Breaking: Steve Bannon Steps Down From Breitbart News After War Of Words With Trump

by | Jan 9, 2018 | Headline News | 33 comments

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    In a stunning downfall for a man once close to the very pinnacle of power, former chief strategist to President Trump, Steve Bannon, has stepped down from Breitbart News after a week of public infighting between the pair that included a sharply worded rebuke by the president.

    The news was announced in a short article posted on the Breitbart website that claimed that Bannon and the right-wing news outlet would work together for a smooth transition during what has been a trying time for all involved.

    “I’m proud of what the Breitbart team has accomplished in so short a period of time in building out a world-class news platform,” Bannon noted in his statement.

    For their part, the mainstream media couldn’t be happier, with anti-Trump news network CNN actually providing live updates on Bannon’s ouster as if it were some sort of natural disaster that Americans needed up to the minute coverage on.

    CNN “reported”:

    A Breitbart employee, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the matter, told CNN that “everyone seems stunned.”

    SiriusXM also announced it had ended its relationship with Bannon, saying in a statement, “Breitbart News has decided to end its relationship with Stephen K. Bannon, therefore he will no longer host on SiriusXM since our programming agreement is with Breitbart News.”

    Bannon took over at Breitbart after founder Andrew Breitbart passed away suddenly in 2012. A veteran of the U.S. Navy, Bannon has worked as an investment banker and dabbled in the film industry. But he really rose to public prominence when Trump named him CEO of his campaign in the summer of 2016. From there, he followed Trump to the White House, serving as chief strategist for much of 2017 before being ousted and returning to Breitbart.

    But Bannon drew the ire of the White House last week when The Guardian revealed that author Michael Wolff quoted him in his book “Fire and Fury” as saying a Trump Tower meeting involving Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner, and a Russian lawyer during the 2016 campaign was “unpatriotic” and perhaps “treasonous.”

    At this point it is hard to tell what exactly to make of this startling news. On one hand, it did seem that Bannon had turned his back on the Trump agenda, especially when you consider the quotes he gave to a so-called journalist whose only goal was to write a book that would hurt the president.

    With that being said, Bannon was and is an American patriot who helped bring the anti-globalist wave to the mainstream.

    What do you think?


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      1. To me it feels like we’re missing some critical bit of information. Something went on that we don’t know about, and without that there’s no way to make sense out of any of it.

      2. This is a “stunning downfall”, indeed! I really liked the guy in the beginning but it looks like he was doing everything he could to destroy the Republican Party, and undermine President Trump. It is quite possible he was the ‘mole’ being referred to in the news.

        Louisiana Eagle

        • Bannon is destroying the Republican Party?
          That was suppose to be trumps job.

          Bannon brought to trump a demographic he otherwise would not have attracted.
          A demographic believing that bs about draining the swamp.

          That’s the problem with DC … everybody morphs into a swamp critter. $ribbit$

        • This feud was only a diversionary distraction. More will come out on this later. Wait.

        • Agree 100-percent. With Bannon, only one light is allowed to shine brightly — his. The guy is really dark.

          Hope Bannon takes the time (now that he has plenty of it), to get some sun. The guy looks like he has a real vitamin D deficiency. He should also get those scary horns removed from his face. Just freaky. Makes him look like Morgan Freeman. Bannon also needs to lose some weight. The guy stopped looking like a couch potato and became the couch. And please, stop wearing the same clothes all the time. You look like a bum all the time. You want to be a player; at least look and act like one.

      3. You cannot trust the press. Any press. We all seek outlets that we agree with. The outlets write/publish/air media that will agree with their recipients. In the end, it’s all the money gained by the companies, those in charge that’s the real motivator. Face it – they’re all whores who will say “ooo baby, you’re the best” to their johns. Once we all get straight that the world operates on an individual by individual level – all out for their own gain, life gets a lot simpler. It is why I draw a very broad line between any form of ‘love’ or ‘loyalty’ to anyone or any thing. For honesty compels me to realize that I gain something for that which I give – and the reverse must be true as well.

      4. Laeagle, welcome back. I researched Bannon’s profile once and there was nothing to indicate he was anything but a straight guy. And that Michael Wolff who wrote the BS book about Trump swears up and down that Bannon was the primary source for all his information. Michael Wolff is just another POS libturd trying to destroy Trump. I can believe Bannon had some trouble with Kushner and Ivanka. It’s a real shame Trump has a liberal for a daughter and his son-in-law supposedly has ties to George Soros. I still say the ‘mole’ is one of the Obama holdovers in the WH and I still don’t see why they haven’t been fired. He needs to replace H. R. McMaster as National Security Advisor. McMaster is a member of CFR, is tied to George Soros, and supports a ‘hands-off’ approach to Islamic terrorism aka he supports sandapes over the American people. I suspect Kushner and Ivanka are at least partially behind Bannon’s downfall. And the Mercers are definitely a force to be reckoned with. No telling what he’ll do now.

        • BH,

          Happy New Year!

          You make some good points. The incessant attacks by the press/MSM/libturds is just incredible. Even in a war situation there are some lulls from time to time but the war against the POTUS has been relentless including the ‘Deep State’ and some in the Republican Party. But, now they are saying the FBI not only ‘wire tapped’ Trump Tower where he was headquartering prior to the elections but that the FBI may have had a mole reporting to them from the inner circle! Meanwhile Trump continues to turn the Left’s agenda upside down! I personally do not care for Ivanka and Kushner but they must be trustworthy for Trump. When surrounded by sharks who are ready to tear you apart, it probably is helpful to have folks who can swim with those sharks. A house divided cannot stand. It was interesting to see POTUS conducting a public meeting at the WH with the Congressional leaders. He was surrounded by sharks but he seem to be in command of the situation. What a sight to behold!

          Louisiana Eagle

      5. Fuck Both GOP and Dems.

      6. First Bannon said it was all true, then he backpedaled for obvious reasons.

        I do know that this is true. There’s a video about the following that says it all about Trumps’ arrogance and those who still worship him. The past few months he has shown us who he really is.

        “Are you happy you voted for me?” Trump asked members of the Farm Bureau, a farmers group, who applauded wildly. “You are so lucky that I gave you that privilege.”

        Mindless applause. Privilege. Seriously.

        If anyone said that to me, I’d strike back fast. I would no longer support the person. But they kept applauding him, oblivious and clueless that they had just been insulted.

        • Marie, I’m also having suspicions about Trump myself now. Voting is NOT A PRIVELEGE, IT IS A RIGHT. My suspicions became reinforced when that live broadcast of Trump meeting with members of congress about DACA and immigration reform. Trump said he would sign ANY immigration bill put before him even if he didn’t like the bill. Never mind that he ran his campaign on a promise to stand up for the American people. Anyone who is so pro-immigration, whether legal or illegal, is a traitor in my view. It looks like Steve Bannon may have been given some good reasons to have a dispute with Trump.

          • Brave, I totally agree.

            • Brave, You may want to take a look at my 2 posts on Alex Thomas’ January 5th thread, “Establishment Media Claiming Trump Can’t Read. Everything I said in both posts is true. You don’t have to believe it, just take a minute to read them. At least be aware of it.

              Someone who would lie about their education to people who had no reason to believe otherwise (because they didn’t know Trump back then in the late 60’s and/or didn’t live near NY or PA at the time) is not someone who will keep his promises. I judge people on their honesty and trustworthiness. You can tell a lot from just that.

              People like myself couldn’t do anything about the “I am a genius who graduated from an IVY league school” bold lies when Trump was bragging about having an IVY education, knowing that he is not educated, nor is he a genius, because (no offense intended here) people like you didn’t want to hear it; that he bought his degree, or rather his father bought it for him. He did not earn it. He is one of very, very few of the NY privileged/high society who actually got away with that.

              Take a minute to read the two insightful posts.

              The more we know, the better we do.

      7. I have been sitting back, and observing this rather bizarre cat fight that has strangely erupted between Steve Bannon and Trump and trying to figure out if it’s real, if it’s being staged, or if it is just another attempt by the anti-Trumpers in their year long effort to fabricate negativity and manufacture the image of an administration that is dysfunctional, ineffective, and rife with dissension and in-fighting.

        One theory that has crossed my mind takes me back several months ago, when the entire RINO and cuck infested GOP establishment were quaking in their collective boots over Steve Bannon’s open declaration of war against these gutless, globalist, open borders loving. anti-America First, war mongering, virulently anti-White Cultural Marxist indoctrinated elitists who have been working hand in glove with the diabolically evil Democrats to do everything possible to destroy Western Civilization in North America.

        Remember how Bannon and his alleged financial backers and Breitbart media associates were threatening to primary every one of these RINOs who had declared themselves as enemies of Trump during the 2016 campaign and who have been refusing to advance Trump’s promised agenda? The mere threats by Bannon were sufficient to motivate the loathsome Jeff Flake and a few other RINOs to announce that they planned to retire and not run for reelection.

        BTW, I am personally convinced that the Alabama Senate race was rigged to cheat Roy Moore out of a victory and that the establishment GOP and the diabolically evil Democrats collaborated together to make sure Moore lost.

        Moore, of course, was supported and endorsed by Steve Bannon. This stolen election was a symbolic turning point; it signified that the establishment had declared war on Steve Bannon and intended to fight back using every dirty, underhanded, devious and criminal trick in the book.

        So, I am wondering if the ‘Swamp’ has managed to swallow up Trump? Clearly, the establishment RINOs feared Bannon and desperately needed to find some way to crush the guy’s threat to purge them from the ranks of the GOP. I mean, who else besides Steve Bannon poses a threat to the continuation of the RINO status quo? Ann Coulter tosses a few barbs at the RINOs and cucks from time to time, but she doesn’t really pose any serious threat to them – not like Bannon did.

        So, if this cat fight is legitimate – it looks to me like Trump has decided to fall into the Swamp and help them eliminate the threat that Bannon poses to a continuation of the establishment RINO status quo.

        Having been on the inside for a time, perhaps Steve Bannon sensed that Trump lacked the necessary conviction that would be required to stick to his promised campaign agenda and that he was too easily influenced by people like Jared and Ivanka – neither of whom ever supported the agenda that Trump had campaigned on. These two vile creatures are basically Democrat enemy moles who are working to thwart or stymie as much of the agenda as possible – until 2018 and 2020 rolls around and the diabolically evil Ds can hopefully take back control of the House and possibly the White House, as well.

        And, then, there is that new book that is alleging that Steve Bannon was quoted as having said negative things about Jared, Ivanka, and Eric Jr. I do not know what to make of that – but, at least two of those three people (Javanka) are resoundingly despised and reviled by the vast majority of the Trump base – who see them for what they are, i.e., New York liberals and enemy moles who are working to thwart the agenda that Trump campaigned on.

        Trump probably reads and he can also see the reader comments on that website – so, it isn’t very likely that he is not aware of the enormous animosity and intense dislike that his strongest supporters have for these two liberals. So, what explains his juvenile sounding hissy fit and embarrassingly childish sounding vindictive tweets at Steve Bannon? Does he feel obligated to defend these individuals because of a sense of family loyalty?

        I have a piece of advice for Trump. The next time he holds one of his rallies where he has thousands of screaming supporters – try this: Ask your audience if they think Jared and Ivanka should pack their bags and carry their butts back to New York City and stop trying to thwart the agenda that Trump promised us when he won the election in November 2016. And, then, when Trump gets an answer that he doesn’t like – let’s see how he reacts to the audience response.

        Nobody voted for Jared or Ivanka – or, for Eric Jr. for that matter.

        One other thing that is worth noting. Rush Scumbaugh – who’s main purpose in life for the last 30 years seems to be to always be the #1 cheer leader for whatever stooge who sits in the Oval Office who has an ‘R’ next to his name on the ballot when he was elected – immediately jumped into the anti-Bannon camp. As has most of the other overpaid kwanservative ‘talking heads’ – almost as if they were reacting on cue. Almost as if each one of these guys received a fax on their fax machine (or a text or an email) from GOPe Central and were instructed to ‘destroy Steve Bannon’ and eliminate the threat he posed to the RINO establishment to primary them. This whole charade looks to me like the GOP establishment circling their wagons to protect itself from a perceived outside threat.

        Bannon threatened the Status Quo, i.e., the globalist, war mongering, America hating, anti-White RINO, open borders loving establishment and they had to destroy him. And, it looks to me like Trump has joined that effort.

        This reminds me of the threat that Pat Buchanan posed to the establishment GOP after he stomped the pathetic Bob Dole in the New Hampshire primary in 1996. Up until that win, Scumbaugh had always been fairly supportive of Buchanan – but, true to his treasonous colors, as soon as the GOPe felt ‘threatened’ by a populist, America First type of candidate – old Rushbo immediately did what he always does – he dutifully joined in with the establishment to demonize and destroy Buchanan’s chances.

        Notice that Trump’s now talking about stabbing his base in the back and granting DACA illegals amnesty? Oh, and I was listening to an interview on radio with Kris Kobach the other day – and the main topic was this DACA amnesty – and one of the hosts on the show mentioned that she had heard a mainstream conservative talk show host who’s name she declined to mention – tell his audience that, if Trump were to grant amnesty and not build the wall, he wouldn’t lose his base – because they love him so much that they’ve forgive him. My gut instinct is that the mainstream conservative talk radio host she was referring to was more than likely Rush Scumbaugh – because I have heard him floating similar ignoramus theories along those same lines.

        He is wrong. If Trump stabs his base in the back, they might not vote for a Democrat in 2020 – but they sure as heck will either stay home or vote for the best conservative, America First third party candidate. The best conservative, third party candidate who has the most hard core positions on shutting down the elitists plans to turn America into a third world alien infested hell hole.

        • Tucker, welcome back and I agree with everything you posted. I think your analysis is exactly what is happening. Trump either fell into or umped into the ‘swamp’, not sure which one. The main thing is that he has stabbed his support base in the back. Looks like he finally learned how to be a politician. That’s all we need. The only thing now that can change the status quo will be civil war 2. It’s only a matter of time before the entire system come crashing down.

        • Tucker. Dude. This is the “comments” section; not the “novel” section.

          • Unfortunately, I seldom post comments that are designed to appeal to people who suffer from Attention Deficit Disorder.

            • F*ck you a**hole. Got your attention now d*ck head?

            • Wind bag.

            • Ignorant piece of crap.

        • Tucker, about Trump abandoning DACA.

          Getting rid of DACA was a campaign promise. Break those and your base, along with everybody else — Hillary, the Democrats, the GOP — remember.

          Long before we had an epidemic in illegals and undocumented, immigration was out of control in this country. Amnesty never works out. The parties involved always lie, betray their agreements, and double down. Look at Mexico.

          Back when Ronald Reagan offered the first amnesty to a few million (literally) Hispanics in this country illegally, Mexico promised to mend her ways and stop dumping their population in the United States. That was in the 1980s. Here we are in 2017 and the problem of illegals and undocumented in the tens of millions. And Trump is going to go the amnesty route.

          Everybody knows our immigration system is completely broken. The “New York Times” freely admits that the crisis in Europe is nothing compared with what is happening in the U.S. This, from a MSM that will not even utter the words “illegals” or “undocumented.”

          We have a run away H1B visa program. The lottery system is a joke. If you are a foreign, this lottery is where everybody is a winner — except for the American citizen.

          This government cannot bring the world’s population into this country fast enough. Why? I would really like to know why.

          This government cannot even make up names fast enough for all the foreigners it wants to bring in.

          Foreigners have their “Dreamer” program while the real American has watched the American Dream die. It is dead.

          “illegals, undocumented, unescorted children (with their mommies), boat people, migrants, refugees, asylum seekers.”

          WTF. When does it stop?

          If Trump breaks his promise to end the DACA program he’ll be lucky if he even makes it to the next election. Forget the Deep State going after Trump. The people have had enough. If Trump breaks his campaign promise to reform (end) immigration the American people are going to join with the Deep State in removing Trump from office.

          • Blame-e, Tucker is one of the oldtime posters here and he speaks the truth. So watch it there.

      8. Just another bird who shit in it’s own nest.

      9. I am really curious to see what he will be doing next.

      10. Off topic:
        Does any know about Solingen knives more specifically what the three digit number is all about I’m hoping to put a date to it.been going threw a few old boxes of the ol’man stuff I put in storage years ago

        • Solingen is German steel The numbers could be a model or specify a manufacturing date or a particular run.

      11. One day Braveheart is having his strong suspicions about Trump or mad as hell or ready to give up and throw the towel in on him, the next day he’s singing praises of Trump and blasting and bullying any one here who disagrees. The wishy washy wussy Braveheart.

      12. Anon1, let me set the record straight. I really am finished with Trump this time. All the Trump supporters have been had. It’s just that most of them haven’t recognized it yet. No wishy-washy on my part.

        • Don’t throw in the towel, yet. This was a masterful distraction. It may have worked.
          Or it may not have. There is more to this than meets the eye. The reason for this so-called
          feud will come out in due time. He did not become a billionaire by accident. He’s smarter
          than he gets credit for.

      13. Bannon’s ego was his downfall as it is everyone else’s who get into power or near powerful people. As for Trump’s comment to the farmers, well,that’s just Trump being Trump. IMHO. Jared,though,needs to go,and go quickly

      14. Btw: I have a case of ammo that was sealed by the manufacture. I am having a bitch of a time getting it open. Any ideas how to get it open?

      15. southside, BOTH Jared and Ivanka need to go.

        Neither have any business in the WH, they are young and have no related experience. Their experience is in real estate. Same for Hope Hicks, White House Communications Director. She started working there last year at 28 yrs old with no experience other than unrelated fashion/retail and fashion modeling experience and a year or two of public relations experience. Jared and Ivanka pushed for Hope in that position that she’s not qualified for.

        The two of them seem to give Trump bad advice and he seems to listen to them. Ridiculous.

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