Bloodbath: It’s 2019 And The Stock Market Is Crashing

by | Jan 2, 2019 | Headline News | 30 comments

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    The Dow futures dropped nearly 300 points on the troubling economic news in China. Coupled with the disastrous trade war, 2019 could very well be a bloodbath for the stock market.

    The United States stock index futures fell sharply on Wednesday, the first trading day of the new year, as disappointing economic data from China hampered global risk appetite, CNBC reported. At around 7 a.m. Eastern Time on Wednesday, Dow Jones Industrial Average futures pointed to a drop of 362 points at the open. Futures on the S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100 also pointed to a weak open signaling the beginning of 2019 could be a bloodbath for the stock market.

    The moves in premarket trade come after a private sector survey showed manufacturing activity in the world’s second-largest economy contracted for the first time in 19 months. China’s Markit Manufacturing Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) for December dipped to 49.7 from 50.2 in November. -CNBC

    That is likely in part due to the ongoing trade war levied against the American and Chinese consumers. The weaker-than-expected data follows a poor official survey on factory output, compounding concerns about a possible economic slowdown this year as public suffers under the cost of the horrific trade war.

    According to CNBC, futures also fell after The New York Times reported that U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer told friends and associates that he wants to prevent President Donald Trump from accepting “empty promises” from China on the trade front. The two countries are currently negotiating a trade deal after exchanging tariffs on billions of dollars worth of their goods.

    Trump has repeatedly told his advisers that Chinese president Xi Jinping is someone with whom he can cut a big deal, according to people who have spoken with the president. On Saturday, Trump called Xi to discuss the status of talks, tweeting afterward that good progress was being made. “Deal is moving along very well,” Trump declared.

    But the stock market is not seeming to respond positively to Trump’s tweet. The New Year sell-off comes after a difficult 2018 for many investors. Last year was the worst for US stocks since 2008. December was a particularly dreadful month, with the Dow plunging 8.7%.


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      1. OR, the stock market could set record gains. Time will tell but runnin around like chicken little ain’t gonna do any good.

        • Panther, in a time of unprecedented DEBT interest rates are king. Rates have become the most important economic factor to consider. The world economies are just now being effected by the FIRST FED actions when Trump was elected.

          People should remember that it typically takes 12 to 18 months for interest rate increases to work themselves through the system. THE ECONOMY IS JUST NOW RESPONDING TO THE FIRST RATE INCREASE. We will continue to see the effects of the 7 subsequent rate increases.

          Also, there are several Countries, large companies and major banks that are in financial trouble. As we learned in 2007/2008 it just takes one failure to start a cascading effect of collapses (i.e. when one falls everything will come down).

          In short this is it. I predicted that when the Government shut down that this event would signal the start of “The Greatest Depression” (I am 1 year late because I thought they would shut it down last December). Why? Because Racism and Nationalism could then be blamed for the collapse. “They” have selected their patsies/fall guys to blame and guess what it’s Nationalist who stand in the way of their NWO.

          • “People should remember that it typically takes 12 to 18 months for interest rate increases to work themselves through the system. ”

            Historically this was true, decades ago, but given the acceleration of all things money, my personal belief is that the time frame has shortened considerably: at least by half if not more, and the initial rate increases really had no measurable effect upon investors at all.

            Even the last rate may not have sparked the initial decline if the FED had signalled that it was likely the last one for awhile. Instead they stuck to their original timeline, and the smart money bailed, knowing that hogs are always the last ones to leave the trough and they are the ones who get slaughtered.

            There has been a clear decision made by the PTB to extend the business cycle as long as possible: rate increases or not. Maybe because the accelerating movement of the NMP has only 300 miles to go before reaching the “tipping point” for a Pole Shift, according to noted scientists investigating the phenomena.

            Keep stacking N packing. 🙂

            • durangokidd, I have been out of the game for awhile now so most/all of my information is dated. The rules have certainly changed.

              Keep stacking N packing is always great advise. For the next year I will use my whole prepping budget for food. I just secured a large chest freezer that will allow me to greatly increase my Hamburger and Chicken Breasts.

              Food is the best investment we can make?!?!

              • “The rules have certainly changed.”

                Rules ??? We don’t have any stinking rules anymore !!! 🙂

                BTW, survivors will write the history of these times and there are TENS of THOUSANDS of Americans out there prepping for the RESET. I suspect that this nation, overall, is by far the best prepared for what’s coming.

                Food, ammo, energy devices to control your personal climate, and tools to rebuild local civilizations. I personally like the idea of prospecting in the Western US to generate wealth after the RESET. Farming, once a lost art, will become essential to everyone to survive over time. The future of that farming is indoors & vertical. 🙂

          • Justice, I agree with everything you say but we’ve been gettin gloom and doom for how long now? The debt we have is crushing and we won’t solve that problem. I was stating more in terms of when an article is written, many come out with their analyses and chest beating rants. It’s gonna happen, but I don’t know when that will be. All I know is that I don’t care when it happens, it’s how I handle it that counts.

            • Panther, there is a lot of truth in your statement; “All I know is that I don’t care when it happens, it’s how I handle it that counts”. Except that since I think we’re close I want to really focus on food. Also, purchase less/none expensive freeze dried stuff and focus more on mid-term canned goods.

              For example, I recently did a test on Hanover Sliced Potatoes in No. 10 cans that were almost 6 years past expiration date. They were great! I could not tell the difference from recent canned potatoes. Consequently, I have spent the last few weeks looking to order 10 cases and I could not find a store anywhere! I just recently had to order 15 oz cans from Walmart for .44 per can.

              The point is that we cannot forget how hard it is to stock up on certain food items at the last second. Especially when other people will be trying to stock up as well.

              • Justice, we think a lot alike. I’ve been planning the same in terms of food. FYI, Aldi sells canned fruits and veggies dirt cheap and they’re pretty damn good. We’re also stocking up on meats, canned and dry beans, rice, flour coffee etc. From what I have learned, canned food lasts for years longer than exp dates, dates are placed on consumables by law. I read that canned food is good for at least 25 years so long as the cans aren’t dented real bad. I like what DK said…..keep stacking N packin’

              • One more thing, if you can’t get the #10’s from a retailer, try a food service dist like Sysco. I worked at the Sysco near me many years ago and the public could buy from the warehouse. Even better if you know someone there and get their discount. Just sayin

              • The underground bunkers are stocked to the hilt. Who paid for all that? And exactly who will be in those bunkers running the show when the SHTF?

        • It IS NOT a Stock crash. There has been ZERO stock or bank or financial sector personnel jumping off of buildings or bridges.

          if there is not splattered blood and brains on Wall Streets sidewalks and bodies hanging from phone cords in the stairwells….It is fake news.

      2. “That is likely in part due to the ongoing trade war levied against the American and Chinese consumers. The weaker-than-expected data follows a poor official survey on factory output, compounding concerns about a possible economic slowdown this year as public suffers under the cost of the horrific trade war.”

        Yellow journalism at its fear porn best.
        Nothing in the above paragraph is true.

        • Mac has an obvious bias against the TRUMP TARIFFS which righteously addresses the underlying imbalances in favor of China, which has decimated American workers, families, & taxpayers for decades.

          The real mystery is WHY would any American oppose measures designed to create a level playing field for all Americans competing in a global economic environment ???

          Unless you are a closet Globalist. 🙂

          • DK, “The real mystery is WHY would any American oppose measures designed to create a level playing field for all Americans competing in a global economic environment ???“ I’ve often asked myself this same question. I don’t know as much about economics as you and probably most other people but this seems pretty simple to me.

      3. The stock market has been ridiculously high in terms of PE for several years (at least by historical standards) and that can’t last forever.

        Individual stocks may perform far differently than those on the DOW index. Watch for good buys there if you are a stock investor (I’m not).

        FWIW, metals don’t seem to be performing well in relation to stock market declines, mostly pretty much just normal high/low range cycles going on as far as I see (but I’m a very minor metals trader, not an expert). I am watching Platinum, but not jumping into it again yet if I ever do.


          Looks like the Chinese have developed some original technology instead of just stealing someone else’s work.

          If this can be scaled from a lab experiment into a cost-effective industrial process, it will have implications for many fields — after all, if they can do it for gold, why not platinum and palladium as well?

          I would be very careful about acquiring the two latter metals; they derive a lot of their value from their use in catalytic converters and other industrial uses.

      4. The Sky is Falling, The Sky is Falling….
        Ohhhhh never mind, it’s just Snowing
        Honestly, the “Markets” AND the Economy need to crash HARD, and get this Credit World realigned with reality of actually paying it’s debt.
        $270,000,000,000,000.oo in world Debt, $21TRILLION in US .gov Debt are we ALL really that STUPID!!!?
        Don’t answer that… HAHAHAHA

        • NRP, I believed that when they elected Trump, they were ready to bring it down because they had found their Patsy. They have spend the first 2 years of his Presidency demonizing him(it’s actually unbeleivable how much they have attacked a sitting President). Consequently, when it all falls apart he (and the Deplorables) will be hated like no other. As I half joke, his end will be that of Mussolini!

          From here on out you guys can call me “The Chicken Man” because The Sky is Falling, The Sky is Falling….

      5. Sounds like a good time to get out of paper & put it gold, silver & yes, even lead, if you know what I mean!

        • Gold and silver have gone up significantly in the past month.

          I bought 100 rounds of silver at the end of November for $14 spot. Now it is up to $15.57 an ounce today.

          Gold was $1230 a the end of November and now it is about $1280.

          That is a good indicator that people are transferring money from the stock market into gold and silver.

          • You’ll get no argument from Ole Johnny on that one! When the SHTF, I’m only dealing in gold & silver. Fed Reserve Notes aren’t going to be worth a damn, either. If you don’t like it or threaten me in any way, just remember I deal in lead, too.

      6. Someone needs to have chicken little for dinner, lol.

        • Close,
          I had Cornish Game Hen and wild rice.
          But I don’t directly dabble in PMs
          or stocks.

      7. End is near

      8. I simply don’t care what the stock market does. The stock market producing nothing. Its gambling.

        • OG,
          Some companies allow you to buy stock directly from them.
          Boeing for example does this. I never took advantage of it since they only paid about 2% of earnings per share. Despite whatever
          you think they really don’t make a lot of profit.
          That takes all artificial gambling out of it.
          Do your due diligence and buy direct.
          Then you are gambling on the company directly,
          not on some invisible “market” ruled by invisible

          • Whatever the dividend is, you also have to take into account inflation which may eat up that dividend. Gamblers risk by hoping the goofy market optimism will allow new investor money to come in either by the same or new naive investors.

            This is why the average person back in the eighties started investing in no load mutual finds with double digit returns with sound managers with proven track records instead of stocks.

            Face it. Millenials are nothing like Boomers and neither can save nor have money to invest…even by company profit sharing. This means there will be an inevitable decline in new investment.

            Boomers are nervous about putting even more disposable assets in stocks even when there is a dip. But massive mutual funds definitely are buying the dip.

            Neither are Millennials buying homes which translates to banks having less investment money from new investors, thus they are not going to put that money into the market either.

      9. Trying to blame what the stock market does on the Tariffs is nothing but a big lie. Those in charge maniulpate the market. they have pumped up a bubble. and the tariff has nothing to do with it. when they want to pop that bubble it will deflate.

      10. It is not a Stock crash, NOBODY is out to break up the Federal Reserve private banks and hang these personally responsible traitors and banker families.

        It is pure fake news. When the real bloodbath actually happens, no one will believe it either BECAUSE IT WONT EVER HAPPEN. Wishful thinking FAKE NEWS. Shame on you Mac.

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