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    This article was contributed by James Davis with Future Money Trends. 

    This week, we saw markets start to factor in something that many TRUMP SUPPORTERS are refusing to believe, which is that Joe Biden is DEFINITELY LEADING in most polls.

    What the Trump supporters cling onto is that in 2016, all of these SO-CALLED GENIUS POLLSTERS were dead-wrong, not accounting for what are referred to as “Shy Trumpsters,” which are supporters who will only admit the fact to themselves and sometimes their close family.

    Failure to understand this IMPORTANT DYNAMIC caused the shock around CLINTON’S LOSS in 2016, and they believe history will repeat itself on November 3rd, which is less than a month away.

    There is SOME MERIT to this, as the company that predicted Trump’s victory back then is forecasting him to win in a TIGHT RACE!


    Despite this being issued by the only polling firm that CORRECTLY CALLED the 2016 election, the wisdom of the crowds favors Biden right now.

    For one, China’s yuan just had an incredible week. The dollar dumped to THREE-WEEK lows, even though real rates actually climbed. What’s behind these BIG MOVES? Well, if Biden wins, tensions with China are supposed to ease, which is another way of saying that HARDBALL NEGOTIATIONS will be canceled and the policy that wiped out the American middle class –  which is to allow the Chinese to compete with the West without respecting the rules of the game – WILL RETURN.

    In the case of a Biden win, FAR LESS unpredictability is almost guaranteed. One thing about the past four years that was very noticeable is how aggressive Trump’s governance style is. If he has a MISSION AT HEART, it will get done, even at the cost of short-term mayhem.

    His supporters love this about him; his haters think it is borderline insanity to run a country in this manner.

    Less unknown things and fewer LAST-MINUTE BOMBSHELLS reduce the need to be as LIQUID, therefore resulting in a weaker dollar.


    So, a Biden victory is actually BETTER FOR METALS than a Trump one.

    Trump has caused the dollar to strengthen significantly in his term compared with other fiat currencies. In 2018, the dollar actually had its BEST YEAR since 1969. This made the gold/silver ratio reach an all-time high of 123:1, so if you’re LONG SILVER, Biden’s policies will actually make you richer.

    Regardless of who wins, Future Money Trends believes that the stock market will GO UP.

    Our watch lists have brought TREMENDOUS WINS in March, June, over the summer, and just recently, in the SEPTEMBER CORRECTION.

    With the INITIAL ONE, there are companies that are up over +70% now!

    With the SECOND ONE, there are companies that are up over +50% now in less than FIVE MONTHS.

    With the THIRD ONE, released over the summer, we believe that Ciena (CIEN), which we’re personally big shareholders of with an entry price of $44.05, will see a massive long-term opportunity. Put differently, we think that in 2030, when you look at this holding compared with the indices, you’ll potentially see a BIG GAP to its advantage.

    In late August, anticipating a TERRIBLE SEPTEMBER, we issued a tech-centered watch list, OUR FOURTH ONE. One company is already up 15.3% for us. Ironically, the other companies are up MUCH MORE, +20% and even +30% and +40%, if one didn’t wait for the price to drop to the proposed LIMIT ORDERS.

    Being able to invest DESPITE the innumerable reasons NOT TO, which the gloom and doom crowd always finds, is probably what investors in the 1940s and EARLY 1980s had to DEAL WITH as WW2 ended and the 1970s inflationary nightmare ended.

    The eternal mandate is to be a contrarian or SUFFER.


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      1. Trump just had 30,000 cars for his rally in Miami. Biden had 30.

        Compare and contrast EVERY SINGLE Biden Rally to a Trump Rally.

        That’s the only metric that matters, people actually getting out.

        So keep playing with your useless charting and talk to me post election.

        This site has gone down hill lately. Complete click bait trash articles. About ready to unsubscribe.

        • I agree with you on your post. But what do you expect they are all a bunch of shit eaters and they all belong to the pig committee you know WHO I’m talking about . Elbulleheal

      2. The partisan media has increased disinformation in America. Many Americans do not recall a time when 24/7 partisan news outlets did not exist because they were not alive. CNN was the first, and was extremely left leanin in its treatment of news coverage as well as its treatment of guests, which was countered with the creation of Fox News, which was also countered with MSNBC.

        There was a gradual decrese that happened over the past few decades of News casters or Show hosts debating blatant lies and using evasionary tactics of questions asked by show hosts. The hosts usually do not intervene as they had in the past. The other extreme is the White House Press confrerences where the reporters refuse to stop shouting down the White House spokes person, and the reporters themselves are actually blatantly lying and demanding the the White House spokes person agrees with them, for example the false allegations of Assad using barrel bombs on Syrians, when he was not. They simply will not stop in some cases, amd simply refuse to intervene in other cases. 

        I apologize for such a distant example, but disconnected my tv because of it because it was literally driving me crazy! 

        Considering that it was also extremely expensive, I just was not going to pay so much money to be tortured to find out was going on in the world, and just by watching it, there was no way to find out what was actually going on in the world because nearly all of it was disinformation.

        Since the partisan shows exist, guests and politicians usually only appear on shows that will not intervene when the guests are lying or using evasionary tactics.

        The politicians and policy makers now have an air of superiority and believe that they are exempt from being questioned for blatant lies, or for refusing to provide direct answers to pertinent questions.

        This has spilled over into society as a whole. It has made our entire society more dishonest, and it has also made our entire society less likely or incapable of being able to demand the truth and debate policy on its merits. 

        Debating has almost become a lost art in America as a result of partisan news. 

        People are literally shocked when people confront them for lyimg over the air waves, as if it is their right to just blatantly lie about current events and demand that those that are telling the truth be censored, or even worse, imprisoned like Assange, Manning, Schulte, and many others.

        These individuals are truly narcissists and believe that they are exempt from criticism and the world literally cannot go on this way.

        They contradict themselves constantly and are not questioned about it.

        Anthony Fauci is a perfect example who said himself in a New England Journal of Medicine article that covid-19 would be similar in transmission and fatality to the flu. In another medical journal article, Anthony Fauci said that Hydroxychloroquine is an effective treatment for covid-19.

        Does anyone seriously believe that the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC do not know what Anthony Fauci is writing in medical journals?!

        The media has failed America.

        Andrea Iravani

      3. I don’t read you much anymore, because your info has been wrong time after time! I think your a sell out and part of the problem ! Why don’t you concentrate on improving the site and getting better reporters for your articles !

      4. “Polls” are B.S. Voters, as a group, are not stupid. DEMONRATS spent years trying to accomplish a coupe de’tat. DEMONRATS displayed no decorum in the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings. DEMONRATS condoned the Temper Tantrum Crowd burning American cities & damaging statues. DEMONRATS condoned endless riots in Demonrat-run cities. Americans will not vote to perpetuate those behaviors.

      5. Hello Mr . Davis this is bellevue psych ward calling as to when you’d like a room reserved especially for you sir. Rubber padding and all.

      6. They are sampling Democrats at 35% and Republicans at 24%. How can this not be the main talking point?

      7. James Davis is right. Trumptards are wrong.

      8. You’re an idiot. Agree with others. This use to be a daily site for me. Now, maybe once a week.

      9. with promises of $15,000,000.00 wages why would he?
        maybe he’ll let you pet his leg hair!

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