Bomb Squad Called After Jogger Finds Armour-Piercing Tank Round

by | Oct 24, 2017 | Headline News | 18 comments


The Pennsylvania State Police bomb squad was called after an armor-piercing tank round was found by a jogger. The bomb squad was able to confirm the object was a Sabot projectile.

The jogger who saw the projectile flagged down police at about 1:30 pm on Sunday afternoon to report the finding of the strange object. It was found along the banks of the Susquehanna River in an area called Front Street River Walk in Harrisburg. “Officers identified the object as a possible tank Sabot projectile,” a police spokesman said. “The area was secured and notification to the Pennsylvania State Police Bomb Squad was made.”

Police also used a bomb K9 to make sure there were no other explosives in the area. Harrisburg Police issued the following statement about the incident:

“On 10/22/17 at 1325 hours, Harrisburg Police were flagged down by a jogger on the Front Street River Walk at Peffer Street. The jogger advised the officer of a strange object in the river bank. Officers identified the object as a possible tank Sabot projectile. The area was secured and notification to the Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) Bomb Squad was made.

At 1531 hours, PSP bomb technicians arrived and confirmed that the object was a Sabot projectile. The projectile was collected and taken into custody by PSP. An HPD bomb K-9 was summoned after the projectile was secured to verify that there were no other explosives in the area. No other objects were found.

This is an ongoing investigation. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Harrisburg Police or submit information through our Crime Watch Portal.”

The authorities have said that they are continuing to investigate this incident.

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    1. TEST

      Prof: Algebra, geometry perpetuate “white, male privilege”

      “Some ideas are so stupid that only intellectuals believe them” – George Orwell

      See full absurd story at, where nutbar Rochelle Gutierrez, a prof at the University of Illinois (figures, and of course she is a “prof” in EDUCATION, not math!), in a new anthology for math teachers, argues that teachers must be aware of the “politics that mathematics brings” in society.

      Perhaps, since math is part of white male privilege, we knock a few zeros (note: Webster says zeros and zeroes are both acceptable) off the pay stub she gets every week. Great way to stop white male oppression by not perpetuating it. Maybe she can take a knee – preferably this January when it is -30 F outside – as well, in protest.

      Note: the number zero, critical to all math (obviously) was invented in India, then passed west to the Arabs after (yet another invasion of the subcontinent.

      • zing!

        If math is white male culture, then it’s cultural appropriation for a latina to be doing it!

    2. aljamo

      Who manufactured the Sabot projectile?

      • JustMe

        That is a surplus display item. Note the hose clamp holding the sabot together.

        • Plan twice, prep once

          What ever works for the Globalists.

    3. MWK

      it looks like the rear portion of the “thing” is held together with a metal band clamp.

    4. Historian

      “…found along the banks of the Susquehanna River…”

      The pharmacological toxicity of uranides is at least as concerning as the radiological toxicity. Ingestion, whether by air or water, is typically of greater concern than mere exposure.

    5. Kevin2

      Its not explosive but assuming its not just a military classroom display and its and actual projectile its DU Depleted Uranium.

    6. shane

      Depleted Uranium is no big deal in this munition, I’ve got hundreds of pounds of DU used as radiation shielding surrounding our sources. It just sits there like lead, harming no one. However, if you try exploding or burning it, like when used as a tank round, then yes, any impact dust created or fumes from combustion of DU munitions are inhalation hazards, same as any heavy metal dust from cutting or fumes from melting would be.

    7. Coyote

      This round is not DU, you only use DU for one reason, to destroy your enemy.

      What they found was a dummy round.

    8. Press 9 for English

      The question is how did it get there?

    9. Him

      Armor piercing, fin stabilized, discarding sabot. Not explosive. 11 Echo. 1966-69.

    10. Anticommie

      Cool. Where can I buy one?

    11. Beo Jar

      This isn’t a story. It’s fear mongering. A once fired “SLAP” or sabot, light armor pricing round is not a danger or threat. It’s the same as picking up a once fired bullet at the range. The “joggerer” is a useless meat sack. Eahat a cuck.

      • dc

        concur. jogger should have took it home as a souvenir wrapped in a tee shirt. not explosive but pretty cool to have as a relic., but good question how did it get there?

    12. Robert

      100% not a Sabot round. I mean shit, I can see a worm style hose clamp holding part of it together….

    13. nlghtened2

      Looks like a railgun sabot.

    14. El Jeffe


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