BREAKING: FBI Releases Docs Claiming RT Founder Beat Himself To Death In His Hotel Room

by | Jan 27, 2018 | Headline News | 81 comments

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    The FBI just released the results of their investigation claiming that the media mogul and found of RT killed himself by repeatedly smashing his head and upper body into the ground.

    Washington D.C. — In November 2015, the Free Thought Project reported that Mikhail Lesin, the former head of media affairs for the Russian government, and the founder of Russia Today (RT), was found dead in the hotel room that he was staying at in Washington DC.

    Originally, authorities announced that Lesin died from a heart attack. However, the results of his autopsy released months later indicated a far more sinister cause of death and the heavily redacted FBI documents that were just released add to that story.

    The documents, detailing the FBI investigation into Lesin’s death were just released Saturday morning in spite of the investigation ending in October of 2016.

    In spite of the original cause of death noted as a heart attack, a few months later, the District of Colombia’s Office of the Chief Medical Examiner (OCME) and Metropolitan Police Department said that “blunt force injuries of the neck, torso, upper extremities and lower extremities” contributed to Lesin’s death. “The Office of the Chief Medical Examiner (OCME) has released the cause and manner of death for Mikhail Lesin… Cause of Death: blunt force injuries of the head,” the statement said.

    Now, FBI investigators have released the results of their investigation claiming that the blunt force trauma all over his body was self-inflicted.

    “Mr. Lesin died as a result of blunt for injuries to his head, with contributing causes being blunt force injuries of the neck, torso, upper extremities, and lower extremities, which were induced by falls, with acute ethanol intoxication,” the report states.

    In other words, the FBI is claiming that Lesin got so drunk that he repeatedly and violently fell on things until he killed himself.

    To show just how much information the FBI is willing to release on these findings, here is the version of the amended autopsy report they released in the report.



    Essentially, all other information in regards to the findings of Lesin’s death has been scrubbed from the documents as the remaining pages are almost entirely redacted.

    Not only did the US remain tight-lipped on the investigation but they also refused to allow Russian authorities to cooperate.

    As RT reports, back in 2016, months before the closing of the case, Moscow said it was expecting Washington to explain why Russia had not received any details from the probe into Lesin’s death, despite repeated requests.

    “We are awaiting the related clarifications from Washington and the official data on the progress of the investigation,” Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova wrote in a Facebook post at that time. She added that if the media reports citing the forensic statement are confirmed, Russia will send an official request to the US “for international legal assistance.”

    In October 2016, the US authorities announced that Lesin died of natural causes and closed the case. “Based on the evidence, including video footage and witness interviews, Mr. Lesin entered his hotel room on the morning of Wednesday, Nov. 4, 2015, after days of excessive consumption of alcohol and sustained the injuries that resulted in his death while alone in his hotel room,” the US attorney for the District of Columbia said in a statement.

    Lesin’s death came at a time where he was surrounded by controversy, especially in the US. RT, the Russian-based news source that Lesin founded has become very controversial in the US—ostensibly for the fake Russiagate scandal—but in reality, for challenging the western narrative of foreign policy and privacy issues. Some US politicians have suggested that RT be banned in the US for “spreading propaganda,” while others have been blatant enough to attack Lesin personally.

    According to the NY Times, until late 2014 Lesin ran the media wing of the state’s energy giant, Gazprom, before stepping down or, more likely, being forced out. He ended up in the United States, where he and his family owned properties in Los Angeles said to be worth far more than the salary of the former government minister.

    Some US Senators, including Roger Wicker of Mississippi, had called for the Department of Justice to open an investigation into Lesin’s finances prior to his death.

    Wicker was concerned that Lesin made too much money, something that was really none of his business.

    “That a Russian public servant could have amassed the considerable funds required to acquire and maintain these assets in Europe and the United States raises serious questions,” Wicker said.

    The original announcement of the heart attack back in November 2015 makes this case all the more ominous considering the fact that the medical examiner’s office also said Lesin’s body had blunt force trauma to the neck, torso, arms and legs too. How did authorities overlook his wounds?

    As RT reports, Lesin was considered one of the most influential figures in the Russian media landscape. A graduate of Moscow State University with a degree in Civil Engineering, he served as Minister of Press and Mass Media from 1999 to 2004. He was also a presidential media adviser from 2004 to 2009. Lesin became chief executive officer at Garprom-Media in 2013 and remained in the position until early 2015.


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      1. Oh, yeah. And . . . and . . . like, this guy, Mikhail Lesin, he shot himself in the head, twice.

        • He probably knew the Clintons, or something…

          • Yep, one more body count for the Clintons.

            • It was done by the three stooges. Curly used to do it all the time. But their had to be at least a one-arm man to deliver the death blow Eye Poke.

              • there

            • I wish the Clintons would ‘beat themselves to death’ with a baseball bat.

              • heck, I’d do it for the satisfaction!

              • Maybe we could all chip in and buy a Louisville Slugger for them…

        • The FBI fumbled an opportunity here… they should have reported that Lesin was bludgeoned to death by an out-of-control bump stock.

      2. This is intentional done with the intent to intimidate future “problem” people.

        1. We can murder you.

        2. We can make it obvious that it is murder.

        3. Investigative Law Enforcement will label it any way we want.

        4. The Media will ignore it. No 20-20, 60 Minutes for you.

        All the world is a stage.
        William Shakespeare

        • When was it ever any different?

        • We can play the same game. But we also know where your family lives:)

        • Funny Kevin. I don’t feel one bit intimidated. I just feel angry. No…. not angry…. absolutely around the bend enraged. Enough of the lies. Enough is enough.

          • Neither you or I are worthy of their efforts. If your somewhere like Dealey Plaza on Nov 22nd 1963 and see something and video it that conflicts with the narrative and you get a “Men In Black” type visit with “suggestion” to become Sgt Shultz of Hogans Heroes let me know how well you sleep after that.

            Your not intimidated because your not a target of the intimidation.

        • In other words, the same thing they demonstrated with the murder of JFK. The Warren Commission relied on the investigation by these Keystone Cops, and the media still lies about it.

          Russia has many alcoholics. How many have beaten themselves to death?

          And is it just coincidental that this happened in WDC?

          RT is a propaganda arm of the Russian government, sure. But what does it say about us when its broadcasts are more reliable than all three of our legacy networks and at least two of our cable news networks?

          • ” But what does it say about us”

            It speaks volumes. If someone went into a coma in 1960 and for some reason didn’t age much and awoke now the shock would be massive. Putting technology aside if they looked at the politics both domestic and global they would think it was a twilight zone episode.

        • Another great playwright – Vondel – said “De wereld is een schouwtoneel, elk speelt zijn rol en krijgt zijn deel” (The world is a stage, each plays his role and gets his share).

          We don’t all receive the share we want though…

      3. We are in a civil war. Be armed, be ready. Beware false flags. I don’t get anymore paranoid than this.

        This is crazy, I’ve been tracking posts by Q Annon on

        Since I began just watching, I’ve been banned on several discussion forums including for no reason.

        Then I made a post or two, and all hell broke loose. Banned, banned, banned!

        I could have never imagined the depth of the rabbit hole. Or the traps that would be set.

        Many who read SHTF just lurk. Keep up the good work.

        We are in amazing days. Fear not, we are actually winning.

      4. I read RT daily.
        I don’t believe most of it.
        Most drunks survive their
        Take it from

        • Article states he drank excessively for days. If that’s the case, wouldn’t he be too drunk to repeatedly hurt himself? He probably got the crap beat out of him while he was passed out.

          • He only fell on his knife 5 times.

          • Exactly.

            You can bash your head on the floor or against the walls if you are desperate on killing yourself, but this would go only until you are passing out. And why would you hurt your arms and legs anyway – if you could hurt them that much of course

        • With Uncle Sam’s track record of no WMD in Iraq, selling to the public as nuclear, anyone with a petro-chemical industry can have gas, no one invaded for gas. They also attempted to show a tie between Islamic Fundamentalists and Saddam while they were mortal enemies and then using US air power to help Islamic Fundamentalists overthrow Libya I’ll give benefit of the doubt to RT.

          • Our media are the real liars. Rt could have low ethics and still be vastly superior to our presstitute media that ate nothing more than the Orwellian news for Oceania.

            • Basically read the other guys news. Its likely that RT lies to their people domestically. Its a government thing, they just can’t help it regardless of the system. Us them, doesn’t matter.

        • He was lifting weights and the barbell fell on him !

        • Most drunks pass out first. Never heard of death from self-inflicted trauma to the head and body. Must be some serious magic dust in the air in DC.

        • It makes no difference that, in the annals of human history, this is the first ever occurrence of such a violent suicide.

          • I guess he must have hated himself really very much….

      5. Maybe he knew things and someone was afraid he’d rat. Dead men tell no tales, but their broken bodies tell a lot!

      6. In general I’ve found more reliable of a news source than CNN and MSNBC. I realize that is a very low bar.

      7. GMTBFB! [GIVE ME THE BIGGEST FU#$%ING BREAK!} Beat himself to death? Hell, anyone else could’ve come up with something better than that. I’m surprised we didn’t have WW3 over this incident. Rellik, I agree about RT being propaganda. Same for Sputnik. After all, they are RUSSIAN mainstream media, government-owned and operated. But on occasion they do have something entertaining. I can believe he drank excessively. After all he’s a RUSSIAN. They are chronic alcoholics and love their vodka.

        • After all he’s a RUSSIAN. They are chronic alcoholics and love their vodka.

          That is the stupidest, dumbest, midwit comment of the week. I’m betting your head swelled up thinking it was a genius level comment while typing it.

          Do some Russians get drunk? Do some Americans get drunk? Are some Russians alcoholics? Are some American alcoholics?

          Get out of your basement and stop living on the SHTF Plan blog. Get some sun light. And stop pretending you know Russians. Or anything at all. All it does is tell everyone that you have been thoroughly propagandized by years of Cold War and ongoing CIA… propaganda.

          • Sounds like someone hurt Curtis’ feewings. Sore pussy perhaps?

          • Curtis, Russia has the forth highest consumption rate of alcohol in the world. It is only exceeded by three of their former client states; 1. Belarus, 2. Republic of Moldova, 3. Lithuania, 4. Russia

          • What legitimate information do you base your opinion on?

          • Curtis, I’ll try to be civil to you. During the Soviet era it was estimated that three-fourths of all men in the USSR were chronic alcoholics. The reason for that is simple; LIFE UNDER COMMUNISM. Nowadays, the reason for drinking problems in the Russian Federation is most likely life under the rule of Vladimir Putin. Things are not all rosy in Russia even to this day. You can take my statement for whatever you think it’s worth but what I said is fact. And no, I’ve never been propagandized by the CIA. Life under communism is NOT CIA propaganda; it is FACT. My wife was a refugee from Castro’s Cuba and if she were alive now she could tell you all kinds of horror stories about her life under Castro. She also lost part of her family to Castro’s butchers. That is FACT, NOT CIA PROPAGANDA. I know more things than you could ever imagine and I do live in the real world. You’re the one who needs to wake up. I hope you do so for your own sake. Have a good day, sir.

            • But he wasn’t living under Communism. He was living in the USA

            • “During the Soviet era it was estimated that three-fourths of all men in the USSR were chronic alcoholics”

              I asked my friends 55 year old wife from Belarus what was the reason behind the alcoholism in Russia (Belarus). According to her it was WWII. The men post war drowned their sorrows. How sorrowful? 80% of the males born in 1923 died in the war. The fathers who served were drunks, the sons became drunks, the women got educated. Her take on communism and stories were interesting. They all ate before the collapse. They got medical care. They got the basics. According to her if the wall came down most wouldn’t leave. She said Americans work too hard not understanding that what we have wasn’t given to us. No one worked hard over there according to her. If your a lazy drunk communism is for you. Interesting there are many monuments to “The Great Patriotic War” WWII over in Belarus. All have three pillars. One represents the USSR, another the USA and the third the UK. They were actually taught in school about the great help the USA gave to them. We’re apparently told a somewhat embellished view of “over there” post Stalin. It wasn’t good but neither was it horrific.

              • “The reason for that is simple; LIFE UNDER COMMUNISM”

                There is truth to this but not what you would expect. Communism in Russia tolerates drunks. The job of the police was to go to movie theaters and chase men back to work in the factories. They had no fear of being fired as they couldn’t be. Neither did they have any reason to work hard as there were no rewards and little to buy. Your money wasn’t important as they had chronic shortages and a black market flourished that operated with barter. The men get loaded and just don’t care. The women she said had the same dress that had a few different attachments. Why work?

                • Kevin2, everything you say about communism is right on the mark. I forgot to add the Soviet experience in WW2 was another reason for the alcoholism. And there was definitely no incentive to work hard. As that old Soviet saying goes, ‘we pretend to work and they pretend to pay us.’ There was always shortages of everything; food, basic necessities, clothing, shoes, etc. You could, however, find anything you wanted on the black market only as long as you had the right items for barter. All of the same conditions existed in all of Eastern Europe during the Soviet occupation. Cuba to this day still has a Soviet-style economy and all of the same conditions as their former Soviet ‘comrades’.

                • Dresses with different attachments? Hmmmm.

                  I have been to Belarus and was deported trying to go Le Hermitage in St. Petersburg. My papers were not in order.

                  One of the most revolting bathrooms I have ever had to use was at a train station in Belarus. Every surface was covered with something. Wads of paper? Paint? Gum? It wasn’t a toilet neglected and for the use of only rail passengers, I also observed staff, in military uniforms, using that bathroom.

                  There was an interesting trade system in place, as well. People were going to Poland and Berlin to buy tractor and car parts they would hand carry on the train. Other people made purchases of cheap vodka in the duty free store. It was all very subtle. Being deported gave me a few hours to sit on a bench and observe transactions. Some riders only went a few stops down the line. Bags were shuffled from one person to another, discreetly, of course.

                  I expect there will be a number of Russian entrepreneurs that will make good money when the next European war begins. Container loads of AKs and ammo, cheap! It looks like Sweden is nearly ready. Overland shipments of certain materials are not difficult if the need arises.

                  • “Dresses with different attachments? Hmmmm.”

                    They had under communism one basic dress that was somewhat styled slightly different. One type of toiler paper. Limited choices. They all have a small parcel of land for their garden outside of the city and its a big deal. Don’t you steal my peppers. The Afghan war also brought with it a drug problem and I assume like here it can’t exist without police corruption. In the end the people just want to eat, have a roof over their head and be entertained, its the “food and circus”. Their “Wall” wasn’t up to keep in the masses, it was there to keep in the bright, ambitious, hard working as their system offers limited rewards.

                • A great quote I heard from a Soviet was:

                  “We pretend to work and the government pretends to pay us”

              • Also, let’s not forget the Red Army was encouraged to commit crimes such as rape and murder of civilians. Many of those who came back alive after WW II probably were guilty of those crimes and that in the long run would have had a very traumatizing effect, of the sort you would try to drown in drink.
                Actual spiritual or psychological help would not have been really abundantly available either in the Soviet Union.

                • Oddfellow

                  When a nations moral compass starts at the intersection of “The Ends Justifying The Means” the destination wasn’t worthy of the means nor justified. Communism may be the vehicle but fascism is behind the wheel.

            • Putin helped kick the commies out of Russia. He was part of the rebellion in the soveit union, you total idiot.

            • Putin is not the Soviet regime. Are you joking?

        • CNN covered the “Assad gassed his own people lie” like the whores that they are.

      8. It’s to the point that all news is suspect.

        I take all news reports as credible as common gossip. Maybe it is true, partially true, total bs, something in-between.


        • I’ll go as far as saying false until proven otherwise. What is frightening is that its being employed in the political arena.

      9. The cleaners clean. No cover up here! Move along!

      10. this is almost as good as the Scalia story. at least this guy got an autopsy.

      11. I think if the maid had walked in he would of did his best Jim Carrey voice and said, “I’m kicking my ass, do you mind?”

      12. The fact is they don’t do things such as this on a whim.

        They sent a message

        1. We can kill you.

        2.Its obvious that its not a suicide

        3. Law Enforcement will label it any way we say

        They had no intent of making it appear as a suicide.

        • Could they be that bolt? And disdainful even of what observation itself shows?

          I do know there is some sort of paralysis of the mind which kicks in when you feel it is dangerous to think.

          • “bold”

      13. You can’t invent such hubris if you tried, the arrogant temerity of the FBI seemingly knows no boundaries these days.
        “ He fell himself to death “…
        In what universe does this not give pause to reality? In what universe does cognitive dissonance not reach out and yank one with great physicality as if to say “ Jack, this ain’t right !! “

        Meanwhile at the MSN, “ WUSSIA DID IT, WUSSIA, wussia, wuss…”. And the goats bleat our their cries for more bread and circuses, willfully unaware and loving it..

      14. Is this “article “ from The Onion?
        I mean, blunt force trauma to lower body, chest and head? Even if you were 3 sheets to the wind, ( or as I’d been known to say “embalmed with moonshine”) the first 2 or 3 hits would sober you up enough to say…”ouch, this sh!t hurts! I’d better stop…”
        And they’re saying “self inflicted “?


        • And WHY would he do that anyway?

      15. FBI (Fibbing Beyond Insanity). Sorry, no critical thinkers there. Why even try to have a fact-based analysis. You make decisions in the swamp long enough and your brain goes soggy.

      16. My immediate first thought was that some LEO must have leaked, or threatened to leak a crime scene investigation photo showing that Mr Lesin’s face had been brutally kicked in by assassins, and that he did not die from non violent causes. Thus,the story had to be changed.

      17. Sounds like he might have been a potential witness on non-existent Trump/Russia collusion.

        The deep state killed him violently to frighten other potential witnesses.

        I’ll bet he’s swapping stories with Seth Rich right now.

        • ^^^^^


      18. In the course of my 12 years living sober, I’ve know 5 people that died in this manner- drunken fall leading to a fatal intracranial bleed. It’s real, it happens, and it’s sad. That said, my medical background tells me it is incredibly odd that the details of all contributory injuries, toxicology and pathology findings are entirely redacted from the ME report. I question those details holding up to qualified scrutiny. I’ll let the reader decide why a federal agency might not want transparency and full disclosure.

        • Intracranial bleeding – yes.

          But trauma to the arms and legs – self-inflicted?

      19. Boom bam skippy. They dropping like flies.

      20. And these congresmen and women tell us daily the the FBI is to be trusted. Bullshit, they are a bunch of thugs.


      22. No need to dither over it folks. By this time next year, you’ll be hearing shit probably ten times worse. Besides its all lies anyway.

        • I’m buying stock in peach cobbler makins’. There seem’s to be a huge market for it! 😛

      23. He had a Trample Fetish…It went a bit to far.

        Serious, look it up.

        • OK, I did. Really?????People are so lost 🙁

          Trampling refers to the sexual activity that involves being trampled underfoot by another person or persons. Trampling is common enough to support a subgenre of trampling pornography. Because trampling can be used to produce pain, the trampling fetish for some adherents is closely linked to sadomasochistic fetishism.

      24. at this point who in their right mind would accept anything from the FBI?

      25. Putin has his own little ways to retaliate. He knows the truth.

      26. Gary Webb( Journalist) committed suicide by shooting himself in the head….twice.
        Admiral Halsey committed suicide by throwing himself out of a hospital window.
        Allende committed suicide by shooting himself in the back with a machine gun.
        Danny Caselero (reporter) committed suicide by slicing his wrists the night before he was to present his report on stolen software…hint, the Bushes were involved.
        Dorothy Kilgalen committed suicide by overdosing on multiple barbiturates.
        There was a man who claimed that one of the planes that supposedly crashed on 9/11….. actually saw that very same plane at an aircraft graveyard in Arizona. Shortly after he murdered his 12 year old son and committed suicide.
        Starting to get the picture?

      27. Dear Mr. Putin, if you would like to invade America I know a swelling number of appalled citizens who would love to help you stab a dagger in the heart of the Empire.

        • I have grown to be somewhat of a Putin fan but, this statement is treason and I hope the people of SHTF Plan have forwarded it to the proper authorities.

      28. The FBI is a fine example of a US Gov’t agency that is out of control and not at all trustworthy one little bit period. Just like the US in general, a huge damn massive pile of warn Feces on a hot summer day.

      29. Explanation from the same agency that said the two gunshots to the head which killed Gary Webb were self-inflicted.

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