the with the system we have for securing it.

      20. Sgt: From S. IL. for the last two weeks around 1 in the morning. Big low and slow moving planes have been flying over, 1 every 45 min. or so usually 3 total. Last Fri. 3 black-hawks flying south fast, Monday 3 more, Tues 2 bunches of 6 flying South East. A friend from S. Ind. e-mailed said the same over his head, (Black-hawks),total of 12 going east, also said he seen some Bradly’s, and other trucks and equipment on train going south just north of the Ohio River. All were in WOODLAND camo.

        • RR
          Most everything I saw was woodland camo. at least 80%.
          Choppers all over this are also.
          This sure make you wonder what the hell is going on!

          • What is the meaning of the woodland camo?

            • C in the wind: Greens, Browns, and Black!

            • Candle
              OD Green Brown Black.

            • C.I.W. the meaning of Woodland Cammo is ….the fight will be in your back yard..

              get it now? ( no malice intended just a wake up call)

          • Sgt: Can we say U.S. or E.U. the choice is up in the air for me, one or both. Oh by the way all mine where going South or East same as my friend.

          • Hmmmmmmm…woodland camo…..that would seem to be appropo for European theater…would it not?

        • Continue to see a great deal of highway movement on I64-E via convoys and truck transport between Louisville and Lexington. Also seeing lots of B-Hawks heading east lately.

          Molon Labe

          • Knowing who now runs the DOD my first suspicion is that they are going to the scrap yard or we are giving them to some of the countries that hate us. Maybe the illegal Mexicans will no longer have to walk across the border,

      21. as an almost 30 y/o in Canada, I can tell you flat out I don’t believe for a second I will see retirement money.

        I have to be 67 now to get it… and ive been un employed and incomless for way to long…

        even if things where going good and I was working, im not convinced its gonna be there.

        note to the criminals reading… ive been known to punch people in the stomach over stolen 20 dollar bills..

      22. Prepping tip for the day from the old river bank> HIGHT VISION! Without it you are blind. Cheap or top dollar a must have item. Anything is better than nothing.

        • River-Rat, I have an old night scope that was a Wallyworld special from at least 10 years ago and cost $150 new. don’t remember the brand name but I keep spare batteries for it and it still works like a charm. I agree on the advantages of having one but even the lowest priced one out there can still break someone’s bank. I’d be afraid to try to get another one these days. Mine was a bargain back in the day.

          • RB: Bushnell has some for around $450 +/-, I know but still I like the advantage.

          • I’m saving my pennies for thermal…
            I already have a gen2 monocular, head mount and all…
            Great for an unknown inlet or pass but the thermal, superior in all ways… it’s passive with no illuminator needed…a bit pricy for sure…

      23. They’ll have to come to my house first. My IRA was cashed out long ago. If they show up it’ll be interesting.

      24. I have a pension from a job I had 30 years ago. When I turn 65, I’ll be rich. I’m supposed to get a whole $57 per month! I’m still trying to figure out how I’m going to spend it all.

        • But just think about all your new friends you’ll have because of your vast wealth!

        • And to think. The dude that managed the pension funds has a ‘Beamer’ and three homes….

        • Spend that fifty seven bucks wisely, buy beer. Of course in a few years that fifty seven bucks might only cover a six pack.

      25. Hard and tangible items will be worth more than all the gold in the world, which China and India seem to becoming the lead hoarders of the shiny yellow metal.

        I wonder what 20 22 rounds could get you when the economy goes belly up, hmmmmmmm?

      26. You no this article is saying the same thing over and over again, if you to don’t hold it in your hand you don’t own it !! I personally tried when i was just starting out in business 40 years ago,trying to get out of social security and rely on my own retirement,to make along story short it was almost, but impossible then,but i sure wish now i would have seen it thru! Its become much worse now with the Zionist controlled government of today. I know now just like i new then there wouldn’t be enough ss left for me to do squat with, now they are trying to make you work till your seventy for a few bucks in hopes you will die first,so which they give $200.00 burial money. Until such time that the “We the people” see’s all of these ponzi schemes as what they are, and get rid of the jew ran federal reserve,wall street and most of this government, depending on our government for anything is a slow suicidal trap!!
        Just say no more and do everything you can to collapse the system and rely on yourself,Because that is all we truly can depend on!

        • Obama is a Zionist? That is about the dumbest thing ever. Just think what the monthly social security payments would be had that money been put in an account with your name on it and invested in interest bearing instruments back when rates were seven or eight percent. The country would not be broke and retirement would be a lot more fun.

          • Obama a Zionist? Maybe, maybe not. But he sure as hell is their ‘chimp’ on their leash.

      27. Sure glad i had enough common sense to stock up the old LIBERTY safe first.
        Then the freezer second.

        • No power; no freezer–I don’t care how much gas you have stored.

          • Solar and a small bank of four batteries will run a freezer EASY…

            • Seems like a lot of effort for a freezer.

          • And can!

      28. Off topic
        Hows about this scenario for that missing plane.
        CIA etc were on to a plot by the pilot to hijack and crash the plane into a hi profile target and they shot it down when it changed course and wouldnt respond to radio commands,,,

      29. They were not going into this blind. I knew they were doing this wisely,” English said……ha

        talk about not thinking things through…


      30. I just turned 55 recently. I know Social Security won’t be there for long after I retire. My wife is almost 50. We know her 401k won’t be there when she retires. The federal government will confiscate all retirement plans or force them to buy worthless treasury bonds. I expect to work long after I retire. But I also expect a complete economic collapse long before that. Possibly this year but we’ll see.

        • I’m a bit older and as you stated I know I will never see all the money I paid into social security. The government already has a bill on the books to confiscate all retirement plans. Every one of them. There is about $22 Trillion in U.S. retirement accounts and the national debt is getting close to that number. When Obummer and the criminal Congress push the debt to about $22 Trillion expect the government to cry on t.v. how they have to save the country by taking all the pension fund/retirement accounts. It’s coming. If anyone still has money in an account for retirement I suggest you cash it in immediately and invest in land, gold, silver, etc.

        • ok, this isnt going to happen: “But I also expect a complete economic collapse long before that. Possibly this year but we’ll see.”

          an economic collapse isnt going to happen this year. your example is detroit. its the worst city in the usa and its bankrupt but the city still functions. they still fill up the sports staidums, businesses have actually started up there this year and water, electricity and police still function except for small pockets that are a lost cause.

          are things going to get progressively worse for the usa this year ? yes.
          will food costs, costs of living and incidents of voilence continue to rise ? yes.
          is it possible that we’ve started WW3 before year end ? yes.

          but none of those things are going to take the usa down for the count this year.

          the only thing taking the usa down this year is something no one could see coming like a volcano in the usa changing the cimate overnight or an emp attack that takes down the banking systems and those things could happen any year.

      31. I know I will be working till the day I die. In a hail of gunfire from Fascist government forces!!!

      32. This article was obviously written by a lefty, bleeding heart liberal. If people are willing to put their money in the stock market and then lose it, well, that’s their problem. They should have been smart enough to do something different. After all, it s not like these saps will band together and take action against those on Wall Street. These people will be just like those who lose food stamps or other entitlements; they will just go away. It is not like they will so somewhere and do something to somebody, possibly you. They have no survival instincts that will kick in and drive them to do whatever it they perceive necessary to survive, your laws, morals and life be damned.

      33. legit question for **BE INFORMED **

        Is it me? or would you say lately we have seen an increase in sizemic (sp) activity?
        adding ( if you consider volcanic activity along with it)
        Seems we are having volcanic activity all around the world.
        Activity in Y-stone park
        a “baby” volcano swallowing its neighboring island in the pacific
        there are also others that have shown activity within the last few years to months.. is it safe to assume these could be all tied together ??
        are the dynamics of this all coming together possibly a global threat, the fact that these are all going on at the same time.

        being distracted from all of this with the political bullshit these governments are doling out , maybe they are blind sided to a global killer. where none of this bickering will matter, or your retirement

        • @ VRF. Actually the increased earthquake activity is following the 1950-1965 cycle very closely in size and number. This cycle began really at the end of 2004 with the 9.1, on the same Australian plate that on August 15, 1950 with the mega 8.6 earthquake in India. The longitudes were almost identical also. The India earthquake was at 96.6 east and the Indonesian earthquake of 9.1 was at 96 east. This mean that the increased cycle should last a few years more IF it follows that 15 years. It has not even been 10 years since the 9.1. I am really watching several locations for huge earthquakes:

          Aleutian Islands
          Cascadia fault region
          Eastern and Northern Caribbean plate
          Ecuador, Peru, and Columbia
          Kuril Islands to East Russia

          No I don’t consider the New Madrid an extreme threat unless the San Andreas and/or Caribbean fault areas go.

          One of more of these areas are most likely to have an 8+, or even some of these like the Aleutians or India to have a super mega quake. The cycle is on, and there is no reason to think that it is going to subside like between 1966-2004 to lower activity.

          • @ BI
            man, you even alphabetize your list of earthquake targets. your eye for detail is what places your posts high on my list for must reads.

      34. A five-minute explosion from Tungurahua volcano shot hot gas and rock 6 miles (10 km) into the air on April 4, 2014. More explosions and tremors followed. “Throat of fire” from Ecuador comes as the next one just the other day

        • @ VRF. The 8.2 last week in northern Chile did not at all surprise me. What surprised me is that it was not further north. I have been warning for some time now that Ecaudor to Peru is the most likely traget of a mega earthquake, maybe even a super mega quake of 9.5 to 9.7. If you look at the past mega quakes, the one in 1960 that was a 9.5 and the one 4 years ago that was 8.8, then the 8.2 last week, the migration is heading north. This is to be expected by the movement of the Nazca plate in relation to the South American, Cocos, and Caribbean plate.

          After those out of the blue earthquake in the south Atlantic away from the plate boundaries I knew that something huge was coming the South America and said this many times, but I really though further north. There is still a strong indication of more activity, but there is a kind of recoiling of the plates right now. The past precursor quakes point haevily towards the northern Australia plate, Philippines, East Indonesia, New Guinea, Soloman Islands, Santa Cruz Islands, Fiji, Samoa, New Zealamd, and even still Burma and India/China area. Alaska and the further north Pacific plate. Only one earhtquake occurred after these precursor earthquakes in the past, a 7.0 in Argentina. More precursor quakes are needed to home in better.

          The Ecuador volcano is showing a pressure build up on the plates. This time I would say this is something to worry about. I would be suspect that the Caribbean plate was ready to go IF another volcano in Peru or Columbia began erupting with any force. This is the angle towards the northern and eastern Caribbean plate I would look for. I hope your family remains on alert and are preparing by stocking up on supplies, because Peru is quite overdue for a 8.5+.

      35. From a close friend:

        If they are telling us now, it’s already “old hat” to them, perfected and obsolete while they are working on more advanced stuff!
        I had a good friend who worked for Naval Avionics in Indy told me that about ANYTHING you see our Gov. admit or show off.

        IF they show it to the public, you can be assured that it’s already obsolete, I guarantee you. They write my paycheck, I know how it works!
        This technology could take out Iran and N. Korea’s nuclear programs in a New York second. A most interesting 2 minutes on new technology that Boeing has developed.

        • RR;Like you say even with that,their is much more advance technology that we no nothing about.The first thing that i thought about was a false flag on the grid,and blaming it on someone else.My question still being, why all the technologies is for the military complex and destruction,I don’t see how that is advancement!

          • @ Thinker and River Rat. This champ is something very similar to what China has been developing something the turn of the century. China has one idea in a war with the U.S., to use “assassian’s spray” they call it. To temporarily knock out as much of the technology and the U.S. ability to see when waging war. Then lob in as many carrier killer missiles and other anti-ship missiles as possible and take out the U.S. navy. I have always thought that China has malicious computer viruses, malware, to cause all of the high tech U.S. military to lose that advantage.

            Like Thinker says, there is so much on the U.S., Russia, and Chinese sides of the military that none of us have seen. Not Stars Wars or Star Trek levels, not even close, but way more than what we see. Something like the Terminator movies would be more realisitic. You know that China is never more than a few months behind the U.S. because of their spider like web spy systems tapped into almost everything. The countries are still pushing war, and each day it gets closer with neither side giving much ground. The U.S. more than Russia. China just continue to stockpile on their military. I guess you can call China the ultimate prepper for tomorrow. That’s a frightening thought isn’t it?

      36. Colony Collapse Disorder.
        The biggest threat….

      37. BI: Take a look at the video in my post #2994526. A BIG THX for what you do!

      38. @ Kulafarmer. This makes too much sense, very logical. What is strange is that no one has seen any wreckage. The time of day, at night was strange. I could see the pilot aiming that plane at one the Malaysian towers that are 1483 feet tall because he was anti-Malayasan government. This does make sense if he didn’t want to kill a bunch of people when the offices were full of people in the morning. This whole thing is strange. I still think that plane could be in Yemen, Somalia, Oman, or even Pakistan waiting to be used on some sick islamic anniversary on some target. The plane was flying in the right direction the last time radar, if that is even true, picked it up.

        Here is something that proves just how total stupid the MSM is, that is incapable of critical thinking. Last night I decided to watch some of the coverage of the CNN airplane debacle. They were so excited that three pings underwater were detected. Two in a similar spot by China, and one other one hundreds of miles away. This means IF the black box is down in the ocean one of those pings is defintitely wrong, probably both of them. IF only one spot had some underwater ping, then maybe it could be the black box. Too have two separate locations getting readings means that one MUST be wrong.

        Instead of using the logical thinking that one definitely false reading means that the system of detection is flawed, these ass monkeys are so “encouraged” that 3 signals have been detected. A signal that dolphins, underwater mine detections, sea floor explorations, and much more use this same frequency. Instead of seeing the the odds of knowing a mistake has been made with at least one of these signals being dramacially increased that their detection are seeing ghosts or back ground noise, they jump into the imbecile bandwagon. This shows that the system of detection right now is at least 50% unreliable.

        Forgetting about the plane or even caring what happened to it, this example of just how sh$% stupid the MSM and these so called experts are was incredible to behold. Critical thinking is something that the school system PURPOSELY does not teach. Critical thought requires thinking outseide the box. It requires that someone goes beyond the “SET” values and take off the horse blinders. It takes someone to QUESTION AUTHORITY. This is something that the government of any country HATES. Control is lost when the population uses critical thinking to question what is being done, what laws are being passed, what these a holes are trying to get away with.

        What I saw last night was not about the plane, it was about just how fecal material throwing apes that most of the masses are. Thank God there are still some people that can think outside the box of this total mind conformity. Not very many people, but still some like many that visit this site and others. The 1% that prepare and use their minds for something other than the other 99% that let their minds become like Jello and a vegatative state of pathetic existence.

        • exactly
          Think outside the box, or be buried in it!
          they do not teach critical thinking skills on purpose

          thanks for the report BI, We did travel to Peru over the last big holidays, stayed for quite a while ( it was very refreshing and felt free)
          My wife and I made our comments to family about the earthquake predictions and they agreed that they were over due for a biggun ..or at least something of sizeable magnitude , they live quite differently down there and feel they have what it takes to make it thru as long as it doesn’t directly hit them personally(like their home) So as we realize we can lead that horse to water but we can make them drink it. I hope for their sake if or when it hits it isn’t a direct hit to the city of Lima, Cusco or Arequipa.

          • “canT make them drink it”

            • VRF — sorry for red thumb – my bad

              • no biggy boss, I thought it was someone mad for me saying I felt free in another country.

                I make no excuses or will retract that sentiment.

                Yet I will not run from my responsibilities here,and to this republic.

                born here, die here

      39. Cashed mine in paid the penalty, paid off all debt, bought 60 acres, built a new efficient smaller home,bought a tractor, attachments, fuel barrels, propane,solar panels,dug a 3 acre pond, stocked with fish, guns, ammo, chicken, goats, seeds long term food storage, hand tools…….been prepping for 5 years…never done but sleep well at night….better than average chance to minimize suffering….spread the word…the storm clouds are a gathering…

        Stay thirsty my friends!

      40. Because I do not understand Mac’s way of shutting off responses to posts I am responding to JQP posting of a very informative website that all SHTF posters interested in TRUTH should take the time to look at.

        The website is http://mauricepenayblogspot dot com.

        I have a question for Mac:

        Who determines when to cut off the ability to reply to a comment to a poster? Seems at times post after post is allowed responses and yet some posts and posters are cut short of the ability of other posters to reply.

        • Hi Granny, the Post Reply feature (“Nested Comments”) is set to 7 levels deep. After that the little button is blocked out automatically.

          This was necessary because each time a comment is nested under another the width of the comment area reduces by about 10%… We had to limit the nesting otherwise the width would be so small that it becomes difficult to read the comment.



          • Thanks JayJay.

      41. I was told by teachers while I was in grade school that Social Security would not be there when I was old enough to use it. Did I listen? No………..unfortunately. Those that know how to make money have to have stupid people like me on the planet to use to their advantage. This was a perfect article/video to show people I love. Thank you. Good luck everyone. Read everything, be smart!

      42. The real question is not will your money be there but rather will it have any value and if so how much purchasing power will it loose by the time you need it?

      43. If you put your money into MyIRA, you have to be a completely stupid, moronic idiot with an IQ of 42, completely lacking in common sense and wisdom. You deserve to lose all your money if you believe the LIES that are coming out of the current White House administration.

      44. I think some good long term investments that are under the radar are…
        1: Solar panels and charge controllers, inverters (cheap on ebay)
        2: arms and ammo in popular sizes.
        3: long term storage food
        4: seeds
        5: alcohol making equipment
        6: biodiesel equipment
        these are just a few things you can put extra bux into that will be in demand and should go up in value. 🙂

      45. I never had any 401 or retirement of any kind. Im now drawing a check from the social security Ponzi scheme . As long as I have a dry comfortable place to sleep. a belly full of good food & have sex on a regular basis. Everything else is just icing on the cake. For the moment things are good for me & mine. I would be content to draw my Ponzi check and play hobby farm for the remainder of my days. However Im not a denialist I know terrible things are certain to happen in the future. I worry for my grandchildren.

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