Boortz: Do Not Vote Third-Party in 2010

by | Apr 19, 2010 | Headline News | 23 comments

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    Libertarian talk show host Neal Boortz says that the Libertarian Party and other independents should not be voting for a third party in the 2010 mid-term elections:

    On April 2nd I said on the air that 2010 was not the year to be voting for a third party in the congressional mid-term elections. The stakes are just too high this time around. Democrats MUST be removed from office. I truly believe that if The Community Organizer is given two more years with this level of support from sycophant Democrats in the congress we will have gone past the point of no return. Obama is, I believe, dedicated to the destruction of our free market economy. He has to be stopped this year. Now the Libertarians might tell you that they draw almost as many votes from Democrats as they do Republicans. Well, this year I’m not buying that. We can’t afford to take that chance. This year the Libertarian Party should concentrate on party-building in local elections.

    Boortz makes a good point in this regard. Where do you stand?

    Is it time to send a message to Washington, state and local representatives by voting for third-party candidates, or does the American public first need to focus on stopping the progressive trend by voting for the lessor of two evils and replacing as many democrats with republicans as possible?


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      1. As much as I  hate to say it, this time, voting for the lesser of two evils is far more important than trying to make a statement by trying to change the system.  I think many of the Rhinos will be weeded out in their primaries so many of the republican candidates will be what we need (until they get corrupted by the system that is)

      2. I’m a Boortz fan and understand his position, but I wrestle w/ this.  First of all, we’re told every election is the “most important election of our life time”.. so is there ever really a good election to “throw” for the sake of making a statement?  Not really.

        Furthermore, I think it will take a major crisis or collapse to topple the dominance of the two party system.  And, we’re not there yet.

        Our best chance for real reform is the election of someone like Ron Paul who runs under the banner of Republican, yet is a true libertarian and whom the establishment in both parties will fight to prevent him winning any election.

        This is a good discussion, i’m curious to hear others’ thoughts.


      3. Big Surprise! Another right-winger telling us to vote for the party of George W. Bush. What is this guy talking about? The GOP isn’t dedicated to create a free market, either.

        It’s nonsense. If we don’t get rid of the GOP and DNC in 2010, we’re screwed!

      4. Reginald Kaigler said:
        “Big Surprise! Another right-winger telling us to vote for the party of George W. Bush. What is this guy talking about? The GOP isn’t dedicated to create a free market, either.
        It’s nonsense. If we don’t get rid of the GOP and DNC in 2010, we’re screwed!”

        I agree and my observations are that the politicians have been playing the game of “good guy/bad guy” with the naive populace for a long, long time.

        “Vote the Bums out” we’ve said over and over but what happens is a new bum is installed because we were told to vote for the other party. “Other” party means either a republican or democrat. Hmmm, tricked again.

        Seems like we’re always voting for the two party door-to-door vacuum salesmen/women who have a nice smile, fresh haircut, strong handshake, and lots of personalized greasy words. They typically, but not all, have one thing in mind…how much can they milk these people for and later brag about it at the bar. I know because I’ve been a used car salesman, door-to-door vacuum salesman and won the votes of the people in local office.

        I don’t think real change will happen until the PAIN of ALLOWING the same kind of self-serving BUMS in office becomes overwhelmingly bad. That’s when the PAIN to CHANGING the status quo is seen as the only option for the voting majority.

        Ron Paul seems like an out-of-the-box kind of guy. That’s probably why he was heavily marginalized by those who controlled the conventions and the mainstream media. We’re lucky to have him in congress. But for President, not enough pain yet.

      5. Reginald,
        I have to agree with you. The Republicans under George W. Bush sucked the country dry. Congress worked the least number of days (just 2.5 days a week) of any administration before them and often rubber stamped the executive branch’s agenda without debate. The GOP are not going to swoop in this time and be our saviors. They don’t have any new ideas. They just want to be in power again. period. Sadly, the DNC has continued many of GWB’s failed policies and they seem so timid to strike out into a bold new direction. The healthcare bill was a chance to do something great for the country’s citizens, but instead it became just another corporate handout as it preserved the for-profit system. The healthcare bill just redirects tax dollars into corporate hands, though it at least stops some of the worse abuses by the insurance industry. The GOP and the DNC are not going to save us because they are essential the same product and only as different from each other as Coke is from Pepsi–they are essentially the same product. I have voted Democratic instead of a 3rd party candidate in the last 3 presidential elections because “the stakes are too high!!” We must get rid of “W” before he wrecks the country even more. Well we finally got rid of him because of term limits but not before the damage to the nation was already done. Mr. Obama, so far, has not delivered on the kind of change I was hoping for, but his presidency is still young. He might step up and do some good. Neither party deserves my support. The definition of insanity: Keep doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different result. Voting for the GOP or the DNC is to get more of the same. When will we ever learn?

      6. What’s required are enough discerning voters who can see past the rhetoric. That can be tough because most of us are tied to jobs and lifestyle that depend on the status quo to stay in power. Therein lies the pain.

        I’m optimistic because I think good candidates will step up to plate when they know there is enough support to vote them in.

      7. The real problem is we don’t have enough bench strength with good conservative, constitutionalists.  I would vote Republican to get the mopre copnservative leader in place BUT I will be just as hard on that Republican as I have the democrats until we get lots of candidates in that are very conservataive.  Tea Parties won’t end with a Republican in place.

        Boortz is media whore and a shill for the Republicrat  party.
        He vehemently bashed Ron Paul  the only true fiscal conservative candidate in the 2008  Republicrat POTUS  primaries.
        As for me I will not support either of the Fascist parties.

        True News 5: The Truth About Voting

      9. Hmmm…

        Boortz makes a good point, I think.  I’m not saying that I necessarily agree with him, but his point is an important one.

        Don’t get me wrong, there are very, very few national-stage Republicans or Democrats that I would not kick to the curb.

        However, I’m not sure that the “Day of the Third Party” is here just yet…but it’s getting closer.

        I’ll play this one by ear.

      10. We need to to replace all incumbents in the primaries, time to get off our buts and find out who we can run to defect all incumbents

      11. Again, putting any hope in the current system is foolish.  The mid-term elections are nothing more than a prime time distraction.  Don’t believe for a second that the TPTB will sit idly by and allow the American public to dictate policy directions via a vote.  Whether the Dems hold or the Republicans overtake, nothing meaningful will change.  Too much power at stake to be left in the hands of Joe Six pack.
        ANY change would require a complete overhaul of the House & Senate.
        The only thing I’ve heard of that has any semblance of working would be the GOOOH party (Get out of our house). Founded by a former Dell executive.  Pretty interesting approach to the electorate process. Definitely someone thinking outside the box.  Not sure he has the requisite exposure, but he’s on the right track.
        If you intend to vote Republican this November, as your contribution to “throw the bums out” don’t waste your time…

      12. This is what I’ve been trying to say.  Every election that comes along is “too important”.  Either side says it, whichever one is not in office that is.  They say, “oh god, if you don’t vote for us to get the pinko dems out”, or, “oh god, if you don’t vote for us to get the nazi repubs out”, and this is EVERY  FUCKING ELECTION.

        I had this idea to start an initiative drive.  I could name it “Clean Sweep Washington”.  I could get folks to collect signatures in front of the grocery store.  The idea is that if the initiative passes, then EVERY elected official in the state of Washington is out on their ass as of midnight, Tuesday, Nov 9th, 2012, when they get done counting the votes.  Any elected official who wanted to remain in government would have to abandon their position and run for a higher one.  The old USMC principle of “move up or move out”.  We would be starting over with at least mostly new people in government, regardless of party affiliation.  My girl promptly told me that if I filed it, she would move out.  Not that she thought it was a bad idea, it’s that she didn’t want to be in the house when they started shooting at it and setting fire to it.

        I think that this idea could work in some other states too, not just Washington.  I could always shoot back, and you know what they say about women, they’re is another one coming along in 10 or 15 minutes anyway!

      13. Boortz’s analysis is based on a number of faulty assumptions, among them that we are approaching the “point of no return.”  In fact, we passed that point some time ago, which is why the election of Republicans will not solve the problem at issue.  The Republican Party is as much a part of that problem as the Democrat Party.  The two-party state, the Democratic and Republican Parties and the ruling political class, is at war with the people of the United States, the US constitution, rights, liberties and the rule of law.  To support Republicans or Democrats is to support the ruling political class in that ongoing war, it is to lend an aura of legitimacy to the ruling elites and the corporatist interests that they serve.  To support Republicans is to reproduce the problem.  Political freedom and independence today begins with freedom and independence from the Republican and Democratic Parties, from the dictatorship of the two-party state and duopoly system of government.  Vote third party and independent. 

      14. Comments…..Bush Sr , Nixon , and Bush Jr, Ford etal. Were not conservatives that leaned  libertarian. Reagan and Goldwater were the real deal.  Boortz is right , you need to infiltrate the Rebublican party. Take a page from the progressives on the democratic side.  We take over the Rebublican party starting with a Tax payer bill of rights and revitalize the party. Its the only way to stop this insanity. It might take 40 years but we have to start right now. All these guys in power now are 1960s retreads. If they can be the man, liberty loving constitutional citizens sure as hell can.

      15. Again, get involved in the primaries, vote for  the Average Joes that will be running this year and the next few years, and we will have a chance at cleaning up  some of the mess. The goal is to get rid of the idiots and crooks who make up the parties, not starting new parties.   If it doesn’t work this time, then yes, next election, it will be time for a third party, as someone else said, “Its not quite time yet”  Complaining that it is ALL rigged and there is no hope will lead to a self fulfilling prophecy.

      16. The Boortz argument is a failing of logic, specifically the fallacy of bifurcation, where there are only two options; vote for republican or all is lost.  I submit that a third option is vote for a third party candidate.  Neither party deserves my vote because they are a party, the candidate gets my vote because their “stated” principles align most closely with mine.  If only 5% of congress gets replaced with a third party candidate, then that may be enough to stop bad unconstitutional laws from being passed.  It could wake up a lot of people and show them that, yes, there is a real choice available.  At the very least, it would wake up the two parties to the possibility that they could loose control and power, not for one election cycle to the other party, but to a third party that would listen to the people, do the right thing, and keep them out of power permanently. 

      17. The V man never disappoints.  Yeah get enough signatures and THEY will vote to enact a bill to remove themselves on Nov. 9th. THEY will  all just stand up and leave,  I can hear it now, “They want us out so I guess we have to go”   Brilliant………

      18. Don’t want another obama, don’t want another bush! Either way we loose.

      19. Mid Term elections are a referendum on the party in power, which right now, is the Democrats. We need to get them OUT ASAP to reverse health care, and stop their coming push for amnesty for 30 million Mexican Nationals who have invaded this country.

        The WAR is not in Afganistan. Its at our border!

      20. I think there is never a perfect moment. Thats why THIS is the moment to start the Libertarian movement and rapid.

        The Democrate and Republican Two party system is as corrupt as you can get. We need real change NOW and not when the economy is back on track. Libertarian support is peaking every day and you need to take that advantage right here and now.

        Lets not make the mistake again to get back to GOP leadership. Those neoconservative warmongerers aren’t any better than a socialist policy in the US. The only solution that attacks both the military expenditures (GOP) and socialist expenditures (D) head on is Ron Paul and the Libertarian movement.

        Lets build it, and make it a powerhouse to be reckoned with! The support is building every day. Don’t let those people down fooks.

        End the two party system! Just do it!

      21. Right on Rob.  We need other viable political parties to break the cycle of insanity where we keep electing the same old suspects every time, with the results never changing.  The repubs have already said that they will not make any attempt to reverse health care, and those mexicans are here to stay.  Lots of repub business owners need the cheap lettuce pickers, and the dems need the votes.  Each side has lobbyists that are paying to make sure that no change takes place.  You can forget about anyone doing anything to get rid of them.  jesus christ, they’re like fucking ants just spewing out of the ground.

      22. Question- What is the reason that the Democratic party, presently, has a majority in the House, the Senate , and is the party of the President. 
        Answer- The “other” party(Republican) were the “vote the bums out” gang in the last two elections.
        It is obvious to me that they are not the answer to a better America. It is time to look elsewhere for that answer. There is no time like the present. It is not wise to “put off until tomorrow, what must be done today”. 

      23. I think some people aren’t yet convinced that we should NOT vote back in the GOP leadership in the next election. Why, you ask?

        Because the Giant Squid keeps sucking your tax money without financial reform and proper regulation.

        Here’s why: [quote]

        Why didn’t Goldman disclose the existence of the Wells notice? Because it reckoned that the SEC wouldn’t file a suit against it. After all, for years now the SEC has been a comatose beast run by supine Republicans, and, as Joe Weisenthal puts it, elephants love the squid.

        And as it happens, both of the Republican commissioners on the SEC voted against suing Goldman. The two Democrats voted in favor, and chairman Mary Schapiro voted with them.

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