Born In Kenya: Fact or Fiction?

by | May 17, 2012 | Headline News | 243 comments

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    Considering the following appeared as a Acton & Dystel biography for President Barack Obama for over 15 years, perhaps it’s time an official investigation be opened into the President’s background. Constitutional law is clear on this matter, stating that only a natural born citizen can be President of the United States (meaning, arguably, that he or she must be born on U.S. soil). As such, it is well within the right of the people to demand that his birthplace be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt. He is, after all, the “most powerful man in the world” as acting U.S. President.

    Fact or fiction? (You really never know with Mr. Obama)

    Via Breitbart:

    Breitbart News has obtained a promotional booklet produced in 1991 by Barack Obama’s then-literary agency, Acton & Dystel, which touts Obama as “born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii.”

    The booklet, which was distributed to “business colleagues” in the publishing industry, includes a brief biography of Obama among the biographies of eighty-nine other authors represented by Acton & Dystel.

    It also promotes Obama’s anticipated first book, Journeys in Black and White–which Obama abandoned, later publishing Dreams from My Father instead.

    This biography was more than likely approved by President Obama himself; either that or he chose to never request a correction, suggesting there may very well be truth to it.

    The American people have been subjected to a massive expansion of the police and welfare state under his reign. At the very least we should know with 100% certainty whether the man signing the legislation and Executive Orders is, in fact, an American by birth.


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      1. Business International Corporation I believe was widely known as a CIA front type company

        • Obama’s lit agency used ‘born in Kenya’ bio until 2007

          Direct link below…

            • Obama’s social security number is from Connecticut?..but he ( nor either of his parents) ever lived there.

              Link below.

          • Obama’s Social Security Number (originated from Connecticut – only he never lived there) – flagged as “likely fraudulent”,

            Hmm…so can’t legally work at McDonald’s…but can be president of the USA! Unbelievable!

            Obama’s SSN Doesn’t Pass E-Verify Check

            • Say we found out he was born in Kenya, and he wasn’t natural born here? You want to know what he would do? Give us a big finger, that’s what. And what could we do? Spend millions trying to convict somebody for perpetrating the grandest fraud in US history. If it was found out, I don’t think nobody in the government would pursue investigating it. How could they recover from being duped so deeply? The loss of credibility alone would be embarrassing enough let alone being just plane STUPID!
              This is the first time I have ever seen a candidate questioned on this matter, there might be something to it. If it would be found to be true, it would be nice if they found out by the end of October 2012

            • “An intensive investigation has revealed the identity of the man whose Social Security number (SSN) is being used by President Obama: Jean Paul Ludwig, who was born in France in 1890, immigrated to the United States in 1924, and was assigned SSN 042-68-4425 (Obama’s current SSN) on or about March 1977.

              Ludwig lived most of his adult life in Connecticut. Because of that, his SSN begins with the digits 042, which are among only a select few reserved for Connecticut residents.

              Obama never lived or worked in that state! Therefore, there is no reason on earth for his SSN to start with the digits 042. None whatsoever!

              Now comes the best part! Ludwig spent the final months of his life in Hawaii, where he died.

              Conveniently, Obama’s grandmother, Madelyn Payne Dunham, worked part-time in the Probate Office in the Honolulu Hawaii Courthouse, and therefore had access to the SSNs of deceased individuals.

              The Social Security Administration was never informed of Ludwig’s death, and because he never received Social Security benefits there were no benefits to stop and therefore, no questions were ever raised.

              The suspicion, of course, is that Dunham, knowing her grandson was not a U.S. Citizen, either because he was born in Kenya or became a citizen of Indonesiaupon his adoption by Lolo Soetoro simply scoured the probate records until she found someone who died who was not receiving Social Security benefits, and selected Mr. Ludwigs Connecticut SSN for Obama.”


              Obama’s Social Security number goes to court
              Complaint in federal district seeks evidence of suspected fraud

            • Obama, nor anyone else “has” a Social security Number. They are all corp (SSA) property and can be used as it seed fit.

              That’s why I DO NOT use one. Only corp officers can use them, and you become the corps officer when you do.

              If Obama was a Lawful American eligible for President he would have to say he had no number.

            • I was born in California, and am roughly Obama’s age.

              We moved to Hawaii when I was 5, and our family went through the disintegration and descent into poverty that happened to so many in the “Starving Seventies”. Mom had to get food stamps and all that, and to do so, we needed SS numbers. Apparently at least some of us didn’t have birth certificates, but rather something called “hospital certificates”. We all got issued SS numbers typical of those issued to people born in Hawaii. I was about 13 at this time.

              I also, later, obtained a real gen-u-wyne US birth certificate, and it has the oddities Obama’s has, the “certificate of live birth” etc., oddness about it.

              The “hospital certificates” are/were probably not hard to fake. Plus, I believe a lot of the application process involved simply having relatives write letters saying “Yeah, this kid was born into our family”.

              Another oddity – when I joined the Army, they had me down as a naturalized citizen. Goddamnit, I was born here. But maybe that’s what you are when you only got your papers at age 13 or so.

              I’ve been skeptical of this Birther thing from the get-go. But now seeing this, I’m convinced that Obama is indeed a Kenyan. I don’t have anything against the guy, but apparently he’s the “slick willie” of paperwork.

          • Whoever that agent is I would be nervous about flying in small planes, driving alone at night or being hit by a bolt of rogue lightening.

            This is all laughable because the intelligence agencies would have vetted him when he ran for US Senate. The truth, the absolute truth is known whatever that may be. They gave Jessy Ventura the 3rd degree when he won his Governors election.

            • Not laughable, this is criminal. They did vet him and did know this. That just shows that he is their man and they put him in office to get a job done and they don’t care about the laws of this or any nation.
              But he should not be allowed to run again or have another term unles and until this is fully cleared up. Removing him from office would take years but the comming election is another situation. He should not be allowed to run again or be put on the ballot until this is cleared up. Each state should refuse to put him on the ballot in their state based on their own laws of proof and clarity.

            • c

              The powers doing this are above the Presidency. He was vetted prior to running for the Presidency and yet he was still in the campaign.

              “their man and they put him in office to get a job done and they don’t care about the laws of this or any nation.”

              Exactly and those powers own / control both horses in the two horse race.

          • I would say since he’s a fraud, he should pay back allthe money he has spent. Since he’s rich and all. That ought
            confuse the occupiers. Good luck Barry, even the powerful frauds go to prison or get hanged. At least they used too.

        • In a syndicated report, published Sunday, June 27, 2004, by the Kenyan Standard Times, and which was, as of this report, available at


          The AP reporter stated the following:

          Kenyan-born US Senate hopeful, Barrack Obama, appeared set to take over the Illinois Senate seat after his main rival, Jack Ryan, dropped out of the race on Friday night amid a furor over lurid sex club allegations.


          Direct link below…

        • correct you are..

          can you say..?

          Manchurian Candidate..


        • Yeah, the same CIA that also created Osama Bin Biden, er, I mean, Obama Bin Lyin, well, you get the idea. Manchurian candidate extraordinaire, probably cloned from 5,000 year old pharaoh DNA or some shit. Who knows, but it’s all irrelevant now. Especially since GHW Bush was probably George H. Scherff, Jr.

          We were usurped a long time ago. I am willing to bet more than half the presidents of the last century were manufactured to serve foreign interests. Once the banksters turned our country into a corporation, it was game over for the people.

          So, even if Obama bin Laden was born in Kenya, nothing will happen to him because he serves the corporate de facto government. The whole being “born on American soil” business only applies to the original de jure government. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Clueless as a monkey with a socket set? Do your homework and find out for yourselves.

          Go search Dun & Bradstreet for your state, local city, your Sheriff’s department and yes, “THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC.” and you will get a fast impression of what the hell is really going on here. IT’S A FUCKING CORPORATION STUPID!

          We all know the primary directive of a corporation, don’t we? Profit!!!!! You are the inventory, the commodity, the milk cow. You are a slave. You do not own your land, for if you did, you wouldn’t be paying fucking rent on it. Time to put the politics aside and wake the fuck up to the truth of this matrix of deceit. Got all that? Good. Get busy.

          The prophets of profit will prey on your prayer.

        • Look who else is confused about Obama birthplace

          “President Obama’s literary agent is not the only one who was confused over the politician’s birthplace.

          And the confusion didn’t begin when Obama began switched his nativity narrative from Kenya to Hawaii on the eve of his decision to run for president.

          U.S. officials have been dealing with this baffling question for over 45 years …”

          “The U.S. government is on record questioning Obama’s citizenship status as early as when he was 5 years old, stating it lacked documentation to determine his citizenship.”

          “The citizenship inquiry dated back to 1966, when Obama’s mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, was attempting to secure a waiver so her second husband, Indonesian citizen Lolo Soetoro, could return to the country after his visa had expired.”


      2. Ive been a reader for some time but never commented until now. My stand is simple, he is illegally in office anything he has signed is not binding and I Will Not Comply! I have had enough of this from these clowns in Washington. They put their pants on just like me and they are not gods, so I Will Not Comply.

        • I say, what difference does it make where he was born? His mother could have pooped him out on top of the White House on the Fourth of July with fireworks bursting overhead, it still wouldn’t take away from how much he hates this country and the freedom loving people who live here. Remember the phrase “no drama” Obama? What a crock…that pile of filth has ZERO empathy for the plight of middle class Middle America…he sees us all as pawns on his own private chessboard, and he sees our suffering as an excuse to try and become a dictator

        • If you use the corps numbers, you better comply. Hopefully you have joined us who have made the exit.

          If not, maybe you can say hey to DK on your way out. I am sure he will be there.

          • Made the exit? Where did you move too?

            Perhaps Barry was not the first president born outside the U.S. ?


            This isn’t the only story about “the elder” either. Do some research. You may not like what you find. Or…don’t believe any of it. Your choice. I know that it was personally confirmed to me by someone who worked in a high level government job. Of course, I have no way to prove that to any of you…but take it for what it is worth. Do some research.

            Things are not what they appear to be…

            • “””Made the exit? Where did you move too?”””

              I did not move anywhere. Natural Law applies everywhere for those Men who claim it for protection.

              Here are your choices for Law. You are probably unaware that you have a choice of law, but you do and only you can make the choice. Or you can let the government choose for you.

              God The Creator, is the source of all Law
              Gods Law (Natural Law) for Man derived from God
              Common Law derived by Man from Natural Law
              The Constitutions derived from the Common Law
              Constitutional Law derived from the Constitutions
              Statutory/Commercial Law made by the corp for its persons

              The choice is yours. You can assume your rightful place under Gods Law or you can go to the State and apply for privileges under statutory law and be stuck down there at the bottom where the bottom feeding corp hunts.

              But beware, ONLY a free Man has a choice. If you do not claim your freedom first, you will never get the choice.

            • “Things are not what they appear to be…”

              No and they never have been. No surprise there, so we can stop expecting them to be as they appear.

        • Sadly the Stupid Party led by loser John Boner will do nothing. They will not even comment on the things Wright is now revealing about Obama. They will not stir the pot either because they are afraid or simply are happy with the situation that gives them a seat at the table with the scraps being enough for them. This whole situation sucks.

          • The One World Government supporters of both parties just want big federal government and plenty of laws. Both parties are supporting this. There are a small minority of Congress who are not in this camp but in general it would have to be the people who do something. And with the media in the pocket of the OWG types there will be no media coverage of what the people try to do.
            If the people us the internet to organize and respond the feds will shut it down. That is why they have the new law to allow it.

      3. Seriously…give it a rest!

        • I’d be happy too…. but it’s just that there is this biography from his publisher from 1991….

          • I’m thinking this is leaked from the Obama camp. They love it. We’re not talking about the economy, and we’re making those who really think he’s from Africa look the fool.

            Early today they said the owner of the Cubs was going to fund a $10,000,000 campaign on Obama, Wright and Black Liberation Ideology – later they said Obama’s campy cried race, race, and the guy has backed off. I’m bummed – I never thought you could sit in a church for 20 years, get married by a guy, have a guy baptize your kids, and not know what he stands for. America should care.

            • Breitbart would not have been KILLED if this was a campaign joke! C’mon man… wise up. Big Government under Breitbart would have scoured every inch of this and NOT put it out there if it wasn’t verified.

            • Campaign on Obama or for Obama??

          • Obama sucks so bad as President that Kenya is now claiming that he was born in the US just to avoid any more negative publicity.

            • Beefcake – tell it like it is!

              Obama is one export Africa is more than happy to let the US have on the house! I’m sure if you ask nicely they’ll probably toss in Mugabe as part of a 2 for the price of 1 deal in true Walmart tradition.


              TBH it’s part of a wider thing. Obama’s election is not the first time the ptb have laughed at the electorate.

              Had the Republican & public will been there Bush could easily have got the alphabet agencies to expose Obama before he rose from nowhere to “change” things.

              The president was intended to be a natural born citizen so that his allegiances would always be first and foremost to the US and it’s people. We know this.

              The biggest question for me is why was Obama’s name ever allowed on the ballot paper if not by design? My guess is it’s yet another diversionary tactic to stop us looking too closely at the indivduals who yield the real power behind the scenes.

            • I don’t want him in my country either, since the US and Kenya don’t want him, i say he was now born in… Let me think… Afganistan let them deal with him

          • Mzc, NBC means more than born on US soil. It also means born of US citizen parents. Obama’s father was a Kenyan, at that point in time, a British subject. He could have been born in the USA, but his father not being an American citizen at the time of his birth means he native born, but not natural born

            • Blue…This is also the way I see it,although debatable to some.Thanks for pointing this out.

          • I’ll tell you what’s scary, it doesn’t matter, none of it. People still love their mulatto messiah, regardless of the elephant sitting on their head.

            (Opps, he’s BLACK, I forgot.)

            • Whatever happened to Slick Willy being the first black president?

            • Wasn’t it Al Sharpton that stood up and said he wasn’t black enough? But that’s OK, he’s said to be half white. I don’t much care for his white half either.

            • OK I’m gonna have a right old rant now.

              Obama isn’t the first president to have non-white blood by a long chalk. Start with Jackson. By my reckoning he’s number 8, if you include those with african and first nation ancestors. I laughed at the media exitement over the first “black president” and wondered what the hell happened to history lessons?

              Bush & that whole Florida election scandal – that was the Republicans openly mocking “democracy” – now the democrats have had a turn and the agenda has become more obvious everyone is suddenly upset? Pah! There SHOULD be anger that your constitution, designed explicitly to be democratic and FOR the people has been coopted by a crimina cabal.

              This anger is coming a little late in the game though as both left and right were infiltrated by the forces of evil a LONG time ago (possibly 1913?).

              There are many roles within the military and government that you are not allowed to take if you have a parent born outside your country. This is to avoid conflict of interest as despite all the efforts of the ptb over the last century people retain a helluva a lot of loyalty to their families and this matters in times of war etc. A natural born citizen will never have any problems seeing people of other nations as “the other” and doing what’s needed to defend a country.

              Most countries have the rule that those with parents born outside of the country shouldn’t be allowed access to certain items of national security, noone shouts about it but the rule is there. The US has it openly enshrined in law for the president to avoid confusion.

              I’ve always known because my father was born outside the UK I couldn’t do certain jobs relating to national security, my son can’t either as his Dad wasn’t born in the UK. It’s my dear wish that my son will learn to love his father’s nation, people and culture too. I bear the UK no resentment at all for this, as at the end of the day I couldn’t bear to be placed in a role that forced me to actively destroy my father’s people and homeland.

              I personally see the requirement for certain roles to be filled by natural born citizens (someone who is not only born on the soil of a nation, but whose parents are too) as an act of kindness and compassion towards individuals of mixed ancestry. It’s common sense if you think about it on the human, individual family scale. Noone shouts about it for fear of setting off the race baiters.

              If you have time do a little research on those who have held positions relating to high-level national security within the administrations of the last 5 presidents or so. You are looking for people with large levels of influence over national security. Think about what I said, and remember that those who seek power are often least qualified to wield it. I suspect that you’ll begin to get very, very, very angry as the veil lifts.

            • What really gets me are the dual citizens in our government, like our first director of homeland security.

          • hay Mac great article, funny this came out today after that e mail i sent ya last night with the articel I stumbled upon from the standard, thanx again for all your hard work (clapping hands and cheering)

          • There are also it seems AP stories from 2004 when BHO ran for the Senate where he admitted that he was not a natural born citizen…the links were on InfoWars

        • Oops….well, this is embarrassing for you, Ryan. Psst: you’re on the WRONG FORUM!!!!

          You have arrived at the SHTFPlan, but apparently you are looking for the People Who Hate the Constitution Plan!!!

        • What’s wrong with knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt? Either he is legitimate or he isn’t, but it is not clear which it is.

      4. we’ll never know whether he was born here or not…

        • I can think of no better reason to get him out of the White House. When there is doubt, throw him out!

          • Rumor has it that Biden is being tossed to Sec of State and Hillary will be the VP candidate. If so I would expect that Obama will be re elected. Should be fun to watch as Hillary will be the real president and Obama can play all the golf he wants.

            • Since the Democrats go last in the convention scams this is highly likely if Romney picks a VP that challenges for women’s vote – like Condi Rice or someone the liberals would have a hard time disparaging.

            • Biden waitng in the wings is the equivilent of putting a force field around Obama, no matter your political leaning.

        • I say, what difference does it make where he was born? His mother could have pooped him out on top of the White House on the Fourth of July with fireworks bursting overhead, it still wouldn’t take away from how much he hates this country and the freedom loving people who live here. Remember the phrase “no drama” Obama? What a crock…that pile of filth has ZERO empathy for the plight of middle class Middle America…he sees us all as pawns on his own private chessboard, and he sees our suffering as an excuse to try and become a dictator

          • It makes a big difference. If the people that really run the government can hold this over Obama then they control the presidency. Obama must do whatever they want or face being outed, losing his job, going to prison and going down in history as the worst constitutional disaster this country has ever faced. Obama works for them not us. This is not supposed to be how a representative democracy is supposed to work

      5. We the People have been duped since 1913.

        All of these little deceptions shall be remembered when the glove come off.

        Step up or get stepped on.

        Your either in, or in the way.

        • Thank God someone said it! Let’s all de-tangle from the left/right dichotomy. It doesn’t matter who is “President”, the lies have been perpetrated since…I would suggest at least Lincoln.

      6. Barry Sotoro or whatever his real name is has been nothing but a fraud since his inception

        • That maybe so, but the simple fact that he’s still in office, what does that tell you about your fellow American?

          The Shit Hit the Fan along time Ago! We’re drowning in it.

      7. His birth certificate is an obvious forgery. A number of experts in Adobe Photoshop have proved it. You can see Youtube clips showing that it was put together in layers.

        His birth certificate says he was born in Kenya when at that time it was British East Africa. The name of the hospital is wrong too. His father’s race is listed as African which is wrong. He would’ve been listed as black or colored. Here’s an interesting site:

        • Sheriff Joe in Arizona has proven it a forgery…where you guys been for the last 6 months…or better yet, the last 3 years??

      8. Natural born (according to Black’s Law dictionary) has two components both of which have to be true for the condition to be met.

        First, they have to be born in the territory in question.

        Second, both parents have to be citizens at the time of birth.

        While the first condition is in doubt wrt Obama, the second never has been.

        • If his “father” was really Obama, Sr. But, what if…
          Check this out!

          http : // www .wnd. com/2012/04/film-presidents-father-not-barack-obama/

        • The first condition is not in doubt.

          His grandmother said she witnessed his birth in Kenya. When he was senator, many newspapers in Kenya and South Africa said he was Kenyan-born. Those papers are still available online. There is a video of him addressing what appears to be college students, and he tells them he was not born in Hawaii, but in Kenya. Michelle said in a speech that he was born in Kenya.

          The birth certificate has been proven fake. His draft registration card has been proven fake. All legitimate evidence says he was born in Kenya, and none at all says otherwise. If there were any evidence proving his citizenship, it could have been presented at any time.

          Also, if he had been a citizen, he would have had to renounce it to become a citizen of Indonesia. And his mother had not been an American citizen long enough for that to count, because of her age when he was born.

          Therefore, he absolutely was born in Kenya and cannot claim natural born citizenship by any rule or law.

      9. “Firearms stand next in importance to the Constitution itself. They are the American people’s liberty teeth and keystone under independence … From the hour the Pilgrims landed, to the present day, events, occurrences, and tendencies prove that to insure peace, security and happiness, the rifle and pistol are equally indispensable . . . the very atmosphere of firearms everywhere restrains evil interference – they deserve a place of honor with all that is good”. President George Washington.

        Rev 2:27 And he shall rule them with a rod of iron.

        The Lord is Righteous.
        Standing by in Texas.

        • For more credibility, here’s the original story:

          http ://www. teaparty. org/article.php?id=461

        • I think I heard that JESUS told Peter to lay down his sword.
          Does JESUS have more authority than Washington?
          Wonder what caliber handgun JESUS would carry?

      10. I’m sure the founding fathers meant for people running for president to be not only born here but also raised here. Otherwise there’s a real danger of people having different loyalties than to our country. The constitution needs to be changed so that people running for president were not only born here but raised here as well.

        • The definition of a Natural Born Citizen is born in the USA and to parents who were born here as well. He does not qualify. Just watch, Marco Rubio does not qualify either!
          If he is Mitt Romney’s Vp, its fraud all over again. But by the republicans……this makes it ok for all as it will be normal then. I hate the fake Left/Right labels.
          Its all just a ride.

          Don’t fall for the “show”, Its all a stage and a fraud. Just to walk you down the path of your own destruction. Save the republic!

          • I agree. As much as I like Rubio, he should never be president due to this fact. The law is the law no matter which party the person belongs to.

          • Actually it is not necessary that your parents be born here, only that they are citizens PRIOR to your birth. Rubio is NOT eligible because his parents were naturalized SUBSEQUENT to his birth.

        • For starters off Obama was adopted by a Muslim. He would have had to become a Muslim for that to happen especially in Indonesia at that time. Additionally his father was a British subject and therefore he cannot meet the definition of a natural born citizen. He is a fraud but those entrusted with the law either do not care or are too scared to do anything. Seemingly the American people who will bear the cost of the damage done by this fraud do not care either about his illegality.

        • It scares me when people say they want a conctitutional convention. The only part subject to change is the part after “We the people”.

      11. Do not enter the path of the wicked,
        Do not walk with evil men.

        Avoid them and do not travel with them,
        Turn away from evil and pass on.

        For evil men do not sleep unless they have done evil.
        They eat the bread of wickedness, and drink the dark wine of deceit. Proverbs4:14-17

        (The New Preppers Bible)

      12. He was born in Mombasa, Kenya and raised in Indonesia. His legal name is Barry Soetoro. He won’t release his college records because he was a foreign exchange student. The truth is coming out. Don’t forget that he would frequent bath houses in Chicago. This will end up being the being fraud ever forced upon the American people.

        • I have to disagree with you Mike, regarding the biggest fraud forced upon the American people. First of all it’s far from being the biggest and second of all, it wasn’t “forced” it was fed, spoon FED, and the holier than thou, “hope and change” crowd, chugged it down like there was no tomorrow.

          It’s just that, in this case, it’s so blatantly obvious.

          Americans can be the most gullible, ignorant, zombiefied beings on the planet.

        • “Americans for Freedom of Information” released May 2, the transcript school indicates that Obama, under the name Barry Soetoro, received financial aid as a foreign student from Indonesia as an undergraduate.


          Direct link below…

      13. Mac,

        What you have posted, is important and more proof of what many believe. To give it a rest, is to stop inquiring and just accept what is untrue without further questioning. That is a defeatist attitude. I personally, have no doubt whatsoever that he was born in Kenya. This is simply more proof of the president’s deception and lies.

        • “Changes in the wording of Selective Service System record-keeping requirements, made days after the opening of an investigation into the alleged forgery of President Barack Obama’s selective service registration form, raise serious questions about U.S. Government intentions.”

          “The new rules allow existing copies of documents that may be sought by investigators to be destroyed.”


          Direct link below…

        • You better be more worried about his handlers. They have spent tens of millions to have the litigation regarding this thrown out tied up indefinitely.

      14. I wonder if this was the evidence Andrew Breibart was killed over?

        • Nope–many blogs have stated Breitbart had a video or tape of the fraud with the anti-American Ayers and it was really damaging; hence, the murder.

          • Breitbart was a fool to open his mouth about having something. I had a feeling that he would be dealt with before he could release what he had.

            • Breitbart should have just got on and revealed, not wasted time waffling about what he was going to reveal.

              Waiting for the juicy media paycheck to arrive gave ptb time to get to him.

              I posted a link to the number of people surrounding BP that have been bumped off the other day. In the UK we have the high profile deaths of Dr David Kelly, Alexander Litvinenko, & some say Princess Diana as examples of what happens to those who threaten to open their mouths but procrastinate in getting the evidence out there.

              It’s my belief that thousands of potential whistleblowers have “heart attacks” every year in every corner of the banksters empire.

              The moral of the story is that if you know something critical to the public interest, but potentially damaging to tpb, don’t mess about – get the info out there FAST, by whatever means necessary!

      15. It’s a shame that this country cannot even enforce laws in place, otherwise he would never be in office…

      16. Check out Obama’s selective service card and the cold case posse in AZ. We do need to know once and for all. All of us! Check out H.C.R 107, it is the impeachment bill for illegal wars declared by this president. It was written by Congressman Walter B. Jones Jr. All presidents since WWII have declared illegal wars and come back afterward to get approval from Congress. Call your congressman/woman and tell them to help H.C.R.107 get out of committee to the floor for a vote. The republic needs us now more than ever!

      17. I actually concur with Ryan when he said “give it a rest”. but probably on different grounds.
        I mean, we all know the prick is one huge failure and one continuous lie… let’s just drop the topic. since there is no doubt that Dr RP won’t be making home run in near future, let’s just concentrate on how to fight ’em…
        so, is there any news on those weapons that drowned in the lake?…

        • Guirza,

          I will never give in, never give up and never stop searching for the truth. When we accept things that are not true, or at the very least, veiled in doubt, then we are no better than the lie.

          • Well, you know what I meant. wink wink…
            btw, why you and OddQuestioner always misspell me moniker?

            • Sorry Giurza,

              No disrespect intended.

            • none taken mate!

        • Okay, Giurza, let’s do give it a rest…so, who’s the next illegal alien to run our country??? Ahmadinejad….or his son??

          • Jesus in Heavens! I have never seen people miss my point so completely. probably my bad English…
            I say again:
            we all know the prick [Obummer – for those who don’t follow the thought] is one huge failure and one continuous lie
            and after that I make a suggestion to drop the topic, because it is so well known, and further on I suggest to organize and to fight them [gooberment].
            read the entire message damn ya!

            • Giurza – you mean to stop nazel gazing & to get up and DO summat about the whole shebang as it’s rotten to the core?

            • hmmm… well, yes… you just put it more laconically Lonelonmum…

      18. It doesn’t matter where he was born-if Barack Obama was actually the father, he was a British citizen at birth(as he openly admitted durin the ’08 campaign)–and therefore cannot be a “natural born citizen”, that is born of US citizen parents–that is parents, plural, meaning both father amd mother must be US citizens, or be in the country before it became the United States, which would make them have to be nearly 300 years old.
        The Kenya or Hawaii or Vancouver issue is a red herring.

      19. Obama was born in the US but here’s the rub, his biological father is Malcolm X!

        • No… check out my link above…

      20. Well we know that the Marxist- Leninist thinking he follows is from foreign shores and he seems to be the darling of Europe. Lets send away just to make sure.
        There are far too many problems with this guy and the media is complicit is covering it up.

      21. This nation is so far gone, that I don’t think even if Barry Soetoro, or whatever his name is, admitted being a foreign born citizen, that anything would be done. This is one of the largest cover ups in american history, on par with the 9/11 false flag, fake bin Laden raid. Too many on both sides of the political aisle have invested far too much to see this exposed. God is giving this nation what it deserves. Exposing Obama would cause a constitutional crisis that would make watergate look like a picnic. It would then expose dozens of other lies. TPTB will ensure that we are thoroughly distracted. Got War?

      22. Since Bush and Obama are dragging us to hell, know the way there, and are related…I’d say he was born in hell, not Kenya.

      23. I knew this to be true from the research I did and read 4 years ago. I was yelled at, ridiculed & called names among other things……even from family. I hope to hell that sooner or later the truth comes out so I can say “I told ya so” with one heck of a smirk on my face.

        Even if he was born in Hawaii (which he wasn’t) he still is ineligible due to his father’s nationality.

        • I’m with BJ…I was part of a project a few weeks after the (s)election…our job was to alert by certified mail all our state electors of the fraud’s ineligibility.
          The project was unsuccessful to say the least.
          On our project forum, which was well organized and implemented, one person said her state elector actually talked to her like she was a traitor….go figure…and told her if she contacted her again by any means, she would have her arrested.
          This is the following that fraud had.
          Wonder what all those people think now?? Were they threatened??
          Because that makes me feel better about our nation if they were…the alternative, that they didn’t see through that deceitful veil is unpleasant to think about!!

      24. Really, whether Obummer was born in Kenya, or not is irrelavent. He is the NWO’s poster-child puppet shill, foisted on Americans in just one of a long line of fraudulent “elections”. He is an in-your-face example of the future.

        So what if everything he has signed is really null and void, and unConstituional? He is doing the bidding of his parasitic masters, nothing more. They have no intention sticking to the US Constituion, anyway.

        There is probably nothing, even the truth of his birthplace, that will unseat him from his postion, as long as his handlers choose to keep him there.

        Sheriff Joe Arpaio went into his investigation to disprove the “birthers”, and came back instead with something no-one wants hear. Now he is being hammered, invetagated, and slandered.

        Perhaps Obummer, like practically every “President” before him, for almost a century serves 2 purposes for his masters:

        1) He is a snub to people and an example that the parsites will promote and install who they choose, while allowing the “party-faithful” to actually believe they helped choose an actual leader.

        2) He is a measure of distance, or front-man, for the parasites, who will allow him to take credit for things that seem to go right. And someone who they can drop like a hot rock, if things go south on them, but keeping the focus away from the real perpatrators, instigators and traitors.

        Obummer is just another parasite’s puppet who is allowed to sign orders written by those who have your demise in mind. The only difference you can expect from Romney, or any other puppet-shill, is that thier birthplace will not be as subject to question.

        • Thank you!

          All this birther crap is missing the forest for the trees.

        • Just me!

          Thank you so much for articulating this so well.

          I cannot agree more with every word you’ve written.

      25. What about his Social Security SCAM??

        Please, check this out…

        http : //www .teaparty .org/article.php?id=461

      26. What bugs me is the dirt-bag Secret service. Surely they know.

        I guess with the recent prostitute scandal, all the patriotic honorable ones must have been replaced.

        • SS has no soul. and are not patriots of this country.

          if paid enough to look the other way, and have enough to spend on some S.A. Whores, they are set.

          Its guys like the one FBI guy that is running scared, that they “cant find” in order to shoot him with his own service weapon (remember they made it a point to keep saying he is missing with his service weaapon) thats because when they find him, they will silence him with his own gun, and say he commited suicide.

          This guy either knows something about this, or about the coming of another false flag onn this country, and he’s trying like hell to find someone to listen to him that wont kill him

          • just the amount of agents and police that are “looking for this guy” are astounding..for some one who has “according to them” done nothing, and is just missing..why do they need to send out such a huge drag net if he left on his own accord?


            yeah i think something stinks here too

          • I see that touched a nerve…lol

          • VRF ~

            Did you ever consider the ones busted for partying in South America might actually be people that have a clue what is going on? Just throwing it out there, but perhaps they were being discredited or “punished” in advance of them taking action against the administration.

            It’s like living with Alice in Wonderland, nothing is quite as it seems. Question EVERYTHING.

            I pray for that poor FBI agent. He’s clearly pretty brilliant to have evaded them this long, and obviously has them scared for them to be releasing info about him to the public.

        • Honorable ones? Didn’t know there was such an animal.


      28. very curious that the Republican National Committee has kept out of this whole birther issue

        surely they could get to the truth
        they have millions of dollars and a boat load of lawyers at
        their disposal

        • That’s supposing that they want the truth to come out. I think Romney was picked to run against obama as a decoy. I think at the last minute in the election some terrible ‘truth’ will come out on Romney and the masses will either vote for obama or against Romney. I think it’s all a sham… there is no 2 party system, just the same ol corrupt one.

          • Romney will pick Rubio as his VP choice. Ethics and character will prevent the 70 plus percent of the r party that knows the definition of a natural born citizen from voting for them.

            (see Minor vs Happersett)

            Zero will be reelected.

            America IS screwed.

      29. ~~~Constitutional law is clear on this matter, stating that only a natural born citizen can be President of the United States (meaning, arguably, that he or she must be born on U.S. soil).~~~

        Whoa…I thought the mandate was soil AND blood.
        Born on American soil AND to two American citizens???
        Because without these Ahmadinejad can stroll on over, date an Alabama farm girl, have their baby here, move to Iran, send the child to Harvard, and become President!!
        Oh, wait, that happened already but by another daddy….GEEZE.

      30. For the last time people, he was born in a little manger in Kenya. The three wise homies followed a star and presented him with gifts of Colt 45, Kools, and Playboy.

        There, enough said. In the end he could murder Moochelle in front of nationwide tv, and bugger little boys and the same idiots would still vote for him.

        • Yeah, and the Mur turned out to be cocaine!

      31. whatever law he passes we all need to stand up and say on front of news he is not born here and we will not follow his lies or laws. We really need to stand togther against this fool. we do people. if he gets re-elected we have to all come together and get him out of office where he can get the hell out of here and go and lie to his family and not us. He’s better at a father than a leader.

      32. hmmm…not eligible for presidency, has committed treason by signing exec orders in violation of the Constitution…

        Our country has been taken over, didja notice?

      33. I just don’t get this conspiracy. POTUS is nothing more than a figure head. It means nothing. Corporations rule. Why would TPTB risk nominating Barry back in 2008 if they knew he wasn’t born in the USA?

      34. barry soetoro is a very real true cia condition trained educated Manchurian Candidate fully trained cia asset puppet prez and his birth mother was / is a known cia asset with communist weather underground sympathy’s , she birthed soetoro aka obama in kenya! where he was raised muslim by his adopted father whom his birth mother claimed was barry’s birth father to get barry into a good rich african kenyan family ( barry’s mother was / is a loose woman who slept with many cia communist contacts to win their trust), then he moved to malaysia and was raised cared for by a live-in cross dressing gay man who taught barry the pleasures of being gay!!!

        etc etc etc… its the truth!!! do the research yourself… barry is also a known druggy heroine coke head and killer… he’s the perfect MANCHIRIAN CANDIDATE!!!




      35. Oh, and even if the fraud was born here to American citizens, what about presidency vs. dual citizenship which happened when adopted by Lolo Soetoro…and the fraud has NO RECORDS OF CHANGING HIS NAME TO OBAMA!!!!

      36. My fellow “truth seekers” and defenders of the constitution…Barry has a couple of aces-up-his-sleeve with respect to this conundrum. The “media circus” that is about to ensue in earnest, on both sides, will defintely advance ‘his’ previous time-line for dealing with this VERY REAL ISSUE.

        And therein lies OUR problem. The fuse on ‘his’ agenda has been lit ahead of the planned, and carefully scheduled time. Expect Barry to be forced to “piss-on-it” in a rather spectacular fashion…designed to “put-out the fuse” in terms of importance in the sheeple’s “grazing as usual pasture”.

        The only potential “good news” is that obvious mistakes will likely be made in the “advanced time-line”…the kind of mistakes that cannot be “hidden” as easily as “putting lipstick on-a-pig”. Even most of the “sheeple” will still be able to see “this pig”. Let the “show” begin.

        • The NATO Summit in Chicago would certainly be a timely setting for some distraction, wouldn’t it?

          • Oh Daisy, you are so right. Good thought.

          • Daisy, I fear that the term ‘distraction’ may prove to be too mild. I put nothing past the ruling elite scum.

          • Daisy, I’m starting to sense a “mind-meld”. Between the two-of-us, that should probably concern you more! LOL.

            • *cue scary music* 😉

        • I fully expect to see much more of this type of “doubt-seeding” in the coming days/weeks. Those that still support Barry, despite ‘his’ abysmal record and BLATANT disregard for the CONSTITUTION, will grab-onto-every-crumb of propaganda in an all out effort to “SAVE THE KING”.

          Funny thing is, the “KING” is already in the process of saving himself. Even “funnier”, at a cost that will include MANY of those that still “kneel to him”.

          I wonder how THEY would react, feel, and proceed knowing that FACT? I believe WE are all about to find out the answer to that question.

          BTW, “fact checking error” with respect to ‘Barry’ is ANYTHING that implicates ‘him’ as something other than ‘he’, and THOSE that placed ‘him’ where ‘he’ is…as other than what THEY want projected. So much for “facts”.

          • I am wondering what kind of staged event will be used to rally the sheep around the “President”in the countries hour of need.

        • How much you wanna bet that the “literary agent” goes missing or ends up at the end of a rope..”an unfortunate “suicide” maybe…Hmmmm?

        • I call BS on that.

          Questions to ask yourself about anything regarding Obama:

          How much did that person get paid?
          What dirty little secret do they have on him/her?
          Is the person also owned by AIPAC?
          How long is the person’s continued life expectancy? (I’ll answer that one – about as long as Breitbart’s coroner.)

          I don’t believe for one second that “mistake” would have been allowed to stand for this long. Do you think that Obama didn’t glory in reading his own little bio in that publication? NO WAY. This is not a mistake. The mistake is believing anything shared in the monumental cover-up that is about to ensue.

          • And again, what are the odds that the country mistaken for the fraud’s birthplace is KENYA??? Oh, come on, people…the odds??? This was no mistake….just one of those loose ends the cabal didn’t know about to tie up and a researcher found it.
            Fate, karma, God???

      37. his names came from Arabic..and muslum, and africa

        Not from this country


        he’s a infiltrate this government and country and devistate it..

        looks like the plan is working

        • its such an embarassment..that they wont let out the truth.
          because there would be so much egg on the entire systems face over it.

          that is why every one who investigates it, either ends up dead, or labled a crack pot

          Its been made very clear to me what we are deaaling with.

          people who know, and have proof are being silenced..

        • The American people are stupid,lazy and cannot be bothered to investigate things for themselves. They deserve everything they have coming to them. Too bad the rest of us have to go along for the ride.

          • Not fair, John W…. I read an insider?? said all tv stations were threatened with having their license pulled, etc…and from what has happened the last 3 years, it CAN be done…fabrications happen with the CIA and FBI involved.
            What about threats?? One phone call and all CEOs of alphabet stations would fold.

      38. has EVERYTHING on Obama. After following their reporting for 1.5 years there’s no doubt in my mind that Obama is a total fraud.






        • “Someday” you will get comfortable enough to truely “speak-your-mind” ninaO. Seriously, you need to stop holding back and put-all-your-cards-on-the-on-table. Ummmh, on second thought, if you are in possession of additional cards…might want to continue to “hold those”.

          While I would be more than happy to see “your full hand”, a number of trolls and nervous nelly types might go ballistic…in an unspecified caliber but probably “caliber of verbal BB’S”. BB’s will likely not kill you, but can become annoying after awhile. :). “Things” are about to get “very interesting” and possibly “stupid”…glad your on my side of the coming game!

          • @yental … it’s only a matter of time now – prepare accordingly.

        • Why would the “Zionists” want someone who hates Israel and who is most likely a Muslim. You make no sense and need to get over your Jew hatred. It makes you stupid.

          • @john w … ;0) first my anti zionist and anti gay feelings did not come to me till
            I was 40 years old and have lived some … second I know their global agendas I’ve studied them and have researched them … they are evil greedy destructive and selfish global agenda’s. In which many millions of unsuspecting ignorant innocents human beings will suffer needlessly horrifying crippling injuries and deaths … for what??? So a few 1% can SPREAD global FEAR , TERRORIZE THE INNOCENT , PERSONAL 1% GREED , Eugenic Population CONTROL with man-made disease’s , cancers , autistic-immunizations AND POWER!!!


            Thats all they are! They’ve killed 1000’s of innocent americans on 9/11 , millions of muslims since and one of their victims was a friend of mine!!! Named David Bernard an american working in tower #2 world trade center on 9/11 !!!

            That is why I personally hate israeli zionist jews and will continue to do so till I no longer do!!! Every post I make against Israeli Zionist Jews is for my childhood friend David Bernard memory of his needless death at the hands of Israeli Jew Mossad , FBI , CIA , FED GOV TERROR FALSE-FLAG ON 9/11 WTC TWIN TOWERS AND BLDG 7 SYNTAX PLASTIC EXPLOSIVE IMPLOSIONS OF THE BLDG’S !!!

            Till then “”Go Puck Yourself @john w!!!””

            Last I checked 1st amendment Freedom of Speech was still available to me! As long as I can STILL Defend it with my .45-70 and am breathing , I’m gonna say what I feel as long as I feel like it!!!

            IF You don’t like it , come and PHYSICALLY make me stop or call the DHS ON ME!!!



            • u tell him nina…zionists dont like being called zionists anymore… neo con was the fad for a while.. personally, i call them egg sucking zionist fucks… GO FUCK YOURSELVES. and yes, either come and get me or just shut your fithy fucking pie eating fag blowing holes…GO TO HELL FAGOOTS!

            • We LUV you Nina!


          • Take a look at Obama’s Mum – he’s no anti-zionist. That woman’s personal history is very interesting. If he were anti-zionist his administration wouldn’t be chock full of them.

            It’s said by some his father was murdered.

            I get the feeling latent racism leads people to look in the wrong direction for the devils in Obama’s closet.

      40. Regardless of where he was born, obama does not ACT like an American, nor has he proven to me that he loves or even likes America (except for the power it has given him).

        This man was “chosen” by communists & marxists early in his college career and groomed for this position – he rose to power in a swirl of controversy and backstabbing with the help of terrorists and America haters.

        He was elected by doe eyed zombies who thought he was going to “change” America? Into what? An utter disaster?! Mission accomplished.

        I know he is not 100% responsible for the mess we are in, but as a business owner, I can tell you that he has made things much worse. The morale in the business world is terrible – why bust it to get rich when all you do is hear that they want to tax the living daylights out of you? He has sucked the life out of us and the wind out of our sails.

        Oh well, we are stuck with him, all we can do is try to get him out of office in November. I don’t like the direction America is headed but I think the obama direction is just plain dark & sinister.

      41. The left will continue to support him; the right will continue to attack him. Beneath it all is a VERY troubling fact: the FBI was suppose to vet this guy. In order to be president, his past should have been gone over with a fine toothed comb. The fact that he is president smacks of a shadow government having put this bum in place. Call me a conspiracy theorist, but as more evidence emerges, you can drop the theorist part. Something really stinks, like the smell of a rat, and this time it isn’t in Denmark!

        • SWIFT – spot on. The alphabet agencies knew darn well what the script was long before he entered the race for candidacy even and sat back – why?

      42. funny how this comes out right as the euro is about to collapse. why make this an issue now? the timing is uncanny. there is so many conspiracies surrounding Obama, it seems to me he;s has been placed in office for the sole purpose of creating conspiracies rather than acting as president.

        Obama is the psy-op operation. The whole presidency is a psy-op operatio – it’s the Obama Drama Reality Show.

        • Rachel—this has been an issue since before election 2008.
          I can’t believe this is news to anyone on this board.
          In fact, it was such an issue for me, I cried the night I voted and they stole the presidency.

      43. Okay folks lets forget all the political bull shit. I think we definitely have reasonable doubt now and every citizen should be calling, writing, emailing and faxing the Congress and Senate.

        Do we have a legitimate President or an impostor? A manchurian candidate, an inigma or a persona? Just who is this guy? How could America be this stupid? Worst yet this is the mother of all conspiracies and a lot of our leaders knew it.

        Start calling all our leaders on this from the town counsel to the US Congress. Let it roll up on Washington like a tidal wave!

        Take 5 minutes and fire off some emails to your representatives!! I am.

        • Oh they are fully aware. They enabled this. Just as John McCain is foreign born, ineligible. Put on the ballot with the help of Zero and Hillary.

          The ruling class elites could care less about NBC requirement. The Republic has been usurped. We are in a Constitutional crisis.

          This will lead to further degradation of the rule of law, chaos, disorder, and war.

          Prepare accordingly.

          • Ghost: McLame was born in the Canal Zone when it was a US territory, correct? Doesn’t THAT make him eligible?

            • durango kidd

              McCain is a natural-born citizen, even though he was not born within this country’s borders, since his parents were citizens at the time of his birth. As a congressional act stated in 1790:

              Congress: “And the children of citizens of the United States, that may be born beyond sea, or out of the limits of the United States, shall be considered as natural born citizens.”

              Note Citizens…..plural.

            • US military bases are considered part of the US, too. Even if they are in places like Germany, Japan, etc.

        • I’m on it tomorrow!

          • Thanks you should encourage all your friends and family to do the same. Other then the net and radio there is no coverage on this.

        • Sorry, all of my reps are already bought and paid for. It won’t do any good, a big waste of time in my opinion.

          • HSL – it doesn’t matter if they are paid for, it’s important to make your voice heard. Copy your email to your local press at the same time – small local papers are more likely to find this newsworthy and not be “owned”.

            I hope you’ll reconsider!

        • Patriot one—-This is unbelievable–all that was done…by thousands…we all received a computer-generated letter that was designed by the white house.

          • JayJay

            When you send a letter you will get an automated reply at first. I’m sorry but I never got a reply designed by the WH.

            All my representatives and potential future Representatives do answer me, well except Corrine Brown, she never responds. Also call your local office of your representative. I find you get much better service from the local offices.

            Believe it or not it only take 2 or 3% of the population to get congress off its ass, so just keep sending that’s what the liberals and special interest groups do. We must be persistent, keep calling, emailing, writing, faxing, hell send smoke signals if you know how.

      44. what boils my blood is this ‘disclaimer’ from breitbart..
        ‘ we are not birthers, we KNOW he was born in hawaii..’ HOW, WHERE IS THE EVIDENCE??? this is all such a pile of sh-t! we dunno NOTHIN about this guy. he locked up, blocked off all access to his past, WHY? if u dont got nuthing to hide, why prevent proper vetting? looks like sh-t, smells like sh-t, feels like s-it- guess what this is SH-T!!!!! say it already!!!!! im a birther and PROUD of myself, i can think independently of PC sheeple. prove he was born in america already, someone anyone!

      45. Some day we will learn more truth behind Obama. Until then, we can easily see that this is a person who has made a habit of creating his own character so that he can be a legend in his own mind.

        Obama is enchanted with identifying with famous people, often holding their beliefs as he quotes their words. One could even say that Obama has a peculiarity with multiple personalities. Sad that even he hasn’t yet decided who he is. One troubling personality flaw is that he’s a very insecure Narcissist.*

        *Compensatory Narcissistic Personality Disorder as a pervasive pattern of unstable, “overtly narcissistic behaviors [that] derive from an underlying sense of insecurity and weakness rather than from genuine feelings of self-confidence and high self-esteem.” (Check out the long list of Narcissistic behaviors, many that Obama suffers from at Ptypes dot come)

        • what? *gasp* and he’s a politician?

          You don’t say!

      46. Folks, we already know Zero is ineligible.

        He has admitted being born in Mombassa, Kenya as Senator and previously. Signed witness affidavits in court testify to that fact.

        What has Zero showed in court? Nothing.

        Everything, every avenue that could easily resolve this has been scrubbed for a reason. He is a fraud. He is not only foreign born but an ILLEGAL ALIEN.

        “Obama this” and “Obama that”

        What’s utterly laughable is the press hacks, kool-aid dispensing idiots are using a name without any verification.

        What is the legal name for Zero?

        It’s unknown.

        He’s used many names/variations. Barack Obama, Barak Hussein Obama, Barry Soetoro, Barry Dunham, Steve Dunham, Soebarkah, Barack Abdallah Husein Obama…

        That pretty house in Hyde Park, Chicago on Greenwood Ave doesn’t have his media name on it. It’s in the name of Harrison J. Bounel. It doesn’t have Zero’s name on it because Zero is undocumented. Zero has no credentials. Hence phony Selective Service, phony Social Security number, etc.

        He’s a foreign born illegal alien. American mommy wasn’t old enough to transfer citizenship being only 18, and Section 301 (a)(7) of the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952 was the relevant citizenship law at the time of Zero’s birth.

        Requirement was that the parent had to have been physically present in U.S. at least 19 years old to confer citizenship. Stanley Ann Dunham was born Nov 29, 1942 and was 18.

        The investigation of Zero started in 2008 by normal everyday people. When Trump ran his mouth about “my investigators”, those investigators/researchers have been online and the info discovered by hard work and over time is available if you look. The press, Congress, courts, won’t TOUCH IT.

        Feel free to ask any questions.

      47. Demand that his birthplace be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt! Amen to that!

      48. He is a fraud along with the whole govermental (key word mental) system. I know one thing is for sure , Hell is gonna be one big place and filled to the brim. Natural born is being born in homeland with parents being born in that country also. And yes Marc Orubia (however ya spell his name) would not fit the requirement either. Gosh is thier not enough natural born citizens in this country to fill the requirments that our forfathers laid out for us? Geez Mickey Mouse would be better for president than half these yaahoos in Washington. At least he was born in the USA. That is it come November I am writting in Mickey Mouse, he does not talk, can not bullshit us, only nod and hand gestures. He is friendley, cute, and has big ears to hear us, the people when we talk! Yep I am sold on Mickey he has my vote LOL

      49. Mac,

        Come back, come back buddy, you’re drifting.

        • Do you even look at the overwhelming evidence, or are you such a shill that you’re one of the sheeple with their head stuck ___ ________ _____?? (fill in the blanks!)

      50. would you people just drop the n-bomb and get it over with. Thought this was a prepper site. I can go anywhere for BS conspiracy theories and general racism.

        • hes not completely black

          hes Aribic, and Muslum..very little black


          I bet if he took a DNA test , he would even be pissed

        • It IS a prepper site – not a KKK site. What does the n-bomb have to do with anything?

        • It’s not BS but provable. And little to no racism. I’m actually a 16th cousin through his mama.

      51. He’s a total fraud….. What’s happening in Europe again? ANd how long til it comes here?

      52. The titles that comes to my mind when I think about the leader of the free world are, Flim Flam Man, Snake Oil Salesman, carpetbagger, miscreant, scoundrel, liar, manipulator, criminal, thug, imposter, loooooooo hooooo hoooooser, etc….

        • … and soon to be CONVICT after the mass arrests and trials of these NWO waterboys take place.

      53. We need to vote all sitting Congressmen/women, Senator, Vice-President and President out of office.

        Why? They have had years to correct the budget and pass laws that help with the economy, unemployment – not to mention our foreign policies. Which all require changing especially all foreign aid.

        Have they done what you and I would do if it were our family budgets? No they have not.

        Get new blood in Washington, D.C.

        Vote the professional “CAREER” politicians out.

        Let us start over before we end up like Greece and Spain.

      54. Wow…. more propaganda to drive us further apart…what dose it really matter at this point? he has been in office for almost 4 years… this horse has been beaten to death..and is waste of time… If the power of be wanted him out he would have been out….Obama and Rommey are the same person just a different color.. we really need to move away for some of the racially tone BS in the US and reexamine the classism and economic social darwinism…all i know is this fall i am writing in my vote = ” No Confidence”

      55. When Obama and hundreds of bankster-politicos are arrested in the very near future, lying about his place of birth will be on the list of crimes. Mark my words- mass arrests and the restoration of a legitimate Constitutional government is coming in just a few weeks or months.

        The meaty part of the “Drake Interview”…

        • well. ..Im getting impatient, and dont believe that this will happen

          but if it does, i have some crow frozen to heat up for supper

      56. Really and truly the ONLY thing I care about is if the president of the United States is a leader that actually is a true representative of the people of the U.S. Someone who actually leads the country into prosperity and thinks America first and screw everything else. Someone that can make everyone proud and grateful to be in the United States. Like long ago when people actually had money and security. None of those exist now and won’t if the presidency stays the same as it is now or the other choice is elected. The people are screwed either way.

        Call me pragmatic, I wouldn’t care if the leader of the United States was born on another planet as long as they could lead the country back to the strength and vibrancy of yesteryear.

        • Be Informed

          Read my post May 18th @ 9:37 AM

          • @ Kevin2. I truly mean this, I would trust someone from another planet more so than 99.9% of the politicians on this planet. This is how bad the leaders are that anyone could say that they would trust an alien more than their own species. It truly shows just how rotten to the core politicians are.

            • Be Informed

              There is some hope with the House of Reps in their primaries. US Senate not so much because of party control. Forget the Presidency. An additional problem is that Congress and Senate is becoming symbolic. It’s their own fault allowing the Executive Branch to run roughshod over them.

      57. Toomany, I don’t think it will ever happen, but if it does I’ll gladly buy you a pepsi and a moon pie in celebration.

        • buy him a coke instead it has cocaine in it ;0) , pepsi has dead liquefied aborted fetuses in it ;0( for flavor enhancement – YUCKY!!! ;0p Pssszzt pepsi…

        • Our military has had it up to here with fake commanders in chief for a long time. I believe they are ready to back up a civilian “coup”, even though it’s not really a traditional coup… more like a legal, legitimate regime change thru mass arrests and trials. The fact that the military is 95% for Ron Paul makes me believe he would be installed TEMPORARILY since nobody is as qualified to oversee such a transition back to a legit, Constitutional government.

      58. If Barry had any integrity ,he would resign.Just like Trickem and Dickem did over Watergate. So should Jamie Diamond,his bankster buddy..It’s time to clear the watermelon patch out of the Rose Garden.

        • Integrity and being a NWO lackey, marxist community organizer are mutually exclusive.

      59. Greetings Everyone!
        In the end it won’t matter what country the current leader is from…The decisions he makes do.
        I used to like the current leader,at first anyway.At time wore on,we saw how his policies were geared towards the 1%ers.He could be worse(who would you liked to worked at one of the companies that Mitt’s corporation got control of,stripped of assets,fired the employees AND donated the profits therefrom (HUGH sums)and any controlling stocks to the LDS church?All to evade taxation and get a better seat at the temple.
        Not much of a choice here in 2012…..
        Best to All

      60. I won a few bets on Obama. During the last elections in the US I said if Obama is elected he is going to disappoint us because I think there are too high expectations connected to the person and because I suspected him to be a media puppet. Here in Norway many people, but not all luckily, were overenthusiastic, so I risked a few bottles of wine on betting. My counterparts were convinced change would come and he would save the world, and America. Last year I went around and collected my bottles.

        Another investment safe from inflation.

        My next bet is on the Arab spring. I think I am good on my way with my bet that the islamists are taking over and replacing the totalitarian governments in all countries in the Middle East.






      63. Assuming this is true and there may not be any fire but there sure is a lot of smoke one can theorize why someone with such an Achilles Heel would be “selected” for the Presidency. One must wonder why “evidence” periodically reappears when common sense would dictate the loose ends should be have been cleaned up. This issue can be used to control the Presidency with for lack of a better term blackmail. The reappearance of “new” evidence might just be a reminder to motivate the President to do something he might otherwise not do.

        I believe it’s highly probable that a foreign war (oops military intervention/police action/conflict) is coming. The President I think desires to avoid becoming LBJ. This citizenship issue is being held over his head.

        • Remember NATO is meeting in Chicago and the BB Group in Virginia.

          You can best believe NATO will not be discussing The Cubs. Virginia….close to the Pentagon.

      64. Article from 2004 states Obama born in Kenya….

        I never really jumped on board with the birther thing, but with the recent findings by Arpaio and this new revelation, I think a formal investigation is required. Only problem is that Congress is just as illegitimate as POTUS. The hivemind MSM won’t do anything either.

      65. Here is my spin. It would take an act of congress to remove Barry from office. There would be riots on every corner of our great nation. They would burn, pillage and rape if their black king was dethroned. I am not a racist, (my beautiful baby boy is African American.) just saying.

        • TPTB knew this before promoting him. With countless more to choose from why pick someone that has a potential issue?

        • he’s either American..or African

          not both

          • Well he is certainly NOT American……….

            Just sayin’

      66. i imagine that those who are in the “know” regarding everything there is to “know” about barack obama are probably sitting back laughing their asses off that americas’ government could be overthrown so simply. he must be removed from office as well as his cronies and supporters and they should all face trial for their crimes.

      67. Question to all…

        Is anyone else having trouble “posting”????

        • testing *****

        • nope 🙂

      68. .
        Arizona elections chief seeks proof of Obama’s citizenship
        By Tim Gaynor | Reuters – 2 hrs 5 mins ago.

      69. Americans are most dumb down population on earth.
        They voted this tinhorn hybred as potus. He’s just the
        frosting on 100 years of government criminality.
        Americans will face a future that they so richly deserve.

        • “Americans are most dumb down population on earth”

          Not true. Most people on the planet are even dumber.

          I will admit that, thanks to government indoctrination centers (aka schools) the majority of Americans are too mentally lazy to accept the responsibility of self government. That does not make the corrupt Mexican, the effeminate French, the spineless Brits, the cowed Japanese or the retarded blacks of Ethiopia smarter or better educated than Americans. They are all brainwashed in their own way. I am an America and I will still choose my countrymen over any of the other worthless pukes on this planet.

          • Edit.

            Install missing comma and add “n” after America….thx

      70. It’s clearly obvious that he was not born here. It is not birther, truther or any of that. All laws and Exec orders are now deemed invalid. What are we going to do about it? Nothing. Pisses me off.

        • He has to be impeached by the House and then thrown out by the Senate. Even if that were to happen, it would take a Supreme Court ruling to declare anything he signed as null and void. I don’t see that happening even if his two appointees to the Court were to recuse themselves. It’s certain that activists would keep every action in the courts for years.

      71. tptb knew from the beginnng he isn’t American and they foisted him on the real American People anyway… i’m thinking as a kind of test – to see what we might do about it… the answer: we’ve done nothing and as a result we have had more socialism crammed down the collective throat of America than in all of the years combined leading up to this point in history… if any other political party member in or even running for federal office had tried this, it would have been exposed BEFORE the final vote but the political climate now is one of total depravity in the demonazilibtard camp but don’t fear because the others are on their heels… if this issue did not cause the American Peopand rise up against it, nothin… Americans have lost their will to see things donme right…le to rally together

      72. **correction**

        if this issue did not cause the American People to rally together, rise up and do something about it – and it sadly did not – then nothing will… Americans have lost their will to see things done right – they’d rather be watching American Idol, Survivor and/or Dancing with the Stars… good luck when the shtf… i wonder if the camps will have cable so the sheeple can keep up on their programming…

        • Sigh, I wish I could argue……

      73. Will you window lickers please take off your tin-foil hats and figure it out. It does not matter. You are given citizenship in one of TWO ways. #1 which you fools seem to understand is by the dirt you are born on.. OK If you are born on US soil you are American. OR if you are born somewhere else you likely are not a US citizen. NOW HERE IS THE CATCH YOU IDOTS FORGOT… IT DEPENDS ON WHO YOUR PARENTS ARE.. get it… NOPE…I will explain. Obama’s father is not a US citizen.. a well proven fact. HOWEVER his mother IS A US CITIZEN…which is also a well proven fact. That means since his mother gave birth to him, and she was a US citizen, Obama IS A CITIZEN of the USA. It does not matter where he was born or who his daddy was, since his mother was a US citizen Obama is too

        • Not..she needed to be 19…and she was only 18.
          ‘IF’ she was his mother and even that is ‘iffy’.
          Your conjeture is wrong by all accounts from many constitution scholars…like Edwin Vieira.
          Ixquick his name.
          Research a little before screaming facts from Wiki.

          Section 301 (a)(7) of the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952 was the relevant citizenship law at the time of Zero’s birth.

          Requirement was that the parent had to have been physically present in U.S. at least 19 years old to confer citizenship. She was born Nov 29, 1942 and was 18.

          And no mention by you of the seriousness of fraud/forgery with Zero’s birth document, selective service registration and faild e-verify Social Security number by law enforcement investigation in AZ?????????

          All adds up he’s an illegal alien.

        • IT must be so embarrassing to publicly denigrate people and then show your own ignorance.

          Article two, section one, clause 5 states the requirements for the office of POTUS. Among those qualifications is the stipulation that the individual be a “natural born citizen.”

          Look up that definition. You will find it in “Vattel’s Law of Nations” book 1, chapter XIX, section 212. It is the exact same deinition that is the legal deinition that was established as PRECEDENT by the case Minor vs Happersett.

          Glad I could help with your confusion.

      74. A majority of Americans now know that “His Holy Divisiveness, the Most Holy Libtard Barry Sotero, is a flat out fraud and criminal who stole and cheated his way into the office of the President of The United States Of America and who, IMMEDIATELY perverted the Executive Order privilege in order to cover up his criminal behavior.

        I see multiple blogs which formerly were 75%+ pro Obama that are now 75%+ “we’re on to you poser!”. It is going to take massive Democon voter fraud to give this coverup criminal another four years of his mafia style cronyism. Fraud is ALWAYS found out and when the fraud this traitor to, firstly, African Americans is found out, I can only hope the Democon’s who facilitated this criminality are tried convicted and hung!!!

      75. Don’t worry kids… More info destroying the myth of Zero’s background will be coming out shortly!

        Grab the popcorn and a refreshment.

      76. 90% of you people have no idea what your talking about & get your “facts” from lies from the internet. If all these things you say are true then what of it? what are you going to do. Everyone talks abig game but what have or will you do about it if it’s really a problem? All this lip flap about Obama. My lifes been great the whole time he has been in office. You people need to concentrate on bettering your own lives instead of bitching about his. Get over yourselves & get your shit together. I live in America, my life is great why isn’t yours.

      77. In fact if Obama was born in Kenya, all of his signed laws may be irreversible by the next elected president (if). The result of this scenario I do not want to go there.

        • McCain was also foreign born. Roger Calero as well. Both on 2008 ballot. Again, McCain was not born on American sovereign soil. He was “okayed” by Resolution 511 (after Children of Military Families Act failed a month earlier in Feb 2008), a bill brought forth by Leahy and McCaskill WITH HILLARY AND ZERO (think about that) as supporters in the background. Res 511 is toilet paper filled with lies with no recorded vote — it’s theater which told the media McCain was okay to run.

          Congress could cares less about NBC. That’s the whole issue. It’s bigger than Zero, it’s the rule of law that is being destroyed.

          And Zero has told people as Senator and previously being born in Kenya. What’s to believe? Every piece of info that could easily resolve this is scrubbed or “unavailable”. Just as the Hawaii DOH game with the AZ secretary of state. They won’t show Zero’s b.c. And the RINO’s could care less.

          There are two schools of thought on the issue:

          The first is Stanley Ann Dunham is the mother and Obama Sr. the father, she was estranged from parents being pregnant at 18 (out of wedlock, young age, with a foreigner of different race), went and stayed in Kenya to elope. Remember, she would continue previous behavior by eloping to Indonesia with another foreigner and having another child, Maya. Clearly an independant woman with thirst for the exotic lands and her work in microlending,etc. So Zero would be Barry Soetoro being adopted by Lolo Soetoro second marriage, thus his actual name and Kenyan/Indonesian citizen.

          The other thought is more complex, and it sends one down down the rabbit hole. This came about because there WAS a Barack Hussein Obama II who showed up at Obama Sr.’s funeral. And it wasn’t the current occupier of the White Hut. Obama Sr. had numerous wives and children out of wedlock. And Ann S. Obama, who some investigators like Corsi believe was Stanley Ann Dunham living in Seattle, was actually the Filipino woman Obama Sr. was involved with and had another child by. So Zero’s actual parentage and why the Dunham family raised him/adopted him and what country he was born in is still under investigation…

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