Breaking: Slain Body of U.S. Economy Found in Building Near Capitol Complex

by | Jan 10, 2010 | Headline News

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    Outside the (Cardboard) Box reports Murder at 1600:

    (Washington, D.C.) Capitol Hill Police responding to a complaint of ‘a strong, foul odor’ have discovered the slain body of U.S. Economy in the subbasement of a Government building near the Capitol complex.

    Police spokesman Don Underhill briefed waiting media: “Responding officers arrived on scene at approximately 1600 hours yesterday evening.  They reported that the odor was evident as they left their squad. Officers followed the odor into the subject building and proceeded to the lower levels. As they neared what was later determined to be the crime scene they were forced to retreat by the overpowering smell, returning a short while later garbed in SCBA. At the crime scene, they discovered the slain body of U.S. Economy. Visual inspection was sufficient to determine that a homicide had been committed. While actual cause and time of death are pending the Coroner’s report, it appears the body had been in place for some time. Given the body’s location on Federal property, the FBI is taking the lead in the investigation.”

    Read the full investigative report at OTCB…


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