BOOM: Canada And Mexico Cave Ahead Of Trump Presidency: They Are Ready To Renegotiate NAFTA Trade Deal

by | Nov 10, 2016 | Headline News | 30 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    Well, that didn’t take long.

    Just two days after Donald Trump was elected President of the United States, his purported fear-mongering rhetoric is already starting to pay dividends.

    Trump ran on a platform of better trade deals and bringing jobs back to America and world leaders, despite their many outcries, were paying attention.

    As Joe Joseph reports, both Mexico and Canada have agreed to re-negotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) signed under President Clinton.

    You have the Canadian Prime Minister and his Mexican counterpart that are now saying, “hey buddies… hey United States… we want to renegotiate NAFTA.”

    …Maybe, just maybe, we might actually have a little bit of justice… he hasn’t even taken the oath of office yet.


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      1. Amazing how it works out sometimes, isn’t it?

      2. Yes, because now they know that there is a NEW sheriff in town with a backbone and one who actually gives a damn about the USA and our traditional values. This man may save America! No Mercy!!!

      3. “I love it when a plan comes together”

          • Start at Minute 10. for trump speech.

      4. Dickhead David ‘pigshead’ Cameron went so far as to ban Mr Trump from traveling to the UK not so long ago over
        some BS scaremongering of ‘hatespeach!’

        President D J Trump wouldn’t have to pay for a single pint in my local pub, no friggin’ way maaan.

        Pray for the protection of President Trump… cometh the hour… cometh the man.

        President D J Trump, always welcome in my local alehouse…

        Cheers Big Ears!

      5. Finely NAFTA will be gone the only ones worried about it are the eco freak politicians notley Trudeau and Wynn all of em shitting themselves. Western Canada welcomes President Trump. He will give us the XL pipeline and put us to work too. Like it or not we have natural resources ALOT OF EM. The more raw materials you buy oil gas softwood lumber iron potash uranium wheat corn beef we have it all right here baby.
        Our governments federal and provincial will tow the trump line till our elections come up well toss em out and elect our own strong responsible government. Our country can be divided East and West west being British Columbia Alberta Saskatchewan Manitoba the difference starts in Ontario thee west has all the resources including an abundance of fresh water and millions of untouched square miles. Alberta specifically is the countries economic engine.
        I foresee our government will abandon their climate change plan in favour of economic growth.
        Really don’t matter at this point what our liberal Hillary loving government does well vote them out and out in a federal PC government and the provinces will follow suit
        Alberta provincial election 2019
        Ontario provincial election 2017??
        Canada federal election 2020

        • Nobody can afford the bitumen or the tight oil. The only thing that made it feasible was the trillions in QE that was created by the Fed. That ship has sailed and the oil companies are going broke as the prices are too low to make these profitable.

          There is already a glut and you want to ramp up production into that oversupply? Not gonna work like that.

          You have plenty of resources, but the buyers are tapped out. They can’t afford to buy shit. They need higher wages to afford higher prices and that ain’t happening. It’s going the opposite way.

          Trump won’t be creating many jobs. They have left for cheaper digs a long time ago and they ain’t comin’ back.
          He wants to build infrastructure that was created with cheap oil, but he wants to build it with expensive oil. That won’t happen either because the world is experiencing peak debt.

          His promises are empty promises, even though he may be sincere when he made them.

          • Funny I frac in Canada, and the oilfield is hiring big time, I have never been so busy.

          • That glut will disappear just by cutting imports for TWO WEEKS. There is no ‘glut’, it’s a commercial reserve, continually depleted and replenished on a daily basis. Increase demand by the public, or halt imports for a very short while, and the ‘glut’ is gone.

        • Angry, i am in ontario and echo your thoughts completely. I feel so empowered by what just happened in the us, and so mad about our freak running ontario, that i am joining my local provincial conservative candidate to campaign with him and try to do all i can to get him in. I encourage all to start at a grassroots level, and we’ll get there too. Americans, thanks for showing us the way, now lets see if we can get Brexit 3 in a few years and kick out the liberals at every level of government.

      6. Imagine that? Not hard to do if you were paying attention to Trump all along. Today is the 10th, has mexico started the wall yet?

      7. And do I have a word for Mr. Selfie Trudeau. “Be sure you get a selfie of you & Mr. Trump when you sell us out”

        • Who cares let him sell vote him out. Trudeau will only sell out on his liberal Hillary loving bullshit. And his enablers. Then we’ll vote his selfie taking ass out.
          What province are you from ?

          • In my defense, due to where I grew up and lived, a great many of my school teachers, fellow workers, and friends were Canadian.
            My PADI Dive instructor was from Quebec( crazy french guy).
            Why haven’t you Canadians walled off southern Quebec, and just give up on it?
            Or maybe just cut off Ottawa, Toronto, Winnipeg, and Montreal?
            Years of watching CBC and “the National” warped my brain, but I can see how those cities warp your entire country into something weird.
            Keep on prepping.

      8. Renegotiate THIS! Them snowflakes are so sweet. Where’s Okie?

      9. Trump is the epitome of a fascist. Cut corporate taxes to 15%, where is the money coming from for all of Trumps proposals? Fixing the badly depleted US military will add hundreds of billions of dollars to an already grossly inflated defense budget. Same old direction leading to the American peoples decline. And you think you won something. The decline is permanent and will proceed as usual.

        • Trump will stave off a collapse for a while. But make no mistake Trump don’t see this as a presidency he sees himself as the ultimate CEO nothing more. He will make everyone get to work no more handouts Canada and Mexico will all be busy feeding the American manufacturing machine

        • Alijamo:

          Nobody is going to be completely happy. Can’t you be a little bit happy.


        • Right, tax cuts are fascist, rebuilding defense is fascist, deporting illegals is fascist, putting criminals in jail is fascist, blah, blah, blah, we’re all fascists, xenophobes, and racist bigots.

          Now that you cleared all that up for us mouth-breathing rednecks, maybe you offer something intelligent for a change.

      10. Hip hip ho Ray:

        Obama will take credit for bringing Canada and Mexico to the table to renegotiate NAFTA.

        The truth of the matter will be forgotten. The history books of the future will rate this as one of the great achievements of our first black President. It will be on the page along with his Nobel Prize for Peace. They will forget to mention that there was no peace, nor will anyone know about the President elect.


        But we, who lived through this election, we know, and I for one give my thanks to Trump.

        Thank You, President Trump.


      11. Crap almost forgot.

        • God takes care of little children, drunks, and jarheads.

          • What about us ARMY grunts you jerk?!?!?!?!

            • Grunts should be man enough to take care of themselves … and others too.

              Reach back grab your ass and look for some backbone. That’s what jarheads do. 🙂

            • The Army is God, didn’t you know that?

              Don’t be upset, it’s Jarhead Birthday.

              Today is Veteran’s Day, our local parade is tomorrow. There’s going to be some WWII and Korean War vets marching, a few in wheelchairs, in the rain. God Bless ’em.

      12. Heck we voted for a turd over a pile of poop. There will not be any restoration. It will continue to decline. I am extremely happy ole cankles is defeated. But I think Trump is a no good. And even if he was the real deal he still couldn’t do nuthin. At best we bought a little time. He is a loose cannon. Now is the time to prep in earnest. Be vigiliant. Im still hoping for a big space rock to hit DC. Inaguration day would be a good time.

        • Not true. America now has a Patriot in the Oval Office. I have been talking about the “Changes” to occur for a long time.

          Buckle up. They start next year. And that’s a good thing. 🙂

        • Give the guy a year, OK? It’s not even Inauguration Day, yet, for crying out loud.

          I swear you would complain about being hanged with a new rope.

      13. Shades of Reagan post Carter!

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