BLOODY FIGHTING In Portland After Antifa Attacks Patriot Prayer Rally

by | Jun 4, 2018 | Headline News | 80 comments

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    Violence broke out yesterday in downtown Portland, Oregon as sociopathic Antifa members stormed a Patriot Prayer Rally. Weapons, fireworks, and bottles, were all used by Antifa to cause harm to police and those participating in the gathering for prayer.

    Patriot Prayer, which labels itself as a peaceful First Amendment advocacy group, organized the rally in Portland. “Tiny’s Freedom March,” was supposed to be a going-away event for Tusitala John Toese, who’s close with group leader Joey Gibson and was scheduled for 5 p.m.

    The Rose City Antifa scheduled a counter-protest for 4 p.m. It was meant “to show Patriot Prayer, just as we showed them last year, that their violence and hatred has no place in Portland,” according to Antifa; whose violence and hatred is supposedly perfectly acceptable.

    But Antifa isn’t too fond of people actually being free to express themselves non-violently, so they made sure to start some bloody fights with those who attended the march. Many of the Antifa activists wore black and covered their faces. Some protesters said they were demonstrating against police brutality; (by brutally attacking the police) one sign bluntly read “F— the police.” One demonstrator was taken away bloody and in zip-tie restraints.

    According to Fox News, police said Sunday that while the city respects “the right to assemble,” anyone with weapons or anyone involved in violent activities was subject to arrest. Police also tweeted that “Weapons have been confiscated from protesters” and “Fireworks and bottles have been thrown at officers and participants.”

    It was not immediately clear if Sunday’s demonstrations downtown resulted in any arrests, but photos and videos posted to social media showed protesters fighting and clashing, while some apparently were doused with pepper spray.

    Last year’s protests resulted in 14 arrests.

    Things started to calm down later Sunday evening as police were able to mostly keep the two groups separated. At one point, both groups marched around the block, after which they reoccupied their respective spaces on opposite sides of the street and resumed yelling back and forth at each other.

    Typical leftists showing just how tolerant they are by hatefully and violently showing just how much they hate violence and hate. The world could not come up with a more contradictory organization than Antifa if it tired. (Please don’t take that as a challenge.)


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      1. You antifa pussies are fixing to get yourselves killed if you continue.

        • People don’t understand the tactics, strategies, and goals of the left. They know full well, that the power structure has their back, having been infiltrated and co-opted long ago. The people who control them understand human dynamic, and will only allow them to do just enough to provoke a response. These are people who have been conditioned from a very young age, to only accept leftist ideology.

          The time to throw them out was decades ago. Every day the adherents of Freedom sit and do nothing, the left gets stronger. Americans in particular, really do not get the gravity of the situation.

          • Just Me is correct in that ANTIFA has there back covered and they are funded. The problem is, the “adherents of Freedom” backs are not covered. This means 1000’s of patriots will need to become fodder by throw their lives away to fill the moat before the bulk of the patriots will be in a moral position to truly act. Evil always finds no problem in attacking the innocent. Grown ups just want to live and let live. This has played out 1000’s of times in history and alot of people must suffer before the sleeping giant wakes. The problem is, the globalist never seem to get the beating they deserve. Only their minions who take the beating.
            Take care.

          • Just: So damn True! We, the Right never do shit!?!? WTF is that? What will it take to get a legitimate response? I guess when an entire family is murdered or have their heads beaten in, they will realize, damn, guess we should of put down the “dumb phones” and the TV remote and got off of our lazy fucking asses…disgraceful. Most men are no longer men either, bunch of pussies.sitting home, fat and lazy and I suppose content with the current conditions.

          • ‘They know full well, that the power structure has their back”.
            Then find out who pulls the strings of the local power structure and impress upon them the virtues of stopping.

            • Front Runner is spot on. Everyone of us Patriots should know almost every commie within a five mile radius of our home base. At least know the commies in power, whether it’s someone on a school board or a cop or someone who works in the tax office.

              Find out who these commies are. Find out their habits. One day it will be your turn to take charge and help clean our country free of commies.

          • JustMe, BINGO, the right has been conditioned to supposedly take he high ground but what they are really doing now is embolbening the left and groups like Antifa. Notice these acts only happen in cities where the supposed authorities allow Antifa and BLM to attack other people. Portland is run by extreme left wing maniacs like the judge that let the illegal alien out the back door so he could not be arrested by ICE. The Portland Police are a serious bad joke as well as the Sheriff’s in the adjoining counties and the entire judicial system in western Oregon. In fact the police actually cause most of the violence because they crate a situation where the right have to wait to be attacked and then if the right fights back the police will arrest them as well ? WTF is wrong with that picture and self defense ? I saw it all first hand more than once and yes the Antifa fools are pussies. As soon as you fight back and draw blood they run like little girls. The only reason the right won that day was because the feds showed up in force and made the local police do their jobs ! Portland police are 100% PC pussies and most should be fired ASAP. They are accepting pay from taxpayers and screwing you daily in the insane PC corruption the city sponsors! Antifa like to lob grenades and objects of various types from a distance or rocks or whatever and the police do absolutely nothing unless they get hit. The mayor and COP all need to be fired and investigated just exactly like DOJ and FBI. It is all the same political corruption BHO and crew created deliberately and the governor revels in the shit. The entire state hiearchy is 100% corrupted in a myriad of ways and until people stand the fuck up and say “NO MORE” nothing will really change much if at all.

            This explains some of it but there are more factors like PRAVDA/MSM . Realize many Americans who call themselves conservatives are just fat pussies as well ! They will stand by and watch as serious crimes are committed against themselves and do NOTHING. AS long as that exist nothing can or will change ! The vast majority make all manner of excuses to do nothing, ponder that ! There is a far better way to live and think !



        • Menzo, agreed. Let one of those antifa scumbags attack me and the f#$%er will be laying on the ground in its own blood.

          • Antifa, it’s a fatal mistake for you or any of your “comrades” to underestimate us. Better think long and hard before doing anything.

          • antifa, just what exactly what do you expect someone to do when you confront them with bodily harm? I have been charged with awdw intent to kill, serious bodily injury 5 times. Dummies like you coming on to my property shouting I’m going to fuck your white ass up. charged with it 5 times all not guilty. cost a fortune and worth every cent. Doesn’t count the ones I didn’t get charged with. Just be careful cause everyone don’t play or hesitate. Can’t run away, just a flaw I guess.

          • I hate to have to point out the obvious to you, but if you haven’t “ come for us “ already, then you have already “ waited “. And thus I must again point out the twin obvious things about you.
            A.your a lying coward.
            B. You just peed your panties.

            Child, your way with words is woeful, and your brains aren’t equivalent to the amount of dynamite that it takes to blow your own nose.

            Supercilious cowards, come out and play already. I mean for really real.

        • Antifa_Comin4U, bring it on you commie piece of shit if you have a death wish.

        • Yes. As soon as I get a chance I’m going to kill a bunch of you.

        • Antifa talks big…probably doesn’t know how to use an AR-15. they have no idea what they are in for……

        • Antifa-

          Antifa is the name of a Communist organization established before World War Two that clashed with the fascists. So, although you may not think of yourself as a Communist, you in fact support Communism which is better known today as Globalism. Fascism and Communism are neither definitions clear so using them is futile. But, I’m afraid you are helping to support the very things you oppose. You will be killed, not by rednecks, but by the people who back Antifa. That is how they roll. They exploit your good intentions and your lack of knowledge about their true intentions, which is the enslavement of the masses. Wake up and join the real freedom fighters.


          • The “red guard” always dies first, after the “revolution”…

          • Antifa is nothing more than a fully funded Progressive Democratic Nazi organization. We exterminated them during WW2, we need to do the same today.

            • Your statement about “nazis” shows that you know nothing about them, or communism, or antifa. Your lack of understanding exemplifies the overall problem.

        • Let’s bring the division between The NWO LEFT and Patriots out into the open and settle it once and for all time, everywhere in America.

          Engage the enemy or be overwhelmed by them. 🙂

          • Antifa_Comin4U, I may be wrong, but I smell a rat? Are you into roll playing much? As for all who respond to your bogus comments beware, To borrow a line from the Bellamy Brothers, Life is like a jar of Jalapenos, because what you do and say today, don’t just go away and stay, It’ll come back and burn your ass tomorrow. Trekker Out. Know What I Mean!

            • I meant every word I said.

          • This is obviously a leftist troll bot but I want the face mask anyway. Let’er Rip Tater Chip. I do notice how the states most affected by this mental illness are coastal. Something weird about that….probably too much irradiated ocean seeping into the water table. Coastal states are mental.

        • Don’t forget the AR-10s and AK-47s there mr antifa trash.

        • Antifa is a bunch of cum guzzlers: Go back to you Mamma’s basement and finish jerking off to your gay, fat, black porn you cum guzzler you.

        • Antifa_Comin4U,

          Could you please explain what it is that you stand for? Could you explain what it is that you want?

          I see violence and name calling but no clear issues laid out anywhere.

        • @ Antifa comin 4 U
          LOL ! In your dreams pumpkin. Go put on yout tutu & go back to mommy’s basement. You have no effin clue what will happen when you open Pandora’s box. Out here in the country , we kill a couple coyotes & then hang them on the fence line. Ther rest are then warned & most are smart enough to stay away. I will have no problem stacking snowflakes high around my perimeter . We have some nice flocks of buzzards here that will feast on the buffet. So , when are you gonna stop flapping your pie hole …. and bring it ????
          Standing by in Montgomery County Texas

      2. Portland is infested with mentality deranged nuts. What a shithole city it has become.

        • Infidel: so is Seattle, San F. and others, all rat holes with liberal morons and commie gov. (city and county) Agenda 21 pushed all over. Hopefully someday rats will feast on their corpses.

          • All the big cities are Leftist.

            That’s why they have the problems they have.

      3. Not really sure what it is that Antifa supports or opposes. Are these the homeless people? Their name starts with Anti, so anti something?

        • The bulk of them are low IQ young adults that live with their parents.

          • Menzo: Many are also welfare bums, some paid agitators and loser young people too lazy to work like most younger spoiled brats today who want everything handed to them.

            • Laura Ann, that’s what ALL of them are. They would get chewed up and spit out in the real world.

            • Exactly.

        • Anti fascist. Or so they claim. They are, in fact, communist. Violent communists that are urged on by their college professors. Their teachers are communists. Sometimes the antifa rioters are the young professors.

          • I just love how the media declares the rioters to be “protesters.”

            • Well ya got to admit, no matter what side you’re on, what good is a peaceful protest? Not saying that riots are the answer – they’re definitely not – but TPTB doesn’t listen to you if you’re nice and peaceful. If you want true meaningful change to make things right, sometimes things need to get bloody. Their blood of course, not ours.

              When it really starts, the snowflake liberal antifa fags will be mere farts in the wind. Pay them little or no attention. They are not the real enemy.

              • I know they are merely cannon fodder but they must be eliminated also as they do damage to innocents and our property.

          • Please come to the small towns of NC. I’ll be in one of them with my high rise redneck truck when you pussies are stupidly standing in the road blocking traffic. The ones of you that aren’t run over will be gunned down shortly thereafter. You’ll beg for the cops you hate so bad to protect you.

            • I’ll probably use my AK on y’all. punk.

            • By the way, throwing bottles and shit, assaulting people and generally acting like scum is not covered under the 1st Amendment. However, defending oneself from such actions is covered under the 2nd.

            • Antifa, you really need to be careful what you wish for. So you want to try grabbing guns? You’re just going to get yourself killed for the wrong kind of cause. If you’re really dumb enough to literally try that I don’t have any sympathy for you.

            • I live just a bit away from Seattle.
              I’ve got TWO BIG TRUCKS….
              And TWO BIG BALLS…

              Come on up and play, one on one, or are you too scared ?

              That’s why I always let you girls get the first hit, before I squash you like the bugs you are.

            • What an idiot. You just showed everyone how brainwashed and ignorant you are. Troll on useful idiot.

          • Your a fucking moron of the highest order.

          • Antifa; obviously you haven’t lived long enough to experience life. You eat up a failed ideology(apparently you don’t read history)and will be thrown under the bus by your own when things get messy. your anger is misplaced and your lack of life experience shows. Come back in 20 years and see how you have changed and don’t dare say you haven’t. been there,done that and have the tye dyed t shirt to prove it.

          • At least ALL of us love guns and ammo. That is one thing I like about your group. I don’t care for the lesbians, since they have absolutely no use to me.

            See you on the battlefield.

            • Actually Centurion they will see few of us on the battlefield. They will never know what hit them from 500 Meters+ by a totally camouflaged sniper. Our gunnery and fighting skills, are so far in advance of what ANY Antifa people are in possession of that they do not have a single hope of winning any encounter during a Civil War. Half of the people in my group have killed people in overseas conflicts. They really don’t have a clue as to what they are dealing with.

      4. Antifa_Comin4U, STFU and go back to the MSM sites.

        • Antifa, like I said, just bring it if you think you have what it takes. I’ll chew you up and spit you out like a worn-out piece of chewing gum.

      5. This “Antifa_Comin4U” and his evil cohorts should be looking in the mirror. They are the very definition of intolerance and authoritarianism. They sure seem to follow the playbook of the SA right out of 1934. Trump needs to get the DOJ to investigate them as the hate group that they truly are.

      6. Its really quite simple – The left want to destroy America.
        Trump and our patrioticfriends will not allow that to happen
        Never give up your guns.
        Never sbmit to the American hating liberal MSM
        Never give Hollywood sodimites spite

        Liberalism is a Demented Satanic Cult

      7. I can not wait till this “country” explodes in Violence and we can deal with this.

        When the SHTF finally arrives, this “problem” will be over in a few days.

        My Red Neck friends haven’t been stockpiling for decades for nothing.

      8. Antifa_Comin4U you’re a funny little child, stupid, petulant, low IQ and have no idea about us so called “red necks”.

        Just another stupid little troll trying to get a rise out of your betters. So throw all the childish insults you want. We on this board are laughing at you little one…

      9. Lol@the antifa internet tough guy act. You’re not going to do a damn thing but try to talk tough in the comments because you know what happens to you and your soyboy “comrades” the second you hit rural america. You lose that fight 10 times out of 10. Now go ahead and make your excuses and call your names but at the end of the day you won’t act. You will crawl back into your little rathole with your meth buddies and pretend like you are toughguys. But I do have to thank you for all the laughs your shittalking gives me.

      10. These little “snowflake antifa” need to go back to
        mama’s basement and read some unbiased
        books on American History…..and WHY IT IS
        hundreds of thousands more have died to keep it free.

        As these Antifa snowflacks start buying homes and
        stop sucking the government teat….. they will change
        their outlook.
        If they can’t find any value in this
        country pick another one they agree with.
        Go live in any other country….and don’t come back.

        Schools are taught by some of the worst Constitutional
        haters ……get rid of them!!!

      11. Antifa deserves to be SLAUGHTERED, is that perfectly clear? Any misunderstandings? The END!!

      12. Huuuummmm…..”Antifa comin 4 U” ???

        Geo. Sorass is that you???

        Sounds like a globalist, communist, natzi, Pos, trying to sound
        like a punk kid….to me!!!
        Georgie are you ramping up for another summer of paid bussed
        in rent-a-riots and starting in the S***hole…..Portland, OR
        land of morons and social rejects???

        • Whomever it is, they are enemy.

      13. Solution to this problem:
        Arrest anyone wearing anything covering face or head which
        hides their true identity. Throw them in the slammer
        Photograph them and Book ‘Em!!
        The wanna-be ISIS terrorists are all cowards who hide
        their faces because they lead another life and don’t
        want to be known.

        • kay123, yep , they are hiding so they cannot be identified as they commit crimes. Not exactly complicated is it ? And in places like Portland the police do NOTHING at all and they could !

          There is a way to defeat all of it, but it requires a support group in the background. I am working on it actively and know precisely what to do and it is all completely legal by any standard. The problem is most people talk shit and are unwilling to do a damn thing !

          Specifically in Oregon, Kate Brown and the vast majority of the governing bodies must be voted out and in some cases prosecuted for their crimes as many have been committed. A big part of the problem is the unions. Same is true in Washington. No question they have seriously corrupted all law enforcement in both states. But the unions go much deeper than simply LEOs. Promise people a absurd pensions and a lot of freebies and they will do just about anything ? So we have leaches at both ends of the spectrum. And how long is that economically sustainable ? That is the question. Because when it can no longer be maintained , that is when we will see the takers come unglued at both levels.

      14. There’s a reason that so many of the Antifa people look so pale and sickly. It’s hard to get any sunlight in your parents’ basement!

      15. Intifa; Try going to North Korea(more your style)and bitch and moan there…..think you’d be more at home there? Play your 1st amendment rights there…….

      16. really Max?

      17. Antifa. Meet the new troll, same as the old troll.

        • Yes BH. It’s either an actual member, leader of some scum agent fishing. Either way, I don’t give a damn. When the chance to engage these fucks comes, I’m in.

          • Menzoberranzan, how many say that and how many actually do it ? That is precisely a big part of the problem.

            The fact is the laws are on our side and most people simply let this shit happen by NOT standing up in various ways ! These municipalities that allow these criminals to attack people must be held accountable. Some of that is by voting out these maniacs and some is by taking action in the streets as well as various other outlets. Always remember that video is your friend in the current political climate as well.

            The best weapon is your mindset, not words unfulfilled.

            • Yes, agreed.

      18. As you can see from this thread alone, they prod and poke and see what they can get away with before a response if provoked.
        Once it is, then they run to the media and claim they’re being harassed and persecuted.
        They are very much like the dirty soccer player who will deliberately kick you in the balls but falls down, writhing in agony, if someone gets too close to him.
        Personally, can’t wait till they cross someone’s line and have to pay dearly for it.

      19. Well, well, we’ll, SHFT has been invaded by the Pacific Coast anarchists. This should be interesting.

      20. All you cop lovers, do you realize they are on antifas side? There is no place for cops or lawmakers in an anarcho-constitutional-christian nation. Every Christian man has the authority to destroy evil on sight.

      21. History is mostly lost on these deranged individuals. Once Adolph got through with their ilk in Germany, circa 1930’s…the leadership of their crowd of malcontents “disappeared” into the summer camps…labeled as “undesirables” they met their fate in the showers and ovens…
        Certainly these people can try to effect “change”…however, their handlers and money men will scatter to the winds when ordinary everyday citizens get tired of the “change”…and make change on their own terms.
        Remember the “bike lock” “Professor? Even though he was wearing a mask, he STILL got outed…
        Images like that do not fade away easily….some out there were calling for him to have an accident…which is why the LEO’s got to him FIRST…

        • Cat Herder, yes history is littered with useful idiots who are tools of the elite control freaks in every era and these Antifa, BLM and BAMN fools were exactly that, convenient tools. But they do not have the same free rein they had a short while ago because even the DEM elites denounced them as terrorist and criminals in the last year. Now all they have are the remnant of the municipalities that are extreme, like Portland, Seattle Berkley, SF and Los Angeles.

          And Eric Clanton the professor bike lock attacker is trying to negotiate a plea deal as we speak today ! He was charged with several felonies and trying to get it reduced in such a deal. So far the DA seems OK with that ? So here is her contact info , let her know what the you think and why !

          The prosecutor for the #EricClanton case is:
          Rebecca Judy Warren
          Alameda County District Attorney
          1225 Fallon Street, Suite 900
          Oakland, CA 94612
          (510) 272-6222
          [email protected]

          Some of you may remember last year I told you Antifa would fade and it has. There was no summer of rage last year as predicted. This current event was piddly compared to several years ago and it will only grow smaller. At least until the left can create some new false paradigm or perhaps new entities to use as tools. Antifa, BLM, BAMN all suck donkey , bigly ! HA HA HA they have no idea what they even supposedly stand for, pathetic fools.

      22. Let’s learn a lesson from the native American Indian tribes and begin to collect Antifa masks like they collected scalps. Once the mask is ripped off of the coward’s face, photograph them and post their picture for all patriots to see. The masks have got to go and shooting fireworks at us will not stop the advance toward their candy arses. Coward dribbles of crap they all are.

      23. test

      24. Anti- FIRST AMENDMENT is what the Anti-fa means… not anti-fascist, for they can not be against what they are or the house divided theory comes into play. That and their own website literally says “ anti- first amendment “…

        No free soeech, only their speech is allowed.

        Ow about get on a boat to Venezuela you mother fKing idiots.

      25. Is it me, or are the 8 different Antifa propaganda items for sale (from Amazon) at the end of this article just kinda missing the mark?

      26. You understand that the psychopaths that fund and control the antifa moonies also control the mercenaries in the riot gear, right? Also, notice that this sight is profiting from the sale of antifa propaganda and uniform items

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