Boston Update: FBI Says “Currently No Clear Suspects” ; Reportedly Four Improvised Devices; National Guard Deployed

by | Apr 15, 2013 | Headline News | 340 comments

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    Many of the following reports have been compiled by The Daily Sheeple.

    Updated 04-16-13 10:40 CST:

    Boston Marathon Arrests in Pakistan, Afganistan (link)

    An al-Qaida-allied group in the Gaza Strip claimed to WND that there have been arrests of jihadists in both Pakistan and Afghanistan as part of the probe into yesterday’s Boston Marathon explosions.

    Updated 04-16-13 9:10CST:

    FBI says “currently no clear suspects” in bombing (link)

    Bill Hemmer of Fox News reported this morning: Revere, Mass. apartment search yielded no evidence of involvement in bomb plot; Saudi national cleared of wrong doing (no web-based source link available)

    Still unclear: How m any devices were there? Two detonated… two additional unexploded bombs found? (link)

    UPDATE 04-15-13 22:30CST

    …National Guard Deployed on Streets of Boston

    …460 Guard members providing security (link)

     Staging area:

    National Guard Staging Area

    Staging area video:

    Military personnel and law enforcement tactical teams prepare to shut down 12 block area surrounding bombing (source):

    National Guard Deployed in Boston
    (click to view larger image)

    …Police, DHS, FBI, ATF Reportedly serving search warrants in Revere, Mass… (link)

    …Report that police have detonated a third device in Boston… video:

    ***RAW VIDEO***

    …CNN Analyst Speculates ‘Right-Wing Extremists’ Could Be Behind Marathon Bombing – see video.


    …A woman holding several bags was telling runners Saturday (April 13) that they were going to die – read more.


    … UM Coach gives eye-witness report of bomb-sniffing dogs, told “just a drill” :

    University of Mobile’s Cross Country Coach, who was near the finish line of the Boston Marathon when a series of explosions went off, said he thought it was odd there were bomb sniffing dogs at the start and finish lines.“They kept making announcements on the loud speaker that it was just a drill and there was nothing to worry about,” Coach Ali Stevenson told Local 15. “It seemed like there was some sort of threat, but they kept telling us it was just a drill.”


    …Report: No suspect in custody… (link)


    CNN’s Wolf Blitzer Suggests Tax Protesters / Patriots Day May be to blame. VIDEO: 


    … Of Interest from Ed Thomas at who received an email from a reader:

    Hello Sheeple staff. I have to point out one thing that I noticed on today’s incident in Boston..It was the 117 th race for Boston.. turn the numbers around 7/11 this is a hallmark of the Illuminati… please look into this…


    …Boston PD Immediately Shut Down Cell Phone Network city-wide (link)



    startling report from Paul Joseph Watson has revealed that officials may have had prior knowledge of an impending terror attack.

    An eyewitness to the two explosions at the Boston Marathon today said that a “drill” was repeatedly announced before the bombs exploded and that he “thought it was odd” bomb sniffing dogs were in place before the blast.

    ***Pictures at the scene: Warning Graphic Content***

    Images via The Atlantic

    Stay tuned as more details will be added as they come in.


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      1. Just goes to show you that guns are not needed to kill and hurt people.

        • What an asshole you are.

          • Hey ncjoe I missed you, you douche bag. I could have lived without you returning though.

            If pointing out the obvious makes Anon an asshole then you are a bigger asshole for doing the same thing you are cussing at him about. Good god why are you such a looser Joe?

            • “loser” not “looser”

              • You are right, E, looser would be used to describe your vagina.

                • I think one of the biggest victims on the long term will be our rights and our freedoms. Everytime one of these disasters occurs the state and government goes right after the honest people of ALL races and tries to take away their self defense and their freedom of movement. Just look at when some terrorist tried to blow up his shoes, everyone ends up having to take off their shoes at the airport. Look at what happened after 9/11, the patriot act that really goes after the honest citizens. Sandy Hook, several states oppose terrible restrictions on firearms to, you guessed it, the honest citizen. The surveillance and wasted time and money on people that would never commit any such heinous crimes.

                  Why is it that everytime something bad happens like this, the good guys are the ones that suffer? Why is it that the true criminals and terrorists seldom are the ones that feel the pitch from the government? Why is it that the masses are too stupid to realize that everytime the government takes away another aspect of self defense or the rights of the people that everyone suffers and the only ones that benefit are those in control and the criminal element? Why is it that only 1% of the people feel the need to prepare what is coming, and especially the everyday mega shortages of food and other items, from the BAD governments around the world that continue to drive society right into the cess pool of life?

                  • BI,

                    We are compelled to prepare because despite the preponderance of daily misinformation & propaganda we are subjected to, all the evidence to the contrary is not entirely disausive.

                    We prepare because we are not asleep. We are alert to the world around us and can discern and learn from trends. This is why we stand out and are targets for ridicule.

                  • Be informed

                    because the govt is nothing but a bunch of professional victims
                    consider this for the most part law enforcement Cant actually stop all crimes. at best they might be able to stop about half.
                    if they were as good as they think they are they could get every one before they even commit a crime.

                    why do you think they have to have Drones and more tech they know there mostly incompetent.for the most part the cop on the street is pretty good at his job but SOME not all are just damn lazy.

                    Our rights suffer because there too scared to actually go after the people most likely to commit these types of acts Muslims. they all need to be run out of the USA. and take all there sycophant follows with them any women who would willingly marry in to that crazy nut bag religion deserves the abuse she gets. ( i am sure i will get thumbed down for that but who cares)
                    Political correctness has turned this country in to a week bunch of Pussies. and if the truth was known the Govt is afraid of us too.
                    they know that the bulk of us have skills and devices that could if need be do far more damage. and they cant control us so that scares them. for the most part i would bet the average gun collector has more fire power then most police carry in there cruisers.

                    and now with tannerite ? being used to make targets go BOOM LOL i would bet a lot of gun owners have pounds of that lying around you can make some nice Flash bangs you get the picture.

                    Skittle shittin unicorn

                  • What we should have learned from this, is that all of the surveillance and technology the government has deployed to “protect us” didn’t get the job done.

                    They may not be able to locate FOUR BOMBS in a relatively small area, but I’ll bet they know who has a gun and a few bags of beans in their closet, in that same area. I’ll bet they know how many people turned out for the even and probably even who they are and where they live.

                    We should know from this event that their technology IS NOT aimed at people who would do us all harm, but at the rest of us law-abiding Christians…their TRUE targets.

                • That wasn’t the part of his body that I figured would be loose. Eisencrap is everybody’s backdoor man.

              • Looks like the false flags are flying high. What better way to deflect blame to “right wing extremists” than to do it on tax day.

                And there are many who will buy every word of it.

                • Amen brother. I will not give into the game. I heard about this on the way home from work. I have not watched one minute of televised coverage or poured of pages of internet analysis on it. I refuse to participate in this theater production.

              • God not god

                • You may use God in that context, I do not. It was meant as an expelative not in worship you fucking idiot.

              • Pardon my typo. With all the negative press you receive on this site I am amazed you dare to correct a simple slip of the finger … geez this site is being overrun with the PC morons and alphabet police lately.

            • God not god.

              • Its actually GOD

            • Wow. Swallows? Douche bag? You are such a gentleman. My mom did not raise a vulgar disrespectful person. You sir are repugnant.

          • Kill yourself.

          • ncjoe: Isn’t it a shame when someone comes along and trashes your normative/subjective view of the world with facts. Liberals always hate it when someone bursts their precious bubble of “how the world SHOULD work”. Those of us who live in the constative/objective, otherwise known as the “real” world, don’t have that problem. Facts are a wonderful, and less painful, way to navigate the world. Perhaps you should reconsider your current paradigm.

        • This event is exactly what those preppers/survivalists should prepare for, the sudden unexpected. All of a sudden anything can happen; an asteroid coming out of the blue, an solar EMP, a series of earthquakes, war in the Koreans or the Middle east, etc, etc, etc. You can turn on the news and BOOM it happens. OR you can lose all power suddenly and experince complete communications blindness. Something like this is a wake up call for all of us to be just that much more ready WHEN a true SHTF event hits and shocks us all. That is what all that preparation and planning that we have done is for.

          • Be prepared….you are right. Now every box and delivery will be gone through, slowing deliveries for food and supplies. Better to be prepared.

            • All I know is I feel for that guy with his leg blown off. What a shit thing to happen to people just enjoying themselves. It hurts just to look at his injuries.

              • It’s a stark reminder for me, that the government IS NOT interested in protecting the people. I too am so sorry this poor guy will probably lose his legs, but thank God he is alive. I can’t even imagine what he must be going through.

            • …even though CIA-duh probably brought the bombs in long before the event, just like they did in OKC and 9/11.

          • All it would take for martial law to be declared by Friday would be one or more events like this, each day, in different cities/states. Scary thought.

        • There is so much evil in this world. How can a person do this to another? My God wrap his loving arms around those injured.

          • Amen Tina. I feel for the victims too, especially after looking at the film of the blasts because this looks staged. Makes you wonder what this distraction is hiding within this administration. Looks and feels alot like Oklahoma City.

            Then with the bomb sniffers not finding the bombs before the blast, here we go again: 9/11, Ruby Ridge, Waco, Conn. school shooting, gun control, etc..

          • AND smite those responsible for this.

        • heard its a saudi, lets see if obama pushes to ban saudis from america like he pushed for a gunban. dont hold yer breath!

          • The 9/11 hijackers were Saudi too. Bush ignored that and went after Iraq.

            • Six months after 9/11 Atta was sent his visa. Tell me again how the govt. really cares.

            • Iraq is much easier to spell.

            • Saudis sell us oil. We can’t go after them.

          • Please, at least let them sort out the information available before you try to pass judgement. I’m just saying slow down and think before you overload your ass..

          • There was a bombing in Boston. That’s where the facts end and the leaped to conclusions begin. “We’ve been attacked” always and everywhere is the trigger to foment a murderous blood lust across a population. Is there a qualitative difference between dropping a predator drone on a village wedding … children dead, limbs severed, blood everywhere and events in Boston? The facile lack of thought among some is, “But those drones only take out sand gooks halfway around the world.” It only matters when the maimed and dead are your compatriots? If so, you are fine with violence until it visits your door. Before the stupid start braying I don’t approve of gratuitous violence by or upon anyone. But closing your eyes to the violence your government inflicts in your name until you become a victim removes you from the moral high ground. Is an innocent murdered by a laser guided bomb delivered by an F-18 any less dead than if murdered by a fanatic wearing a homicide vest? Can you say False Flag to panic the citizenry into begging the police state to enslave us more?

            • Amen brother.

        • Once again.. innocents are killed and maimed for an agenda..just how evil are these bastards?

          Be it an inside job or lone wolf..or other..this is disgusting..just imagine if any of us were victims of this horrific attack..or lose an 8 year old in the event..

          This is pure has come home as most throughout the world have already endured such horror on a daily or weekly the likes of similar bastards.

          Unfortunately the truth behind will probably never be revealed and another patsie will be usual.

          Probably the likes of us



          • Obama admin months past now, have NO (truth) answers for Benghazi terror, and I suspect the same outcome here, FAIL!

          • that’s right. the mossad knows no borders.

        • They know it was & i don’t think it’s over yet….NYC has had a STRONG Police presence in the subway system for 2 weeks ….groups of cops just hanging about and tables back with bags check for 2 weeks already…..

        • Yes, so scary. Taking away Americans freedom and liberty could potentially turn otherwise decent people too.

        • University of Mobile’s Cross Country Coach, who was near the finish line of the
          Boston Marathon when a series of explosions went off, said he thought it was
          odd there were bomb sniffing dogs at the start and finish lines.“They kept
          making announcements on the loud speaker that it was just a drill and there
          was nothing to worry about,” Coach Ali Stevenson told Local 15. “It seemed
          like there was some sort of threat, but they kept telling us it was just a drill.

          It would be very messed up if today was a drill. Cnn already pointing finger to al qida

          • I think it’s interesting how there is always seems to be some kind of drill or something of that sort nearby when these events take place.

            Sends red flags up the pole for me.

          • By declaring it “just a drill”, they actually got a higher body count than if they’d done the right thing and cleared people out of the area until they searched it. Did they run out of yellow tape or something?

        • Yes, so scary. Taking away Americans freedom and liberty could potentially turn otherwise decent people too.

        • if it was a muslum we probably will not hear aboout it

          • You is so raciss

      2. Prayers for the victims and families

      3. All my prayers are with Boston and the Boston Runners. Sickness is in the air. I hope the MSM can restrain themselves from putting blame on any group. This was a professional job.

        My Heart is in Boston.

        • You know that BIG Utah spy center…

          We can only hope EVERY city gets one now to keep us safe!

          • yeah, lil good this commie station did us. maybe the aim?


      4. God bless em all. Regardless of who and why this is not going to turn out good. We’re sliding hard now folks. Steel yourselves. Get what you need and stay out of crowds.

      5. Well, there’s the “False Flag Event” WE have been expecting and now they want to blame it on Patriots? That would be an act of desperation by a Rogue Administration.

        Patriots do not attack women and children or defenseless runners.

        • Right on the money DK. But you KNOW that bronco’bomber,janet bull dyke,whistledick shumer and 99 per cent of the media HAVE to find somebody white to pin this on. Another one of rahm’s crisis moments to use for maximum advantage.

        • Where is your evidence for your idiotic assertion? You are an asshole too.

          • NCJOE no disrespect to the ladies out there but sound to me that were not born natural sounds like you were an asshole baby

          • Joe,you sound like the typical angry negroe. Right now chris matthews,Mr.maddow,david gregory,”hoopy”goldberg and the rest of the gang are all sitting together in a giant circle,hands clasped together,all chanting ” I hope it’s a white guy,I hope it’s a white guy……

            • Anonymous sure hit the nail on the head. The level of anti-White (male) hatred that has been exploding out of the left, especially since Nov 6th’s election – just seems to quadruple in intensity with each passing week.

              The SPLC and Mark Potok probably had a prepared fax sent to every major news network 24 hours before the event even occurred – and the script was the standard SPLC hate-script which constantly spews boat loads of anti-White male, Semitic vomit and hate upon ‘the Right Wing Extremists’ – which is a code word for ‘angry White males’, most of whom probably own pickup trucks with all the preset buttons on their radios tuned to Country & Western music stations, and with Confederate Flag or Dixie bumper stickers on their bumpers and a gun rack across the back window.

              To guess where all this anti-White male hate propaganda is eventually heading, one needs to study the history of what the Communists did to the Kulaks in the former USSR, after Stalin had orchestrated a similar demonization campaign against them.

              Believe me, fellow White men. That is where all this leftist hate for you is heading.

            • anonymous: You know that’s true. All the libtard talking-heads are hoping it’s some white anti-government prepper who wanted to make a statement on Patriots Day and Tax Day. Sorry libtards but the one guy they do have appears to be a Saudi. And only one station I saw mentioned that fact only in passing. If it had been a white guy, they would have been all over that like flies on poop.

        • Timothy mcVeigh was a great patriot and killed several kids.

          • Yranar
            We don’t know how many McVey killed. There were other explosives besides his.

          • Yranar, we don’t know how many McVeigh killed because there were other bombs detonated inside.

            • Yranar, I never believed McVeigh was solely responsible for the Murrah Building bombing. But, whatever his level of involvement, he was certainly no patriot. All he accomplished was to further the grip of the NWO scum. To convince more sheeple to gladly accept loss of freedom for the fake promise of enhanced ‘security’. He set the Patriot cause back at least a decade.

          • I wonder where Yranar’s sympathies and outrage are for the dozens of kids that Clinton and Reno and the FBI/DEA deliberately killed at Waco, by barbecuing them alive and then machine gunning any of the Davidians who tried to flee the burning inferno that the jackbooted thugs had initiated?

            • Tucker,please don’t mention any type of truth to left wing idealogues,you KNOW they hate it,it interfers with their core beliefs and causes them great distress,and nothing is more dangerous than a wounded left wing extremist……..

        • find it very hard for those SOB’s to make it a public broadcast that it could have been right wing extremists, just shows you how far there thinking has gone into the sewer. and worse than that now they have planted the seed in other idiots minds that maybe it was them!! sad to say at this rate, we will have the civil war they are so anxiously awaiting !!
          prayers go out to ALL the people that this has caused pain and suffering to

        • DK: agree about rogue admin./gov. which is why I (and hubby and several friends) haven’t voted in any election in thirty years. Jobs gone, free trade, open borders gov. lets anyone in who hates the U.S. and we spt rogue nations who hate us. Politicians are the scum of the earth for allowing these guys in here to trash this country now with a zero future from now on. My sorry generation are mostly the scum loser politicians.

          • If voting could really change anything, it would be illegal.

            • If voting didn’t matter the commies wouldn’t be in elected office, would they? That is how they came to power.

              Organize, communicate, volunteer, donate, and vote. That is how the PTB came into office and that is the one thing they fear: American citizens who are engaged in the political process.

              Dropping out is for quitters and losers. Everyone must ask themselves, “Which one am I?”

              Let me repeat, 100 million Americans hold the future of this nation in their hands. There were only 129 million votes cast in the last election.

              The numbers don’t lie.

        • Would you clowns knock off the false flag bullshit. You don’t know that and sound as stupid as CNN automatically yelling right wingers did it.

          • John W: I would like to think that some part of the government was not involved here, and I do have a higher opinion of Nappy than the rest of you; but this was another “drill”.


            This kind of violent action will be used to “justify’ tighter security and TSA goons on the street. Someone is behind it and WE will know who even if, especially if, the investigation is whitewashed.

            Is Sirhan Sirhan still in jail?

            There is a reason that Americans have less confidence in their government than ever before, according to the PEW Organization. Let me sum it up in four words:

            White House and Congress.

            • Well….surprise, surprise….DK and I agree on yet another issue.

              • Walt: There is hope for you yet! 🙂

            • Will the CORP/MEDIA come to the right conclusion? Doubt it.

              No Immigration Reform until they secure the boarders. At least they could send the TSA to the boarder to feel them up and steal their goodies on their way into the usa.

          • What can we know for sure happened today?

            1. Two bombs went off in Boston, Mass., killing two and injuring dozens more.

            That’s it. That’s all we know for sure.

            And you know what? That’s all we’re likely to know for sure for some time….if we ever learn the truth.

            I for one, will not believe anything the media or the government of this country tells me through it’s myriad alphabet agencies.

            The only thing we can say for sure that will come of this, is that more of our freedoms will be limited.

            Expect to see TSA gropers at any and all future public events. Because you just can’t let a crisis go to waste.

        • …exactly, why would a great football team from that area want to blow up the Boston marathon? I don’t get it.

        • At this moment I dont think is was a False Flag, becouase of the Sniffing dogs. But I quese they knew something or have received threads, and then they didn’t take it serious enough to stop the race. Anyway with something this big they will find someone to take the blame soon. lets see what happens

        • Alex Jones is a Zionist Schill a ” Double Agent ” working both sides of the fence !

          there’s a reason he is still allow to operate by the NWO ZOG PTB !!!

          take what propaganda he says and promotes with a grain of salt … also do not buy his products they are radioactive and cancer causing .


          • winkie is right theres no way alex got into bohameon grove unless he a zionist pig i used to list to his radio show until i found out hes azionist hes a paid pig
            to get aresponce from us that things get out hand and they can declare martial law wakeup

            • Lol look at All the thumbs down…. Hilarious… For being “awake” and seeing through the bullshit u people still have ur heads in the sand up to your asses.

              “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.”
              ― Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

              If you all think Alex jones is the real deal your all a bunch of idiots. He does provide some info and a good alternate view but he is just as misleading as MSM. Don’t be duped you’ve come this far. Do not fail to investigate some one just because you agree with them. Question everyone and everything. William (Bill) Cooper was the real deal and was killed shortly after 9 11 for predicting it. The way the media is portraying this there is certainly an outcome to this scenario. I agree with the people begging for soldiers or dhs on the streets “protecting ” them… Lmfao. Tread lightly patriots. The blame is coming to you. And oh the sheeple will beg to be protected.

              • aha!it was a hoax.

          • agreed. AJ is a shill of some sort. Been listening to him since 1997 when he was on on klbj when i lived in Austin. He’s turned. You fools need to wake up.

        • Curious that bomb sniffing dogs were at the finish line where the bombs were, yet people were being told that it was a just a drill. How in the world could a trained K-9 in the vicinity not lead the handler immediately to the explosives? A huge oppertunity was missed, prayers to those affected.

        • Here’s comes you’re police state it will be slow at first let another event like this happen and we will have armed military on the street in no time and TPTB will say its for our protection and to back up local and state law enforcement My prayers go out to victims and family good luck and may god help us

          • Im ok with having more police and even military on the streets, not sur about everywhere but they are not the enemy here (yet) might make some of the idiot criminals think twice, as long as they are not stopping us for ridiculous stuff and are just a security presence its ok, get to know some of these guys and gals, they are people too, i like to try and give a little benefit of the doubt.

            • news flash Kulafarmer;

              the police and the military are part of the problem. they send these young kids off to get traumatized in the zyGoo wars, then bring them back home all PTSD’d out, give them police uniforms, weapons, and turn them loose on the population. Many chiefs of police and sheriffs get “free” training in Israhell. Look it up.

        • Dang, Mac- is this the 1st time
          you’ve had a Comment collapsed
          on your own sight? LMMFAO 🙂
          Do it! Do it NOW……

      6. Is that guy in the wheel chair above missing his legs? Is that what I’m looking at? A guy with his legs blown off?

        • yes, that is what your lookig at

          • Damn…..

        • Yea, yikes, prayers going out to these folks, its a shame humans are such a vile self destructive species, just cant let others be in peace, its sad. Just damn sad.

          • Kula, humans are not not a vile, self-destructive species by nature or by design. This is exactly what your captors want you to believe. It’s a deliberately hostile environment design to solicit specific reactions as all of the “cells” in the Petri dish act out in various ways of perceived self-preservation.

            It’s your ego that tells you that you are somehow above it, but you are not. You are complicit through participation. Concepts they gave you, like building and storing wealth, race, religion, nationality, political affiliation, games and competitions, and many other ideas, have taught you that you are separate from the other human cells. You are not meant to be this way, but you now accept it. Natural violations like animal farming and flesh eating, chemical manipulations like pharmaceuticals, and many more accepted norms, have taught you how to be separate from the planet. You are not meant to be this way, but you now love it.

            You were born into this and are unable to see that they have made you part of the problem (insert Morpheus / Neo dialogue from Matrix here). Many will give this a thumbs down (maybe even you) as the thought of this repulses the ego. Try not to kill the messenger.

        • that or some damn good special effects.

          • Anyone who’s watched ‘The Walking Dead’ TV program and seen how advanced and realistic looking the producers of that show can make the zombies look – ought to be immediately suspicious about any special effects that the rats in our mainstream media show them during these kinds of events.

            I was listening to a podcast the other by Kevin Barrett and he had Dr. James Tracy on again, discussing the Sandy Hook incident – and one of them made a comment that the inconsistencies and suspicious anomalies associated with that event and all of the obviously conflicting video sequences that we’ve been shown – raise the possibility that the videos had been shot in advance of the actual date of the incident and then rolled out to the networks and to youtube on cue, and the stupid couch potatoes were simply watching a carefully scripted series of videos and told that they were ‘real time’ and current.

            I hadn’t considered that possibility, although I did suspect that the real perps of Sandy Hook had re-shot the video of the cop taking the long gun (Not an AR rifle) out of the trunk of the car, so as to shore up the lies that were told earlier.

            I was impressed with this possibility and think it deserves consideration. How would the viewing audience really know, if what they were seeing on their electronic toilet was ‘real time’ or simply a video clip that had been previously staged and then played back later, in order to prop up the official narrative?

            If anyone remembers the old TV show, Mission Impossible – these were the kind of deceptive tricks that the agents on that show used to use all the time, to snooker some bad guy. It would be just as easy to use these techniques to snooker 300 plus million Americans, would it not?

      7. Anyone remember the Weather Undergroud? I think those are the kind of people Obama surrounds himself with. Can’t remember. Did they do weather forecast?WASP.

      8. Notice, the police are asking for people to give up any camera video camera phone video..etc..Pictures etc..

        would that be to contain the cover up?
        or to not show who did this so they can forward with the chosen version and not have it rebuted?

        this type of thing happened at 9-11

        I dare them to try to pin this on Partiots..this is not the act of a patriot, and if it is ever said on mic and not swiftly corrected by the one holding the camera or mic, then thay are not American

        speculating using these words is a traitorist act. period

        also they are already dropping key words i news coverage as was done in the reporting of 9-11..

        Im suspect we will never know the TRUTH

        • “suspect we will never know the TRUTH”

          Suspect you’re correct on that point. The Li’l Tickdater Kim Jong Un-hinged said we’d be attacked on our own soil today. Authorities say the SUSPECT in custody (they must be fairly sure to use that word rather than “detainee” or “person of interest” or “material witness” or some other vague legal term) is a Saudi. Either K.J. Un-hinged was behind it or not. If KJU (or PRC) did it, either they hired the Saudi or our gov’t picked up the Jihadi who just happened to be there and the real perp is either a PRC or DPRK agent still at large. If PRC/DPRK didn’t, the most likely possibility is that the Islamists were trying to make like DPRK hit us at home trying to prod us into a war on the Korean peninsula (that looks possible though less likely than it did a couple of days ago) to get our attention away from the Islamists in the M.E. Also, its also possible that PRC/DPRK did it, Obama knows it, and they arrested the Saudi on purpose so as to not have to confront PRC/DPRK about the attack and make the the currency and trade wars we are in with PRC more contentious.

        • Exactly VRF…
          No PATRIOT would attack a crowd of innocents.
          I’m personally blaming an undercover Obama operative…
          but, we’ll probably never KNOW.

          • PS:
            BY their behavior on this board… it is a logical conclusion to self righteous hateful scum sucking narcissistic psychopaths.

            • PPS:
              Eisenkraut, anybody know if he/she/it lives in Bean Town?

        • Don’t be stupid, they want to see if someone placing the bombs turns up on video. Standard procedure. They’re also getting security camera footage from everything within blocks of the attack, to see what turns up.

          • Let’s wait and see if they keep that footage buried or not. That will tell us something about what may appear on the footage, if anything. If it was a government black ops, there will be no evidence, at least none released to the people.

      9. The NK nut job promised something special for the 15th of April didn’t he.

        Doubt this has anything to do with it, but I bet he wishes he kept his mouth shut………






        • THE ” WEATHER UNDERGROUND and your very own ZOG CIA Puppet FALSE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE Prez ” is who you should be pointing fingers at for RESPONSIBILITY OF THIS AND NO OTHER !!!

          * look them up domestic terrorists ” THE WEATHER UNDERGROUND !

          ” they created ” BARACK OBAMA ” !!!


        • Hey! Don’t go knocking us false fags, breeder boy. We’re the ones who go infiltrating “boy love” groups like DanPedo and GLSEN to catch child molesters.

      11. So if it turns out to be muslim terrorists again will we be told to remain ‘tolerant’ again? And if it is muslims-again- will it be demoted from ‘terrorist attack’ to ‘incident’ again?

        • with as much as the anointed one has kissed the mooosim ass i dont think they will try that route, due to the egg on his face..they will divert from that as far as possible

          • Which happens to be a white christian.

        • Realist: if this is Muslim Jihad, expect this country to be trashed soon, as other cities will be hit (malls, concerts, sporting events, train stations, airports, even churches, schools) just look at what Muslim countries are doing with infighting factions. stay low key and stay out of groups, crowds. America is over and done and will shut down (econ. collapse) if other cities are hit.

        • Don’t push your luck. Americans were never tolerant of Muslims. The government is responsible for over 2 million dead Iraqis. But of course, since they are Muslims, most here view them as collateral damage. And they also didn’t even get an apology for the lie that got us into that war. You all don’t and won’t understand that Muslims are not the enemies. We never belonged in Iraq. Muslims don’t pose a threat to the U.S.

          Let me say something. When it comes to Muslims, most people on this forum have similar if not the exact same views as the media. The very mainstream media you denounce. But when it comes to other things, no, the media is lying. This, is why we have problems.

          • Islam is a religion of peace. What a crock of shit.

            • Islam is a religion of peace- and I’m a man of celibacy! (Sarcasm)

              • Well you are for now

            • Islam is the religion of peace. And they will kill you to prove it.

            • To understand Islam, you have to know what the Arabic translation is… the western media and western people in general like their translations simple (minded)… it is not that simple.

              In Arabic, Islam means;

              “There will be PEACE, when all the world SUBMITS to the Will of Allah.”

              There is only one way to interpret this…

              • I would like to add to what you said, Piper Michael.

                To understand Islam:

                First, you must go back to the beginnings and know why they think and believe as they do. The majority of Muslims come from the bloodline of Ishmael. He was taken out of the inheritance of Abraham and had the envy, spite, and hatred of Satan in his heart towards all Israelites/Jews/Caucasians. He was a bully,thug, thief, and a murderer. That same mindset was with Mohammed. He crossed the country and did as his grandfather. His dream interpetations and writings originated from an evil queen that used him as a gigolo.
                Most of his early followers, did so out of fear and intimidation, not out of love and belief that he was a prophet from Alah.

                Despite what “they” want people to believe; Islam was not born out of peace and love, nor was it born from our God, the Father of Jesus Christ.

                Fact: There are at least 36 Islamic Mosques in the Boston, MA region. There are at least 5 Muslim based schools.

                Fact: The Islamic Society of Boston, is a Mosque and Cultural Center. It is the second largest on the East Coast, with a scheduled addition this year to it’s 70,000 sq. ft. building on Malcolm X Boulevard.

                Fact: Islamic terrorist are hidden by these Mosques and schools, and most likely are providing support.

                Question: Who proclaims louder than any other group, “death to Americans/USA”?

                It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out who would have no problem killing and maiming innocent children in the name of their religion.

                I’m not so sure that this is the last event we see of this type; whether done by Islamic terrorists or not.

                • Thanks don’t tread.
                  Exactly right, and symbols mean a lot, as they say a picture is worth a thousand words…
                  What is the symbol of Islam? The Moon. (It originated from a tribal moon god.)
                  When does the Moon come out? At night.
                  Islam is the Dark religion, of a dark power.
                  They do their best work in the darkness.
                  The darkness is their symbol.
                  Our Lord and His Father are of The Light.
                  The Light is love, the darkness is hate.
                  Islam is thus, the religion of hate.

                  Isaac and Ishmael, down through the ages, to our time.
                  The Arabs consider themselves to be the Sons of Ishmael.
                  The White man has forgotten who he is, and is divided.
                  (Generally speaking.)
                  We have clues in the meaning of old words, but our ‘authorities’ divide us with confusion to their profit.
                  The original white tribes came from the Caucus mountains, thus; Caucasian. This is where the 10 tribes went after they left Babylon, away from Israel and The Jews. This enmity is still a major force in the world.

                  The Chosen are NOT the Jews, but, all the 12 tribes. If you are white, you are of the Chosen. It is the nature of what ‘chosen’ means, that is confusion. Chosen means, chosen for the spiritual gift of the Holy Fire… creativity in technology and science. A gift in the DNA.

                  As a clue, the old word Saxons… meant originally, Saac’s Sons. The sons of Isaac. Leading vowels were often dropped back then. Thus, one tribe retained a semblance of their original beginnings. But, nobody wants to be associated with ‘The Jew’, and we turned ourselves into ‘Gentiles’. When truly, we are the Lost Sheep Jesus spoke of.

                  Thus the meaning of the battle of the ages, is between the progeny of Abraham, between love and hate, the brothers of light and brothers of dark. Darkness will win the short game, but the outcome is determined. Will you ‘go into the wilderness’, trim your wicks and fill your lamps to hide in a back room, because Something wicked this way comes? Will you understand the Spirituality of Prepping? Do you now see the necessity to form God’s army?

                  • Amen, brother.

                    Glad to see someone else has the correct information and is helping to spread the truth.

                    To further add; hardly anyone knows, or cares, that the Adam created on the sixth day was, “adam = the man”, ethnos or races of peoples; and was not the Adam of the eighth day creation. The eighth day Adam was created to bring about the (bloodline of caucasians) lineage thru which Christ would be born. It is signified in the Hebrew as different from the first man Adam by having the prefix “eth” with the word “adam”. This Adam (with Eve), means “ruddy complexion”, or “to show blood in the face”. Hence; white/light skinned people that blushes with red cheeks, also know by their coming across the Caucus Mtns; to settle Western Europe, and later, the Americas.

                    All caucasian peoples and the mixes of those peoples were from the original tribes of Israel. I am fully white and therefore in essence, I am an Israelite. I do share a certain amount of Jewish blood only because of Jacob, but not as a person from Judah

                  • And meanwhile we all ignore the vast catalogue of horror committed in the name of the christian god?

                    Anyone here remember the line about letting he who is without sin cast the first stone.

          • 2 million dead Iraqis? Bullshit.

            • more than a million died during our sanction on Iraq from 1990 through 2003. more than a million died. than we went to war, and more than a million died. the only bullshit is your own research.

              • they should have started prepping earlier.

              • Well, we didn’t sanction food or medicine so how exactly did U.N. lead sactions kill 2 million Iraqis?

                Me thinks what could be bullshit is whatever it is you swallow.

        • Sounds about right

          cant piss off his muslim brothers

          even though he still claim’s to not be a muslim
          and maybe he isn’t but he sure takes there side

          but i do know he sides with every racist Church and preacher he can find

          skittle shittin unicorn

      12. Prayers for everyone involved. This is the act of a coward, and I hope whoever is responsible is punished. This does concern me though. Fact one: the dip in PMs, even though one of the largest mines in the US just suffered a devastating avalanche. Fact two: we were warned about the dip in PMs, and history backs up it proceeds bad events for the economy. Fact three: all of the insiders dumping their stocks, especially when it made no sense unless they expected something to happen before the end of April. Fact four: the stock market is being manipulated to an unheard of level. Fact five: the person of interest is a Saudi. I think something wicked this way comes. I hope I am wrong, but everything is pointing to things going bad very quickly


          • Personal insults are not permitted in school. (except in the teachers lounge and you can’t go in there). TEN DEMERITS! And, Go to the office!
            Also- how do you get NEOCON out of anything that was said in the comment? (assuming you were responding to Jim (another Jim) directly above.

            Playground priveleges are hereby suspended for the week!

            • 10 POINTS FROM GRYFFINDOR! And 10 from HufflePuff for good measure!…

          • Go away troll. Go play with your government masters Eisenkreuz, maybe they will reward you with a troll treat

            • eisen shit Claims to be a libertarian but i doubt he even knows what the term means he is just a skate boarding lil wanna be Occupy wall street clone.

              i doubt he even knows what his name means

              skittle shittin unicorn

              • I’ve pointed this out many a time.

          • Eisen, I’m not a member of your fan club but when you’re correct you are correct.

            The American War against Spain happened because Amerikan corporate interests wanted to pillage Cuba. The Spanish bent over backwards to avoid war. The USS Maine was a false flag. “But we were attacked,” and the banksters made billions while working class guys died for their lies.

            “One hundred years…” Early part of the Twentieth Century our presidents sending the USMC to pacify Central American for United Fruit and the banksters. Doubt it, little neocon warmonger? Look up late USMC general Smedley Butler. War is a Racket.

            The School for the Americas, in ? Panama to train foreign militaries and police staters to suppress their own people they way WE OBJECT to being oppressed here. Closed awhile ago but soaked in the blood of innocents.

            Vietnam … was a war based on the big lie. For centuries vietnamese fought to expel foreign occupiers. We in our hubris supported the French occupiers. “communism” had nothing to do with it. Sez who? US Sec of Defense at that time Mc Namara.

            Iraq had nothing to do with September 11th but the banksters needed their profits. Hundreds of thousands have died for those lies.

            Not what the DI told you at boot camp? He’s as ignorant of history as you are. Isn’t it about time you stopped dying for Power Elite lies?

            Or at least make sure those Princeton kids hit the beach first. Because if it’s worth shedding American blood for why is it always yours and never the Power Eliters doing the dying?

            • anon6.8- Now, that was well stated. And you probably won’t get any argument from the folks here. Certainly not from me.
              If only our little whippersnapper could get his points across as well as you did….he’d spend much less time in after school detention. (and, I still like him in spite of himself. that’s why I keep letting him out of the dungeon early!)

            • That was for Eisencrap by the way….

              • Blow it out your ass you fat bastard.

            • Hilarious!

        • “””This is the act of a coward, and I hope whoever is responsible is punished. “””

          The banksters are the worst kind of cowards, unfortunately they will use the incident they created to punish the People.

        • “suspect we will never know the TRUTH”

          Suspect you’re correct on that point. The Li’l Tickdater Kim Jong Un-hinged said we’d be attacked on our own soil today. Authorities say the SUSPECT in custody (they must be fairly sure to use that word rather than “detainee” or “person of interest” or “material witness” or some other vague legal term) is a Saudi. Either K.J. Un-hinged was behind it or not. If KJU (or PRC) did it, either they hired the Saudi or our gov’t picked up the Jihadi who just happened to be there and the real perp is either a PRC or DPRK agent still at large. If PRC/DPRK didn’t, the most likely possibility is that the Islamists were trying to make like DPRK hit us at home trying to prod us into a war on the Korean peninsula (that looks possible though less likely than it did a couple of days ago) to get our attention away from the Islamists in the M.E. Also, its also possible that PRC/DPRK did it, Obama knows it, and they arrested the Saudi on purpose so as to not have to confront PRC/DPRK about the attack and make the the currency and trade wars we are in with PRC more contentious.

        • Not that I wish to downplay this, as it was horrific (as the pictures clearly show).

          But I mean… don’t you think an Islamic Jihad… thing… would do something a bit grander scale than 3 sticks of dynamite in a trash can?

          That was a GUESS by the way. Based on the video, size of the explosion, and proximity to shop fronts.

          I mean… if this is supposedly “The Event(tm)”… no.. I don’t think that’s possible.

      13. My prayers go to the families and all affected by this act of cowardice

      14. There were announcement that “this is just a drill” and bomb-sniffing dogs at the race, right before the first bomb blew up. Eyewitness reports. They KNEW this was coming. It isn’t hard to figure out how they knew. (They being the current PTB.)

        They’re going to get mileage out of this. The MSM has already mentioned “right wing extremists” and “the tea party and anti-tax people”.

        The finger is going to be pointing right at people like us. The PTB will get mileage out of this.


        • they WILL point the finger to the right , but i doubt this was an orchestrated event .
          if this was an inside job , the death toll would be much higher . thank god it aint .
          every large event has bomb dogs at it , thats normal .
          i dont believe this is a false flag.
          this is a disgruntled sand dweller .

          • Anonymous:

            Actually, I think it’s just the opposite. I think that a higher death toll was not “needed” to make a point. The horror of the event itself was sufficient. I believe that if it was actually a terrorist attack by what you called a “disgruntled sand dweller” that the destruction would have been far more.

            As awful as this was,there were minimal deaths for a bomb in a crowded public place.

            • It wasn’t much at all compared to Amerikkka’s nuking of the Japanese. Or our propping up of heinous world dictators. Or the 5 wars we’ve started to maintain the petrodollar to keep the rest of the world in grinding poverty. Or our murder of a million children via bombings worldwide. Or our overthrow of the democratically elected Shah to install the very dictators that we now rail against. Our theft of land from Mexico. Our invasion of Mexico. Death to the indians. Concentration camps in the Philippines, Alaska, Oklahoma, California. Bombing Serbians. Bombing the entire Middle East. Bombing Africa. Bomb bomb bomb bomb.

              But when it happens here, it’s *wahhhhhh, waaaahhhhhhhhh*. The arabs have every right to attack our civilians. What goes around, comes around. In fact, we deserve to get it a lot worse.

              Feds reading this eat shit.

              • Eise, its time for supper. Come upstairs and get your fish sticks and macaroni. Don’t forget to wipe the lotion off your hands before you come to the table.

              • Chairman mao and joe stalin extend their heartfelt appreciation to much useful idiot eisinsane. Drop a line to Putin sometime,maybe he can get you tickets to go and view Lenin’s preserved body and a peice of the Berlin wall,you know,from back in the good ole days…..

                • anonymous, ignorant warmonger statists like you to the contrary notwithstanding, the US Government is right up there with the statists you mention in the contemptible sweepstakes of murdering innocents since at least 1890. Most Amerikans, you seem to be one of them, know little of our own history and nothing of anyone else’s. The people who can’t wait to be sent around the world to murder peasants, because some contemptible vermin power eliter in a suit tells them to, are the useful idiots of the world. Look in the mirror. “But I was just following orders” didn’t remove the opprobrium from the war criminals on trial at Nuremberg and it doesn’t remove it now. You confuse empire building jingoism with patriotism. But fear not. There are millions of equally ignorant people who share your militarism who will pat you on the back and tell you what a hero you are. And don’t give me that bullshit that “you fought for our freedom” because you didn’t.

              • My God. Wall of text anyone?

                Just because people in power tell the military to do something innocent civilians deserve to die?

                I have nothing against the average civilian of any country, so long as they remain there. Blame the leaders.

              • @Eisencrap…

                I’m thinking that if not nuking the Japanese would have meant that your grand-daddy died (because we would have had to actually invade the Japanese mainland)….that not nuking them could have been worthwhile.

                The very thought of you never having been born is just so inspirational.

            • Daisy; i think your right on this, they will try to put blame on anyone, as to divert attention!No one whether disgruntled tax person ,tea partier, prepper or patriot would go after the innocent,only the evil behind the seens pull the strings?


              • Now they have the justification for the TSA to greatly expand its’ operations. They will be everywhere screwing with the innocent.

            • Howdy Daisy,




            • Daisy,

              You don’t even live here, what you are saying is without merit or proof, just a conspiracy theory plucked out of thin air. This way of thinking is no different than what Osamabama does, using the death of innocent people to further your agenda.

              Why don’t you wait until more information is released before you jump on the crazy band wagon and get the other crazies foaming at the mouth. Give it a rest for at least a decent amount of time.

              Now your a bomb expert and you know everything about a crime scene, right? I guess it’s easy to be an arm chair quarterback, especially when your on the other side of the border.

              I may sound harsh but what you are suggesting is reckless and ignorant given the fact that this horrible massacre happened just hours ago.

              • It’s really stupid to attack Daisy because she lives Canada. She was born a u.s. citizen and she will remain one. With that comes freedom of speech. Everyone one here complains about losing our rights and yet too many times peoples views are thumb downed because they didn’t toe the party line.
                If you want your riights respected perhaps you could start by respecting others rights.

                • ed,

                  Guess what, I have the right to speak as well, the fact that she does not live here is relevant in my opinion. This woman does not respect the rights of the ones killed and maimed in this massacre because she is assuming what caused this tragedy in the early stages. I believe the victims would not want to hear all of these conspiracy theories simply hours after they were injured, especially from someone who is not even a U.S citizen. To me, it is opportunistic, egocentric and disgustingly void of common decency.

                  • Some how people trying to learn the truth is not allowed?

            • Most bombs wound more than they kill.

              When a bomb goes off, the only difference between life and death is the size of the bomb, it’s construction, your distance from it, and any blast deflection (read: hard objects or other people) between you and the bomb.

              The bombs were not large, I’m hearing trash can size, which means something was placed in the cans after being carried there by one person to each device. With nearly 200 injured, that’s bad enough, but to believe the perpetrator(s) can be only one group or another due to the number of dead is not valid thought.

              The construction of the bomb will tell a great deal more than we know today, but it’s pretty clear it was a shrapnel bomb intended to cause mass wounding. We’ll know more about the alleged Saudi national pretty soon. We’ll know more about the ‘drill’ or prior threats, if any, very soon. Information like that cannot be covered up or hidden, it’s already out there and will be expanded on soon.

              • I’m remembering the Olympic Park bombing in Atlanta and how profiling and speculation on the part of the FBI led to the destruction of the life of Richard Jewel.

                I have no love or sympathy for Islamic terrorists, but the interest being shown and the insinuations about this Saudi man are just too convenient.

                To repeat….

                All we can know about what happened today is this:

                1. Two bombs went off in Boston, MA.

                2. Two innocent people were killed, and dozens more were

                Anything else is pure speculation.

                On a side note: There is something about some people that causes them to have to know everything about something before anyone else does. I guess it makes them feel smarter than anyone else or something. The media feeds into this, as whenever anything like this occurs, you see them race to see who can get the most information out the fastest….who can “scoop” the story and reveal some factoid.

                After a while….it gets to be sickening.

                WE DON’T KNOW WHO DID THIS.


                I for one, will have a healthy dose of skepticism for ANY story that comes out regarding this. I’ve just seen too much over the years that has shaken my faith in the word of the establishment.

                For me….it started with JFK.

          • I agree they may have dogs at other events but do they also announce a drill. No they don’t. Maybe it was a live fire drill.

        • It’s horrible Daisy. And then I thought …’s just getting started!
          I think if a person or family needed to get to their bold, this should
          Be reason enough. Get goin’! Its just going to be worse next time.
          (Their BOL) android “smartphone ”

          Keep preppin’

          • When someone told me at work today about the bombings, that was my reply…”It’s beginning”

        • I bet whoever they pin it on, which I am sure the patsy is already known, will be the proud owner of an AK47 assault rifle.

          Wouldn’t surprise me if they found a note taped to it with future attack plans and catalog pictures of a 30 round magazine.

          But some will know the truth.

          • yep exactly right on that!!

          • Or perhaps the House of Saud. Could be the beginning of the next domino to fall…

          • Where is the argument for serial numbers on ball bearings?

        • No Immigration Reform. Secure the Boarder.

      15. Rest assured that the Administration is scrambling to cover their tracks on this one. Now that can set the facts as they see fit to fit their needs. Sorry, but yes I am that cynical about the govt.

      16. It may just be a coincidence – but the last mile of the marathon was dedicated to the Newtown shooting victims and the families were there at the finish line.

        It’s one of those things that makes me go hmmmmm….

        Conspiracy theories aside, how horrible that those families have been affected by terrible violence once again.

        • THEY WERE SACRIFICED to BEEZELBULB by those who worship him … the FREEMASONS AND ZIONISTS !!!


          FEAR allows the FEW to CONTROL the MANY !!!

          FEAR is a tool of the ZIONISTS and FREEMASONS !!!



        • Are you sure that those families were there? If so then this is really sick.

      17. why arnt the borders of this country secure?

        because then this admin wouldnt be able to use all the other boggy men as scape goats

        • They are secure. Try to escape and see what happens.

      18. They are already blaming patriot anti tax groups.

        • A Baghdad jihadist can’t be a terrorist but a American who believes in the constitution says the leaders,the right he gets blamed for everything.the Clinton Nazi Network blamed right wing extremists 10 times in a two minute spot.

      19. I am sickened by this act. My thoughts and prayers
        go out to the victims and their families.

      20. My deepest sympathy to those hurt!

        Now on to the mattter of, they needed another one and they got it. If there was trash cans anywhere near the race route, then there was a huge slacking on the part of the Boston security.
        CNN shouldn’t even be allowed to report there propaganda news nationally.
        Will this be a lead up to another non declared war? The all high and mighty have to profit from the destruction of someone.
        Keep your minds clear, because the headlines will change a thousand times till the story is written.
        Nothing good will come out of this, regardless of how it pans out.

        B Aware, B Awake, B Alive

      21. 🙁





        SO I SAY


        • I will not calm down! Did you calm down when your boyfriend left you? Just for that, I’m taking your skateboard, too!

        • Meh. 😐

      23. Listen, there is a video camera right above the left side of the opening of the building where one of the explosions took place..we will never see that video recording, just like we never saw the video of Adam Lanza walking down the hall ways Of Sandy Hook shootinng up the school.

        • Like why would anyone want to actually see that NUT Case” Slaughtering Kids?

          I saw enough of that type of carnage when I served in Vietnam, no pleasant to see or experience.

          Locked and Loaded, Bore is Clear!

          • your missing the talking about the video of who placed the device..wake up!

      24. Korea threatening,bombing at the Boston Marathon, Dow down 200 points, gold, silver, and oil taking a dive. More military will be in the streets over this. Just to get things warmed up and cozy for the sheeple. We’ll be safer now with them present in our streets, standing on the corner with their M-4s. Starting to become an interesting spring. Ought to be a hot smokin, stinking summer. Things will boil over. Can hardly wait. I feel sorry for the little children having to endure of what is to come. BE safe, take care, and hope to see you on the field.

      25. 7/11 is the hallmark of the Illuminati? I had no idea. But….if you go inside a 7/11 convenience store, there’s a fairly good chance a Muslim is working the cash register…..

        • Up here they’re Hindus, Sikhs, and Buddhists, very few Muslims.

      26. Jeff Rense has some interesting links
        on his site.
        Maybe it’s just me, but some of the footage i’ve
        seen it seems a few people are Smiling? Shock and
        Awe, I suppose…

      27. Maybe we should wait to see what the official version is before we speculate on it. Everybody should start copying and pasting all the photos and videos now before theey disappear. Once they come up with their version these things are gone.
        From the looks of the injuries and with ball bearings as projectile this could very well be a claymore mine.

      28. UM Coach: Bomb Sniffing Dogs, Spotters on Roofs Before Explosions

        University of Mobile’s Cross Country Coach, who was near the finish line of the Boston Marathon when a series of explosions went off, said he thought it was odd there were bomb sniffing dogs at the start and finish lines.
        “They kept making announcements to the participants do not worry, it’s just a training exercise,” Coach Ali Stevenson told Local 15.


      29. No matter how you look at this, Its our governments fault.

        either they are acting against us, or not securing our borders thus allowing this to happen..

        theres no way for them to back out of the responsibility of these actions on our soil.

        thats the simple facts

        • VRF; Homeland Security is a freakin joke!!As well as the rest of the alphabet agencies!!

        • Illegal: against the law, unlawful, prohibited, banned, illegitimate, illicit, dishonest, proscribed, criminal, forbidden.

      30. This is only one of the reasons we prep. There is no question this is a false-flag; it reeks of it. Obama is behind this just like Bush was behind 911 and Clinton was behind Waco, OKC bombing, the attack on the Freemen in Montana, and the downing of TWA Flight 800. of course, people like us have already been blamed by the communist media, no surprise there. Now it appears it will become open season on preppers, patriots, and everyone who loves this country and is trying to save it. There’s no telling how many more false-flags the BOY in the white House has planned. We must all now be more vigilant in the days and weeks ahead. This looks like SHTF in stages. Braveheart

      31. VRF
        You are correct sir but when was the last time they took responsibility for anything.

        • True, but when they go to blame us, we dam sure better get up in thier face about it and not back down

      32. This week the Senate is debating gun control.
        The last mile of the marathon was dedicated to the victims of Newtown.

        My bet is that they’ll have a suspect, search his house, and find a “cache” of firearms.
        They’ll probably also find that this person has a history of mental illness….and was also probably a prepper.
        …and then they’ll push the argument that even though a gun wasn’t used, this just goes to show you that people who own guns are evil or sick in the head and it’ll just add fire to reasons that we need stricter gun control and that preppers are terrorists.

        Oh…and al quaeda.
        Because you know, al quaeda.

        • Yes. Watch the Senate.

      33. So why was there a two star general at the civilian press conference standing in the background? I noticed at least four Army personnel in the middle of the immediate aftermath all geared up with the bright yellow safety ribbons on there backpacks helping the civilian first responders. Just bystanders? They didn’t look like a color guard for a parade.

        • I saw that too. Hmm. Have to wonder

        • if you watch the video that Mr.Winkie left the thread to from zerohedge watch the reactions of the police officers they hardly flinch at the detonation hmm….

      34. The strategy of tension (Italian: strategia della tensione) is a tactic that aims to divide, manipulate, and control public opinion using fear, propaganda, disinformation, psychological warfare, agents provocateurs, and false flag terrorist actions.

        The theory began with allegations that the United States government and the Greek military junta of 1967–1974 supported far-right terrorist groups in Italy and Turkey, where communism was growing in popularity, to spread panic among the population who would in turn demand stronger and more dictatorial governments.

      35. Aurora?
        Sandy Hook?
        Fast and Furious?
        Ft Hood?
        Boston Marathon?
        am I missing something?

        whos legacy?

      36. I’m wondering, what if this was a false flag, but the looney left just isn’t as good at it as W and the NEOCONS? After all, the Weather Underground isn’t trying to kill the establishment anymore. They ARE the establishment. So they are undoubtedly a bit rusty in blowing sh%# up. just a thought…

        • Now they don’t have to get their hands dirty. They just contract it out. RHIP. In 1970 who would have believed that the leaders of the Weathermen, convicted bombers and killers would have unrestricted access to the White Hut. You could not make this shit up. Need to have a sense of humor.

          • Sense of humor? No, outrage,

      37. breads and circus for the masses (you) …

        this is merely a intentional ZOG FEDGOV distraction as they KILL THE DOLLAR and FINALIZE THE ECONOMIC DESTRUCTION OF once free AMERICA !!!




      38. What do you think the FBI profile contains?

      39. I don’t know, this feels like a diversion. Just like the others have said above: Metals crash, the DOW Industrial loses 266 points (1.8%), but yet a terrorist bombing probably derailed what was probably going to be the main story of the evening: The Bursting Bubble.

        • Schwartz,

          You sir, I believe, have it this one on the nail! I too forgot about what was taking place on Wall Street, on top of which some people are saying that police have been training on this type of scenario lately, either way, I believe you are right on this one.

        • Metals started losing ground last week. The Dow can lost 300 points any day of the year. The large public gathering that was targeted just happens to fall on April 15 this year. It’s not all linked together yet, folks. Let’s calm down and see what is what first.

      40. It was a left wing extremist.

      41. I think we all know what this little incident is going to bring, more laws, more regulations, more rules, more police, more intrusion into our daily lives, more cameras, more of the wonderful things that Big Sis brings us. I would bet a paycheck that somehow, someone is going to try to mandate see-through trash cans. If the can isn’t see through, the bomb squad will blow it up, this is what is probably going to happen. I do feel bad for the people in Boston, hell, I grew up in Cambridge, but what I fear more than terrorists is our own government, how sad is that?

        • Naw, we must BAN TRASHCANS!

          Do YOU have your trashcans REGISTERED?

          (need a sarc icon)

      42. Boston – strong, tough, brave. There are tears tonight and will be for many days, but also determination and spirit. Misneach, my Boston fianna. Yet another reason to keep prepping, be ever watchful.

      43. Is the perpetrator a patsy of the Gov. or a real home grown terrorist? Or a real terrorist?

      44. The Boston Marathon is an international event, this was done for an international audience.

        • And:

          If it was a right winger false flag it would be done with a gun. An internationalist is playing for international prestige and is trying to make the point that the USA is weak and vulnerable.

          • This country is weak, a majority of the populace is normalcy bias!

      45. If this was a false flag event (which I’m sure it is), then it really wasn’t a smart one.
        During an interview right after it happened a “security expert” was on a phone interview on one of the news stations I was watching and he even said they had bomb sniffing dogs, snipers on the rooftops, tons of police, military, and extra security at an event like the Boston Marathon so you wouldn’t think anything like this could happen. I went to my cousin’s graduation ceremony at Boston University a few years ago and they even had crazy amounts of police, security, AND a very visible police sniper on the roof there…and that was for a college graduation.

        And that’s just it: with such a large security/police presence it really isn’t as easy to pull off something like this as opposed to say going into a school or a movie theater and shooting people.
        An attack at an event like this is about as easy or as smart as staging a shooting at a police station or the superbowl.

        This screams false flag event or inside job.

        Hopefully this fact will work in the favor of people actually trying to find the actual truth behind this and not just believe whatever story TPTB or MSM feeds us.

        …but then again, I may be putting too much faith in sheeple.

        • It is either a false flag or illustrates complete incompetence of the security personel and system at work.

          • Well…if it’s incompetence, they will simply use it as an argument for more TSA gropers and more violations of individual rights.

            Can’t let a crisis go to waste ya know.

        • In one of the videos I saw it looked like the bomb was kind of behind the stage to side where the flag were. Normally these areas are restricted. But there apparently were no dignitaries on the stage. I also doubt there were any trash cans that close to an area where the cameras were always pointed.

      46. So now we have split. Yes, we can still touch you or was this an internal deed done by a fringe groupe?

        • Slingshot, I try to think of alternative possibilities, it’s not that I’m trying to deny the possible culpability of an inside job but within my trade, I have to look at problems from many directions and now my brain has become wired that way.

          • @RickInOregon

            Doing some detective work here. All possiblities accepted.

      47. This wouldn’t have happened if Boston had just set up a bomb registry, or put up signs declaring the marathon a “bomb-free area”. God help the victims, the government certainly won’t…

      48. The whole thing just makes me incredibly sad. Those poor people – innocent people…it’s just horrible.

      49. I think it was the blue m&m guy, he was smiling and giving a thumbs up, did anyone notice that blue right wing extremist!

      50. Trying to slice this down like a piece of salami.

        I do not think it was a real claymore but simular. Home made.

        • i would have to agree with slingshot claymores have a much larger blast radius both front and rear also the current gen. of claymores use flat star shaped washers as projectiles

      51. Eisen, while I’m also against the atrocities committed against the people you mentioned, let’s not forgert it was the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT that commiitted those crimes and NOT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. Sounds like you’re painting with an oversized brush; need to find a smaller brush. Braveheart

        • braveheart, I use too wide a brush sometimes too. Question though: did the president, vice pres, 525 congress critters, and the sec of war massacre the Sioux at Wounded Knee or was it five hundred troop who were happy to have what must have been one of the coolest jobs of their day? there’s unlimited numbers of people willing to oppress other people so long as an authority figure says they’re worth killing and the money for being a hired thug is good. I wonder if any of those 7th cavalry guys drank themselves to death when they mustered out? “But he told me to” is no defense. the individual is responsible for what he does … unless we’re all just pawns of the state. If that is the case, it’s game over.

          • Hey 6.8,you wouldn’t have a fucking clue as to what “resposibility” is.You can tell that you’re just a stupid,brainwashed kid who is so busy blaming people in prior lifetimes as not being as “enlightened” as you pretend to be. These people did more than piss and moan sonny boy,your teachers obviously neglected that part of history.If the world was run by your standards,everybody would be living in thatch huts with dirt floors chanting “ooooga oooooga.”

        • Eisencrap is a product of public education. What do you expect?

      52. false flag

      53. Is this guy a novice working off the internet? Have Military service or helped by an external groupe?

      54. It was reported that there were two other bombs found and that cell service was shut down. It could be that a quick thinking person saved lives by shutting down cell service before the other two bombs could be detonated. If this is the case, then someone is due a big thanks.

        • Yeah except not all cell phone service was cut. Several companies were never asked to cut service. And news videos clearly shows people using them.

      55. It’s a crazy and dangerous time we live in. The world has changed and not for the better. I just hope that the guilty party is not tagged as some right wing nut, but since the oblabla ministry of propaganda (better known as the main stream media) will do as their told, I will dicern carefully information coming from the news readers. I pray for those that were injured and for the families of those killed and pray for quick and sure justice for those who perpetrated this obscenity.

      56. The attack in Boston is not the action of anyone I know or would associated with, but the action of a hateful mentally disturbed person influenced by someone or some
        organization that has a problem with our society. The media are already throwing around the idea that it is the work of “right wing radicals” partly because the JFK Library incident might have been related. What a sad, unfortunate assumption by the public face of the media. No conservative person or group would have done such a horrible thing. The result of this action came from an operation that took guidance and experience to carry out successfully. Don’t let this terrible action frighten you into failure. There is a real enemy out there thinking they got away with murder. I believe we will find the truth.

      57. I hope everyone says prayer for the victims of this senseless act tonight before going to bed. And thanks God for keeping you and your families intact. God bless all the victims and their families and give them strength through this trying time

      58. Preppers and Patriots, my take is that this is not a false-flag. It was a real terrorist event by some group. I believe they will get to the bottom of this. Thus, we should stand behind the investigative team.

        My Heart and Thoughts do go out to the 8 year old boy, as well as the others.

        Trust me, as a marathoner myself, we are a harmless bunch. This was done for world-wide attention and they got it.

        As Preppers and Patriots, we want ‘All’ Americans to be ready. That is why we have websites like this and we talk to our neighbors.

        I also want to say I was happy to see all the civilians and spectators rushing to help the wounded. That gave me some hope about us. Don’t we want to help others?

        Anyway, my thoughts and prayers are with the Bostonians. Keep prepping everyone, and tell others before its too late.

        • Ugly: Excellent comment!
          My concern is the Obvious attack
          on Patriot,constitution,gun lovin,
          MOLON LABE, NOMI
          -it seems Someone is trying to Goad
          ‘those sorts’ into firing the 1st shot.
          Fiendstein&Friends are all over this. Jeez

          BTW, W.H. finally confirmed this an
          Act of TERROR- 10:05p.m. My time…

      59. RIO
        We must accept that it could be home grown. The questions that I have is the placement of the device within a container and located in front of a glass front building. I do not know where the other device was located and if it was contained. Indications are, this guy was a novice. If the garbage can was one that was of quality construction and the placement of the can in front of a window front. I would suspect the charge was mostly blown upward and inward thru the glass instead of outward. If not solid on the bottom of the can the blast could have some direction downward. Yes it was a devastating explosion but could have been worse. I did see the flash at the bottom against the sidewalk.
        He did not maximise the effect.

        Please people this is very sad all I am trying to do is jump ahead of what the FBI comes out with on TV with some possible explanations.

      60. I think the main thing that everyone fails to realize is that WE ARE AT WAR! There have been thousands of deaths on both sides since 9/11 and the day we invaded Iraq. We as Americans have become pacified with War since the actual fighting is never on American soil. There have been thousands of innocent people that have been killed from the result of the war on their land. Sometimes, just sometimes the War shows up at our doorsteps and interrupts the freedom that each of us enjoys every day.

        We should show a little respect for the country that we are in at this moment and not take for granted that if we were in other parts of the world, this would have been an everyday accordance. We also wouldn’t have the ability to think outside of the box as we do so frequently and eloquently, sometimes for the good and sometimes for the bad. I think it’s easy for us to play the armchair politician and say what we would do and what we wouldn’t do. The problem is that America is a melting pot of different cultures, religions, sexual preferences, and, etc. etc., so it would be impossible to appease everyone.

        America’s not kicking all the foreigners out. Taxes will not go away. The deficit will never be paid. I’m just being a pragmatist here. The only people who will survive will be the ones who can adapt with society as it develops and evolves. Teach your kids both sides of the fence. Otherwise, it just may be one of you and your decedents who will get phased out in the next 75 years when all of us on this board are long gone. Just something to think about…..

        I would like to also give my condolences to the victims and families of those affected by this terrible tragedy.

      61. Interesting to note. We can see from this tragedy what it looks like for paramedics and police to do what their job is. It’s a lot of hussel and communicating. Unlike that sandy hook thing where nothing was really going on except for standing around.
        Not sure if this is a false flag or not. Seems legit but then again one never knows until more facts or infarcts come forth. It sure did look like a road side bomb in israel or Iraq. I feel for those people that went though this today. I just hope that the person that did it is not identified as a “prepper.” To me, that would scream false flag.

      62. The govt has an open page on which to fill in the facts as they deem best at this point. They can say it is anyone or group that best fits their needs. I can’t wait to get the official story in the coming weeks. Remember, they can cover up, say as little or as much as they want at any time (Fast and Furious/Benghazi). Nice to know we are powerless. Greatest condolences to the innocents that were harmed or killed on site.

      63. I don’t want to come off as a smart a$$, but if the reports are true that there were bomb sniffing dogs already right there at the finish line (where the bombs were) then someone seriously needs to send them back to bomb sniffing school.

        Which actually brings up another question- I have seen cops and military with bomb sniffing dogs in action before (especially at large events like New Year’s eve in Times Square or at airports) and everytime I’ve seen them doing their standard searches during these events they usually always have the dogs check things like trashcans (trashcans being an easy place to discreetly stash a bomb). So if the bombs were placed in trashcans like they’re saying and if they had bomb sniffing dogs on patrol around that location anyway then how did something like this slip through the cracks so easily???

        • Good observations, allow me to add a bit, if I may.

          One of the charges that went off left a very visible scorch mark on the sidewalk approx. 18-24″ from the brick wall and towards one end of the large 2 pane window on the Lens Crafters store. If you look into the office opening you will see a small ‘reception/fitting desk table still intact. There is a large amount of now powdered glass outside on the sidewalk and you can even see the circular push pattern where glass was swept by the resulting shockwave. Based on the scorch mark on that sidewalk whatever charge went off was in a bag, box or other container and in plain sight just prior to the blast. If an appropriate sized container (think 5 gallon bucket) was left un-attended for more than 5 minutes, someone would have seen it and either checked it out or alerted one of the many police on scene prior to the blast.

          With regards to the timing and number of blasts you are also correct: The first charge (the finish line)was a (forgive the expression) ‘cattle drive’. This is based on the approx. 3-4 second delay between the first blast and second. After the first blast people immediately start running the only way they can- away from the first blast and towards the second, this further concentrates running, scared people towards the second and third charges. This was no amateur bad guy or guys- they knew what they were doing.
          Read my other comment further down, this was almost certainly a ‘Black Op’. All we need now if for the Buccifer hacker to get some incriminating emails from the perps of this.

      64. Consider there were three devices. Two within line of sight. The other further away. Three things. He could not get thru to the third device by cell phone. Or there is a second person involved. Maybe three. There were not many people crossing the finish line and so he had to guess the max amount of people at three places. Also. the 10 sec. gap. I would guess he was there for two and the third was a kicker to add more fear. Timing was crucial and it is not present in his action.

        • Timers are varied. This is likely a phone activated device but could be either a timer or motion device. One bomb is picked up and the resulting blast caused the second to blow. The third could have been too far away.
          I work in sales and recently sold 2k units of heavy metal storage units to eight buyers. The units were delivered to Roundup Montana, Shelby Montana, Glasgow Montana, Harvey ND, Casper WY, Rock springs Wy, the Williston basin ND area, and buffalo wy. They were shipped by moving vans and we ordered to arrive in the early am to sites outside of towns.
          The only use would be for bunkers or to protect items from blast damage.
          The buyers all paid prior to delivery and I could not contact them after the purchase. The buyers bought exactly 250 each and all paid with one time cashiers checks.
          I have never sold more than 25 at a time and this is beyond odd. Ideas anyone?

          • Yes, one idea is to contact the FBI with it, if you think someone is up to no good.

      65. Very tragic. I hope they catch the son-of-A-B who did this.

      66. Firstly- What a HORRIBLE world we have to live in! There is apparently no end that evil will not go to to achieve whatever sick twisted purpose they have.

        While Braveheart (and others) have already stated the obvious, this was not exactly a false flag, but more of a ‘Black Op’. Why? The type of explosions (based on my professional opinion) were Low-Order, meaning probably no RDX, Centex or C-4 were used. The fireball and smoke clouds were the trademark of a 12-18 lb. charge of TNT flake or Blackpowder. As many of you are probably aware, those in the blasting profession have access to a number of explosives, det cord and propellants and black powder for reloading *was* highly available until the recent ammo shortages. Al-CIAda and the like typically use suicide bombers and car bombs, this does *not* look like their signature at all. My colleagues and I have archived and reviewed all of the pictures and footage shown today, and this thing reeks of Black Op.

        I can almost guarantee that after other so-called experts look at the other 2 bombs recovered and chemical tests are run, this will be blamed on Patriots, Tea Party or other ‘extremist’ groups. The take away from all of this? The sheep are now running scared again, and DHS gets their trimmed budget back (to keep you safe) and gunpowder and reloading components are about to disappear forever. Mark my words.

        Regarding video footage reviewed, take a close look at the spacing of the 3 BPD officers located at the finish line on the side of the 1st blast. You will see that the charge that goes off was smaller than number 2 blast and was centered almost right between them. This charge also does not look like a frag charge like the others; People were knocked down but no shrapnel or frags were projected outwards into the street. (I could be wrong so do your own video review) One older runner falls but the 4 other event personnel with the hi-vis yellow green vests (and runners)were not knocked down. The banners hung over the barriers took the brunt of the ground blast shockwave but it does not look like any large projectiles exited through (just some quick observations). Keep your powder dry… and hidden. You know the rest.

        • Soc.

          Thanks. We need to pull this apart. I agree the explosion was low grade. I am no explosive expert by I have seen enough UTUBE of various explosives in use to say, something is not right.

        • Say Soc.

          Is my line of thought any good?

          • -Too hard to tell for sure at this point, but initial review by my team says something is def rotten here.

        • Totally agreed Socrates…

          I told the wife these explosions weren’t very large, a hand grenade or so… probably the kind of small IED that is easy to hide…

          Also cannot comprehend how they could have bomb sniffing dogs in the proximity, and the dogs remained calm?

          I also agree, powder and components about to go bye bye.

          Luckily, BP is easy to homebrew… primers not so much.

      67. Would you not think it would be hard for one person to pull this off? Terrorist have been know to explode the first device and the second when responder arrive, BUT THREE?????????????? Does not fit the mold or we are in for a hellish future.

      68. For all those that claim a false flag there may be a ray of hope. If those who have done this come clean and expose a Gov Plot to Kill Americans to further a NWO agenda. Fat chance of that I would think.

      69. Expect small terrorist attacks to be a constant. Domestic and international terrorist turner diary followers. There is nothing we can do to protect ourselves from lone wolf or small cells. Avoid all crowds and live life right. Dense population equals death. Stay out of cities and events of any sort.

      70. I think there will be an ongoing situation just like in the mid east. There’s many groups that are unhappy. This could have been anybody. Did you notice the guy who’s leg was blown off. Here’s a tip.. In most jackets….you have some type of draw string. In your pocket…if you are a real have a small utuility knife or key knife.
        In my parka I keep one of those clot packets for deep wounds to stop blood flow.
        So you’ll cut the string out of your parka or jacket and do a Tourniquet.

        I think times are getting bad…
        I recommend that the preppers on this site speak more of first aid.

        Mac. Can we get story on emergency first aid…. and all the preppers can post links to credible sites?

        What to do in case of gunshot would, lacerations.

        I have a medical bugout bag. It has radiation pills, a med surge kit, sutors and even a book on how to do field surgery. Don’t forget a flask of 100 proof for pain.

        I hope to see this site get a bit more practical and have the folks stop picking on each other.

        We all need to band together and put a positive spin on todays bad event.

        Use this as situational training….so if this went down…what would all you do?

        This site give me hope.
        I know there are many kind and decent people all over the world.
        Don’t let the actions of a few spread hate to any groups.

        Also… when you prep…
        Do you have humanitarian packets ready?
        I have packs made up.. Basics…band aids, some mres, rice, beans, candles, matches and so on.

        If you follow Christian values…you prep for your family and also do a bit for your neighbors. You don’t have to tell them… just be there for them.

        In 2003 in Buffalo, NY we had a storm that killed the power for 5 days.
        I was ready for all my neighbors.


        You get wisdom, peace and knowledge from reading the bible.

        Seek goodness and your life will be rich and filled with love.

        Good luck.

      71. The news comes on and states that the explosion was more to instill fear than to kill. WTF. If a terrorist is going thru all that trouble wouldn’t you think he would want to kill as many as he could? Or does that mean he has a conscience and that is not part of being a terrorist.

        Beware of dis-information.

        • Fear of injury is often worse than the injury itself. As long as its dramatic, public, and results in injuries or deaths the job is done. Killing as many as possible is not the main objective. Instilling fear is far more effective.

          • Sickos are harder to catch, like the unibomber. A whole other ball game.

      72. @mac salvo

        pls fix the red thumbs .

        it’s obvious the ZOG FEDGOV is using a ZOG SPLC AIPAC botnet network to multiple red thumb down posts here @shtfplan .




        • Ah, Mr. Winkie.

          Or is that Eisen? Help me out here, Bro. Cut it down to some good intel and at least help get a picture we can compare to before the Bullshit is unleashed.
          What do you say?

          • Slingshot-That would be NinaO,aka SHTFplans’s
            Beloved Redhead Bastard Step-child. 🙂

            • Yeah. I’m a little slow tonight and with all the name changes I have my mistakes. I’m not 100%

              • slingshot- look for words like “NWO ZOG”,
                lots of links, “;OP”, shit like that…
                He’s alright, just Misunderstood, y’know?

                • TTC

                  At least you know where he stands.

        • Seriously, breeder boy, knock it off; we camp straights are the good guys. And AIPAC wants you to know they don’t appreciate your attempts to associate them with hate groups like the feds and the SPLC.

      73. Damn. That’s not Eisen!

      74. So who is this person or persons?

      75. “The CIA owns everyone of any significance in the major media.”
        – William Colby, former CIA director

        “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”
        – William Casey, CIA Director (from first staff meeting, 1981)

        “Deception is a state of mind and the mind of the State.”
        – James Angleton, head of CIA counter intelligence from 1954-1974

        “I never would have agreed to the formulation of the Central Intelligence Agency back in forty-seven, if I had known it would become the American Gestapo.”
        – Harry S. Truman

        “The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.”
        – J. Edgar Hoover, ex-FBI director on the New World Order conspiracy

        “If the American people knew what we have done, they would string us up from the lamp posts.”
        – George H. W. Bush

        ” I will splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it into the winds.”
        – John F. Kennedy

        “Fifty men have run America, and that’s a high figure.”
        – Joseph Kennedy, father of JFK, in the July 26th, l936 issue of The New York Times

        “There is no such thing, at this date of the world’s history, in America, as an independent press. You know it and I know it. There is not one of you who dares to write your honest opinions, and if you did, you know beforehand that it would never appear in print. I am paid weekly for keeping my honest opinion out of the paper I am connected with. Others of you are paid similar weekly salaries for similar things, and any of you who would be so foolish as to write honest opinions would be out on the streets looking for another job. If I allowed my honest opinions to appear in one issue of my paper, before twenty-four hours my occupation would be gone. The business of the journalists is to destroy the truth; to lie outright; to pervert; to vilify; to fawn at the feet of mammon, and to sell his country and his race for his daily bread. You know it and I know it, and what folly is this toasting an independent press? We are the tools and vassals of rich men behind the scenes. We are the jumping jacks, they pull the strings and we dance. Our talents, our possibilities, and our lives are all the property of other men. We are intellectual prostitutes.”
        – John Swinton, former New York Times Chief of Staff

        • Use the internet while we can! At least put it out there.

      76. “I spent 33 years and four months in active military service and during that period I spent most of my time as a high class muscle man for Big Business, for Wall Street and the bankers. In short, I was a racketeer, a gangster for capitalism. I helped make Mexico and especially Tampico safe for American oil interests in 1914. I helped make Haiti and Cuba a decent place for the National City Bank boys to collect revenues in. I helped in the raping of half a dozen Central American republics for the benefit of Wall Street. I helped purify Nicaragua for the International Banking House of Brown Brothers in 1902-1912. I brought light to the Dominican Republic for the American sugar interests in 1916. I helped make Honduras right for the American fruit companies in 1903. In China in 1927 I helped see to it that Standard Oil went on its way unmolested. Looking back on it, I might have given Al Capone a few hints. The best he could do was to operate his racket in three districts. I operated on three continents.”
        ― Smedley D. Butler, War is a Racket: The Antiwar Classic by America’s Most Decorated Soldier

        • Hey, look! I got this shit from a book! And it’s a classic! Therefore, it must be true!

      77. And so begins our downfall & enslavement? Or a new ” war on terror”, this time domestic?
        Standing ready in Daytona

      78. So excluding the fact as to who has the most to gain. Which group would do it?
        Black Panthers.
        Ayran Nation.
        Tea Party.
        Some Islamic Mosque.

        • Mosad…….

      79. CIA DHS


          • Damn .02 based on the red thumbs I’d say you were steppin’ on somebody’s toes! Some people just don’t get it.

      80. The Israeli newspaper Ma’ariv on Wednesday reported that Likud leader Benjamin Netanyahu told an audience at Bar Ilan university that the September 11, 2001 terror attacks had been beneficial for Israel.

        “We are benefiting from one thing, and that is the attack on the Twin Towers and Pentagon, and the American struggle in Iraq,” Ma’ariv quoted the former prime minister as saying. He reportedly added that these events “swung American public opinion in our favor.”


        By way of deception tho shall do war.

        • Post hoc, ergo propter hoc! Using vertical lettering and an unattributed quote in this post to blame the Mossad can only mean one thing:




          • They don’t like being criticized… you just saw.

      81. In conclusion.
        One of them is going to be white.
        He is going to have ties with some organization that knows how to make bombs.
        He will be between 20 to 30 years old.
        Has a beef with the government.
        He is a Blue Collar worker.
        Has minor run ins with the law.
        Was on medication and stopped.
        No Job and is in debt.
        Might be terminal sickness or highly depressed.

        • Just to add.

          He will have NO GUNS!

      82. its funny how that congress was talking about the new gun laws they where to vote on today not to include the health care that was on the floor. go figure this happened at the same time they voted.

      83. Wow, how silly of me, I thought this was just another case of “work place violence”…. Silly me.

      84. Everyone is making comments about guns are not the only thing that kill people which is true. But the sad part is this attack was probaly made by a US citizen trying to make the same point so they can get on tv and say I didnt need a gun to kill people. And in the process kill and hurt many other people.

      85. Time to BAN all BOMBS!

        WAIT! There was a STABBING last week.

        Time to BAN all KNIVES!

        We have taken the 10 Commandments out of our Court Houses.

        We have taken the Bible out of our schools, and put condoms in.

        You reap what you sow!

        • I’m pretty sure that “bomb free zone” signs around the finish line would have prevented this incident

      86. Nice 7.8 in Iran. According to news sources, it’s not close to their nuclear sites… One less thing to worry about this morning.

        • You don’t need to know; I think i would be far more worried about the Oklahoma, and Old Faithful earthquakes this morning? Better be ready to move folks!!


          • I saw that when I went back and actually looked at the smaller ones. Seems like the ones along the madrid fault are getting bigger. I’m pretty sure BI says that’s not a good thing.

      87. You have to wonder if this is a false flag. We’ll know if it’s blamed on the Tea Party or Evangelical Christians or gun owners. It can’t be a false flag if they don’t exploit it for political purposes like they did Sandy Hook.

      88. Remember that line from Red Dawn, when the bodies of some of the commies (killed by the Wolverines) were brought in on a truck? I think it was Ron Oneal playing the Cuban Colonel, who said, “But, these are MY MEN!)
        He was pissed! More than that, he was indignant. And rightly so. Regardless of who was right or wrong in the war, it was HIS MEN! He should have been pissed.
        Apply that same line of thinking to the killed and wounded in Boston. Or the soldiers in Afghanistan or Iraq…or where ever.
        Yes, we should all be angry at the elitist scum who engineer wars for profit. Who invade sovereign nations for political or monetary gain. And who manufacture deadly false flag events in their own countries. We should never lose sight of the fact that THEY are the greater enemy. But…….
        We still have every right to be horrified by the bombing in Boston. To be outraged! And to be PISSED! Regardless of what our personal beliefs are on politics, religion, or anything else. These were our fellow Americans. Our friends and relatives. These were OUR MEN!

      89. That 7.8 earthquake is a direct result of the African plate moving. I knew a very big earthquake was coming as the many comments show, but I admit it I did not get the right location on this one. Mexico to Chile is definitely still on target and needs to be watched for another quake here. There really is more energy focused right now towards Central and South America, yet you have near a 8 on the Arabian plate boundary. Not good, not good.

        • BI- heard on the radio that we had a 5.0 or so quake in Okla last night/early this morning. They were even having some 3+ aftershocks as I drove through OKC. You’ve probably answered this before, but I don’t remember. Are the faults in Okla linked in any way to the New Madrid? Or influenced by it’s movements?
          Thanks BI. 🙂

          • @ SmokinOkie. Some the Oklahoma quakes are a result of gas fracking, others though are not. A kind of way of looking at the New Madrid is the way the San Andreas and the branches of it in Nevada is a good comparison to the branches of the New Madrid spreading into the states west of it. Remember there is still the earthquakes on the Mid Atlantic Ridge that directly aimed at the New Madrid. The African plate and the Arabian plate that lead to the 7.8 in Iran have done nothing to relieve any pressure down in Central America and South America. If anything the increased pressure on the Austrailian and Pacific plate could actually increase the pressure on the Cocos and Nazca plates. Something quite big is still coming in this hempishere.

      90. You are so Right Smokin! Im thinking its time that the fire we all have inside is let out !!!

      91. Maybe we should look at convicted terrorist bomb-maker Bill Ayers, Bernadine Doehrn and that black muslim guy named Barry they palled around with at Columbia University.

        The FBI determined that this guy Barry’s associates, in whose home he launched his political career, were the masterminds behind the 1970’s Weather Underground terrorist attacks dedicated to overthrowing the government of the United States and ushering in a marxist-socialist-communist revolution.

        Ayers and Doerhn were involved in manufacturing and detonating shrapnel-laden bombs and injuring many people.

        In 1970, Ayers explained what the Weather Underground was all about: “Kill all the rich people. Break up their cars and apartments. Bring the revolution home, kill your parents, that’s where it’s really at.”

        In a 2001 interview with The New York Times Ayers is quoted as saying, “I don’t regret setting bombs. I feel we didn’t do enough.”

        From Time Magazine:

        “Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, best known recently as friends of Barack Obama, disappeared in 1969 after two of their colleagues in the Weather Underground died while building a bomb. Ayers and Dohrn spent 11 years setting off bombs and putting out statements threatening violent revolution. They promised to kill innocent Americans and praised the lunatic murderer Charles Manson. In 1981 two policemen and a security guard were killed in the botched holdup of a Brinks truck. Fake IDs used to rent getaway cars in an earlier robbery had been traced to a store where Dohrn worked. A grand jury wanted her testimony. She refused. Said she didn’t believe in grand juries. Spent seven months in jail, and then the matter was dropped. Other charges against Ayers and Dohrn were dropped because the evidence was tainted by the Nixon Administration’s illegal wiretaps. Ayers put it well: “Guilty as hell, and free as a bird. It’s a great country.”

        Years later, Ayers threw a fund-raising party for Obama. They sat together on the board of a community group. Is this association between Obama and these dangerous radicals a scandal? Or is the scandal digging up all this ancient history? Those have been the options in the debate. But the truth is a third option: Ayers and Dohrn are despicable, and yet making an issue of Obama’s relationship with them is absurd.

        In America we believe in redemption and even self-reinvention. And we don’t usually require stagy Stalinesque recantations. But Dohrn and Ayers test the limits of that generosity. They remain spectacularly unrepentant, self-indulgent, unreflective–still bloated with a sense of entitlement, still smug with certainty. They are dead to irony. Dohrn declared her contempt for the judicial system but wanted into the bar association. The two of them encourage young people to “be outraged.”

      92. operation gladio americana-style

      93. I’m not expert on these matters but it seems to me we are seeing a series of attacks that have a message behind them. Looking at the controversal attacks as a whole since the fort hood shooting the pattern I see is disturbing when placed on context of foriegn policy. If another country is trying to bully the USA into attacking a country that we do not, or cannot attack, you do terror attacks such as these shooting and the bombings for you do not want to take out the military…You want to use that military as your own. Look at the messages:

        Fort Hood: we can get you in your own securd bases. Your military is defensless.

        Batman shooter: We can get you in any theater (military term for war operations)

        Sandy Hook: Your children are not safe no matter how hard to try. We can get you in any school…even locked.

        Temple shooting: We can get you in any place of whorship. Any temple, even the WH.

        Boston Bombing: This was a marathon. A run. A bomb run. A bomb run is a military term. At the finish line…”finish the bomb run.” Someone is sending a bloody message to someone and unfortunatly we are being used as pen and paper.

        am I the only one who noticed these themes?

        • rachel..yes, infiltrate every avenue of the normal ‘American’ life??

        • You forgot to say these are all GOvernment Operations

      94. Mornin’ All,

        The markets are taking a long deep brerat this morning. The metals compex is stabilzing, with Auu pusged up to about the mid-1370’s. Oil has actually dropped fractionally, both WTI and Brent. Additionally, hte bif three, the DOW, NASSDAQ and S&P atr up marginally as well.

        In short, Monday’s action appears to have been another move by the CB’s to ‘scalp’ the weak hands…it’ll be interesting ot see what has transpired by the Friday close.


      95. And to think, just the other day we were worried
        About out of date bottled water…..
        It’s a tribulation people, it’s just going to get
        Worse on all fronts. Bug out now, calmly, but
        Get goin’ if that was your plan.

        Keep preppin’

        • Howdy tCM,

          Yep, yep yep and Yep…in that order.

          Gee, I NOTICE that I’ve apparently drifted into a variant of ‘Cyrillic’ above…I suppose I’m going to have to start getting more than 2-1/2 hours sleep a night in the future… 😉


      96. Fort Hood and Batman shooters = mkultra
        Sandy Hook-If it even happened at all=total inside job CIA Moosad
        OK City, Waco, Ruby Ridge=all the same players..
        Look at patterns people..

        And to those that down arrowed me about the Israeli connections to terror on our soil, maybe you are thinking that the current Israel is the Biblical Israel. The bible speaks of those who say they are Jews and are not, and if you do the research you will find a tribe from Asia/Russia fit that description and are the ones calling the shots in Israel. But is it really any big surprise we are getting more and more violent as it is foretold long ago this is going to happen, and the fat lady is just getting warmed up. So, at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter who is really the perps in this last attack, because it will be spun for the most benefit for the rulers = Problem Reaction Solution. The truth will be discarded for crisis management, aka not letting a good crisis go to waste.

        • Come on .02 You know what happens to people when you present evidence and facts that refutes their preconceived notions of the world and their place in it. They get angry…hurl insults and give out the dreaded red thumb.

        • But you’re right!

          • My brain has fallen out of my head!

      97. National Guard to aid Boston! A good thing or a bad thing, that is not my point here and I misplaced my tin foiled hat today, so this is just an observation only.

        On many sites Saturday it was announced that the DoD justified thru the Constitution deploying the military to assist Local L.E agencies at they’re request if needed.

        Again this is just an observation on the timing of this announcement. I am not suggesting a conspiracy theory here, God knows that we can trust this Adm. and our Government to protect The People’s Constitution and B.O.R’s, (sarcasm).

      98. RUMINT suggests of a suspicious individual pinged atop of a building at the scene of the first explosion (potential FO/button man). Anyone confirm?


      99. As a long time reader…I like this site i truly do…As a “pepper” myself I see useful information in its content most of the time…I believe we all should prep…For the reason of ones choice (pick any)I think its a wise and responsible lifestyle to invoke…I choose to restrict my comments and memberships to most sites because I am still a very much active person and have not yet retired…Take it for what you will but this is my insight…

        This is a tragic event…Precious lives were lost and changed forever, that includes ours as we sit on the sidelines and watch…It is also a real event…This is not a play, these are not actors… Sometimes I pick up the notion that when some use the term “false flag” the tendency to disregard those whose lives were affected and changed forever…Does it matter?…Regardless who caused it?…Does it matter?…Does it change the pain, suffering,or fear?…

        False Flag…International… Domestic…It is all the same and ends with the same result and causalities and victims…The base line is an evil person (regardless of who) scattering his vile forth…And all of us, all of us are potentially in its path…We must remain strong, aware, and ready to react to protect ourselves and our loved ones..prepping should be our lifestyle…Not our platform…

        Reading a lot of the Comments I can pick a few trends and have no problem calling them out…Most seem or at least claim to have a Mil background…Yet they are set against someone like myself…I call BS…If you are or were in the Mil I am your brother and you should be mine…Right by my side…The reaction to Feds shows me that you are either full of it or have lost your way…I am you…You are me…I got here believing and following the same path you did…I might be in a cement building but I didn’t get hired off a college application…I walked the same road as most of you did…And you know it…So to attack me or my function in life is to attack yourself…That is why I believe this site consists of mostly armchair quarterbacks than linemen… I took a vow, under oath, true to my god that I would serve and protect you, and defend the laws and Constitution that this nation was founded under…Regardless what you think of me, or my employers If I can get to you I will always hold out my hand so you can climb up my arm…That’s what I do…That’s what I will always do…

        But this site’s regulars loose credibility as the days post on with me because what I read is spastic theory, hate for those who would be there to help you, and hyped reactionary dismay and doom beyond any reality of a sealed room with a oval table…Way, way off the path of reality…

        If you want to make it better, prepare for the future, and be a responsible functioning person with a mind of your own…Stop joining band wagons and buying snake oil…Even in bulk its pretty useless stuff…Use your mind to cipher the world…Use your eyes to see it for yourself…Get out of your hamster ball, push away from your card table command center and go see for yourself…It is real, what some of you call false flags is real life events…Maybe it makes you feel better to name tag them but they are real and deadly nonetheless…Fine a community such as this one at SHTF to come together, learn from each other etc…Not stand of the corner and sell horse hair tampons to each other…And then tell each other how the other has made them wrong and that they are better made from cat hair…etc…And you all know and read what I am talking about…

        Most of all don’t be the first one to jump…Pounce…and rip apart a story when you have no more of a clue about it than the people involved themselves…That’s just stupid…and its shows…It reduces your credibility and that of your community…

        For the record a few posts above…Terrorism could care less if it kills…Its goal is to insight, and embed terror and fear… Body counts are beside the point…Anyone who tells you different is flipping hamburgers for a living…

        Also for the record…A govt…Regardless of your personal liking has no need for rear among its people…Its not helpful in any partisan decision as some of you seem to think…across the world?..Ill give you that one…but in its own backyard and among its own people?…Not a profitable chance in hell…You can disrespect it and spekk (sp) it wrong…But there is still an America and that is the land and the people that i proudly and to the best of my ability serve…

        The majority of comments I have read today on this site have been distasteful, unworthy of print, and full of jump first ask later hate…It is your right as an American by this site for you to do so…It is also my right to say that most of you should be ashamed of yourselves…And anyone who takes these BS’ers serious should have an evaluation of sorts…Both personally and clinically…


        • Go f*ck yourself, propagandist government parasite.

        • Right on, Fedguy, thanks.

      100. I must have missed it, I have not seen any attacks against you. I have noticed attacks to some progressive thinkers from time to time.

        Thank you for taking the Oath as I have, for that I am your brother as you are mine. The only thing that would break that bond, which even as strangers we have, would before one of us not honoring the to protect & defend the Constitution, our Oath.

        After reading many of the comments, including my own, I would suggest there is allot of distrust with the Gov. and this is just another place where like minded vent together.

        I to enjoy the prep portion of this site, and on occasion if there are articles or comments I don’t like, I just ignore them.

        Personally I’ve seldom seen or what I would call an over abundant of Tinfoil-ism, at least compared to many other sites.

        What is almost as distasteful as a socialist is a Troll, if you are being attacked on this site maybe because of your handle, you might be stereo typed, just a thought. Again I don’t recall seeing many of your past comments.

        • Thank you!

      101. @ Fed Guy you say you took an oath I also took that oath to protect my country and the constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic but it seems to me that the evidence is starting to point in the direction that the current federal goverment has no intrest in the constitution but instead cercumventing it for there own gain and that goes against the oath they took so the way I see it thats makes them domestic enemies.

        • God bless you!

      102. The founding fathers were once considered terroists by an opressive government………

      103. what is a zog?

      104. A Zog is a distasteful little centipede, living in the cranium of some who wear tinfoil lined hats. It destroys the capacity for rational thought.

      105. Just saw Obama dancing at some musical party on tv (9pm Tues) was that live? Just like talking heads, frown and tell the tragic tale and follow up with a smile and spring birdies. PS, if taxpayers fund shindigs like that, where can I get my tickets…and can I get a red carpet after it’s been used???

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