21 Million Health Care Workers to Be Unionized Under ObamaCare

by | Aug 20, 2012 | Headline News | 267 comments

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    Since the government sector has done such a great job at managing social security, the postal service, and the extension of mortgage credit why not also mandate that every health care worker in the country become a federal, state or local employee?

    According to a new book by Mallory Factor, the effort is already underway. When the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, also known as ObamaCare, becomes fully effective on January 1, 2014 it’ll open the door for America’s 21 million healthcare workers to the join the government dole as paid employees of the State.

    What, you thought Obamacare would only socialize the actual medical care and services, and leave the rest of the system operating as a free market?

    A booklet published by SEIU during the 2008 election season called for “building a new American health care system,” in part by “organizing workers.” The publication argued for outcomes nearly identical to those later adopted in the Obamacare legislation.

    In 2010 the SEIU elected Mary Key Henry as its new International President. Henry’s background was in health care organizing. She led efforts to unionize workers at Beverly nursing homes, Catholic Health Care West, Tenet Healthcare Corporation and HCA Healthcare.

    Factor, who is also a Forbes columnist and senior editor of money and politics for The Street.com, recounts emails from former federal Office of Labor-Management Standards staffer Don Loos, now a senior adviser to the president of the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation.

    It is clear that Big Labor is banking on the probability that all healthcare workers eventually become federal, state, and municipal healthcare employees,” Loos told Factor. That, he said, would make them eligible for involuntary unionization through public-sector unions like AFSCME and the SEIU.

    “Obamacare is an SEIU and AFSCME membership ‘net,’” Loos claimed, “designed to eventually capture 21 million forced-dues paying government workers.” New health care jobs created by Obamacare, he said, will eventually be filled by “federal, state, and municipal healthcare employees.”

    The Obamacare law, once fully implemented, will dramatically increase the number of health care workers receiving payment for their services through government programs, including Medicaid and so-called “public option” government-run insurance plans.

    “The government employee unions can then enlist pro-union state governments to treat these health care workers as ‘government employees,’” Factor told The Daily Caller, “and unionize them just like they unionized the care providers” themselves.

    “For every million additional health care workers unionized in the 27 non-right-to-work states,” he told TheDC, “the unions stand to earn $1 billion in dues.

    Factor writes in “Shadowbosses” that Canada’s national health care system has provided an apt example. Heritage Foundation labor economist James Sherk told him that “60 percent of Canadian health care workers and a stunning 80 percent of nurses belong to unions — more than quadruple the levels in America.”

    Only 10 percent of them were union members before the advent of socialized medicine in Canada, Factor said.

    Source: The Daily Caller

    Twenty one billion dollars in new revenue can be quite a motivating factor for union leadership and explains why they are organizing thousands of existing organized laborers across the country to put pressure on their elected representatives and existing health care providers. With the majority of Congressional representatives willing to sell their souls to the highest bidder, twenty million more donors supporting the unions through dues would do wonders for their campaign budgets.

    We can fully expect to see America’s health care labor force unionized. First through voluntary means, then through legislative mandates that force all new healthcare workers entering the field to join a federal or state sponsored union.

    One day soon a trip to the emergency room involving a broken leg or heart attack may very well be met with, “Sorry, we’re on a union break, be back in fifteen.”


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      1. First!

        • I thought that this childish “First!” crap was pretty much a thing of the past around here.

          Looks like I was wrong.

          • I can see why this is their next logical step to implement and control obamacare. They will have more control over union workers when dictating who gets what medical care.

            More needed younger worker … gets approved for surgery

            55+ worker gets … the bandaid care

            • They are already considered “federal employees” in statutory law because they use SSN’s. The point of unionization to extract more money through force, and to limit the power of the individual even further.

              The result will be the loss of many of the most qualified doctors, those that can afford to quit, and they will be replaced by the least qualified and most dependent on government protection because of incompetence.

              Before it is over, the 100,000+ people killed every year from “legitimately prescribed” medications will reach into the millions. Population reduction through legally mandated medical malpractice is the corp goal.

              The only way out of the system is to reclaim your personal sovereignty and abandon the corp and it’s numbers.

              It is all just another corp scam to deprive the people of choice and freedom.

            • Thats not the way it works here in Canada. I was 22 and waited 1 year for meniscus surgery where I needed cruches for that whole time and 3 years for an abscess on the tailbone that was the size of two golfballs. My grandpa got in for heart surgery within 3 months (yeah thats fast huh)and he was 85. The system is absolute trash here that everyone seems to think is Gods gift to mankind. IT SUCKS! Ours sucks, yours will suck, the whole thing sucks. Enjoy socialism, I know I haven’t.

            • I think it’s this.

            • Gods Creation: Are you saying that anyone that has a SSN is an unofficial government employee? If so then you’re in error. It makes you somewhat dependant(semi-slave) on them because they’re extracting money from your paycheck by force with a promise to repay you when you retire-good luck with that on-but it doesn’t make you an employee. As for health care workers, a large percentage are already unionized except the doctors. I’v heard a lot of ‘hot-talk’ from some doctors on talk radio who say that they’ll quit before submitting to extra rules and regulations. My first question is “and do what”? Perhaps the cardiologist could try plumbing, or the orthapedic surgeon could try his had at carpentry. But I seriously doubt that any of them are willing to toss away 10 years of their lives in becoming doctors to do something else. What I do see is what some of them are doing now-cutting back on the number of patients they see and charging more money in a consierge service. I’ve worked with people who’ve done this with their doctors but it does cost a bit more and many won’t be able to afford it. But after the next financial collapse this will all be a moot point because the government will be bankrupt and unable to pay for much of anything. This of course means that all doctors will be charging patients directly and accepting anything of value: precious metals, long term storage food, ammo, or certain skills that they need for their homes, etc. So you better get some barter items while you still can. It would also be smart to take care of any pending medical and dental needs, no matter how minor, before it becomes too expensive or simply not available due to the collapsing economy.

        • Well they have done so well with the post office and all the other government run entities this is a logical next step. They won’t be on break however the will be shut down after the good old politicians run in right into the ground like everything else they touch!

          • A quiet revolution is occurring in health care for those in the know, that can be traced back to Susanne Sommers book BOMBSHELL which was an expose’ of the Big Cancer Health Care system.

            That expose’ has stimulated an explosion in alternate medical research that has produced astounding results for every major disease, including cancer and HIV, using everyday cures for pennies on the dollars.

            Stage 4 cancers have been eliminated. HIV has been cured. Big Pharma is about to have their ass handed to them on a silver platter.

            Check the Health Links at SHTF Science and do some research. A little knowledge is a powerful thing.

            Get yours.

          • Hey, it worked for the auto companies.

          • Strangely enough, the USPS, after getting some competition from the likes of FedEx and UPS, DHL, etc, became profitable and leaner.

            Problem is, since the USPS is a government agency, Congress began raping the profits (well over $5bn a year) and shifting them to pork programs, leaving the USPS short on money and begging the government to help them stay afloat.

            …and that, ladies and gentlemen, is a perfect example of why government control of an organization is bad.

        • Hey Chef Nunzio, I wish to god I had your cooking skills in a collapse. i’m going to get tired of eating the same things i’m used to if I cant have your creativity during hard times. I know how to cook but you probably have many good ideas and dishes that you can create. You have cooking and I have shooting skills. That would be good if a communtiy could bond and be trusted with so many differnet skills. But I;m afraid the more you have the more problems with theft and chief/indians.

          • Thanks for the compliment buddy!! Dry herbs and a good stock will make all dried foods taste great!! I can shoot pretty dang good too!!

            • thats good to hear as well. thanks for the tip thinking about buying one of those wise company long term food storage fruit/dried fruit containers for about 100 bucks. will give it a shot!! give it a shot. lol

            • ClintHospo!! I would suggest buying the 100 dollar containers of food. It is far less expensive to make them yourself!! All you have to do is buy rice, beans, flour, rolled oats, sugar or whatever dry in bulk, pour into a 5 gallon bucket, put an oxygen absorber on the top and put a lid with a seal on it. The buckets made like that sell for 80 to 90 bucks and you can buy 100 lbs of rice for less than 50 bucks!! I have a method of storing food that goes a little more in depth that is will keep food safe for ever if you want me to share it with you.

            • I meant to say “I wouldn’t suggest buying”, sorry. Long day at the restaurant!

              @Possee! I’m game! Should I start with what I do?

            • Chef Nunzio

              Ask mac to share our emails with one another

              We could start from there and continue..

              Daisy Carol Manos and I already have..

              Looking forward to it

              I’ll send mac an email requesting such

              Would you do the same..?

              Done deal..

              Can’t wait..


          • ClintHospo: I think the neighbors that I have will bond together. I am pretty close with most of them. I watch their houses when they are out of town, they watch mine. They take care of my dogs when I’m gone. But when the time comes I guess you will find out real quick if its true. I have to say thank God for my neighnors. If you are in my area CClint come join the party!!

            • in pittsburgh and heading to iowa if it does. thanks again

            • Chef Nunzio

              Chef possee here..30 years plus and counting

              Perhaps we should share with our fellow commenter s on food storage..food prep..etc etc..

              I am game

              Are you..?

              Between us I’m sure we could add some valuable info so we all can enjoy our preps..each one of us as well

              Probably 60 years or more in the trade..


            • Possee and Nunzio – please DO share your food ideas! I’ve already gotten some from you, Possee and they’ve been fantastic!


            • @Daisy and Possee and the rest of you guys interested, here is what I do for food storage: first, I buy rice, different kinds of beans, sugar, flour and other dried goods in bulk from restaurant depot, sysco or us foods, owning a restaurant helps a little with that but you can still buy in bulk. I am pretty sure that if there is a restaurant depot in your area you can get a one day pass, you need a business tax I d number to get in normally. No tax in there as well. Second, I put the dried goods into a five gallon mylar bag that I insert into a five gallon bucket so it takes the shape of the bucket. Third, I drop a few oxygen absorbers into the mylar bag. Fourth, I suck the ait out of the bag and close it off with an iron. Fifth, I put some food grade diatomacious earth on top of the shrink wrapped mylar bag. Finally, I put a lid with a seal on the bucket. Diatomacious earth is what is put in grain silos to kill any bug that may get in. There is a lot of info on “DE” online and I bought a 5o pound bag on ebay for cheap and that is a ton of DE. I told the guy that own the survival store in my area how I make my buckets and it blew him away. No sense paying 80 bucks or more for a five gallon bucket of rice that just has an oxygen absorber and a lid on it when you can buy almost 200 pounds of rice for almost that amount. What are your thoughts and comments?

            • Brilliant, Nunzio. I had never considered adding the diatomaceous earth to my buckets!

              D-earth also has a lot of other practical applications – I have 50 pounds of it now and plan to double that amount shortly. Besides the use for keeping bugs out of food, it can be used as a not-toxic solution for other bug issues. You can brush it on pets to deter fleas and ticks, you can sprinkle it on your carpets if your home has been infested by fleas, bed bugs or other parasites, you can use it in the garden and you can sprinkle it in windowsills or any place ants might be gaining entry. D-Earth is good stuff!

              Many also swear by the beneficial properties of taking it internally but I have not yet researched that so cannot personally recommend it. 🙂

            • Chef Nunzio, thank you thank you, that info did help! thanks for sharing that. I would like to ask you a few more things on another post. im going to copy and paste what you wrote so I can see them later. thanks. if you got any more tricks of the trade yes would love to hear them thanks!!

        • Well…I am in the “Healthcare Industry”. I must say that there are so many bad things in this, many you just would not believe.

          Someone commented below that many healthcare workers would flock to becoming unionized for the extra money but I have a hard time believing they will. Right now facilities have a hard time paying for the professionals they have working now. Most facilities (around here) have an unusually high Medicare/Medicaid patient ratio and that doesn’t pay the bills now…..How are they going to pay the SAME AMOUNT of professionals when they all become union workers and getting several more dollars an hour….ANSWER: THEY ARE NOT.

          Your resources and services will be reduced. PERIOD!!!!

          • I have two friends in school for nursing right now. They are in for a surprise when their new ” career” pays about $10/hr.

          • Tina I agree with you. I also work in health care as a LTC nurse and the companies are doing everything they can to milk medicaid/medicare to pay for it all. I also think that medical workers are in for a big surprise if obamacare becomes fully implemented. I am glad most of my nursing career is behind me.

            • I am a hospital CEO, and it is obvious you have no clue how the reimbursement system works. BTW, it is how you get paid! And, how everything else is paid for, So you can have a job!

            • Mr Gibbs (aka the CEO) I completely understand. I understand that medicare and medicaid reimburstments are reduced on a constant basis. The govt makes us jump through hoops to participate in these programs and they are paying pennies on the dollar.

              I also understand that the 10% device tax that is being imposed on medical device companies are being passed down to these hospitals….”this is trickle down economics at it’s finest” I also know that these companies starting collecting that increase from the hospitals before the ink was dry on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. We started seeing increases last year regarding the tax. These are increases that even our finest GPO’s can not suppress.

            • until a year ago I owned several hospices, 93% of the revenue was Medicare, 4% medicaid. To support J Gibbs, there was no “milking” possibilities. We were reimbursed a flat rate per day. I also owned a Physician house call company that provided medical directors to elder care facilities. The House Call was more like 60% medicare. However, there were lots of ways to “milk” the system.
              I get the sense that you are all arguing the same point, Medicare reimbursements, milked or not, are crap.
              I also understand J Gibbs reaction, which is to argue the realities of crap Medicare rates. The fact that this string got heated speaks volumes as to what is in store for unionized healthcare services, constant battles with mangement.
              I started by saying I owned around a year ago… I sold all 5 businesses because I saw the writing on the wall.

          • Chef

            for some unknown reason there is no reply link on your comment..Mac?

            I use mylar as well but..portion to individual meals and measure 1 cup rice= 3 cups cooked..thus less risk on the bulk..again that’s my approach.

            Same with all grains oats/rice /beans/coffee/dried milk/ etc

            I also portion pasta in 1# mylar..just enough for our family with leftovers of course

            Yes use the o2 absorbers on every one packed..


        • I thought all of the childish “first!”‘s were over myself until I came around!!!!

          • J Gibbs,
            How do you think your organization will deal with having your nurses, aides and other staff become unionized? Are you doing anything to keep this from happening?

            In many places,(in my experience) nurses and aides are given 12 hour shifts and work in understaffed conditions. In one place, I have had one nurse covering two hallways of patients all alone. I always had to hope that no two patients were crashing at the same time. I can easily see overworked nursing staff being lured into unionization in order to have more workable hours, less mandatory evenings and weekends, and other sane working conditions. In many places, unionization represents a failure of management to treat employees in a humane manner. It will always be presented as a way to “provide better care for patients”.

            I used to think that doctors would never agree to be unionized. In the past, most doctors had independent practices and belonging to a union didn’t make sense. The latest statistics I have (2008) showed only 23% of physicians had their own practices. I’m sure it’s less than that now. Physicians that are employees are treated differently (more poorly) than physicians who have their own practice and I could easily see my colleagues in that position deciding to unionize.

            One enormous change in our health care system that no one talks about has been the move from small individual practices to large multiprovider practices (often owned by a hospital).

            One driving factor has been the complicated process of coding and payment. Most offices must have full time staff devoted to billing. The government is also forcing practices into having electronic health records (which have many flaws) that often cost $15,000 to $45,000 per provider. We are approaching the day when no electronic record will mean the provider won’t get paid. However, only the large medical comglomerates can handle the costs of implementing this. Thus doctors are being driven into “corporate medicine” structures. In my opinion, these are not healthy for the doctors, the staff, or the patients. I keep expecting it to collapse under its own weight but it is amazing how long these things can shamble along.

            • Exactly. I was a solo private practioner for 16 yrs before closing practice and becoming employed physician. the final stake in the heart was being forced by the govt to buy EMR which I did about 6 mos before I realized/came to grips with the fact that it was a lost cause. Bought Next Gen software EMR at a cost of $65K over 5 yrs, only because the govt was making me do it. one thing for sure, I never in a million years would have purchased it if the govt hadn’t been forcing me to. of course the soft ware is a piece of crap, and takes 4 times as long to enter my history and physical on patients. but the EMR sales people know that the govt has a reimbursement gun to our heads and can sell us any POS, and we physicians have to eat it. the only way out is to opt out of Medicare/Medicaid and go cash or fee for service, but then states probably will defeat that strategy by making mandatory participation a prerequisite for licensing.
              So now doctors close practices and migrate from practice to practice in increasing numbers. Who benefits? Well CEOs who at least at my new employed position hospital, get bonuses for every physician they recruit, but of course, no deduction or penalty for when they leave. the placement agencies, temporary locums firms, all make out. In short the money is being spent on everything but actual healthcare.

          • Chef

            I am a northerner by birth..so don’t hold it against me..lol

            My wife of 28 years is from New Orleans and Costa Rican/Italian by birth..

            So we have quite the dichotomy of food preferences and ideas..

            That being said..

            we must communicate off the site and come up with diverse menu plan and would love for Daisy to..well..put it all in play with her expertise in writing..

            What say you?


            • I’m all in ,bud! If Mac can share my email with you that’s awesome and I’m all for it!!!!

            • I’m totally in, Possee – you know how to reach me!

              Nunzio, I can hook you up.

              daisyluther at y mail dot com

        • Hey Chef

          I’m leaving Va. and heading for Georgia soon, Macon area.
          visiting family.
          Would like to stop by and try your BBQ.
          You close to I-85 by chance?

          • I’m in a city named Smyrna, NW if atlanta. Let me know if you are coming by!! Its on me ,bud!!

            • Chef Nunzio

              Just sent Mac a request to forward my email to you

              Also commented on having Daisy proof our collaboration due to her expertise in that field..

              Take care


        • interesting video. I wish they had a video similar showing democrat destruction etc. The take I got on this video is big business forces its will on others and if people don’t follow suit then military forces are used to force the changes they want. What pisses me more off is regulations and laws after law, like smoking ban, soda ban, ammo ban, certain woods on guitar ban, kids can use machinery on farm ban and on and on. We are not hearing some of the laws they are passing or trying to. The drones over the US skies believe it or not does not piss me off, they have so much area to cover and I think that drones will be unfeasible to track all of us. The other day I was reading a post from gatornavy I believe is his name on here, was on a terror watch list. I would like to know what got him on that list and how many of us are on some sort of list and for what reason. Something big or a riot is going to break out soon and many rescources are going to be used to stop it. And at that point some innocents are going to get shot or injured which fuels even more riots and going to be one big chain. I would like to know how many people in the La riots or what percentage on the police force were deployed to that area just for that incident to try and contain it. More than half? IF so I don’t see how they could contain mulitple large riots all across La or larger cities. I also think arson is going to be a big mess. Just a few fires started in the mountains caused that whole mess on TV now. IF fires are set all across the US everything is going to be burning down. I have said this multiple times but if a fire breaks out in a normal neighborhood and the fire dept are called to another area burning, houses are going to catch whatever is next to it on fire, one big chain, so make sure you have some of your prep items not all in one area or in some sort of fireproof area if you live in a tight neighborhood. It could or couldn’t just depending on your area and crime etc. I’m just trying to keep your minds thinking in a different way or perspective than what you may be thinking. If we don’t have electricity I hope some of you have a pet or 2 to kill time and help cope in stressful times. Dont forget about food for them as well.

        • KoKopuff KraKKhead, Kute video, I even agree with it, but again you’ve lost me with all your ameriKa Krap, maybe i should explain why i have such an issue with that.
          AmeriCa, isn’t the government, it isnt republicans and democrats, AmeriCa, is the spirit that lives in the hearts of awake and aware, freedom loving people. it is the things we’ve built, the gains we’ve made as a people. the things we’ve given the world that have had a positive impact. and it is the AmeriCan people, who have and will fight for our freedom.
          keep your K’s out of there…it doesn’t even make sense

          • @dixjubu ;0) on the day that All Natural Born “AmerrriKKKan’s” All Rise-Up Together as One and TAKE BACK THEIR corrupt criminal fascist STATE GOVERNMENTS , THEN THE commie fascist zionist controlled FEDERAL GOVERNMENT FROM THE SHADOW GOVERNMENT BANKERS , COMMIE UN GLOBALIST , FASCIST FREEMASONS AND ZIONIST JOOO’S … I promise to change it all back to “c” – AmeriCa Land of the Free !!! Till then it’s gonna stay a capital “K” !!! no apologies no excuses no whining .

            ;0P pssszzt


      2. My personal experience with unionization in my life time is not positive. At one time they were probably a good thing.

        But a lot of things that once were a good thing in American have been perverted to serve the interests of the dollar and not the people.

        They do make a lot of money for some and hold a lot of power so its obvious to me why they still exist and will continue to exist.

      3. Obaaama-Care = Commie Fascist Eugenics Death-Care !!!

        Commie Socialized Medicine Death Panels will Sentence the 99% AmeriKan Poor , struggling Middle-Class to early Deaths Shortened Life-Spans by FedGov Sanctioned Poisoned BigPharma Drugs , Denied Surgeries , Denied Healthcare , Denied Alternative Life Saving Medical Treatments … as the !% Global Rich have Full Unlimited Access tp the Latest Medical Natural Life-Extension Healthy Cures , Steal Rob Buy on the International Organ Black Market Your Own Children’s young fresh Stem Cells , Hearts and Livers to be transplanted into them so they can live longer extended care free lives on the Sacrifice of Your own Goyim Tax Debt Slave Lives !!!

        Wake Up and Smell the Medical BigPharma Fascism AmeriKa !!!


      4. so they overload the system with union control which then can manipulate people more than ever with billions in more ads to trick the stupid people even more. This is really sad what obama is doing and the dumb people won’t be able to see the big picture of whats going on. Either party is worth a crap but the GOP is much better than what obama has in store. Lets leave out the rigged elections etc. This move is a very big deal and I just wish to god, the GOP would not repeat everything they say over and over, wish they would actually say and explain things to the people about examples like this and more important details. But they don’t and that’s a red flag to me, meaning things are controlled by a bigger power than we are being told or seen. If the globalists want full power why don’t they just go ahead and ban full capacity mags and other things, whats stopping them if both parties are controlled by the elites? I would like to know the answer to that question. Why all the games and what are they afraid of us? Do you know guys what i’m trying to say, i’m not a very good writer and its hard for me to get things out to explain, if you could read my mind you would understand and I would make much more sense to you. All I know is bought 2 more guns this week and plan on getting much more ammo this week to. I saw in a gun-store last weekend about Pennsylvania house is trying to re-submit the tax on ammo of 5 cents per round and a bar code or serial number on each shell. That is not feasible and wanted to let you guys know what is going on with policy. This was just re-intorduced in Aug 2012 so this is not the bill from 2008, they are trying another round to get it passed.

        • Wait until Romney is president and doesn’t change a thing.

          • Probably not, but nothing is certain to change if Obummer is relected…

          • Two sides of the same coin folks. I don’t trust either one.

        • The bill in Pennsylvania has no chance at all. Every year, the left-wing scum, mostly from Filthadelphia, try to introduce some kind or another anti-gun legislation. It goes down in defeat. These inner city politicians are the same low-life slugs who claimed we’d have OK corrals all over the commonwealth, if the legislature passed the no retreat law. Well, it’s been a year and the Earps and Clanton’s all behaved themselves.

          • swift you are right, at least we have social media and people saying guns dont kill people, people kill people, a gun is just a tool just like a ax,claw you name it. So with social media at least people are seeing the reality of this and not out in the blind for people to make a decision. But it doesnt matter what we think they do whatever the hell they want. But your right, these liberal retards are so stupid when a law in introcdued to be voted on, they make no sense and at least the house leaders realize this to some point so it never gets passed. Im going to buy a few of those surefire 100 round mags for a ar-15 this week. they are selling for 130. The 60 round are selling for 90. If any of you are looking for a few the shop has about 7 of them left. I also get a lot of ammo from this place. they will only sell to military or law inforcement, so I have a military id which they allow me and been in there for so long they sell me anything. I swear I have no idea how some of these black liberals ever retained power. I like all races just so you know and not racist one bit, but they are true idiots!! Then the black panther party makes threats about us but nothing happens at all. Something is going to snap and people are going to have enough. I don’t think the majority of whites will retaliate like blacks do out of rage or just kill a white person they see to prove a point, that that little child around missouri I believe,could be way off but was set on fire for being white. My friend said he was watching on you tube about blacks saying to whites, “what do you white MF’s want from us. DO you want us to go back to Africa and just lay silent for you to tramp on us. What the fuck is is you whites want us blacks to do.” I wish I could post a comment on that and say, “We don’t want anything from you, we just want you to work hard and get a job like we do and quit always thinking we hate you, we don’t hate you and we don’t want you going back to africa either. We want you to stop thinking all white people hate you. You have been here for so many years its no big deal we all blend in. But many blacks think in their minds that we hate them which is untrue which I think is the reason for all the hate and jealousness. Get a job and quit stealing peoples stuff! Another thing is when you get pulled over by the cops a lot of you blacks are so stupid you bring suspicion to yourselves by lying to police officers. If a cop asks you where you going and you say to see my mother in the hospital and the cop asks you which hospital and you can’t even name the hospital that will bring attention to you! So quit lying to police officers and be honest and you might get a break or not bring attention to yourselves. That is a helpul hint. That is why cops pay closer attention to you! IF you didn’t look like you were carrying a 1/2 lb of pot when asked questions, you might get less attention to you. You know what I mean. Anyway we just want to all get along but you can’t just jump a white person out of hate for another brother like the trayvon case idiots. That is what we want from you. Nothing more or nothing less.

          • Swift…I am from the Keystone state. I do believe that Philly has open carry.However, from past incidences, I don’t think law enforcement knows that it’s legal.The Clantons are behaving themselves but the “Revenuers” may have a problem.

      5. OH. MY. GAWD.

      6. The sad thing is that many health care workers will just DIE for this — you know, better insurance, benefits, retirement and such that guv’mint workers already get. They’ll fall for it hook, line, and sinker like so many already do.

        You can’t talk sense into some people, no matter how hard you try.

      7. VA Health Care = Eugenics Death

        Prime Example of Obaaama-Care is the U.S.S.A. Veteran Administration Fascist Bureaucratic Bloated BigPharma Corrupt over-priced Socialist DEATH-CARE System !!!

        VA Health-Care = Eugenics Death

        The Corrupt Veterans Administration Hospital Clinics is where Veterans go to DIE !!!



          MT VA Health-DeathCare STAFF VA CLINIC DR. T.R. QUOTE kalispell montana VA clinic on VA patient care REQUIREMENT POLICY OF PATIENT treatment of walk-in VETERAN patients wounds injury CARE treatment … VA DR. Quote:




          No Bullsheeit . true quotes of a working VA Dr. T.R. in Montana … gotta wonder how many other Veterans get told that same TREATMENT blow off line by the very over paid Montana VA Doctors !!!

          VA Doctors are all QUACK Leeches living high on the Hog Fat fedgov checks on the Pain and Suffering of AmeriKan Veterans !!!



          • Dude, you’re totally foaming at the mouth.

      8. Had my Veterans Hospital appointment with my doctor today. It was over the phone. You heard that right. To save money, the VA has you come in for a blood test, then 2 weeks later the doctor calls and tells you how you are. This is the future of national health care.

        • “The Department of Defense sends these young people to terrible places to perform terrible acts. They return home and have to fight the Veterans Administration for every penny they are due and for sub-standard health care. Many of them attempt suicide repeatedly before they succeed.

          Does the VA really care?

          After all, dead veterans do not use up VA financial resources, do they?”

          http:// www . thedailysheeple . com/take-2-sniffs-and-call-me-in-the-morning_082012

            • This is the future of American health care…. The VA is a prime example of a system that determines medical need based on cost, not necessity – and it has left tens of thousands of vets without the care and attention they require.

          • Yes the VA is a graet example of where we are headed. My dad hurt his shoulder about 3 years ago went to the VA they told him there was nothing they could do for it. About 6 months ago went to a real doctor he told my dad that that was fixable, but now to much time has gone by so now he just has to live with it the way it is. There are so many stories like that about the VA. I wish all the people that think obama care is going to be so great would look at the VA system because that is where we are headed and it will worst then the VA.

            • Dh just had carotid endarterectomy(blockage and a discovered aneurysm); visit Tuesday for surgery and overnight stay; released Wednesday WITH NO ANTIBIOTICS; returned Saturday with infection and was prescribed antibiotics, duh; returned Monday because ER said to; returned Wednesday for week follow up of Carotid surgery.
              4 visists in 8 days, folks; total incompetence is not even close to defining this.
              Wait for the rest of the story—one week before the scheduled sugery, dh was totally sick with nausea and such a bad case of vertigo he had trouble sitting on the sofa—went to ER and they said he was dehydrated, blah, blah, blah.
              My husband could have died waiting for surgery–he had a damn aneurysm.
              DO NOT TRUST ANY VAMC.
              A man told us a surgeon totally destroyed his stomach during surgery and was back for a check up after they remade him a stomach..a friend was confined to a wheel chair after they severed a nerve during back surgery.

            • I receive great care from the VA. Remember VA is to provide services for injury or disease (Serive connect Disabilties)done during active service. Not injuries received after service. They also do a good job with the no and low income Vets (I have seen it). I volunteer at the VA when I can and at the VFW. Many time the vet is bitching and never even fill out a form to get help. He thinks they should just be there.

              And the PTSD outreach programs are improving. It does come down to money and personal. But I see they are at least trying. Sub contractors need a boot in the ass but that’s another issue.

              Now for retire vet the tricare system sucks and is getting worst. That where the concern should go.

              VA is not perfect. Remember it is the largest healthcare system in USA.

            • I have a family member who is a vet
              and who has a long long list of health problems
              his experience with the VA has been quite good

            • Satori: I too have had good experiences with the VA at times and other times after a relocation I have had questionable care at best and treated with indifference.

              Health care in my opinion is much like our educational system. Even in public schools you can find teachers that care about students and you can also find teachers that are putting in time before their benefits kick in. You count yourself fortunate to find the one that cares in either case.

            • My husband has received good care from the VA here. His Doctor is a good Christian man who tries his best to take good care of his patients.

              Yet, my Dad (in NY) has not received good care at the VA.

              Good or bad care may be dependent on the staff at the VA near you.

            • The bad part about the VA is you may be stuck with the VA clinic or hospital that is located near you.

              At least with a private doctor, if you are not satisfied with the care you are receiving, you can go somewhere else.

              With relying on the VA, you are much more limited in your choices.

            • My dad received great care from the VA when he was in the ICU – then they decided that he was terminal and they sent him HOME from a month in the ICU with no aftercare, no followup, no assistance whatsoever. He was home for 4 days before someone came by to get him set up with equipment.

              They didn’t tell my mother he was being released until the day before so she had no time to make arrangements for special equipment at home.

              At that point he had begun suffering from dementia and was violent, and they just stuck him in the car with my 75 year old mother for a two hour drive. On the way home she had to pull over and call 911 for someone to help her because he was trying to grab the steering wheel.

              They look at cost and just wash their hands of the patient.

            • That was a sub contractor problem which still is. That why the VFW/DAV tries to help in those times. Especially with the End of life care issues. Remember gov contractors are always the guy with the lowest bid.

            • I’m an excellent driver! Excellent driver…

            • I do some work for a neighbor who is a Vietnam veteran (Agent Orange issues). He says the VA treats him well. Just this past year they have installed an outside elevator and an inside stair lift for him.There is a huge medical device market that lives off of disabled veterans.

        • I still have one once a month and go in to see how things are going. this is in pittsburgh. They have some good dr and some very crappy ones out here. I got lucky. I had 3-4 previous dr’s just for my checkups but now I got a great dr who truely cares and keeps a open mind and works with you not just what they want. IF you need a MRI or dont want something, a very good Dr. sorry to hear that is happening. They are probably trying to save time and cutdown on the appointments scheduled for all these new vets that are on the system, I know you know that but, yes that is sad.

          • What kind of a low-rent, trail leaving slug, could give a thumbs down to this post? Must be a Fed or Fed contractor suffering from third stage syphilis.

            • lol swift.

        • Not sure why you suggest that is wrong? It’s how my private insurance does it.

          The key to fixing health care is sadly very simple. Flood the market. If our govt took 2% of its health care budget and put it into creating more doctors, nurses, and medical centers the competition would quickly reduce the costs for all.

          Problem….that doesn’t buy votes.

        • You got the deluxe care package.

        • And maybe he calls or maybe he doesn’t. If not, you have to try to navigate the dreaded “phone tree” to find someone who will transfer you to someone who can find someone else who can (maybe) find the right person to tell you what’s going on. And that doesn’t even take into consideration the HIPA Act. Someday, they won’t even be able to tell YOU what’s wrong with you.

        • My dad went to the VA the day he died. He complained about every sympton you could have that would lead to a heart attack.

          I HATE COMMIES.

          • im very sorry to hear that. truely am. sometimes you get very skilled dr’s at the VA. was this the one in Iowa city? that are pretty good I believe but I hope you the best and my father is still alive and goes to a regular dr and the VA as well. sad part is that the VA will not do many surgeries and he had a heart attack and was treated and released and had another mild heart attack and went to a hospital. I knew the dr and his heart stopped beating a couple of times he flatlined and i was in the room with him while this happened. Then lucky his heart started on his own. If they give anyone the wrong medication or the VA mis-judges what happens that can make the difference of life and death. Im very sorry about your father.

            • Thanks Clint.

          • I hear ya Iowa–my dh had been run through every test imaginable; however, he had to beg and beg for the tests for blockage; then the doctors reading the tests for blockage called for a new test because they only operate on 70% or more blockage and they argued over a 60% or 90% diagnosis??
            The surgeon told me the surgery took longer than anticipated because it was ‘the’ worse case they had ever seen; that an a little detour with the aneurysm they found, but they were arguing over 60 r 90??
            You are blessed if you have a great VA–in Nashville, so far, only incompetience.
            The employees are great–that doesn’t make me confident in the surgeons and follow up care really sucks.

      9. Unions, like government were created by people with the intent of bettering their lives. Unions and government have both become systems of control with a pyramid power structure. Now those who run both simply want the power to further their own best interest. Don’t get me wrong I think a lot of these “leaders” think their own best interest is what is best for all.

      10. another good reason to use alternative health care

        take good care of yourself so you don’t need their health care system except when you need stitched up or put back together after an accident.

      11. We’re All AmeriKan Commies for Now on Comrades !!!

        Welcone to the AmeriKan Homeland Gulag National Tax Debt Slave Prison Plantation !!!

        All Hail the CIA Commie Dress-Wearing Fruit Puppet Dictator Barry O’baaama !!!


        • Re: Cocopuff Crackhead

          Sounds like it is in your best interest & America’s best interest for you to give up your American citizenship and move on to another country!

          • Right on Judy! You go girl!

        • You’re still foaming.

      12. Over my dead body will I become part of their system. (A health care provider)

        • cocopuff needs a time out!

      13. My two American heros are Henry Ford and Walter Reuther. One created wealth and the other seen to it that the working man got a piece of it.

        The system worked pretty well until a billion and a half people crashed the party.

        • Oops, make that two and a half billion.

          Ya know after a while billions start to add up!

        • Part of the CFR. Andrew Carnegie , Henry Ford, and Rockefeller all founding members.

          • Maybe so but he put the US on wheels, created a product and employed a few hundred thousand Americans in high paying jobs. His goons also damn near beat Walter Reuther to death in 1937.

            I stand by my statement. Wealth was created by one and the other dedicated his life (and possibly giving it up) to see to it that the working man got a piece of it.

      14. Sounds like a good time to start up conversation on preps for health care and
        Preventative care.
        I know I am weak in this department, so I shall defer to the many on this site
        That are well versed in this area.
        As “preppers” are we not all about taking care of ourselves and our own?

        • About the only real use for a doctor is to prescribe antibiotics, at least outside of traumatic injury.

          You can get them yourself and save a fortune in doctor visits and bills. I have a growing stash of them, and will continue to build them up until they are needed.

          A good medical book will also be useful once the internet is shut down.

          • Colloidal Silver is an awesome anti-biotic! I just made another gallon over the weekend. Cheap to make and works wonders. I had sinus infections all my life and tried anti-biotics and anything else that I heard might work to no avail until I heard about CS on this site and bought all the stuff to make it. I haven’t had any sinus problems in over 6 months, my headaches are gone and the things that used to aggravate my sinuses don’t bother me anymore. Screw these pill-pusher Doctor scumbags, there are real alternatives to their poisons, and they work!

            • Also…my dog would get a rash on her belly when she walked through the weeds and we could not get rid of it with what the vet gave us ,so we rubbed some CS on her belly and the rash was gone in 3 days and has never returned. It takes the heat out of sunburn and has even relieved my heartburn just by taking small sips of it…Great stuff…I wasn’t a believer until I tried it, now I won’t get caught without it!

            • Do you snort it or drink it for the sinus issue?
              I also make it, but am limited on the knowledge of how and what to use it on.
              (I’m like the guy that just bought a gun and barely has figured out how to load it,
              Much less break it down).
              Perhaps you could recommend a good site or book on the use and doseing.

            • Slick…I bought one of those Neti Pots that look like little teapots. I just put a little in the neti, and put it in the microwave for about 10 secs to warm it up and bend over the sink and tilt my head and let it run up into my sinuses. It will burn like hell for about 30 seconds behind your eyes and then it will go away. There is a site that I went to but I am not able to post the link, maybe someone else here can put it up for me, its called CS making info if you google it. After 40 years of miserable sinus problems and tons of doctor visits, CS has been the only thing that has ever gotten rid of my problems. Maybe I should pour some on my ex-wife.

            • Share the recipe?

            • BRW ~ Did you get one of the machines for making it or did you build your own machine? CS is great stuff – a friend introduced me to it this winter.

              ~ D

          • Gods creation, I would really like to contact u or u contact me. I have questions on “hidden contracts”,”domicile”and other things. I have been tring to do my due diligence but it is hard not having some like minded humans tospeak with.

            • JLMB

              I would say that about 95% of what you see on the internet about those things is crap and a waste of time. What the writers of these things are trying to do is beat the corp using corp law and legal trickery.

              There are no “hidden contracts”, and you need not have a legal domicile. Those are things that will get you in trouble if you try to use them in the corp venues.

              Create a free email account and post it here. I will send you an email to that account, and you can respond from your real address.

          • Agreed,
            Trauma and surgery is where they shine.
            I think the rest is a racket.
            And I know I need some antibiotics in my preps.
            Good call.

            • Slick

              Please make sure you do not store any cycling antibiotics, they become more toxic the further past their best by date you go. Taking them can be dangerous and there are many complications caused by doing so.


              Take care

          • “Where There Is No Doctor”

            • The Doom And Bloom Survival Medicine Handbook, by
              Joseph Alton,M.D., and Amy Alton,A.R.N.P., aka Dr.Bones & Nurse Amy

          • Gods creation the email is justleavemebe at rocketmail. com

          • Daisy, I already had a multi-meter, which is the most expensive part. You need pure (.9999) silver wire, 4 9 volt batteries, 3 alligator clip leads and resistor to prevent burning out the batteries, and a small laser pointer to shine through the water to make sure everything is working. My first batch came out very strong but I just diluted it with more distilled water and used it. My crappy cat-toy laser was too small, now I use the Crimson Trace laser off my Glock 21 to check that I have silver in-solution. After a few batches, you will get the hang of it.

            • Nice, BRW!!! I’m thinking of buying one of the ready made units because I’m a little “iffy” in the engineering department. I think that it’s a necessity to be able to produce this – CS has so many practical applications!

        • @ Slick
          I have stared learning a lot about herbal remedies, you can grow many of the herbs yourself. I have been planting herbs and looking for the ones that grow in my area. Been using a lot of them this last year they work without the side effects like pharmacy meds. I do have some antibiotics ( Vet meds) for a major cases stored, but everything else I can treat myself with herbs you can even treat cancer with herbs. The internet has a lot of info also the library has a ton of books to get you started.

      15. What are you doing to ensure we change head politician’s this November?

      16. obamacare in one felt swoop takes a giant leap to communism by unionizing and government control of healthcare! the man is pure evil! next step soylent green!

      17. @slick. You are absolutely right. Not only first aid and medical care but also preventive strategies and healthy lifestyles. I can’t stand the health care system now. You can only imagine how bad it will become. I am going to do everything I can to utilize it as little as possible. Eat better, train harder, and fine tune first responder and first aid skills as much as possible. Also, become more knowledgeable about natural remedies and cures. I think my fish are looking a little under the weather and they may need some more fish mox.

        • Yes!
          Maybe a 12 step program if you will, on all of these strategies.
          I know there are people here at the shtfplan community that have all of this knowledge.
          Perhaps if it could be broken down to something like the survival pyramid, but for medical,
          Health and prevention, growing herbs…etc.

      18. Maybe I should have stayed in healthcare management, but then again management is usually excluded from unions so it would just mean more headaches.

        It may be a moot point anyway if we cannot get an appointment under socialized medicine.

        • PP:
          Management is the target for unions. It would be way beyond headaches. It would be multiple front line military actions.

          I wonder how many conservatives or libertarians would even be able to enter and survive in healthcare management, today. As with the politicization of top level military officers, it would make the most sense for management to first be infiltrated by idealists or organizers in order to eventually implement the union agenda. Political correctness would be an essential qualification.

          This stuff already is SOP in Europe and Canada, AFAIK. The templates are already in existence. They are just getting the ducks in a row for a rolling blitzkrieg across the nation.

          There must be clinicians and med staff on this site. Perhaps they could contribute first hand information. My information is gleaned from discussions with medical workers and various personal experiences over time in different areas.

      19. I’ve never in my entire life seen an individual so powerful who is intent on destroying the United States of America.

        Good Lord! Is it November yet?!!!!

        • Mr. B., he is not alone.

          And remember, as was written in boldface above, “For every million additional health care workers unionized in the 27 non-right-to-work states, the unions stand to earn $1 billion in dues.”

          Right to work states have been increasing because many union workers do not want to be forced into paying dues that are directly funneled into the DemonRat party.

          There are many greedy traitors involved in Obama’s plan. He’s really not that crafty. Only evil.

        • Mr. B, the destruction is now complete. All he is trying to do is reassemble the pieces in a manner that favors his masters.

        • I feel sorry for whoever takes over in November.

          It’s a lose-lose situation – it’s impossible to stop the train from derailing. Between that idiot Bush & the muslim/marxist Obama, we’ve suffered too much “change” and loss of freedom over the last 12 years.

          But, IF we can elect decent leaders in November, they can begin the re-build and repair process so we might come out of it faster.

          Time will tell…..

          • But I’m not holding my breath. I don’t think the American people have it in them anymore.

            Fear and security are driving them. What they don’t realize is that if they keep electing these clowns, THEY AIN’T SEEN NOTHIN’ YET!!!

          • None of who will be voted for are decent leaders. Sorry time to get that out of our heads by now eh? Who we going to put in? You got one of two choices, Who is a decent leader out of those two? They are moving to a common goal. If we still think that one is a lesser of two evils we have Figured Nothing out, and are still sleeping.

        • @Mr.B,,,This evil started in the 60’s. I remember thinking the U.S. would begin it’s decline when Jane Fonda’s husband, Tom Hayden, was elected to congress. (From California, of course.) Obama is too young to be a product of that era, but his mentors all came from it. Just look at the swine he surrounds himself with. Not one with a moral compass. Well, the battle to keep this country from going totally commie, is going to be a vicious one. Not a day goes by that you’d miss seeing the lines being drawn. Speaking of which, I believe the divisions are as great now as the 60’s. Some might argue that premise, based on the fact that during the 60’s and early 70’s, 42 American cities were on fire. I just happen to believe current divisions are totally FUBAR.

      20. I have worked in several union shops and trade unions and there are some places where they are an absolute blessing, there are others where they have no proper place. While I dispise them at thier core, i recognize that they do a place. The problem is that people dont want to work for what they get anymore. People are generaly lazy and want thyings to be easy. I dont mind working for What I get I just want to get paid and treated fairly for what I do. I ahve always prefered to speak for myself, but in the corpritocracy, a single voice is nothing and gets you no where. I dont think that the medical community needs a union. Nedical professionals make very good money and the hours are usually reasonable even when they arelong. The nature of that work requires a little sacrifice during crisis’ and certain situations but as far as the everyday operation, most of the folks that work in this field that I know are very satisfied with thier pay and benifits. They dont need a union.

        • Archer25:

          It isn’t about the workers’ needs or wants. It is about the union bosses’ compensation, their power and their political donations.

          The unions already represent government workers. They simply declare the medical workers to be government workers and then they are automatically enrolled in the union. (NB: not sure how this plays out in right-to-work states or in states that have refused to allow workers such as teachers’ union dues to be deducted by the state and simply forwarded to the unions.)The *dues* are then simply withheld by the government from the payments/salaries to the workers/institutions and deposited en masse in the union accounts.

          We aren’t there, yet. But everything is being put in place to do this in this manner. I am hearing stories about small local hospitals setting up programs, for example, that would subsidize dental care to Medicaid recipients, specifically prisoners. At this time, most dentists don’t take Medicaid, here. But those who participate in this program will be paid with government funds. In the beginning, it will likely be grants. It is a camels nose action. Eventually, dentists, optometrists, chiropractors,massage therapists will all be *granted* “provider status* (chiros already are and some states recognize massage as state insurance providers) and w/single payer will be deemed to be medical providers paid with state funds. Then, as outlined, the unions simply request the dues be withheld from the government payments and forwarded to them.

          The unions want us to focus on the “overpaid” medical staff, while, in reality, they are simply the vehicle by which the union receives money. As such, the med staff is being exploited by the unions. Focus on the unions and on the concept of government workers unions.

          Medical workers are paid salaries. The huge amounts from the insurance companies are paid to the institutions, such as hospitals and clinics, often in blocks by insurance provider. IOW, there isn’t a payment in the name of a specific patient for a specific procedure by a specific clinician, but a payment to the institution for all the care given under that particular insurance provider. It gets complicated. For instance, many insurance providers cut discount deals with various hospitals and clinics under preferred provider plans. This may show up on a patients’ bill and isn’t subject to the co-pay. In another sort of instance, an insurance company may decline part of a hospital or clinician claim in one year, simply because they have exceeded a set limit. But, the medical provider can claim that portion in the subsequent year as long as the set limit isn’t yet reached. I’m sure there are other *deals* like this, but those are two I have been told of.

          Once the unions are inside the tent, _they_ are the ones who look for and then agitate over “conditions” or over *protection of status* for the workers. So, a CNA, who probably has the most patient contact and does the hardest labor, for example, will not be *allowed* to chart temperatures because that is protected work only available to people with a higher level of education. You see this sort of turf protection in many types of unionized settings, where only someone with the right classification can use a screwdriver or make an electrical connection and any breach of this results in fines and punishments and work actions. The union fragments the workforce and forces this turf protection. Imagine this behavior in a medical setting.

          Eventually, this will lower the quality of medical care at every level, while protecting people who may not have either the clinical skills or the ethical qualifications to be dealing with a vulnerable population, but who cannot be fired because of union contracts.

          It will be hell.

      21. they are getting everyone one the same page for the one world government, new world order, and that help me im entitled mentality.. to organize and unionize looks good and i stress LOOKS GOOD, but it only creates separation and division amoung the people and causes problems that only the government can fix… lol …cant you see how this fits onto scripture?Jesus is coming back soon, that stage has been set and the actors are taking their places, yet no-one knows who the lead is (the antichrist)

        • Prince Charles????

          • dont think so he dont fit the muslem profile or the biblicial profile

          • No way GC, no way. Do some more research. Deano is correct. The Harlot will be instrumental in this, may even come out of her. May be through Allah’s group of infidels. Only God truly knows.

        • It would have to be one who could unify most of the world’s people. I do not see anyone who can do that now. They will bring about a world catastrophe(s) to lift this person onto the world stage. They are using the scripture as a playbook.

          • I, for one, do not want to be unified with the world’s people. They stay where their at, I’ll stay where I’m at and nairy the twain shall meet!

        • remember, the anti-christ must be unelected, coming to power by words. Mario Draghi will be the lead and alongside will be the Pope sitting on the dragon. question- does the name Draghi interpret to “dragon”? I wonder…..

          • personaly i think he will come out of jordon, because jordon is the only nation that wont be attacked by antichrist

        • truth fact : the secret society nwo freemason luciferian anti-christ is the british english very fake impostor (the brit royals aren’t legit) crown prince – freemason lord “william” . who was ripped cut prematurely from his commoner mother princess diana’s womb on the pagan “summer solstice day” in a luciferian pagan blood ceremony celebrating the nwo luciferian freemasons Anti-Christ Leader re-turn birth into the world and new reign lording over all of humanity and earth !!!

          the freemasons of england rule you all , you are their slaves goyim cattle .


      22. “That Terminator is out there. It can’t be bargained with; it can’t be reasoned with. It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, EVER, until you are DEAD”. This is our “government” targeting “WE the people”.

      23. Just another method to acquire votes.
        Think the Fed employees are not voting for Obama?

      24. Be careful what you vote for America! We have had “free” healthcare for a long, long time and you might want to edit out the free to second rate. Impossibly long wait times for everything, doctors leaving the system to going to other countries where they can make a living, and striking employees who are unionized. We pay huge bonuses to the executives at the top of the pyramid and the hard-working nurses, support workers are fighting for permanent positions and wages they can live on.

        • I hear that in USSR pretty much anybody who was willing could be a doctor of some sort.

      25. This ought to be interesting

        • dont blink youll miss something inportant

          • I hear ya, got tooth picks holding my eyelids open

      26. Off topic and fits under “Nothing shocks me anymore”.

        The idea that this guy isn’t sharing a cell with Madoff is enough to make anyone made but this kind of makes my blood boil a bit more.


        The article has a humorous take on even the idea of him staying in the business.

      27. We are always surrounded with such dismal information and such a rough outlook for the future days. This is a great uplifting site. It isn’t a religious site but really gives me things to think about in my life.


        Sorry for all the moderation today mac.

      28. hooray !!!! i can be overpaid, underworked , never lose my job, and enjoy the “entitlement program” as teachers and other crappy govt workers. go obama

        • LOL, I take this as you being sarcastic. I hope.

      29. I already don’t trust healthcare, under BO (stinkbug) care I would trust it even less. What is scary is that IF there is an election, there is little differences between romney care and BO care, so even if BO loses and somehow the senate can avoid a fillibuster, would romney even actually go along with repelling it. Simply put I don’t trust romney. He comes from a state in which Massachusetts has totally made self defense evil, one of the states that bans non-lethal stun guns and stun batons, yet romney preaches gun rights. I just can’t help it, I don’t trust someone from the european northeast coast region where freedoms in those states die each day.

        IF there is an election we lose either way, with romney a little less, but still lose in spades. With one candidate we get a pile of manure and with the other we can a big piece of manure. Either way times are not going to get better after there is an election. BO care will probably be around, IF the world last long enough, to take hold of everyone like an alligator snapping turtle’s jaws locked on to everybody’s backside.

        • Be Informed: Off topic a friend called today who is a Geophysicist/PE. He contracts out to USGS, he said that USGS are getting very concerened about a major event soon on the New Madrid Fault. They are try to see if what is going on in LA. maybe related to what is going on with the New Madrid in some way. What are your thoughts?

          • @ copperhead. I am not into coincidences, in 1811-1812 there were three mega earthquakes on the New Madrid fault, and in 1812 a section of the San Andreas broke. In 1700 the Cascadia fault broke as so within a year or so that the southern San Andreas broke. After the mega quake in Indonesia broke with a 8.6 or 8.7 largest ever horizontal earthquake recorded the planet lit up with earthquakes. The planet is not that large, most faults and plates are connected.

            The fact that last week there was a deep focus earthquake of 626 km deep that was 7.7 should be shocking to geologists. Text books state that depp focus earthquakes only reached 6.9 because it is just too much like molasses that deep down to allow that much tension to build up. On The Nazca plate there was a deep focus earthquake many years ago of 8.1, but this was on a small plate that this could happen. The 7.7 was between the massive Pacific plate and the more massive Asia plate. To have this much pressure to have a 7.7 this deep shows tremendous amount of energy to thrust such an enormous plate down under the Asia plate had such a truly fantastic depth. To put it into a comparison it is the difference between a .38 caliber cartridge and a .50 caliber BMG monster.

            The USGS is not going to tell the public anything that the plates are going through something you would expect in one of these disaster movies. There is so much pressure right built up and ready to be released it is not even funny. New Zealand area had 4 volcanoes go off as this is one of those spots that is at a major junction point between the Antarctic plate, the Indo Austrailian plate and the Pacific plate. Watch Mt. Taupo as this super volcano could easily erupt and then it is GAME OVER for most of the civilization on this planet.

            The New Madrid fault is affected by the Mid Atlantic Ridge, and this recent swarm of earthquakes indicate pressure build up on the New Madrid Fault and also the Caribbean fault. This is why I gave a 25-40% chance of at least a 6.0 on the eastern part of the Caribbean fault by Thursday or so of this week. Week chance but still a chance. IF you have a good shaker in Puerto Rico or the Virgin Islands for example, watch out New Madrid Fault for a month or so.

            People just don’t realize just how much energy is reverberated because the rock is so much older and harder than the west coast that is mostly oceanic crust. A 8.0 on the New Madrid is more like a 8.4-8.5 on west coast faults. The echo effect can cause earthquake waves to do funky things also, like a building being shaken an different angles, which of course flattens everything that is already not build up to such earthquake codes like say Japan is.

            IF the New madrid Fault breaks before another SHTF event, preppers must act because the economic calamity will be trillions in the making. There won’t need to a dollar collapse or European debt implosion, or other economic debacle, Mother Nature will be the catalyst that collapses everything around the rest of the country. After someone hears of such an earthquake of over 7.8 or so on the New Madrid Fault, get going with buying what you can, especially ammo and fuel first. The government will be quick to ration ALL fuel and prohibit ammo sales to citizens. ACT quickly before those around you know what hit them.

            • @Be Informed: A big Thanks for the info got family about 175 mi. or so from the New Madrid. Again Thanks

            • @ copperhead. 175 miles is a fair distance, probably okay depending on your soil under you. Loose soil shakes like Jello. It will not so much be the magnitude as it will be the time of the shaking. 175 miles away would be like about 100 miles away from the San Andreas because of the hard colder rock that will magnify it. The direction at which the fault is to your home is a big factor also. You can probably see this on a map. It would not be a bad idea to strap the hot water heater down as these are big time fire hazards should they rock over. If you have gas having one of those shut off wrenches is an excellent idea. Always have shoes new you because broken glass is one of the injuries most reported to the feet of people when earthquakes occur during the night. This on top of the survival supplies of course. Again, you are probably okay.

      30. Good Lord! I am about re-enter the Medical Field and I am appalled!

        This Mandate will further depress Medical Personnel wages and lower an already low quality of care.

        Doctors and Nurses are having a “burn-out” due to Government Policies and Mandates.

        Very soon America would degrade to the level of many African countries, no offense given to those of reference point.

      31. And you wonder why there’s so much talk about an economic collapse these days. You can’t keep piling onto an economic before it fails from being overloaded. We can’t run an efficient Post Office and they expect us to applaud a unionized health care system? So what’s the real cost after you factor all those union benefits and pensions?

        Have we not learned a lesson from California where cities and municipalities are going bankrupt for this very same reason? You know promising pensions and retirement benefits that are NOT sustainable.

      32. I hate commies.

        • Careful Brother. I know what you mean, and get your feelings. This is meant as a reminder, not a zinger. Matthew 5:43-44, among others.

          God bless!

      33. The medical field already has a union that controls supply of supply and demand. The AMA controls the number of students that can get into Medical School. I know of three instances where EXTREMELY qualified applicants could not get admitted to a US Medical School so they therefore went overseas. One to Italy, one to Mexico and one to Grenada (who was there when the Rangers came). All three returned to the US after their education and were board certified. The students that went to Mexico and Italy could not speak the language. The DR that went to school in Mexico is is wife’s OBGYN and the Department Head.

        I have to say there were three out of three that I know that were EXTREMELY qualified.

        It’s funny how so many Physicians children are Physicians. I imagine it has nothing to do with donations to dads Alma mater.

        • You’re right and many people are unaware of the power and quota system behind the AMA. If they didn’t regulate the number of physicians, we would actually have a free economy with respect to medical doctors in the US. Many doctors have nothing to do with the AMA — for a reason!

          But it will come as no surprise to learn the AMA was in support of Obamacare.

          • I think there are other reasons the AMA supports Obamacare.

            The AMA does not set quotas for doctors- the medical schools and residency programs decide who they will accept and it is competitive, so even highly qualified people may miss the cut. (Incidentally, veterinary schools and dental schools are even more selective.)

            The AMA has been steadily losing favor with physicians. Only about 25-30% of doctors (including retired doctors) belong to the AMA and that number has been steadily decreasing.

            The reason that the AMA supports Obamacare is because much of its income comes from its ownership over medical coding rights.It makes over $70 million per year by having a strangle hold on the medical codes that make the current system “function”.

            All medical visits have to have a code number attached. The code describes the illness and the type of care provided. If a visit isn’t assigned a code, the provider won’t get paid.

            The AMA controls the coding. If you want to know what to code, you have to buy their expensive books to get that info. If you want to use their codes on a computer program for billing purposes, you also have to pay them royalties. Every medical transaction generates a little bit of money for the AMA. Think about that a little bit.

            The AMA tries very hard to disguise this information. However, the information is slowly getting out. In my opinion, the AMA no longer represents the interests of the majority of physicians. The AMA has a huge interest in perpetuating the current health care system and the issues they support reflect this. Of course, the money they spend to influence government is only a shadow of what is spent by Big Pharma and the Insurance companies.

            • Actually the AMA restricts accreditation in several areas, thus creating the under-supply of doctors nationwide. Ironic, since they also provide statements showing that America is under-served by physicians.

              Another irony is that the AMA is so pro-Obamacare and now we learn that the health care workers will be going Union. So now we have the AMA and their involvement with this enormous Union formation! The AMA is filled with problems and this has been through their history, like when they were against Medicare before they decided to be pro-Medicare. Or when the AMA was against HMOs, or now — as they voice complaints against physicians opening offices in strip malls or large retail stores. They cite concerns about the delivery system lacking ‘quality’ on the one hand but then claim to have concerns over rural America being under-served.

              You pointed out a proprietary coding system that will serve the AMA well. This doesn’t surprise me but when looking at their politics like being pro ‘global warming’ and citing the IPCC in a policy statement, the alarm-bell rings. Same is true when they sided with Obamacare.

              The AMA needs to stop pretending that its major concern is the welfare of patients.

            • The AMA does not set quotas. That would be “fixing” the system. They De-facto set quotas.

              “so even highly qualified people may miss the cut”.

              But the children of Physicians that donate quite heavy don’t seem to get that cut (obviously within reason). Oh yes, it certainly is “selective”. Why are highly qualified people turned away year after year? The people in question are so highly qualified that they go to Medical School in a foreign country and are then sufficiently educated to get board certified in the US. This has been going on for decades. Changing this just might throw a hand full of sand in the 500k+ many Physicians make. Can’t have that.

              It’s funny I don’t hear of this in Engineering where foreign students are intentionally recruited.

        • It’s even more of a club in specialties like dermatology.

      34. Anybody but Obama in November. Please get everyone you know registered to vote and make sure they get to the polls. That’s also considered “prepping”.

        • it wasn’t long ago that we heard “anybody but Bush”

          look how that turned out

          things can get worse

          and remember

          they’re not elections

          they are AUCTIONS

          its the illusion of change that keeps us flocking to the polls

          • Actually these are no longer elections. It is now more like American Idol where the political process has become more of a popularity contest and just like in American Idol you hope the winner goes on to have a successful career. How many winners in AI have gone to have solid careers? Maybe 3 or 4 so yeah it’s more about making it into the finals of the political process and get the those that vote to buy into your last performance.

      35. Clint Hospo: You’re 100% right about the VA being the example for Obamacare to follow; I’ve got vets in my family who avoid the VA like it was HIV. My wife’s father was a doctor in Cuba before and after Fidel Castro took over in 1959. After he came to power, the health care system in Cuba totally went to shit. People had to wait a certain amount of time to get certain treatments and surgeries even if they were young. Certain medications were rationed and certain others were no longer available. People, old and young, started dying prematurely due to neglect by the GOVERNMENT-CONTROLLED HEALTH CARE SYSTEM IN CUBA. My wife’s father finally reached the point where he take no more of it and began criticizing it. Fidel’s thugs came and took him in the middle of the night, beat him mercileesly, put him through a sham trial, convicted him of “counterrevolutionary activity”, and sentenced him to death by firing squad. That was the straw that broke the camel’s back for my wife and she escaped from Cuba on a raft with 13 other people in 1967. Ourhealth care workers willfind out the HARD WAY about these unions. Take care and keep prepping.

      36. Only Chuck Norris will survive, the rest of you are worm food!


      38. Israeli Jooo Justice

        Israel Police: Israeli Police and Hundreds of Jooo’s in town “Zion Square” watched israeli jooo mob attempt to lynch beat-up Palestinian youths in Jerusalem, (the palestinian youths were just walking through the square and were attacked for no reason by the Jooo’s) did not interfere.

        Four Palestinian minors, including one girl, arrested in connection with attack at Zion Square in which one victim was seriously injured and three others were slightly hurt.

        The Jooo’s arrested the four palestinian victims – WTF !!!

        ;0p pssszt

        and this is who is now training AmeriKan Law Enforcement ??? WTF ???


        • N.O. – in watching your idoitic posts for several months, you are either deranged or a troll. I bet on troll.. mainly because the things you have posted in the past SHOULD have gotten you a visit from the law..


            AIPAC Wants War on Iran – WHY ???

            AIPAC is an unregistered foreign agent. It calls itself “America’s Pro-Israeli Lobby.” It has represented Israeli interests since 1953.

            Virtually no one in Congress confronts it. Doing so is a career-ender. It has enormous influence over US Middle East policies affecting Israel, including war and peace.

            It disseminates disinformation, lies and hate. It viciously attacks opponents. It calls Iran “the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism and is racing toward a nuclear weapons capability.”

            It manufactures threats to promote fear. It wants the Islamic Republic destroyed. It targets other regional states. It wants unchallenged Israeli regional dominance.


            ;0p pssszzt


          • The day we see truth and do not speak is the day we begin to die. – Martin Luther King

          • @freenow … shouldn’t your name be @ENSLAVENOW ???


        • I have an idea…
          Why don’t you go join the Palestinian Army and fight against your hated Jooo’s? You’d fit right in after all!

          Others may like to see the ‘jewels’ in your comments, but overall your comments are filled with hate, immorality, vain deceit, foolishness, evil and downright absurdity! I bet your family is so very proud of you, that is if you even have anyone who will claim you!!



            If You See Something, Say Something.

            Report Suspicious Activity to Local Law Enforcement or Call 911.









            ;0p pssszzt



            • No you deranged psychopath, anyone can speak and write what they want. The difference is most mature people use common sense, maturity, common courtesy, morality, maturity, did I mention maturity, and COHERENT patterns of communication!!!

              You do NOT have to use your personal hatred of certain groups to make a point. It’s your bitterness, hate and unsociable mannerism that ALL can’t stand here. If you would actually make a valid point, like you have in the past, in a manner that is humanly acceptable, then you would actually help out on some issues. But your continued psychosis, hateful mannerism and your bazaar responses alienates EVERYONE!

            • @john pt … “Society creates it’s own MONSTERS!”


        • UN AGENDA 21 As Above, So Below: The Globalist Agenda Reflected in Local Politics Through ‘Council of Governments’

          For those who consistently wonder how far the tentacles of the JOOO control system reach upward, the real question better asked might actually be how far down. While many imagine a top-down system that stops at the Federal or State level, the truth is far from that. cont…


      39. from the above article

        “The Obamacare law, once fully implemented, will dramatically increase the number of health care workers receiving payment for their services through government programs, including Medicaid and so-called “public option” government-run insurance plans.

        “The government employee unions can then enlist pro-union state governments to treat these health care workers as ‘government employees,’” Factor told The Daily Caller, “and unionize them just like they unionized the care providers” themselves.”

        most hospitals already receive 50-70% of their revenue from the government ie Medicare,Medicaid,Champus

        therefore most hospital employees are already “paid” by the government so to speak,aren’t they ?

        and then the article makes one hell of a leap in “logic”

        by saying this
        ““The government employee unions can then enlist pro-union state governments to treat these health care workers as ‘government employees,’” Factor told The Daily Caller, “and unionize them just like they unionized the care providers” themselves.”

        thats one hell of a stretch
        why dont they do that now ????

        if the author is anti-Obamacare
        but he really needs to come up with a more substantive argument

        I think this is just another scare tactic
        the big bad boogey man unions are gonna get us all

        “legislative mandates that force all new healthcare workers entering the field to join a federal or state sponsored union.”

        legislative mandates to force union membership ????????

        come on

        this guys critical thinking skills are on vacation

        • IIRC, this is precisely what SEIU did in Michigan to child care workers.

          1)The child care was paid by state government vouchers.

          2)SEIU deemed all the workers to be state government employees. No worker was given a choice or even informed of the action.

          3)Since SEIU represents state government workers, the child care workers were simply involuntarily subsumed into SEIU and the dues withheld from their Government voucher payments

          This went to court in Michigan, I don’t recall how it turned out.

      40. Off subject: Does anyone have an update on that marine held for 72hrs? I cannot find anything and he was supposed to go in front of a judge this morning.

        • Saddle Up – copying the statement from his attorneys, link to follow…

          The Rutherford Institute has come to the defense of a former Marine, 26-year-old Brandon Raub, who was arrested, detained indefinitely in a psych ward and forced to undergo psychological evaluations based solely on the controversial nature of lines from song lyrics, political messages and virtual card games which he posted to his private Facebook page.

          Although the FBI and Chesterfield County police have not charged Brandon Raub, a resident of Chesterfield County, Va., with committing any crime, they arrested Raub on Thursday, August 16, 2012, and transported him to John Randolph Medical Center, where he was held against his will due to alleged concerns that his Facebook (FB) posts were controversial and “terrorist in nature.”

          In a hearing held at the hospital, government officials disregarded Raub’s explanation that the Facebook posts were being interpreted out of context, sentencing him up to 30 days’ further confinement in a VA psych ward.

          In coming to Raub’s defense, Rutherford Institute attorneys are challenging Raub’s arrest and forcible detention, as well as the government’s overt Facebook surveillance and violation of Raub’s First Amendment rights.

          “For government officials to not only arrest Brandon Raub for doing nothing more than exercising his First Amendment rights but to actually force him to undergo psychological evaluations and detain him against his will goes against every constitutional principle this country was founded upon. This should be a wake-up call to Americans that the police state is here,” said John W. Whitehead, president of The Rutherford Institute. “Brandon Raub is no different from the majority of Americans who use their private Facebook pages to post a variety of content, ranging from song lyrics and political hyperbole to trash talking their neighbors,
          friends and government leaders.”

          Brandon Raub, a former Marine who has served tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, was detained by FBI agents and police officers at his home in Chesterfield County based upon the nature of content posted to his Facebook page in recent months.

          Like many Facebook users, Raub uses his FB page to post songs lyrics and air his political opinions, as well as engage in virtual online games with other users.

          On Thursday, August 16, police and FBI agents arrived at Raub’s home, asking to speak with him about his Facebook posts. They did not provide Raub with a search warrant. Raub was cooperative and agreed to speak with them. Without providing any explanation, levying any charges against Raub or reading him his rights, law enforcement officials then handcuffed Raub and transported him first to the police headquarters, then to John Randolph Medical Center, where he was held against his will.

          Outraged onlookers filmed the arrest and posted the footage to YouTube. Law enforcement officials have stated in press reports that Raub was not arrested. However, as attorney John Whitehead points out, if the police have put handcuffs on you and you’re being held against your will, that qualifies as an arrest.

          In a hearing before a judge on August 20, government officials again pointed to Raub’s Facebook posts as the sole reason for their concern and for his continued incarceration.

          Ignoring Raub’s explanations about the fact that the FB posts were being read out of context and his attorney’s First Amendment defense, the judge agreed that Raub should be incarcerated at a VA hospital for up to 30 more days.

          Rutherford Institute attorneys are working to challenge Raub’s detention and the highly unconstitutional nature of the government’s actions.

          • Well it seems to me that many online Liberals could qualify for a long-vacation in a nut-house, if we use these guidelines.

            • Yet Groups like the new Black Panthers (with whom Obama marched with in 2007 – pictures have recently surfaced) can post whatever they want in videos and no one does anything.

              (www.breitbart.com) Type in ‘new black panthers’ and read what they just recently said about “killing white babies and murdering white people in the streets.”


            • The pictures of Obama marching with the New Black Panthers in 2007 that were posted at Breitbart.com have ‘disappeared’.

              The article about them is still there, but where the photos were is just an empty box with a small x in the corner. I checked a few other sites that had the marching pictures…same thing.

              Shock Photos: Candidate Obama Marched with New Black Panthers in 2007

          • Thanks Daisy, just found something posted from a Virginia news source. Atleast it is getting some regional coverage from MSM.
            The impression that I got was 30 more days so that people forget about this guy being held against his will by the gov’t. And people will forget about this guy because a new season of football will have started or idol or something else.
            But eventually people will realize that what happened to Raub can happen to any one of us. Not comfortable with that thought.

          • The first mistake he made was stepping out of his house once it was determined that there was no warrant for his arrest or a search.

            The second mistake he made was talking to them without an attorney present and “cooperating” with them. Keep your mouth shut!!!

            Without a warrant, without stepping outside where the officers could access him, there could not be a false justification made to cuff, detain him, and wisk him off to a psyche ward. That was kidnapping!

            At the very least the PTB have neutralized this guy by giving him a (government) shrink, who will stop him from gun ownership and or purchase.

            He is lucky he did not lose his cool and give the officers an excuse to escalate the situation or he would be the life long cell mate of Julian Assange, once Mr Assange obtains his US Visa.

            Engage your employees or be imprisoned by them!

            Want to protect YOUR rights?

            Send the Rutherford Institute a twenty dollar bill. Everybody, send the Rutherford Institute a twenty dollar bill.

            • they probably would have went all WACO on him if he didnt come out to “Talk about it” you do realise there are different rules of engagement now, i know you know this

              but i do agree with you DK

            • VRF: American citizens need to do their homework. They have no idea of what their rights are, how to communicate with authorities, or how to respond to a situation when they are the target.

              And no one teaches them how.

              Much like kids graduating high school who have no idea what a checking account is or how to balance it; or a FICO score; or a host of other practical procedures and information that they need to know to live within OUR society.

              They graduate high school illiterate in life.

            • Im aware of this DK, but you also know how they go at people who dont answer their door to them..like I said new rules of engagement..just ask those dead people at Waco

            • Also If he didnt come out, he would have been labeled a “Barricaded Gun Man” and his home and family would have been burned out..they dont wait , they dont starve you out, or wait until your resources dry up..if you dont come out when they want you to, they give you no choice..like i said since Waco the rules of engagement have been changed. you dont have in thier eyes any rights, and they will not let you have your lawyer first..they want you first, and if they cant have you first, they will label you, media hype you, then put a bullet in your head, and your wife and kids too

              Understand, Im not agreeing with this, and I wish we could reason with them, but thats just not the case anymore in this police state / war against our rights un-united states anymore..does it need to change, hell yes..but defying them ALONE will get you killed

              sometimes if you dont have any SUPPORT, you have to live to fight another day

              UNITY..we lack it big fuckin’ time..thats why this shit is taking place without repercussions for those who are jackbooting our rights.

      41. here in canada, maybe we dont pay for our medicals, but damn maybe they should start charging, everytime you go in the emergency room, you might see someone who’s been going for a week straight just because they slept with the window open and got a cold out of it, well ever since i had to wait a minimum of 4 hours just to see a doctor, i stopped going unless its something really important, and since then started to think that visits to the hospital was like sick days at work, you have so many that are paid and the rest well, not paid for it, so going to the hospital, should be like so, so many times per year that the gouvernment pays for the people, and well the extra days come out of your pockets, unless areally bad illness of course

      42. We already have nearly 50% of all households on some sort of government subsidy. By adding in more mandatory union jobs, they will just cement in continual one party rule.

        Of course, there are many who say republicans and democrats are the same anyway,so WTF.

        Expecting the “Big Reset” any time now…….

        • Moooahahahhhahahhahhha

      43. All i know is if they have all these new IRS agents to enforce this POS law, makes you wonder if they are going to ever repel it or not. All I know is I wish and hope if it exsists that we all take this to court and refuse to pay. Flood the court system with millions of people. Id like to see what that would do to this fookers. They thought the OWS protestors were flooding the courts, wait till obamacare remains and millions of us go to court to refuse to pay a tax just to breath air. unbelievable anymore.

      44. of course this isnt true but even if it were so what?

        i doubt this comment will survive because i am not a racist like most of the people here.

        but the truth is this site doesn’t have very intelligent people reading it because if you did you would know that EVERY decent advancement that has been made by workers has been because of unions.

        now i realize most people here don’t have education and you think you would all be rich if it were not for the blacks and the browns etc etc… but trust me, if it weren’t for minimum wage and food stamps you would not be eating.

        please get some education.
        you embarrass the country.

        • I do love people who pretend to be intelligent. Lovely grammar and puntuation, by the way.

        • It’s not your equal opportunity attitude that will get you the thumbs down.

          It is your smug, superior certainty that the rest of us are practically illiterate that makes me give you a thumbs down and consider altering my IP address so I can give you another one.

          If I thought you possessed the capability of learning something that was not intravenously fed to you through a liberal tube, I would provide you with historical data so that you could research and draw your own conclusions.

          The skill of critical thinking is far more important than a liberal arts degree from the finest of universities. The ability to think for yourself and see outside the neatly drawn mainstream media lines is something that cannot be taught in any classroom. I suggest you work on that before taking your next highly touted philosophy class.

          • Some of the smartest people I know didn’t finish high school. This person personifies the term “educated fool”. Too many people confuse being educated with being smart.

            • Agreed….Forget about what you learned in school besides the basic 3 Rs. The rest is mostly revisionist history and brainwashing. Trust your “street smarts” and real experience along with a healthy dose of searching for the truth.

        • Great! So basically what you’re admitting is:

          1) You are a Union Member
          2) You could care less where your dues go, or who they go to
          3) You agree with the THUGS who enjoy twisting arms (or breaking them!)
          4) You don’t have enough intelligence to fight your own battles
          5) You need others telling you what to do all the time
          6) You like to get paid for doing NOTHING!
          7) You voted for Barack Hussein Obama
          8) You are a Liberal idiot who wants to tell everyone what to do and how to live
          9) You are WEAK
          10) Finally, YOU are a LOSER!

          Have I about wrapped up who you are MR./MRS. TROLL???

          Get on outta here, and don’t let the door hit ya on the way out!

        • You should do some research before you mouth off on this. But, of course, this will counter your belief system and you will dismiss it…..

          Your only recourse when faced with fact that counters your belief system is to marginalize, ridicule and obfuscate. If you don’t want to open your mind up and let some light in then go someplace else to read information. You are a waste of time:


        • What’s that stench? I smell a troll! Nice try Jadez. Not biting on your rhetoric.

        • Unions have their place in the private sector, and they have been useful historically.

          But not the public sector, as there is a limit in the private sector as to what an employer can pay and still be competitive in the marketplace.

          In public unions the government just passes on the cost of the employees to the taxpayer, the budget be damned.

          Then of course once a worker becomes a federal employee or a government employee at any level, they believe that THEY are the government. NO. They are the employee.

          The good news is that with the advancement in robotics, within 20-50 years all government employees will be replaced by an android as they retire, at a rate of 50 to 1.

          Engage these MF’s or be enslaved by them.

          • Didn’t the socialist FDR purposely avoid public sector unions?

        • Jadez you can tell that your not white from the way you write, we are not racist and not going to even say anything bad about you. We believe in sharing ideas on here not saying things about other cultures. But you gotta be smarter than that to believe we are all dumb on here. I have a bachelors degree. That doesn’t make me any smarter than someone who never even went to college. hey Jadez, what does min wage have to do with anything? We can hunt for food! We don’t need to work for that. We can grow vegtables for free. You see Jadez we are not dependent on the system. We believe in doing the things we can on our own without government. Plus min wage has no factor in this equation your talking about. So you believe that since blacks only get the crapy jobs you are stuck at a certain pay? Why can’t you better yourself like many people on this site. jadez, there are teachers on here, business men and women and every type of people that wan’t to survive without government. If you are black we are not going to bash you. Try not having hate in your heart and always think its the white person who did this to you. We are all equal and what you do with your life shows your true colors. not race color btw.

          • Jadez is his/her own worst enemy.

      45. what if they dont want to be unionized? whats his plan for that? NDAA? FEMA? FS? G-bay?(yes you can ask me what FS means if you cant figure it out)

        I dont want a Union Doctor..and I know my doctor well enough to say he dont want to be one..what the fuck happened to free will and making our own dam choices?

        keep forceing your dam boot down on our neck, sooner or later , people will not stand for it

        • The boot pressure has been more forceful on our neck for the past 4 years. People who are alert and care need to be sure they do something about it in November.

      46. Wow, the attitude of teachers, cops and postal workers coming to an E.R. everywhere. Maybe this is the plan for the elites to enact the population reduction scheme.

      47. People who can afford it come here from Canada to get medical care. I guess we will go to Mexico. There are good medical clinics and Drs there, you just need to find a good one.

      48. This is totally out of control. Hey you want fries with that sh-t sandwich we’re about to eat.

      49. Have y’all seen NewsWeek Mag? LOL!!!!!


        Hit the Road, Barack
        And Don’t Ya Come Back,
        No Mo, No Mo, No Mo, No Mo!!!!

        Hit the Road, Barack!!!


      50. I got to tell ya, the best job I ever had was a union job. Don’t be fooled, a union is a good thing to have!

        • The best money I ever made was a union bricklayer. Not the best job I ever had,however. Private unions ARE a good thing. Public ones,not so much. Unfortunately, I believe all private unions will go by the wayside as there will be more and more competition for lower wages as the globalists try to even out the “unit of labor” worldwide. Motherf’ers.

      51. I think they mean “Soviet Unionized.”

      52. Obama is destroying this country! We need to get him out this year. Obamacare will lead to the death of more people and the death of this country!

        Get out of here Obama!

        • we need to focus on the its ALL OF THEM part not just obama. Put mitt in guess what ? o shit same situation. PPl keep going back to the rep and dem bullshit lib or con. Get the over who is in office and realise its the damn office itself.

      53. Netanyahu ‘determined to attack Iran’ before US elections, claims Israel’s Channel 10

        Posted on Drudge Report

        • Do you think they (Israel) would really go thru with this since they just telegraphed it to the whole world? IMHO I think it is a monkey wrench thrown into the works.We”re only talking about 6 weeks.I am sayin , I don’t think they would give them that much of a warning.I could be adjusted on that.

          • @ Widowmaker. Old ploy of militaries is to ramp up the tensions big time, then let everything calm down, then attack. Watch the new moons, + 5 days of it, or – 5 days of it. Usually this window the skies are dark enough not to endanger their pilots as much.

      54. Amerika’s Future is Death http://www.activistpost.com/2012/08/amerikas-future-is-death.html Conspiracy theories have now blossomed into what the smug presstitute media calls a “conspiracy culture.” According to the presstitutes, Americans have to find some explanation for their frustrations and failings, so Americans shift the blame to the Bilderbergers, the Rothschilds, the New World Order and so forth and so on.

      55. Chef Nunzio & possee,

        Thanks for the info that just saved me a bunch.

        Y’all Beware!

      56. because unions operate on big money and no one has money to use them theyhad to infiltrate the system ,Obama is now a MOB kingpin.

      57. anytime Y’all..

      58. and this is our reward: Welcome to the new Fasist States of Solidarity… mind you, when this step is taken, our military will be the next on their agenda…

      59. As a union firefighter , I take offense.There are nothing but dedicated ,rapid responding brothers in our houses. When we transport a critical patient to our er (union nurses) the best possible care is rendered . And yes , at the end of a shift the blood of someones child is washed off and a well deserved couple of days off to decompress (do you think the 5 day work week was implimented by the “bosses”) with family friends ,and church. shame on you

        • but the union didn’t make you dedicated nor responsible – that, my anonymous friend, is a character trait maybe learned at home through due dilgence of the parrents or otherwise as life teaches hard lessons… screw the unions and their attempts at making this a socialistic state… i was never in a union and carry out my responsibilities just as dedicatedly – thanks to my parents efforts…

          PS, I’m Chaplain for my town’s firefighters and it’s volunteer

      60. What is the best type of fuel stabilizer for diesel?

        Any recommendations?

        • I’ve had very good results with Pri-D and Pri-G products

      61. Are all you guilty white enjoying the decay yet?

        • Hopefully, the undeserved white guilt is over and people will stop looking through race colored glasses in November and vote for something (someone) else.

        • K.Mc,

          Guilty of what?

      62. “US veterans, being diagnosed with traumatic brain injury (TBI) are being tracked by the Department of Defense (DoD) because they may display personality changes that could come on without warning and effect their ability to acclimate back into American society.

        Researchers are claiming that even mild TBI can develop into CTE, which will cause veterans to possibly become a danger to themselves and those around them.”

        Another direct attack on returning veterans. Pretty soon they are just going to start executing the veterans at the end of their tour. They KNOW that the vets are their number one enemy when they try to enforce martial law. Link to follow.

        • Hey daisy: There is a really interesting theory from a guy that quotes a bunch of sources as to why suicide rates have dramatically increased.
          He believes it is from a parasite found in the ME thought to cause changes in brain activity.
          It is on ATS. Will include a link following this. I didn’t read the entire thread just the first guys research. But found it really compelling.

          Don’t know if this will work just put the http and www prior to what I pasted.


          • Wow, Saddle Up – that is an incredibly well-put-together piece of research. It gives one a LOT to think about.

            I also wonder about the fact that many people – more than ever – are waking up to what the soldiers are sent to do. I think that an aware man or woman might be terribly troubled by the acts they commit in the name of duty, or by the acts that the see committed by others. We cannot rule out PTSD brought on by the sheer horror of the fact that they are taking part in a conflict that benefits no one but the PTB.

            And why aren’t they receiving the treatment the deserve when they return?

            Two possible reasons:

            They know too much, which makes them a risk.

            • I also wouldn’t rule out the stress of combat.
              I think very few soldiers know enough to damage the gov’t at top levels. They are too insulated with their underlings to take the fall for them. Just look at how many officers from Abu Grab went to prison.
              But expense? That is a legit thing for the gov’t to worry about. People have been complaining about the cost of war for 10 years. What nobody realizes is that the cost of this war will last until all these kids have passed on from old age. They will have service related injuries forever. Just look at the agent orange thing that went on for decades before the gov’t admitted anything to that.

      63. the union will NOT affect the care we recieve when going to the ER, hospital, ect. If anyone had been in the hospital recently you already know how they work. This is an attempt to collect another tax through union dues.

      64. @ Be informed-you asked about us noticing any changes-any at all- All the street signs in my neighborhood have been changed. I’ve lived in this house for 30 yrs, the houses are all over 50 yrs old and the streets are curved not grid patterned. Years ago, the signs all changed. I noticed that anywhere the street ends in a T, there are red arrows pointing the direction to the main road. The No parking between signs –> <– all have green embedded arrows, but where the street T's, there are red arrows beneath the signs. In some cases, the sign reads No parking here to corner with no embedded green arrow, but with a separate red arrow below it.
        Tacmars-all I'd have to do to find my way to the main road is follow the red arrows. I've noticed a lot of sign changes here, an hour south of Chicago. Whatta think?

      65. K.Mc,

        Ohcumgache was nice enough to ask a simple question.
        Do you have an answer?

        Y’all Beware!

      66. Daisy,

        I think Burt will find this an interesting read.
        www prior to: abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread873110/pg1

        Y’all Beware! Hope she has her firewall workin’.
        Thanks Saddle Up.

        • Passed it on to her, Y’all, just in case she doesn’t get over here today. 🙂

      67. Sick of looking at this Muslim, Socialist, ruin the USA at all cost asshole, get something new

      68. Y’all and Daisy

        Thanks for that, I will have a look at the medical side, nothing I ever learned indicated that this could be the case but like most I never learned everything.

        I’ll get back to you if I find anything out.

        Take care

      69. “21 Million Health Care Workers to Be Unionized Under ObamaCare”
        As in Soviet UNION !

      70. News alert! “Obama Care” is actually “GOP” care. Yep, the individual mandate version of universal health care was invented by republicans with the help of the heritage foundation. When congress adapted it and Obama signed the bill, it immediately became toxic and evil socialism in the minds of Obama haters. Why do so many republicans hate this man so much; he is only a man, don’t be afraid, unless you are involved with a muslim terrorist group.

      71. when the union bosses stop raiding pension funds, sell off their Florida, Montana and California resort homes, yachts and other ammenities then AND ONLY THEN will i consider having any respect for unions and their efforts… when they stop their bullying of employees who want to keep the money they’ve earned instead of turning it over t o thugs and criminals, when they cease all their political efforts and pressures and payoffs then AND ONLY THEN will i consider what good unions might offer… till these things are common practice – SCREW ALL UNIONS

      72. Forced unionization?

        That will be the day I walk out.

      73. I am with Dave-I turned down a pretty great offer at Washington Hospital Center, because not only was it mandatory to join the Nursing Union there-but the “Union” was Hospital-management-created….WHAT? It made no sense and was a joke-during the last horrible winter storms here, they fired FIVE experienced, well-regarded nurses, because they couldn’t make it in due to the weather-one actually wrecked her car trying to get in-they had “violated” “union policy” by “not showing up” even though they had called in.
        SECONDLY, It is kind of insulting-the title-Most nurses would never, and don’t ever-at least I never took breaks, I would often go almost 16 hours without peeing, eating, anything-except coffee and water-IF i had time! Nurses hate the stereotype that we all sit on our butts, ignoring patients-of course, it’s not all the other issues that this BS would cause; it’s those lazy nurses!

      74. I’m a union metal worker, I get paid a good wage and I WILL have a retirement when its time. I like what I do and love my union. With that said if your not swinging a hammer or working in a factory or mine or wear a badge, you don’t need to be the the face of the union. SCIU can suck it along with the teachers and teamsters. But you all should show love to the men and woman who put there life on the line in the trades and who put out fires and protect your community. So please don’t clump all unions and there members into the commie , tree hugger, liberal puss cabal . My collar is blue , my neck is red I hunt and I love my country, I’m also a union man because I want to give my family a good middle class life, and you all have seen my spelling to know I’m not cut out for a desk job;) . I’ll get off the soapbox and I love the site and the great discussion! Thank you.

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