Breaking: Jihadist Group Hacks U.S. Central Command and Is Uploading Pentagon War Game Scenarios and Personal Details of Military Members

by | Jan 12, 2015 | Headline News | 210 comments

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    US Central Command (@Centcom), the unified military command responsible for security across the Arabian Peninsula and into the central Asia region, has had their Twitter account compromised. Cyber Jihadist claiming to be linked to ISIS were actively tweeting and uploading hacked war-game scenarios and other details that include phone numbers and email addresses for U.S. military personnel.

    According to the hackers, the documents were obtained from a previous hack of Pentagon defense systems, as well as mobile devices owned by individuals working for or in conjunction with the military.

    As of this writing, approximately one hour after the hack was first identified on the Centcom Twitter page, the account has been suspended and all linked data, including pictures releases of war game scenario and personal details of personnel are being wiped, presumably by U.S. National Security teams.

    Among the data, which was retweeted hundreds of times before Centcom’s Twitter account was suspended and shut down, the hackers released maps specific to China and North Korea including military objectives, operational areas, missile threat assessments, and even military units that would be responsible for taking control of specific targets.

    The following Tweet sampling was captured in image form by the Washington Post, though the Tweets themselves have now been scrubbed from Centcom’s account.

    Among other things, the attackers modified Centcom’s header and replaced it with their own image, which included an image of an ISIS rebel and “CyberCaliphate.” A Caliphate is a form of Islamic government led by a Caliph, an individual who is purportedly a successor to the Prophet Muhammad.



    The following images were also captured before the Twitter page was suspended and included direct links and screen shots of names, email addresses, and phone numbers of military personnel.

    “We know everything about you. your wives and children.”



    Among the hacked documents released by the “Cyber Caliphate” were war-game scenario maps for China and North Korea.


    (via Zero Hedge)

    Zero Hedge has also reported that Centcom’s Youtube account was hacked simultaneously and the Jihadist group released numerous videos until it was also suspended.


    As noted by Zero Hedge, it is for days like these that the Executive Branch has been actively pushing for an internet kill switch.

    U.S. Central Command has confirmed that their accounts were “compromised” and said it is “taking appropriate measures to address the matter.”

    It is not completely clear where the hack originated, though on the surface it looks like an attack from ISIS-sponsored terrorists.

    One scenario that is not completely out of the question, is a possible Cyber False Flag designed to increase support for new internet control regulations, as well as a military response against Syria where intelligence agencies say ISIS rebels are currently headquartered.

    The data would also be a boon for the Chinese military, who now knows exactly where and how the United States would launch a war against their shores, though the Chinese have spent years hacking the Pentagon and most likely already have this information.

    Conspiracy theories will abound.

    What do you think?


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      1. Internet sensorship in 3…2…1

        • This is a fucking embarrassment.

          REALLY CENTCOM? REALLY?!?!?!

          • It is an embarrassment. They cannot protect themselves and yet we are to believe they can protect us? WTF?

            F’n government, it does nothing for us only against us!


            • According to Breitbart, this took place while Obama was giving a speech about internet security.

              Pro-ISIS Hackers Strike US CENTCOM Social Media — While Obama Delivers Cyber Security Address

              Pro-ISIS Hackers Strike US CENTCOM Twitter: ‘We are in Each Military Base’

              As the wife of a Veteran, this tweet made me uneasy.

              “In a series of tweets, the group identified itself as “Cyber Caliphate” and vowed to share sensitive American military information. “We won’t stop! We know everything about you, your wives and children,”


              • When are the public going to WAKE UP how many times must it be said there is a INTERNAL WAR going on inside our country in the political circle and i goes FAR beyond that, there are TWO sets of people involved and there is NO border separated by DEM. or REP. it is separated by Good and Bad, and unless the rest of the dumbed down couch potatoes wake up we are DOOMED!!our country has been breached and has been for a long time and they have slowly wormed there way into so many places at so many levels, it will take awhile to flush them all out! if we don’t, well just look what is happening now and it will get worse and worse !!

                • How in the world can a majority of folks now not prep for them to hack the grid and take it down for a considerable period?

            • Calgagus shrugged.

              • Repeat shit, new day.

                • I’m going with false flag here.

                  China is not stupid. they’ve already war-gamed how the US would attack their shores. It’s called “being a few steps ahead”. Every country does it.

                  As far as those names, are they real? I wonder how many of them are already dead. How many of them fought in WWI or II?

                  I can think of a lot more damaging things to post, besides alleged personal info of alleged soldiers…and probably, so can ISIS.

              • The u.s. media has become Caeser’s echo chamber

          • MacDill AFB. A year ago there was some homeless woman who kept jumping the fence at MacDill and was caught like 5 times roaming the base. Found in a Campground on the base living in a trailer she broke into. They asked her how she kept getting in. She said she would put a trash barrel up to the fence and climb over. LOL These Bases are a Fricken Joke. Wasting Billions every year, building them up like Country clubs to keep the moral high for the troops, to mask the Mass Genocide they inflict on innocent women and children across the globe. About 85 innocent dead people are killed to take out one suspected terrorist under the current Obama Drone Bombing Program. That’s a hellofva sad statistic, eh? Wonder why they Hate us?

            MacDill AFB was hacked before, 2005 maybe? When some hacker dumped a bunch of USB memory sticks in the Base parking lot. Well the employee contractor idiots picked them up and inserted them into MacDill’s computer system and Low and behold 2 Terribytes of info was backdoor downloaded and stolen, as much info as the Library of Congress. MacDill also plays host to Cyber Command. bwhaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Its time to just disband the US Military and send the troops packing home to protect the boarder with machine guns, Vs Spreading their Military Love across the Globe.

            • It’s called blow back

              Look at how many us service people commit suicide these days…..that says a lot to me. I know you don’t believe WWTI, but I do and I think the suicide thing alone is a spiritual warfare thing and speaks volumes to amerikkas guilt in their foregin affairs.

              • Modern Day USA Foriegn Policy= Carpet Bomb every nations Israel hates….Then when smoke clears, send in Evangelical Pastors and groups to pass out Free Sandwhiches with free 20 OZ bottle of water…plus have pastors pass out Small buisness size cards stateing “We are from America! and Jesus loves You and so does we!”

                Then back stateside at DC HQ and southern Baptist convention HQ Head scratchers debate and wonder what went so wrong? Why do they act confused when we try to Convert them and spread real domacracy?

              • Correct BJ – The Mass suicide of 20+ returning Vets today are cause they can’t cope, were sold a bill of goods like they are protecting our freedoms when really they were just human pawns to seal more oils and resources for Wall Street, and used as Armed Gangs to intimidate the 3rd world civilian population, just defending their motherland from the Western rape. Oh then our military calls these homeland people Terrorists. The troops come home then reflect on the horror they placed on other humans. They can’t cope with PTDS and then realized their own government used and abandons them at the Veterans Hospitals when they seek help. Then actually calls them a threat, and tries to take away their 2nd amendment rights.

                Any Young person considering a career in the Military, bend over and spread your cheeks now. Then shoot yourself, get it over with now, then a life of prostitution and BS Lies. The Military own your ass till you die in your grave, and hands your family a flag. You depend on them for a pension paycheck, if you screw up in life after the military, they can cut off your pension. Go try to fight that. Want the truth?… stay tuned for more….

          • I call bullshit.

            Hack military social media…pssst.

            Came thru the front door with an invite.

            ISIS — another CIA front.

            Nobody would hack into a network of barnyard beauties and pimply faced jerk me nots.

            I call bullshit.

            The only two words I want to hear from the fed is, “WE Surrender”.


          • It’s ok. I bet this was done by a right wing, evangelical Christian who clings to his bible and guns. A Muslim would never commit a crime like this. My sarcasm is now off.

          • Maybe it was Sony, striking back at the US gov’t for hacking them??

          • But, but… NSA, CIA, FBI, DoD, DHS, ABC, and… and… JSOG!


        • Shit, the only list I’m not on. All Vets should re-up to get on the “towelheads are coming 4 you” list. 🙂

          • Iowa, I’m with you. There’s one list I missed out on. Might have to send some muzzies to allah one day.

        • Gotta agree Npgh. Its so obvious now not even an idiot like Ocommie or any other libtard can miss it. Enjoy while you can because it won’t be long before porn is all you’ll be allowed to access via the internet.

        • Uh oh!

        • god will save the internet if enough people pray hard enough.

        • I smell bullshit. Scum muslims aren’t this intelligent.

          • Think deeper FP.
            If you had the ability to get into US DOD computer networks, would you come out and say it?
            Or would you just fucking blow it up?
            This is YET ANOTHER event where American Filth are scaring American citizens, whilst playing The Bogey Man Card against Islam, whipping up ever more fear and loathing.
            When you people finally fucking grasp that?
            American Filth wanted this World War…..kicked it off properly too in Sept 2001.
            Killed INNOCENT MILLIONS across the planet to get their way, and still haven’t got it.
            Now that The Big Karma Sandwich is being delivered to America (the decay from within), I see no reason for anyone to wonder “why is happening?”
            There are more scumbags in The Pentagon, House, Senate, White House, JP Morgan & Goldman Sachs than there are scumbag Muslims in this world…..FAR, FAR MORE.

            • No shit.

            • Israel probably hacked Cent Com. They seem to hack everything else in our country and steal intellectual property,… as our gutless boot licking leaders lets these cockroaches in the front door and uses our blood and treasure to fight their wars. Pretty disgusting..

      2. Why not, or is this another false flag and that the Pentagon has don’t it itself.
        If they did hack it maybe we are looking at the crash coming sooner than later.
        Can you say WW111? (False Flag)!

        • Fals info,
          Does anyone really believe that sensitive info would be that easy to obtain?
          If you do i have some land near Pahoa Hawaii ill sell you real cheap,

          • I got a few bridges that will connect California once it slides west, and another that connects Cuba to the Keys

          • Kula, I understand the info is hard to get, but there are hackers out therewith the right skills that can do it. Russians, Chinese, and who knows who else have already been doing this since the 80s.

            • the renegade braveheart,


              There have been numerous warnings that cyber attacks would be part of the battlefield of the future.

              The Chinese, Russians and other groups have been researching cyber attacks for a number of years.

              There have also been numerous warnings about the weaknesses and aging condition (received a ‘D’ rating) of the American grid system.

              We must remain vigilant. Now is NOT the time to become complacent.
              Keep praying and prepping folks.

              • KY M.
                If they can hack into the Pentagon. They can shut down our power grid, water supplies, and other things. Thank God I live in the country.

                • Sgt. Dale,

                  Yes. I agree.

                  It is a reminder to me of just how fragile the entire system is.

                  Thankfully, I also live in the country.

                  As I read articles like this, WATER is my concern.
                  We have some stored water and rain barrels set up around the house to catch runoff from the roof.

                  I only wish we had a well. It is an expensive item. I keep saving. Hopefully, we will have enough to get it in time.

              • yeah keep preppin them seeds and pray really hard to your spaghetti monster so the crop yields are plentiful…don’t forget the sacrifice either, or you may anger your god…

                i’m sure you can find a couple witches you can burn at the stake to sacrfice(if there are any left)…it’s funny tho…women who were “learned” as you in botany and herbal medicines could have been considered a witch back then by your fellow religious-nuts.

                pray pray pray.

              • KY Mom, my praying and prepping are continuing, rest assured of that.

            • TRB

              Wrong!!! This has all the markings of the US Government doing.
              I doubt these Towelheads have the knowledge to pull this off, without some inside help of course.

              There’s an Agenda here boys and girls, do not take your eye of who would benefit from a scenario such as this.

              Sooner — rather than later, these so called “terror cells” will show their presence on US soil. When they do, then it is up to us to take these targets down. We paid for them with our tax dollars, we have the right to unload some ammunition on these sons of bitch’s. — whoah!!!

              • Tony, Exactly right

                • I don’t know, here is my thought. To me it is possible that it was ISIS. They have been a different breed and more aggressive than Al Qeida was. They ran over the Iraqi police and military and captured weapons and vehicles pretty quickly. The are more organized, ruthless and do not care about anyone or anything. This group was spawned out of Syria which revolutionized the social media aspect of war. People and groups took to social media to share their stories and views to get public global support and outcry for help. This group is much more technologically savoy than other groups. This is evident in their beheading videos and other propaganda, they are clean, clear and professional. They have the means and the know how and getting better everyday. They recruit more people everyday and its not unlikely they have recruited some very good IT people. Honestly I have worked with DoD systems before and I’m not surprised they were hacked. Cyber warfare we are decent at, cyber security we are not. We try to be, but we hang ourselves with our own red tape. ISIS is all about proving they are a credible threat. So it makes perfect since that they would throw it in our face that they hacked our system. The bigger scare is what they took and didn’t brag about, schematics showing weak points, troop and equipment movements and numbers or intel contacts, etc.
                  So my thinking is it is actually ISIS, doing what they love to do, poke us with a stick to make us mad, and trying to make us look bad. Oh look we are just a small bunch of terrorists, but we hacked the big bad U.S.military. Doing that also helps garner new recruits and support from other terrorists states. I mean how do you not brag about hacking the biggest and greatest military superpower of present day. Come on, that is the best recruiting tool you can have. It makes us look like fools while widening their fan base and support.

            • The Biggest Countries out there hacking are Indonesia and China overwhelmingly. FYI

          • Kula
            That is 100% true. That is why I think it is a false flag!

          • Sorry Kulafarmer, Where you may see a false flag I see gross incompetence. The normal at a huge bureaucracy we pour billions if not trillions into and receive virtually nothing in return. Except the demand for more of our hard earned monies to squander. F’rs.


            • Could be, that is deffinitely a problem with the government jerks, incompetence and arrogance,
              I do know they are masters of deception as well though

              • Who really knows what the truth is anymore. Does the truth even really matter anymore? It’s all about the reality.


                • Power perceived is power achieved!

                • The truth that matters is that we’re all totally fucked.

          • Kula has a great sense of humor. If you follow Hawaii news, you know that Pahoa is an area of the Big Island that has been damaged by lava flows. Remember that land in Hawaii covered by lava is “new land.” Your land under the lava is gone.

          • Kula I’m with you. I’m always hearing about false flags and I’m not sure what most claims are talking about, but this is a false flag if I ever saw one LOL. Funny this comes up right while the US House is talking about bring up a bill to defunding Home Land Security. What a joke, like TPTB are really going to do anything to reign in Big Government in any way shape or form. Trekker Out. I Trust No One But The Lord!

          • I don’t believe that information is hosted on twitter servers. If they got in through twitter, unless twitter is hosted on Pentagon servers, the data could not be accessed.

            It sounds good though, until you take a close look at the structures of INTERNET and INTRANET.

            If the govt is putting our info on world wide web servers, then we should be dragging them out of their offices and hanging them for sheer stupidity.

            • Cent Comms Twitter accounts are used for Psy-opps, they pose as bogus users spreading disinformation, and probably the result of the mass rioting in Egypt and other countries. They infiltrate social media site and try to convince others to act to over throw governments. Most all info out there is twisted in some form. Try to post the truth here and refute an article and the info never gets posted so the BS keeps dumbing down the sheep. Fear is a powerful tool to dupe the sheep. Look at what Religion has done to the masses. They will start wars and kill each other over who’s Big Hoax is more convincing or credible. As the Bankster finance the conflicts on both sides. Idiots!!

          • Would that be the market/gas station or the auto parts store?

        • Howdy, Sarge. I say CYBER FALSE FLAG to bring on internet censorship.

        • Sgt Dale. What usually results from a hack like this is, more Reward for failure, Which means Congress will approve another Billion for more over priced Military complex contracts to fleece the taxpayers. The world is a stage to fleece and dupe the sheep.

          • So wtti, are you trying to get into sgt dale’s pants now?

          • As a follow up, on one of the news channels CNN Wold Blitzer, yesterday PM, Sen Lindsay Graham comes on, and sure enough says we as Congress has failed our Military and we need to step up more funding for cyber threats.

            How many times have we seen this BS Fleecing Funding scams play out. I can predict this most every time how the politicians will respond. Every decision in Congress is figuring out how to funnel more money to their campaign contributors. It has nothing to do with solving the problem. Just keeping the funding moving forward. I say public hanging for Politicians, will be a start in solving most of our countries problems.

      3. oh DEAR!

        • i’m gonna PARTY LIKE IT’S 1940

          • Naw, man…like its 1929, then like its 1940. This shakes confidence in the USA and US Dollar.


        • SOMETIMES being the most advanced military in the WORLD can be a BAD thing…hee hee!

          • We read that some plan to weaken/destroy our country.

            The Obama administration’s response…
            -Little or no action to protect or strengthen our aging grid system.

            -Refuse to strengthen our porous borders.

            -Refuse to enforce even current border enforcement laws.

            -While MILLIONS of Americans are unemployed, Obama eases penalties for businesses hiring illegal immigrants.

            -Air ads to inform illegals they have RIGHTS to get benefits including EBT card, healthcare, housing, etc.

            -Huge cuts to the military.

            Military’s top general offers grim outlook on nation’s defense
            “Most of our platforms and equipment will be older, and our advantages in some domains will have eroded. Our loss of depth across the force could reduce our ability to intimidate opponents from escalating conflicts.”

            “The situation will be exacerbated given our current readiness concerns, which will worsen over the next three or four years.”

            Meanwhile, China increases military spending by 12%

            Chinese researchers publish “How to attack the U.S. Power Grid: Cascading Failure of the entire system”

        • So the latest US NAVY ad states…

          “Before that can get to you..they have to go through us”…

          Hackers just made that statement irrelevant.

          Live Free or Die…cntrl/alt/del

          • T1776
            I just saw that last night. I thought it was fantastic!
            Now I have to double think how I feel about it.
            With Obullshit in the White House we are screwed! It won’t do a F$%ING thing to protect us. We have to wake up and realize that we are going to have to fight the radical mooslime soon very soon. I hate to think of this way, but I believe it is the truth. Fight or die!
            Aim Small Miss Small

            • Sarge…the ad should have stated…

              “Before they can get to the Armed Forces…they have to go through the Patriot”

              That would Bea very direct warning and very relevant.

              Live Free or Die…behind every blade of grass

              • T. 1776
                Damn strait! That would have been a much better commercial, and would have said a whole lot more!
                I don’t thing it would be warning, or a threat, but a PROMISE!

              • T1776, I agree that would’ve been much better and a promise to our enemies.

          • It’s the Navy. 220 years of tradition unhampered by prgress.

            More shit, new day.


          • 1776, they don’t have to go through us if they are on the inside.

      4. I had a hard time keeping from laughing at this. The Pentagon has been hacked once before back in the 80s that I’m aware of and who knows how many more times since then. Cyber security? GMAFB! [give me a f#$%ing break!]

        • Definitely.

          There have been MASSIVE breaches… Just a selection of some recent ones:

          Hacks confirmed on major US corporations AND the Pentagon:

          Confirmed on our power grid AND U.S. military drone networks:

          And viruses like this will directly target US infrastructure — water utilities, oil refineries and the power grid:

          Hackers Gain Access to 23 U.S. Spacecraft, Top Level User Accounts at NASA Jet Propulsion Labs

          And that’s just SOME of what we know… This is happening DAILY. Our entire domestic network infrastructure has likely been mapped by China/Russia.

          All out warfare, in my view, will be preempted, perhaps by just a few minutes, by a massive attack on our critical network infrastructure.

          • Mac, no one even has to launch a nuclear missile and the sun does not have to send a CME our way. There’s hackers out there who can take down our infrastructure even faster.

          • Mac,

            Agreed. These are just the ones we KNOW about.

            According to computer experts in the family, malware and/or viruses can be in software and basically “sleeping” until a time when it is “activated.”

            ‘Trojan Horse’ Bug Lurking in Vital US Computers Since 2011

            “A destructive “Trojan Horse” malware program has penetrated the software that runs much of the nation’s critical infrastructure and is poised to cause an economic catastrophe, according to the Department of Homeland Security.

            National Security sources told ABC News there is evidence that the malware was inserted by hackers believed to be sponsored by the Russian government, and is a very serious threat.

            The hacked software is used to control complex industrial operations like oil and gas pipelines, power transmission grids, water distribution and filtration systems, wind turbines and even some nuclear plants.

            Shutting down or damaging any of these vital public utilities could severely impact hundreds of thousands of Americans.”

            • Its a fact, that once hackers hack into a system they roam around for about 6 months in the system’s matrix, to fully exploit it, before they install some code or more back doors to rip them off.

          • I would prefer to lose our critical network infrastructure than to be nuked into oblivion. At least many prepared people will be alive to rebuild.

            Take my electricity and running water — I’ll get by anyway. But nuke me and everything around me, and I’m not so sure how long I could survive.

        • TRBH
          Hey my friend If they hacked the Pentagon its over. Let us just give into the mooslime thugs. “NOT”!!!!!
          I don’t believe it for a minute. They are just wanting to take control of the NET, and close it down so we can’t talk with each other. So that we can fight these Turds!
          Gun Show 23 and 24 of Jan. Going to get some more reloading stuff and 7.62X54Rs.
          Aim Small Miss Small

          • Sarge, I went to a gun show yesterday. Picked up some more .30 Carbine and a few more gun-cleaning supplies. Have another show in my area in Feb. and again in April. I also smell cyber false flag to bring on Chinese-type internet controls. If the net ever get shut down totally, it’s game on. AIM SMALL MISS SMALL Braveheart

            • @ Bravehart,

              My son just got a 30 caliber carbine. We went out yesterday and put 250 round through it. Great little rifle. I also put 200 rounds through my new Rueger 10/22. Had an extractor problem and had a jam almost every clip. Ordered a new extractor today that pretty much guarantee’s to work no matter what ammo you put through it. Also put 50 rounds out on my Mosin Nagen, shoulder is a little sore today.



              • B,the Mosins metal plate on the stock is great for cracking walnuts but tough on the shoulder!

                • Big B…
                  Go to amazon and order a butt plate pad for your Mosin Nagant. It is specifically made for the Mosin. I have one and the recoil is definitely reduced making it very tolerable for shooting that hand cannon…just $20.00

                  Live Free or Die…to shoot many rounds

            • When are you 2 going to get married, or at least get a room.

      5. Whose in the mood for some popcorn?

      6. Everyone seems to be wondering why Muslim Terrorists are so quick to commit suicide.

        Lets have a look at the evidence: -No Christmas -No television -No nude women -No football -No pork chops -No hot dogs -No burgers -No beer -No bacon -Rags for clothes -Towels for hats -Constant wailing from some idiot in a tower -More than one wife -More than one mother-in-law !!!! -You can’t shave -Your wife can’t shave -You can’t wash off the smell of donkeys -You cook over burning camel shit

        – Your wife is picked by someone else for you

        – and your wife smells worse than your donkey

        Then they tell them that “when they die, it all gets letter”???

        Well No Shit Sherlock! It’s not like it could get much worse!

      7. they got the RIGHT to keep it all SECRET….but they don’t have the ABILITY!

      8. This at a time when the FCC is going to vote to have net neutrality with Obama’s blessing. Control anyone?

        • Jim, I smell a cyber false flag to bring on some type of control over the net. A certain group out there has been pushing for Chinese-type internet controls for years. The FCC needs to just leave the internet alone, period.

          • YEP, Just in time delivery here , just a couple days after Obama gave a speech on his plans for the internet in Iowa.
            Smells like pork..

          • RB…One follows the other…like dominoes.

            • Jim, that’s sad but true. Too bad the domino game can’t be avoided.

        • No, the FCC is leaning towards keeping net neutrality, where all users are equal. The big cable companies want to be able to sell different bandwidths to people for different prices, the “fast lane-slow lane” idea. The FCC does not endorse that, as I just read yesterday. Of course, that may change.

      9. No BIG DEAL!

        Tomorrow ISIS will hack the President’s Football. Reset the codes. Launch the missiles and WW3 begins.

        • Whoopie! Who cares?

      10. This is one of two things:

        1) A false flag or 2) CENTCOM is not equipped to protect us

        either the case it means we are in real trouble. Either by muslim nutcases or by our own government.

        • or it’s all FAKE.

      11. Two weeks ago was killing blacks, up to yesterday was to kill mossies and now? Maybe the poor IT guys and gals?

        • S.V.

          “What a country”.

          Yanko Smirnof.

      12. A CentCom Twitter account?

        WTF do they need that for? PR?

        That’s more than funny.

        Wonder if they have Facebook and Instagram, too?


        • JRS –
          CentCom Fake ID’s A Public Bid in 2011 Revealed MacDill’s Cent com making up Fake ID’s on Social Media, to create Havoc, riots, revolutions etc.

          Exclusive: Military’s ‘persona’ software cost millions, used for ‘classified social media activities’
          By Stephen C. Webster
          Tuesday, February 22, 2011

          Most people use social media like Facebook and Twitter to share photos of friends and family, chat with friends and strangers about random and amusing diversions, or follow their favorite websites, bands and television shows.
          But what does the US military use those same networks for? Well, we can’t tell you: That’s “classified,” a CENTCOM spokesman recently informed Raw Story.
          One use that’s confirmed, however, is the manipulation of social media through the use of fake online “personas” managed by the military. Raw Story recently reported that the US Air Force had solicited private sector vendors for something called “persona management software.” Such a technology would allow single individuals to command virtual armies of fake, digital “people” across numerous social media portals.
          These “personas” were to have detailed, fictionalized backgrounds, to make them believable to outside observers, and a sophisticated identity protection service was to back them up, preventing suspicious readers from uncovering the real person behind the account. They even worked out ways to game geolocating services, so these “personas” could be virtually inserted anywhere in the world, providing ostensibly live commentary on real events, even while the operator was not really present.
          When Raw Story first reported on the contract for this software, it was unclear what the Air Force wanted with it or even if it had been acquired. The potential for misuse, however, was abundantly clear.
          A fake virtual army of people could be used to help create the impression of consensus opinion in online comment threads, or manipulate social media to the point where valuable stories are suppressed.
          Ultimately, this can have the effect of causing a net change to the public’s opinions and understanding of key world events.
          ‘Classified social media activities’
          According to Commander Bill Speaks, the chief media officer of CENTCOM’s digital engagement team, the public cannot know what the military wants with such technology because its applications are secret.
          “This contract,” he wrote in reference to the Air Force’s June 22, 2010 filing, “supports classified social media activities outside the U.S., intended to counter violent extremist ideology and enemy propaganda.”
          Speaks insisted that he was speaking only on behalf of CENTCOM, not the Air Force “or other branches of the military.”

          While he did reveal who was awarded the contract in question (PDF), he added that the Air Force, which helps CENTCOM’s contracting process out of MacDill, has even other uses for social media that he could not address.
          A series of targeted searches for other “persona management software” contracts yielded no results.

          • “personas”

            I call them disinfo agents…and I think there’s a couple on this board.

          • I hope you all like this Factual Info above. Information is power to enlighten the masses of the REAL TRUTH!!

      13. F’n Coward

        ht tp://

      14. FACE IT. IF this is True; We The People are being sold down the proverbial river by our own damned Traitorous government. I have NO doubt; before the end of my life; I WILL see some type of invasion/and/or a type of event on U.S. soil that will make 9/11 look pleasant in comparision.

        Up to 4 years ago; I didn’t even own a gun. Now I have a Glock 22; 40 Cal. That might be o.k. in a 1 on 1 situation. But im actually looking for something ; God forbid I should have to use it; but I think I just might have to; with the capacity to take out 3 4 zombs rushing me at once. I’ve been reading the comments on here; and you guys are pretty saavy. QUESTION: What isth best weapon I can get that COULD take out 3 – 4 in one shot. Im pretty much a novice when it comes to guns. Any info WOULD be much appreciated. Thanks.

        • Dave,

          You need at least one of each of the following but if money is the issue and all you need is one rifle get an AR15 either from DD or Colt or Stag Arms

          1- AR with 100 rds at minimum
          2- 12 gage shotgun ( Mossberg 500A1 or 500) 500 rounds 00B and 100 slug
          3- Already got a great Glock 22. Minimum 500 JHP and 500 FMJ more for practice
          4- .22 Ruger Take Down. 10K but too late to gather that much. at least 1000 CCI

          Above are minimum. Again if you just need one and only one rife: AR 15

          BTW, this is my take but there are many knowledgeable folks on this site to add into your question.

          • Stolz -For an AR you need 5000 Round Min. I could blow through 100 rounds in about 35 seconds. Then after the 100 rounds are spent, all you got is an 8-Lb club, or a long dagger if you attach a bayonet.

            • WWT, I agree. 100 was a typo that I corrected it with the follow up. Our friend Dave is new to the firearm and just didn’t want to turn him off by saying 10k is the minimum. lol

          • Dave, just in case you go the AR route, 1000 rds is the minimum ( 62 grain gt is around &180 to $200) . Minimum 10 30 rounds magazine. My advise is PMAG with window. They really are cheap these days.

            I missed one zero above. But again, I just gave a a larger picture and Hunter, Hammer and Sarge are the experts with very wise advises.

            Just remember that excluding slug if you go with the 12 gage consider the distance limit along with number of rounds and if you really are new get some low recoil 12 gage 00b to make the follow up shots easier if needed.

            BEST OF LUCK.

            • Stolz- The cheapest I’ve see Green tip is about $165 for 420 rounds in ammo cans. or about $0.39 a round. Or loose 500 pack for $199 or 2000 for $739 for .35 a round at Natchez or W… right now. You got a cheaper deal let me know. Thx WTTI

        • Dave , with that level of skill , get yourself a good 12 gauge shotgun.
          Cant hardly miss and easy to use.
          Dont need to get fancy , just get one .

        • Dave—

          For close range out to say +70yds or so….
          Get yourself a 12ga pump shotgun w/ an extended lots-o-buckshot.

          • Dave.
            The above are correct. 12Ga. is the best route to go down. 870 is my pick but there is nothing wrong with the 500 or 590 Mossberg. Short barrel under 26″.
            Ammo. at least 500 rounds of 00 Buck and 200 rounds of slugs.

            Mini 14 or AR15. You might want to get at least 500 rounds for it. I would break this down to 300 FMJ and 20 Soft points. You should have at least 5, 30 rd. mags for them. I lean toward the AR.

            The Glock is a good piece 500 FMJ and 500 Hollow points. I would get yourself a revolver in 357 mag. You can shoot 38’s and 357 mag’s in it. 500 38’s 125 Gr Hollow Points. 500 rounds of 357 Mag, 158 Gr. Hollow Points.

            22 rifle. I like the 10/22 need at least 5 25Rd. mags.
            Marlin is making a mag fed 22 rifle and you can get 25rds. mags for it also. I just had a shoot out with my brothers Marlin and it gave my 10/22 a run for its money. If you can find them you need at least 1000 rounds, 500 Long rifle, and 500 long rifle hollow points.

            These are all weapons that would be great at close range. The AR15 will work out to 200 to 300 yards if you can practice with them.

            The best bet is to keep the bad guy further away.
            308, 30-06, 7.62X54R are great military long range rifles. I only mentioned the three because they are all military, and military ammo is easier to get. (270-243 are good round to, but not military.) If you get one get at least 500 round for it.

            Right now the best and cheapest is the 7.62X54R. Nagants are going for 125.00 to 300.00. I like the M44 or Type 53 because of the shorter barrel, but the 91/30 is also a great rifle.

            Hammerhead, Stolz, and hunter are smart guys and they know what they are talking about. A smart person would take their advice.


            • Sarge—

              Maybe we should ask “Dave” what his budget constraints are, at the present…that way we can narrow ‘the spread’..

              …Btw, I secured a M-44, per your recommendations/appraisal of the caliber…’tis a (Polish mfgr) in a trade off, for some machine-work/welding done on a friend’s dual-quad intake manifold & set-up on his BB-chevy..

              —yeah, he’s loving the current cheap gas thingy—


              That said: ..

              DAMN!!!! That rascal is a keeper!!!!

              …but, it ever LOUD!!!!


              ..ya have any decent recipes, per reloading a gem, using Hornady SP ((#3120/150gr.) & Sierra SPT (#2310/180gr.)..w/ Re-15/Varget or IMR-4350/4895???

              Your input would be appreciated herein, by ME!!!


              • Hunter
                I just started loading 7.62X54R. 150 Sierra 46.0 gr. of WW 748 Shoots great. out of M44, I haven’t had a chance to try it in my 91/30 custom job with a 21 inch barrel Archangle stock and Timney trigger. With a Burris LER 2.5x7x32.
                Now for my 308, Military brass 42.5 Gr. WW 748, using 165Gr. Hornady SPBT. out of my out of my Rock River LAR scoped with a Sniper chevron scope, and my M1A scoped with a Nikon BDC. I can hit a nickel at 100 yards all day long. To get the same results in commercial brass I load 45Grs. of WW 748. Varget loads great and shoots great It is the middle load from my Nosler reloading manual 165 grain Hornady boat tail soft point. I use 748 in most of my rifles with good results, my #2 powder is Varget. I use WW large rifle primers.
                I only load 180’s in my 300 Win Mag.
                I found out the hard way about 165 gr. bullets they are all not made the same. Wife (30-06)shot a Elk with a speer and it splattered and didn’t kill the Elk. I shot one with the Horady 165 gr. out of my 30-06 and it worked great three steps and dead. Recoverd the slug in bolt Elk. The Speer just splattered and the Hornady mushroomed. Hope this helped!
                Aim Small Miss Small

                • Thanks Sarge….

                  Funny thing, I’ve never used any Winchester powders…ever!

                  Not due to any bias, mind you….simply due to other powders worked well for me! Will look into your rec’s, though.

                  On a side note, sir! …you do know your “GLASS” ..Burris is the sleeper IMO, per your usage of!
                  Every bit as good as Leupold, methinks..especially in 30mm tubes!

                  ..if you ever get a chance to check-out a “NIGHTFORCE / KHALES or a SHEPHERD (P-1 / P-2)…do so …you won’t regret such.


                  Again..thanks much!!!

                • Hunter:
                  I looked up the Varget load. 44.5 grs. Brass trimmed to 2.000 to 2.005.
                  I use H4350, and 760 Supreme. in my 300 Win mag.

            • Thanks for the good advice. I wrote every bit of it down. Way things are going in this former Republic; I just might need it sooner than later. Thanks Again.

        • Dave be sure that whatever you get, budget time and ammo for practice.

        • along with the guns you get,take a safety course and maybe additional courses that cover the incidents you describe. Practice a lot.

          • Dave,you want to take out zombies in one fell swoop,this might help: ht tp://,would use safety and a little imagination for large zombie dispersal!A space between http to avoid the moderation game,crow is a great site,enjoy!

        • can get a cheap pump gun for less than $200 as for ammo 00 buck is kind of expensive ( for me anyway ) wally world has 100 round box of #7 shot for $24.95 it will kill just as good at 25 to 50 yards. (check utube videos) Rifle..I suggest a ruger ranch rifle (mini 14) and buy it with wood or poly stock so it just looks like a regular hunting rifle.(no need at all to look like Rambo) Cost is about $700 and 223 ammo can be bought cheap if you look around and 30 round mags, at least 6. Everyone seems to think you need to spend gobs of money to protect yourself, not true. Ammo is key, get as much as you can not just for you but for others that may be fighting along with you they may not be able to afford lots of ammo. Mossberg 500 .410 pump is a great gun for youth and the ladies. with the right ammo they are very lethal. most popular ammo for a rifle is .223 in shtf there will be a lot just lying around. Pray every day that shtf never happens putting your neighbors, friends, and yes family’s body’s on a fire will not be pleasant at all.

      15. Open season on these ISIS f***s, yet?

        • Before you open the season, let’s use the ISIS monsters to retrieve some of the Luis Learner’s missing emails. Remember to not let crisis to be wasted. Who said that?????

        • M.P.
          They never closed the season. This goes for any mooslime murdering scum!

      16. “Why of course the people don’t want war. Why should some poor slob on a farm want to risk his life in a war when the best he can get out of it is to come back to his farm in one piece? Naturally the common people don’t want war: neither in Russia, nor in England, nor for that matter in Germany. That is understood. But after all it is the leaders of a country who determine the policy and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy or fascist dictorship, or a parliament or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the peace makers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country.”

        Hermann Georing

      17. Can some one tell me what the NSA is for other than spying on us? (Eyes rolling)

        • Selling info to an elite about his rivals, so the rivals can be blackmailed or eliminated. That’s why the NSA really exists.

      18. if this is a false flag, then it’s a pretty petty one…hacked a government sect’s tweeter, jootube account? i’m so impressed… if it is a false flag, is the government that vain to think such an act could terrorize the public? or think we’re that naive? these things get hacked… all the fkn time…lol.

        war game info can easily be obtained with something as minor as a google search or low level personnel within the armies…that’s no big deal.

        i mean seriously, it’s no big fkn whoopie…however…if this truly is a false flag, by our governments(even though they might think we were born yesterday), it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if they tried to take some sort of action, or drastic measure to use this false flag as an excuse or precursor to something else…

        but also, if this were actually real, and terrorist did in fact make the government look…somewhat…vulnerable…i’m sure they’d be trying their hardest to bury these types embarrassments…because from what i’ve seen and read, the surveillance on the internet is so closely monitored, that they can see it as it happens(especially true for tweeter, facecrack, jootube and whatever else)…

        so in conclusion…it’s just another petty little ploy to get people worked up over nothing…by who? who cares.

        • Karmageddon; Kind of like the north Koreans hacking Sony.

          • they must have used one of their unicorns for that one, seeing as how sony have always been impervious to cyber attacks…

            but seriously, i could believe that it was north korea operating from the states on that one, hell, it could even have been a 5 year old…this is sony, you can probly hack them with a playstation controller ffs lol.

            either way, nothing of value was affected other than ruffle a few celeb feathers and ceos sh1t themselves…could happen more often tho, it’s been a while since hollywood had me entertained.

      19. False Flag. They don’t refer to themselves as ISIS. They call themselves Islamic State (IS). Sophomoric attempt at fear mongering created by an infidel from somewhere in the west. Don’t fall for this crap my fellow Patriots.

        • sid, we need to follow the IP source….. It may end up being originated in TelAviv.

          • Or Langley VA. more likely .

      20. Who gives a rats ass….It’s a stupid Twitter account. Those get hacked by 8 year olds everyday.

        • They hacked more than twitter accounts. they hacked Sr Airforce officials info, including family members names and phone numbers and fax numbers. Faxes can also be hacked unless they are faxed using encryption process. This was reported on CBS Evening news. I watch this MSM, to see how much they lie in their reporting.

          • Oh great….I hope they don’t plan on calling me.

            I’d hate to think I was talking to a real live boogey man on my phone.

      21. The next TV commercials:

        Attention Customers: 30 Days Free Trial and Guaranteed Money Back.

        “CreditKarma will even protect against ISIS hacks up to $1,000,000”

        “Find your ISIS bride match using for guaranteed results? We check our clients to match your needs before your first date. However you may not have a head after the first date.

        Sorry ladies and gents, this whole BS is getting so deep that I just can’t keep it straight.

      22. Its difficult to believe that this can happen to them. Its even more difficult to believe that its coming from Islamic Jihadist group. If they can get in and run amuck think what a determined group of 180 IQ MIT grads could do?

        I don’t know. The French shooting and on its heels this? Maybe its real, maybe its not but one thing for sure. I’m damn sure not knowledgeable enough to figure out fact from fiction regarding this. Its way over me.

        I’ll sit comments regarding this one out. I couldn’t contribute anything remotely useful.

        • As I recall Kevin2, some MIT grad / so called professor called the American People stupid so not all of them are at the 180 IQ.

          • I was just thinking about the one’s that are.

          • Stolz, wasn’t that Gruber, one of the architects of the ACA AND a member of “the tribe”?

            • You got it brother brave. My beloved Jonatan Gruber. Actually think about it…ACA is more devastating that any hack attack and they did it without any shoots being fired. lol

        • thats whats coming.

          at some point, 2 years, 5 years, 10 years; things are going to get really, really bad economically; and anyone with a decent amount of financial assets stored electronically; could be wiped out.

          but these things happen when you remove morality(i.e. God) from the stage.

          • LENA-
            So bitcoin aint a good idea for preppers ?

        • I think ISIS is pissed that they didn’t get ova as public attention regarding France. So now they are going to trail their proverbial flag in sight of land and dare him to do something. Well in my view he’s proven time and again he’s a radical sympathizer.

        • Kevin #2—-

          Off topic, pal.

          But I noticed your comment a few days back…where you indicated you’re a “magnet-spinner”.

          Just acquired an indexing head for the vertical-mill & want to toy around come spring, w/ building my own brake-rotor windmill generator..any suggestions or links would be appreciated.


          • My field of expertise was in the operation of a 60MW power plant, not engineering or design, however:

            1. Find out the potential of the HP/KW the windmill will likely produce
            2. Attach a DC generator as rpm will be variable
            3. Get a battery bank
            4. Get an inverter to convert that stored DC to AC at 110V.

            You can “phase in” with utility power once inverted.

            Oh I forgot this:

            4. Good luck because its an ambitious project.

            • 60 mega-watts!!??!!

              OK, yer in a ‘Nuke’ most likely…

              Got batteries(2 electric fork-lift rated/type) & “TRACE” inverters, plus switch-gear controller goodies etc..etc..

              ..ultimate goal is to meld system into a quasi-hybrid of ‘solar/wind’.

              Not looking to power ‘heat-pump & all heavy 220V loads in a grid down scenario…merely 110V outlets & 220V well-pump..

              ..I’ve got the math down pat..I think!

     working on securing/finding software to manage the system, per a spare the event of SHTF.


              SHOUT-OUT / the Geniuses here..

              ..any recommendations?

              What works?

              What doesn’t!

              Thanks beforehand…!

      23. more bull shit lies from the famous mac the ass hole liar. stop feeding this shit to these dumb ass people on here. im turning your site in for inspection

        • what do you expect from a fear mongering website? clicks = revenue…can’t get that type of internet money by being honest…gotta keep making up some fearful bs to manipulate people into coming back…just look at tabloids… if they didn’t photoshop a few celebrity nip-slips and turmoils, do you think their garbage would have stayed on newstands as long as they have?

          • I’ve come to the conclusion over the last few days that Mac did not post some of my info including videos and links. You see it did not fit the Articles Propaganda as I called the info out with factual video. So I come to the conclusion that this site is to keep the Dumbed down Fear going for the stoopid sheep for clicks on the adds as the continue to prep for the end of the world tomorrow. Or was it the next day or the 7th, or for sure next month.

        • @ Anonymous

          Just who is going to “inspect” ths site? Dean Wormer

          And for what? What will the result of the inspection be?

          Let me guess……um…….Double Secret Probation? Bite me, you jackass.

          I have things that bother me on this site also, namely keyboard commando type who have to CONSTANTLY AND CONSISTANTLY toss out threats. As far as I am concerned, those morons can bug out right now. But so what? Let them have their say.

          You are an intolerant f#€knut. I say this not because you disagree, but because you don’t even want this place to exist. I hope you can fart hard enough to blow your head out of your ass.



        • If you don’t like our site, then go away.

          • RB, However if you don’t like the site, you can keep your site, and coming back daily to call the stoopid sheep out when they post irrelevant childish crap, like juvenile cut paste jokes. I still like you RB even though we may disagree sometimes. At least you have courage to defend your positions. I have never seen you go shake your rattle cry and go run to Mac for protection like one randon poster here. So keep posting RB. Thx. WWTI.

            • So now wtti, sgt dale, and braveheart can ALL get a room together for their lovefest.

          • RB – Better watch out eppe is counting how many time you and I post per article. Like some tally thumbsucker would do. I am sure you post more than I do. Let see if the hypocrite criticizes you too? lol

      24. Is this related to President Obamas recent surrender of Internet control from the USA to the UN?

        • One way to look at it. His veto pen didn’t work on this one.

      25. Um, wait. Did everyone here falling for this fall for the infamous “Sony hack”, too?

        Come on. There is no way ISIS hacked into anything truly tied to CENTCOM. Yes, it’s another false flag and, yes, the internet kill switch will be here sooner than we think.

      26. Um, wait. Did everyone here falling for this fall for the infamous “Sony hack”, too?

        Come on. There is no way ISIS hacked into anything truly tied to CENTCOM. Yes, it’s another false flag and, yes, the internet kill switch will be here sooner than we think.

      27. The real danger?

        Hackers intercept our remote satellite feed to direct and fly our armed drones, and use them to attack our own troops.

      28. The next hack just maybe a large piece of the electric grid. Following that you may see this notice (on your computer screens):

        Do to National Scrutiny Concerns the Inter-Net has been taken over by the Federal Government. Tune into your national and local news out-lets for more information and updates.

        I feel it is time to start posting more information about survival idea’s and a little less on chatter (sorry), but TIMHO. We are about to lose the inter net soon and when it goes so dose banking, food distribution, fresh water etc. The stage is all but site for the open act of the play TEOTWAWKI!! Keep your eyes open and your ears to the ground and please pass on all the Intel you have. I live about 35 miles from a large refinery and just learned that they have upped their jet fuel output to all most 50% total production. Now who is going to need a lot of jet fuel Hmmmm? Soon the curtain will be going up.

        • I’m going to purchase the black widow software and download my favorite sites. One ore thing on my list this week.

          • HTTrack Website Copier is free. I have been using it for over a year with no problems.

            I archive web sites that I don’t want to lose access to. So many of the free web hosting companies have ceased operating and/or deleted everything. CompuServe, AOL, Genealogy (dot) com, GeoCities, EarthLink, and many more are guilty of this criminal behavior.

            I have archived SurvivalBlog, Wikipedia, and many others. Wikipedia used to have a complete zipped archive of the entire site available for download. They only have the text portion available now.

            BlackWidow is a good program, and I used it for many years, but it quit working for me. So I found the free program, HTTrack Website Copier.

            When funds are limited, freeware is good.

        • ANONB4

          Could be right on that fuel surge. Or is it commercial airlines filling cheap AVGAS/JP in storage tanks. Diesel at $3.00 a gallon.

        • Try this one too.

          ht tp://


      29. Other than being a slightly embarrassing public event, this really is not a particularly significant development. Twitter accounts really aren’t a high security issue, not even as serious as hacking various Hollywood accounts for nude images.

        But it does emphasize the need for stricter gun control regulations to make us safe as Americans.

      30. No way in hell one could even consider that this happening at the level it is, with the idiots that claim to be hacking, WITHOUT some insider within America’s borders and in an official capacity helping them….no way.

        • Anyone can guess Twitter passwords. I used to work with someone whose network password was “happy.” CENTCOM (actually their lower level peons) may not be any better at choosing passwords.

          Of course the social media accounts may just be bait.

      31. Humiliate and and undermine America. Obama would say his plan is right on schedule. I don’t fear ISIS I fear our government.

        • Blackjack….right on. I always fear the handlers since the dogs can be killed but they can replace it with something else.

      32. An artist, a lawyer, and a computer scientist

        An artist, a lawyer, and a computer scientist are discussing the merits of a mistress. The artist tells of the passion, the thrill which comes with the risk of being discovered.
        The lawyer warns of the difficulties. It can lead to guilt, divorce, bankruptcy. Not worth it. Too many problems. The computer scientist says “It’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me.
        My wife thinks I’m with my mistress. My mistress thinks I’m home with my wife, and I can spend all night on the computer!”

        • And what does that BS have to do with this article? Go back to your sand box.

          • “My wife thinks I’m with my mistress. My mistress thinks I’m home with my wife, and I can spend all night on the computer!” ”

            I think that pretty much sums up the article, WWTI.

            The govt thinks it can fool the people by blaming it on “hackers”, the hackers think they really accomplished something and the people all know it’s total bullshit.

            • Thank you sixpack, you saw the double meaning intended.

              WWTI, you have posted on one article up to 32 times, often, and yet I cannot post one joke related to the article?
              But yet you preach no religion, but we should all love each other?
              Then you bash Anonymous, and have done so yourself, also with a host of my animals?
              Then when I do not post for a few days, you go after DK, TRB, Barn Cat, and others with your verbage that degrades everyone?
              No wonder so many great posters have given up coming here to read your JEW AND RELIGION BASHING. What have YOU done to take the problem away?
              And you cannot play in my sandbox, period…

            • Sorry Six your statement contradicts itself. Zzzzzzzz

              • Nothing like a woman running to a crybaby shaking his rattle.

                • Yeah, well, I had to get a new hobby once I gave up gorillas who like waving their dicks around…

        • Eppe, another good one. Keep them coming.

      33. Many good people going to freak out when they pull the plug on the internet. No more questions, no more answers. What you have is what you got.

        Then you run your down load. Then no electricity to run your computer. Some will have solar/inverters. Stretch it out a year and you will be back to a basic library in paperbacks or copies in folders.

        • Good. Make sure that information is disseminated to those in your group. That way if you’re no longer around, those in the group can carry on.

          • PO’d Patriot

            There is no group. Nobody wants to start a group.
            All you people have more I have shared with than my own family.
            Hell they would throw it all away if I die.

            Many will die because of the learning curve.

            • Once you get the scent of bullshit, you know it when you smell it. We will need to rely on this experience once the internet is gone. We don’t need the internet to recognize the smell of bullshit.

            • Sling—-

              You ‘hit’ that one outta the park, dude!

              ..same here!!!!!!!

              ..the learning curve, is a misnomer nowadays… for the most part…learning evaporated decades ago…’twas replaced by…govt PROGRAMMING!!!!!!!!!!!!

      34. I really do not believe info. too sensitive,just another excuse to try and censor the net harder,that is when you will see the power of freedom loving hackers.Tis very simple,do not attach sensitive to a high degree machines connected to net ect.,this can be done.The net can be brought down by powers that try to be but will backfire on em long term.As always,you see something you need info. wise on net/print it up/thumb drive it with off net/emp protected computer to read,you get the idea,oh and stock up on Goldfish crackers and federal ammo!

      35. First of all i dont believe it happened, since when does isis tell the soldiers we are coming, watch your back, sounds like horseshit to me

      36. Off Topic:
        Remember the other day when I told you we are to carry off duty. Just heard on the Blaze news that New York police and being told to be vigilant, because of ISIS making threats.

        • Their hiding in boats in people’s back yards. Don’t pick up the lid on any hibachi and beware of orphaned pressure cookers!

          • ppfffttt….They’re

      37. Gotta call bullshit, these fucks still live in caves….

      38. Prepper Tip of the Day

        great article over on SurvivalBlog concerning dental prepping

        Guest Article: Is Your First Aid Kit Complete? by Dr. T., DMD

        ” Deaths from dental abscesses today are so rare that it is difficult to fathom that only 200 years ago this was a leading cause of death. 2 What would life be like in a SHTF scenarios? Would daily living be similar to 200 years ago? It’s very likely indeed. We be involved in bartering, growing our own food, being self-sufficient, and, yes, suffering from toothaches, some of which can lead to death!”

      39. So lets get this straight…our crooked ass govt takes our tax dollars and funds isis with it to hack our own military software. WE. ARE. FUCKED.

      40. Here we go! The gooberment needs some new distraction to cover the bullshit going on somewhere else

      41. A twitter account got hacked, that’s all. Don’t get to rattled because this seems like another inside creation by the alphabet agencies and the usurper Obama.

        Let’s see, Obama makes a speech on cyber security, and all of a sudden as Obama is talking, the big, and scary boogey man named ISIS hacks a Centcom twitter account and shows his scary face in a scarf and threatens us. Oh well, I guess the government is going to have to keep us safe now and restrict the internet so the CIA funded boogey man named ISIS won’t get us.

        This episode of Centcom twitter hack reminds me of the episode of the fake Iranian boat attack and the episode of the fire proof wallet that survived and was found the same night of the 911 attacks.

      42. Does anyone else find it funny that both of the youtube videos that were supposedly uploaded to a hacked account both have the exact same number of views? Seems like a bunch of bull shit. And like someone else said, ISIS doesn’t call itself ISIS. And they have never made nonsense threats toward American Soldiers… Whatever if it is legit, we deserved it because we continue to put far too much information on the internet even though we know it is far from secure. And if this is a false flag… then mission accomplished. You know that the majority of the nation and probably the world will believe this story and jump on the bandwagon.

      43. Does anyone else find it funny that both of the youtube videos that were supposedly uploaded to a hacked account both have the exact same number of views? Seems like a bunch of bull shit. And like someone else said, ISIS doesn’t call itself ISIS. And they have never made nonsense threats toward American Soldiers… Whatever if it is legit, we deserved it because we continue to put far too much information on the internet even though we know it is far from secure. And if this is a false flag… then mission accomplished. You know that the majority of the nation and probably the world will believe this story and jump on the bandwagon.

      44. So the well funded created by the PTB Isis HAS HACKED CENTCOM????

        Please ..give me a break will ya?

        Anyone who falls for this bargain basement piece of shit psyop is a complete fool..

        Good God almighty..

        The damned koolaid was flowing aplenty on the recent post about Mooslim terrorists coming to get us..

        and now this?

        Many here are now drowning in the state sponsored propaganda…


      45. Got a 91 30 it’s an ex sniper and is accurate with just the irons I love it. these ar guys can bring their claw hammers I’m a bring my maul . The ar 15 is over rated give me a mini 30 or sks or ak the ar is my last choice I never fell for the hype . I got a glock 22 don’t like it either. I like 40 cal and hi cap mags but not glock feels cheap in my hand but it’s reliable and I don’t care if I beat the shit out of it. I just treat it like a throw away gun. It’s good for dragging through the mud. Hahaha should have bought a sig but glock is cheap it was a mistake I bought into the hype on this one .never again will that happen. I don’t even give 2 shits about the gov when it all goes down they are irrelevant and all these geniuses doctors and know it alls they will all be brought down to my level too. I have said this before . My heart will be ice cold to these types of people I blame them for getting us into this mess I won’t be smiling any more and if my kid loses 1 crumb out of his mouth there will be hell to pay . I played by the rules and kept getting burned the day of reckoning will come.

      46. You guys are giving ALL governmental entities WAY too much credit for any cohesive plans for world domination. Bottom line – if you wanna see a supreme shit show, get the gubmint in any form involved. Remember…. Those who can, do. Those who can’t, collect a gubmint paychecks. And that also includes LEO’s.

      47. I might be a bit skeptical but it smells like a false flag preparing us for a much bigger false flag. Studied too much history maybe…

      48. Hahahahaha! This is hilarious! No, really. As a “reformed” hacker, this kind of stuff is childs play. Its nothing but staged antics to fool all of you into believing that ISIS is authentic. I mean, they are real in that they are a group of people, but, who they work for and their agendas, well, it all ties back to the three actions of government. Remember those? Remember that #1 is “Lie” and lie they do. Don’t worry, you can stop rolling your eyes. You’ve seen it enough.

        This is such a game and many good people are falling victim to a sharade that is so patently fake that it makes me laugh on the one hand and cry on the other.

        Wake up people! Nearly every thing in the official narrative is a lie. Oh, there are a few “facts” sprinkled in but a few facts can never spell out the truth. Watch and learn.

      49. complicit complicit complicit complicit complicit until the impose Martial Law for your own good.

      50. This hack, the SONY hack are all the Intel community trying to stir up support for Internet control which will control the news we receive. This is just marketing which was legalized via congress.

        RAGE, RAGE against the big brother machine!!!

      51. Holy Triple Threat Batman! ISIS on the Interwebz?!? Quick, Barry to the Rainbow Cave! We need to clamp down on all extremists and make free speech “more available” online!

      52. My flag is BIGGER your flag… Nir nir nir nir nirrrrrrrr nir.

      53. Hack traced to Maryland… Possible White House NSC contractor perp? Looks like Obama staffers enjoy pretending to be ISIS operatives and hackers.

        Why does CENTCOM maintain social media accounts on Twitter, facebook and Youtube? Golly! They were ordered to!

      54. The entire US ruling elite should be ashamed of itself for protecting that worthless piece of shit Obama…

        The entire US deep state global domination schemers and warmongers should be ashamed as well… This Obama shit has been allowed to coninue past the point of brutal absurdity.

        From the lowest federal minion to the high crooked old bastards in Congress.

        Shame, shame shame!

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