Breaking Alert: Massive Cyber Attack May Be Under Way: NYSE Halts Stock Trading, FAA Grounds United Airlines Over “Technical Issues”

by | Jul 8, 2015 | Headline News | 122 comments

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    Technical glitches this morning are raising homeland security concerns. Though it is not yet clear if the events are related, two separate technical incidents have led to problems in the computer systems that control stock market trading on the NYSE and automation on airlines owned by United.

    At 11:30 AM Eastern time the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) halted trading after reports that a “technical issue” was causing problems with the normal flow of trade.

    The exchange said in a statement that it was experiencing a “technical issue” that it was working to resolve as quickly as possible.

    “We’re currently experiencing a technical issue that we’re working to resolve as quickly as possible,” a spokeswoman for the NYSE said in a statement. “We will be providing further updates as soon as we can, and are doing our utmost to produce a swift resolution, communicate thoroughly and transparently, and ensure a timely and orderly market re-open.”

    Before trading was halted, U.S. indexes were lower as investors worried about China’s ability to stem a stock market slide.  (ABC News)

    An hour prior to the NYSE being taken offline the Federal Aviation Commission (FAA) halted flights of all United Airlines passenger airliners across the United States, citing similar problems as the NYSE.

    United Airlines flights were temporarily halted nationwide this morning after the FAA said a computer glitch — something it called “automation issues” — forced planes to be grounded.

    The FAA’s Air traffic Control System Command Center reported that planes have been grounded at all airports, although the system slowly returned back to normal.

    United Airlines, which is based in Chicago, said, “We experienced a network connectivity issue this morning. We are working to resolve this and apologize to our customers for any inconvenience.” (ABC News)

    According to law enforcement officials and representatives from United, the problems were not the result of a hacking issue. The New York Stock Exchange is still halted as of this writing and no specific reason for the outage has been provided.

    Department of Homeland Security officials have yet to speak on the matter, and it is not clear if the events have officially been tied together or if they are being treated as separate incidents.

    It could be a coincidence, but should America ever come under a widespread cyber attack it might look just like what we are seeing this morning, with critical systems in a variety of industries being attack nearly simultaneously.

    In 2013 outgoing Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano warned that a cyber attack on the United States is imminent and that a coordinated attack could leave Americans scrambling for supplies if hackers targeted transportation and commerce systems, both of which appear to be having problems this morning.

    Though a cyber attack remains a distinct possibility with officials keeping it hush-hush so as to prevent widespread panic, another possibility is that an entity, whether foreign or domestic, is testing cyber-based weapons.

    Last year it was speculated that Russian bombers off America’s west coast may have been responsible for regional problems that led to a total crash of the LAX air traffic control system, but an official statement from the military indicated it was caused by the flyover of a U.S.-owned spy plane.

    The Department of Homeland Security has acknowledged that gaping holes exist in America’s cyber infrastructure and security engineers have confirmed that taking America offline would not be a very difficult task to accomplish:

    If you think that our multi-billion dollar electrical power grids are secure and capable of withstanding a coordinated attack, think again.

    According to one group of engineers, the grid is so vulnerable that it wouldn’t even require a skilled hacker to compromise. In fact, when Adam Crain and Chris Sistrunk decided to test some new software they were developing they identified a vulnerability so serious that it could literally blind operational controllers to such an extent that they would be locked out of monitoring systems and unable to maintain grid integrity.

    The consequences, according to the engineers who note they are in no way security specialists, could be a total downing of the national power grid with nodes across the nation being taken over all at once. Moreover, the same systems used to maintain the U.S. power grid are also being used in other industries, like water treatment facilities.

    Source: Massive Vulnerability Detected In National Power Grids: “There Is No Way to Stop This”

    In response to the possible threat of a takeover or downing of America’s power and cyber grids, President Obama signed an Executive Order earlier this year authorizing the government to seize all physical equipment and virtual nodes in the event of a cyber emergency.

    Such an emergency would probably start like what we saw this morning, with critical industries being taken down one-by-one.

    This report is developing and will be updated as new information becomes available…

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      1. even if this is the result of a cyber attack

        it is highly unlikely the government will identify it as such

        • Satori, I disagree. The government will claim it was cyberattack so that they can implement measures to protect us. Those protective measures will just crush more freedom. It was probably our own government that did this anyway.

          • “protect Us”- Yes, That is the excuse they often use isn’t it……

            • The big one would be if they were able to hack and break down the electrical grid.

            • “After a series of cyber failures involving first UAL, then this website, then the NYSE which is still halted, then the WSJ, some have suggested that this could be a concerted cyber attack…”

              “real-time cyber attack map courtesy of Norsecorp which provides real time visibility into global cyber attacks.”

              Is This What The First World Cyber War Looks Like: Global Real Time Cyber Attack Map

            • You can watch it live right here. Warning: This map is CPU intensive. If you’re running an older machine, like I am, you’ll notice a marked degradation in performance.

              Also notice that the U.S. target area is located in or near St. Louis, the location of a major North American internet hub and the St. Louis Fed. Just Sayin’.

              ht tp://

              “Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, three times is enemy action” – Ian Fleming

          • China also having computer problems? Opening shots of a cyber war? Is this it? Has the first dominoes started to fall? I for one am on full alert. I have notified my group to go on alert and make plans to follow our operation orders should the next shoe drops.

            We have been told time and again that when it happens it will be a fast acting moment. Is this it? We will see.


          • What??????? Kfilly how could you think to suggest it was an “inside job”??????? (sarcasm)

          • “Never let a crisis go to waste…”

        • I know between 8-10am, our servers in TX shut down.
          Sux, since we have lots of projects running…

          • My aunt works for a company that supplies components for infrastructure of major industry. Think oil and gas. She was receiving faxes all day for orders because computers were down in these major corps in Houston and Throughout colorado. When I told her of the news about NYSE, UAL, etc she told me about these outages. I find it interesting.

          • Curiously, my HughesNet satellite link went down for a couple of hours around suppertime (eastern time zone).

            No weather in the area to account for it, no sign of solar weather, either.

        • I’m sure the US Gubmint will find a way to blame it on Boris and Natasha.

          • Rocky and Bullwinkle we need you NOW!

            Bring Tom Terrific and Manfred too!

            I feel better now. Things are under control. Just a test, folks. Our super heroes are on the job.

            Cue the audio.


          • “Its Moose and Squirrel, I tell you. Not us”


          • The African virus will blame Bush for it.

        • Don’t be surprised if the US & Israel blame Russia, China, Iran, Syria, or North Korea for this. It seems to be a pattern with these two losers to blame others for their own sabotaging efforts.

        • thats because the government did this .. the market was crashing like a rock , so they had to have a “technical difficulty” to stop the bleeding

          games up folks if your paying attention

          • EOS I agree The handwriting is on the wall.

        • There was no “cyber attack”. This is just a smokescreen to conceal short-selling and derivative bets on AU stocks falling…

        • If it was an attack, it was probably carried out by the US government.

        • “Last year it was speculated that Russian bombers off America’s west coast may have been responsible for regional problems that led to a total crash of the LAX air traffic control system, but an official statement from the military indicated it was caused by the flyover of a U.S.-owned spy plane.” hmmm , this past weekend July the fourth between ten and eleven am est. Russian bombers again flew right up to our air space on the coast of California and we had to scramble up some fighters. somethings going on . we’re a WAR people !

        • just a martial law drill mate, Obummer signed an order last week placing America in a state of permanent martial law.

          This was just a Warm Up Session

        • just a martial law drill mate, Obummer signed an order last week placing America in a state of permanent martial law.

          This was just a Warm Up Session

      2. If anyone will get to the bottom of this it will be

        BTW….they got taken down also!!

      3. I wonder what the pigs do when their farm is temporary closed.

      4. my suspicions it is being done by operatives connected to some US government agency.. a possible cyber false flag, maybe connected with the impending breakdown and crashing of the world financial system, maybe will be used as a pretext to stomp on the freedom of the internet… doubt the criminals in London, Washington, Tel Aviv are implicated somewhere

      5. Something smells fishy……our internet freedom getting restricted maybe? You know “to protect us”

      6. Its because were white racist isnt it,,, confiscate the guns and bibles and confederate flags!
        Burn the women and children first!
        Or is it screw the women and children first!
        Not sure anymore, guess i better consult the rainbow bible of politicalcorrectness

        • Kula


      7. Are You Ready For The e-PATRIOT Act?

        ht tp://

      8. My smartphone was hacked 8 days ago.
        Banking info compromised. I do a lot of
        Online shopping. I have upgraded my apps.
        And am being more diligent about keeping it
        Clean. …….ya’ll be careful!

        • I don’t have online banking because of this.

          I’ve recently gone back to paying for all my goods and almost all services in cash. I’m not going back to the debit card except when I can’t get to a cash machine.

      9. Got hacked the 3rd of July had to lock down everything. Bank info and shopping also compromised,was not a very relaxing holiday. Like the breaking alert news format it’s
        What we need,thanks Mac.

      10. Watch it live at
        Live cyber attacks, shows origins,types, and targets.

      11. Jade Helm?

      12. My neighbors’ dildo exploded last night. She may never dance again. Damn Chinese!

        • Your neighbor shouldn’t be playing with toxic adult toys. If she wanted some dickNcider, then she should of called an expert such as myself for her personal pleasures.

          • He lives next door to Helen Thomas…go ahead and take care of that.

        • My ex-wife’s dildo caught on fire too. She called the company where she purchased it from, they told her it was not designed for industrial use!

          • Old jizzer and sir dickedalot. Are you guys in grade school? WTF.

            • Chill out not gone long enough.

        • Prophet, she should’ve come to me. I’ll give her the real thing and I’m not made in china, either.

      13. China suspended the selling of equities by decree in the last few days. Stopping trading due to a “technical malfunction” accomplishes the same goal.

        Just saying.

      14. Not good folks

        • Its to be expected, but I really didn’t think it was going to hit us this quick. Stay close to home or your BOL time is getting short.
          We forecast the weather and other things by looking at what is going on in the present, why is it so hard for many to see what is coming??? To me it is just common sense. My wife says “common sense is not so common”! Wise woman!

      15. They’re(big brother) causing hysteria. They want more fear. It’s what they feed off of. They want this country scared shitless so they can easily carry out their little kill them all plan they have going for them.

      16. As an aside, I know local .gov has been having problems with their websites being compromised for at least five days.

        My best friend lost his “permission slip” to be out in public last week and he had to get a replacement.

        So I’ve been trying to get one since last week from the county treasurer. Always “Sorry, our internet is down and we can’t access your information to help you.”

        Finally, I gave them the info over the landline and they got to it while the internet was up for a short time period.

        When I went in to get my best friend’s “permission slip”, they told me that the internet was down…lucky I called and came in a day later.

        Fuck the .gov pig Dog Warden and his “permission slip”. My best friend never leaves the property unless I let him…

        • Do you mean driver’s license?

      17. kevin2
        exactly right

      18. I have never believed in things referred to as: “coincidence”. There is no scientific probability or empirical evidence to suggest that “coincidences” actually exist.
        These multiple near coordinated “glitches” are cyber-attacks. Somebody IS sending a “message” to the USA.
        UAL, DowJones, NYSE, and other places all getting nailed within an hour of each other? My, oh, my.

        • United Airlines = stopping travel
          NYSE = stopping economy
          News paper on line = stopping information

      19. oooh eee, oooh ah ah, bing bang. walla walla bing bang!

        How is that hope and change doing for ya? Hahahaha!

        • From hope and change and headed to dope and range. Don’t ya know.

        • David Seville, pre-Chipmunks.

        • LOL


        • Slingshot, that little tune sounds very familiar to me, but I can’t place it. From an old Disney movie, by chance?

          • Braveheart.
            Link in Mod.

            • Sling, I just finished the video. Brought back a few memories.

          • David Seville, of Chipmunks fame, did the original record back in early 1958. This was a few months before “The Chipmunk Song” came out for Christmas 1958.

        • Live hack attacks:
          ht tp://

          • Thanks! !!!!

          • GS, I just too a look at that site. all the attacks I saw at the time were coming from china.

            • Targeting St Louis and Seattle mainly. Still going on.

              • St. Louis has major fiberoptic node that is maintained by AT&T. If they bring that down, they bring down most coast to coast comms.

          • Some of the attacks on St. Louis seem to be relayed. Some come from China to Russia then to St. Louis. Others go to Washington state then to St. Louis.

            It’s like watching an arcade game.

          • wow grandpa ! thanks!

      20. I work for a government agency and we have been sustaining the highest number of daily cyber attacks ever. This has been going on for months now.

        Although, I have to say anyone with an IT background will tell you that the NYSE has one of the most, if not the most, sophisticated systems and backup systems in the country. I highly doubt that it is what they say it is.

        I’d like to hear from the IT folks that post on this site or even the IT people that run SHTFPLAN. What do you all think?

        • yep, fi where someone works said anonymous tweeted a “hope stock market has trouble” message yesterday. 3 yr ago another huge fi where I worked was close to brought down by anonymess or some other concerted attack. Did bring down fed for interbank exchange or something. So, cyber attack of nut jobs is definitely possible. Yet, the timing with China is uncanny.
          Long story show on the cyber remote DoS is most large fi’s now have out built what they can bring and also have smarter equipment. E.g. fi where someone works showed downtime a year or so ago from attacks but has endured a dozen or so such attacks since then with no downtime due to upgrades etc.
          Tomorrow will tell. China is a mess from what I can tell. There’s no way a company can freeze its stock for long. Alternative trades will occur. I guess tonight trillions of credit gets created to pump it all up. The pattern we keep seeing. Wait and see.
          I guess when you give trillions to your cronies, then you have to give trillions in credit to your peers, then you have to start giving trillions in credit to the other goons (China). Its a ponzi scheme built on creation of trillions of credit. I think it could go on for decades, personally. Unless someone falters, someone produces a gold backed world-tradeable currency (electronically bit traded), or things happen faster than TPTB and PPT can print.

      21. What happens when China can’t supply us with goods. We have became a nation that can not manufacture their own goods.

        • That’s the big reason why China is in financial problems. Nobody is buying bulk, useless junk anymore because most Americans can’t afford it.
          No, we can manufacture goods. Our Politicians allowed Corporations to move their manufacturing facilities out of America.
          The Baltic Dry Index (BDI) says a lot of the Market.
          Shipping materials have been on the downside.
          Lack of Raw Materials = Lack of Finished Product to be sent back.
          Reason = Lack of Consumer Spending = Global Financial Instability

          • Correct. China crap is truly crap these days. Might as well buy some used thing. China started to produce such low quality that we try to buy high quality now. A $1 crap from China that breaks after one use is not better than a $25 quality product.

      22. they shut the market down, because it was crashing , no cyber attack happened

        • EOS:
          No, they didn’t. They went to the “cloud” last night and failed to do any kind of a BETA test this a.m. prior to the market opening. This could well be a cyber-attack into the indefensible “cloud” that the NYSE has started to use to control their real time pricing, in an effort to do away with actual live human traders. Plain old incompetence coupled with the spectre of a possible cyber attack. What’s not to concern ourselves with?

      23. A “cyber attack” is a convenient excuse for a shutdown to keep the Chinese crash from spreading to our markets.

        But if it is one, is should signal to get out and get out now since there is no protection against an attack induced calamity that loses you all of your investment there.

        Either way, get out as soon as you possibly can unless you want to weigh marginal near term profits against extreme risk (there are other investments that you can do that in that are more likely to profit and less risky).

      24. cyber attacks are typically a prelude to a physical attack

      25. So China’s stock market is frozen and so is ours?? Hmmm…

        The US has been provoking China and Russia for some time. In Chinese its called “bijin”– getting too close to someone, invading their space. Guess they had enough and decided to push back.

        Recently heard (ZERO HEDGE) Russia had aircraft (nuclear capable jets) flying over California and Alaska- twice in the last couple weeks… and now this– probably China pushing back.

        • When I was in the USAF, entered way back in the mid-70’s, the Russkies were flying off the Coast of CA ALL the time, and we intercepted their BEar bombers then as well. THis is nothing “new”, although it coincides with “launch activity” at Vandenberg AFB, on the Central Coast, and the massive electronic spy “station” at Beale AFB north of Sacramento, CA.
          These over flights are what WE do as well weekly to the Soviets all the time.
          It is NOTHING NEW at all. Nothing to get concerned over. It’s electronic eavesdropping by the Russians.

      26. ISIS is working with China to transfer funds behind the facade of some tech glitch here.

        Russia is sneaking into the Ukraine and preparing to ignite a nuclear EMP over Europe .

        Mexican troops and LaRaza/MS-13 is ready to stream across the border and retake Texas .

        Canadian forces are staged at the Great Lakes , ready to ignite an amphibious assault on Detroit , Milwaukee and Chicago.

        Nazi’s are currently launching a enormous attack from their moon bases.

        But hey…… we’re getting another season of the X-Files

        • “Canadian forces are staged at the Great Lakes , ready to ignite an amphibious assault on Detroit , Milwaukee and Chicago”

          If they really want those three all they have to do is ask…

          • lol agreed

      27. So, China’s stock market is frozen and so is ours?? Hmmm…

        Something fishy going on. Since the US has been provoking Russia like heck and China too– over there in their space, pushing them around. I guess they decided it was time to be the aggressor too.

        Zero Hedge article stated Russia had nuclear-capable jets flying around California and Alaska (twice in the last couple weeks). Pay back time!

      28. Two major computer problems on the same day? I take it as a given that the official story is NOT the real story. And possible this is a false flag event. Interesting summer so far, and it is still July.

        • more than two. see my post above

      29. A real-time worldwide cyberattack map:

        Coolest link of the day for me, for sure.

      30. China is crashing and so is the USA. The End Is At Hand!

        • Sgt., just make sure you have a way to melt your lead other than electricity.

          • “H”
            Not a problem. put away about 300lbs of lead about two years ago.

      31. Just a warm up to the big event. T-minus 7 days!

      32. Outages look to be a result of router failure….

        When a transaction occurs at a gateway/router, the router inspects the address information in the data packet. It then forwards the data packet out an interface such that it reaches the final destination transaction server or computer.

        However, if the router tables are hacked, altered, the data packets can be redirected to either a different interface on the network or even to a destination network outside the originally intended network.

        If the spoofed address is a redirect to a network outside the originally intended network, there is most likely a system that is capturing the data packets.

        Once this is done, the data packets are then re-assembled and any user id/password information contained in those data packets is gleaned…..possibly for later use.

        When you hear the word gateway or router from all the news channels later on today or tomorrow, know that this was most likely, a data collection attack.

        When you hear all the officials say that this was not an attack….what they are referencing is that no system was actually attacked (corrupted, encrypted, disabled, etc.).

        However, know that this is much worse. User Id and password information can be used at a later date to push fraudulent transactions……and they won’t even have to use traditional, secured front ends to do so.

        This one is bad….and of course, I highly doubt they took a snapshot of the router state before they “rebooted” and “reloaded” router configs.

        Just trying to add a few pennies to the conversation.

        • Update:

          In an interview on PBS, about 8 minutes into the show, Michael Regan of Bloomberg News stated that the problem at the NYSE actually started during pre-market orders (ie before the market opened).

          He stated that customers weren’t receiving confirmations that their orders had been received and/or processed.

          This is a a symptom of a hacked router table that redirects data packets to a different server that simply captures data.

          The “capturing server” is not a transaction server and therefore does not respond at all with a handshake or confirmation back to users.

          It’s starting to look more sinister.

          High end routers are usually accessed either of 3 ways by an administrator. Either from another computer using telnet, from another computer using the web interface that is embedded within the router software, or via a console port on the front of the router.

          Furthermore, router software can be configured to only be accessed from a particular computer address, network subnet, console port, or in some cases, a device with a specific machine id.

          If access to the router was configured as subnet or specific ip address, one of the admin’s computers was probably compromised recently and good ole keystrokes were captured yielding the router address….or, more sinisterly, a bot was installed on one of the admins systems.

          Of course it is all total speculation and we will never hear the real story….until the next generation.

      33. Don’t worry- everything is under control. Read Paul Craig Robert’s website– Victoria Neuland (is that her name?!) anyhow, some woman from the US state dept has just warned the Greek government that they can NOT exit the EU…or there will be “consequences”. (As in assassinations, etc.) Of course, the US did not come right out and say this, but it was implied.

        They are not allowed to leave the EU because it would cause problems for the US. It would result in the break up of the EU, NATO and the US’s plans to attack Russia. So everything is going to be OK… I think. (except for that last part– ABOUT WW3).

      34. And since the Greek crisis is what was making the stock markets go bezeerk, and since the US is now “fixing” things (read: threatening Greece), everything will be ok– no stock market crash after all!! 🙂 (Just the prospect of WW3 down the road)>

      35. …Government hackers. Their bosses think they have everything to gain from causing shtf. Their victims actually have that advantage, if they don’t play the bosses’ game.

      36. These computers are a convenience and a tool for communication–for the time being. The truly prepared will operate just fine independently, individually, and without these Big Industrial implements that the Big Boys will eliminate just to pull the rug from under the masses.

      37. “In response to the possible threat of a takeover or downing of America’s power and cyber grids, President Obama signed an Executive Order earlier this year authorizing the government to seize all physical equipment and virtual nodes in the event of a cyber emergency.” That’s why government will instigate shtf on purpose. It kills two birds with one stone: the takeover of the infrastructure and, the shutdown of those who depend on it to “resist” such a takeover, all the while blaming the resistors as being the “culprits”, etc.

      38. Oh, calm down. It’s computer/software/system upgrades, they all interact with each other, problems arise.

        Everything will go back to normal soon. Then when we least expect it, things will go boom.

        • ladies and gentleman, it’s time to panic

          Rule #1 Don’t Panic

          Sorry, but I wouldn’t bother clicking on that link just based on the title of the heading. It says FEAR, FEAR and more FEAR all over it. Doom and Gloom information does nobody any good.

      39. This should be a reminder that if you haven’t done any of those “last minute” preps that you have been waiting on get it done now. Have disposable cash and assists on hand. Look at Greece as it’s banks are practically going 1929 and absorbing bank accounts. We’re in too deep and you have to make sure you have everything you need.

        • Did you see silver go down below $15/oz way early this morning? Read somewhere in the inet today that production of silver Eagles coming will be coming to a halt.

      40. Get all of those “last minute” preps done now.

        • iPrepper, welcome, and my prepping is still ongoing. It’s not looking good at all.

          • I feel you brother. I’m terrified as to what is going to happen next. I’m auditing all my preps and peppering to buy the things I really have been waiting to buy. This might be the straw that broke the camel’s back and everything is in complete SHTF mode. Worse case scenario would be kicking the can having rapid inflation.

      41. I’ve sold all of my Shanghai holdings and will transfer all of my Bejing bonds to my offshore acccounts. Folks, it’s going to hit soon and it won’t be pretty. I can see people rioting in the US and eating out of dumpsters by August. I’m moving to Bumfuck, Egypt to escape the turdstorm that’s coming here. As you all know I sell commodes for a living and the market is way down in the porcelain sector. Get out before the toilet paper runs out and you’re running around with a dirty ass.

      42. not a cyberattack-just plain old FLASHTRADING-people with a very powerful computer moving the market in a direction they want it to go.

      43. Anyone think solar flair ?

        • I don’t know Realist, but my hemorrhoids have flared up the past two or three days.

        • There hasn’t been one of any size in the past week.

      44. Whether false flag/cyber attack/solar flare tis end result if continues all the same,it’s beginning people,get your Goldfish crackers now,show may be starting soon!I may just be breaking the seals on one of the bottles of #7 soon!

      45. I don’t believe in coincidence.
        Thank you Mac for this article.
        Thank you to all the posters, I enjoy and learn from
        your comments.

      46. Ifs its a cyber attack we just got probed next step send larger force to cut command and control. Eny one care to guess what happens next?????

      47. cyber attack? glitches? ha ha ha sure it was

      48. Thank you, Mac and all the staff, for sounding this alarm. While preppers would need to be prepared for not having an alarm sounded (which would, in itself, be their “alarm” to take action), the quick action taken by in this matter to alert everyone about this pending crisis is commendable!

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