Bombshell: Singer Kaya Jones Targets Hollywood Sex Abusers: “I Kept A Journal… With Timelines… There’s More Than One Name”

by | Oct 15, 2017 | Headline News | 39 comments

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    Well known singer and former band member of the Pussycat Dolls Kaya Jones may be preparing an all-out war on Hollywood movie and music executives.

    As Hollywood’s elite meet to distance themselves from Harvey Weinstein sexual allegations and further cover-up other improprieties engaged in by their philandering members, Jones took to Twitter to explain that she has repeatedly spoken about the abuse she and her band mates had to endure while rising to the top of the music food chain, only to be completely ignored and threatened.

    According to Jones, the Pussycat Dolls were nothing more than a high-end prostitution ring, as they were forced to sell their souls and bodies to power brokers in the entertainment industry. And now, as the Harvey Wiestein scandal is beginning to explode into accusations by even more Hollywood women against the men who forced them to make choices between their morals and their careers, Jones says she has details of predatory sexual behavior and abuse, including names and timelines, that she logged in a personal journal.

    Taking to Twitter in a stream of messages, Jones says that she understands that she is targeting the very top of the entertainment industry and that she has prepared a document that has been stashed with a close confidante in case she ends up dead.


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      1. And the flood gates begin to open……….

        • Let it all out Kaya, its time to expose every one of these perverted freaks for who they really are!

          • Hmm, for a minute I thought I accidentally navigated to the National Enquirer website, not SHTFplan. What does this have anything to do with, well, anything at all useful?

            • ok, i’ll take this one, blackmoe. the connection is that there is so much corruption in EVERY corner of america now, that we are screwed blue, and tatooed too. it’s all fallin’ apart…..for YEARS now…..and it’s ACCELERATING as i write. isn’t that why you are here? to see the warning-signs? i for one appreciate these articles that point the way to the collapse of america….even though stevie wonder could SEE it from 10,000 feet up.

            • I’ll tell you.
              From Hollywood to DC they rule your world i the most satanic, vile way. Any kids, nieces, nephews etc. Wake up and smell the coffee.

        • One thing is for damn sure. While all this BS is going on the other hand is up to no good. We can do one thing to stop this, cripple these lucifarian minions and that is to cut the head off the snake by not going to see these movies whether they appear in theatres or show them on TV. Starve them….shut these bastards down.

          • The problem with that is, while you may be making a small dent in these bigwigs’ pockets you would also be hurting the livelihoods of thousands more who are normal, good people. I’m talking about all the crew, all the extras, all the small businesses that benefit from the film industry. I work in film, and I love my job!

            • sorry good guy, but you aint gettin’ another PENNY from ME. i won’t go to a movie, and i will boycott ANYone i see supporting these SOB’s.

        • Wow, SHTFPlan has gone Tabloid. Who give a rats ass about anything Hollywood. Bunch of whining shills.

          Finally getting to cutting up some down trees on the back half from Hurricane Irma a month ago. Lots of work in recovery. Still have things sitting high up in case of the flooding. This is life going on here, not the Hollywood BS Fake people pretending crapola. Just trying to get back to normal.

          • … and who gives a rat’s derriere about the CSS daily bloviations?

          • EVERY PARENT GIVES A “Rats Ass”
            Missing the point. This is not just about cutting down trees and prepping or protecting your pennies… about our most valuable resource – KIDS!!!
            These scum of the world have used and abused kids for decades,cost lives of innocent children by their satanic sacrifices and so much more.
            Some brave soles are taking a stand and don’t need negativity.
            My mother always said “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all”

        • The North and the South descended from two completely different parent cultures.

          Thats why they were so much at odds with each other.

          The North was begotten of the puritans.

          The South was the northernmost extension of the slave labor planter culture of the Caribbean, of which Barbados was the prototype.

          South Carolina, the first of the “deep south” states to be settled, was populated by Barbadian planter colonists and their slaves.

          Martinique and Guadeloupe were worth more than all of Canada.

          Haiti was worth more than all the American States put together.

          Why isnt this taught in schools?

          The Caribbean colonies were the valuable ones. Not North America.

      2. Corey Haim took his own life in 2010 as another child actor who claimed unwanted Hollywood sexual advances in his short career.

      3. Hollywood is a den of iniquity and depravity? I’m truly shocked!! The next thing you know someone will be accusing the Catholic priesthood of improprieties with choirboys! At least Roy Rogers, Dale Evans, and Trigger are okay.

      4. Kaya Jones may have just signed her own death warrant. While I can appreciate the risk she’s taking, she needs to go into hiding. It’s hard for me to see the tribe allowing their beloved Hollywood get destroyed over the ongoing scandals. I’d love to see it happen but I’m not holding my breath.

      5. Good will to her. Kaya – don’t know a thing about your music…. never heard of you til just now. Sorry about that. But, do your best regardless of what the media or the powers that be may say. God be with you young lady.

        • Amen!

        • Kaya is a country singer now… I think. She was on stage with Big & Rich a half hour before the shooting started in Vegas.

      6. None of these people were bitching when they took the money and the Oscar.

        It is what it is.

        Men want sex from women. Men dont want to listen to women whine about their feelings. Men dont want to help women advance for nothing in return.

        I really dont care about any of this.

      7. Why was holly wood name Hollywood?

        Holly wood was named Hollywood due to a few circumstances. Holly Wood holly is said to be a symbol of goodwill, peace, health and happiness. Holly is also sais to be one of the sacred trees of the faith of Wicca/Witchcraft. In folklore, the Holly tree/bush is associated with the spirit of vegetation and with the waning forces of nature. The mythical figure of the Holly King in the personification of the spirit of the holly. The Holly King rules nature during its decline from mid-summer through to mid-winter, when, at the winter solstice, he is defeated in ritual combat by his brother the Oak King. In the 1960’s the council on foreign relations and the institute of international affairs had a meeting to decide which country using its film industry would create the international culture of the future. it was agreed that HollyWood would be given the job to create the worldwide culture to the general public to create a global society. Holly wood is named”holy wood” and the holy wood is the staff of the magi (bear with me!!) or the staff of the grand magus (of occultism) the magi waves his wand and everything is changed with the casting of a spell. this staff was traditionally made with holly wood (as are chess pieces) The people that named it knew what they where doing, the had a plan to indoctrinate their views on the unsuspecting movie goers. The advent of the movies showing popular appeal

        1. The place where actors and actresses lose their souls, fake emotions, make drama, and earn money for no apparent reason.

        Saw these two comments on line and thought they fit.

        • Hollywoodland was supposed to be a housing project that never came to fruition. It had nothing to do with what Hollywood is now.

      8. You go Girl!!!

        I suggest you get a couple good bodyguards and a good alarm system at your house. Don’t drink anything that you have not personally opened and broken the seal. You are going after the elite big boys and they don’t play nice. Check the brakes on your car too.

      9. All of HollyWeird should be nuked and a side order of Napalm for good measure.

      10. Mac,
        I caught a grammatical error in the headline and think you should fix it.
        Bombshell singer, Kaya Jones,
        Bombshell: Bombshell, Kaya Jones,

        et al.

        I can’t believe so many stayed so quiet for so long. At what point is it collusion and enabling?

      11. She’ll die in her sleep. Epilepsy related.

      12. Do not give these psychopathic perps a heads up. A psychopath becomes ever more dangerous when threatened with exposure. Don’t corner a fucking rabid human unless you plan to shoot it between the eyes.

      13. Looks like the Samson option might be on the table?

      14. I kept a journal? We’ve had a journal for 2017 years? Read it. Again Rev. 2:9 3:9 John 8:44.

      15. I don’t really understand what some womanizer that looks like a total ped has to do with shtf. I never gave a shit about hollywierd celebs when I’m living check to check. You gotta be kidding me. These fruitcakes are eating sushi and your eating top ramen and we should care about their shenanigans. I hope California burns to the ground. With my luck they will sell the wine and market it as smokey flavor wine and make millions. Like falling in a pile of shit and come out smelling like roses.

      16. The Republicans have hypocrites claiming almost virtual exclusivity with their shield of Christian values but they’re lightweights to the Democrats championing the plight of the little guy, the powerless as they hurl large bricks while residing in a plate glass home.

      17. Abuse of women, and the attendant leftist hypocrisy, is unacceptable. However, one item in the article is non-sequitur:
        “the Pussycat Dolls were nothing more than a high-end prostitution ring, as they were forced to sell their souls and bodies to power brokers in the entertainment industry.”

        Forced? You weren’t forced to do anything. All you had to do was QUIT, go back to school (hey, one year I worked FULL time at night and when to school full time in the day; another year I lived in an unheated basement in Canada while doing grad work) and get a regular day job like the rest of us working stiff. Not very glamorous, or probably paying 1% of what you made, but, no doubt you wanted to be rich as famous. I am disgusted by Weinstein, and his abuse is evil, period, end of story. But you, Kaya, were COMPLICIT in that you didn’t walk away when you KNEW the environment. You were in a corrupt business, and you knew it. If I had taken a job catering for Al Capone, and then complained when I, e.g. unwillingly witnessed the St Valentines Day Massacre, how much sympathy would I get from you?

      18. Kevin2, oh so true. Trump has been severely restrained if not made an outright puppet like his predecessors. As you once said in a previous thread {I don’t remember which one] THERE ARE NO SAINTS. If I found one saint anywhere, I would be shocked.

      19. This was written and sang about years ago by The Eagles! It’s been happening in Hollywood AND other places too I bet! Check this out >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>King of Hollywood
        written: D. Henley and G. Frey
        lead vocal: D. Henley and G. Frey
        Live Audio: Long Beach 1980
        Well, he sits up there on his leatherette
        Looks through pictures of the ones that he hasn’t had yet
        When he thinks he wants a closer look
        he gets out his little black telephone book
        He’s calling, calling, calling
        He’s calling, calling, calling
        He’s calling ,calling, calling
        He’s calling

        “Come sit down here beside me, honey
        Let’s have a little heart to heart
        Now look at me and tell me, darlin’
        How badly do you want this part?
        Are you willing to sacrifice?
        And are you willing to be real nice?
        All your talent and my good taste
        I’d hate to see it go to waste”

        “We gon’ get you an apartment, honey
        We gon’ get you a car
        Yeah, we gonna take care of you, darlin’
        We gon’ make you a movie star
        For years I’ve seen ’em come and go”
        He says, “I’ve had ’em all, you know
        I handled everything in my own way
        I made ’em what they are today”

        After awhile, nothin’ was pretty
        After awhile, everything got lost
        Still, his Jacuzzi runneth over
        Still, he just couldn’t get off
        He’s just another power junkie
        Just another silk scarf monkey
        You’d know it if you saw his stuff
        The man just isn’t big enough

      20. All that horny harvey has to do is claim he is the adult child of an alcoholic and wah- lah it all goes away…. he’s on the college lecture tour with slick willy.

        UNLESS – he is too be sacrificed … in attempt to make the “NEXT” exposure appear non-political.

      21. PLEASE use the correct terminology!! When FORCE, FRAUD and or COERCION is involved, that isn’t a prostitution ring. By legal definition what she described is a SEX TRAFFICKING RING. Yes there is a difference and the distinction should be made. There are many people who choose to and enjoy providing erotic services and I am one of them. I am networked with many thousands of sex workers. When you are being forced or coerced or tricked- it’s not something you want to do, that is sex trafficking not mere prostitution. Also- at least these women had the option of reporting. sex workers cannot report when they are abused or raped for fear of being arrested. Not to mention POLICE are often the ones raping or coercing sex in exchange for not arresting. During vice stings and at other times law enforcement officers often have sexual contact before ARRESTING sex workers! This is ‘rape by deception’ where consent is negated! Even when Sex workers do have the courage to report, they are treated as sub human such as the sex worker who was gang raped at gun point the judge (a woman) ruled it was merely ‘theft of services’ not a violent brutal rape! Lady you have the benefit of EQUAL PROTECTION UNDER LAW which under criminalization sex workers do not have. Because society can’t stand for human beings to get paid for or purchase erotic pleasure consensually it’s a-ok for the human rights of sex workers to be violated. We deserve it for being sex workers. You equating your having been coerced with sex work – consensual prostitution is a FALSE equivalence not to mention it is stigmatizing and marginalizing. Please don’t EXPLOIT sex workers for your narrative! If you want to describe what happened to you as something awful and sick you can accurately do so by calling it what it is- SEX TRAFFICKING.

      22. Kaya needs 24 hour protection.

      23. Want to know the skinny on this? It has nothing to do with bad Harvey finally getting his cumuppance. No, all these bitches work in an industry in severe crisis and they are using the sex thing to get whatever money they can out of the industry before it crashes and burns. All these bitches were happy to stay quiet when the money was flowing in and they blew and fucked their way up the career ladder.

        Liberal women never complain about wild Bill Clinton or Trudeau manhandling women. It’s really all about the money, nothing more.

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