BREAKING: Army Patrolling – America Goes 3RD WORLD!

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    This article was contributed by Tom Beck at Portfolio Wealth Global. 

    Since 2008, the middle class and the working class have SEEN ENOUGH of corporate bailouts. Now, when CEOs shout that they’ll go bust if Washington doesn’t provide liquidity, Congress isn’t so quick to be the lender of LAST RESORT.

    Americans distrust the wealthy. Americans distrust government and, for the most part, Americans distrust each other.

    Therefore, when coronavirus has caught the country in the later stages of an incredible economic boom, it (economic improvement) was the only thing keeping the ship sailing smoothly.

    The losses have been MONUMENTAL since the Covid-19 started spreading, though. In 2008, homeowners lost a collective $8 trillion. In less than a month, investors have lost $30 trillion in the 2020 pandemic. That’s 50% MORE than a full year of GDP.

    These sorts of losses are not only shocking, but they’re CALLING INTO QUESTION the very fabric of the fiat monetary system.

    The most obvious short positions of the past three weeks have been airlines, hotel chains, casinos, oil companies, and cruise ship businesses. The profits have been STAGGERING.

    MGM Resorts, for example, is down 77%. Norwegian Cruise Lines, which is part of the S&P 500, is down 85%. Gap, the clothing giant, is down 60%. Halliburton, famous for its Dick Cheney days, is down 80%.

    Look at this HISTORIC calamity:


    Stock prices have forfeited the last 3.5 years of gains. The S&P 500 and the Dow Jones Industrial Average are LOWER than they were on the day that Trump took office.

    I’m beginning to BELIEVE that the upside of short positions are over and done with since these companies are priced for bankruptcy and the government will NOT let them fail.

    We know as much because Washington has just approved a $2,000,000,000,000 PACKAGE. No, you’re not seeing double; the folks at the hill decided that $2 trillion will be enough to start with.

    Our system is so stupidly rigged. The federal government can just borrow $2 trillion and if not enough lenders are willing to assume the risk, the Federal Reserve will simply purchase a large amount. The money JUST APPEARS, when we need it.

    We’re reaching the MAXIMUM LIMIT of our dollar structure.

    Literally, in the last nine days, the dollar has been all that anyone has wanted to own.


    We’ve seen DEFLATIONARY scares in the past, but this takes the prize.

    Through the use of swap lines, the Federal Reserve has worked with all major central banks to make sure the banks even stay open.

    Any day now, if things worsen, there might be announcements of ATM issues and no one wants to be locked out of his checking account.

    This operation has led Jerome Powell and his team of bandits to cut rates to zero and to launch QE again.

    The scope of the program is already twice as large as in 2008.

    At this point, I want you to know that the central banks and governments, at large, have SACRIFICED everything to keep the world from imploding altogether, so they’re past the point of no return.

    This absolutely means that inflation waits on the other side of this.


    What that means is that I’ve noticed that PREMIUMS on physical precious metals are going through the roof!

    Keith Neumeyer, who is CEO of the world’s purest publicly-traded silver mining conglomerate, has challenged investors to find ANY physical coins selling for the spot price – it’s IMPOSSIBLE.

    The spot price has DECOUPLED from reality!

    Once the U.S. Treasury and the central bank manage to push the dollar’s EXCESSIVE demand back to normal, the cash reserves that everyone’s sitting on will push silver towards $20/ounce in minutes.

    Then, it will begin price discovery, which to me, suggests $30/ounce and HIGHER.

    On Tuesday, I’ll publish a SUPER-IMPORTANT update; the most comprehensive one ever made about the effect coronavirus has had.

    It will include BOMBSHELLS regarding the crisis management skills of President Trump, from inside sources.



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      1. The system is absolutely rigged, and has been for decades. Profits are privatized, losses are socialized – that’s the business model. The banks, major corporations, big business, etc. will get bailed out. They keep the profits, you pay their debts as a taxpayer. (If that’s not enough, corporate and business tax expenses are passed on to you when you buy their product.) Sure, the Fed is putting up the money (from thin air, nothing more than keystrokes, just binary ones and zeros), but it’s the taxpayers on the hook for it all, trillions and trillions of dollars so far. And if the economy goes belly up guess who is the one who will still be required to pay back on their debts -YOU.
        There’s nothing wrong being wealthy, even extremely wealthy, but what we have now is super-hyper wealth concentration, so severe it is wrecking the financial systems of the country, and beginning to cause economic and social problems that will only become worse as time goes on.
        They create market bubbles that they profit from when the market goes up , and when it pops you pay their bills, it is all nothing more than a giant scam to vacuum up all the wealth in the country, just another wealth transfer in a long series of wealth transfer scams.
        To make sure people remain powerless to do anything about it, should it be necessary, they’ll just call out the NG, or limit travel, or declare some type of emergency where your rights are curtailed. But there will be a point when those measures won’t work when they perceive they have little to nothing to lose.

      2. Click bait

      3. The wealthy shoplift more from stores than poor folks.

      4. Where’s all those Cash for your Gold peddlers?

      5. This is happening in Baltimore according to Western Journal

      6. This article above is clickbait. Expected better from shtfplan.
        – – – – – – –
        Do you want to know part of what is really going on?
        Then YouTube search:
        1. Yuri Brezmenov. (This really explains your “changed” world.)
        2. Deborah Tavares,
        3. Rosa Koire, “UN agenda 21 exposed”
        4. Dana Ashlie

        Do You have any real useful/ACTIONABLE info?
        Would appreciate your post or link.

        * Dallas Texas has now been “Normalised” as per the Yuri Brezmenov interview. Yuri warned you many years ago.
        * Obscure outfit called the John Birch Society warned you.
        * A maligned loud mouth grand stander politician called John McCarthy gave warning.

        The power current grab by government shows you JUST the BEGGINING of what they really have planned for you.

        You should not fear the ChiCom CCP bioweapons test Wuhan flu. It is a real world test for spread rate. And a cover story for ChiCom CCP PURGE genocide.

        However, Those dirtbag politicians, liar mass media, bankers, tech monopoly bullies that are building the 5g Beast System control grid. Weather control and modification. Famine. Genocide of patriot dissenters in USA. Those topics should concern you.

        Who would have believed all American Life allowed to be dirupted by the Criminal Thief LIAR Fearmonger politician/media.

      7. PS- This current shutdown Event is a: Drill. Exercise. Test. Psyop. The real actual event would be much much worse. There is currently a war on. “Quite Weapons for Quite Wars.” They consider YOU the enemy.

        Let the current situation be a training event for you as well. Because Now you know how far and how fast the “theys” can shut down the world with nothing but FEAR and the liar Media. “Not a shot fired. No troops on street. And the world is shut down.”

        How about that Constiutution now?
        Those Bill of Rights?
        So do the “conspiracy” theory nuts sound like “nuts” now?
        Your “rights” removed within a few days. No shots fired.
        Was a great Psyop Exercise for your controllers.
        YOU NEED to Learn from it. Get ready for the real deal event.

        Some Americans can not be controlled by fear. Only with a bullet to the head. Maybe That is why Obama stashed all those hollowpoint bullets at NOAA. Post Office, Social Security, other government buildings????

        “Live Free or Die”

        • Wow, you hit it right on the head so to speak, bravo. 110% TRUTH, hard, honest, painful truth. SMH.

      8. CORRECTION!

        At this point, I want you to know that the central banks and governments, at large, have sacrificed EVERYONE, CAUSING the world to implode altogether, so they’re past the point of no return.

      9. CORRECTION!

        At this point, I want you to know that the central banks and governments, at large, have sacrificed EVERYONE, CAUSING the world to implode altogether, so they’re past the point of no return.

      10. So! Who cares? It’s not our money, it’s everybody’s. As long as we have food, shelter. What does it matter if they keep printing? Saves me from having to print it myself. It’s America, it’s our way of living. Our politicians are doing a great job! Our president is wonderful! Even the democrats have come through for the people. This will pass, and something else might come, but we learn from this and prepare for next time. We learn. If they have to print money to infinity to keep us all fat and happy so be it. Life is short, most of us won’t be here 50 years from now. Our kids will have to learn to do the same and even their life is short. I thank God I was born in America. The best nation in the world. I could be in Africa or central America wanting to come here. But I was born blessed, and God has established it as it is. God will not let us starve and we will not fall. His son will come and he might not be happy with some of us, but he won’t destroy us all. He keeps his promises. Let them print! Print more and more! There’s plenty for everyone! Hopefully there will be more free money sessions!

        • lol…not sure if this is satire or you’re actually serious.

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