British Think Tank Fears Hackers Could Access Nuclear Submarines: Could Lead To “Catastrophic Exchange Of Nuclear Warheads”

by | Jun 6, 2017 | Headline News | 44 comments

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    Cyber security has become a preeminent issue in the modern world. That’s because so much of our standard of living is now reliant on computers that can often be easily hacked. Computers may make our lives easier, but they’ve given our civilization a whole new vulnerability to worry about. Our privacy, our infrastructure, and our financial systems are now at the mercy of hackers.

    But those threats pale in comparison the vulnerability of our nuclear arsenals. Yes, you read that correctly. You’d think that the nuclear arsenals fielded by Western governments would have levels of security that are so tight, that they’d be virtually impossible to hack, but that’s not the case. According to the British American Security Information Council think tank, the UK’s Trident nuclear submarines are certainly vulnerable to hackers, contrary to the claims of the government.

    “Submarines on patrol are clearly air-gapped, not being connected to the internet or other networks, except when receiving (very simple) data from outside. As a consequence, it has sometimes been claimed by officials that Trident is safe from hacking. But this is patently false and complacent,” they say in the report.

    Even if it were true that a submarine at sea could not be attacked digitally, the report points out that the vessels are only at sea part of the time and are vulnerable to the introduction of malware at other points, such as during maintenance while docked at the Faslane naval base in Scotland.

    The report says: “Trident’s sensitive cyber systems are not connected to the internet or any other civilian network. Nevertheless, the vessel, missiles, warheads and all the various support systems rely on networked computers, devices and software, and each of these have to be designed and programmed. All of them incorporate unique data and must be regularly upgraded, reconfigured and patched.”

    Fortunately, this kind of cyber attack couldn’t be committed by just any old yahoo with a computer. It would require the resources that governments typically have access to. Still, this threat is sobering when you consider that these submarines apparently utilize the same Windows software that is used by Britain’s National Health Service, which was thoroughly infiltrated by the WannaCry malware last month.

    So if someone did manage to hack these missiles, what could they do with them? Let’s just say that what could be done with these missiles will keep you up at night.

    Hackers could take control of Britain’s atomic weapons and use them to start a “catastrophic” global nuclear war, tech experts have warned.

    In a report published today, the British American Security Information Council (BASIC) said that cyber-spies could commandeer the systems which power the nation’s Trident submarines and then launch devastating attacks.

    “A successful attack could neutralise operations, lead to loss of life, defeat or perhaps even the catastrophic exchange of nuclear warheads,” the report warned.

    Back in the Cold War, people used to worry about the wrong people having access to “the red button.” But now nuclear war appears to be “just a click away.”

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      1. True “Security” is really a myth.

        Since nothing is perfect, neither is security. There will always be someone/something that will circumvent even the best security – eventually.

        • But, it is an on-going endeavor to keep what security one has – current, updated and effective.

          • Basically, The beatings aka:Terror Attacks, will continue until you fully submit to being our slaves.

            The newest Commie (((Bloomberg))) plan in the US is for City Governments to band together to ignore the Feds. Like the Cities saying they will follow the Paris Climate Accords in spite of Donald Trump and the Feds. And all the Paris Climate Accords are, is more Agenda 21/30 and loss of freedoms and more tax revenue raising schemes to keep the population broke and bankrupt so the offer no resistance to their Governments slavery. I say Give them lead and crack sum skulls.

            • All of t hose defiant monkeys should be burned alive!!!! I guess that is pretty clear how I feel about those mental-midgets and their left-winged insanity.

        • You mean British Stink Tank. I say this story is total BS. Like what dope puts his Nuke program on the Internet to be hacked? Isn’t happening. British Intellegence is the same BS Lies organization that got the US into a Phony War in Iraq.

          I will tell whats up. This made up story is an excuse to further reduce the freedoms of the Internet. Prime Minister Theresa May came right out after the knife slashings and said. We need to limit the internet more. Which means they get to spy on everybody more to “wink wink” keep you safe. Like WTF does the Internet have to do with knife slashings? Answer: nothing.
          So lets make up a new threat.. Ok lets get the Stink Tank folks to think up a new big fat lie, stuffed with more fear, lets tell them the nukes can be hacked, and they will gladly give up more of their freedoms and let us fully monitor the internet and their emails. Hows that saying go? You can fool some of the sheep all the time. Fools get duped all the time. So expect more attacks until they have full control of the entire communications and Internet. Just like the phony Patriot Act big brother. They will not stop or be satisfied, until the entire world population is their slaves. Here is my response: Give them lead and crack sum skulls.

          • CrackSumSkulls, they don’t wait anytime anymore between a problem event and them pushing their “solution”. They have become extremely “obvious”, which really worries me because that means they’re in a hurry and/or desperate.

            “Them” blatantly show their hand/agenda is NOT good. The powers that be always relied on being subtle, staying in the shadows and playing the long game. Something has changed?!?!

            • Justice:

              What changed is the Internet. We know that we are being tracked and a file kept on us. Everything we post could be used against us. It is like the Miranda Right to remain silent because everything you say can be used against you in a Court of Law. Yet people risk their own best interest in order to share truth as they believe or know it to be.

              The fact is that if we lose our freedom and accept Slavery, it will never be safe for anyone. The world is near the endgame of total global control in the hands of a very few people. What the masses have been made aware of is the vulnerability of this small group who pull the strings that we made for them in a puppet house that we built.

              There are five owners of the media. They put their pants on one leg at a time just like everybody else. People are learning to understand the overwhelming complexity of world events are actually simple to understand; and we have been lied to and confused on purpose. People know they don’t need the establishment. We observe things in our environment and report to each other directly, leaving out the middle man.

              It was cool and a little cloudy the past few days here in Southern California. How’s it going in your neck of the woods ??


              • Cloudy and cool in Maryland. Just researching on the internet how to setup a rain barrel. Trying to get my water preps squared away.

                I’ve been prepping for 10 years but never took the possibility of a grid down scenario seriously, till recently. Consequently, I’ve had to add certain aspects to my preps. I’ll never be self sustainable, but we do what we can with what we’ve got.

                • Much needed Rain all week here in FL. Need to fill up the ponds, creeks, rivers and canals. The Burn Bans have been lifted in Counties all around me, and its now Officially Hurricane Season which runs through Oct.

                  And of course NOAA, the pretty much useless Federal Agency, says there will be 18 named storms and 11 which could be nasty. lol They say this every year to keep themselves relevant and budgets flush with Cash. However Pres Trump slashed NOAA’s Budget. NOAA, who also got millions of 9MM hollow point rounds and thousands of Handguns, which to I guess shoot at Hurricanes or something? Not sure, but they also to cross over and do Surveillance for the DEA. How pathetic.

          • I agree 100%. The article is complete hogwash. Being a sub vet, I know quite a bit more than the author. I can say the underlying premise is pure BS.

            What a ridiculous article.

            • Yes total BS

              When I was I in the Navy there were only 2 types of vessels, submarines and targets ….

        • D3790-794, the last time the security alarm company was out to install additional components he commented that my house was the most secure place he services. He is right, I’ve spent a lot of time and money make my home unattractive to burglars.

          There are two purpose too home security:(1) Is what I call the “3 Little Pigs Phenomena” (Copyright Pending). That means I want burglars to visit the easier targets first (e.g. the houses of straw and wood) before they get to my house of bricks. (2)I CANNOT prevent a determined intruder from gaining access/getting in. Especially in a WROL environment. What I aim to do is provide me notification of a threat and give me time to implement my RESPONSE.

          My response is threefold (1) activate at least one of my sirens (they will flee because everyone within 1 mile will here this alarm); (2) put on my game jersey; (3)arm up.

          • Hallelujah !

            Whatever the weakest/or still most likely points of entry are, it’s then about corralling and controlling the situation.

          • Justice, change that line up. Arm up first. Then take cover. Then do what is needed.

          • Sounds like you’ve got it covered.
            A combination of conventional & out-of-the-box thinking is what’s needed these days.
            I will suggest that you stay armed, just in case you can’t get armed up fast enough.

            Note: The person who services you system can be your weak link (if we had a major event).

        • OK… well, first let’s get the subs off using Windows 98!

      2. The Fritish (French-British) surrender monkeys are probably pushing this angle to justify taking their nukes offline altogether.

        You know, tear down the house to keep arsonists from burning it.

        • That’s not likely; WW3 is coming and sides are being taken now. I fancy the French to ditch the USA and pivot to neutrality (or to Russia), but the UK’s elites will ensure the UK does not because, at the elite level, all the Anglo nations are united.

          • Jay in UK, WWIII is coming … if someone can’t hear the war drums pounding they are willfully deaf. It is my deepest desire that the Anglo nations remain united come what may. I really believe that is the reason that England was allowed to pull out of the EU.

      3. Nuclear radiation continues to leak out from Fukishima. The Wales, because they are at the top of the food chain, above humans, absorb more fallout because of their massive size. Normally the blubber, or whale fat (which was used for lamps before kerosene) is becoming very thin on the whales as whales begin to become emaciated and then become extinct. Without whales to eat sharks, Sharks overpopulate and eat small fish that man relies on for sustenance. If this whale domino falls, man may become extinct.

        The Caucasian is endangered because of a planned and manipulated invasion of other races into Cacasian lands. Between racial annihilation and environmental collapse of the ecosystem, humans are in shit up to their eyeballs already. Who gives a flying intercourse what some freaking think tank fears.


        • You mean Whales. Wales is in England.

          • Whenever I visit the town of Westminster, I often go up to strangers and tell them I’m looking for Abby, can they help me. They look puzzled, and I say “you know, I’m looking for Westminster Abby?!?! And I run away laughing maniacally. Hey, everyone needs a hobby.

        • Whales do not eat sharks

        • B – I communicate with Dr. Jane Orient, MD of Doctors for Disaster Preparedness (good group to join, BTW). Not like she’s a close friend or anything, but I specifically asked her about Pacific seafood, as we eat a lot of salmon, Alaskan cod, etc. She said it was a non-issue and not to worry about it.

          I realize there is a LOT of debate about the issue. I also realize we don’t want to just be leaking or eating raw plutonium in our PB&J sandwiches. I am just reporting what she wrote to me. I do trust her opinion.

      4. This story is pure BS and fear mongering at its finest. Missiles cannot be launched without a human component. A missile does not just launch by itself and the sub must be at the proper depth. Not everyone is stupid enough to believe everything in print.

      5. The haphazard use of technology and the dependence on it, has only made all of us less safe and more likely and easier to be killed by people who will leverage the power of technology to use it against others for their own petty desires, never mind TPTB who had these systems built just for that purpose (consolidation of absolute power over the masses), but people fail to understand that they are NOTHING to the 99.999999% of the other people on this mudball. Anyone at anytime can be greased splatted removed dismembered, at ANY TIME, BY ANYONE FOR ANY REASON, yet they continue to “trust” that the majority will not do that to them, at will. They accept that their is a cool understanding that we as individuals just want to have peaceful personally meaningful fulfilled happy lives, and to basically in an unspoken treatise , to COEXIST PEACEFULLY, while there is a percentage that plot to murder and control and prevent the rest from doing so, their passion is mayhem and murder and bloodshed and misery, the technology is an extension on their power to do so, nothing more. You either have to remove that percentage from our shared air in order to allow for the peaceful community to exist or watch it be ravaged by the wolves. We are at a time where the wolves ravage it unopposed, a community of unwilling cowardly sheep who will do the one thing that will almost guarantee their survival….and that is REMOVE THE THREAT. Until that happens, the rest is circular pointless mental masturbation by a populace willing to sacrifice the rest at any time so long as it is someone else in that community other than them. there is no personal responsibility for themselves and their own survival, only a collective ideal that it is someone elses “job”….meanwhile the pooling blood spreads from their inaction, the results of that cowardice. Hard to have sympathy for the victims when they insist on doing nothing….and so I have none.

      6. Government’s love’s scaring all of the Sheeple’s! December 26, 2013 War Games in Cyberspace: NATO’s Cyber Defense Exercises Coincide with “Anonymous” Cyber Attacks against Ukraine

        NATO Cyber Defense Center in Tallinn, Estonia features a fusion of modern technology with outdated cold war ideology

        January 16, 2017 DoD Cybersecurity Discipline Implementation Plan

        As part of the Campaign, this Implementation Plan is grouped into four Lines of Effort. The requirements within each Line of Effort represent a prioritization of all existing DoD cybersecurity requirements.

      7. Not gonna happen.

        They can’t be launched without human interaction authorizing and finalizing it and there are too many checks on that to allow anything accidental or computer hacked to happen.





        OR ????? DO I ???????????



      9. Hackers are the most dangerous weapons. Everything is vulnerable. Nothing is safe. Progress? I don’t know.

      10. No possible way to hack a nuclear weapons system. They are NOT connected to the internet. They are stand alone information systems with multiple layers of integrated security. Even if a malware virus of sorts was inserted into the system to give a launch command, there are several events that need to take place B4 a weapon is actually launched. Firstly, the launch command must be authenticated. Then the launch codes must be authenticated. Then the CO,SW,& LCO must agree that a launch is authorized. Once that is done, a secured communication channel is connected to Naval Operations and the President/Prime Minister for verbal authentication that the launch has been authorized. Then, the weapons must be armed with further authenification codes. Then the launch keys must be manually removed from the key-safes by both the Chief of the watch, the CO, and the Captain. Then, both sets of keys must be inserted and turned simultaneously by the launch control officer and the CO on opposite sides of the boat. This is all hard-wired (not computer controlled) control. And even if an unauthorized launch were to happen (basically impossible), those warheads can be disarmed in flight, or the missiles intercepted before they reach their target.
        No story here….move on please.!!!!1

      11. So, in case MAD breaks out — not your fault.

        • Huh?

          • Blame Anonymous or the Pirate Party. Maybe, it was Occupy.

            But the threat of war has nothing to do, with the people formally in charge of a war.

      12. The man who saved the world. Repeating this is worrisome.

        h ttps://

        • Good to know, thx

      13. Things are moving very fast now. The Saudis and their Sunni allies are ready to attack Qatar. The Saudis sent their allies from ISIS to attack Iran. Iran may come to the aid of Qatar. US naval assets stationed next door. Get it now. May not be time tomorrow.

        • Indeed. Arabian peninsula getting warmer. Not talking climate change here. If things get
          testy we could see a Saudi-Israeli double team on Iran. With a wink and a nod from USA.

      14. Folk’s need to be very aware this in their areas if located in the U.S..

        June 3, 2017 TOTAL GAMMA RADIATION YRTW No 19 and 20

        Notice: It is necessary for public health and because the many nuclear reactors are venting radioactive gases and steam at nights and on weekends so that all residents must stay inside at nights and on weekends.

      15. “Still, this threat is sobering when you consider that these submarines apparently utilize the same Windows software that is used by Britain’s National Health Service, which was thoroughly infiltrated by the WannaCry malware last month.”

        I don’t believe the submarines are still using Windows XP, which is what Britain’s NHS was using and made it vulnerable to malware.

      16. Arrest the think tank, they are planning the attack.

      17. If you believe that hackers can access launch orders, launch codes and targeting data resulting in an errant launch of a nuclear weapon, you don’t know very much about the topic.

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