Brandon Smith: “If The Globalists Can’t Kill Us Off Immediately They Will Try To Breed Our Ideas Out After Economic And Social Crisis”

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    This article was originally published by Brandon Smith of Alt Market


    Globalists Are Building An Army Of Millennials To Destroy Sovereignty

    Back in October of 2016 I covered an issue which I have been very concerned with for over a year now. In an article titled Global Elites Are Getting Ready To Blame You For The Coming Financial Crash, I outlined the basis for my belief that Donald Trump would win the U.S. election and why the U.K. Brexit was allowed to meet with success. Here is a quote from that article to give you a general sense of my position:

    “I argue that the Trump tapes will be forgotten in a week and that they have no bearing whatsoever on the election. They are nothing more than bread and circus. Beyond the fact that really, almost no one cares what Trump said a decade ago. I argue that this election has already been decided. I argue that the globalists want Trump in office, just as they wanted the passage of the Brexit. I argue that they need conservative movements to feel as though we have won, so that they can pull the rug out from under us in the near future. I argue that we are being set up.

    Again, the elites are openly telling us what is about to happen. They are telling us that if ‘populists’ (conservatives) gain political power, the system will effectively collapse. To what extent is hard to say, but let’s assume that the situation will be ugly enough to influence the masses to reconsider the ideal of globalism as a possible solution. The elites are fond of the Hegelian dialectic and the philosophy of ‘order out of chaos,’ after all.”

    While Trump did indeed go on to “win” the presidency, I still believe that the basic foundation underlying my prediction has mostly fallen on deaf ears. There is a disconnect in terms of the globalist long game in people’s minds. I think it is because many in the public do not consider the effects of geopolitical events on mass psychology. Or, to be more precise, many people, even in the liberty movement, forget that the ultimate goal of the globalists is not just to corrupt governments and monetary systems, but to corrupt our collective mindset.

    As a perfect example, I will link to the latest globalist lunacy from the Pope, Jorge Bergoglio, in which he attacks libertarianism (true conservatism) as a dangerous form of individualism that threatens the fabric of the new and more progressive collectivist world.

    In terms of Western culture, recent events would indicate that globalists hope to enlist the newest generation to reach “maturity” (and I use that term loosely), the millennials, as a weapon to deal the death blow to conservatism. If not directly, then indirectly through propagation.  That is to say, if the globalists can’t kill us off immediately, they will try to breed us and our ideas out after bringing down the hammer of economic and social crisis.

    When I discuss what essentially amounts to a “war on conservatism,” what do I mean? Well, first let’s consider what it is about conservatives that presents a threat to the globalists…

    Limited Government

    The basic core of conservative thought rests on the concept of limited or small Constitutional government. If you don’t believe in small government, you are not a conservative. Big (and centralized) government is the most vital tool in the hands of globalists. Without it, they would not be able to accomplish a single item on their agenda.

    Big government requires big money. Thus, the central banking syndicate becomes “necessary” to the life of the nation or society because they have positioned themselves to provide the financing and fiat that greases the big government wheels. In a limited government system, central banking becomes irrelevant. It is therefore essential that globalist financiers diminish or destroy conservative principles of limited government because they represent a primal threat to the interdependent behemoth system they hope to create.

    Sound Money

    True conservatives are sound money champions. This principle fell by the wayside for many decades but has made a resurgence since 2008 as more people have been awakened to the failings of central banking and fiat money. Sound money is basically money backed by a tangible commodity, money that cannot be created out of thin air. If it can be created out of thin air, it is not sound money.

    Obviously, the very existence of a true sound money movement horrifies the globalists. Without fiat printing or digital currency systems (which can be created and re-created ad infinitum), the future of a global currency system, the pinnacle goal of the globalist economic scheme, is all but impossible.

    Free Thought And Free Expression

    If you are in the business of controlling the thoughts and opinions of other people, then you are not a conservative. This is where we find distinct misconceptions, by liberals most of all, as far as what free expression is.

    For conservatives, this means that if you are in a publicly funded space or on private property with permission of the owners, you should have the right to say whatever you like whenever you like (this includes so-called “hate speech”, millennials and liberals). You should be able to make grievances known and to discuss those grievances in a constructive manner. It does not matter if your thoughts are offensive to some people; their feelings are meaningless compared to your freedom to speak in that space.

    Leftists seem to think that freedom of expression means being allowed to invade the sanctity of other people’s private property or invade a public gathering with the intention of disrupting the free speech of others that they disagree with. My favorite argument presented by leftists is their argument that liberty proponents cannot kick them out of events or off of websites because “that would be a violation of our own principles and their free speech.” They don’t seem to understand the different between private and public or destructive and constructive. My other favorite argument leftists often use is their argument that it is an act of free speech when they disrupt other people’s free speech.

    Hopefully you can see the difference between the two ideals. Leftists today seek to control speech and expression they see as “aberrant” or “evil.” Conservatives defend everyone’s right to speak as long as they respect the nature of the property they are standing on and do not abuse the owners of that property — this includes taxpayers, the owners of public property.

    Freedom Of Association

    This is a very simple and straightforward liberty that has all but been crushed in our country today. Conservatives have this crazy idea that you should not be forced by government to associate with people you do not want to associate with. It does not matter why you don’t want to associate with them. The “why” has no bearing whatsoever. We feel that logic should dictate the situation. If you don’t want to associate with someone, why would they want to associate with you?

    But, for some reason, certain people within our culture and within government believe that denying anyone association is discrimination, and, in a progressive and interdependent society, discrimination is unacceptable. I happen to think the ability to discriminate on an individual level is necessary to a healthy society. Discrimination only becomes dangerous when it is backed by government power.

    The Right To Self Defense

    Many people are so disconnected from their own survival that the notion of “self defense” is alien and terrifying to them. They pay taxes so that “professionals” can handle their security for them, after all. Why should they need the means to secure themselves and their loved ones?

    Well, what if the professionals you pay taxes for suddenly turn on you? Or what if they simply quit en masse one day? What if your attacker is 60 seconds from harming you and the closest law enforcement officer is six minutes away? In a conservative society, EVERYONE acts as security for themselves and others if needed.

    Globalists need to encourage a culture in which the population is always reliant on government for everything, including their own safety. The most effective form of control comes not through force, but through permission. The most successful tyranny is the one that the people demand rather than the one people barely tolerate.


    All of these principles coalesce into the root principle of sovereignty — the inborn right to self determination. This might take the form of individual action or voluntary group action based on the freedom of association. A single person might seek to live on his own away from others in his own way, and he absolutely has the right to do this even if it annoys people for whatever crazy reason. A large group of people also have the right to cooperate, to build a system or even a nation based on a particular set of shared values and to have their borders respected or avoided by those with different values.

    Conservatism, at least in its traditional form, is the vanguard of sovereignty. Without conservatives, sovereignty dies.

    Now that we have briefly summarized the conservative archetype, consider for a moment the predominantly progressive millennial generation; what values do they hold? This is not to say that all millennials think the same way, but what about the majority? In 10 years, what would a country like the U.S. look like when they move into power?

    The statistics indicate that the U.S. would be even more socialist than it is today, bordering on communist. A paradise for pushing forward the globalist agenda.

    When you take into account the fact that Bernie Sanders, a staunch socialist with Marxist tendencies, garnered more support from young voters during the last election than both Clinton and Trump combined, you can see the problem here. Sanders enjoyed nearly 80 percent of the millenial vote in many states, and this tends to correlate with what we have seen in other western nations such as the U.K., where over 70 percent of the young vote was AGAINST the Brexit campaign to leave the globalist EU project.

    Also take into account the establishment push to instill millennial academia with open borders propaganda.  In this article for the Washington Post, the president of George Mason University in Northern Virginia argues that open borders are the source of “innovation” and a better economy.  Open borders philosophy cannot coexist with sovereignty.  Sovereignty being a foundation for individualism and nationalism; open borders being a foundation for forced collectivism and a one world system.  For open border ideology to continue forward, all sovereignty must be eliminated.

    Here we find the socialist entrenchment within the younger population. To question its validity among them is simply not done. Through most of Europe, for example, to even describe one’s self as “conservative” is considered highly taboo. Many sovereignty activists there will instead list themselves as “classical liberal” (conservatives).

    In the U.S., the last true bastion of hardcore conservatives, there is a little more hope as Generation Z teens are showing signs of a conservative resurgence and a little more sense than their older millennial brothers and sisters. This is why I believe the globalists are focusing on the millennial subset; the millennials experienced the American world when they were children at its height pre-2008 and conjured grand dreams of career, success and technological ease. After the crash and subsequent end of college degree relevancy, they now feel jilted and put upon. Clearly “free markets” are the culprit and revolution is the answer.

    Generation Z is growing up in the new and downtrodden economic landscape. They are accepting that harder work is necessary and that more freedom is paramount instead of demanding that entitlements be given to them. So, it would appear that the the globalists have a small window of time to stage a coup against conservative philosophy, install a new millennial generation as the captains of the ship and discourage Generation Z from continuing on the path towards what they consider a “terrible and ignorant” world view.

    If you think that perhaps I am exaggerating the gravity of the situation, or that I am applying too much conspiracy to an otherwise random social development, I would like to cite Facebook mogul and globalist cabana boy Mark Zuckerberg, who in a recent speech to Harvard graduates asked them to “fight isolationism and nationalism” which he equated with “authoritarianism” and to support “openness and global community.”

    “This is the struggle of our time. This is not a battle of nations, it is a battle of ideas,” Zuckerberg stated.

    Zuckerberg’s rant is just the most recent example of this propaganda in action. As I have been warning, the globalist strategy is to destroy opposing ideas, not just opposing groups. And clearly, they want to exploit the millennials to do just that.

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      1. 73 years ago today British men bravely joined others in taking down the Nazis during the D-Day invasion. Today’s cowardly British men launch attacks on their own, in their own cities, killing women and girls. Like little fairy boys, week in and week out, they fight with each other over footballs while they can’t muster the courage to defend their people from radical Islam. It’s a sad state of affairs.

        • It is a sad day, when several generations after D-Day, the Millennials are willing to shed blood and go to jail for the ideas of the likes of Bernie Sanders.

          “It is astounding to look back at what happened on D-Day, the fear, the chaos, the bravery, valor, the determination, the purpose that propelled them forward as they saw their buddies drown and get mowed down or blown up. It is a day to remember and honor those who paid the supreme sacrifice and those who survived! May they never be forgotten!” From a previous post.

          Louisiana Eagle head bowed in appreciation and respect for all who fought and served valiantly! May they never be forgotten! We have a great museum in New Orleans that attempts to preserve the memories and shed light on what happened during WWII. I’ve been there many times and appreciate it more each time I go.

          • Sanders was criminally deprived a primary victory by TPTB. There were good points in his platform in trade and the misuse of the US Military. Conversely Hillary was the absolute worst, owned by TPTB in every respect, doing their bidding on every issue.

            • Brandon, thanks for another great article. It would be my pleasure to take out some elitists when the time comes.

        • British Nobles draw your swords……
          You still have thous since you do not have guns.

          • It is clear the security services surveillance and databases are not being used to prevent attacks. These particular perps were jumping up and down on the TV saying they were going to kill people. But being brown, just like London’s mayor, they can get away with saying anything, doing anything (horrific sex and rape trafficking syndicates, for example). They arrogantly pop up on TV and radio and parade their views.

            It is time to use the latest technology to data point these turds and their relatives and then to follow up independently with them. There are many who have the experience, either with the ‘frequent flyer’ club, or with private contractors, guys and gals who are tough and combat ready, to follow-up and take out these turds before they act. The police are clearly not being given the intelligence to act.

            As for President Trump, he needs to gurd his loins and face down the critics and the slimy mayor who is trying to smash the Atlantic alliance and open up Europe to an Islamic caliphate take-over.

            • Frank Thoughts

              “It is clear the security services surveillance and databases are not being used to prevent attacks.”

              You said a mouthful that has an implication. The security services exist, they are monitoring people so who are they monitoring and why? Anyone with a reasonable IQ can speculate its to keep state control not to protect the citizenry.

            • FT, their ‘security apparatus’ is totally useless. Ever notice how the censorship is only used against white people and no other group of people? Muzzies and other foreign POS can say whatever they want and get a free pass, but god help you if you’re white and speak your own mind. God have mercy on anyone who tries to censor me because I won’t have mercy on them.

          ON TO VICTORY………



          BRING BACK WINSTON…………

          • Amen, Real!!

        • My dad volunteered (NOT drafted) and landed in France a few weeks after D-Day. He was a Combat Engineer (168th) and put down roads and bridges for the troops to advance… always within range of artillery and snipers. (They also had to pick up German mine fields.) He was awarded five Battle Stars, due to participation in five key battles, including the Battle of the Bulge and the crossing of the Rhine. During the winter of 1944 — the coldest winter Europe had seen in fifty years — he slept outside, wrapped in a couple Army blankets, on frozen mud and snow. By the time the war ended, his outfit had crossed most of Europe and reached the Czech border.

          He is now almost 99 years old, in frail health, and in a nursing home. I visit him 4 to 6 times per week, spending anywhere from 75 minutes to 2 hours with him each time. It is emotionally demanding and stressful, but I regard it as a privilege.

          P.S. Once in a while, a certain person posts comments on this site claiming that Hitler was “misunderstood” and that the concentration camps didn’t really exist. My dad knows better than that idiot: his outfit was first on the scene several times, and cut open the gates on some of those camps. He saw with his own eyes what went on in those places.

          • My dad was a Combat Engineer Sergeant in World War Two Europe. He said that during the winter when they slept at night they would wear 4 pairs of socks and two soldiers would sleep together under each of their shared blankets (I can’t remember if each had two and therefore two would be on the ground and two on top). Also, they would dry their socks by hanging them over the inside of the arm-pits of the shirts they wore during the day.

      2. Communists:

        It is all just good old fashioned Communism. And what’s wrong with that ?? Besides the fact that it is just a financial swindle where by the dumb help the soulless to confiscate the wealth of a Nation, then they kill the dumb who help them along with millions of the Countries best and brightest; besides that, nothing, nothing at all.


        • B from CA, Communism = Collectivism.

          Brandon is right on when he stated “he (the Pope) attacks libertarianism (true conservatism) as a dangerous form of individualism that threatens the fabric of the new and more progressive collectivist world.

          This is a battle between the historic clash of philosophies, which is more important the individual or the collective. I am an individual that is special, because my God told me so, which is why they hate Religion.

          I really believe that TPB wish we were ants, and not mammals, and want to order society around that delusion.

          • This “historic clash” is the foundation of Western law, which seeks to address the fundamental question: AM I MY BROTHERS KEEPER. This question is expressed in the fundamental concept in Western Legal Jurisprudence as, do I owe you a duty and if so what!

            Western Jurisprudence clearly states that absent a special relationship I DO NOT owe you a duty of care. In other words, I AM NOT MY BROTHERS KEEPER!!

            Communism seeks to turn this fundamental western concept on its head. People ask or question what is western culture/society it’s the primacy of the individual. This goes back to the Greeks and is what differentiated Western Society as special/unique!

            • Sorry really I am. As proof of this the US Constitution enumerates INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS, whereas Communism would supplant this with GROUP RIGHT. Notice we now have: Women’s Rights; Black Rights; Gay Rights, and justifies why the Elite are exempt from the law (ie group rights).

              This is the DESTRUCTION OF EQUAL PROTECTION UNDER THE LAW! It’s the destruction of the foundation of America that all men are created equal.

              Communism is EVIL and no man of GOD can advocate its practice!

              • Justice,

                You are right! Communism is evil!

                As Christ followers we do believe that we are ‘Our brother’s keeper’ and we do have a responsibility to help and protect others! Unfortunately, there are times when you have no choice but to draw the lines. I remember travelling in India and I was warned not to give anything to the beggers who were at every street corner. One time, I really felt sorry for a little pitiful waif and gave him a few rupees and soon I was swarmed by countless beggers who all wanted something too! A friend had to come and extricate me from the mob!

                • The difference is that as a Christian this duty to help is called charity and is voluntary. Whereas, under Communism/Collectivism it is mandatory under penalty of death.

                  Which is why so many oppose income taxation, because it is forced charity. Is forced charity merely theft by another name.

                  • Theft can NEVER be spiritual, because it clearly violates one of the 10 Commandments. Therefore, it’s immoral!

                    • Justice,


                      I pay ? close to half my income in various forms of local, state, and federal taxes, most of it being legalized highway robbery! Redistribution of wealth to feed the supporters of the Beast!

                      Louisiana Eagle ?

      3. June 6, 1967 – The USS Liberty (Navy Ship) was attacked by Isreal killing 34 and injuring 171. The Israeli knew full well that it was an American ship. They attempted to murder everyone on board. The purpose of the unprovoked attack was that Israel was fighting their neighboring Country of Egypt. Isreal planned to set up Egypt. This way they could sucker the USA into fighting and dying for Isreal. Sound familiar? I see a pattern. Do you?


        • No, I don’t see a pattern. When has the U.S. ever fought for Israel?

          Perhaps a more balanced look at the USS Liberty incident is necessary:

          In 1983, the United States and Israel established a Joint Political Military Group, which convenes twice a year. Both the U.S. and Israel participate in joint military planning and combined exercises, and have collaborated on military research and weapons development. Additionally the U.S. military maintains two classified, pre-positioned War Reserve Stocks in Israel valued at $493 million. Israel has the official distinction of being an American Major non-NATO ally. As a result of this, the US and Israel share the vast majority of their security and military technology.

          Since 1976, Israel had been the largest annual recipient of U.S. foreign assistance. In 2009, Israel received $2.55 billion in Foreign Military Financing (FMF) grants from the Department of Defense. All but 26% of this military aid is for the purchase of military hardware from American companies only.

          The United States has an anti-missile system base in the Negev region of Southern Israel, which is manned by 120 US Army personnel.

          U.S.-Israel Relations: Formal Agreements (1950 – Present):

        • It goes way beyond that, the treasonous scum and domestic enemies of our nation (yes, the same ones the Oath refers to) then also THREATENED all those who LIVED through that attack if they ever said a word about Israel and what they did. At that moment, every single person who SERVES WITHIN the military should have walked away. Those that serve within our government do NOT have your back, they use you, they will let you die, or arrange for your death if they feel they can make use of it.

          Coverup of the US Liberty, because REAL Americans would NEVER allow this to happen and not hold those responsible within our nation and out of it, for their actions against the US Liberty and against the American people.

          “he defenseless LIBERTY radioed for help. Two aircraft carriers in the Med responded by launching fighter aircraft. Unbelievably, they were recalled by the White House. RADM Geis, then commanding the carriers in the Sixth Fleet, called Washington personally to confirm the order. SecDef McNamara came on the line, then President Johnson. Johnson indicated to Geis that the aircraft were to be returned, that he would not have his allies embarrassed, and that he didn’t care who was killed or what was done to the ship.”

          Understand that Johnson, NcNamara, etc were all TRAITORS to ur nation for a foreign nation.

          “Sailors were ordered not to discuss the incident with ANYONE under threat of court-martial.”

          How many today are, and then were, court-martialed by the traitors to OUR nation while serving in high positions within our governments and within our military? It still goes on.

          ” There has NEVER been a congressional investigation. There HAS been a NAVY- directed white-washed inquiry into the crew’s actions during the attack, but Israel’s participation was NOT covered. Even in this, evidence was changed, and officers and crew who knew the answers were not asked the right questions and were told to shut up when they offered information. Sixty-seven written statements submitted by the crew members “disappeared,” never saw the light of day.

          Other than the Navy’s kangaroo-court inquiry mentioned above, there has NEVER been a single Liberty sailor questioned by congress or anybody else in a formal investigation.

          When Admiral Kidd came aboard the ship a few days after the attack, he informally gathered sailors in small groups of 4 or 5, took his stars off his collar, told the guys that he was just a sailor like them and asked them what happened. After the sailors who were happy to tell their stories to competent authority, Kidd put his stars back on his collar and told them they were not to talk about the attack with anyone, not even their wives. If they ever mentioned a word about the attack, they would be subjected to court martial or worse…”

          Is this right? Was this American? NO. It was the acts of those who were working AGAINST our nation from the inside, as TRAITORS. We STILL have many traitors serving within our governments that need to be charged and PROSECUTED; McCain, Graham, Boxer, Feinstein, etc; Presidents from Bush 1 through (maybe the current), Obama PLUS their administrations, plus all who was high ranking military; ETC.

      4. “From each according to his ability; to each according to his needs”. Sounds great but works badly. What’s in it for me? Closer to how we think. Globalism means putting the needs of humanity as a whole before your personal interests or the needs of your country. Also sounds great but doesn’t work at all!

        • Globalism means putting the needs of (((humanity as a whole))) before your personal interests.

      5. On border security lets let all the illegals in and take and deport all the liberals

      6. Brandon Smith, a million thanks for this article in particular. In it you mention a fundamental liberty that is never brought up anymore, because it was MURDERED in the 1960’s.

        I speak of the human right of FREEDOM OF ASSOCIATION!

        “Freedom Of Association is a very simple and straightforward liberty that has all but been crushed in our country today. Conservatives have this crazy idea that you should not be forced by government to associate with people you do not want to associate with.”

      7. Good article, as always. Here’s a few thing to consider though:

        – Gen. Z, the one after the Millennials, is already starting to prove more conservative. Even the Millennials are turning heavily against abortion.

        – I understand the set up job re. Trump and Brexit. And the gullible, ignorant kids that majored in 18th C. Belgian Lesbian Musicology will indeed swallow the latest gambit from the fascist left. The question is, how many of those are there, and how many are waking up every day from the blue pill idiocy of the left (and no, I don’t buy that left and right are diff. sides of the same coin, any more than gold and paper money are differing sides of the same coin, or Austrianism and Keynsianism)

        – Freedom has always won in the long run, even tho, as Churchill said, a lie can get halfway around the world before the truth can get its shoes on. National SOCIALIST Hitler is a good example of that, as is the ascendancy of communism… until it wasn’t.

        – There are people on the oppressor side that will defect, just as the USSR had its defectors. William Binney, formerly high level officer of the NSA, now turned freedom fighter, is one. Snowden is another. There are MANY others you don’t hear about, who either will not join, or will defect.

        – Similarly, you have “refusniks” like the Constitutional Sheriffs and Police Officers Assn. What, are they going to arrest thousands of police officers? (And why aren’t you, dear reader, asking your sheriff to join them?). You have tens of thousands in the military that WILL not violate their oath to defend the constitution. Ever. I know the gay brownshirts are trying to take over, but they haven’t yet, nor will they

        – They once asked some intelligent Russians about how they kept the light of freedom alive. The reply was that they crushed everything, but ***they forgot to get rid of Dostoyevski, Tolstoy and similar***. Nor could they. Similarly, there will be all kinds of historical and cultural artifacts that will remain, that the FASCIST left will never, ever, get rid of. As one example, think John Wayne movies stored in people’s CD collections.

        – The fascist left idiocy has ZERO explanatory adequacy, just like communism. True, the utter imbecile left will never wake up, but even those with room temp IQs will often sense something is wrong, and leave the leftist ship of fools.

        – Truth is, the left is full of truly stupid people and even more stupid ideas. Good luck with that. And the other truth is that the very smartest people are conservative and libertarian – and the reason is, is that they had to be smart enough to think for themselves to become as they are today. The left is just full of dull, ignorant people.

        – The left is not just stupid, but lazy. It takes just one conservative or libertarian to run rings around 100 leftists. I recall when going my graduate work, I got to talking about politics and faith with a prof, in a class that I was doing very well in. I recall him sighing profoundly, then exclaiming how disappointing it was to him that all his best students were Christians, conservatives, etc.

        – There are hundreds of millions of guns in the US. They will NEVER get rid of all of them.

        – The side of freedom has finally got a clue about how to communicate, which is where the real battle is. Example? This site and its tens of thousands of readers.

        – The side of freedom has woken up. And are extremely motivated. The other side is fat and lazy.

        – Truth is, all some of these snowflakes will wake up one day to realize they have 100k in debt, no future and no hope of a future… and will turn on the fascists that led them down this path with a vengeance. I had a similar experience decades ago.

        – Leipzig. Go find out what happened around 1990 when communism fell. It WILL happen again. Count on it.

        – Breed us out? Leftists don’t have children. They are too selfish, and too Malthusian. Good luck with that.

        Just some thoughts.

      8. Possibly the smartest thing you will read this week, from the old Fleet Street Letter over a decade ago. I couldn’t resist putting a couple of my own editorial comments in, but you can read past that. If we can disseminate information like the below to those who are intellectually honest, we WILL win. ( I realize there are masses of leftist sheeple who are on the blue pill, but remember what Margaret Mead purportedly said (I can’t stand Mead, but even a broken clock is right twice a day): “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

        There are two major traditions in Western political thought. The first is Aristotelian, logical, rational, centrist, mechanistic. You concentrate power and truth in the centre and apply it outward, shaping the world according to plan.

        This was the guiding principle of the Roman Empire. It evolved into the Holy Roman Empire and the Church of Rome. Except for Switzerland, it has dominated politics on the continent ever since. Most recently, it has morphed into the European Union.
        The principle is simple – smart people can figure out how to run things, and should be allowed to do so. This was the idea behind Hillary Clinton’s health care task force (and now ObamaCare), as well as Japan, Inc. and even Adolph Hitler’s National Socialist Germany. It has animated nearly every politician (each one of whom, as Garrison Keilor notes about Lake Woebegone children, are above average) in this century.

        But there is another tradition that is much less well understood. It is the tradition of the Roman Republic… of English common law… of Adam Smith and Emmanuel Kant… of Austrian School economists such as Ludwig von Mises and Friedrich Hayek and of pre-Rooseveltian American. It is organic, rather than mechanistic – the tradition of tradition, based on the recognition that people, no matter how smart, cannot replace thousands of years of accumulated experience (remember the “best and the brightest” who led the Vietnam war? Or, wonder where the radical homosexual power move is going to end?)

        Experience is embodied in the evolved systems of values, customs, rules and traditions that people use to order and give meaning to their lives. A free market and a free society allow people to express these preferences, as well as allowing the process of social and civil evolution to continue. This tradition, in other words, is neither liberal nor conservative in the modern sense, but anti-political. Indeed, it is often seen as “anti-intellectual” because it denies the authority of intellectuals to tell the rest of us what to do (through the political process).

      9. Speaking of breeding. Infants should not start out life being injected with vaccines or fed artificial breastmilk. Formula will not give a baby a healthy start to life. Then some of these infants are put in daycare at 6 weeks. People may be surprised what the daycare teaches. I know of a 4 year old that was asked about what they learned in school. The child proudly and loudly stated all guns are bad. And that statement wasn’t just about gun safety because I had a further chat with the child.

        • I have a friend who is native to England, but now lives in another (European) country. One day her 3-year-old came home from day-care singing songs in an African language, which had been taught to the kids by the African immigrant who worked at the day-care. My friend visited the place and inquired why the kids were being taught to speak an African language, rather than having the focus on the English language. She was condemned and vilified not only by the day-care center, but other parents as well, calling her “racist” (of course) simply for wanting her child to speak her own language. That very day, she started making plans to leave England. She now lives in a quiet, stable, relatively rural area in a country that does not particularly encourage swarms of immigrants to flood in… and she would never in a million years consider living in the U.K. again. As I observe the news reports from England over the past week or so, I can only agree that she made a wise move.

          • Fuck, Carl, this is retarded. Learning a second language is beneficial. The 3-year old could have gone on to learn another language. Excuse my while I throw up over more stupid Westerners destroying their minds and their children’s.

      10. Zuckerfraud’s comment to “fight isolationism and nationalism” which he equated with “authoritarianism” and to support “openness and global community” and ““This is the struggle of our time. This is not a battle of nations, it is a battle of ideas” reminds me of the best of Joseph Goebbels, Rudolf Hess and Reinhold Heydrich.

        If we are a “world community,” Markie-boy, whey did you put a massive FENCE around your zillion dollar property in Hawaii (see or

        Why don’t all your Learjet leftist buddies in Hollywierd open up THEIR zillion room mansions to the illegals and indigent? Why don’t YOU, Markie? But he does have one thing right. It IS a battle of ideas. The idea of tried and failed socialism (yeah, it didn’t work in Mao’s China, the USSR, Argentina, Cambodia, Zimbabwe,Venezuela, but THIS time is is SURE to… using YOUR dollars) vs. the idea of tried and always successful freedom of speech, thought and markets.

        Years ago I closed down my acct with the vile Farcebook. I won’t touch it. So should you.

      11. Thank you Brandon Smith. Your article was succinct, logical, and written in plain English. I wish more Americans had your clarity of thought and ability to understand the concepts of our Founding Fathers.

      12. This has to be the absolute best article ever written by Brandon Smith. He wrote what has to be the best ever summations of the vast differences between true conservatism and the looney, dangerous, liberal-globalist-internationalists on the left that I have ever seen.

        I strongly encourage every White American reader of this article to save a copy and share it with their children, family members and friends – because I am convinced that there is no such thing as a truly sincere ‘conservative’ non-white. Not according to the brilliant definition provided here by Brandon Smith.

        There is also a long overdue awakening taking place over in the camp of the Libertarians that I’ve noticed lately – these folks are finally beginning to understand the reason why every gathering of libertarians they attend is a gathering of nothing but a sea of White Caucasian faces is simple: Libertarianism (and true, traditional conservatism as well) does not appeal to minorities.

        Limited and tightly restricted government does not appeal to minorities who see big government as their Sugar Daddy, who they demand and expect to provide them with their gibsmedats.

        Freedoms that are sacred to White Americans – such as the First Amendment right to free speech and the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms – are both freedoms that non-whites sense pose a danger to their ability to parasite off of the sweat, labor and paychecks of the White middle class – because, there is a risk of a potential revolution by an armed middle class who are getting increasingly fed up with being feasted upon by minority leeches.

        The same goes for the sacred right of Freedom of Association – because non-whites are not content with merely feasting off the backs of the White middle class taxpayers via social entitlements and gibsmedats. They also demand to secure close proximity to our White daughters and sisters – because their definition of ‘gibsmedats’ includes demands to hijack our White European DNA via miscegenation.

        So, if non-whites ever become the majority – you can bet the farm that the Bill of Rights is going to be deprived of both the 1st and 2nd Amendments – for starters. I would also predict that a non-white majority ruled America would move to pass laws that prohibited Whites from marrying and having children with other Whites – and they’d use as a justification for this genocidal tyranny the excuse that it was necessary to permanently end ‘White privilege’ and stamp out ‘racism’.

      13. forced immigration is the tool used to destroy races of people. Why have the globalist been allowed to live this long? is it because the people have become religious blathering idiots?

      14. The Civil Rights Movement is a communist movement. It is designed to eliminate individual rights. Every civil right is in direct conflict with an individual right. Westerners are White Christians. White women have been convinced by the feminist movement to choose career over family. No family, no children, no future. White couples are averaging one White baby per couple. In one full generation (60 years) that will cut the White population in half. In another full generation, that will make White people very scarce, if not extinct. Assimilation of White people is speeding up. We are, in fact, at the beginning of our extinction. Breed or go extinct. The future belongs to those that show up for it.

      15. Just read an article about changing demographics of Europe at Gefira. They say the demographic change in Europe is irreversible after 2030, according to computer analysis. Massive non-White immigration and very low birth rates of Whites, ensures a White minority in Europe. 2030. Irreversible. Same thing for America. Irreversible.

      16. He was meant to win.
        The intention is to lock down the borders based on immigration policies.

        How do you lock down a country when you can’t declare martial law without pushback?
        Start at the borders and work your way in.
        We’re being set up for a war, one where the right is supposed to be the new bad guy, like hitlers germany. Thats what the insanity on your left is, to create a pushback that supports nationalism. The left are useless idiots, and the right will be the foot soldiers.

        Who is Warren Brooks and how is he related to the CIA?
        What is project Hammer fall?
        What is operation Paper Weight?

      17. Thank you Brandon. Poor people can open a checking account at Wells Fargo and then go on-line and open a cash brokerage account there where-at they can buy ETFs for as little as $5.00 a share and around a $6.00 trading commission. There is hope. UCO is a leveraged long crude oil ETF trading today at around $12.00 a share. When the Crude Oil bubble bursts, I and the other poor people and homeless people who I help, will prosper. The N.W.O. (O.W.G.) can not stop us poor masses from surviving, even when its all about money. We poor homeless people in Tucson are also long “inverse” gold commodity futures ETFs and will beat the Matrix when the Gold bubble bursts.

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