British Prepare Evacuation Plans Ahead of Spain and Portugal Collapse

by | Dec 19, 2011 | Headline News | 253 comments

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    British Foreign Office personnel have proposed emergency evacuation plans for their citizens living throughout Europe, especially in Spain and Portugal. As tensions over the survivability of the Euro mount, the government warns that a collapse of the banking sector and the European monetary unit may make it impossible for those with assets in affected countries, including bank deposit accounts and homes, to access their funds and evacuate to Britain.

    The drastic proposals emerged as a former Security Minister warned expats could be left stranded and destitute by the break-up of the single currency.

    Brits who invested their savings in their adopted countries may not be able to withdraw cash and could even lose their homes if banks call in loans, worried ministers are warning.

    The Foreign Office is preparing to bring them back from Spain and Portugal if the two countries are forced out of the euro, triggering a banking collapse.

    Commenting on the evacuation plans, she added: “I think they are right to be doing that. I think this is a real contingency that they need to plan against – very, very worrying.”

    Officials are braced for a nightmare scenario where thousands end up penniless and sleeping at airports with no means of getting home. Planes, ships and coaches could be sent, with some expats being brought out through Gibraltar.

    The Foreign Office could offer small loans while piling pressure on the banks to give Brits access to their funds.

    Spanish and Portuguese banks guarantee the first 100,000 euros deposited by savers but many put limits on withdrawals in a crisis.

    Source: Mirror

    Still think a European collapse is implausible?

    The British would not be making these plans if they didn’t expect the entire system to devolve into chaos. We’re not just talking about inaccessible bank accounts here, but political and social upheaval. The kind that topples governments.

    This is serious. Entire nations are collapsing.

    Hat tip Silver Bean


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      1. So how long until the Euro collapse tsunami hits US shores full force?

        • Depends on a lot of factors, really.

        • If the Euro collapses, we (USA) are in a world of hurt. Recently, “Give-money-away” Bernanke did a currency swap with EU totaling one trillion US Dollars for Euros (that we know of and he has probably done more currency swaps in secret), which would become a loss to the US taxpayer. And, we are lending hundreds of billions of dollars to the IMF to give to the PIGGS nations, which would also become a loss to the US taxpayer. But this is small change compared to our exposure to credit default swaps.

          The biggest exposure to the USA are all the credit default swaps which have been created to cover huge financial exposure because of the dire conditions of the Euro, the Euro Zone nations, the EU, and the PIGGS nations and probably France and Germany and soon would include Great Britain. The “Street” estimates the exposure to be around 25 trillion US Dollars. Some believe the number is closer to 40 trillion. And, guess who holds most of the credit default swaps? AIG, of course and they have no money and no “real” assets – remember the last bailout of AIG for around 180 billion dollars?

          My belief is if the Euro fails, all of Europe fails and the USA will go as well both financially and economically, which would result in the collapse of our monetary policy and cause civil unrest. The US Dollar would lose its status as the world reserve currency and I expect our government would issue new US Dollars which would have imbedded in it a huge currency devaluation (which could easily be as much as a 75% purchasing power loss – of course, Congress would exempt themselves just as they have for social security, ObamaCare, and insider trading). You think things are getting expensive now, how bad do you think it will get if what I just said happens?

          On top of that we have: (1) a national debt of 15 trillion and growing at the speed of light (thank you Obama); (2) off the balance sheet debt of 7.2 trillion (thru Freddie Mac and Fannie May – thank you Bernanke, Paulson, and Bush); and (3) unfunded liabilities of 60 to 110 trillion dollars (depending on who you want to believe). Add to that the 16 trillion of personal debt of “the people” and you have a debt structure in the USA never seen in its history of 235 years.

          As I said, we are in for a world of pain – it’s not a matter of “if” but “when”!

          • FYI, its PIIGS,not piggs…… Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece, Spain

            • Joker – Yes, you are right, I made a Boo-Boo (a typo, actually) – shame on me!

            • The PIIGS are nothing but PIGS!

          • “If anyone thinks things are getting better, they simply don’t understand how severe the problems are,” a London executive at a global bank said. “A major bank could fail within weeks.”

            Others said many continental banks, including French, Italian and Spanish lenders, were close to running out of the acceptable forms of collateral, such as US Treasury bonds, that could be used to finance short-term loans.

            Some have been forced to lend out their gold reserves to maintain access to US dollar funding.

          • Don’t despair. Once you hit anything north of 50 trillion in debt payout it is all monopoly money. Scenes of pitchfork toting, burning torch carrying mobs rampaging to Bernankenstein’s castle will come to reality. But the banksta’s know that they are protected, they’ve already bought their stash of gold, guns, and grits, and they will have the wealth to buy protection.

            We are swiftly on the road to the United States of Serfdom.

          • Spot on!

        • Kim Jon ill stinks.

          • All depends on if he’s on ice or not….

            • He think he was pumped full of 60 year old cognac previously.

            • Depends and a high BAC. 25 cents for a peak. Covered with glass also. We’re walking, we’re walking, keep it moving. Nothing to smell here.

        • The Euro to collapse within 6 – 12 months,
          U.S. to follow on a much larger scale within 18-24 months!

          Are you as prepared as you think you are?

          • You think we have that long, Man Up? I think when the Euro collapses…we’ll have 6-8 weeks…maybe! Why do you give the U.S. 18-24 mos? I think once that giant snowball starts rolling downhill…nothing and no one will be able to stop it!

            • Money needs to flow somewhere! Right now everyone is selling Europe and buying $USD, We’ll see a collapse of the Euro and the dollar strengthen in 2012. (Capital always seeks liquidity, safety and return on investment) In turn you will see all precious metals fall in the first part of the new year as well as the markets.
              When the Fed’s starts their money printing (QE3) to keep us from entering the unstoppable deflationary depression, Then everyone will flee the $USD and get into Blue Chips, Commodities including PM’s and the reverse will happen. Everything including the DOW will reach new highs as the dollar becomes worth-much-less.
              Out of the dollar and into assets. (Capital always seeks liquidity, safety and return on investment). This will take more time than you think for all this to unfold.
              12 to 18 months from now puts us in 2013 for the U.S to start its long stride into the abyss.

              The U.S. has the World Reserve Currency – It’s not going to fail quickly, The Euro did not fall overnight and it’s not the reserve currency. It’s going to take time with plenty of effort to keep the $USD from failing.
              The governments around the world want their currency at less value than others, that promotes exports and in return they create jobs/a growing economy, and then a currency war kicks in at a high level.
              It’s going to be volatile and scary. I believe 12 – 18 months for the U.S. is a good estimate. There are so many factors and strategies that will keep us going longer after the Euro fails.

              In my opinion!

        • It will be at least 5 years …..I’m sure I will get 30 negative ratings but you will see I’m right

          • @MAN UP!!! Thanks!I hope you’re right!!! You too, Rich! Gives us more time to prep! 🙂

            • Watch for the Rumors of QE3 (or whatever they call it this time) that will be your clue that things are going to start falling apart quickly. It will be your last chance to get into PM’s and the likes mentioned above before everyone else figures it out (after you have Food and Protection, of course).

              RICH – I don’t think it will be 5 years for those rumors to start. Between 2014 -2016 we will be deep in this shit. 5 years from now we’ll be at the bottom of this hell hole and maybe we can start a recovery. I said start a recovery!

              Who knows… I would just like to get through this so we can move forward.

              What I do know is that It’s Coming!

          • rich- do you have 2 cases of tuna on hand for my tom-cat? he’s banking on that. all kidding aside, i think your heart(grinch?)is in the ?right place?- R U a Prepper?Or just alonely person who likes to, y’know- rub against the grain, or another psy-op troll?

          • I just hope we get to vote one more time, we had better make this one count, even if you have to hold your nose. Thank goodness there is one clear choice.

        • I must first point out that the NDAA bill is hard proof that the politicians have failed at sovling this situation in a diplomatic manner; it never was solvable to begin with. It has been over a year hearing bout the collapse and the side effects, however there are some events which are precursors to the unfolding of the next chapter and the NDAA bill is the straw that broke the camels back. It is very likely that after new years we will start seeing things escalate here in th USA and get substantially worse into the new year. Look at europe now; they are f-cked utterly at this point and the worlds biggest economy. All other economies will fail as soon as europe is gone; NOT IF ONLY WHEN and it will happen very soon now. Desparation is theh biggest sign of all. The politicians are shiting bricks now. I hope you are preppared for the next chapter. The hour is late……be ready to protect your family once europe goes down so will we just like domino’s. Ironically this not too terribly different from the 30’s crash; this time global though. The saying short cuts never work…is right on the money; making something out of thin air leaves nothing to hold it up once the wind stops.

          • damn typo’s

      2. I don’t see a resolution to this. Get your final preparations done and vote Ron Paul 2012.

        • Ditto! I”m considering cashing in all my 401k stuff (I can get about 17K worth) pay off a few small bills and put the majority of it into PMs (junk silver).

          I can just see this thing wiping me out. At least if I have cash/PMs I’d have something. I can see this thing spreading and wiping out EVERYTHING financial.

          Thoughts, anyone?

          • Silver can make a poor man rich or a rich man poor !

          • i dont know how fast this will effect us in america but in going to withdraw cash and silver will sink and im going to buy as much as i can before it rebounds back up. things are happening and id like to know if martial law will be here if the banks shut down and all the good stuff. Net ranger, do you think this will be the real deal or more scare tactics or is this something we honestly have never seen. since we have computers we can see everything. back in the 80’s we could only get our news on abc or local.

          • Surely you jest. You don’t “really” have any “paper”, do you? Not at this critical stage. Tell me you’re joking.

            You are joking, right?

            • I am guilt of this too. My Roth IRA had 17,000, but is at 14,000 at the moment. Most of my investment is in ETF Shorts. I got in when the market was at its low. The stock market will have to crash bad for me to make a profit. I had planned to get out by Jan 2012. Not sure if I will still or not.

              If I can’t pay my bills, then I will.

            • I will just say this, Kansas. Get out of paper. Get out of all paper. Take the penalty if there is one. If you have to pay taxes when you take it out, still, take it out. Regarding paying taxes? Hmm, another scam I opted out of, a long, long time ago. Who you want to “give” your hard earned money to is your business.

          • Due to volatility I would be reluctant to go long on PM unless all my other bases were covered. PM could drop temporarily in a crash if people are desperate for liquidity. I borrowed from my retirement (no tax/penalty) and bought a monster box of Silver Eagles a couple years ago, but only after my retreat, armory, two-year food supply, and other essentials were secured. I am still up 75%, but if I had purchased in May, I would be down significantly. IMHO don’t put yourself in a position where you have to liquidate to meet short-term needs.

          • You did that to me once before. Had me going. Trickster.

            • trickster??? I don’t get it.

            • NetRanger is miles ahead of the game. He was being facetious, in a neighborly way.

          • Buy food.

          • “Just do it”! Mushroom has given GREAT advice to have a little cash during the transition. Cash will be king for “a while”.

            • … 3 month supply of cash to pay bills , mortgage/ rent , emergency med and other stuff.

              … the rest pm’s, of course AFTER you cover every thing else , emergency shelter , wool blankets, defense , food , water/ filters , vehicles , medical , dental and clothing/ hiking boots/ get good wool stuff. An fuel / stoves!

            • Yea, cash is only good without Hyper-inflation, unless you have a rather large amount on hand. As of now, any scenario is a possibility.

          • Listen, any extreme is unhealthy. The key is to hedge your bets through diversification. If you’re “prepping” for the future, it can’t ONLY be about the worst case scenario. If that’s the approach, then it’s a huge loss that you’ve taken upon yourself, when everything bounces. Sure, move money into precious metals, physical if possible (like most people on this site promote), but don’t pay all the fees and penalties AND not buy on the slide downward. If you’re less than 60, the odds are, you’ll come out waaay ahead of if you’re putting money into the market at it’s worst (since you’re dollar cost averaging your way to bigger long-term gains). Lastly, with respect to paying off bills…if everything goes to hell, why would you care about bills?

            • There’s a few things you need advice on Dan but I’ll let you figure it out on your own. Here’s a clue: phat finger is coming to the markets. Don’t tell me it’s going to fall up from here.

            • “Lastly, with respect to paying off bills…if everything goes to hell, why would you care about bills?”

              Right on, Dan! Fact is, if everything collapses, those who will come out of it best will be those who have borrowed to the hilt and put it all into useful tangible assets. The trick is, what kind of collapse will it be? Total? Minimal? Something in between? My vote would be for the latter, so good prepping with diversification is likely to be flexible enough to deal with most any situation that occurs.

            • “Lastly, with respect to paying off bills…if everything goes to hell, why would you care about bills?”

              I know some are concerned about debtor’s prison and other such punishments for people who dodge out on their bills. However, I have to wonder about such punishments if the collapse is as total as many seem to predict 9or hope).

              I for one hope that through this collapse we are able to create a much better life for people than the current “carrot on a stick treadmill of consumption” that we currently live under. Such a life would a majority of people, including all of the “gunnin’ up preppers”, removing unacceptable intrusions on our freedoms, like debtor prisons.

              If the whole of the US turns into some kind of “I’ve got mine screw you” medieval feudal system, I doubt many of the freedom-talking Ron Paul supporters or anyone else will really be happy. We all will be much better of banding together to fight off tyranny and injustice than all retreating to our individual doomsteads to hide away and shoot at strangers. Such action plays well into the hands of the elites. I would hope that humanity aspires to a higher standard.

          • Any BAC stock?

          • Pardon my ignorance, but what is “PM”?

            • Precious Metals, Greg.

          • I’ve taken out over 2/3’s of my 401k. Bought as much Silver (some Gold) as I could. Got about 4 months of food and and have a plan for water/medicine. Plenty of ammo too. Hope I’m wrong but I can’t afford to take chances. We have idiotic politicians running rampant around the globe. Best to take care of yourself 1st. Worry about others later. Can always sale back PM’s later foe new currency which I know will happen.

            • Sounds as if you have an excellent start there, Hoser. Consider that if SHTF in late summer, it could be 8-9 months or so before you can grow a food crop in most places. I consider a year’s worth of food to be the minimum. Others say 2 years and I can’t argue with them about it. Food and meds will be VERY important during any SHTF episode, so don’t skimp on either of these.

            • Yea, you wouldn’t be able to keep enough gold, precious metals or gems on hand to buy food from me during a rather long food and fuel shortage. Why would one want to sacrifice their family and loved ones for gold and silver? Besides that, your precious metals and whatever would more than likely be confiscated.

          • at least a half ton of each
            assorted dry beans,pinto,red,black, navy,great northern.
            white LG Rice
            split peas
            all sealed in mylar,5 gal plastic pails and oxey absorbers
            500 lbs salt
            500 pounds of sugar
            a dozen large jugs of bouillon cubes, chili powder,pepper,cumin,tumeric,cinnamon,curry powder,garlic powder,yeast.about every spice and herb you can get your hands on.four cases of every veg that Aldies has on the shelf and ten cases of diced tomatoes,potatoes,pumpkin,fruit cocktail,peaches,pears,cranberry sauce,oranges, coffee, tea,three five gal pails lard,some canola ,olive, veg oil,
            five cases of Maruchan instant lunches(dried noodles)
            a grain grinder,pressure canner,water bath canner,fifteen hundred canning jars,extra lids,candles,lanterns,kerocene,matches,bic lighters, farm tools, pick ax,forks,shovels,scyth,
            the above is just for myour first four thousand dollars, then buy some silver

          • Get it done Net Ranger.Ive lost 50k in my 401K plan & my job in 2009 (ive since been back to work), but put most of money in physical preciouse metals.

            Im happy I started buying silver at $7 an ounce and gold at $458 in 1999.

            Cash is the immediate answer,Metals are the future security.

          • I’m praying that it’s 24 months. Just long enough for the old man to retire. The 401k is payable the DAY he retires. It’s gonna be a race to the finish line for that money so I’m not depending on it, but it would be nice to just plunk down on a farm in cash.

          • Did it over a yaer ago – You have my vote!

          • Do it. You will be glad you did.

          • The center can not hold!!!!!!!!!!

        • Ron Paul must win your State Primary first. Do everything you can people. At least join your local Republican party.

          He may not be the perfect candidate, but WE must KILL THE FED!!!

          • DK, we agree on that much. I have been anti-Fed now for 18 years.

          • Can’t vote for Ron Paul. His foreign policy is “don’t have one”. Does he really expecte the Chinese and Iran and N Korea to just leave us alone if we play nice?

            • “Does he really expecte the Chinese and Iran and N Korea to just leave us alone if we play nice?”

              Do you expect them to leave us alone if we don’t?

              Diplomacy, my dear GA Girl, exercised from a position of strength, is what Ron Paul advocates.

            • GA Girl, absolutely. Tell me when was the last time “muslim terrorists” attacked Switzerland, Australia, Brazil, etc. They hate us because not for our freedoms, as we’re told, but because we won’t keep out noise out of everyones business. Don’t tel me Ron Paul doesn’t have a foreign policy just because it doesn’t involve being the worlds policeman.

            • GA

              I believe we have much more important things here than to worry about China and Iran right now. Besides, China is becoming a super power and wealthy by selling things to Europe and the States. Our immediate threat to the American way of life is internal not external. Our country is being ruined from the inside and has been since the marriage of big government, big businesses, and big labor unions.

              Our economy and financial institutions are in shambles – our monetary policy is ruining the dollar – our debts are at a level that cannot be paid back unless the fed prints a ton of dollars which will devalue them and would drastically hurt the people’s purchasing power.

              Surely all of us on this site are intelligent enough to understand that you can’t solve the debt and spending problems with more debt and more spending. Yet, this is exactly what the federal government and the federal reserve (and Europe) are doing.

              Yes, Ron Paul is weak in the area of foreign policy but he is the only one that fully understands how things work and how to fix them AND cares about the country and the people. Most politicians have the first two but lack the third (caring about the country and the people). Look at the front runners of the Republican Party – Gingrich, Perry, and Romney – all three are for “the government is the answer” – I would rather have Ron Paul.

              The bad news is that he will not get elected because too many people in this country want something for nothing, so they look to the government.

            • It is my understanding Ron Paul’s foreign policy could be summed up as:

              America is not the world’s police. We do not have the funding to support more wars. We need to mind our own business. We need to adjust our trade with China to reflect appropriate trade and balance things out.

              Sounds good to me.

            • His foreign policy is like my neighbor policy. Don’t fuck with me and we are cool. If you do fuck with me, all hell is breaking loose.

              What’s so bad about that?

            • His foreign policy is Non-Intervention – avoid undeclared war, to stop being the policemen of the world, to end foreign aid and much more…

              If you believe he has no policy then you are brainwashed by MSM.

              Same message for many years:

            • has the big Government bully got you so scared you can’t think, who gives us the right or the authority to attack other countries, to take out other heads of another government? If so, what is wrong from China taking out Obummer? let’s take care of the U S of A, they will keep to themselves.

            • Yea, How many countries around the world do think North Korea is currently militarily involved in, As like China , Iran, Syria etc. as compared to the U.S., NATO countries? Remember, those FEMA camps are built only for your protection. Our current Regime as well as the UN loves us, as proven by Agenda 21.

        • voting for ANYONE will not make anything any better at all. it never has, it never will.

          • citizen ron,

            You are right! In fact, even after the ink dried on our Constitution, there were Americans plotting on how to take over (fully control) the USA.

            There have been historical pivotal points in our country that clearly show how and when we have gotten “off the tracks” that run our republic democracy and our capitalistic “free enterprise” system.

            1913 – the creation of the Federal Reserve AND the Federal Income Tax system. It’s no coincidence that both were created in the same year. Under the Federal Reserve central banking concept, the “experts” and our leaders knew that our country would become a debtor nation and to fund the debt, the country needed a method to tax the people.

            1929 to 1939/1940 – the Great Depression. According to Milton Friedman (Nobel Prize winning economist), the Federal Reserve was a major player in causing and lengthening the period of the Great Depression by contracting the amount of money in circulation by around one-third during the period 1929 to 1933.

            1935 – the social security act was passed.

            2007-2011 – Wow, collectively speaking, this is probably the worse period in the history of America, including the Great Depression period. (1) Obama Care, which will add huge amounts of debt to our already over-bloated national debt; (2) trillions of dollars of bailouts and stimulus packages, none of which worked and has only added more debt; (3) failure of our rating systems, the SEC, the Justice Department, Congress, the President, and the courts; (4) capitalist cronyism at levels never seen before in our history base; (5) too many corrupt CEOs and other high-ranking corporate officials (too many to name); (6) evil labor union leaders; and (7) way too many people expecting handouts from the government. I believe you could call this the “perfect storm” that will change America forever.

            By the way, there’s a great article about Obama.


            One more thing, has anyone read Naomi Wolf’s “Ten Steps” to transforming democracy into fascism? It’s worth reading and most of these steps are being implemented in the USA, right under our noses.

            • You only forgot the passage of the Patriot Act I&II and the National Defense Authorization Act!!! Otherwise, that sums up the treason quite well. 🙂

            • Richard, you forgot the Act of 1871. Creation of Washington, DC.

        • Jiradog, i agree. There is no resolution to this mess because I believe we are too deeply embedded in the quicksand to be saved. [Unless — see last paragraph]

          Even if Ron Paul wins the 2012 Presidential race; things will not get better because he is but one man who will have to fight Congress, the courts, big businesses, big labor unions, the Federal Reserve, farmers who are being subsidized by big government, the 51% of Americans who pay no taxes, and progressive states like California. His only supporters are people like the ones on this website and we are few in numbers.

          Unless…God intervenes. If He is still merciful and forgiving toward corporate American, then Ron Paul can win and will turn this country around despite the misguided and/or intentional actions of the above-mentioned evil and selfish people. If He has judged America, then our nation is doomed.

      3. This contagion is coming to a state near you. Imagine being stuck halfway across the country or in a major city when flights are cancelled and roadways are clogged.

      4. They have the ability to prolong this a bit longer. The IMF and the Fed have not stepped in to supply money publicly as far as I am aware. The EU has not taken control of the banking system yet either. These will happen before they admit a failure. There is too much coruption here that have their money there. They will rob the people first over there as they will here.
        @Jiradog, I hope Ron Paul doesn’t win the nomination. I don’t think he will last. Past political figures that didn’t believe in a central bank died mysterious deaths. I think he is a great guy, but would rather see him in office during our rebuilding, not while falling off the cliff.

        • “Past political figures that didn’t believe in a central bank died mysterious deaths.”

          And some not so mysterious deaths. A bullet in the head is pretty damned obvious and more than one US president has been un-elected that way.

          • I was mainly thinking of Mcfadden whom wanted to take apart the federal reserve in the 20’s and 30’s. He had multiple attempts on his life before finally being poisoned. I have read of other figures but none that I am aware of were so vocal about the fed.

        • Actually the IMF has been bailing the EU out. Greece was not allowed to take the last several billion until, they agreed to austerity. Now Britain is taking a beat down for being the hold out on the EU agreement. The IMF took Gainsters advice and did some legal magic and leveraged their own money, to increase what they showed on the books.

          Closer to home, the plunge protection team, PPT for short, is still busy behind the scenes, propping up the US market. Huge push down by JPM going on now, on gold and silver, until March of 2012, when they will release it to skyrocket. What I was told is, this allow them to refill their short coffers. The figure I got was 1,400 gold and silver in the mid 20’s by March. But I’m not a player, so use you’re own discretion.

          Australian GDP is 1,000%
          Germany is hovering at 80%
          Spain I think is around 60%
          Italy is worse than Spain
          Ireland is way up there also
          What’s the US’s? Just guessing around 80+%

          The amount needed to float the EU is around 1 trillion+ (conservative)
          We gave Japan 600 million X2 when Fuku happened, as well as several other countries fronting money, our pres is very global minded.

          Fun times are a coming. Buy em cheap and stack em deep. I have a hard time accepting my grandma and grandpa were terr*rists, they certainly had more than 7 days of food in the root cellar. How times have changed…

          • Last I heard they were finalizing a 250 billion approach. I think they are trying smaller numbers first then they will use the “bazooka approach” to keep confidence in the system.

            I have heard about metals manipulation from JPM but it always seems to be from Sprott or someone else that has a vested interest inthe market going up. I don’t doubt their accusations but really would like to read it from an independent source. I take market news written buy players of the market with a grain of salt.
            If they are suppressing it we should all be rejoicing. For long term investors it is a buying opportunity, I only can afford a little a month and I am holding long term.

        • Mike, what do you mean by “the Fed have not stepped in to supply money publicly”?

          • Last I heard they had made the statement that the ECB was doing the right thing and they were just going to cheerlead. Now I may be wrong, maybe things have changed. But I believe that when people start worryig about their money markets having exposure, they fed will publicly state that they will shore them up and provide protection. Behind the scenes I am sure they are supplying liquidity, but I think they will announce it after a fed meeting at some point to keep confidence from eroding. I read today the ECB supplied 650 Billion, that was the bazooka. Next will be IMF and worldwide life support. In my opinion.

            • mike – I understand – thanks.

      5. Yes, I can see it now. “Come back to the mother land, dear ones, where you’ll be safe. And bring your money with you. Make sure you deposit your assets in OUR banks (before it all comes down). Jolly good, governor!”

        Sounds like a last ditch effort to milk as many pounds and as much property as they can get their greedy hands on, before the teetering house comes tumbling down.

      6. NetRanger-Just like the old saying; “a bird in hand……..”

        • Actually
          The early bird gets the worm
          The second mouse gets the cheese.

          • Not always, have you ever re-baited an empty trap?

          • The early worm gets eaten.

            • I’m getting a zoological education here! So whats a worm in the hand worth? two in the bird?

            • haha, good point, John – the early bird gets the worm and the early worm gets eaten – so there is no moral line to this story.

      7. I wonder if England is going to look that the bad guy before it is all done. Expats being held economic hostage might look bad.

      8. If the Brits are planning for SHTF, then we would be wise to finish any last items and add lots of redundancy where you are able.

        The Brits have experience with crisis and the poo hitting the blades. In the not so distant past, the Sterling was the world’s reserve currency, not the dollar. When SHTF, they lost that status. So, if they are making plans for the worst… well, do I really need to finish that sentance?

      9. The talk about Spain collapsing is a pure BS. I say so because I have a friend living in Manresa, whom I speak to every week over Skype. My friend tells me its not too bad and many people still have jobs and live all right.

        I don’t buy into all this “collapse of the nations” fear mongering. For all I know this is all artificially engineered just like the stock market to sow panic into people’s mind. Just like creating the thesis and antithesis.

        Let the banks fail and let the countries have a clean slate to start again with. This has happened in Iceland and they are still there doing just fine.

        • Baa baa baa…

        • So one persons opinion makes it BS Mr. G? I have three neighbors here in America that are absolutely clueless about economic policy and geopolitical matters. They all agree that I am crazy and that the economy is not nearly as bad as I have proclaimed. Should we not prepare now because my three neighbors say everything is fine? I think not!

          • No, Irish, its not one person’s opinion that counts, its about keeping a cool head and not overreact to whatever other are telling you.

            My belief is that 10% is what actually happens and 90% is what our reaction is. Being prepared for eventualities is good but living in constant anxiety and apprehension is destructive to one’s mind.

        • While I wasn’t perfectly explicit, my message previously was that we should all have our contingency plans well in place. While I would like to hope for the best possible outcomes in my life, I have insurance of all kinds.

          It may be more fearmongering, you may be right. But let me ask you this: Do you want to look at your children and tell them you don’t have any way to care for them? Do you want that for yourself? Do you want that for anyone you love and care about? I sure don’t.

          Being prepared is a way of life for some of us, for others it is more like liability insurance, you know, just in case.

        • Same hear. This collapse talks are designed by the bankers to set panic.

          I don’t see how Spain and Portugal would collapse with revolts like in the so-called arab “springs” even if they leave the Eurozone.

          British people should prepare their own collapse in the UK because if one single Eurozone country tells the bankers to eat crow and default, then the whole British financial system and economy will dedisintegrate.

        • “This has happened in Iceland and they are still there doing just fine.”

          Yes, but Iceland wasn’t part of a unionized currency system nor was it the world’s reserve currency. Once countries drop out of the EU, it will have dire consequences for people holding wealth in the Euro essentially wiping out people’s life savings and spending power almost overnight. Once the US loses it’s status as the reserve currency either by a takeover of the new rising Asian union or some form of a new BRIC currency, then get ready to spend more than $3whatever for a gallon of gas, your $6 burger will probably be more like $12-$15, and your grocery bill at Walmart will double or triple, all while your current paycheck/welfare check (assuming you still receive one) stays the same.

          • Beefcake, the next time I say, “Let’s go someplace like Iceland,” let’s GO someplace like Iceland.

        • Mr.G, I have friends here in the US, who have the same jobs they had 10 years ago. They make good money. They still go out to eat on regular basis and can be seen at the mall every weekend. They have no problem paying their bills. For them almost nothing changed. They admit the food has gotten a bit more expensive, but that’s about it.
          No economic crisis present in their universe.

          I am not saying your friend is like them, but it’s all just a matter of perspective, no?

        • Mr G

          Spain’s debt to GDP ratio is better than most of the Western countries but it’s unemployment rate is not good:

          “The unemployment rate in Spain was last reported at 21.5 percent in the third quarter of 2011.

          From 1983 until 2010, Spain’s Unemployment Rate averaged 14.20 percent reaching an historical high of 20.00 percent in June of 2010 and a record low of 8.00 percent in March of 2007.” [Reference:

          And, employment provides the worker/earner with money which can be used to:

          1) spend (which helps the economy);

          2) save (making the banks happy);

          3) invest (making financial planners, investment companies, etc. happy); and

          4) pay taxes (making the taxing authorities happy).

          See – with employment, everyone is happy!

          In a nutshell, employment is the life-blood supporting commerce and taxes and creating a healthy economy and financial well being.

          Just my “two cents” worth.

      10. can’t say its comin anymore. folks its Already here. hope you got your preps and the means to defend them.

      11. I think I have prepared pretty well,
        Althow a true prepper never quite feels they are ready.
        It’s times like these that I turn to the magic 8 ball for advice.
        Should I buy some more silver now or wait?
        “ask again tomorrow.”
        Should I buy some more rice and Mylar bags, and o2 absorbers?
        I got a yes!
        It’s off to Sams tomorrow, and ordering some Mylar bags and o2 absorbers
        from tonight!
        Don’t doubt me on this one folks.

        • does that mean you’re “behind the 8 ball” when you’re consulting it..??? jus’sayin’ LOL

      12. Just a gut feeling, but wondering if the collapse of any significant part of the Euro pact, will be “the” tipping point that starts the snowball effect that can’t be stopped with a QE injection of funds?
        With each new story daily, coming out of Europe, we go farther off the edge into a freefall that most don’t seem to be aware of. But I still await “the” event.

        • These story daily feedings don’t come from Europe but from the British media and they do have an agenda (while everybody speak about Europe, they think that nobody will look at the British debt and economy…).

          • The British financial classes/bankers won’t suffer. Look at the history of Britain – it’s always been a caste/class system & remember the poor Brits and Irish were the original Southern slaves – blacks were only recruited when the British poor died like flies in the heat.

            The ordinary Brit is in for a world of trouble – but we have experience of the Blitz etc and are naturally cynical of our governing elite. That’ll stand us in good stead. We’ve known for centuries how little the working classes are valued.

            The British Elite and the American one are the same famiies behind the wndow dressing and they are playiing to win. Divide and conquer is tactic number 1 and it rarely fails them. Our population may be at risk of decline on this crowded lil island.

            Our politicians have no real fiscal policy bar blaming the Euro nations so noone does any navel gazing. Oh and privatising what Thatcher didn’t sell off (that included our water!) to the benefit of the banksters.

      13. Why are people concerned about the upcoming US election.
        It’s over 9 months away and it’ll probably be rigged anyway to ensure Ron Paul doesn’t win.
        Do you people seriously put it beyond Obomba to do that ???
        Europe will be toast way way before then !
        Even if Paul did win, he faces the biggest uphill battle in human history to undo all the damage done to the global economy, and even if it was possible it would take many many years.
        Priorities people !
        #1 – Your family and yourself.

      14. I just received this ………..

        (b) Applicability to United States Citizens and Lawful Resident Aliens-
        (1) UNITED STATES CITIZENS- The requirement to detain a person in military custody under this section does not extend to citizens of the United States.
        Here is the full portion of law.
        National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012 (Engrossed in Senate [Passed Senate] – ES)

        (a) Custody Pending Disposition Under Law of War-

        (1) IN GENERAL- Except as provided in paragraph (4), the Armed Forces of the United States shall hold a person described in paragraph (2) who is captured in the course of hostilities authorized by the Authorization for Use of Military Force (Public Law 107-40) in military custody pending disposition under the law of war.

        (2) COVERED PERSONS- The requirement in paragraph (1) shall apply to any person whose detention is authorized under section 1031 who is determined–

        (A) to be a member of, or part of, al-Qaeda or an associated force that acts in coordination with or pursuant to the direction of al-Qaeda; and

        (B) to have participated in the course of planning or carrying out an attack or attempted attack against the United States or its coalition partners.

        (3) DISPOSITION UNDER LAW OF WAR- For purposes of this subsection, the disposition of a person under the law of war has the meaning given in section 1031(c), except that no transfer otherwise described in paragraph (4) of that section shall be made unless consistent with the requirements of section 1033.

        (4) WAIVER FOR NATIONAL SECURITY- The Secretary of Defense may, in consultation with the Secretary of State and the Director of National Intelligence, waive the requirement of paragraph (1) if the Secretary submits to Congress a certification in writing that such a waiver is in the national security interests of the United States.

        (b) Applicability to United States Citizens and Lawful Resident Aliens-

        (1) UNITED STATES CITIZENS- The requirement to detain a person in military custody under this section does not extend to citizens of the United States.

        • But the other section does say they can detain them…

          This is dis-info, flowing out of the WH, and the criminal mainstream news.

          Carl Levin said right on CSpan, they can detain any American, and that Barry demanded it put in the bill..

          Look it up on Youtube..

        • The key word is “requirement” under the Applicability to United States Citizens and Lawful Resident Aliens-

          US citizens are not “required” to be detained in military custody whereas foreign nationals are “required” to be detained under military custody.

          US citizens are still subject to the presidential power of military detention, it is simply not a “requirement” for US citizens as it applies to foreigners. US citizens may still be considered for indefinite military detention, it is simply not a “requirement” under this provision.

          Furthermore, there is no exemption made for excluding US citizens from indefinite detention in a CIVILIAN detention center if the president sees fit.

          It is very slickly worded legal language that is very easily manipulated by the government.

          • Yea, agreed. And just look at at that list of of Executive Orders as they were handed down from one Administration to the other, especially DHS/FEMA and it’s power to suspend and replace Federal, State and Local Government in time of Martial Law.

        • Folks, all they have to do is revoke your citizenship and then treat you as a non-national.

        • Remember Kent State College shootings by National Gaurds, George Washington was considered a terrorist by the Brittish, Do not think you are immune to a civil stalag.

      15. the day the economic collapse happens in the U.S., will be the day i have my fun… while the sheeple are on the streets begging for food and water.

        it’s just a matter of time…

        • Anthony, FYI. 72 hours after a total economic collapse that leads to loss of basic conveniences, electricity, natural gas, gasoline, etc. that leads to WROL as we saw in Hurricane Katrina, this will be the most frightening time any of us has ever seen.

          I don’t care if you have ten M2 50BMG gun emplacements mounted on your roof with claymore mines lining the perimeter. If an extended bank holiday is declared and the sheeple with 1 day of food and money run out, stores will be emptied and they will be in the streets in armed gangs going door-to-door looking for anything they can find to survive on.

          TEOTWAWKI is not something I look forward to.

        • Another armchair commando… (sigh)
          Comments like this one show how totally clueless many people are… even some that think they are “preppers”.

        • Since you and I have the same name and I don’t want to be confused with you — that seems pretty sick. What do you intend to do for this “fun”?

        • anthony – “fun” what kind of fun? Are you delusional, just plain crazy, or a pervert?

      16. @ jj

        thanks for info,but none of this B>S> is in my Constitution so fuck them all…

      17. “Althow a true prepper never quite feels they are ready.”

        That’s because a true prepper knows enough to be afraid… very afraid. S/he knows that we can’t know what the future holds, so how can be prep precisely for what cannot be known? Obviously, we can’t, so we do the best we can and call it good. We know we’ve got some holes in our plans but it is just not possible to FULLY prepare for ALL possibilities. In any case, it IS possible to be pretty well prepared and that will be MUCH better than what… 90% of the people in this country… will achieve? Best resource we can have will be caring friends and loving family members who will stand with us and by us, come what may.

      18. Was sitting in the sauna tonight at the local health club…

        I was trying to tell anyone that would listen, what was coming… (Hell on Earth)

        They knew nothing about anything I spoke of, and made it clear they did not want to know…

        …later in the evening at the club, I met two 20 year old Russian kids that came here when they were very young, they followed me around like puppy dogs, and could not get enough of what I was saying…

        They have already emailed me tonight, and joined the site…

        Bless their little Russian hearts.. :))

        ..One person at a time folks..


        • Yeah, my family and friends think I’m nuts, they don’t even want to talk to me anymore. Except for my Dad, but he barricaded himself in an underground bunker with an arsenal that’d make Ft. Bragg proud 20 years ago.

          • dont worry, they will all want to talk to you when they finally wake up.Or when TSHTF
            I think a few of mine have fallen silent when it comes to talking to me too.

            Thats fine, Im kinda buisy at the moment.
            I did what my concience told me to do by warning them, its up to them to heed the signs that are everywhere.

            • VRF,

              I hear that brother, since I started prepping I have lost every friend I had. My phone used to ring 15 or 20 times a day. Now somedays it doesn’t ring at all. Kinda sad if you think about it.


          • Weslsloper, they’ll return hat in hand, fork in the other.

        • Right on TC.
          It’s fun and refreshing to find others of like mind. Those who have been brought up to understand history on a personal level and know how to spot the warning signals of danger ahead.

          Talking about possible outcomes is one thing. Taking action to protect yourself is the next logical step. This is where we are.

          Always have a plan “B”!

        • TC… You are correct. I know former Russians that know exactly what is going in this country (as they have seen it before). While in my circle of friends they roll their eyes & laugh when you mention food storage, guns, lead, or silver. I told a friend (he has a PhD.) recently that if the dollar collapses his life is really going to “suck”. He laughed….

          • Interesting former Russians get it, but most Americans still don’t. I know a fellow who literally gave up everything he had in Germany during the start of Hitler’s rise to power to come to “the land of the free”. He told me paying a year of taxes in advance was a part of getting out.

            He came to America with very little and built up a small family run resturant. Fast forward to today. He said there is nowhere left to go that is “free” at this point. He has more preps than anyone else I know and his entire family is now living together again.

            The voice of experience speaks, and I listen. Too bad about your friend with the PhD -I know a few of these myself. I told a few of them they are the smartest dummies that I know!

        • either one of them a hot russian chick???

          • No, but i did have a Russian girlfriend many years ago, and spent a lot of time in St Petersburg…

            Those were the days…


          • You talkin’ bout my wife???LOL

      19. McDonalds will still be open so relax !

      20. Doesn’t it feel like being Paul revere and spreading the word… But everybody has put in ear plugs or headsets to watch TV?

      21. AT last, this and the Daily Mail “prepping piece” may finally wake up the British……though I have my doubts.

        I delivered presents to the elders of my family yesterday,canned and dried food,enough for each of them to eat for a week. Not much I know but the best I can do in my circumstances.

        I would love to see the younger ones faces Christmas morning when they open their gifts as only the children have had a Santa type present.

        They will put it down to my eccentricity until the time comes when they drag it from the back of the cupboard to stave off their hunger.

        Take care x

        • Carolie,

          I think that is a wonderful gift. I hope it never comes to it, but by giving them long term food you may be giving them another week of avoiding hunger.

          Merry Christmas!

        • Carolie UK:AbFab and 4 stars to you dear!
          Even if yu can only get their supplies up to a month over time,when things get “hot” over there,they will be very grateful I’m sure!
          Best to your and yours!

      22. There’s about a million Brits living in Spain, mostly retirees, who go there because the weather is good and the pension goes farther. How they’re going to repatriate a million people is beyond me.

        • Dunkirk. The Chunnel?

        • They’ll dispatch the Royal Navy. At it’s current size… Wait… Let me do the math…. um…. er… Got it!

          It will take 20,000 trips.

          And Nelson is spinning in his grave.


      23. I became a citizen of the USA back in 1981, to this day I’m very proud to share my freedom with others here in South Carolina and with the rest of Y’all. There is one thing that initially bothered me when I became a citizen and that was when I started siging our National Anthem.

        Then, I read the lyrics and I understood.
        If you have friends that don’t understand our present plight and situation, sing the first 5 words of our National Anthem to them!!!!!!
        OH, SAY CAN YOU SEE……

        Same reality here today for so many……
        OH, SAY CAN YOU SEE?
        So many have sung it and never understood!
        That what we proudly hail is our freedom!

        I pledged my alegiance to this country back in 81, and it sure as hell didn’t have B O drivin’ the bus. I doubt he could even sing the National Anthem without a tela prompter.

        Where do I find a group to work with here in the southeast?

        The Star Spangled Banner Lyrics
        By Francis Scott Key 1814

        Oh, say can you see by the dawn’s early light
        What so proudly we hailed at the twilight’s last gleaming?
        Whose broad stripes and bright stars thru the perilous fight,
        O’er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming?
        And the rocket’s red glare, the bombs bursting in air,
        Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there.
        Oh, say does that star-spangled banner yet wave
        O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave?

        On the shore, dimly seen through the mists of the deep,
        Where the foe’s haughty host in dread silence reposes,
        What is that which the breeze, o’er the towering steep,
        As it fitfully blows, half conceals, half discloses?
        Now it catches the gleam of the morning’s first beam,
        In full glory reflected now shines in the stream:
        ‘Tis the star-spangled banner! Oh long may it wave
        O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave!

        And where is that band who so vauntingly swore
        That the havoc of war and the battle’s confusion,
        A home and a country should leave us no more!
        Their blood has washed out their foul footsteps’ pollution.
        No refuge could save the hireling and slave
        From the terror of flight, or the gloom of the grave:
        And the star-spangled banner in triumph doth wave
        O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave!

        Oh! thus be it ever, when freemen shall stand
        Between their loved home and the war’s desolation!
        Blest with victory and peace, may the heav’n rescued land
        Praise the Power that hath made and preserved us a nation.
        Then conquer we must, when our cause it is just,
        And this be our motto: “In God is our trust.”
        And the star-spangled banner in triumph shall wave
        O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave!

        As I said before, Y’all Beware!

      24. Wow this looks bad. My family lives in England and my aunt called two days ago. She is okay, but many others in my family live off the goverment dole.
        I want to drop out and stop giving my hard earned money to the liars in Washingston, How does one go about that?

        • I had a friend who passed away this year. For years he did handyman repairs. Expected payment in cash and explained that to customers by saying he’d gotten checks that bounced. Some stuff was bartered via word of mouth, or Craigslist. Other stuff was paid for in cash and he used that to pay his living expenses. He would use money orders if necessary. Handyman repairs were his talent. What are your talents? And while he didn’t live like a king, he never went hungry, or without utilities. His annual income was so low he didn’t have to file a tax return. May have used a mail forwarding service, or one of those PO box services that also gives you a physical address for deliveries, too. Another guy I heard about was known only to a very few. You had to go through his friends to get to him. Leaving phone messages, patiently waiting for him to call you back, or he just showed up, and paying him in cash, etc. There are a few chapters in the book Patriots that may give ideas on new identities, starting businesses, bartering, etc. Know any illegals? Ask them how they hide in plain sight and still have money to send home to their native country. Just saying, not speaking from experience.

        • Try being one of the UBER-Rich!
          Works every time!

      25. Evacuation?

        The John Batchelor show had a piece on the British evacuating Greek donkeys, who are dying of starvation and neglect. Seriously folks, Greek donkeys being taken in and taken care of by wealthy Brits. I’m a broke American ass, maybe I can get on the waiting for evacuation by a weathly British family…

        • Donkeys are innocent creatures that can not take care of themselves; we have entitlements! It is a good deed.

          • donkeys are good work animals…sounds like some rich brit aint so stupid…when gas is too expensive or in short supply, put that donkey in front of a cart and you are in business.

            • Rich people do nice things to. You can be rich and still have a heart, especially if you worked hard and earned it. Rich or poor, helping to save an animal or child from starvation is very commendable.

      26. ~41MAG & TC~

        I think the collapse results is something that merits discussion. Specifically, what is the worst case scenario?
        Will we get lucky & land on a given level of mere financial/economic depression, which I would argue is where we’re at presently…or will civilization ultimately crash headlong into some ‘MAD MAX’ type situation?

        There are manifold variables to consider, per every level of the descent downwards! IMO, a modicum of civility is obtainable only if the electrical grid remains viable. If the grid shuts down, then all bets are OFF!

        Ditto, if the idiots in control attempt to wage “Thermonuclear War”, thinking they can micro-manage it a limited exchange scenario!
        I have pondered various outcomes & engaged others in conversation, swapping opinions/ideas & reasoning’s as to how one’s opinion is supported by logic/history…& I’ve yet to stumble across a working crystal ball.

        Oddly, the one unifying factor in every conversation has been WATER-FOOD-WEAPONRY / AMMO-SHELTER & MEDS!!!
        Discussions on martial law varies widely w/ some having this as their ultimate fear…others are inclined to view it as an exercise in failure, especially sans the loss of the grid. Most ex-infantry vets I talk to, think DC/Wall St & a few other locals will be ‘GREEN-ZONED’ & the rest of us left to fend for ourselves.

        Yet, I can’t help but believing that this whole scenario is…INTENTIONAL! Its scripted!
        I recall some time ago a news item where the goobermint issued a procurement order for 435million freeze dried meals for a February 2012 delivery date. Now we have Patriot Acts I & II & the NDAA! I don’t know about y’all, but I interpret the above as….they’re TELEGRAPHING their intentions!

        • I started working to become self sufficient some years ago. I don’t call myself a prepper although it may be only an argument in symantics. I tell people I am trying to not be completely dependant on technology, like electrical grid. Haven’t gotten there yet. My goal is to live the way my grand father lived. Does that mean I will cut hay for my horses and cattle by hand? No, but I want to have the tools on hand to have that ability. I always ask my friends from college that question. What would you do without one little luxury like electricity?
          I have a plan for most scenarios, except all out nuclear holocost, and that stupid super volcano in yellowstone. Even if a person goes underground and survives, just not sure there will be anything to come up to. I have always looked at all large population centers as something that will be green zones. Easiest way to control the masses is the population centers. That would make the rest of the people who escaped or live out in the country isolated and almost fringe societies. Then they have the ability to pick us off one by one, starve us to submission, wait for illness, ect. Lately I have been reading about similarties between weather patterns from 1811 and this year and the new madrid fault. Interesting stuff. I am not sure if the idea of fema camps is planning from past dissasster failures or something more sinister. Neither sounds good to me, so I plan for the day when there isn’t gov’t to aid me.
          I also get the feeling this is all a game of chess and for years we have been pawns being pushed around unti all the pieces are in place.
          There is a really good movie on Utube call “Wake Up Call” that shocked me. Not sure if it is going to be a reality but it sure didn’t help me sleep at night.
          The scary thing for me is that if there is a lack of electricity I would bet 30% of our population would die in 45 days. Just think of that number and I am probably conservative. I worry our population would devour itself in cities and they would be each others biggest threat. If it were to be a government trying to force its will over me, I don’t think I would last very long, and neither would alot of others. The way I tell my wife about that is, I have been sent to four different coutries to lay my life on the line for things I didn’t believe in, what better reason to die than for something I believe in and my future generations can have.

          • Mike, regarding your projection that 30% of our population would die in 45 days, there’s some evidence that a massive reduction in population might be the objective as a way to eliminate the consumers leaving only the producers. That way the elite won’t have to share rapdily decreasing share of the world’s bounty.

            Upon your suggestion, I watched the video Wake Up Call. Wow!! It’s 2 1/2 hours and is the best description I have heard on the New World Order and how they go about manipulating media, education, wars, and people’s thoughts in pursuit of their agenda. Was happy to see in the closing minutes a note of encouragment that we can conquer them if we stand firm together. They show an analogy from the animal kingdom where a pack of lions look like they are about to enjoy fresh cape buffalo for lunch, but then a large angry herd show the lions who’s boss. Len Horowitz explains you can light a dark room with a single small candle but a room filled with light and understanding can’t be darkened unless you snuff all the lights. It’s a message of hope that I wish everyone on this list can watch and understand. Thank you for mentioning this important video.

            • Glad you enjoyed it. I really had troubles sleeping after watching it. I at times, have to stop reading about NWO stuff. I feel like my life is out of my control.

      27. As Marvin Gaye sings: Let’s get it on!

      28. I removed myself from paper 6 months ago.

        I have always been into numismatics.

        I also believe in metals, Steel, Copper, Lead. Each of them has it’s purpose.

        Food, Always work on food. A prudent person always should be prepared for the unexpected. God helps those that help themselves. You can never put up enough food!
        All my ancestors did this. From preserving fish, meat, vegetables, staples and they taught all of the youngsters, made them participate, like me, we may not have liked it at the time, but you know what, I can bake bread, make jam/jelly/preserves, hot water bath pickle, pressure can anything, cure meat, kill the animal for the meat, butcher it in any manner for any purpose, trap anything, and I do mean anything. I’m teaching my daughter the same things as time passes. I also can build a computer, design a refinery/plant/any heavy industry plant. Garden and grow. What I did not learn from others, I taught myself by doing…bow hunting for example, some trapping another.

        Get and read the books for the knowledge you do not have.

        For the trapping, get Stanley Hawbakers, Trapping North American Furbearers. Do exactly what it says.

        Get other books on all topics, hard copy, put them up for reading, absorb them as you can.

        Gardening, Animal Husbandry, Biology of your local area.

        Learn to compost, and I mean more than a plastic barrel that flips over.

        I think we are in for more interesting times. How bad it may get, I do not know….but in the words of a popular contemporary song

        “It’s the end of the world as we know it…but I feel fine.”

        I could feel better than fine as I have so much work to do, but 0ne can never prepare enough. And if we have prepared enough, time to think about putting up more for charity and community that will follow anything that happens…You may be feeding the next Einstein.

        Terry the Fractionator….LOL

        for all your distillation emergency needs

        • Terry, Amen, I started trapping on “the island” when I was eight years old. Trapped “rats”(Muskrat), coon, fox, and otter. Still have most of my traps. Picked up a stainless half-keg through a friend. Gonna build a valved reflux and give it a shot..

        • Ya, The Daily Sheeple ran that last week… It’s funny we have certain elected representatives arguing about the dangers of guns yet no one has really said anything about a virus that can half of humanity… It’s a mad world…

          • Ok ,im just a bit behind today..I know what your saying,they seem way to busy trying to remove our right to our own ability to protect ourselfs as they allow something like this to be designed to possibly wipe out humanity

        • I posted the following comment at the Daily Sheeple website on Dec 6

          “The Avian Flu has been reverse engineered in Robert Webster’s laboratory and the US government bought the patent. Major manufacturers have been commissioned to produce the vaccine.

          The vaccine is (according to the government) set aside just like the smallpox vaccine so in the event of an outbreak, they are prepared. The problem is, they only have enough stored for a very small segment of the population -again if you even believe they have ANY of the vaccine stored and that those in the upper echelons aren’t already vaccinated. The other problem with this is that it takes a fair amount of time to produce the vaccine, and by the time they have vaccine available, a pandemic would already be fully underway with a death toll to match.”

          The fact is it will take 3-6 months to produce enough vaccine for 1/3 of the population. Our government is sitting on the vaccine information as well as its production.

          It is my assessment that if the scientists release how this new version of Avian Flu is created, you better be sure to have your pandemic plans well in place because it wouldn’t be long before some malcontent sets it loose. Then you really will see chaos and a breakdown of society.

          • I read that as well in the news. I think it was at the University of Wisconsin that they accomplished it. They said in a secure facility but honestly I don’t worry about an accident as much as I worry about some crazy getting in and stealing it.

            • I am sorry, I didn’t realize they had done it in Holland too. Google it, about UW, same thing I think but in Madison Wisconsin.

            • If I remember correctly, the new strain was created by UW Madison in Wisconsin working with a lab (not sure) in Holland. It is scary stuff. Depending on whose numbers you look at, somewhere between 50-70% of those infected with Avian Flu perish. Those with strong, healthy immune systems are the ones this nasty takes out in droves. If you don’t have anti-virals in your prepes, now might be a good time to go online and stock up.

      29. Hey folks. Just joined the site not too long ago. I’ve known to be prepared only for the last 3 years so my stockpile isn’t that great yet. Any suggestions on how to really prep on a tight budget??? I’m super low on money but I’m not going to sit here and watch my children starve when it goes down. Also, any information you all can give me about surviving in a small city would help too. If I can’t get out of dodge before they lock down roads I need to know how best to survive where I am. Thanks all and I love reading your posts!

        • Needtoprep,
          Learn to pressure can food, buy fresh veggies, meat vegetables in larger than normal amounts. Make your own soup, stew, gumbo, anything you can imagine you can put up. Any meat, fish, poultry, you can put up. Fruits can be made into jelly/jams/preserves. Buy peanut butter. Buy basics and put up as much as you can afford. Anytime you get a spare buck, purchase something that can be used in future, food or tools, ammo, etc. If you do not have a firearm, find one. Start with a 22 lr long gun/rifle. Ammo is cheap and has many uses. You can contact me through my website I’m not trying to sell you something, but I will give you ideas that are practical and you can afford, I’ll teach anyone basics of what I know and/or will point you in the right direction. I’ll help you just for the satisfaction of passing along information that may help save lives. Email me or call, as you wish.

          And that goes for anyone else as well, feel free to contact me. Except for you idiot Feds, y’all can stop buggin me, asking stupid questions. Are you all idiots?
          I guess you are if you a Fed. Just leave us REAL AMERICANS alone to survive. Or after the shtf, you can come ask us for help.

          If you want a reference ask Mac, he can verify if I know my shit or not….lol

          BTW, Mac….what were those Dutch idiots doing? Messing around creating a more infectious form of bird flu? Freaking idiots…and they want to publish a paper on it?
          Somebody needs to put knots on their head, bigger than their heads!

          • FYI-Please research this. I spent 12 years working in alternative medicine. I have used this plant for its anti-viral properties. This is a #1 MUST have in my medical supplies. The most potent form I have found to date is called lomatium isolate. The root — called Lomatium Dissectum, Biscuit Root or Indian Consumption Plant — was eaten by the Washoe Indians to battle viral illnesses such as influenza. During the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic, not a single Washoe tribe member died from influenza or its complications. However, other tribes living in Nevada in areas where the plant did not grow experienced a number of deaths, according to Dr. Ernst T. Krebs, a Nevada physician writing in the Bulletin of the Nevada State Board of Health.

        • Needtoprep, one of the best first steps you could take is to google “Selco” and read his writings about being trapped in a city during the Bosnian war–it was extremely eye-opening even to seasoned preppers (of which I am not one). SHTF featured his writings a couple of weeks ago. SHTF just posted on budget preps a few days ago (you should probably extend the courtesy of reviewing this site more carefully before you start asking people for help in the comments section).

          Survivalblog is one of the most highly respected prepping sites, and has topics very well organized so you can prepare first aid, water, food, gardens, etc. There is a crazy amount of information there so just take it a piece at a time and try not to be overwhelmed. It’s like a college course in prepping, and you just need to dive in and study it.

        • A good thing to do would be learn to garden. Square foot gardening can produce a lot of food in a small space. It doesn’t cost much to get started. Container gardening can be inexpensive and a good idea if space is limited. You can use almost any type of container that you can find. Then learn to preserve what you have grown.

          • One of the easiet ways to grow alot in a small space is to use plastic rain gutters as planters. Since they will be spaced in the vertical such as on a fence, side of a building or even a frame work desogned just for that you can grow alot in a small space. This is great for beets, lettuce, strawberries, onions, parsly, lettuce and many other small space crops. Fifty linear feet can be planted on a fence six feet tall. Try it it works great especially for strawberries as the fruit stays off the ground and the pill bugs don’t ruin it.

        • Need To Prep: Check out the magazine, Self-Reliance Illustrated, by clicking on my name. Several issues are free for the download and contain some useful information. I would also visit on a regular basis to get ideas and inspiration. The owner of that website, James Rawles, wrote a book, Patriots, and you can read a screen adaptation of the book for free online here: (If the link doesn’t work, google “Pulling Through screenplay”.) That should get you started.

      30. Idea:
        Why not take $500 in greenbacks to your local bank and get a box of quarters….same value, maybe some will be silver, but I suspect that they will be secure for trading with if the paper dollar is not trusted.
        Dimes are also available by the box, I think $200 per box.
        I got the $500 box of quarters as a wedding gift and wrapped it in gold paper, since I couldn’t afford a real gold brick.

        • MarioS,

          I just finished going through a 5 gal water bottle of change, out $150 in dimes I got 2 pre 1964, out of $780 in quarters not a single 1 . Maybe this is why I don’t play the lotto. And if I could sell pennys for copper I’d sure make some money then.


          • Remember when they used to give Morgans as change in the bank? I do. Seems that the country was a whole lot better off then.

      31. Dunkirk II? That’s the way British newscasts make it sound like it would be.

      32. I work for a company delivering supplies for the North Sea oil industry outside the Eurozone. In late November we ran our routines, what is going to happen in case the Euro collapses, with all consequences, as far as we can see them. Two or three companies I know of, have done the same thing.

        I will not go so far to say that a collapse is inevitable or occurring right now, but there is a great possibility that it is going to happen in the next few months. If it is going to happen, and not done orderly, there is even a greater possibility, that it turns out to become a huge game of domino, where everybody is going to take a hit, except for the few gatherers and hunters still left and some self sustaining farmers living on remote places, who will feel virtually nothing.

      33. … this is for ALL SERVICE MEN AND LADIES who HAVE SERVED! AND WHO continue to SERVE as zionist soldier tax debt slaves for the NWO ZIONIST OLIGARCHY BANKER MASTERS!

        US MARINES ARMY AIR FORCE NAVY read below and think of what are you going to do… when they TPTB order you too FIRE UPON AND KILL american civilians , women and children , and the men defending them????

        Henry Kissinger’s Greatest Hits

        Prison Planet | September 21 2005

        “Military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy.”
        Woodward and Bernstein The Final Days in chapter 14


        “Intelligence is not all that important in the exercise of power, and is often, in point of fact, useless.


        “It is an act of insanity and national humiliation to have a law prohibiting the President from ordering assassination.”
        Statement at a National Security Council meeting in 1975.


        “I can think of no faster way to unite the American people behind George W. Bush than a terrorist attack on an American target overseas. And I believe George W. Bush will quickly unite the American people through his foreign policy.” Statement from 2000.


        “Depopulation should be the highest priority of foreign policy towards the third world, because the US economy will require large and increasing amounts of minerals from abroad, especially from less developed countries.”


        “Today Americans would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order; tomorrow they will be grateful! This is especially true if they were told there was an outside threat from beyond, whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all peoples of the world will pledge with world leaders to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will willingly be relinquished for the guarantee of their well-being granted to them by their world government. ”
        I n an address to the Bilderberger organization meeting at Evian, France, on May 21, 1991. As transcribed from a tape recording made by one of the Swiss delegates.

        • Nina, I was one of those zionist soldiers for over 10 years. I thought I was doing the right thing and thought I was helping people in the countries I was sent to. I have to believe all my brothers thought the same thing. Individually soldiers are good people thinking they are doing a patriotic thing. Many are learning the same lesson that made my decision to leave the service. History we have been taught in school was not really our history. There has been much of my brother’s blood shed for banks like the Union bank in which Bush’s grandfather was on the board. Most people don’t know that, they don’t know what posse commatatus is.
          I don’t think any of my brothers in arms would be able to fire on their own citizens. Localized dissasters are a different situation than declaring war on america citizens.
          I don’t regret my service, I developed a unique skillset that I may need in the future. I do regret not educating myself earlier, in fact I am embarrassed that I didn’t educate myself earlier and never questioned the motives of my gov’t. I was part of the problem, that is not something I am proud of, but cannot change that.

          • I have cousins serving in Afghanistan, they are starting to wonder too Mike. What I will say though is Nina needs to wake up and smell the coffee, without our armed forces I would have been raised speaking German and walking the goose-step. We all owe our armed forces a huge debt of gratitude, men and women we have never met who have the balls to face horrors I can’t even imagine, for those of us who cannot or will not fight.

            My understanding is that service personnel cannot pick and chose the wars they fight. It is the PTB that eff it all up with their unjust wars. When all this becomes too much, or clashes with personal mindset, many do what Mike did and leave.

            Regardless of all other opinions I still thank all of our service personnel, past present and future for their courage. A courage that I KNOW I don’t have.

            You got the guts to go and get your arse shot off for a bunch of people you don’t know Nina?

            Take care x

            Regardless of

            • @jog on _ CAROLIEUK ;0p pssszzt

              QUOTE: You got the guts to go and get your arse shot off for a bunch of people you don’t know Nina?

              ummmmm I did my Time ;0) serving the NWO… how about you CarolieUk do you have the BAWLS! ;0P no you didn’t and don’t , so you don’t know sheeit about what you talking about cause you only watch the bbs on da telly and only read The MAIL… yur just another brit tory serf debt slave!

              i GOT THE BIGGEST hARRIEST PAIR! bUT i’LL BE DAMNED i’LL SERVE ONE MORE DAY OF MY LIFe FOR THE zionistJEW CONTROLLED NWO british inbred royals OLIGARCHY BILDERBOYBUGGERS and the amerikan cfr imf tri-lateral bilderberger and george soros Traitors they payoff and bribe!

              it’s time the BRITS were put in their place… there’s a reason hitler was marching on England and it wasn’t for earlgrey tea and croupons… it was because english banks were undermining germany’s new industrial surge financially in a financial war and also messing with the german government with spies , sabotage and payoff’s… cause the Brits got scaaared… bunch of pussies, the city of LONDON is the 1 of 3 Hearts of the NWO oligarchy… it’s time it was shutdown permanently, along with the Vatican and Wash DC!

              but you being a brit tory debt serf who grew up being a slave to a bunch of german inbred incestuous royals , who you call KING and QUEEN of Britain… wouldn’t probly know of such things… oh please say hi to the British/ German BANKER family Rothschilds who actually own your brit ass, for me huh… now bugger off! I’ve wasted enough brain activity on your ignorant brit ass in my lifetime! moooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

        • HEY! ;0P pssszzt Don’t be HATERS on da’ MESSENGER! Ya BUNCH of ZIONISTJeeeeeeeeeeew Goyim tax debt Slave’s!

          You All Have the POWER to change this ENSLAVEMENT of the WORLD by AmeriKa and the BANker Bilderboybuggers NWO Oligarchy… it’s called Conscious Objector, JUST REFUSE TO FIGHT and go home to your families!

          There ARE BETTER ways to LIVE and Alternative ways to earn a buck!

          sigh… in time you will “All” see I am right… by then it’ll be TOO late for most of you!

          arm up stock up prepare… for CIVIL WAR!

          • I am definately not a hater on ya. But the only thing I can do is talk to my friends that have been in and gotten out and my friends with kids. They need to educate themselves as I did.
            I cannot explain the feeling when the veil is lifted. Once I started learning about the rothchilds, rockefellers, carnagies, then i could not stop, the central banks. It was not easy to swallow but the pieces fit. I felt betrayed by every teacher and college professor I have ever had.
            I have to believe that our soldiers willl not fire upon our citizens. To think we with hunting rifles can fight against and f-16 or a cobra is just foolish dreams. We have to believe they wont they wont pull the trigger. Take a look at oathkeepers website.

            • @mike ;0) i appreciate your time mike… truly do… and i have gone through the same awakening process as you… and i do scan oathkeepers and follow em’ ;0)… i though have an agenda mike… call it SHOCK THERAPY!

              and i’m not gonna stop till folks wake the f up to what america truly is , A BIG FAT LIE! A big FACIST Banker goyim irs tax debt slave Prison And we return to the constitution as it was originally written for everyone… even the ;0P christ lovers jungle bunnies rice eaters beaner’s towelheads and jeeeeeews! there is room for everyone here in america under the us constitution… and we need to return to that.

              AND we return to Value Based Banking – honest banking honest monetary policy and wallstreet is brought under control… till then CONSIDER me a Patriotic anti- NWO constitutional Terrorist for all I care! Labels are just that words…

              so you fight the nwo order your way and i’ll fight it mine!

              America is lost in a sea of debt… only by returning to the constitution as it was originally written will we all be saved from the NWO International Bilderboybuggers!

          • Shame you have to resort to national insults Nina. If you read my post properly you would actually see I don’t entirely disagree with you, I just believe that those who fight for their country, before they realise what goes on, deserve our gratitude.

            We have a queen not a king….but I am not a monarchist
            I have never voted Tory in my life
            I am debt free…a surf to no one
            It is likely the time is coming where I will ave to fight for me and mine…I hope and pray I have the courage to do so effectively

            I wonder why you are so insulting and aggressive if people disagree with you, oh well t takes all sorts

            Take care x

            • ~Carolie~

              How were you in school w/ regards to chemistry class?

              Should you so desire I & others here, could likely provide you w/ some simple ‘formulas’ utilizing common household-gardening products that may prove useful one day…

          • You sound like a fool or a stooge. Which is it?

      34. About the only good thing about economic collapse is the illegal invaders usually get kicked out by starving natives.

      35. Mac Slavo I would like to see an interview with someone from Russia about what happened in their money collapse.
        The Argentina interview was very informative.

      36. If the Euro crashes, the dollar will be the only game in town and the dollar will shoot up to the heavens, making all the PM’s and commodities go down in kind. That will be the time to pick up the PM’s and look for high quality stocks. the US will then be forced to inflate heavily to provide cash for all those lost Euros, they may even try to pass off a one-world currency at that point, or revalue the system as long as there is confidence?? This will drive up stocks and PM’s again, like crazy as the US market is chosen as the only safe haven currency left. If confidence in paper money dies, then they will try the one world currency or gold based currency approach. In either case, the markets will respond in kind, should be some pretty easy trading/profits for those seeing the signs. It has been relatively easy the last 10 years: Lower interest rates, buy PM’s, increase money printing, buy PM’s and stocks, etc.

        I am now 75% out of the market and have reverse S&P, some metals left in my portfolio.

        Once the world realizes that the dollar is toast as with the Euro, then the PM’s will have their final shoot the moon. first things first, remember beans, bullets and bullion…in that order. We must feed ourselves first. My family has huge farmland, I have local acreage and seeds, 6-12 months of food, bullets and some small gold and cash. Have off shore bank account can transfer electronically via internet. Will cash in the 401K and make the transfer if this thing goes down as planned. That is certainly the plan and they cannot fight the law of exponential interest. Prepare as you can.

        • I agree with you 100%, but worry that market chaos would trigger emergency fed meetings, shutting down markets and things happening so fast. Like the day the dow dropped just under a 1000 points in like 20 mins. Things happening so fast that people are stunned. I try to listen to guys like stansbery, rogers and max k but really watch what soros and buffet are doing. They are connected to people that move markets, not just players.

          • FWIW, Porter Stansbury is a convicted felon for defrauding his investors.
            Google it~

            • I did that a long time ago. Take a quick peek at his performance record and his YTD return not to shabby huh. Jeff Clark is one of his friends as well and has incredible knowledge. One should always be suspect of any insider tip or knowledge. I watched his video and rather than just opening up my wallet, did some research and found most of the articles he sends to his subscribers are also found online for free. You sound salty, did you pay for the insider tip?

            • He also is incredibly boring to listen to. he needs to get to the point and stop the endless BS when he speaks. Don’t trust him.

        • @Steveo – I like the way you think!

          We can’t know for sure how everything will go down, but to all preppers and survivors, like Steveo, you need a plan.

          Plan your work and work your plan.

      37. Not sure if one will be able to buy PM’s when and if they tank. Rules will change. The government is always three or four steps ahead. Dealers won’t like selling at a big loss. Best bet is to cost average and take possession when you can and realize what you can hold in your hand (now).

      38. Ineptocracy (in-ep-toc’-ra-cy):

        A system of government where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing, and where the members of society least likely to sustain themselves or succeed, are rewarded with goods and services paid for by the confiscated wealth of a diminishing number of producers.

        Joe the plumber knew this…

        • Gotta admit, that’s just damn funny and scarily spot-on!!

        • As a plumber, Joe also knows that shit runs down hill and to flush twice as its a long way from Minnisootah to DC.

      39. Become doctors is the best way to prepare. They will always need doctors.

        • With OweBomma Care? How are those new doctors going to pay off their college loans with chicken bartered eggs?

        • Wrong. Doctors now DEPEND on a very-functional economy. Where will the drugs come from in a collapsed economy for the doctors to work with? What will keep the lights on in the doctor’s office let alone hospitals? And how will Doc even get to work without gas for his Mercedes in a failed economy?

        • Dumbass egomaniac. Nobody cares your going to be a doctor. beat it.

        • The film is crap and a political hit piece. Explain how Obama and the Clintons could not be in it. It was after all about psychos. Palin a psycho? Yeah right dick wad.

      40. What r u all going on about?
        If paper crashes, chase visa and citibank just dont get paid! I
        Dont have a home, dont have savings, dont owe on the car
        There is nothing they can take from me! Cashed out my 401 years ago, already spent.
        Where are they going to send me?
        Debters prison?

        • Yep… ;0) Hi Ho off to jail you will go… The State of illinois is now JAILING Debtors! And some others… before you default on bills check your state laws… Private Prison Industry have a lot of Federal Contracts , Private Prisons are the Sweat Shops of the Federal Government WAR MACHINE! Look it up… and good luck!

          • Since the state of Illinois itself is months late paying $4.8 billion to its vendors and suppliers, my question is this: when does Governor Quinn and the rest of the Democrat machine get thrown in the clink to share cells with Bubba and Rodney?

          • What will happen to inmates in federal prisons in the event of a collapse? Does anyone know?

      41. I’m from Italy and the Euro will not collapse, at least not in our foreseeable future. Eurozone will become (with big quakes and civil strains) stronger from this and next bigger crisis, with integrated tax policy, government, army and imperial international targets. Europe emerged from such historical events as the URSS collapse, the reunification of Germany and it required a lot of wars and over a million of deaths (Kosovo, etc) to complete. It would request cataclismic events unleashed to destroy this construction. IMO, tensions will arise from Asia and middle east, and imperial Europe will crush its people and people abroad going to war in Africa against other blocs. This is the world capitalism will destroy and reforge to survive. It is the time mankind start envision a more advanced production and social system. In the meantime, I feel you US citizens are right on prepping up, I would like do it too, but here absolutely no one even knows what does it mean…

        • Same here but maybe you could talk to those close to you and start spreading the word.

          I think it is all going to end badly my friend, start stockpiling, it’s going to get bumpy.

          Take care x

          • Hi Carolie, my strategy is this: if SHTF soon, I have a safe haven in the inner Alps, where I have a community of friends and land and I could survive better than in Milan also without really prepping. I got some PM to exchange, also. If it doesn’t hit, as I believe, I’m preparing on a long-time basis to form a political alternative, but not on a democratic foundation, because I think that the future is at least a future of civil wars and revolutions.

            • That’s great…I will have to stay here in the city. Nowhere else to go, having said that I am a bit disabled and getting out would be a problem.

              I went skiing…no, I tried to ski in the alps once. Such a beautiful place. All the best to you and yours.

              Take care x

        • Our admitted official figure is 492% but it wouldn’t surprise me at all if you were right

          Take care x

      42. CHILDREN HEALTH WARNING: warn your children this winter folks… don’t eat the radioactive glowing snow… As rescue workers search the rubble, and crews fight to prevent a nuclear disaster, snow has begun falling in Japan–carrying with it not just the challenge of exposure for families forced from their homes, but the chilling reality that the snow may be laced with radiation. Snow flurries have blanketed parts of northeast Japan the snow–like rain–can carry radiation from the upper levels of the atmosphere to ground level, contaminating water supplies and finding its way into food.

        it’s still okay though too eat the yellow snow though… taste just like lemonaide! ;0P pssszzt

        • This time I agree with you lol

          Take care

          • @carolieuk

            ‘0) – wink… pls do stay warm over there this winter… there was a high number of pensioner death last year in britain from cold exposure and look into safely insulating your place some, some airflow is necessary for fresh oxygen… and alcohol burners… you can use alcohol burners safely and cheaply to stay warm during very cold days in small rooms, i have two as emergency back up for heat and cooking and they work awesomely… 95 proof alcohol will burn in them. I place them in my big pots for safety when burning… works nicely. remember some airflow is good and healthy.

            Stay warm… ;0)

      43. Hit the used book stores for christmas presents this year, found several pre 1920 history books, medical texts, chemistry for pharmacy,chemistry from 1890 (makes priming compound and smokeless/black powders) and how too manuals from old popular science and popular mechanics. I spent 30 bucks on 22 books.
        We also ordered lead molds for sinkers, several more calibers, and dual purpose sinker molds (make 4 types of buckshot and fishing jigs). Now its off to the scrap yard for more lead and tire weights.
        Good luck all, God bless and MERRY CHRISTMAS BEDFORD FALLS!

      44. Totally agree with TC. We all know its here. So I too wanted to ask if there is anyone in the Midwest (southern-ish Illinois area) of like mindedness who’d like to chat? Longtime reader first time poster

        • Thanks GS. Good stuff here.

      45. A driver is stuck in a traffic jam on the highway. Nothing is moving.
        Suddenly, a man knocks on the window. The driver rolls down the window and asks, “What’s going on?”

        “Terrorists have kidnapped Congress, and are asking for a $10 million dollar ransom. Otherwise, they are going to douse them all in gasoline and set them on fire. We are going from car to car, taking up a collection.”

        “How much is everyone giving, on average?” the driver asks.
        The man replies, “About a gallon”.

        • EA ……PERFECT,,,i got 10 gallons to donate…

        • have em stop on by, I’ll top him off

      46. Greetings Everyone!
        Hard times ahead for sure.
        Any number of “events” could occur,famine,sickness,earthquake and the(STILL ongoing!)radioactive fallout coming to America via Japan,which is happening on the west coast,to name but a few.
        I don’t doubt for a second that PM will have some wild swings as time passes.Some things we can expect,such as the F.M. being devalued to about 5 cents on the dollar.The UBER-RICH would still be in the sky compared to the 99% of us.And never fear people the 1% fear AND HATE us!The Kochy-croch bros. and their Ilk are spending multi-millions to rig the election process across the country.And they are only some of those that we are aware of.Read an article on Mother Jones about a Texas enclave of the 1% elite,you might want to check it out.
        No matter what comes I have faith and trust in God.BUT like the men of faith mentioned in the O.T./Hebrew scriptures I also know that action IS necessary on my part as well(A.K.A.Lot leaving Sodom for an example).Not every one who claims they have faith are actually “prepped” to put it on the line.Not unlike some who say “this is but a passing moment in history”.History itself is going to CHANGE.And it may happen more quickly any even anyone here can imagine(me included).
        Just my thoughts,if you differ I can still respect you in the morning!
        Best to All
        (all the fed spooks too,you’re gonna need it!)
        Hope everyone can keep warm and day’s bread on the table.

      47. I am curious… if the shtf happens, how do we make the mortgage payment? Will internet be up to do this? Will the mail be delivering checks? or will all financial activity stop that is not related to getting food? Will anyone from the bank come to take your house?

        • Good question(s)!!!!
          Personally,I expect something not unlike Argentina or the twilight of Imperial Rome.Things get more and more “gummed up”.Public Services (due to the whole money thing)get poorer and more infrequent,food becomes scarce and much more expensive,crime increases,etc..
          I wonder about the mtg. thing too,if the bank that “handles” the paperwork fails,how do you make the payment,and to whom?
          guess we’ll get a chance to discover the answers sometime soon.
          just an example I heard about on Imperial Rome,it lasted for quite a while until the Visigoths laid siege and cut the aqueducts suppling the city.It when from about 800,000(as I recall,(someone else correct me on the numbers if I’m wrong)to about 20,000 in a short time period.They couldn’t afford to repair the water supply after the Visigoths finally left.
          No need to take a house w\o a water supply I’ll wager!

      48. nice work on the next days postings …yup i posted on the 20th at about 9 pm mountain time…lazy fukn bitch

        • Unfortunately, in order to prevent the 26,814 spam comments that were filtered in the last 30 days, we have to run an automated system called AKISMET to moderate our comments. Yours happened to be moderated. Sometimes, due to familial needs, work requirements and life in general, we can’t sit in front of the computer 24 hours a day approving comments.

          In the future, we’ll do our best to ensure that every time you post a comment it is moderated and approved within a couple minutes.



          • That’s f’n funny right there. Hate spam.


      50. the way i see it, one of the most important things you can have is food and water, after that, safe shelter.

        all the other shit is ancillary. so as far as PM’s , etc., fine to own them if you have the above taken care of, but if you dont , your priorities are off.

        • Yep, priorities priorities. Without water, you will die in short order -a few days, give or take. Without food, you will die in slower order -anywhere from 30-90 days depending on your fat stores and health.

          Protection from the elements (extreme heat or freezing temps)is certainly up there after the first two. Based on what I have learned, one of the first things to purchase is a quality portable water filter, cause ya’ gotta have water to live!

        • VRF, keep hammering the priorities home.

      51. What is interesting is that the UK is making plans to evacuate their nationals from Europe and there is no mention of the US doing the same. After watching the response to Katrina and a host of other things I would not expect any different.

      52. Hold on boys!
        First one to crash will be GOLD & SILVER. The day right after 12/21/12. The gold mania is approaching the abyss.

        Forget about the stock markets. They will crash in 5 years, not sooner.

        • Philippino Bob

          So what happens to the USD?

          Where does one put their money in your opinion?

          In these times I listen to everyones ideas.

        • PB, agree about ‘forget about the stock market’ but disagree concerning the crash. The market is just being held up as a diversion, it has already crashed or more appropiately; nose dived. Every month people are finding out additional investors are going belly up with lost investments. The panic to remove investments have already started. Gold and silver aren’t going to crash, only gov’t intervention will cause the value to drop inorder to give the image that the fiat dollar has bounced back.
          Kevin2; invest in needs and keep your want investment to maybe 5-10%. Don’t forget to accumilate clothing for yourself, others and for barter. Go to some garage sales and you’ll see some great clothing bargins. Pampers and wipes are pretty good buys for there will be people with babies in need. Also coats and jeans are safe buys for barter, socks and shoe repair kits. Storage space is usually an issue, so invest in some kind of storage facility: i.e. sheds,connexes, old semitrailers, etc..
          Hope this helps.

          • Shoe Goo…in the shoe dept. at Chinamart.

        • I don’t doubt that the metals markets will correct and maybe drop large percentages. Historically investors buy at the top and sell at the bottom. We wait until we are sure of the market, by then it is too late. But with the lack of confidence in fiat currency, the realization that markets and paper are maniputlated by the mega banks I don’t see an alternative. We are turning into investing like our grandparents. They didn’t want anything they couldn’t hold. They bought land, physical metals ect.

          Would you feel confortable holding US Treasuries, or BAC stock?

          • Is that preferred Buffett BAC?

            • But that is where investors make their mistake. They don’t realize that Buffet is protected at both ends. They just see him doing it, this instills confidence, they rush out and buy common stock thinking they are going to get rich. It’s a rigged game, he reaps the rewards on either outcome and the investor is casino gambling.

      53. Please come home. I will not pay anymore for phychic college.

      54. Practice makes perfect. It’s noon. Where are you and your support group right now? Can you get to them? Can they get to you? Can you comunicate with them right now? Why not? Work out the details. Practice. When the balloon goes up, it will be too late.

      55. i had some banking to do this morning and while there i inquired about the cost of a silver dollar..first of all the silver dollar would have to be ordered. my cost for that silver dollar was just under $48.00 and i would also have to pay for the shipping and handling… this was at a bancorp south bank in northeast mississippi. this cat aint buying…$48.00 plus dollars is gonna be spent on water storage containers.

        • Very interesting Caryn. I just got my hands on silver and gold maples for when the SHTF. Went back and forth between the maples and the eagles but thought – hey maybe Canada if all else fails.

        • That’s quite a spread fee being that spot is $29.31 as I post.

          Carefull Survivor Mike, when you cash in foreign PM they will hit you with a big tax if you go to the same place. One should always look at the policy of selling to the same place where purchased. Colorado Golddotcom is best if you buy in bulk.

      56. Hi everyone,
        I’ve been reading this site like crazy over the past few weeks and learning a lot from all of you. Sorry if this is not the right place to ask this question. An article by Brandon Smith was posted last week called “The Poor Man’s Guide to Survival Gear.” He talked about solar panels, here is the quote:
        “A simple and comparably affordable set-up would include one 180 Watt solar panel (which can quickly charge your battery bank during the day), one deep cycle battery, a charge controller, and an inverter. This kit can be had for $600 to $1000, is compact enough to fit a medium Rubbermaid storage bin, and will power almost every appliance and charge every electronic device that would make life easier during a collapse.”
        Can anyone give me recommendations on brands or where I can buy such a kit? I looked on Amazon, they had a kit by Sunforce but the reviews were not great. I don’t know anything about solar power but I’d like to get a small system to power up electronics and maybe some appliances once in a while. Also we have chickens and we run a ventilation fan 24/7 in the coop, maybe something like this would make sense. Any help would be appreciated.

      57. When the SHTF, don’t worry. You can only fall so far. And from where I’m sitting, the ground isn’t that far!! So, I think I”ll be OK!!!

      58. (1) Don’t worry, Obama will save you.

        (2) Seriously, the reason for this British action is that hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of Brits have property/wealth in Spain and Portugal. It is sort of like a New Yorker with a condo in Miami. It became the thing for Brits with money to do. The government now is basically telling them, get as much out now while you can, because we are not responsible for your foreign investments.

        (3) I am not so sure all of this is bad news for the U.S. So far, European money is fleeing Europe and winding up in the dollar and U.S. stock market. It stands to reason that no one will be investing in the EURO or Euro stocks anytime soon. China, India, Russia. . . see the dollar and U.S. stocks as a much better option.

        (4) If we really get to a true SHTF/TEO scenario, with “The Road” or a “The Book of Eli” reality, it really doesnt’ matter much if you have gold or silver or even food or guns/ammo. So few will survive, and those who do will likely have to do monstrous things to survive. As was asked during the Cold War: “Will the survivors envy the dead?”

      59. Guhh, scary stuff…
        Ive started carring a small bible around, im that worried. Betweend the NDAA act and this, im scared

      60. Am looking forward to great waves of bloated, veiny, pot-bellied Brits trying to get their asses on to a mercy flight out of Spain.

        Even more amusement to be had when they try to get somewhere to stay in the UK’s dystopic inner city ghettos. They were burning a few months ago, can you image what they would be like with even more people piling in?

        I shiver…

      61. Uk based (our locations give us different perspectives).

        I’ve got a feeling REAL shtf won’t happen till after the Olympics – anyone taken a REAL hard look at the symbolism of the opening ceremony and the planned military build up for that event?

        They have a nasty circus planned for that (9/11 stylee). Other than that the boiling frogs are bubbling away gently, some individuals are already at shtf stage as more and more lose their homes/savings/jobs etc. The rest are increasingly resentful of any social welfare saftey nets to protect the war vet, the unemployed grandma who has worked all her life, the disabled.

        Instead of asking why we continue to fund the miltary industrial complex and bankers welfare, on both sides of the atlantic populations are turning on the poor, the destitute, the disabled. How tptb must be laughing at us!

        I get the increasing feeling that after the Olympics are over it’s gonna be “open house” for the ordinary Joe everywhere in the west on both sides of the atlantic.

        I’ve noticed in Europe it’s those countries where citizens are most likely to be “free thinkers” that are being attacked financially first. Look at the the stereotypical Character of the Greek – he’s a pretty independent minded soul and he understands democracy cos his culture invented it!

        Any protests are either distorted in the media (London riots the youth didn’t like 300 dying in police custody in 2010 – look up what triggered tottenham)OR simply blacked out (Sicily).

        Insulting nationals of different regions makes no sense to the tptb we are all scum, Greek, USA, or Romanian and they have no interest in us other than bleeding us dry. You are either in the illuminati club or you aren’t and Joe six pack isn’t and never will be. Divide and rule is one of their favourite tools as it’s so effective and has been used against us since the dawn of time.

        For an insight into how it’s gonna go – look up feudalism. The serfs (that’s us) toiled their whole lives to live in a hut. To them we are less than cattle.

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