Britain Raises Threat Level, Attack ‘Highly Likely’

by | Jan 23, 2010 | Headline News | 3 comments

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    Via Times Online:

    Britain’s terrorist threat level was raised tonight from “substantial” to “severe” – meaning that counter-terrorism agencies believe an attack is “highly likely”.

    The measure was approved at a meeting of the Government’s Cobra emergency committee and announced by Alan Johnson, the Home Secretary.

    The Times understands that the decision to raise the threat level is connected to the conference on Afghanistan taking place at Lancaster House, London, next Thursday.

    Sources said there had been intensive discussions throughout the day relating to intelligence suggesting a possible attempted “spectacular” by an al-Qaeda affiliated group.

    But the shift was also described by one source as “precautionary” rather than rooted in any firm information that an identified terror cell was plotting an attack.

    Full report…


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      1. these threat levels are ridiculus and are treated like a car alarm in a busy parking lot: “SEVERE” would make you think its, well , severe. yet  also described as  “precautionary” . my umbrella in my truck is precautionary. i guess it gives someone a job.

      2. Comments…..I read some where, that they are afraid that a “terrorist group” wants to attack hillary clinton, SO we and the brits are gonna spend 100 million Extra on security in both nations, because they THINK some one is goona do something? Let us prey ” please oh lord, let the collapse happen soon, so all the cowards that are in charge will quite the  b*llsh*t jobs they have, and disapear out of our (and the worlds)lives AAMMEENN!

      3. Sometimes I find my self hoping that the the collapse happens sooner than later. It seems that it would be nice to see the playing field leveled. The reality of the collapse is not going to be good in anyway, global suffering will likely be of biblical perportions. 

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