Brilliant Lights and a Massive Solar Storm Just Hit Earth: “Power Grid and GPS Could Be Disrupted”

by | Jun 24, 2015 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 111 comments

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    Thought it couldn’t happen here? Well it just did.

    A major geomagnetic storm – triggered by a solar mass coronal ejection – just took place this week on a massive scale – creating a level 4 event that produced brilliant auroras (visible in the sky over northern parts of North America and Europe) as well as significant solar-magnetic distortions in the atmosphere:

    The Earth is being battered by a huge solar storm, which could disrupt the power grid and GPS as well as letting people see beautiful auroras.

    A potent blast of magnetic plasma shot out of the sun on Sunday, travelling faster than usual, according to the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). It brought with it the biggest solar storm at least since March, and perhaps since September 2005.

    The solar weather brought with it aurora — spectacular lights that could be seen over the US overnight. (source)

    Astronauts and northern dwellers tweeted photos of the amazing light show it produced:

    Reuters reported on the severity of the storm, suggesting the power of solar events, and ultimately the vulnerability of our fragile civilization and its unprotected electric grid:

    On Sunday, during the summer solstice, a huge blast on the sun sent coronal mass ejections in our direction, which reached Earth on Monday afternoon [and] could go on throughout Tuesday.


    The geomagnetic storm was classified G4, the second-highest possible degree – the last on such a scale happened in March, when auroras were seen as far south as New Mexico.

    An event on a slightly larger scale – categorized as a G5 event – which scientists agree could happen anytime and may be imminent in the next 30 years – would be enough to disrupt the power grid and cut off our ties to modern electronic society.

    This massive and brilliant solar storm should double as a dire reminder as to why an EMP threat to civilization is perhaps the most relevant wide-scale existential crisis.

    To put it simply, a truly massive solar magnetic event could trigger devastating consequences – tens of millions could starve, while billions could face prolonged periods – perhaps years and even a decade without a restoration of power, essential services and other modern luxuries.

    Experts have warned that ‘within one year 9 out of 10 Americans would be dead.

    Natural News pointed out the stark realities, and reminded people of the sober necessity to prepare – not only by stockpiling weapons, ammo and supplies, but by leading a more self-reliant lifestyle.

    The question is: Are you ready if and when the grid goes down? How long could you survive without electricity?

    A week?

    A month?

    A decade…?

    The sobering reality is that the majority of the U.S. population is totally unprepared for such a scenario, particularly those living in large cities.

    The only protection is to become as self-sufficient as possible, and this is crucial not only because of the threat of solar flares, but also a number of other possible scenarios in which we can no longer depend on the grid.

    However, prepping for a grid failure or other disasters is not something one can do overnight. And it’s not all about stockpiling water, food, guns and ammo.

    It’s more about changing one’s overall mindset and slowly beginning to become self-reliant in both thoughts and actions. Even those living in urban areas will have a chance at survival if they begin making the necessary changes in thinking and lifestyle. (Read more at

    As SHTF has previously reported, transitioning to a lifestyle where you can grow your own food, and harvest your own energy (such as with solar panels) is key to avoiding the potentially deadly disruptions that a massive solar storm or manmade EMP attack could cause.

    Living a more independent life in general minimizes the importance of the oh-so-vulnerable grid and offers greater freedom to individuals and communities who have brought the generation of power back home.

    Decentralization and local, voluntary cooperation are the keys to survival before and after the “big event”… read more about that here.

    Are you prepared? Because it really could happen, and it almost did.


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      1. ooooooohhhh-aaaaaaaaaahhhhh…….still here with all the lights and A/C on.

        • I hope u stop shame thing when another carrington event hits us. Yes shame thing

            • As an Extra Class HAM, I can say the bands are always changing, shifting, surprising me all the time. Solar storms do shut us down, but only on certain frequencies, and it never silences local radio traffic (100 miles).

              In fact, you can even bounce signals off of the aurorae!

              HAM radio will be the de facto communications powerhouse in any type of event, period. We have more infrastructure thru amateur use than all of the government. Hell there are over 30 repeaters within 25 miles of my location.

              The FCC has dropped the Morse Code requirement for all licenses. The entry level exam for Technician costs around $18.00. The knowledge requirement is about 75% safety and the rest about what frequencies you can use as a Technician and why. You could read the question pool today and pass the test tomorrow.

              Get to work, son.

              • can you divulge what is talked about on the HAM radio ? or are those people asleep ?

                do they discuss our current situations ?

                any benefit to being on there now? or is it something to use when the shit hits?

                been curious about ham radio operation and what its all about and what they talk about , but not going to blow the time and money if you guys are all talking needle point and shit like that

                please enlighten me , im not being sarcastic ,, i really want to know because i dont have time to waste

                • HAM radio is just like any other form of communication, in that just about everything is talked about. As signals are often able to travel the world, we are supposed to be ambassadors for the country in which we live. In reality, and as the license restrictions have relaxed, a less desirable element has emerged, but there have always been those types.

                  The function of HAM radio is to understand that communications can be maintained with even very basic equipment and skills. I earned my WAS (Worked All States) on an entry level transceiver (100 watts) and a basic dipole antenna I made (from old speaker wire) and hung in a tree.

                  I guess the best benefit is being able to communicate with others using non traditional means without relying on anything but a battery, radio and some wire, ie not having to rely on telephone or the internet. Being able to hear broadcasts from other countries that are not biased, or biased in a way you never imagined possible could also be helpful.

                  As with most things, there are hundreds of aspects of radio you could get into. During major events, HAMs are the first to have comms, the first reports come from HAMs with eyes on ground. HAM radio does not require other services to work. You are not required to get licensed for HAM if you only want to listen, you only required a license to transmit.

                  When I talk on the radio, it is mostly with my brother who lives about 40 miles away. We can talk barefoot, without repeaters very reliably. We can be mobile or based at home. We mostly bullshit but often we talk about prepper stuff, being self sufficient, teasing new HAMs, what new mode we want to try.

                • Some hams do “homebrew.” Others upgrade and modify (but only within the law):

                  In answer to EOTS, there is enormous variety, everything from friendly prepper nets and helpful radio engineers to rowdies and snobby old hams talking about their health problems and complaining about the newcomers.

                  A word to the wise—Just as there are snoopy busybodies in homeowners’ associations, there is a small, but virulent, subset of ham informants who have plenty of time on their hands to “nark” on even minor offenses, like forgetting to close a “QSO” (radio contact) with a call sign.

                  For the prepper, start here:

                  EOTS, I encourage you. A $30 Baofeng and 1 night with Gordon West’s latest $20 Technician Exam Guide is not a punishing amount of time or money. If you like it and find it useful, you can invest what time and money suits you.

              • TS – Great advice and info! Been wanting to do that , just keep thinking it would be as time consuming as getting my private pilot rating.

              • Ham radio question?

                What are your plans/arrangements for electricity to run your radio in long term power failures?

                Are their discussions of EMP proof radio rooms?

                • Many ham radios run on 12.6 Volts DC yet still transmit with 100 Watts. Solar panels and auto batteries solve the power problem. Post-apocalypse you may not be able to easily run a 1,500 Watt behemoth to blast Antarctica, but there are “QRP” (low power) hams who pride themselves on transoceanic contacts with as little as 5 (yes, “five”!!!) Watts.

                  Handheld and mobile transceivers can be stored in Faraday bags/cages disconnected from their antennas.

                  I see two problems with an EMP-resistant room:
                  (1) radio reception and transmission require an effective antenna, an item that amplifies, not blocks, electromagnetic radiation (yes, you can disconnect the antenna when not in use) and
                  (2) a room is immobile, so any regular transmission of news or opinion inconvenient to the enemies of all mankind would certainly be located by RF triangulation and destroyed in short order.

                  Prefer “mobile” and “great antenna” to “max power.”

                  • On 40 meters QRP of 1 watt CW I went from Texas to France. Did it with a dipole. CQ, CQ…. Cheers!

        • Word “could” used way too many times in this article. Wake me when “could” turns to “did”…

          • Wal-Mart to impose charges on suppliers as its costs mount

            “Wal-Mart Stores will begin charging fees to almost all vendors for stocking their items in new stores and for warehousing inventory, raising pressure on suppliers as the world’s largest retailer battles higher costs from wage hikes.”

            “For instance, Wal-Mart is seeking to charge a food supplier 10 percent of the value of inventory shipped to new stores and to new warehouses, both one-time charges, and 1 percent to hold inventory in existing warehouses, according to a copy of amended terms seen by Reuters.”

            Reuters dot com

            Years ago grocery stores had extra food and other items stocked in the back. Now, many times what is on the shelves is all that is available.

            In recent years, I have noticed that stores like Walmart stock even LESS food and other items. The canned items and dry foods are often just arranged different, (arranged to the end of the shelf now) so the shelves “appear” to be full.

            I expect the end result of theses new “charges on suppliers” is we will see LESS FOOD stocked on the shelves in Wal-mart in the future.

            This will make it even harder for those who only do a last minute prep.

            • I just got back from the Home Depot
              before going I went on-line to see if they had the items I wanted,
              everything was in stock and the web site even told me how many and what aisle to find everything on

              when I got there
              they had NONE of it in stock

              so much for just in time delivery,bar coded everything and computers !!!

              • I’m thinking Home Depot’s website (and indeed, entire inventory system) is run by untrained monkeys.

                I’ve had the same experience so many times I gave up checking the website. Also, about 1/3 of the time (when I can actually ever find a guy on the floor) and I ask them to check inventory at another store, they either can’t or they’re wrong. I go to the other store where even the Home Depot guy says there are 6 of whatever… aaaand there’s zero.

                • I recently had a similar experience at Best Buy, but when they checked inventory for other local stores, I had them call that store, confirm the product on the shelf, put my name on it, and bought the product at the store where I was at with my credit card. I took the receipt, drove to the other store, and picked up my property.

                  In most cases you are magnitudes more intelligent and more experienced than the kid behind the counter. Use it to your advantage to make them jump through hoops for you, so that you can get what you want. Money talks. Make them listen. 🙂

              • Ha, ha, ha… last week I had a similar experience with Sears Automotive… except I called and was assured they had the part… except they didn’t… but they were thoughtful enough to suggest that I wait there 3 hours while they got the part.

                No wonder Sears, like the rest of the USA, is swirling down the commode.

          • This whole website should be titled “Could Happen, Might Happen, Maybe Will Happen Between 2015 and 2035”

          • After “did” you wouldn’t be able to read the article anyway…

        • If you’re reading this article on your computer, you know it’s a bullshit piece of fear porn.

          • Wait a sec, Smok! We had three quick brown outs yesterday.

            Third one caused my high tech washer to stop and the locking mechanism to fail and I couldn’t get the door open. After two weeks on the road I was kinda miffed I couldn’t get the clothes washed.

            Hubby just unplugged machine and it worked fine when plugged back in.

            So? Cause of brown outs? Never had ’em in the 16 yrs we’ve lived here.

            Maybe the CMEs had something to do with it? !

            • “G”
              Where do you live. Just a general ides.
              Illinois we have had nothing.

              • Here in Cook County we had a brown out of sorts on Monday. Our local BP station got robbed by a darkie at 10 PM.

                • No problems in Prison City….

                • Brown outs here in east Texas yesterday. …

                  Y’all keep preppin

                  • A particularly intense solar flare on the solstice which just so happens to be “much faster than usual”, which also produced a RED aurora??

                    Or maybe it was a warning to the US leadership, in the form of a tiny (tactical sized) nuke going off in orbit, not bit enough to produce a devastating EMP, but just enough to be seen and noticed?

                    The message being, “that could have been the moment right there….when IT’S ON…keep fucking with Russia/China and see what happens next.”

              • Southern Middle Tennessee Sarge

            • I had a camshaft sensor go out in the trickster on Saturday, but I’m pretty sure having 180,000 miles on it is the culprit, not the solar pulsing.

              Replacing the accelerator pedal sensor tomorrow, though.

              Coincidence? I think not.

        • Stop with the “could”, after the fact and when no one has seen ANYTHING occur as described! This reminds me of the democrat party screaming republicans are going to take away social security… How many times must they say that and nothing happens before the lemming voters finally see that politician’s only create crap and never take it away…………

          • The Carrington Event did happen. It will happen again. Not could happen, but will happen.

            And the latest storm did affect radio communications.

            • This article (and many others over time) describes it in apocalyptic terms…. and this article was written after it was all over, so it was all over and still it’s an apocalypse…..

        • PO’d, Actually my AC is working at much cooler temp today. I guess I need to thanks the mother nature and ask for more solar storm.

        • The moon is hollow and lizard people have all the top positions in government. If you believe that, or you don’t, is irrelevant. You should be prepping for reality. The reality is, self sufficiency is by far the greatest gift you can give yourself and your family, hands down.

          All those liberal hippies at Burning Man, you know, the leave no trace folks, they even promote self sufficiency, well at least while they are on the playa. Maybe that is only because they don’t want to share their own shit…

          I have had a moderate interest in solar for years. Simple 12 volt systems can be had pretty cheap these days. You had better start messing with 12 Volt DC power now, not when you need it. A solar panel and battery bank combo is quiet, clean, simple and effective. Go buy a hundred watt panel (mono is better than poly), a cheap charge controller and a deep cycle battery. Hook it up and use it now. Learn what series and parallel connections are. Learn about amps, volts, watts, Ohm’s Law. Understand why voltage drop occurs on long wire runs. Learn what angle your solar panels should be at during each part of the year.

          All that can be done in one day for about $300.00. Including all the reading on simple electronic theory. One hundred years ago the day ended when the sun went down. If only to have a light to read, to take a piss, to comfort a scared child – these are quality of life issues that can be easily secured with simple DC systems.

          • Townsaver- I passed my general a couple months ago and would like to reiterate your beliefs that anyone can pass an exam… while waiting to get my results, I witnessed two others from a class of over 35 persons, fail the exam. Granted not all were going after the general, and when going after my technicians, saw two fail that one. What you should possibly have said was, that if a person was intelligent enough to study the exam book to learn what is necessary to pass, they would pass fairly easily.
            I also would like to say that amateur radio to some is nothing but “contesting” — not my idea of fun. I work 40 meter and 2 meter mostly, but 15 works well as of yesterday. I live in the desert SW.. hope to hear you. As “coded messages” are not FCC approved, a “phrase” could be said to identify one another? (I’m NOT giving my call on this site).

            • It doesn’t matter, curious. You already gave your call sign to the government. They know exactly who you are, where you’re from, and that you’re a radio enthusiast.

              I do not need permission from any government organization to use my God given right to communicate. And I’m much safer for not having asked.

              No guns in my name either.

          • Do you have a cache of replacement diodes for the solar cells, and backup inverters too when the pulse hits and fries it all?

            Collect and preserve the technology as much as possible, but do not depend on it. In my view, if you can’t manufacture it, you don’t own it.

        • Mac, this happened three days ago and it’s just now being posted? Old news.

      2. Only thing I see today that is bombarding us is our own political party with Obamas trans pacific bullshit

        • Ditto!!!!!

          • You’ll vote for them anyway.

            They know that which is why they do this.

      3. Did not notice anything here. We try to prep for most everything but there are just some things that are out of our control. If the Lord calls you home, you are going home.



      5. Lets hope it took some of the CCTV’s out that are watching us and that some Google/NSA systems went bang.

        Please support my move to have EMP’s used to take us back to the 1980’s because all that computers are doing is making us slaves as we are being taught to obey the machine, walk, don’t walk

      6. Yep…

        Self-sufficiency and a minimalist lifestyle are good things to work on. Hoarding buckets is only a temporary stopgap.

        Just got done with 21 quarts of dill pickles and a gallon jar of refrigerator dill veggies. Beets later this week. Get into the yellow light and out of the blue light. Go out and get your fingernails dirty. Mass starvation is coming.

        Solar storm? No worries here…I survived it. Came out of the tin foil lined bunker last evening to walk the dog and saw the Northern Lights. I neglected to wear my tin foil lined hat when I emerged from ground.

        I received a message from the Orken solar system that a relief mission is on the way. When I came to, the dog was pissin’ on my leg. I think the neighbor put a mickey in my everclear.

        • Tin foil hats must be properly grounded to be effective!

      7. Homemade Canned “Cheese Whiz”
        1 (5 oz.) can evaporated milk
        1 T. vinegar
        ½ tsp. salt
        1 lb. Velveeta cheese or any processed cheese
        ½ tsp. dry mustard
        Melt milk and cheese in double boiler. Add rest of ingredients and mix well. Fill pint jars about 1” from top of jar and seal. Place in Boiling Water bath for 10 minutes.

        Basic Saltines Crackers
        2 c. flour
        1 t. salt
        ½ t. baking powder
        ¼ c. butter
        ½ c. milk
        1 large egg
        You will also need a large mixing bowl and and a fine sieve to make your crackers. Sift flour, salt and baking powder and place into a large mixing bowl. Cut cold butter into small chunks and “cut” into the flour until it reaches a grainy consistency. Add milk and egg and knead until it becomes a stiff dough. Roll the dough out really thin. Cut the dough into squares. Prick little holes in crackers with a fork; bake in a 400º preheated oven for about 10 minutes.*Tip: If you would like to make round crackers and don’t have any cookie cutters, just use the rim of a small glass or cup. Dip the rim into a little flour first and then you can cut your crackers.If you like salted crackers, sprinkle the uncooked crackers with a little bit of coarse salt.

        Survival Bread
        2 c. oats
        2 ½ c. powdered milk
        3 ½ oz pkg. Jell-O (orange or lemon)
        3 T. honey
        3 T. water
        1 c. sugar
        Combine oats, powdered milk and sugar. In a medium pan, mix: water, Jell-O and honey. Bring to a boil; add dry ingredients and mix well. (If the mix is too dry, add a small amount of water a teaspoon at a time). Shape dough into a loaf (about the size of a brick). Place on a cookie sheet and bake at 350º for 15-20 minutes; cool. If you increased the recipe for multiple loaves you can place several at a time onto the cookie sheet for baking. Don’t place them too close together.
        Once the bread is baked remove from the cookie sheet and allow to cool completely. The bread can be wrapped whole in the foil for storage. This bread will keep indefinitely and each loaf is the daily nutrients for one adult. I recommend the use of this recipe for anyone who likes to do a lot of camping and overnight outdoor activities. This recipe is for one loaf.

        • thanks for the recipes!

        • @Copperhead…good to see more of your recipes! Take care all, CC.

      8. Why Is NASA Working On A Way To Destroy Asteroids Using Nuclear Weapons?

        ht tp://

        this is another threat that has been getting a lot of attention lately

        • Maybe they want to destroy an asteroid using a nuclear weapon, did you consider that possibility?

          • Busy work for more funding.

        • Scientists Are Crowdfunding Spacecraft To Blast Asteroids Out Of The Sky

          “it’s the smaller and “medium-sized” asteroids we need to worry about—those ranging from 100 to 1,000 feet in diameter.”

          “because of their smaller size, the space rocks are harder to spot many years in advance, perhaps going undetected until just a few a short weeks before they crash.”

          “And if scientists find one to be headed toward a major city, the impact could be on par with that of an atomic blast.”

          “A 150-meter-wide asteroid is called ‘city killer’… It can destroy a typical metropolitan area, with no guarantee in warning time.”

          Popular Science

        • “S”
          My idea is that we have more nukes to blow up the world than we need.
          So we are going to use the nukes that would be left over to kill asteroids.
          You see we have about 20 times too many nukes for blowing the world to S$%T!

          • I’ve always wondered what was the point in having all these nukes if you couldn’t light one off now and then, you know?

            I mean, what would it really hurt, geopolitically speaking, if Pyongyang got it during the next May Day parade? Seems like the benefits outweigh the negatives, to me.

      9. A thing of a natural beauty turned into fear porn doom and gloom. Enough already, homestead like your great grandparents did and enjoy life!

      10. The whole nuclear weapon, nuclear power industry is total insane stupidity, likewise the entire oil and chemical industries, they have all polluted our only home and driven the wars that increasingly threaten our existence. These criminally entrenched greedy warmongering psychopaths who control these power sources are owned by the usurpers of our freedoms, the elite of the NWO pushers. All of these industries gouge the public stupendously, while murdering the competition of clean energy sources. Of course how could you justify high energy prices from sunshine and wind? The fact that there is little opposition to these monstrous polluters of our birth and lifeplace speaks volumes. The killing machines roll on while not a sane soul has a voice strong enough to counter the utter madness.

      11. Regardless of whether this kind of thing is ‘the event’, it still makes sense to be able to survive at least three months without power and without any outside food or water.

      12. I wish it would have hit this country. No offense to some of the good people out there, but a majority of the people here are greedy, self-centered, people who propagate evil. A lot of folks don’t love their neighbors or anyone else for that matter. It is sad to say that. Perhaps, we would actually be better off thinning the herd of people like that.

      13. There is so little time, thought or effort that is spent feeding ourselves unlike it has ever been since time began. If someone makes some home made bread, it is a novelty, not a way to keep you family fed. I guess what I am saying is that if we lose the electric grid we will become more like the animals who spend almost all their time trying to feed their faces. Just won’t have time for all the luxuries we enjoy today.

      14. THAT could explain why my computer shut down, briefly, on Monday

        No damage though

      15. No problems in Central Illinois.
        When one does hit and the power goes down, now that will be the time that I will get concerned.
        I’m more concerned about the tornadic activity that we have had in the last few days. We are to get more.

      16. I see a lot of “BS” style comments here. This storm, while strong, was not nearly as powerful as one could be. For those of you that think the effects will never be, or that you simply “unplug, replug and start”, talk to some electrical or nuclear engineers. I was kind of skeptical of the doomsday effects of EMP’s after seeing the govt test (which they shouldn’t be fully trusted anyhow). I was informed by various engineers that the levels used for those test were very low, which is why most vehicles were able to be restarted. Effects from a very large CME (Carrington Event) or HEMP would devastate us. Stop going off of peoples’ guesses and look at the science and experts who know.

        There’s a reason why we talked about this a lot when I was in the military. It’s a real possibility, but has a very expensive solution. Govt has other, more luxurious areas to blow money, FYI

      17. Saw this today, we are led by a fact-resistant strain of humans in Washington.

        • fact-resistant? Humans? Awfully generous today, aren’t we…

        • OK P.C. going over board!
          Let us call it like it is. Dumb Sons & Daughters -Of- Bitches. I’m not holding back.

          • Or maybe there really are lizard people.

            • Does standard lizard repellent work on them?

      18. yep got the ac on gps ha i still use paper maps i upgade maps every few years until the when a new street or development goes up i just draw it in my map. i was a professional driver before gps was ever dreamed up. most people cant handle 1 day of hard labor in the high heat or extreme cold its the story of my life good luck all if your not used to laboring now would be the time to get used to it.

      19. i look out for me i must be a piece of shit then. i must be whats wrong with the world. not the free loaders they are good and decent folks. the guy that puts his family first is a piece of shit and must be thinned from the herd. asshole selfish hoarding douche bags like me have ruined the world not the useless eaters. that is how sick people are cat even tell the difference from good or bad.

      20. I guess when we start hearing the sightings of that Red Planet, all bets are off. First thing I’m going to do is get some beer and booze and Party Hardy for the world is going to be hard to live in. Might burn some Mary Jane and go, Oh, Wow Man!, listening to some Cheech and Chong as the flaming rocks come down upon the earth.
        Whatever is coming our way, we won’t know till we get there. Until then I will pour me another.

        • Surreal times we are living in. My weed is still growing. Looking forward to my first big outdoor harvest this year….while the entire world is collapsing around us. Think I’m gonna sit this one out. Y’all can find me back in the holler somewhere, laid up in the shade. Wake me up when the Russians are a couple hundred clicks out.

      21. This is interesting. I have a GPS vehicle tracking device installed in my SUV, so I know at all times where it is being operated. Yesterday the GPS was out of service for the entire day. If it’s location was found, it was way off from where the vehicle actually was. This morning it was working just fine.

      22. Off Topic, sorta-

        I am taking a two trip mid August, with my children in our motorhome. My husband isn’t going, can’t get away from his business at that point.

        I have a looong drive ahead of me and will be camping once we arrive. My motorhome is stocked with food, water, etc. but I am sure I don’t have everything I will need.

        Where I am headed is remote and I have good friends there who have supplies BUT, I will have 5 children with me and I am trying to prepare to the best of my ability.

        My list, so far;

        Guns & ammo

        40 gallons water and water purification tabs

        two weeks food

        First aid kit ( I think I am npot stocked well enough here, also, would like to learn how to give an I.V., where would I get sterile saline without a prescription).

        Sleeping bags/tents

        Hiking boots and cool weather clothing for everyone

        Asthma meds for my little girl


        Backpacks for each of us stocked with 3 days food, water, xtra socks, lightweight jacket, mylar blanket…

        Extra gas

        ***Anything else? I am making the trip unless something comes up that I cannot ignore. So, please don’t tell me, “You are dead”, “Only an idiot woould travel right now”, etc…I know what you might be thinking but at the same time, we just can’t stop living until we have to. So, prepare, prepare, prepare….

        • Im pulling a 30′ travel trailer with my family with me right now

          Im not worried about “being dead” , and im not an idiot from what i can tell from my past

          Im well stocked , and have other survival means and skills if necessary
          Yes guns and ammo was top of my list too
          plus good water source and a way to purify if necessary

          you didnt mention a generator , but i took it for granted you have one in your camper , if not I’d get one , just in case you cant find reliable power hook up

          I always scout ( or go to places i already know very well) to find out exactly where your resources are, and where your going

          Theres no way you could take everything you would ever need in a SHTF scenario , but we do have to live our lives too .. go have a good time with your family and teach your children well

          some day they more then likely will need it .. my kids have learned a lot about survival camping and stretching out a little .. the world is your oyster , dont stay locked up in your bunker

          TPAB just love scare tactics and try to keep us from enjoying life out of fear .. I don’t let them win and you shouldn’t either

          Happy Trails

          pack the gun on your person .. not in a bag , camper , or purse

          my 2 cents

          • Yes, we do have a generator, however I looked at a travel trailer yesterday and we are considering selling the RV and buying a newer (2006) travel trailer. Just cheaper to do that than a newer RV. My husband isn’t feeling totally alright with me driving an older vehicle so far. My Denali can pull something like 76,000 lbs so we might be switching. In which case we will either take the generator from the RV or buy a newer one.

            Not sure on that. But I have to have power at all times with my little one who sometimes needs breathing treatments. Plus, well, I need power;)

            Hoping we can figure out her allergies and reduce or eliminate her need for treatments.

            Thanks for the tips and positive comments on traveling, alone, with a bunch of kids. Part of skill building is being able to get by alone if necessary.

            • 76,000 lbs?????

              • Whoops, extra zero there…But, boy, that would eat some fuel…It may be 7,800. Can’t be certain, but I aim to keep much below that. With supplies I am not sure where that will weigh in at but, hopefully I can find something that works really well.

        • Back up asthma remedies. …
          Peppermint E.O. sprinkled lightly into paper face mask.
          Doctors Best Hesperidin methyl chalcone.
          Plantain tea. Also can add Fenugreek to the tea for clearing mucus from the lungs.

          • THANK YOU!!!!

            We are working with alternative drs but it takes some time and attacks to see what works. Since she just was released from the hospital, I am very uneasy.

            I manage my asthma without using my rescue (though I always have it).

            • As an asthmatic myself I can tell you that high altitudes definitely aggravates asthma. So I’d avoid high altitudes, even if it means taking the longer way around.

              Also, smog, pollutants, chemicals, cleaners, scented candles, air-fresheners, bed linens laundered with scented products (especially dryer sheets),as well as stress, anxiety and anger can also set off asthma attacks as well.

              If you need to run the A/C (good idea as high temps can aggravate asthma) let the vehicle’s A/C run for a minute or two with all the the windows wide open and then of course close the windows to keep the cool air inside.

              Opening the windows for a minute or two when first turning on the A/C prevents inhaling dust particles or chemical buildup from the A/C vents into the lungs. And of course make sure the rescue inhaler is always handy.

              You may also want to look up ‘high-histamine foods list’, as sometimes too many high-histamime foods in a short period of time (gluten, hummus, spinach, pork/pork products, fried foods, high-sodium snacks/foods, sugar, etc) will set off an asthma attack for some.

              Hope you have a great trip. Stay safe!

              • Quercetin (1000 mg)
                Are NATURAL anti histamine bioflavonoids.
                If you experiment and find your propper dosage it evens clears up poison ivy overnight!
                Good stuff. Can cause sun sensitivity. …

        • Anon 1970

          Give the kids a whistle. Couple of Chem lights. and if old enough a small can of pepper spray against small animal attacks. Bear pepper spray for campsite.

          So you have six cans of pepper spray. A dozen chem lights and six whistles to raise hell with if you have to. All in your pockets.

        • Marshmallows and a Case knife to sharpen the sticks…

          Seriously tho…

          There are two prisons…one is called yesterday and one is called tomorrow. The only place you’re free is in between.

          Enjoy your vacation with the kids.

        • my God woman, how can you forget the TOILET PAPER!

        • Benadryl….for allergic reactions. Bug spray and a tarp.

        • You need some car stuff, for travel safety.

          Cellphone with charger
          Itinerary and check in arrangements with someone daily
          Jumper cables
          Five-quart jug of motor oil
          Have your hoses and belts checked before going, and replace any that might not make the trip. Toss the old ones in your repair kit to take along.
          Some tools – flat and Philipps screwdrivers, pliers, metric wrench set, metric socket set (they can be inexpensive), duct tape, electrical tape, flashlight.
          Have the engine and drivetrain looked over in June and July, so you know what to expect, if anything.

        • Anon

          This is for you off the top of my head. In no particular order. I tried to think of everything I would give my wife in this situation.

          1-Hand crank radio. Hand crank flashlight.
          2- Emergency heat tape found at the hardware store. You can use it on a radiator hose if it burst for a short time.
          3- A few good knives. I like Kershaw zero tolerance if you can afford them.
          4- Flashlights, candles, lanterns.
          5- Fix a flat. Road side emergency kit. Heavy gauge jumper cables. Extra battery for the mobile home. Heavy duty Jack. An air tank or portable air compressor.
          6- Have the spare tire checked.
          7- A bucket with toilet seat. Plenty of toilet paper.
          8- A cheap cell phone with purchased minutes as a spare.
          9- Trash bags.
          10- Matches and lighters. Some water proof matches.
          11- Backup power sticks and small solar chargers.
          12- c.b. radio. Or a ham radio.
          13-Ensure stocking caps and gloves are in the cold weather clothes.
          14-Camel back and canteens.
          15- A wilderness survival class.
          16- Wet weather gear for all. Include several ponchos.
          17- Different fire arms. small caliber, large caliber, hand guns, and a shot gun.
          18- Gun cleaning kits
          19- Plenty of tools if they are needed. Socket set, screwdrivers adjustable wrenches.
          20- Extra fuses for the mobile home.
          21- Fishing poles and gear.
          22- Hatchet ( I like the Kershaw )
          23- 550 cord
          24- Bug Spray and sun screen.
          25- Over the counter medications – Advil, Imodium, Cold and flu meds, Bert’s bees soap for poison ivy, vitamins, and anything else that comes to your mind.
          26- Extra feminine products.
          27- A dental care kit, tooth paste, and dental floss.
          28 – Extra Emergency cash and silver coins.
          29- Extra keys for the mobile home.
          30- Double the normal amount of prescription medications.

          Things to consider. I don’t know but is there a way to do Asthma treatments manually. Like with a breathing bag that E.M.T.s use on the squad.

          What are the ages of the children. Are any old enough to use weapons.

          Finally map out the trip before you go. Show your husband where you intend to be at the end of each day. Set up times to check in with each other.

          31 – Two bottles of liquor. Your favorite brand. After that amount of time with 5 kids you will need it. They can be used for barter too.

          I hope this helps. I know. I drive my poor wife crazy but that is just the way I am.

          • WOW, I think you have it covered there Mike.

            It’s only an 8 hour trip, one way. But, being prepared in case the SHTF while I’m traveling is on my mind, constantly.

            Anyhow…ages 4,6, 11, and 15. My 11 and 15 yo can handle a firearm, and also taking my 15 yr olds friend who is also 15 (but has no training).

            Her rescue is a nebulizer, so I need power access which has me worried. I suppose I could give her a ‘hit’ of mine if we didn’t have any way to get power. I tried to get a little rescue for her that is like mine, but her dr said, “Nope, not yet”.

            Hand crank radio, flashlight and ponchos..don’t have those.

            *Smokey, why would I take those hoses along, as a temporary if the new one goes?

            *Just me, believe me, I am stocked on T.P. what a disaster if we ran out, holy crappers, literally!

            *Slingshot, excellent! Didn’t even think of giving my two middles pepper spray, great idea! Whistles for my little folks is just brilliant.

            *Thank me later, I will add those to my ‘try’ list. I am so grateful that I have alternative health drs. to walk us through this figuring out stage.

            *Common Cents, very helpful, indeed. I am an asthmatic myself but not terribly sensitive. She seems to be reacting more than I do, so I want to apply everything I can until we feel like it is under control. Hopefully.

      23. To all you nay says out there…
        This event as well as the article is merely a reminder of what could happen.
        Our sun is capable of some nasty things…
        The local space environment is not all comfy…
        Even the rock we live on can be quite disagreeable.

        Carrington events happen. I remember the blackout on the east coast caused by a CME and cascade failure, that one was not even a Carrington event.

        Big chunks of crap fall out of the sky daily. Not always a ELE, but think Tunguska…Wouldn’t be fun at or near ground zero.

        Earth quakes…Volcanoes…Tsunamis…Nasty storms…

        Let’s not even think about human induced F-upidness…

        Yea we are totally safe, and none of this will ever happen to us…Right???

        So fear porn or reminder???

        Ignore the possibilities at your own risk.

        Or perhaps consider all the possibilities and prep accordingly…Kinda like having a spare tire!

      24. My fellow shtf-effers, you see what i am talking about. You read what i posted. The blood moons are happening for a reason.

        Look who posted first on the blog. Mr PO D patriot.

        Its obvious. This is nothing than agency azz clown damage control. Nibiru’s sun, is a calapsed star. The annunaki has been colonizing our solar system and have built bases on earth for over 10,000 years. See my previous comnent of what the scientist told me. Planet X is affecting the suns magnetic field. The sun will do massive burst, sometimes bursting for months at time non-stop meaning that fire will be blazing below the atmosphere destroying crops, trees, animals, this has happened before. The prepper population of humans at the time went underground and into caves with animals, to sustain them for milk, and other curable salted stored foods. Take me seriously is all i am asking. I learned alot from this site and when i became a preppers and got exposed to real situation, i decided to post on this very website that taught me what i needed to know, how to prep after i recovered from economic shtf. We know that Texas is producing 1.7 trillion and is pretty strong as long as we get back the gold and succeed, open trade abroad.

        If Nibiru’s crossing takes the planet off its grid, whether is natural occuring or a planned EMP, which they seem to counting on the fact that the sun my do a corona mass ejection, then hit us with the EMP weapons and Haarp, Then its logical that we get ready for what awaits. I already have a location to go to up on the north side of town that is above sea level, my scientist friends believes that we must move forward because the populatoin is going to gettin off the coast line in mass. Magnolia, Hemstead, Conroe, Woodlands, you are higher, 230 feet above sea level, we are counting on the fact that the destruction will cap off the shoreline and remove population surplus so that us preppers can have less hungery, gangs, roaming starving zombie types, tearing up the city on going after resources on the northside of town. One of my cop friends a retiree, has everying and lives in the middle of nowhere, has water, food, small ponds full of fish, catfish, all kinds of crap swimming in the water and has enoght fuel to last for 25 yrs. The question is, how long is he going to be able to hide. He is allowing us to stay with him, and if we cant get to him, i have another one, and another, the scientist and many other options. Alot of people and preppers ont this site, i ma talking about ligitimate preppers who may not have starved to near death like i have and living outside in a city, with no food and water, eating from trash cans, yes i have to do this. Luckly me, i know how to make money and recoved 100%, many other don’t have my capablities. So when i hear what i have heard and combined with another friend of mine who knows a man in the oil business that 3 yrs just built a compound up north, for the end game environmental plantanery catastrophe, and backed up what the scientist to us, and then my friend sitting at the table is telling him that he heard that from a big source, then i will begin to take action and i already done so, and will continue to do so. I remember being approached by mormons in my subdivion when i had my house, and the people on my block kept slamming the door in thier faces, and i decided to talk to them. They told me in 2009 right after that engineered market crash, that in 2015, the sh… t is going to hit the fan, that they are preppers and food and save location to bug out to, before i every heard the acronym, SHTF. iTS NOT suppise the Utah, Mormon heaven is colored in red, what a coincidence, of is its just conspiracry. Its all adding up..I WILL CONTINUE TO PREP, PREP, PREP, PREP, MAKE ARANGEMENTS, PLAN AHEAD, AND I MAY STILL GET CAUGHT INTO SHTF and be right here stuck into my city, and if this happens, i am also prepeared for hell on earth, if that what mother nature throws at me, i will deal with it on a severe level for my survival. So keep it up agency azz clowns, you posting and trying to intimiate me is proving to the readers and posters that my informaition is ligitimate and you can keep talking about the aliens, this and that. That sarcasim i posted was to get you started and of course, you lied about what i said when in fact thats not what i said. You have jumped on this site changing your handle every chance you get and you still cant stop me form commenting. Like Alex Jones said, we are fighting and information war, and we shtf-effers are winning this war on this site. You agency azz clowns have already lost the war. Nibiru is out, i posted what i know, to back up all the Youtube videos, Steve Quayle, Bob Fletcher and you cant do a damn thing about it, its real its why Jade Helm 15 is here to process and chip the survivors, kill who they want and enslave the rest, PERIOD, PERIOD, F,…K..G PERIOD, FULL STOP. YOU AINT WINNING THIS ONE AZZ CLOWNS, YOU HAVE ALREADY LOST. Just another attempt to keep us in the relax state of mind while they role in the tanks and armored personal carriers, nice try, you aint fooling us fools.



      25. As an aside, how much for the robo-lady in the ads to the side?

        Bet she’s cheaper than the real thing.

        Even at half a million bucks.

      26. hcks,

        There were no lies told. Unfortunately for you, any reader can go back the last few days of articles and read for themselves exactly what you said and when. Of course, NOW it’s all sarcasm that you posted before, sure it is, because your alien pals from Alpha Centauri never showed up to cart me away and keep me from posting here like you assured me they would. I’ve always wondered what a real acid casualty from the great drug wars would sound like, now I know, that last LSD trip really put you into the realm of space where there’s never a possibility of a return trip so enjoy the ride Mr.spaceman, this is ground control, signing off.

      27. its over a 100 degrees in the shade here in the Ozarks. Man if the electric went out the fat air condition softies would melt. I say bring it on lets separate the wheat from the chaff. actually the story does have some merit. The magnetic poles are rapidly shifting. and that weakens the magnosphere. The weaker magnosphere can allow space weather to affect the planet.

        • Same way here. My granddad used to brag that he could live on $20 a week. I have no TV, DVD, anything but some computer equipment which is protected with backups. Don’t need power or A/C or anything else to live and thrive. That having been said, I’m not planning to do without hot water or power, at least not for long. The thrifty and resourceful men will be kings.

      28. 106 here in NW AZ today. no A/C would really suck. Can handle the heat just not direct vaporize your ass sun.
        If SHTF have portable cooler that can run from solar so we can survive. Not digging it but can survive .

        Harvested and processing garlic now. Still have 2 quarts left from last year so dehydrating most of it. Onions are next couple hundred pounds. Will dehydrate most of that. Already did 50 lbs of carrots. Starting to get lots of tomatoes & green beans soon. Harvest and process, ah the life of a prepper. Plums are done and Apricots. Apples not ready but grapes are soon.

        Sure a lot of nay sayers on this site lately, names I don’t recognize. And where’s Braveheart today?

        • Tried to grow some garlic over the winter, in 32oz cups, but they did not have drain holes which caused them to rot. Damn shame too, cause it was some awesome garlic, from Seeds of Italy. The carrots (Scarlet Nantes) did turn out well though and they were extremely tasty. Onions is something I need to get started with. Just got a few potatoes going for the first time, out in the compost heap. Tomatoes are abundant and plenty including a cross between a grocery store tomato and Stupice, which is going well so far…looking forward to the F2 generation.

        • How do you grow your garlic? I tried in CT but had no success. Want to have raised beds with garlic, varieties of onions and leeks

      29. If Russia is such a bad actor on the world stage, then why is our astronaut, Scott Kelly, flying around with them on the ISS? Looks like we’re being fed a big pile of steaming BS.

      30. If not next time could the time after be ????

      31. If we lose power, all our nuclear plants will start to fail within days or weeks.

        These plants amazingly/stupidly require grid power in order to function!!! Without power they will start to emit radiation as their cooling systems shut down. Further worse consequences will follow, such as explosions, core melts, contamination of nearby rivers or oceans.

        Look to Fukushima to see what happens when nuclear power plants lose grid power permanently.

        • Ann

          I am a supervisor in the power industry. I am not worried about melt downs. The stations are designed to withstand no power beneath the concrete domes.
          They have backup systems that have backup systems that have backup systems for a grid down situation.
          The problem is the cooling pools for spent fuel rods. They will be okay as long as the deasel fuel holds out. That generally is about 30 days.
          Longer if they can be resupplied but it is not likely in that situation. Not near as bad as what happened a fukishima but still very bad.

          • Yes the spent fuel rods, if they are not permanently contained (and very few are) will overheat when 1) grid power fails and 2) diesel fuel becomes unavailable. Generally, diesel fuel needs grid power too, to be pumped into powering the cooling units.

            Yes, there may be short-term batteries in place, but the point is, some SHORT time after grid-down, the rods will overheat and start breaching their impermanent storage units and then emit radiation, as I mentioned.

            The main point is to not live down-wind of a nuclear power plant — and that’s a lot of people!

            • Ann

              That point is true. Actually the diesel runs backup pumps which pump the diesel. It is a closed loop system. Too many backups to fail in my opinion. Unless a tsunami hits them.
              We are safe even without power as long as the diesel does not run out. Problem is there is no way to get shipments of new diesel in a grid down situation.

              • I couldn’t agree with you more, about diesel availability being the weak link in the backup system for cooling spent fuel rods.

                We have a short-term backup solution (which assumes that life will go on as usual, including normal supply lines)to a catastrophic, long-term problem.

                Is there an awareness in the nuclear industry that an EMP (of whatever source) will turn each nuclear plant’s spent rods into widespread contamination…?

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