Body Cam Video They Don’t Want You To See: Arizona Cop Takes Down Knife-Wielding Jihadist *Sensitive Images*

by | Feb 18, 2019 | Headline News | 57 comments

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    The media is quick to pounce on narratives that serve their agenda, but when it comes to actual news stories about the dangers of real hate and terrorism in America they are often silent.

    This is the case with the following report, which apparently was so damaging to the mainstream agenda that not only did they refuse to cover it, but Maricopa refused to release the video until they were sued.

    In the video, an individual is confronted by a Maricopa County, Arizona officer. The individual, as seen below, first indicates to the officer that he wants to “talk about” political issues.

    All seems well for about 20 seconds, when the man seems to completely lose his marbles when asked to produce identification. He first begins throwing rocks at the officer, then pulls a knife, at which point things take a turn for the worse for this peaceful protester:

    Why it was so difficult for Maricopa County to release this video remains a mystery.


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      1. The LEO showed a lot of patience and professionalism

        I guess the perp did not want to integrate into society
        I also assume he is still alive – they will give him a second chance to do so

        • It proves a point. Never take a knife to a gunfight. 🙂

          • Looking through the twitter feed comments….

            “LoL don’t bring a rock to a Glock fight.”

          • 9wzAGE4quWU
            US Marshall Raylan Givens (Justified) doesn’t believe in the 21 foot rule.

            I bet every Kentuckian watched that show.

            • kzeYjPxM450
              Then Raylan did it again.

              • r7HN7THecwg
                The insanely fast Bob Munden. Too fast fr the eye or ear to register.

        • He will most likely sue the Officer, the county, the state the country, israel, God, Jesus and the lawyers representing all the above. They will offer a settlement. Only in America. Coming to a town near you and the baby butchering demoncraps welcome them with open arms. This country won’t survive.

          • That’s why head-shots are the preferred result.

        • Patience and professionalism? Why did he start asking about ID? That’s what really seemed to throw the guy into a tiz.

          Don’t get me wrong, it’s good one less of these idiots is walking around out there, but the cop had no business asking for any kind of ID.

      2. The Arizona LEO’S know to release this video would put Our Country on a WAR FOOTING. Not a Doubt that this human is evil and is not the only one inside our Country .This is coming to a city near you .

        • This is a typical islamic savage that deserves not one but several bullets to make sure he is dead.

          • HANG them all or we will suffer a terrible end result. Great job barry hussein the druggie, married to a nasty, vile tyranny he-she it creature!!

          • Menzo, that cops did something useful for a change. One less muslim savage to worry about. If I’d been that cop I would’ve done the same thing. The scum got sent straight to his beloved allah [SARCASM].

            • I don’t know if the cop killed him or not but I certainly would have. The scum muslim put his incredible intelligence on display for us throwing rocks at the cop. Incredible! He’s a credit to his false religion.

              • Menzo, if that had been me that sandflea would’ve gotten more than 2 bullets and one would’ve gone into his head.

                • Menzo, BTW if that cop had fired those 2 shots into his head instead of his torso that would’ve done the trick. I can do head shots.

          • Menzoberranzan, He double tapped him twice to the body core, but waited longer and let the guy get closer than I may have. 100% justifiable shooting and any law suit should be tossed for good reason. Only a partisan judge would let this continue more than 5 minutes. Letting this go to full fruition is grounds for the judge to be shot !

      3. But I thought Islam is a religion of peace? (Biting sarcasm)

        • Muslims are 1000% SCUM trash and they want to continue flooding them into civil society. This is how they truly are people!! Wake up America.

        • Maranatha, islam is a religion of peace…..BOOM! Get my drift? [SARCASM]

        • Islam is the religion of peace… I’m still waiting for ONE example of that.

      4. The old saying about stupid people bringing a knife to a gun fight plays out in that video.

      5. There are actually US federal statues and executive orders which could entirely restrict Muslim immigration, though they are afraid to go there. That is the basis for POTUS’ executive order.

        They are a clear and present danger to the nation. We cannot restrict our citizens’ expression of religion however.

        • Several aspects of this law could be applied to ban innumerable illegal aliens, communists, various muslims, and other undesirables who have diseases, etc. We just rarely enforce it.

          Similarly we could EJECT many citizens using similar federal statues but elect not to. Every communist could be ejected tomorrow who is not a citizen, and every citizen who is a citizen could be charged with crimes JUST for being a communist. Likewise every Antifa member could be ejected as well following a trial.

          htt ps://

          The law is the law. It would be extremely scary to enforces these laws.

          • Maranatha, if I ever catch any muslim scum trying to harm any American that muslim will be headed straight to allah.

        • No, not on grounds of religion- but the law IS ment to restrict uncivilized behavior no matter the religion. It is unjust to protect some people who do not behave in a civilized manner because of religion (which may happen to be a violent one). Especially if their religion tells them to kill everyone not of the same faith. Keep your 2nd amendment rights, you may need them some day.

      6. Completely justified shooting, and since the person shot is not of the African Race, the news media will not show this.

        I feel fully that this is the only reason it has not been shown. The Guy was not Black, therefore NO Media mention.

        A good officer that I would welcome to my politically slanted area.

        Well done

      7. Not too ight-bray on his part …

      8. Phoenix is full of raghead “refugees” who spend a lot of time in the public library on jihadi websites. Tucson,too,has its share of “refugees” on the public rolls. Arozona is actually a purple state,not red as outsiders imagine it. Only in rural areas are true conservatives

      9. Upsetting?

        The only thing I found upsetting is the raghead-style neck beard the perp has.

      10. This is disturbing, yet Americans really do NOT know what Islam truly teaches. If they did, muslims would be banned from living in America. Look up “christian prince” on youtube and you will know the truth.

      11. Saw a tee shirt recently for sale and it went something like this ” If you don’t like the flag and for what it stands for, I’ll help you pack “. Said something similiar to this yrs ago to a war protester, if you don’t like the way it is here in the U.S., you’r free to leave” and he did. Now he is a loyal, tax paying canadian citizen and loyal to the Queen ( and has been for 50 yrs ).

      12. Should have shot him in the face.

      13. Neither side of that altercation was a voluntaryist.

        • Noone can explain why that jihadist was ever allowed to participate, in civil society, to the point of having food, transportation, and clean clothes (under presumptive police protections) nor why this “perfectly average citizen” was harassed, at random.

          You plebs are considered his moral equal, in every way. This cannot be overstated. Calling him a peaceful protestor is to make the peaceful protestor equally suspect. Christians and Constitutionalists are considered troublemakers, according to the praetors.

          You’re picking favorites, here, when neither is loyal to you. Either will collect a jizya.

      14. Should have shot him in the face!!!

      15. I’m waiting for them to start killing in Michigan and Minnesota, the US capitol for muslims.

      16. Mikki, welcome. According to an FBI study, Minnesota is the No. 1 recruiting ground for muslim terrorists in the US. The Somali scum are there.

        • DEPLORABLE Renegade, not to be disagreeing, but I’d simply state that the SOMALI RADICALS are preeminent there…

          THAT’S what is dangerous…(I live in a VERY LARGE City, with [WAY, TOO MANY], Muslims, and, to their credit they’re NOT pushing their potential yet)…

          Probably because they KNOW that MY STATE will NOT NEED the Police, so much, IF they become a dangerous problem…because in my STATE, EVERYONE has at LEAST a firearm…and MOST have much more…It will be a VERY LOPSIDED affair…in which “WE the fine People…”; WILL WIN HANDS DOWN!

          • CG, you make some good points, I’ll grant you that. My primary point is I don’t have any use for muslims, period. I live in reality and I see them for what they really are.

          • Concerning radical islam, I have read many sources that claim to know, they believe that even the muslims that do not participate in jihad type behavior know in a lot of cases what the active ones plan, do, desire to do. A lot of people subscribe to the theory there are “sleeper cells” scattered around the country, that await orders. I don’t know for a fact these notions are true, but they are certainly not outside the realm of reality. Here in Appalachia, we keep our ears up, and our nose to the ground. We are suspicious by nature. It will all work out…

      17. He did do something in protest
        He got his self shot lol moron

      18. Great job. That is all I can say.

      19. Sgt. Dale, good to see you back. How’ve you been?

      20. Glad he had his cam rolling.

      21. The only upsetting things I saw was:

        (1) The cop almost let him stab him before shooting, and

        (2) The cop should have shot him in the head.

        I hope at least he placed the rounds close enough to left-center that the last thing “We The People” will have to pay is for his cremation.

        • point 1 i agree…….point 2 I disagree……there are far too many liberal anti-cop anti-gun DAs in the world for head shots. They would love to burn another cop for using “excessive force”…3 in the chest usually will do the trick though

          • The DA might be anti-gun, but they are pro-cop dick suckers and boot lickers. They would never prosecute.

      22. The more Muslims no longer hide their true intentions, the easier it will be to expose them. Thus the easier it will be to eliminate refugees and immigrants who are under consideration when we honestly do not need them.

        The USA has been amongthe most compassionate in terms of immigration and refugee mitigation. We have done enough and can now quit.

        Christians should only help fellow Christians.

        • Muslims end up in Hell. As do atheists.

      23. Not the sharpest tool in the shed, was he? And the officer gave him ample warning to drop the knife and surrender before he shot him,showing considerable restraint.I live in central Arizona, Phoenix is another world. Here in this small town, the locals would have dealt with him real fast before the police even arrived.

      24. I must admit, I like hearing that POS screaming in pain…….

      25. Now this Islamist will be taken to hospital at great cost to the community to patch up bullet wounds. In Australia we have similar Jihadists who are welcomed here by the Labor Party and the Greens. Australia goes to an election in May and if Labor scrapes in its leader Bill Shorten, aptly nicknamed ‘Sharia Shorten’ says he will open the doors to more ragheads just like this one!

      26. Quick way to ID a Jihadi: Note the long beard with the shaved upper lip. Also the high water pants. In the Mideast it’s high water robes.

      27. Paul Penzone is Soros’ bitch. That’s why it was so hard for MCSO to release the video.

      28. Dead terrorist, good…but why did the cop ask for ID? There was no reason to ask for ID…nor did he have to produce it.

        I’m glad that one less POS is gone now, but the cop had no business asking about ID.

        The Arizona “Mandatory ID” does not mean anyone has to simply produce a government ID on demand. It simply means they have to provide ID such as first+last name and birthday when the cop as RAS of a crime.

      29. Thirteen Rounds left in MAG. WTF?
        Just saying…

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