Bugging Out of NYC: “Something Terrible is Coming… So For Now, I’m Getting Out.”

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    You may remember the Wall Street Insider from a previous interview in which he suggested that elements within the Obama administration were mobilizing to incite class and race conflicts across the United States. That report was made available in mid August of this year, just before the Occupy Wall Street movements began. As we can see, certain groups, some with direct White House ties, as well as thousands of communist sympathizers, are now very much moving in that direction – especially in terms of turning one income class of people against another.

    The reason we mention this previous report is that the “Wall Street Insider” is an anonymous source who now makes regular appearances in interviews with The Ulsterman Report. Due to his request to maintain anonymity, it has been suggested by some that the Insider is not credible. However, as has been shown time and again, Ulsterman’s reporting with both, the Wall Street and White House insiders, has been way ahead of the curve.

    The Wall Street insider is reportedly a well connected, high powered player in financial and investment circles with loose ties to sources in the White House as well. In a recent interview he advised that Wall Street has turned on the Obama administration, and they are now actively working against the Obama re-election campaign, namely in the form of pulling campaign donations. According to the Insider, Wall Street organizations have a goal of funding Obama’s opponent, whoever it may be, to the tune of $1 Billion – a serious commitment to make sure President Obama does not win another four years:

    That revenue will not be a given this time around.  Things must change.  That change will not benefit President Obama.  The unions will attempt to counterbalance that.  Let them try – we will outspend them this time around.  We now have the means to more easily do so.  They put up half a billion for President Obama the last time. Fine. We will put up a billion against him – or more if need be, in 2012. These unions wish to promote an anti-capitalism agenda and wrap it around the current resident of the White House?  Fine – we will be promoting and protecting the free market as much as has ever been done in my professional lifetime – and that goes back more than a few years.

    A story carried by The Daily Crux this week has confirmed that money is not flowing to President Obama’s coffers this time around, and instead, Wall Street is directing funds to Republican candidates, namely Mitt Romey.

    Given that President Obama has openly declared his support for certain ideologies within the Occupy Wall Street movement, there is obviously a rift that has taken place between his administration and the financiers in the world’s financial capital. Coupled with the fact the Wall Street is shifting money – a key element to any Obama reelection – to the President’s opponents, they have now created enemies in the top echelons of the Executive Branch. President Obama, whose father was an admitted Communist and held top positions in Kenya’s communist party, seems to now fully support an agenda similar to that of the communist and socialist protesters participating in the Wall Street riots, which is to punish all of those ‘more fortunate’ individuals in American society.

    So what does Wall Street Insider have to say about what may happen next?

    According to the insider, the Obama White House and partisan organizations that support the President are now actively promoting chaos in New York and other cities as a form of punishment and intimidation against those on Wall Street (and elsewhere) who have spoken out against the administration. The chaos, he says, will lead to elevated levels of anger and the real possibility of nationwide violence and riots:

    Via The Ulsterman Report:

    Ulsterman: You are saying the Obama White House wants violence to break out in New York?  Throughout the country?

    WSI: I am saying that such violence is going to likely happen – the foundation has now been laid out for that kind of thing, and the administration appears…disinterested in the preventions of that violence.  If anything, they are promoting it to some degree. They are being clever about it of course – but there has been absolutely no denouncement from the White House of what is going on down there.  Nothing.  Only support.  Only encouragement. Even as they are receiving word of the dangers, of the altercations, of the potential for greater violence – the Obama White House only offers its support of these events.  Why is that?  What is their purpose? ZuccottiPark should have been cleared last week.  To have backed down only lent more courage to these protesters.  It made them increasingly volatile.  Now if there is a move by law enforcement against the protesters, the dangers will be greatly increased than just a week ago.  The violence will be much-much worse.  Police will be harmed.  Citizens will be harmed.  Businesses harmed.  Why would the White House appear intent on seeing that happen?

    Ulsterman: What do you fear is going to happen down there? What is coming?

    WSI: I don’t wish to be overly dramatic here…but violence.  Injury.  Perhaps death.  Most certainly destruction of property.  It’s getting dangerous.  I can sense it.  It’s palpable. And you feel it too, don’t you?

    Ulsterman: It reminds me of growing up in Northern Ireland, yes.  It does remind me of that…uneasy feeling that something terrible could happen just around the turn…

    WSI:  That’s it exactly.  Just around the turn.  Something terrible is coming just around the turn.  So for now, I’m getting out. I’m blessed to have the means to do so.  I fear for those who do not.

    Ulsterman: If violence does break out down there – what then?  Where does all of this go?

    WSI: If that happens – and I pray it does not…but if that happens, my instinct tells me it’s just the start. It’s the fuse meant to light the fire.  And I don’t wish to be anywhere near this place when that happens.

    The following video shows just how volatile the situation has become.

    All it will take is a small spark to ignite a powder keg of pandemonium on the streets of America unlike anything we have ever seen before:

    If the Wall Street Insider is bugging out of town then consider doing the same if the situation deteriorates further, or at the very least have enough food, water and other supplies in your possession so that you don’t have to venture out into the middle of a full scale riot.

    References: The Ulsterman Report, The Intel Hub, Daily Bail, The Daily Crux


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      1. FEMA plans first ever Nationwide Emergency Alert System Test on Nov 9th.


        We need a test?

        “On November 9, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) will conduct the first-ever nationwide test of the Emergency Alert System (EAS) at 2 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (EST), a test that will last for approximately three minutes.

        The EAS is a system designed to transmit emergency alerts and warnings to the public at the national, state, and local levels.”

        3 Minutes?

        How about indefinitely?

        • FEMA is broke. They can test that…

          • FEMA is broke? Yeah, right.

            FEMA is only broke if they want to make themselves appear to be broke. And they’re performing that role exceptionally well. (Google FEMA going broke)

            If FEMA appears to be broke it’s because those running the show are deliberately dismantling any project that follows FEMA’s mission or any other mission similar to this, i.e. helping those in need during an emergency. Well, get ready for the “Long Emergency”, on your own.

            “FEMA’s mission is to support our citizens and first responders to ensure that as a nation we work together to build, sustain, and improve our capability to prepare for, protect against, respond to, recover from, and mitigate all hazards.

            DISASTER. It strikes anytime, anywhere. It takes many forms — a hurricane, an earthquake, a tornado, a flood, a fire or a hazardous spill, an act of nature or an act of terrorism. It builds over days or weeks, or hits suddenly, without warning. Every year, millions of Americans face disaster, and its terrifying consequences.”

            Personally, I don’t mind if FEMA collapses. The organization is crap, anyway. It was designed for failure. But they’ve always had the funds if they really wanted them. Don’t believe their propaganda.

            • Wasn’t talking about money. I seen full FEMA contracted trucks sitting on a military taxi way ramp for a week after a hurricane hit. Asked a few of the drivers what their load was….ice.

            • I have read that FEMA spends about 3% of its funding on disaster relief. What happens to the rest? Broke. Yea, right.

            • I think you meant.. Broken..

            • Americans are not properly informed as to what FEMA actually is. It is NOT for emergency aid- their deliberately misleading name notwithstanding. They are solely for CONTINUITY of GOVT- this goes back to its founding charter under Pres Carter and was raised to a sacrament under Reagan. FEMA is the agency that will comprise the replacement govt under martial law or catastrophic disaster. It will be the NWO dictatorship.

          • Anonymous says:
            October 20, 2011 at 1:14 pm FEMA is broke. They can test that…

            Anonymous if FEMA is broke it is because we are broke, the leech for our system has already set the chess peices in place using our own money against us, to break us down. All they need is for us to start tearing apart each other in order deal against the strongest oposition in the world that they have slowly been chipping away at which is The American people. It was people like us who built this country I say lets take it back!!

            Long live the USA!!!

            • Fema is broke. The NFIP – National Flood Insurance Program – which provides flood insurance to people through the Government program is operating at a deficit of over $2 billion / year. This deficit is growing as they pay almost $900k a year just in interest on the loans they owe & that number is growing. The gov’t contempleted wiping clean the slate & fogiving the debt – kind of like they do with everything else. FEMA is the govt organization who comes in when you have a flood & have to make a claim against your policy – written by the NFIP. So if they are broke & have no money & pay $900k a year in interest alone, what does that tell you about FEMA?

            • And to further the comment by abryan516, NFIP came about because the Feds took over flood insurance. No insurance company could finance flood damages in flood-prone regions. Insurance companies began cancelling flood insurance. The Feds came in to save the day. Now they are a flood insurance monopoly under NFIP.

              Now we have Obamacare and if it isn’t repealed or declared unconstitutional, we’ll have a health insurance monopoly.

              Full control. Completely intentional.

        • Okay – while awaiting the other comment to clear moderation (website link), I figured I would tackle the subject of getting out of / surviving NYC…

          A tough nut to crack, truth be told. There’s millions of people there, only a few viable routes, and the local bodegas and markets will empty out pretty quickly.

          IMHO, getting the hell out would be top priority. OTOH, the mobs will likely either be trying to do the very same thing, or be busy looting the hell out of the local stores, and anyone who happens to look lootable.

          I’m guessing your best bet to get out of dodge would be to dress like a bum, keep away from crowds whenever possible, and carry whatever you can safely conceal on your person or in a small, ratty dufflebag. Forget vehicles, forget public transit, because you’re hoofing it. A bicycle would be awesome, but may draw too much attention, so that’s out.

          The only places where you cannot avoid crowds would be the bridges/tunnels, that is of course unless you could swipe a boat (not really possible in NYC, considering). Best idea there would be to try and get across as quietly and quickly as you can, then clear out.

          The hard part would be to figure out where everyone else is walking to after that, and try not to go in that direction… New Yorkers (former or present) would have a better idea, but I think the main destinations would be upstate, New Jersey (?), and I think most would avoid Boston at first, but might pass through it to get at Vermont/New England and the like. Hard call either way, but I think one could always eye the crowds and get a feel for where they’re going (then don’t follow them).

          The reason to avoid the mass of refugees, I think makes the most sense because masses of refugees will strip the countryside (and anything else they can lay hands on) to feed themselves and keep themselves warm. Unless you’re at the very head of that crowd, this means little to nothing left for you.

          Also, governments (state, federal, whatever) will be busy trying to corral those refugees (and you) into camps, and you probably don’t want that to happen.

          I’m thinking that if you live in the city (or Long Island), it would probably pay big dividends to have some sort of arrangements set up for a bug-out location (just avoid upstate – everyone else practically talks about having one there, and most will likely migrate in that direction.

          Dunno… anyone want to pick up the baton and come up with other possibilities?

          • OC: In a financial melt down which CAN happen but is VERY unlikely, and with the resulting chaos that would follow within the major cities like NYC, I think the best thing to do would be to stay put in your house or apt and lay low.

            Trying to “Escape NYC” would put you and yours at risk.

            Marines and Airborne would be called in from North Carolina to quell the violence, decked out in full combat gear and ready to restore order. And they will.

            Eventually order would be restored, but all politicians would have egg on their face.

            I only envision the scope of your scenario after or during a Pole Shift. Then it will be too late. You will be stuck where you are at.

            Move to the mountains now people, before you need to “get out of Dodge”.

            • Realistically, not everyone CAN move to the mountains. If you can’t GOOD – then you have to prep for a long haul of not leaving your apartment. You need to come up with solutions for heat, water and sanitation.

              One issue with this is that apartments in NYC are tiny – I shared a studio apartment with 5 other people during my misspent youth and still paid $500 a month. So you have to make the most of your space. If you are lucky, essential services such as water and electricity will remain operational. Then, if you have enough food, your only major concern is garbage. Think about the amount of garbage that could build up in a city that size if the sanitation trucks aren’t running!!! You’d need to get rid of your garbage very wisely. That might include flushing food garbage so it doesn’t rot and stink the place up. Be careful, though, and make sure the pieces are small enough not to stop things up – won’t be many plumbers making house calls!

              Plan to bug in!!! It’s the only way to survive in a city this size.

            • I can agree to the logic. I mean, not all situations call for grabbing the bug-out bag, certainly. You have a solid point about the military stepping in.

              Here’s why I’m biased towards evacuation, though. I’m hoping y’all can help me with this thought-exercise a bit.

              Bugging-in, in a town the size of NYC, would require three things to remain operational, as Daisy brought up: water, electricity (for heat at the very least), and sanitation. Without at least the first two in continuous supply, I suspect that things can get pretty ugly, pretty fast, and that you would be evacuated anyway.

              There’s also the vertical deal. If you live in a walk-up or a house, no problem. If you require an elevator to get home, better hope the power stays on.

              The biggest reason I’d thought of getting out as a priority is time. If the situation is resolved at least somewhat quickly, cool.

              If it drags on though, or slowly get worse, then you’ve got some odds to weigh, based on the following factors:

              * supplies you have on hand
              * odds of power and water supplies continuing
              * odds of fresh supplies coming in
              * relative security in your immediate neighborhood
              * the likelihood of the government (local, state, federal) forcing an evacuation.

              That last one is important. Consider New Orleans, during Katrina. While for the most part the government let you go (if you had somewhere to go) once you were dropped off somewhere, you still had zero choice as to where you went, how you got to that drop-off point, and what you could carry.

              In a situation that is strictly regional or (relatively!) mild (like a large hurricane)? No big deal, as the government had the money, time, and resources to assist you (even if you didn’t want it).

              OTOH, I don’t think it would require something the size of a TEOTWAWKI event to cause a breakdown. A hard financial collapse of the government could be sufficient (though more drawn-out), as would other wide-scale breakdown of civil authority and order. Basically, it would only take any event that would, even if over time, put the presence of potable water, power, or troops in question. It could be an in-between event, such as a pathogen outbreak (in which case the only question is how long you have before you’re locked in due to quarantine).

              Head for the sticks? Good advice, but most folks can’t. Up until my current job (and one long ago, where I worked remotely), my jobs required that I lived nearby, and those jobs are usually in large population centers. My current job lets me telecommute most of the time, but I still have to have a decent broadband connection and reasonable access to a large airport (I still travel occasionally) in order to do it.

              Good thoughts, though – please, let’s keep it going!

            • Daisy: Mispent youth? How old are you? As far as the garbage is concerned, it would be a boon for rats! Which would add protein to your soup and make it a stew.

              Oh, that’s right! You’re a veggietarian! 🙂

            • If your not already there, your tresspassing and will be delt with in extrem violence.

            • If she is staying in town the saitation Daisy should be worried about is if she is on the bottom floor of a multifloored building and everyone above flushes the toilet and the sewer pumps are not running where do you think that is going to come out. Think how disgusting it will get in a very short time. She won’t make a week.

          • if your not gone already! supply ,dig in and let the dust settle its going to get cold, and they are not going to last until spring .

          • Several years back, I remember reading an article in one of our railroad news magazines that it took on average 12 one mile long trains just to bring into the New York proper the amount of food that would be required to feed New Yorkers for “that day” alone… I would think the requirements have gone up a bit since then… I personally could not fathom living in N.Y.
            I can’t help but wonder if obama’s crew isn’t aware of that and plan on shutting down the rail system – for security matters of course… I live in a small community of 100,000 and ‘bugging out’ would take less than 15 minutes (if all went well) and even that’s too long for me… good luck N.Y.

        • @ E.A

          Look up the NIMS program and the only importance is the
          NIMS Audience (TPTB), when they say all hazards this includes civil unrest, FEMA put the plans for the NWO in several plans through-out their site in different scopes or programs to acheive H,R 645 and the REX 84 intiative without anyone putting it all together. there are several other FEMA plans to read as well. Here is the link to some fact sheets http://www.fema.gov/media/fact_sheets/ . IMO FEMA is the blue print and plan to by pass the Bill of Rights and the Constitution.

          National Incident Management System
          Fact SheetFact Sheet
          The National Incident Management System is: .
          Comprehensive, nationwide systematic approach to incident management.
          Core set of doctrine, concepts, principles, terminology and organizational processes for all hazards.
          Essential principles for a common operating picture and interoperability of communications and information
          Standardized resource management procedures for coordination among different jurisdictions and organizations.
          Scalable and applicable for all incidents

          Key benefits of NIMS
          Enhances organizational and technological interoperability and cooperation
          Provides a scalable and flexible framework with universal applicability
          Promotes all-hazards preparedness
          Enables a wide variety of organizations to participate effectively in emergency management/incident response
          Institutionalizes professional emergency management/incident response practices

          NIMS Audience:

          NIMS is applicable to all incidents and all levels of stakeholders, including levels of government, private sector
          organizations, critical infrastructure owners and operators, nongovernmental organizations and all other organizations
          who assume a role in emergency management. Elected and appointed officials and policy makers, who are responsible
          for jurisdictional policy decisions, must also have a clear understanding of NIMS to better serve their constituency.

          NIMS Components:
          Built on existing structures, such as the Incident Command System (ICS), NIMS creates a proactive system to assistthose responding to incidents or planned events. To unite the practice of emergency management and incident response throughout the country, NIMS focuses on five key areas, or components. These components link together and work in unison to form a larger and comprehensive incident management system.

          NIMS Components include: .
          Communications and Information Management
          Resource Management
          Command and Management
          Ongoing Management and Maintenance

          What NIMS is NOT : .
          A response plan
          Only used during large-scale incidents
          Only applicable to certain emergency management/incident response personnel
          Only the Incident Command System (ICS) or an organizational chart

          For further information on the NIMS see the DHS/FEMA website at http://www.fema.gov/nims.
          FEMA’s mission is to support our citizens and first responders to ensure that as a nation we work
          together to build, sustain, and improve our capability to prepare for, protect against, respond to,
          recover from, and mitigate all hazards.

          • Ive taken all of the NIMS training and I have been in law enforcement for the past 19+ years, people get your bug out bags ready it is on its way down the pike. They are getting the prisons ready for civilians to be rounded up now.Dont worry about the so called FEMA camps they are getting the paperwork ready to dump the prison population and replace them all with civilians across the board.

        • This nation now stands on the threshold of rule by non-elected people asserting non-Constitutional powers. Even Congress cannot review a Martial Law action until six months after it has been declared by the President. For the first time in American history, the reigns of government would not be transferred from one elected element to another, but the Constitution, itself, can be suspended. The scenarios established to trigger FEMA into action are generally found in the society today, economic collapse, civil unrest, drug problems, terrorist attacks, and protests against American intervention in a foreign country. All these premises exist, it could only be a matter of time in which one of these triggers the entire emergency necessary to bring FEMA into action, and then it may be too late, because under the FEMA plan, there is no contingency by which Constitutional power is restored once inacted

        • The country will be locked down for one year. After that you will have to have the computer chip to buy and sell. Make sure you have plenty of food. God bless everyone.

          • yes the MARK OF THE BEAST!!!!! we seen this coming god bless all

        • Everyone is over-reacting. There were lots of riots in the 60’s and they were far worse than the “tame” street shows we have today

          • this isnt the 60s and corp. gov has a whole new plan and we arent in it, believe that. a man willl not be allowed to buy or sell without the chip. now where have I heard that before??

      2. corp officers and commies hurting and/or killing one another, so what?
        Don’t think I’d be shedding a tear on that one at all

        • The Horses are going “WTF” is up with these humans?

          • Kind of reminds me of PLANET OF THE APES. Where’s Charleston Heston when we need him..

            • They will probably dig him up and pry his cold, dead hands off of his Big Boy Henry rifle.

            • America to Obama: “Take your stinking paws off me, you damn dirty ape!”

          • A tazer or hot shot would make one of those horse’s salute in a hurry. Eight seconds to glory.

          • Horse meat is a delicacy in MANY countries. Problem is the greasy, steroid laced meat of the PIGS riding them. Oh well, guess the buzzards and crows need something to eat too.

            • Not to mention the NYC “cat sized rats”!

            • I expect a full compliment of “thumbs down” from “horse lovers” that completely miss the point. My maternal ancestors rode horses to death, and then consumed them to carry on the fight another day. Chiricahua Apache. After you are done feeling sorry for the “poor” horses, think about the “poor” human life that is now on the elites consumption table.

              Oh yea, a part of my history clearly demonstrates “YOU CAN TRUST THE GOVERNMENT”!

            • Jamie: I wish we had time to bury them fellas.

              Josey Wales: To hell with them fellas. Buzzards gotta eat, same as worms.

        • I probably really shouldn’t said that or even thought that. Reflection is always good

        • @ BJ…

          you say that now but what you don’t realize is WTSHTF it wont be like a 3rd world country for the most, there will not be a power vacuum through the region, TPTB have everything in place to control what they want and defend it too, the hurting and this and that is going to be isolated and amongst those deemed not a threat or use to their plans and left to fend for themselves. Meaning when all the fighting stops who do you think will come in and seize power without expending near next to nothing? you guessed it.

      3. TSA conducting stops in Tennessee, the killing of heads of other governments, no cash allowed in certain situations, cashless society. WTH, Two 5pound jars of jif peanut butter at Walmart today, $9.94?/ $1.18 for one can of pringles chips. Belief in Jesus Christ equals a terrorist. Time to step it up folks, Death to the New World Order!

        • copout!! really belief in jesus christ=terrorist how so???

          • according to big sis it does

            • Ditto! google miac report. There are several others. That bullet:

              -A strong belief in the Bible.
              -A strong believe in the 2nd Amendment.
              -A strong believe in the Constitution.


              They have declared us the enemy and they *ARE* firing upon us.

              You need to understand why. WE ARE THE ENEMY because they have declared it. Over and over they declare it but the sheople just mill and round and munch their grass.


          • johhnyg: Hows is it going brother? Read the M.I.A.C. report (I think i spelled that right) If you remember Janet butch reno (waco) stated the same, if you have a belief in Bible Prophecy, Secong coming, or give large amounts of money (10% tithe) to the church and so on! Sorry i dont want to type anymore, i am sooo pissed off!

            • I tried converting a lesbian years ago, …getting her to come over to the winning side. Figured she taught me more than I ever taught her.

            • OH yeah i forgot to mention returning vets, funny not ha ha funny, check out the Former New England Patriots Football player Pat Tillman, They killed him because of what he knew concerning Opium manufacturing. LIES, Lies, LIES!

            • HEY my brother…forgive me for not remembering that report.you are spot on !!! most of the peeps i know have no clue of what is going on in this f#%$@ up place we live. keep the faith my brother; semper fi

          • I think what Copout means, if I’m understanding correctly and seeing the irony in the statement, is that Christians will be (or are, in some instances) being labeled “terrorists” due to our “radical” beliefs. Copout is talking about things that don’t equate. Peanut butter is $10?!?? Good grief. A can of potato chips is more than a dollar?!? Good heavens. Believing in Jesus makes you a terrorist?!? Uh huh. See?

            • oh yes i see wll i guess that makes me a terro-wist lol

          • is that your alarm, wake up my friend

        • I remember not too long ago that anyone speaking of the NWO was called a conspiracy nut, these days the NWO is accepted as common fact and coming soon to your town, city jail and FEMA “retirement village”.

        • Copout: Twinkies are still $2.50 a box … isn’t America great! 🙂

          • DK:

            Doesn’t it kinda make you wonder what ingredients they’re using now in order to keep the price the same? And what’s the shelf life of a Twinkie? Are they good preps? These questions and more… 🙂


            • Mal: I think they reduced the number of twinks from 10 to 8 in the box to hold the line on price. Someone here said their shelf life was 65 million years…. and they could be right.

              I don’t buy them often and they don’t last very long and my shelf! 🙂

            • Twinkies will last forever, they are more plastic than food.

            • Hey Captain! Welcome back.

              LOL! Twinkies. Reminds me of “Zombieland”, the moving. WARNING: lots of bad language! (…but you will LYAO!)

            • NetRanger,
              I was picturing Woody Harrelson at the amusement park also….

              Remember: double tap, I did LMAO.

            • POA, I can’t even think about it! I’ll laugh myself to sleep. I gotta get that DVD out and watch it again. But, the language is VERY bad. …and the part with Bill Murray! Hilarious!

              I would like to have a sawed off ’94 like that. Might come in handy.

          • 1933 – Twinkies were introduced by The Continental Baking Company in Indianapolis, which also made “Wonder Bread” and had a snack line your probably familiar with called Hostess. One of their bakers named James A. Dewar got the idea for the “Twinkie” while he delivered one of their products, a cream filled strawberry shortcake. The machines to make these sat idle when the strawberry season was over so he came up with an idea to use them to make a snack cake filled with a banana filling, and only charge a nickel for a package of 2. It was good idea as money was tight for people during the great depression

            • during the depression and ww2 one of the ways our government decided to help the people with was the use of “margarine” to replace butter…did yall know that margarine is only one molecule away from being plastic? and those sugar free/fat free products the fda wants us to improve our health with-did you not ever wonder what was taking the place of the sugar or fats…. then the govt helped farmers produce bigger chickens, turkeys and cows faster by feeding diethystilbestrol and other growth hormones……and this generation of folks are finding out that these poisons are what is causing all kinds of cancers and weird diseases. so while you are prepping, make sure that the food you are storing away is pure food.

            • Thanks for the history!

            • caryn

              A friend of mine married a woman from the former Eastern Block, specifically Belarus. She said there is a great amount of food here but your chicken does not taste like chicken, your ice cream does not taste like ice cream; she went on and on. Over time out taste buds have probably been conditioned not to realize what has happened.

          • when the final bomb is dropped, there will be nothing left but cockroaches and twinkies

            • @ Kevin anyone who has tried venison and wild natural fish, will attest to that! 🙂 here in AK we like caribou, moose, and salmon. practially all we eat, can’t stand anything else after a while.

            • So funny.. twinkies rule.

        • Start with death to the tsa

        • Update: Today 10/24/11 one can of pringles in walmart $1.58 isnt that swell!

          • Copout: How many canisters did you buy? 🙂

      4. They want disorder to declare martial law.

        • They want disorder as long as they can maintain control of it. Once the cops who are protecting the criminals are no longer there, disorder is the last thing they want.

          Something has to give, and when something has to happen, it does.

          • The disorder will last until it cannot be contained and then biological warfare will be unleashed. The end game has always been to depopulate as much of the planet as can be done while preserving as much infrastructure as possible; the world as a playground for the elites minus the riff-raff consuming finite resources. The powerful will retreat to their well stocked hidey-holes and wait for disease and starvation to kill off the useless eaters.

            • Moon, I’ve heard the depopulation argument from over a dozen sources and it leaves me wondering: Who is going to make the stuff needed by the NWO to give them their grand lifestyle? Can a half billion people grow the crops, distribute the food, build the mansions, provide water, fuel, fancy cars, electricity, Internet, television, etc? I know we consume precious resources but we also provide the stuff they need. The last time the earth had a half billion people was during the Rennaissance. Whoever is masterminding this plan needs to ask the question, “what can possibly go wrong?”. The answer is so much can go wrong, the elites might want to rethink this strategy.

            • I vote we pour great globs of cement over their hidey-holes and make it very hard for them to slither out in the sun.

            • I have wondered about this myself. Either the elites planning the depopulation feel it is of such importance that the loss of their comforts are secondary to the goal of reducing the population to sustainable levels, or the depopulation will be selective in how it is applied. This begs several further questions – what would motivate a depopulation on such a scale that the elites would put it before their own comforts, and how could a depopulation be accomplished on such a vast scale and be selective enough that their would be a critical mass of personnel available to keep them in the comfort they have grown accustomed to.

              The first question, the motive, I believe to be the exponential growth in the human population and the corresponding strain on worldwide resources of every kind that this explosive increase in population has caused. In the animal kingdom, this kind of explosive population growth continues until resources are exhausted and then a great starvation or epidemic reduces the population to a point that resources can recover. Every biology student learns this and the same natural law applies to humans as well, although our use of technology and application of science and modern medicine can delay the inevitable collapse. By initiating the collapse and die-off themselves, the elites can hope to keep some measure of control over who survives the collapse, namely themselves. Anyone with a brain can see that at some point there will be a die-off, either man made, or through natural law. You mention half a billion population at the time of the Renaissance. It took all of human history to reach that number, and less than 400 years to increase it to more than seven billion. This is clearly not something that can continue forever. The population must be reduced. The question becomes how will it be done.

              The second question, assuming that the elites behind the planned depopluation are going to try and continue their current lifestyle. War is kind of messy and problematic; infrastructure is destroyed, it is unpredictable, and the targeted population might not be reduced enough. Not to say that wars will not happen; they are always a side effect of limited resources but I do not think the elites would seek to initiate wars unless it was between nations or peoples where both sides are expendable. I believe that it will be through biological warfare, specifically targeted engineered genetic diseases. It is possible to target treatments to specific racial characteristics so why not disease? If you could engineer existing diseases such as Ebola or plague or smallpox so that they would attack specific genetic characteristics then you could depopulate entire countries or even continents. One disease that targets those of Latino descent, another that targets Asians and Indians, another that targets those of African descent, it would be a white-supremecist’s wet dream! Wipe out all the non-white races or at least severely reduce them, and you are left with a world population that is close to half a billion. The survivors would be mainly in the US and Europe, and those regions would be preserved more or less intact with their manufacturing capabilities and workers to run them.

              Is it any surprise that those who advocate depopulation, the Kissingers, and the Soroses, the wild eyed socialist college professors, are mostly of white, european descent? When you hear one of them talk about depopulation, what they mean is depopulation of everyone else who is not like them, ie. white and elite.

            • robots will provide the majority of the labor.

            • @Moon/Prepper- most likely they will use biological warfare to depop the sheeple. People often wonder about why they would eliminate necessary labor class. If you look at it from their position -the elites are psychotic megalomaniacs- most of them are of average levels of intelligence- they probably realize they are eliminating their workforce but their thrist for death and destruction is far greater than their tolerance. They refuse to share the world with other people- they are afraid to discover that the ‘useless eaters’ are actually more skilled and perhaps more genetically advanced than they are- they refuse to accept their inferiority to the ‘masses’ and thus they are willing to destroy the entire planet if that’s what it takes to get rid of the sheeple. They have narrow depth perception and probably are thinking after the ‘war’ is over that their lives will be posh. However, the vicitms will be the lucky ones- a post-apocalyptic world will not be pleasant and there will be no law that could stop the remnant sheeple from turning against their slave masters. Eventually there slaves would turn against them and possibly would win the battle against the elite parasites.

            • and that folks sums it quite accurately, ive spent months and months researching, and this is the final solution.

          • Now might be a good time to establish some sort of an outreach contact effort with your neighbors. At least to learn the names of folks that live in your immediate vicinity. It just could be that you will need to gather as a group PDQ in the near future. Most homeowner’s associations maintain a current member list of names, addresses, phone no.s and often email addresses.

            I concur that if things were to deteriorate to the point that some are suggesting; that I sure wouldn’t want to be out in the streets during an initial melt-down of society either. If you don’t have it, stay home and learn how to do without whatever ‘it’ is. Stay out of the ‘line-of-fire’, if at all possible. It’s always the poor bastard non protester who’s in the wrong place at the wrong time who gets ‘lit-up’. The four students killed at Kent State were not protestors, they were going to and from class when they died. If you live in the city or suburbs, then you need to get serious dialog going with your families about how you are all going to hook back up if your folks are off at work or at school should an emergency occur.

            You couldn’t afford to buy a ticket for the show that we’re getting for free. The anus of the United States is puckering-up big time boys and girls. You can feel it out there in the streets whenever you are forced to leave the comfort-zone of your home and venture out into the combat-zone of society ……. the peeps are really getting up-tight out there!

            NOW might be a good time to tighten up on any of those last minute needs. God Bless and good luck to all.

        • The plan is to create chaos. Desperate people are more likely to accept ANY relief….even Martial Law and eventually the re-structuring of our Republic to a Communist or Marxist form of government.

          History IS repeating itself:
          Russia, Italy, Germany, China, etc.

          Wake up America! Don’t be fooled into letting go our OUR country!

        • “Gentlemen, get the thing straight once and for all- the policeman isn’t there to create disorder, the policeman is there to preserve disorder.” Mayor Richard J. Daley during the 1968 Democratic Convention.

          • Preserve WHOSE order?

          • …to preserve the order of thieves and liars and the way of the corporation. FedCo will do anything to maintain control. It will murder, steal, rape, poison, spread disease, irradiate, blow up and it will LIE LIE LIE LIE LIE until the day it is buried. …and we will bury it. This isn’t Cambodia. This isn’t Zimbabwe. This isn’t Weimar. This is America. We are the last holdout for freedom. …and we still have it if you will just believe. Deny them the authority. Tell them that you do not understand and you do not consent… FOR EVERYTHING!

            Your first words to EVERY police officer that wants something from you should be, “Officer I do not understand and I do not consent. What am I lawfully required to do as a natural person?” (The trickle you hear may be the urine running down his leg.)

            Once people understand that we were born out of the original intent to make each of us, our natural persons, sovereign we’ll get the ball rolling.

            You are not a “person”. They’ve tricked you by redefining the language. You are a natural person. A “person” is a legal fiction, a corporate entity. You are obeying statutes, codes and acts that are made under the color of law but they are not law, they are corporate rules designed to fool you into thinking that you are subject to them. Step out of your strawman and see your freedom. …and demand it.

        • thats what they want, and i say bring on the martial law. the sooner we americans kick their crimial asses out of washington and take it back the sooner we can put the country on the right, non communist track!

          • reminds me of the old slogan, Kill a Commie for christ!

      5. Email I just got from a friend UP north

        Greg has asked that we all pray for brother Hawk. He is waiting for the ambulance right now to pick him up. He is failing fast and SQ put an alert on his website with more details. Greg also said that Hawk does not have insurance so anyone may help out financially if they want by sending $$ to SQ at the address on his website with a note that it’s for Hawk.

        Greg will be doing Hawk’s show tonight and tomorrow night, 6 pm central.

        • Dont know him but i can certianly send up a prayer!

          • Hawk and Quayle do a lot of internet radio programs, mostly to our crowd here

      6. The smoke screen has been going on now for some time.Will the people see the truth when there looking for lie’s?The Fema EAS is around the time of this 2005 yu55 thing in space .I’m I crazy to think something really Big is in the work’s.?

        • Huh?

          • It does seem a pretty good coincidence that the asteroid is coming closer than the moon (predicted) on the night of November 8, and the emergency test is the following afternoon. Here is the site for asteroid info: http://neo.jpl.nasa.gov/news/news171.html

            • Thank’s for the site ‘Question I Thought an object in motion around the sun curve’s to it.This show’s 2005 au55 in a strait line.Can that be so?

            • What could the message possibly say, “Bend over, pull your pants down and kiss your AS# good by”?

      7. So, WS insider says WS is working to bring down BO. Then how can we not think that what WS insider says is part of the work to get this done?

        Anyone that thinks that the corps/gop are the good guys, and BO is a bad guy, and not some Petered Principled nerd having his strings pulled, are part of the herd of sheeple.

        The problem is the multi-national financial/military/industrial powers and THEIR prez, BO, along with the two houses of clowns. It is one big group controlled by those in the shadows.

      8. What do those cops think they would do if that crowd did turn on them? They try to look mean with their billy clubs, but any two from the crowd can kill one cop and there are enough people in the crowd to make sure they at least get an answer to the last question in the video.

        Who are you protecting?

        • This isn’t the UK, a few shots from the cops will disperse those commie bastards in about 3 seconds.

          • Maybe in the UK…..here in the States guns are easier to get.LOTS of people have them. If you think a few shots from the cops will disperse the crowd then you got another thing comming. You piss off the wrong people….well it might get ugly.I’m so glad I don’t live in a city.

            • @ Sue
              I do live in a City, (Roch., NY) ….. been through the race riots back in the 60’S …… and yes most people will flee mayhem when there’s a way out, saw it first hand ……. just saying!

            • We like to think we live in a brave society, but I tell you what, the cowards I have seen lately will scatter like roaches when the light is turned on. So if the cops were doing what the cops are seemingly itching to do, like actually shooting people, the streets would be bare.

              The biggest consideration is, in reality, the ethnic makeup of the United States is NOTHING like it was in 1776…and that IS the reality of it, and even though we don’t like to admit it, our ethnicity does determine to some degree what our personalities are like and, in return, whether we will allow tyranny to rule the day. To have a revolution, you actually have to make a commitment and have a passion for it, good or bad, and you actually have to pick a side…we have a lot of sheep in America nowadays.

              The other factor to consider is, unless the American government is meddling, most revolutions occur over only two things: Lack of food and lack of money (which doesn’t allow the masses to buy food), and without seeming too rude, most people I have seen claiming they have no food are very, very overweight. And it seems to take a “third” party to free the masses as they rarely do it of their own accord.

              And even if we hear about “thousands” of people marching, our nation holds roughly 330 million people, so a lot more will have to start marching, to the tune of millions, to make any changes. Right now, the military can stop thousands, but they would have a really tough time stopping millions.

              PS: The one extra thing in addition to food that I would truly want in a “troubled” hotspot is, strangely enough, a fire extinguisher because I wouldn’t want to be in those big buildings in New York without a couple of them and maybe a gas mask or two, but then you couldn’t pay me enough to live in NYC.

            • The police expect return fire, in the free-er United States. I estimate about 15% of adult men are packing a pistol in public. About 10% are packing with permits. This limits the “pure force” arguement of uniformed police against larger groups.

        • It’s coming. It’s part of the design. When a few cops are hospitalized or killed, the iron fist closes tight and strangles our access to freedom of expression. These various drama’s taking place around the globe have been in the makings for some time, now.

          I don’t necessarily agree with many of the “types” protesting at these events, but the bottom line is, the majority of bankers are long over due for participating in a mass lynching; their own. I do get angry when the cops come in to flaunt their “in your face”, abusive methods of controlling the masses. It’s one thing when anarchy is spreading its venom. It’s another when demonstrations are peaceful and orderly. If we can’t peacefully demonstrate against tyranny, we are doomed as a Republic.

          • A lynching is a hanging without a trial. If you are suggesting that we lynch anybody, ANYBODY, in this country you are abandoning the idea of constitutional law and replacing it with mob rule. If that is so, you and I are most assuredly NOT on the same side.

            • The reason there is no trial is because the guilt is obvious to everyone. Another reason for lynching is when justice cannot or will not be served by going through the existing legal system. Would the nobles who lost their heads during the French Revolution ever have been tried and convicted by the king of France? They certainly used the existing legal system to their benefit, extracting an enormous amount of wealth from the peasantry who had no legal recourse. Is justice served when the head of Enron dies before the legal battles are finished, leaving his heirs to profit from the money he stole from ratepayers and shareholders? How about all those white collar criminals who steal milllions and billions from investors and end up serving less time than the blue collar criminal who stole a car?
              In general, I am against lynching and believe in the rule of law. If we as a society followed the Constitution and if judges were just then there would be very little sentiment for taking justice into one’s one hands. Lynching is a natural reaction to the perception that justice is no longer served and that the law is skewed to favor the rich and well-connected.

            • The problem with America at the present IS MOB rule!

              Except the MOB is Wall St., Banksters, Regulators and Legislators.

              I think giving the MOB a taste of mob rule would have a positive outcome.

            • @ The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress

              My sentiments exactly and, by the way, exquisitely expressed.

            • Oh, and Dante

              Duly noted.

            • Dante: You are absolutely right. WE won’t lynch the PTB, UR, or GB’s. They have a right to a fair and speedy trial.

              THEN WE will hang the bastards!

            • @The Moon is a Harsh Mistress: If the guilt is obvious to everyone, than where is the harm in a trial? I strongly suggest you review your moral code now, and determine if you want to return our country to a government of laws, and not of men. If you decide that trials are not necessary because they are “obviously guilty” what keeps you from being the next person strung up? Start declaring that we are lynching somebody because it is “justified” and you have sunk to the level of those people we are standing against. Do you want to repeat the American Revolution? Or are you trying to repeat the French Revolution? I am not arguing against stringing them up IF FOUND GUILTY, but unless we guarantee them a fair and impartial trial, we are guilty of crimes against the inherent rights given to all of us by nature, as enshrined in the Constitution. If that happens, what does it make us? We can win the battle, but if we lose our souls in the process, we will have lost the war.

            • While, you’re technically correct, Dante, lynchings usually take place when the judge/jury has been bought off and the lynching is to server justice. When corruption hides behind the law, lynching in next. It may not be “polite” but I doubt that many lynchings ever took place against an innocent man.

            • @NetRanger: Okay, so maybe everybody you choose to lynch has it coming. The next guy who comes along may have an agenda that isn’t as altruistic as yours, and you set the precedent. Is that really where you want to go? The American Revolution led to the most powerful country the world has ever seen; militarily, economically, and with previously unimagined personal liberty. The French Revolution led to the Reign of Terror, a dictator who launched a decade-long war of aggression, and the destruction of France as world power. Which revolution do you wish to emulate? The difference lies in the decisions you, and everybody else here, makes.

            • Oh, no, don’t get me wrong and think that I was APPROVING of lynching. I was and do not. I was merely pointing out that when lynchings occur it is a symptom of percieved injustice and an attempt for people to make conditions more just in their eyes. The rule of law is supreme and needs to remain so. I’m just saying that the threat of lynchings show that justice is not being done in the eyes of those people who propose it. My apologies for miscommunicating my intentions.

            • Sometimes you have to get your hands dirty…

      9. from what I could tell, it looked o be the cops who were instigating and on the offensive

        • …it seems to be their way. They think everyone should fall in line. I don’t like the composite of these protests but the cops always seem to make the bad worse. Remember, they’re not “peace officers”, they are hired corporate billy clubs.

      10. I know one thing for sure – I would not want to be in that mob, either as a protester OR a cop. That many angry people together is nothing but a ticking time bomb.

        Havok, I completely agree – they need an excuse to declare martial law and make the citizens feel like it’s all for their own good.

        • Daisy: With all due respect, we are already under Martial Law, slowly, so-ever slowly THEY thighten the noose. Poor english i would guess but, I AINT GOING DOWN WITHOUT ONE HELL OF A FIGHT! Its so disgusting I cant believe this is my country!

          • Copout is right…for those not yet disengaged from the corp you are under martial law.

            I will fight when the fight comes to me. You can’t do anything for a slave that doesn’t want to admit what they are, but you can sure as hell prevent yourself from being one of them.

            Disengage….only you can do it, and you DO NOT need permission.


            • DK, engaging the government is too little too late. It has become a BEAST and has no regard for human life or suffering. It only knows to preserve its existence by feeding upon us.

              You should be wise to this after the last election and after the health care debacle and all the bailouts. The entire country was against it and they shrugged it off and passed it anyway.

              See where it all fell apart:


            • NR: The last election in 2010 proved WE can take OUR government back if WE want too. There are no Republicans or Democrats, no Right or Left anymore. There are only Globalists and Patriots.

              Elect a Patriot. If you cannot find a Patriot be one! Run. Serve. Or participate.

              Dropping out, copping out, is to do nothing. That is exactly what THEY want: YOUR non-participation.

              That is the philosophy of losers. Neither can the government be taken by force (though I support mass dissent and mass demonstrations which always generate violence).

              The American people can only re-establish their government by voting and collective action; creating new political structures that represent them once more.

              The current demonstrations should demand (1)the re-introduction of the Glass-Steagull Law and

              (2)the abolishment of the Patriot Act,

              (3)the abolishment of NAFTA,

              (4)new rules, with regard to China, and

              (5)the repeal of the ability of corporations to participate in elections like individuals as a start.

              These ought to be their primary protest goals.

              Psssst! If someone who reads this lives in NYC pass it on!

            • But, DK, now those that we elected to depose the power structure we saw as not representing us are falling right in line. Passing more bailouts and refusing to pursue the very things you list does not give me much faith. They are simply being absorbed by the beast. I don’t think we should give up but I also don’t think there is a repair. I’m glad there are people like you advocating continued engagement. I just wish I could share your faith in it. I’ll continue to be engaged but as long as corrupt money and power structures are allowed to manipulate the government I think that any improvement is simply theatre.

            • NR: I do not see a viable, practical alternative to engagement. Disengagement will NOT work. That is what got US where WE are as the majority of Americans have been consumed with “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”, (however that pursuit floats their boat) and have ignored politics to their detriment.

              The election of 2010 was a good first step. The election of 2012 can be another good step in the right direction too. Its going to take many elections and the focus of Americans over many years to correct the abuses.

              That is why these protests are useful, despite the influence of the Left. They get the attention of the sheeple. Eventually the sheeple will get the message.

              In fact I believe that America IS aware as polls show that almost 60% of people surveyed were dissatisfied with the direction of the country.

              Faith in engagement? Faith in America? No, certainty.

              America is an ideal. The best ideal devised by man and inspired by God for the liberation of every living soul to be all that it can be through personal choice and self determination and self government.

              There is no substitute. Accept no substitute.


          • Martial law- when the military are the police.

            When the police have access to military hardware, surplus or new, like LRADs, body armor, and other hardware, they are slowly becoming the military. Probably won’t be long before we see APCs and sand bag/concertina “domestic safety” checkpoints on our metropolitan streets.

          • Very good point, Copout and GC. Tiny bit by tiny bit, we are being put under more and more control.

            I guess I am thinking more of tanks in the street and groups of soldiers marching through neighbourhoods with automatic weapons at the ready.

            • Daisy: Thats what i meant in a latter post, about foreign troops being on U.S. soil. Where is the u.n located, here, the members of that unholy alliance will sound the GO get em boys, and then you will see the tanks and so-forth, we cannot let this happen! The part of automatic weapons, its not gonna mean a thing if you cant shoot.

            • Foreign troops carrying loaded eapons on the streets of America are legitimate military targets. They may have been invited by the federal government but the government has no authority to govern once the people rescind their consent. I do NOT consent for the US government to place foreign troops on American soil with ANY authority whatsoever.


            • To see Tanks rolling down our streets would truely hit home for most of us. How surreal and terrifying to know our county has finally come to this. I just can’t wrap my head around how we even get through this. Seriously, me, the soccer mom trying to round up my family and neighbors to stand up and fight. I still have hope, but am feeling really overwhelmed.

            • Armed foreign troops on the ground in America are an invasion force. By virtue of you claiming to be an American and if you are a male over the age of 16 and under the age of 45 (older, if you volunteer) you are duty bound to protect America.

              They’ll never do it. TPTB are corrupt, brutal, dishonest but they are not stupid. The phrase “All hell broke loose” comes to mind but inadequately describes what would happen. It would be a military tornado of a magnitude that would make Silvester Stallone characters cry for their mommies. The Militias would organize. The UN (or any other force) would be defeated in such a matter that they would have to come up with another word to describe the “loss”. It would trigger the largest military action in the history of mankind. It will never happen that way.

              …it is for this reason that so many people in America have their own personal armories. It is a deterrent. I think on that point our founders would say, “Yep! Thats what we intended.”

        • Not angry, a frenzied mob high on repetitive chanting and delusion.

          • Didn’t that happen in a Park in Chicago one night back in November of ’08?

      11. there will not be an election, use your campaign donation to buy supplies!

        • I’ve been saying the 2012 elections are our last hope to take back our country. Now I’m not so sure we’ll make it to that date! Things are escalating…as per the progressive design.

          God Save our Republic!

          • Except in local elections maybe, our votes don’t really count for anything. When the powers that be own both parties, they don’t really care who gets elected, as they own both candidates.
            Just examine the presidencies of the last umpteen presidents. They all had chances to change things for the better. Does anyone think we’re better off now than at some other time? Whichever party is in power makes no real difference. The citizen gets screwed no matter what.

        • You’re right!
          obama declares emergency and is our new dictator!

          • Bob, I think I have heard that since Reagan. Meaning I have heard the opposition to every seated president suggest there will be a war, an event, or a declaration and the loser in charge won’t leave office. It doesn’t happen – and you know why – there isn’t that big a difference between who ever is in the drivers seat.

            • Ditto Jim. I heard it really heavy when GW was in. over and over and over they said it that he was going to declare emergency powers and stop the elections. I think there are a lot of people in America that like to hype things.

      12. Copout, what do you mean “already under martial law”
        I think I have heard something to this tune before….but refresh me please

        • BJ: Please accept my apology I am so beside myself at this time, Look, the Patriot act put all under it. If they rolled out shutdown all at once, it would not work. Picture this sidekick to the ribs, roundhouse kick to the head, spinning backfist to the head, ok your not staying down? Front snap kick to the kneecap, open hand thrust to the chin, ok you get the picture, little by little wears you down, hell no block the strikes move forward, close the gap you cannot be struck, sweep the legs, take them to the ground, hit them three ways Hard,Fast, and CONTINUOSLY. Wow for some strange reason i feel GREAT!

          • It’s Hard, Fast, and Often!!!

            • Thats what i said, lol

            • Thats what she said too obviously 😉

      13. I have a different theory. They’ll be slow in declaring martial law. They’ll go hide out in their big underground bunkers and leave the masses to themselves for a good bit of time. Let the population cull itself. Later on, they;ll emerge to take control.

        • Anna – I kind of disagree – those of us left aren’t the kind they want to have left.

          • I wonder how difficult it would be to pump cianide gas into a bunker like you’re talking?

      14. All it will take is one spark.. everything is in place. The fuel is there, the accelerators are there, the enablers are there; it only needs a catalyst. One spark.

        You know, there is no amount of money, power, fame or long life that would cause me to agree to change positions with our Glorious Leader on Judgment Day. I truly pity him.

        • I believe he has already signed the memo.

      15. You have seen Rome burn!!! OWS might have thought that was great fun! What else could be in the back of their minds? Any crazy thing could happen! Yes if you could leave it would be a great time for a vacation. Once a New York winter comes things might get better but you can bet they are thinking about some action to prove a point before it gets cold. Of course I live in the middle of the woods many states away an feel you should too!

      16. Those horses were terrified. It would not take much to set one off. The horse who almost fell down could have seriously injured or hurt someone or itself. Talk about cruelty. Wow!

      17. Their going to support the other candidate. What if that becomes Ron Paul? He is a lot closer to getting the nomination than he was 4 years ago.

        • I don’t care who votes, or who you vote for i only care who counts the votes, Joe Stalin.

          Ron Paul has no chance, as much as i wish he was it, he aint.

      18. I’m glad I live in the very far suburbs of a medium sized city (500K city & burb population). I am only an hour by car to my bug out property which is 4 hours by car from any major city. I’ll have plenty of time to get away.

      19. Time of Jacobs Trouble

        Last Days

        7 Year Tribulation

        What are the odds of living in America in these times? Lord Bless us as You Will the Church of Philadelphia.

        • iowa: Its is actually the Church of LAODICEA: I know thy works, that thou art neither cold or hot. So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth! Rev. 3:15-16 dont mean anything personal, is this not where the Church is at now, interfaithism is a defnite sign!

      20. In my opinion, The cops are the only thing keeping these rioters from looting and spreading thoughout the city. I am sick of people blaming the cops for everything. The horses are trained to handle this sort of mob but they are still animals, and would have to fight the urge to flee. The police horses are the bravest of the brave, hand picked and extremely well cared for. I can’t stand to see what is happening in NY, knowing that it will spread like a virus all over the country. This is what the people in power want: anarchy, civil unrest, looting, martial law and then bam!!! down comes the iron gate.

        • I’ve worked with horses almost all my life. I sent this video link to a buddy of mine who vets ours and my brothers horses. He agreed these horses are scared. Horses or men can be trained to take on any situation, but training is not real life until a situation like this happens. These horses are trained to handle concert goers and other large events were unruliness is limited to a few drunk idiots that need to be pushed back up onto the sidewalk and out of the street. You are absolutely right these horses are the bravest of bravest so I am thumbs upping you for that. I would add that they are the only innocents there. Peace. Clay

          • I would add that the horses, also, do not realize they are agents of FedCo. The cops are none the wiser either. Its how FedCo works. Manipulation by ignorance.

        • @ Justice100, your post is spot on. Police mounted units are very effective at crowd control.

          During the ’60s, SFPD utilized police on horses as an adjunct to their Tactical Squad (precursor to SWAT). During the riots at SF State (1967 or 68, can’t remember), SFPD’s Tactical Squad was called in to suppress, and they did so quite effectively with the mounted units against the protesters.

        • I have never had my partner want to flee, but then again he has a vest specially made for him…Not all of us LEO’s are bad, my priority has always been to the people and their safety. What I see is military personel in a civilian officer uniform

          • K9countryGirl: Are you on the road or jail duty?

          • You, Ma’am, are a rare breed. Hats off too you!

        • But, Justice, most don’t see this plan of the evil ones….i.e., separate us by whatever means available..never let a crisis go to waste…
          Those not understanding this are the ones there now protesting…they don’t get it either.
          TPTB do realize they can’t slam that gate until they have our firearms and weapons..it’ll never happen because ages 50 and older know our history..how we got here and how we will stay here..
          OOH-RAH!! for all our veterans.

      21. those protesters will not turn on the cops or leaders til their food stamps,welfare,extended unemployment runs out, then things will get a little dangerous, people who are hungry are a lot meaner than people with a full belly.

        • Winter’s coming. People who are hungry and COLD are a lot meaner than people with a full belly who are WARM.

        • Marxists? No Frank, they are just people who are pissed off because the rules of the game were changed in mid-play to benefit scum like the Koch brothers at the price of destroying the Amerikan working man and whatever actual Amerikan nationhood that we can say once existed.

          Don’t forget that the country club republicans love illegal immigration from countries like Mexico that have historically had big and powerful MARXIST movements on their home turf. Think of the huge communist marches that used to take place with regularity in Mexico City from the 40’s through the 70’s when you see those same marchers’ great grand kids marching in their hundreds of thousands for “immigration reform” in LA and wearing Che Guevara t-shirts.

          Republican degenerates like Ronald Reagan and Jorge W. Boosh allowed this to happen to the country so their golf courses would have a steady supply of menial troglodytes to keep the landscaping green, yet they were still able to fool hordes of Rush Limbaugh-loving nitwits into believing that they were “right wing.” Remember that in 2041 when the largest demographic in the former Amerika will be classified as “Hispanic” and they elect a presidente who promises to collectivize their republican asses.

      22. It is getting close. Somewhere the agents provocateur are standing by just waiting for their cue. I would bet that there are some in every city that has over 250k population.

        The instigators are not your friend and the UIs at these OWS protests are gonna get hurt. Seeing the violence is really going to piss off those that haven’t figured this charade out yet.

        This appears to be the culmination of the adolescent dreams of 60’s whack jobs like Bill Ayers and the other hippies. They are true believers in Marxism and believe that given sufficient chaos and anger toward cpaitalists in general (as opposed to the truly guilty like Geithner & Bernanke) that the American people are stupid enough to rise up and embrace socialism. Well it is true that a huge number of knuckleheads camping in the cities and their Marxist professors think they can get plenty for nothing by destroying a, less than perfect, economic system and replacing it with a system that has invariably lead to mass murder, imprisonment and the oppression of almost every single person in the country. Reality, if they succeed, is sure going to suck for them.

        I wish it would’ve happened differently. There will be no paucity of pain, misery and bloodshed. The excuse of ignorance is going to be a very hard sell with this fromer non-com.

        • former

        • Well said. +1


        • POA: Who needs an “agent provocateur”? The Misery Index is already the worst that it has been in 28 years.

          Where do you think it will be by NEXT November?

          The SWHTF before the next elections, and by rights, it should. Neither party is working for US. Both parties are working for themselves. Lets bring it to a head before candidates are set in stone, and WE have a choice between Frick or Frack.

          The middle might then settle on Ron Paul.

      23. ~~~~A story carried by The Daily Crux this week has confirmed that money is not flowing to President Obama’s coffers this time around, and instead, Wall Street is directing funds….~~~~

        I’ll say this and then shut up—it wasn’t the money; it was the compromised voting machines.
        Someone tell me; are they gone?? Are we back to paper ballots??
        I didn’t think so.
        The plan is to not make it a landslide win–49%-51% seems fair–to TPTB to get their (wo)man in.

      24. closest “big” city to me is louisville, ky, and B.O. property is an hour away, 1 house each 1/2 mile on the road, somtimes further apart. plenty of woods to hunt/farm/fish, you think i’m safe?

        • Absolutely not.. tell you what, you come to my house.. you’ll be safe here. Trust me..

          What was the address of that BO property again ? 😉

        • I think those within an hour of a major population are not safe – they will have more time to prepare after SHTF but not safe. The masses will be coming out into the woods looking for those edible critters and farm houses of full of preparations. You say you are an hour out – I think that buys you two weeks before mobile gangs start scoping out your assets and looking for easy targets. Definitely have a retreat plan at least 2 hours further out. Then, maybe then, the cost of gasoline will be so much they won’t reach you.

          • 2.5 hours to the next closest city of any size, 4.5 hours to the closest major population zone. I feel safe and this is not my bug out location, I call it home!

        • Hi, justanotherrick—I’m in southern ky.

          Rick, I don’t believe any of us are safe.

        • start dropping trees across the road behind you every hundred yards as you leave, they will not stop anyone, but they’ll slow them down.

      25. I lied…Anybody wanta bet those officers have guns with no ammo or blanks??
        Just saying.

      26. Just another person promoting FEAR! It will never come to that. Remember DOOM and GLOOM sells and it sells FEAR!

        • RICH 99,
          I think you were the person telling the New Orleans residents to stay in their homes. The levies will hold! Nothing bad will happen.

          • Sweet!!

          • WRONG miss I’m a victim of the left / right paradigm ! Go walk your corrupt party line ! ” I’m right wing , I’m left wing ” ……FUCK THAT I’m neither !

            • So you see your self as a victim RICH 99, Hmm One might say that victims are sometimes self made to get pity, sorry I don’t think this is the place to find it.

            • RICH99 says nothing important ever on October 20, 2011 at 6:28 pm

              You know other RICH either use the spacing or not with your 99, makes it hard when there is 2 of us and you flip flop all the time making the nice RICH 99(with spacing)look bad.

              May I should change to Rich 99 not Bitch99

          • New Orleans was built in a flood plain. I learned that in Real Estate 101 40 years ago. Anyone who lives there is a fool.

            • I remember being told in school that the LA state capital was placed in Baton Rouge instead of New Orleans for precisely that reason.

      27. I don’t think anything is going to happen in the short term. Winter is just around the corner and most of the protesters will pack it in for a few months. The Corp is not not going to be confrontational to the point of having a mass riot when cold wind and snow will move along the protesters

        • A few months heck, make it a few weeks. I live up state and we have already had a couple good frosts. I’m betting snow for us by Nov 15th. They’ll be gone long before that. The question is will they be back when the weather is better in April/May?

          • Sorry Trumpet misread what you said. Happens I guess when you have a one year old trying to type with ya. Do ya really think they’ll be back? Peace

            • It depends on “if” Soros and Obumbles think they can benefit from their return – if so – they’ll be back and paid for just like this time.

            • Could well be if economy does not improve and government makes more bailouts

          • Phoenix is about to drop to 90 degrees. It’s time to break out a sweater. 🙂

          • Hi Clay,
            Yup, we’ve had a frost also. And I wanted to comment on the horses, I ‘ve had them to.When I saw them and read the story it upset me. It looked like one of the horses almost fell.

            One of my daughters lives in NY now. Her husband drives a bus transporting handicapped people around the city. Some of them have their home health aides with them. They need help walking.My daughter worked in a hospital with handicapped people, some on feeding tubes, have lived in instutitions most of their lives. these are people who would not be alive if they lived even seventy years ago. What will happen to them when SHTF happens.
            My daughter keeps a bug out bag ready. The day of 911 they shut down the city and you could not leave. Remember.?
            She lives in Brooklyn near the ocean. I asked my son in law what would he do if something happened and he had to make a choice between getting home and taking care of his wife and baby son, or staying with the bus and trying to deal with nine ten pepolpe who could not survive alone? He said it depended on the crises. I told him to think about it.A crisrs could happenin the middle of the day.
            In the instution my daughter worked , some of the patients had no family. She had people she became attached to. She still visits them. She would problaby bring someone home with her.

            If any of you ever needed help and you were in the northeast, I would try to help you. We never know when we might need each other. Sometimes I feel really alone up herewith most of the people in my obit not giving a second thought to what’s happening around the world and in or country. Just thinking everything is going to be alright.
            I think they will come back in the spring with a vengence.

            Keep prayed up please. And of course prep. Lynda

            • Hello there again Lynda,
              I think Katrina gives us a very real and very modern look at what healthcare providers and healthcare staff will do when a situation appears hopeless. Some will stay and some will go. In Katrina many could not leave as the water rose, so many workers were stuck where they were, and the decision was made for them. The issues I can see for your son are twofold, one is his legal obligation and the other is ethical/moral obligation to himself. As a nurse I have worked for the developmentally disabled in the past, so I know a little about the law in NY regarding these individuals No one will hold your son liable if his life is in danger and he is forced to abandoned his post. The next is a little more tricky! If there is no hope of rescue and the SHTF, ( let’s be clear, it had really should have hit the blades hard enough that the mess seems that it can never be cleaned up!) he can walk away to be with his family. This is where his moral obligation comes in, could he live with himself if he didn’t at least try to get help, the first fireman, cop or emt would do. This is a dilemma haunts me all the time about those who are under my care. I was brought up to believe family is everything, so I would stay at my post, but at some point I would have to go be with my family. As your son says the situation itself matters the most. For instance they drop the Bomb on Buffalo, I am outta that hospital/nursing home without so much as a by your leave. A winter storm knocks out the power on the east coast, I would probably hang out and continue care. My wife is resourceful and I have confidence she could hold things together, until I’m adequately relieved or fed up and have done all I can reasonably do. At some point I have an obligation to myself and my family and my obligation to the state ends.
              If either your son or daughter is thinking about taking one of these individuals in, like everything else they need to have a plan. My advice is make sure that the person cannot only walk, but they can walk a very long way if necessary. Do they feel the person is emotionally stable enough to handle the situation. They should have a third bug out bag for this person. They may want to consider doing respite for this person now before shtf, it will give them a better idea how this person will fit into the family dynamic. Do yourself a favor and take this person out for a nice long walk and see how they fare. Do not discuss the SHTF with this person, most of these individuals are like my 12 year old, no filter at all, or you will scare the crap out of them.
              I understand the gentlemen who owns this site is actually starting a forum, my hope is that it will be the kind where members can actually send private messages to each other. The idea of teaming up with prepared, like minded individuals is very appealing to me, but this site is a little to public to talk about plans like this in detail. I understand your feelings of isolation, you correct you never do know when we may need each others help. Keep prepping and bugging your kids about their plans, they will thank you someday. Peace

      28. http://www.examiner.com/libertarian-in-national/obama-has-received-more-money-from-wall-street-than-any-politician

        The idea that Obama is not getting Wall Street Money – where is this coming from. It is not true. Obama has been supported by the elite wall street crowd more than any president in HISTORY.

        If you listen to Beck he said the violence is coming under the organization put forth by Van Jones. That will give Obama deniability since he fired Jones earlier.

        • The thing is to make people think the banks are against him. If the banks are against Obama, he must be good for the people.

          It’s all bull and a show for the sheeple.

          None of them are any good and should be ignored no matter who they think they might be.

      29. Obama’s support of OWS was a stroke of genius. I’m not a fan of his but I marvel at how well he stratigizes. This guy is playing chess and his opponits are playing checkers.

        This article is full of fallicies and immediatly dicredited its;ef with an “insider” who won’t reveal thier ID. So, the whole article is BS. far as we know Obama could have been the insider.

        Obama has discredited OWS by supporting it. Even had his chinese buddies publicly support it…which was a brilliant move. Having all these different supportes actually reduces OWS power.

        The NRA supports OWS as well. they sent me an e-mail reminding me to wear thier logo if I go to these protest. have yet to see that reported.

        The article is BS and Obama is a bit smarter than you think. Never assume your enemy is a moron.

        • Missed that one from the NRA and I’m a Life Member.

          • I haven’t checked it out but it doesn’t seem right. From everything I’ve seen the OWS folks want to remove freedom of speech (the ability to buy advertising) from entities that are not people. (corps)

            The campaign finance reform that McLame & Feingold pushed thru removed the NRA’s right to advertise and campaign within 30 days of an election. This was later reversed by SCOTUS. (at least that is the way I remember it going down. I’m open for correction if necessary)

            That the NRA would be supporting a movement that wants to shut them up is an incongruity to me.

            • POA is right and I also am an NRA member and have not seen any comment on OWS from them – even by email. This crowd would want corporations/banks out of politics but not unions. My guess is they’d want the NRA out because it supports more Republicans than Democrats and this is the Democratic version of the “tea party.”

            • POA: OWS doesn’t want to remove freedom of speech. They want to remove the ability of corporations to dominate elections by having the power to buy political advertising.

              When you consider that Apple is holding 76 billion dollars in cash and it only takes one billion to elect the POTUS, you ought to be able to see the inequality of that.

              That’s just Apple. At one time EXXON was holding $400 billion in cash. That pays for a lot of political propaganda. Lets take the money out of politics.

              The airwaves belong to US.

              Qualified candidates of qualified parties should have free and equal access to present their potential policies and programs to US so that WE can decide who WE want to manage OUR government for US.

              One person, one, vote. Term limits, and limits on the amount any one individual can make during an election year, or during primaries and general elections; would go along way to giving the power back to WE the People.

            • DK. When you remove the right of Apple or Exxon to advertise you must also remove your right to join with other like minded folks and advertise as well.

              I just wish the laws identifying the advertisers was a little more precise. Most folk know who Apple, Exxon and the NRA are. It is when some nebulous group such as “Mexican drug mules for border security” or “Pedagogues for pederasty” pop up right before an election with lots of money and they twist good logic like a well oiled pretzel.

              In the interest of disclosure it would be nice too see how many are CPUSA or SEIU.

            • POA: Corporations are deemed “persons” under the law, but corporations are not people. Only mortal human beings who live and breathe have a right to self determination, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

              Corporations do not have any unalienable rights under Nature’s God, WHO has endowed OUR rights and liberties under the US Constitution.

              Corporations are legal constructs, instruments of OUR will.

        • Good post Rachel. Good analysis. But OWS will grow and become acceptable to the middle class who will sympathize after checking their pockets, but are not initiaters.

          There is organized intelligence behind the movement now, as opposed to the initial gathering. This has gone global which is a good thing because the gangster banksters are global.

          It puts pressure on the central bankers of the world at a good time so that they become motivated to solve the EU crisis: which can be solved.

          They will not want the alternative.

          • Disagree with you there. OWS is backed by the communist/liberal elite. Their goal is to destroy the Republic and tear up the Constitution. Keep the cameras on them longer and more people will realize this.
            They want to blame Wall Street for problems that the feds are “99%” responsible for. It’s easy to blame Wall Street. “Dirty bankers” rolls of the lips so easily. But it’s the Progressives that have wrecked this country. Been doing it since Woodrow Wilson and Teddy Roosevelt… and it continues up to the modern era with GWB and BHO.


            • Excellent observation Mal!
              You only have to scratch the surface to uncover the truth.


              One of my fave quotes:
              “The future is worth fighting for.” 😉

            • Mal: I understand what you are saying but the economy will be much worse by next summer and by next November it will be a shambles because the Retards will not do anything to make it better because they want to get re-elected and capture the White House by blaming O’bummer.

              Americans always vote their pocket book.

              The Retards are playing right into the hands of the liberals and commies. That’s why they are Retards.

              They are willing to cut off their noses to spite OUR face. That’s bad for America.

            • Mal: It doesn’t matter to me who is backing OWS. The status quo is totally unacceptable to me. The status quo is destroying America.

              The Republic has already been co-opted by both the Left and the Right who are eroding OUR personal liberties (The Patriot Act)and shredding the Constitution.

              Let the Left and Right meet in the street; whether that is Wall Street or Pennsylvannia Avenue, or both, makes no difference to me.

              When the smokes clears I hope that they are all dead.

              Then WE the People can bury their bodies in a mass unmarked grave at a garbage dump somewhere, or out to sea, and re-establish the US Constitution as the rule of law once more.

            • DK,
              We can change the direction once we slow these wannabe Bolsheviks down. I am afraid that any surge of support from decent folks will just be used to try and recreate the events of October 1917.

              The change to a better country has begun. Do you have any idea how many soccer moms and blue collar dads have read books like the 5000 Year Leap to Creature From Jekyll Island to the Federalist Papers and on and on since the TEA Party movement started? From Glenn Beck to the TEA Party patriots to AFP and Freedom works and TP Nation the list goes on and on.

              As folks learn about fiat money, fractional reserve banking, history of the Illuminati and the progressive movement they are slowly teaching their children and each other to be better, smarter and more involved citizens. We are trying to undo the concerted efforts of a tireless and dedicated bunch of commies that have been working since Gramsci wrote his instructions back in 1937. I doubt he’ll place but look how much greater the support for Ron Paul is this time around.

              If we can stop the wholsale destruction of America and give time for the incipient rebirth of the love of liberty and the knowledge of how Christian principles are fundamental to freedom to grow and catch fire in the hearts of enough people we can leave a beautiful life for our posterity.

              Rash, reactive, emotion based action rarely leads to desireable ends.

              The commies need to be reeducated.

            • POA: I am not worried about the Left. I am worried about the Corporate Fascists. Was it the Left who transferred the American means of production offshore and gutted the middle class?

              Was it the Left who allowed 50,000 jobs a month to be transferred offshore?

              Was it the Left who embroiled US in wars of crony capitalism to expand the reach and power of the NWO?

              Was it the Left who instituted the Patriot Act against US?

              No, the Left gave US food stamps to replace the jobs that followed the factories offshore, and encouraged illegal immigration to suppress OUR wages and take the jobs that were left after the Globalist Corporate Fascists and Uber Rich used American depositor funds to build their factories in China.

              The Left is complicit in these actions but these actions were initiated by the Right.

            • No, the country has been wrecked by 1) the repeal of the Glass-Steagall act, 2) an aggressive interventionist foreign policy encouraged by the influence of foreign lobbyists and the military-industrial complex, 3) affirmative action, 4) “free trade” (including outsourcing and off-shoring) and 5) unfettered Third World immigration. The “left wing” progressives and the “right wing” republicans were and are ALL on the same page regarding these policies. If I’m wrong, please cite any evidence to the contrary if you have it.

            • OWS if firmly the brainchild of CPUSA; you can take that to the bank.

        • Could someone please post evidence that the NRA supports OWS? I have searched and can find no primary sources for this. It could easily be disinformation. So how about a link to an official statement from the NRA, please.

      30. Looks like more people are interested in taking photos and video of the goings on. Imagine how more focused people would be if the concentrated on what they were doing instead of focusing on the camera screen?

        • I just said that to my wife Actually this is what I said “Looks like spring break, when Girls Gone Wild is in town” Forgive me if I offend. Clay

      31. Do I read this correctly? The article says Wall Street is defending “free markets” and anyone who doesn’t like what Wall Street does is a flaming Bolshevik. What a crock of cowabunga! Furthermore, the big banks aren’t going to turn on Obama; he’s the biggest boot-licker they ever bought.

      32. Mac, great article! The die is cast. The “Occupy” movement has not yet achieved self sustaining inertia, but it is very very close judging by the video above. Clearly there are anti-capitalist organized power brokers at work behind the scenes aiding, assisting, and funding these protesters. These protesters are clearly being assisted and motivated by a socialist/communist agenda (they may not fully comprehend), supported by the White House, that is being ignored by the news. This event provides us a rare opportunity to glimpse the enemy that is working feverishly to dismantle our way of life and usher in a new paradigm based on anarchy, socialism, communism, and redistribution of wealth.

        • This is just a warm up and a practice to work on tactics. The real trouble will start next June. Then look out as the economy will be even worse than it is now and the case for radical change will be more easily made. Soros and friends must be laughing their asses off at how easy it has been to totally negate the US system and install a communist one. helps when half the govt. is left wing and the president hates the country and its’ people not to mention the disgrace that is the Stupid Party still thinking like country club Pubbies. Hope you all get your laughs now because by next July few will be laughing.

          • You are right about that willy. Historically wars are begun in the late Spring early summer for the benefit of the troops.

            Next summer WE will see blood and chaos.

            • Assuming Iran is the target, they won’t need to wait for good weather. Tactic in “modern” US warfare is now just to bomb the living $hit out of ’em for a couple of months using their handy-dandy million dollar taxpayer funded satellite-guided munitions. Enriches the military-industrial complex (and thus the bankers); John Q Public stays happy because dead American soldiers aren’t in the nightly news headlines…Win-win scenario for the puppet masters…

            • Plane Guy; WE are talking about NYC, not Iran, but anything is possible by Spring!

          • Willy, I agree 100%. It certainly feels like the waters are being tested before the main event is unveiled. All the ingredients are in place. We have a sharply divided country, half wants a socialist welfare state (which we already have), and the other half is holding on to traditional American values of life, liberty, pursuit of happiness, hard work, sacrifice, self reliance, Constitution, etc. We have socialists in the highest echelons of the US political system. An insolvent banking system on the knife’s edge of collapsing. We have an Executive Branch of government that is running a secret anonymous group out of the White House that is targeting and summarily killing American citizens without a trial by jury or even so much as an indictment. And a President that hates this country. The timing is difficult to predict, but whatever is in the works be it an economic implosion, or anarchists doing something foolish that serves as the catalyst, we should know within the next 14 months I think.

      33. wow,just been into this site and a few others for a couple of months. The wife and I knew something was very wrong and agree with things we are seeing on this site, we have started prepping HEAVY. We are lucky we can afford it, just hope we can get completely done in time.
        will keep watching……………..Take care all.

        • Welcome Sable and crew!

        • Welcome to our little corner of cyberspace.

          Intelligent discussion welcomed. Not everyone will agree but most all are respectful and a few are obviously very smart. I won’t say who tho, methinks their heads are fat enough 😉

          • POA: I resemble that remark, but that’s OK! 🙂

        • Hello Sabel and welcome. I’m fairly new here as well, but I’ve found the other members here to be of very high moral character, respectful, and extraordinarily knowledgeable about prepping and news not found in the main stream media. Most of us are here because we know something is very wrong. If you’re a prepper, and it sounds like you are, you’ve come to the right place.

        • Sabel – please excuse the blue language from a couple of the posters – they resort to that when they can’t think of anything intelligent to say (and when they’re trying to impress their 12-year-old friends).

        • Duh, sorry its Sabel!

      34. Generally speaking the public at large given sufficient rope and a tad of encouragement will hang themselves the majority of the time. Look at the private debt that huge numbers have accumulated; I rest my case.

      35. Wall Street turning on Obama? Looks like it’s all working to plan then. In the 1934 Chicago Tribune political cartoon “Planned economy or Planned Destruction”, the “plan” is as follows: “SPEND! SPEND! SPEND! under the guise of recovery, bust the government, blame the capitalists for the failure” Ok. They’ve accomplished those. Next is “junk the Constitution and declare a dictatorship”.

        Was it this past week or last that Obama said they need to circumvent congress and get the job bill passed? He has all those czars – doesn’t need congress anyway…. and so there probably won’t be an election next year with a global collapse and all. Ya know– a huge crisis that doesn’t go to waste.

      36. Speaking of bugging out. I’ll bet there are a “few” politicians that are think’in of bug out plans…today.

      37. This is nothing compared to Greece! Yet. Stay safe Manos.

      38. Barny Frank will probably get it in the end butt he will probably like it.

        • He might bug out, butt I’m sure he hates to leave his friends behind!

      39. The same globalist agitator from the Arab spring.. (Egypt) is now consulting the OWS..
        They are playing both sides against the middle and fomenting a well planned scenario..
        Nothing in this is organic..it’s a well planned strategy to usher in God knows what for us here in America..
        First of all. those who believe that they will usher in martial law..where are the actual troops to enforce this?

        There are 70 million gun owners here..will they use stealth technology and heat seeking drones to flush us out?

        Your replies are more than welcome..


        • Martial law the won’t attempt in the rural communities; its likely to be just urban for some time. The police and reservist will enforce it. Just like they did in New Orleans after Katrina.

          The people won’t be that hard to control in those areas; want food, water, then no guns. Yes a lot will make it in to the rural territories but they won’t worry about them or care. Its only the masses they need to control.

          God Bless the few!

          • Jim…as a nation aren’t we responsible for those in the cities if the ‘bullies’ try that route??
            We do outnumber them..but remember the verse…if they come for the machinist I say noting because I’m not a machinist, id they come for the Jews, I say nothing because I’m not a Jew,etc??

        • there is not enough troops to keep all of us in control. they will do it in warmer weather or when they are mobile. think they wont do it if the weather is minus 40 degrees or snow storms etc. they will do it when the weather is on the better side. think about that. its real important. military uses this a lot. sand wind etc.

          • I think that is why all of the interstates are being worked on right now. I’ve seen 4 different interstates in the last few months where everything is being trimmed back from the road. Is that just my suspicious mind or does anybody see this as a warning sign?

            • jobs creation !!!!!!!!! or those adopt-a-highway crews.

            • Or that ridiculous ‘use it or lose it’ meme…heck, we have a new 12 million dollar court house here with a county of 26,ooo.
              Hey, the old one can house the foreclosed and street persons soon.

          • eric: Dont fall into they will when trap. Always be prepared, not paranoid, prepared. When they make their move, weather wont be the decider, why? Because the ones calling the shots wont be there!

          • @Eric

            They will cut services in the Winter time and at night, the advantage is to have as much compliancy as possible. No heat you’ll want to be warm, no gas you cant get through the snow and your stuck with what you have, winter is harsh hands down, the cold weather gear they have now is far superior then you think. I know I cannot afford a $12k set of NVG that they probably will have. Being at night time cut off scenerio the I.R, FLIR and Digital DNVG gives them the advantage, would say anyone they have on their RED, Blue, and yellow list are the first targets Red being priority, they will disappear before anyone else and no one will know.
            In summer and spring people can flee to the hills and start crops at their bug out locations, they want these people to not have time to prep for winter and thus adapt to the land. IMO Summer lockdown is out

            • ” I know I cannot afford a $12k set of NVG that they probably will have.”

              Do you know why you can’t afford it? Because you paid for theirs.

        • I and one other guy saw a man in plain close with what appeared to be a sniper riffle with a supressor walking early on a sunday morning near York by the roosevelt hotel,..he was a late 30’s white guy with a extended barrel riffle sticking out of a black riffle bag over his shoulder. He was looking down walking nonchalantly like he was slipping back to where ever he came from,..what got me is he was smiling like a chesire cat,..creepy. What’s creepier is not one other person seemed to notice or care,.that was about a week before the OWS started.

          • human32826 says:
            October 20, 2011 at 9:34 pm I and one other guy saw a man in plain close with what appeared to be a sniper riffle with a supressor walking early on a sunday morning near York by the roosevelt hotel,..he was a late 30′s white guy with a extended barrel riffle sticking out of a black riffle bag over his shoulder. He was looking down walking nonchalantly like he was slipping back to where ever he came from,..what got me is he was smiling like a chesire cat,..creepy. What’s creepier is not one other person seemed to notice or care,.that was about a week before the OWS started.

            And you did not report this, what type or MORON are you??? I call BullShit! I do not think anybody here would have not reported this to the authorities even if it was anonymously, Knowing damn well a silenced weapon in NYC by a creepy little guy in plain close is totally a every day thing especially they way things are, you bumped you head. So what?? you let this guy go back to his location and potentially start a mass riot and the trigger for Marshal Law. You sir are a Liar

            BULLSHIT#$@$ sorry all I was sneezing again, anyone have a tissue?

        • The UN will enforce it, and they are already here. Many on military bases. Supposedly here for training.
          They have already put gps coordinates on your home , when they did the census. Google your address. My daughter did. It shows your house and all exits.

      40. There were protests that were more violent than these during the Vietnam era, but nothing changed asdide from us getting out.
        These leftwing hippies are just shouting about how they hate free markets & think everything should be free, but they’ll mostly vote for Obama (the recipent of the most Wallstreet donations of any president in history) again

        • Dave; I believe the orchestration of “OWS” was to make Obama look middle of the road when he imposes higher taxes on the top 1%. It will be the extremist that demanded it but the diplomat/leader that compromised to make it happen. Less of course the Republicans actually hold out (which I doubt). Then Obama can go back to the middle class sheeple and get their votes next Nov……all part of the plan man. Can’t just think a billion campaign will buy re election when you failed to close Gitmo, failed to keep unemployment at 8%, racked up $5T in debt, and still have a failed economy….no on on ….gotta have something to get that middle / mainstream America back in tow.

        • @ Dave

          The difference between then and now is that America and its people where respected based on values. Look at todays values and there is a complete lack of it from social media site to even main stream media that is Govermentally controlled. That generation, which I respect to a point, had more balls to speak out and bring the attention to others what the government was doing then one of my generation is now. Now I may not have agreed with everything they stood for, but at least they stood for something and where not afraid to do what they needed to wake up others( so to speak). OWS is just a showboat and a distraction of whats to come, the generation of Vietnam just prolonged what we fear now.

          Man I miss my country 🙁 I’ll just shut up and keep prepping…

      41. Mac

        It’s(1 day away)from the 2 week mark of your prior post regarding the collapse scenario post from 2 weeks ago..
        any thoughts?

        Perhaps none of us can accurately predict anything such as this,,but given all the recent events worldwide..esp the Goldman Sachs derivative debacle..is the timetable off?

        Or do you still hold true that a complete collapse is at the corner any day now?

        Thank you


        • Posse, I want to stress that the 2 – 3 week time table was not my prediction or forecast, but a quote from the former U.S. Under Secretary of Commerce and current senior advisor to the IMF, Robert Shapiro.

          I think the system, at this point, only requires a single major trigger and it’ll go into meltdown mode… this does not necessarily mean that we’ll see an overnight hyperinflationary dollar collapse and martioal law, as I think an event like that, if it will even happen, is still a ways off (but i will not rule it out completely, of course)… With regards to Shapiro’s timetable, i believe he was referring to a credit collapse and lockup in Europe, which would then lead to what Bernanke recently hinted at, which is a destabilization of our financial markets… In such a scenario, i think the dollar would actually strengthen, while stocks, commodities, even precious metals, all see major drops.

          In my view, much of this hinges on Europe right now — but that’s not to say some event here in the US (like a BofA collapse, for example) wouldn’t lead to a similar set of reactions/consequences…

      42. I got out on Sept. 23,..I was living in NYC on 54th E. and working as a “replacement worker” or scab at Sotheby’s,..I couldn’t do it anymore and one of the reasons was ,..well I am aware of some sort of build up in the city and the tension ,not just with OWS or union 814,..all the deligates were comming in to the area to be at U.N. it just seemed like a powder keg of shtuff to go wrong,..so I went home and left a lot of money for a safer place. They were paying me 35.00 an hr ,..and i pulled a hell of alot of overtime at 52.,..but i love my wife and family too much to stay in that cest pool of huge rats people eating out of garbage roaches and rich snobs ignoring it all to hump that money.

      43. The Wall Street protests are going to get worse real fast – just read this and you tell me what you think is going to happen – OMFG!! World War 3 on Wall Street!

        • No suprise when JP Morgan “donated” 4.2 million dolars to NYC police fund.

        • Sorry Marty, I couldn’t get the link to work.

        • @ Marty

          If that is true then he is the lit fuse headed to the powder keg that nobody wanted to see explode. He might just be that peron to cause the other shoe to drop. 🙁 If thats the case I need 1 more payday to get more preps, to bad we can’t track him as he walks to NYC

        • BEWARNED!!!! Marty’s link now contains a virus.

          Fortunately, my virus protection blocked it. I think the name of the virus was ‘exploit social media’, or something like that. Kinda like ‘never let a good crisis go to waste’.

          • uhm, no virus there…

      44. Obuma has two choices now … he can either PULL Da Trigger ! And send america into global war WW3 – And save his presidency as a WAR PREZ… thereby neutralizing the growing american dissent and stay in Control and Office another four years OR quietly admit defeat and chillout till his term ends , returning to his chicago all male club bath house to hang out with his Chicago fairy gangster cheerleader Boys! Either way Obummer will go down in history as Amerika’s First Black President! Who severely failed his people of color and other minorities… I don’t see another African American being elected President FOR A LONG TIME!

        Thanks Obummer for you and your CIA pals setting back to the 1950’s again all the hard work Dr/ Martin luther King did and died for!!! As well as other Black leaders such as Malcolm X etc etc

        I hope it was all worth it!!! My you “Rot in Hell” for every death your Presidency has caused here at home and abroad!

        Butt Hole!

        Arm Up Stock Up Prepare!
        Preditor or Prey the choice is yours!

        • Fuck loofer coon. He was a liar, a communist, adulterer and whoremonger. He was a fraud and useful degenerate.

      45. all this is is the NWO plan of the jesuit vatican being carried out – this is the beginning of Martial Law – which is what the minions want — I warned all to IMPEACH the felon fraud TREASON traitor – now, or by that date it will be to late— denial wont cut it anymore — they will also unleash more HAARP = a huge tsunami on NYC and so forth — as the vatican driven NWO of lucifer spreads…Egypt, Libya on one end – USA on the other – until they have the 1 world govt (JESUIT ORDER = NWO) — one world “currency” – and one world religion – the false antichrist catholic church – the poop is the right hand man of anitchrist, the False Prophet – aliens or ETs are mere FALLEN ANGELS — and they are ALL – including “Wall Street” – led by the ZIONISTS worldwide banksters (also created by the Vatican!) -in cahoots — can you say FEMA CAMP??? — why do you think that there are over 2,3OO FEMA camps in the USAtan?? and 1,OOO,OOO body bags have been ordered???? oppose lucifers NWO and you shall end up in a FEMA camp – to do so is the righteous move, to JOIN the NWO of lucifer is perdition – Book Of Revelation states it plain as day and “National Sunday Law” explains it is layman’s terms…. READ IT – follow along because it is happening NOW! – dont you want to know what comes next?? – you had better stock up on food-water-supplies and if you can BUY GOLD – as the dollar will crash as well, it will be worth the same as toilet paper…. Soros – Barry – Clintons – Bushs- ROMNEY ( afake Mormon NWO minion as well – and so forth are ALL part and parcel —- RON PAUL is also a Trojan Horse! as Soros and the NWO gave he and Jesse Ventura 14 TRILLION to be the face of the NWO – mass deception is at hand —- wake up sheeple or get into the fetal position….. YHWH and Yahusha Ha Mashiach are the ONLY way out —-

      46. I can’t wait for the opportunity to tune up some liberals:)

      47. to Ulsterman–your memories of up north are accurate and due to the constant, continuous high levels of paranoia, a new graffiti on the wall could incite real fear among them as well.
        nyc takes and has taken abuse and riots for years and if they want to riot and kill each other,let ’em.

        threats of martial law ? bring it on as many understand that all the undisciplined including the libs and their ilk could use a few years of commie discipline and this would wake them up.

      48. One of those old hippies on Wall street said “Reality is for people who can’t face drugs.” Maybe he was wiser than I knew. And from the looks of those horses, we know what kind of S will HTF.
        Just spent a few wonderful days at the ultra low-tech okie compound. (no tv, no radio, no cell phone signal- it’s the next best thing to heaven) And compared to that, just look at the real world. Wages are down. Peanut butter is up. Three mares and a stallion facing charges of ‘police horse brutality’. The bomsters electronic post-it notes are missing. And Khadaffi is dead! It’s no wonder my stress meter was on overload. I was beginning to take the ‘real’ world way too seriously. But now, thanks to huge doses of liquid medication and/or self hypnosis I’m back to a properly unbalanced equilibrium. As I’ve always said- ‘If you can’t live in denial, at least try to be next door to it.’

      49. Two worst comments of this thread:

        “It puts pressure on the central bankers of the world at a good time so that they become motivated to solve the EU crisis: which can be solved.”

        Just follow that dominant social theme: the NWO can solve things… ? Psft. As if.

        And the other:

        “This event provides us a rare opportunity to glimpse the enemy that is working feverishly to dismantle our way of life and usher in a new paradigm based on anarchy, socialism, communism, and redistribution of wealth.”

        That was a bad quote cause this Person seems to confuse anarchy with chaos and lump it in with all those other bad things,… yet another dominant social theme of the NWO.

        What Is Anarchy?

        • Clark, I am the author of the second quote and I stand by it 100%. Anarchy vs. chaos is completely subjective and depends on your observations, political preferences, life experience, and host of other variables. I think anarchy is a more specific definition based on the complete lack of a cohesive message that bonds the protesters together. Chaos is way too general a term to describe the “Occupy” protests. I’m all in favor and support protests such as the Tea Party movement that have a clearly defined message that opposes an established political evil.

          The definitions of anarchy and chaos are:

             [an-er-kee] Show IPA

          a state of society without government or law.

          political and social disorder due to the absence of governmental control: The death of the king was followed by a year of anarchy.

          a theory that regards the absence of all direct or coercive government as a political ideal and that proposes the cooperative and voluntary association of individuals and groups as the principal mode of organized society.

          confusion; chaos; disorder: Intellectual and moral anarchy followed his loss of faith.

             [key-os] Show IPA

          a state of utter confusion or disorder; a total lack of organization or order.

          any confused, disorderly mass: a chaos of meaningless phrases.

          the infinity of space or formless matter supposed to have preceded the existence of the ordered universe.

          (initial capital letter) the personification of this in any of several ancient Greek myths.

          Obsolete. a chasm or abyss.

        • FUCK LOU ROCKWALL! He is a corporate fascist NWO Globalist trying to sell Americans FREE TRADE as a FREEDOM!

          It isn’t!

      50. Also, to catch up on something: P.O.A., or anyone else, if you remove a large segment from GDP you also have to remove the purchases those Dollar would have made, in which case you might find Chinese imports making up a much lower percentage of GDP than is the case now. Much lower.

        The guy at the end of the video makes a good point, “Who are you protecting”?

        • Clark; The correct comparison is to compare the balance of trade deficit to the annual budget deficit, not to GDP.

          The trade deficit with China for 2010 was $300 billion. The annual deficit for 2010 was $1.2 trillion.

          The Chinese trade deficit represents 25% of the annual budget deficit.

        • Clark: BTW, since you didn’t see or read my comment on that post, or didn’t want to acknowledge it:

          The annual trade deficit for 2010 was about $700 billion. The Chinese portion made up almost half of that total.

          Eliminating the $300 billion that taxpayers were required to subsidize Illegals who were suppressing their wages and taking their jobs, would reduce the 2010 Annual Budget Deficit to a mere $200 billion, if Illegals were sent home.

          It would also eliminate a lot of crime. In the last ten years Illegals have committed more than One Million sex crimes. 35% of those crimes were rape.

          25% of those crimes were against minors.

      51. This is professional wrestling at a national level. You’ve got 4 contenders:

        – Communists

        – The Fascists

        – The Patriots

        – The Sheople

        Then you have people within the government that want, at any give time, to appear to support one of the above groups.

        I’m a libertarian. Don’t steal from me and don’t tell me I can’t do something if it doesn’t hurt anyone else. Otherwise, just leave me alone. All the above groups want to sway, tax, control, manipulate and lie to the other three groups and the general population. Until Americans understand that this problem is really about “Divide and Conquer”, or more accurately, Divide and Keep Week, then it will continue.


        • Oh, man, by that definition, I’m a libertarian on steroids!!

            • Took the test. It said I’m 85% Libertarian, 10% Baptist, 4% Irish, and 1% Golden retriever( how’d that happen?)
              Not sure what that means, but I have a strange desire to preach, drink and go find dead birds every time I hear gunshots.

            • Myself, it put me about 38 inches over the top of the center and then the page gives me a 951 error: value beyond limits of this universe.

              No, really, I get put in the very topmost gridsquare. If anyone is more libertarian than me he can say it all he wants and I’ll just leave him/her be.


              Most people that claim libertarian are actually conservatarian which is a libertarian with a touch of authoritarian influence. The culture in which we are immersed has us coerced into believing that if it weren’t for authoritarian rule (speed limits, stop signs and their social, business and personal equivalents) are necessary for a chaos-free society. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, in this day and age the government uses those controls to brainwash us away from libertarianism. The fact is, libertarians often abhor such things as poverty, abortion and greedy corporations but we (I) believe that those things will be self correcting in the end and that to allow government to regulate those things will only make them worse. Maybe there are things that need regulation but government is the last/worst choice in the matter.

              …for there never was a government that had a conscience. There never was a government that didn’t murder, corrupt, poison and destroy to expand is power. (…and there never was a corporation posing as a government that has done this more than the US Government (…incorporated.)

              Again, I impress upon everyone, go read this website. It will open your eyes to what the REAL problem is, even if its just a sliver of light that gets in:


      52. I didn’t realize there were so many lesbian lovers or haters here, not sure which. I’m not confused. Flipping over to watch PBR channel. Future second career. Life is GOOD pepper. Cowgirl up…with Reese’s Cups.

        • I remember when I came out to my parents about being a Lesian right after I got married, and you know what my dad said ” son so am I” and my Mom blushed. True story 😉

          • You’re #1!

            • Both of you are killing me softly.

            • Stay off of the decaf!

      53. Anyone who thinks they can get out of NYC hasn’t been on the Cross Bronx or the Major Deagan on a Friday afternoon when there’s an accident or when there’s a subway series BB game being played. I even set 16 hrs a mile from the GW bridge during a snow storm because there was an accident, there will be no escape from NYC, a city bus parked crossways on all the bridges will make sure of that.I live up state and we do not have any room for you up here.

        • In NYC I heard they would just blow the Bridges and tunnels exiting the city, In California I’ve noticed small magnetic marks or grooves on freeways kind of like the ones you would see if your stopped at a traffic light, funny thing is all the road construction cutting into the freeway across the lanes with a obstructed view is on major arteries of interstates and bridges at night. They wouldn’t be placing charges that they could trigger to cut off the section of roadways for people to flee would they if Martial Law was implemented? Someone I know in Caltrans said it one night in but retracted their statement and was scared. Watch the roads on the freeways and look at what I am talking about

          • Why would they not chase the public from the cities if they contribute little value? If they stay in the city they cause potential trouble. Why destroy a serviceable bridge? Escort them out to Tim-Buck-Two with promises of work (“Work Will Make You Free”) and food then dump them off and provide neither. It’s been done before. High skill people (Physicians, Trades, Engineers) get to stay behind.

        • Was a tractor/trailer driver, and drove through the cross Bronx every day (Hunt’s Point market and Long Island); GOD it SUCKED! I cannot imagine how bad it would get in this sort of situation!

      54. Copout, POA, and Joshua, thanks for the nice words. yes, the wife and I have started prepping heavy. long term food, pallets of water,paper products, weapons and ammo. communication equipment, medical supplies, a greenhouse and starting a large garden. this is so overwhelming it makes my head spin. can you think of anything i might be over looking?
        I am trying to get family members to wake up to what’s coming down but, just like everybody else I know, they don’t look past what they are having for lunch, Jeez.
        i fear for them, scary times ahead.

        • Sabel: No, not scary times, exciting times, dont allow fear to overcome your righteousness. Its not your fault, its not my fault, i do stand guilty of not being awake sooner. There are too many things to try and list for you, sounds like you got more going than some, one day at a time, Great websites to visit on the upper left of this page, come here daily on this site if you can, you will find some interesting people and some awesome tips, oh if i didnt mention PRAY!

      55. Among creatures born into chaos, a majority will imagine an order, a minority will question the order, and the rest will be pronounced insane. ~Robert Brault,

      56. as for bugging out, we have a place at the lake and 100 acres with a large swift running creek we could go to in another location but, on the latter we would be going as a last ditch effort. the only thing there is a barn, we would have to build a home of some sort. but, i worry about being able to get anywhere, here in Alabama on all the main roads, they are putting up these large spikes along side the road with large cables running through them.
        I have seen where 18 wheelers have hit these and they did not give, I have heard this is happening in other states as well, as a way to keep people from being able to turn around on the roads and then they can funnel people to where they want. any thoughts on this?

      57. What a freaking posting frenzy on this article!

        In the words of the philosopher, Bart Simpson, “Holy Crap!”

      58. Take in Inches…
        What you can take in Yards!
        -chinese proverb

        Slowly the NWO banker global enslavement noose tightens… till suddenly there is a “GASP!” and Miss LIBERTY is dead! R.I.P. Miss Liberty!

        Death is a Gaurantee! The only choice one can make now is do you Die on your feet fighting Or do you Die on YOUR KNEE’S begging for your life and your childrens lives! Lookin’ up the barrel of a U.N. blue rifle!

        Me personally… I’ve always had a problem bending my knee’s!

        It’s inevitable folks once they finish dominating the few anti global banking rebel countries they will turn their eye’s homeward and purge all Free Thinkers and Liberterians and Constitutionalist’s!

        Arm up Stock up Prepare
        Preditor or Prey the choice is yours!

        • you make some good points. If one backs up and looks at what the powers that be are really doing, it all boils down to control. That’s what their end game is, always was, always will be. They get this through one ridiculous law or act enforced one after the other. Some obviously unconstitutional, but that makes no difference to these people.
          The confrontations have started, and will not stop. Both sides of the coin are seeking the last say. it’s the 1% controllers, versus the 99% who pay the bills. The 99% have figured out that they really don’t need the 1 % telling them what to do.

      59. A Black Swan will ruin your day. Maybe no collapse if the PTB manage the mess properly. But, the Black Swan has no master. She craps where she wants, when she wants.

      60. Obama has done everything the puppetmasters have told him to do: Obamacare, TSA, Libya, internet kill switch, killing American citizens without trial, bailing out TBTFs, etc.
        Bailing out TBTFs makes any babbling about capitalism this or capitalism that, ludicrous. That Obama even was elected without being vetted by the media is a testament to the power and control the puppetmasters have over the minds of Americans.
        The only way that these OPW demonstrations will be suppressed is if there begins to be a real trend towards a new political party forming. Otherwise, this is all Kubuki theater. There is only one party and all this talk is a distraction from that reality.

        • What good would a new party do? Does a name change make the individuals more honest? The “change” is putting people in that have been previously untouched by politics. It’s more realistic to vote out the incumbents in the primaries of both existing party’s with grassroots people. The rough guideline is this;” Have you been in political office before above a small town level”: If the answer is yes your persona non grata.

          I would far prefer (and sooner trust) a reasonably educated person (self taught is AOK) without political experience then someone who has spent their life climbing the political ladder getting their hands increasingly dirty on each rung.

          • Kevin2: There must be a reason that Whigs and the Bull Moose Party of Teddy Roosevelt no longer exist.

            I think people should look into the Constitution Party.

            I do not advocate a third party candidate for POTUS, but I do believe tea party movement participants should congeal at the local level to build a grassroots organization that emphasizes the Constitution. That is OUR common denominator.

            The Constitution Party does that.

            • Ever think that the role of TR was to be a spoiler and get Wilson the internationalist elected? That was the job of Ross Perot that put Clinton in the WH thus securing NAFTA (because GH Bush did not have the political clout with Congress to get it passed).

              TR was a globalist with the US at the head of it. No doubt about that.

              If you want to win against “them” (establishment) become a cancer within their own organizations. A third part must go head to head with the Democrats and Republicans. When done from within by winning with grass roots in the primaries as you get politically stronger they get weaker. As my Dad says, “You don’t get into a pissing contest with a skunk”. You don’t take them heads on.

            • K2: That’s an interesting thought, but given TR ego, I think he believed that he could win.

              With respect to Ross Perot, yes that is why I do not believe in a third party candidate, but NAFTA would have been passed by Bush in his second term anyway. Clinton just happened to be the globalist in power.

              Bush sr was a globalist that implemented his fathers globalism with China and bribed the CCP to accept capitalism and promised to make them part of the global elite and multi-millionaires.

              Considering the condition of China after the Cultural Revolution it was an easy choice for them. With 50 million dead in the fields and streets, what harm could capitalism do?

              {Bush Sr was a Republican appointed ambassador to China by Carter a Democrat, where as Huntsman was a Republican appointed ambassador to China by O’bummer. All of these guys are globalists.}

              The CCP have been made a part of the PTB as agreed and planned. Bush Sr ordered MIC factories like Honeywell to transfer jobs to China to begin the FREE TRADE TREASON. His father supplied Hitler until his factory was shut down during WWII.

              I agree with the strategy of “infiltration”, but all politics are local, so there is every reason to develop new grassroots and organized power structures at the local level, as the two party system has been controlled by the senior members of both parties using the operational rules of Congress and the parties themselves.

              In effect you have the American people represented by their representatives who in turn are represented by their party apparatcheks, who dole out the power and favors, who then answer to the puppeteers and dual citizens.

              The “party faithful” still control these parties, leaving the majority of Americans without a real voice, and allowing the “party faithful” to direct the money and the votes where they want. The result is crony capitalism.

              If tea party independents established their own party apparatus and local power structures, it would be possible to develop an alternative to the staus quo.

              If the independents controlled the middle with a separate party structure, both the Left and Right would need their approval to pass or repeal legislation.

              I submit the Patriot Act would not have passed under those conditions and the Glass-Steagal Act would not have been repealed.

              That local power apparatus should emphasize the US Constitution. It is the status quo that is eroding OUR liberties and killing the American economy.

          • Dk

            A bit out of order here but even if TR thought he could win all the better for the manipulators. If he wins they move globalism forward. If he looses they move globalism forward. It’s the same strategy they use with Democrats and Republicans; win win. They are slick, hell they wrote the damn book.

            GH Bush needed support of Democrats in Congress for NAFTA. Only Clinton could deliver that. Ross Perot was an insider, guaranteed. The players in the major parties cannot stop the primaries grassroots power. Historically the voter turnout is small relative to the overall election and the Achiles heel, the weak point. A motivated educated electorate is the key regardless.

            • K2: Nothing is out of order here. Yeah, I agree with those points. I am not sure of Perot’s motivation. I think he just hated Bush. But didn’t he drop out after his daughtewr’s life was threatened? Can’t remember it all.

              And every billionaire believes he would be the best President. It goes with the bank account. 🙂

      61. I also agree w/ a winter meltdown. You have to have heat when it’s below freezing or you die. Many will give up to stay warm. Can’t grow food either unless you have a greenhouse or indoor aquaponic system. Keep stocking and pray.

      62. There will not be any riots coming out of NYC because of the Occupy Wall St protests.

        If you have seen the type of people who are protesting and why they are protesting, you know nothing serious will come out of this.

        There is no strong unity in those people. Each of them are just there because they think that it is cool and hippy. The people you see there are incapable of rioting because they have no backbone.

      63. Bring out the tear gas and water cannons and rubber bullets. These are verminous commie saboteur vermin, throwing out the baby with the bath water. No to crony capitalism, yes to true capitalism and freedom. Nothing good comes from communists. They murdered 120 million. They want to make everyone poor. They are a bunch of blood sucking, druggie parasites. They are nothing but a bunch of class warfare loving neanderthals.

      64. These OWS drug addicts are nothing but looser pinkos. The bankster scum and their getting bailed out via robbing the tax payer are the problem, not the capitalist system per se. We need true freedom=true capitalism.

        • Propaganda press (mainline media) is highlighting the lefty and druggie persuasion among the OWS. I suspect because NWO plans to crush OWS and doesn’t want return fire from the right. I hear there are many other types of folk there that get little or no air time.

          Big government is a big corporation and big corporations have little desire to promote freedopm.

          “True capitalism” cannot exist (except in transition) as long as there are big corporations that inevitibly buy the politicians and laws they require to increase profit. Corporations end up running the government or sometimes become subsidiarys; either way, it leads to rule by oligarchy or classic fascism, not freedom.

          Some of these “protesters” are broke and unemployed; many with massive student loan debt. Many have figured out the game is rigged, and have guessed who rigged it, but have little clue beyond that. I would rather educate them than bitch at them.

      65. Three weeks without food and showers and the sheeple will gladly board the trains to the Fema Camps.

      66. Very ingenious strategy by the NWO. They use Barack and his union/protesters AND Wall street to initiate the NWO.

        Wall street initiates and executes global economic collapse, it is now on autopilot, there is no stopping the crash but all they can do now is put out fires on a wooden ship.

        Barack, unions and OWS are then used to attack the small group of wall street people. To bring in a new communistic system. There will be violence as they clash and many many low level, mid level and a couple of high level wall street types will be killed, hung on the street lights and burnt to death. Since, the police are “in the way” they’ll get steamrolled also.

        Soldiers brought back from IRAQ are used to enforce the “peace”.

        We have our police state in full effect.

        This way, they create the social economic class of rich and poor only, have them eat each other up, expend their energy and resources, then have a third party (soldiers) come in and take control after they are tired and exhausted.

        I also find it odd that with Israel being given the green light to attack Iran, they pull back the troops from Iraq. That could be Barack’s way of saying to Israel, you go ahead and attack Iran, but we’re not helping.

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