Toxic Beaches: Blisters on Mouth, Sore Throats, Lung Problems; Danger to City Water Supplies; Gov Approves Decontamination Centers

by | Jun 30, 2010 | Headline News | 24 comments

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    In a previous story we noted that the Center for Disease Control (CDC) says that everyone should avoid oil and spill-affected areas.

    Casey Nunez, a Louisiana resident, visited Pensacola beach in the last 48 hours.

    He reports that 400 people on the beach became sick with a variety of problems like blisters, sore throat and lung problems, symptoms that Nunez himself says that he experienced, going as far as to show the blister on his tongue in the video below.

    Nunez says that Florida officials, fully aware of the prior day’s incident involving sick beach goers, have actually deemed the beaches safe in Pensacola by changing the red danger flags on the beach to yellow, with Beach Patrol reportedly saying that they have everything under control.

    Nunez also reports something we’ve discussed in prior articles regarding contamination of drinking water supplies as a result of this oil leak and dispersants being used for clean-up. In addition, the boats being used to help with the oil spill are docking in the Mississippi river and Nunez says this will lead to contamination of the water supply:

    [Full video is posted below]

    My biggest concern…this confirms my theory [Nunez holds up vial of crude/sludge]…I have been saying from day one that all coated ships are coming up the mouth of the Mississippi river and directly through metro New Orleans residents’ drinking water source.

    Now they’re telling us they’re cleaning these ships at six stations. Sure they are. They’re cleaning what you can see at and above the water line. Beyond that, short of dry docking, they can’t clean this thick sludge, this crude, from the bottoms of these ships.

    It’s only a matter of time people in New Orleans are going to start getting sick.

    You need to know what’s being done and what’s not being done.

    If these reports are to be believed, and in our view, they at least deserve our attention, then we have a very serious problem already and the government doesn’t want to talk about it for fear of economic and political backlash. People are already getting sick while swimming at beaches, as well as from consuming food in affected areas. It’s possible that some water supplies have already been contaminated.

    We have yet to have an oil hurricane or storm surge that will really bring the toxicity inland, to not only water reservoirs, but agricultural crops.

    In regards to contamination from boats docking near drinking water sources, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is reportedly deploying decontamination centers across beaches in Florida and other affected areas.

    While the risks with visiting Florida beaches seem obvious, officials in the state continue to say that the beaches are safe; this includes the Governor of Florida:

    Despite health advisory signs that have been posted as early as June 10, Florida Governor Charlie Crist told CBS News on Saturday the water is safe and people should not worry. “It is safe,” Crist declared, “there isn’t a toxic nature to it that is detrimental to anybody. It is much more of a nuisance than anything else at this point.”

    While we believe that individuals should have the right to choose if they want to swim in toxic waters, it is the responsibility of the Governor, Beach Patrol and emergency officials in the State of Florida to advise people of the health risks, which by all accounts, they are failing to do. When people start experiencing serious, long-term respiratory problems or developing cancers, we suspect that these same officials will blame BP rather than point the fingers at themselves for having lied to the citizens of their states.

    Would you let your children swim in this?

    Pensacola Beach Oilsource

    The above is a recent photo of Pensacola Beach. Obviously, the oil is already on the shores. But what we don’t see is the chemical dispersant, which is likely mixed in. How is it possible that the Governor and Beach Patrol deem this a safe environment for humans?

    Video: Casey Nunez Discusses Health Problems


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      1. Wow! Blisters!  What kind of chemical can blister you on short notice?  Man,  GTF outta there!  Are you kidding me!?   Safe for humans?  You gotta be insane!  Just wait, 9 to 12 months from now, when all the little babies start being born with short limbs and brittle bones.  Man, BP screwed it for all of us.  We are so screwed.

      2. You may want to update to “sore” throats …

      3. Never Ever believe anything the Government says, they do not
        care about any of us, use common sense, if it looks,smells
        bad its Bad, I would move my family as far away as possible.
        unless your a Liberal/Democrat  then by all means Stay

      4. Its gonna be lots, lots worse.    We’re just seeing the very beginning of this mess.         
        At least we don’t have to see any of those awful looking wind thingies… all those thousands of migrating birds that crash into them each year.  

      5. You have got to watch the new movie The Crazies.

        It will blow you away. Talk about FEMA  Camps.

        And the ending is the best I’ve seen in awhile.

      6. I live just East of Pensacola and it is real ugly on the beaches. I do not understand why anyone would be in that water. Apparently, last Friday a ‘city’ official went to the beach and deemed it ‘safe’. Total BS if you ask me… I agree with scott_free, don’t believe anything the goverment (state or federal) is saying at this point. I am in fact working on moving North in the near future. I am very sad about all the wildlife that is dieing, but I told my wife that we need to leave while we can. Soon, this entire area will be a desolate zone.

      7. Ray, I watched that last night — very realistic depiction of a martial law scenario, in my opinion.

        Spelling Five-O : thanks for the correction. I fixed this. Totally dropped the ball on that one.

      8. Ray. The movie, The Crazies, does seem to be foretelling the public in advance what is planned for everyone. The worldwide flu epidemic didn’t happen and millions of people did not get the H1N1 flu shots, so what is happening now is plan B.  Whatever anyone does, never go with what the government says to do, like – it’s okay, you will be safe here in one of the camps, I mean facilities that we have set up for you just is case something like this should happen. And never for any reason give up your guns.

      9. The storm surge from the hurricane in the gulf is expected to move more oil onto the beaches of the gulf states. Government imposed evacuations may be inevitable as the ‘above average hurricane season’ begins to unfold. A Get Out Of Dodge plan should now take top priority for those of us that live on or near the southern coastlines. If/when that ‘worse case’ hurricane hits the oil spill and makes landfall,,,,the folks in that area are going to have a terrible time.
        Wouldn’t surprise me if some people who refuse to evacuate get into confrontations with state/local authorities.I can picture the Main Stream Media talking about ‘looters’ being shot during confrontations with authorities.There will be a media blackout if the Powers That Be believe a panic might occur. If this happens in your area it may be up to you to get the real story out, if you choose to stay home and ride the storm out. I hope the best of luck to everyone this hurricane season.Some of these storms could track oil inland for miles.

        Search ,,,,,gun confiscations after katrina,,,,.

      10. If I lived within 600 miles of the gulf coast, I’d be on my way out now.  Go ahead and sue BP for the total loss of your real estates value, but do it from afar.  Those assholes have injected millions of tons of ultra-toxic chemicals into the oil, and that shit is what’s burning your throat.  I can’t even imagine what it must be like for anyone staring this in the face.

      11. Great reporting. Keep it coming.

      12. Comments…..This “everything is fine, trust me!” charade is going to come back and BITE someone REAL HARD!
        It reminds me of the “advice” that Emergency Service workers were given when attending the Twin Towers after the “attack”.
        “Don’t wear protective clothing or respirators, we don’t want to alarm the public”.
        So how are they all now Hmmmm?
        These officials with their rose coloured glasses would make good Nazis, following orders with NO MORAL INPUT!
        They are either absolute idiots or bare faced liars, but they sure as hell don’t have the general public health on their agenda.
        If mass evacuations are not being organized by the authorities, I would venture to say that anyone who does leave will be on their own, denied any compensation, because they chose to leave.

      13. My mom lives in Baton Rouge and I have two brothers living south of there.  I have invited them to Tennessee, but to no avail.  My doors will be open for them when they need it, or should I say willing to accept it.

        I also have a nephew that just got a job with BP as a “security guard”.  Supposedly, they tell the people they are being hired to protect the equipment at night because people have been stealing it.  I haven’t seen any reports about equipment being stolen from the cleanup sites, but what better way to induce the “guards” to think anyone they see is a thieving enemy.  Gee, it must be under investigation so they can’t talk about it too.

        I fear for us all.  I doubt it was done on purpose.  It is just the natural progression of corporate greed and the allowance of people to act on behalf of a legal fiction without having to accept any of the responsibilities for the actions.  Unfortunately, what many refer to as government is nothing but a corporate fiction that allows the politicians to escape accountability for criminal activity.  It is unrelated to the Constitution.  Why people maintain allegiance to such an entity is beyond me.

        Your allegiance determines the source of your rights, and their protector  It is not owed to the United States corporation, or to any other man-made fiction.  My allegiance is to Natures God.  I am at peace with the world, at war with no one.

        I hope all people take the time to remember who they are before it is too late.   If you work for a corporation, you are part of the problem.  If you try to inject humanity into the corporation, it will kill you (terminate, blackball, harass, etc.)

        So long as you know there is a higher authority than any Man on the earth, you would be wise to submit to no man who claims authority over you.  Especially if that man is not acting on his own behalf, but for a corporation.

        Protect what God has given you from the corporations that seek to steal it, and God will protect you from them.  Even if that means calling me home early, at least I will die in a state of peace because I refused to join in the war of the corporations.

      14. I’m 300 or more miles away from the gulf coast.  Hopefully, that’s far enough…  I guess I’ll find out when the first storm remnants from hurricanes start heading inland.  I’m sure there will be refugees here.  We got that from Katrina.


      16. @  Warrier Princess

        Search,,,,,plastic coffins,,,,,and,,,,,,,,,,.

        The government has these plastic tubs stacked up all over the country.They look like giant tupperware containers, with lids.

        @ Jonny V

        BP has Washington DC politicians in their pockets. Exxon is still in business after the Valdez incident. I used to think this oil spill would put BP out of business.Now it looks like business as usual. 

      17. Right on Wheedle!  Exxon got out of paying thanks to the Roberts court, and just watch…..BP is going to get out of this too.  They won’t even end up paying the 20 billion I bet, and even if they do, I bet that they’ll get reimbursed by you and me (taxpayer dollars).  Wouldn’t that be a hoot to find out that there was a deal to “pay back” BP for their costs…….It’s such a fucked up idea, I hate that I even thought it up.

      18. @ Mac;

        What do you suppose would happen if hundreds of thousands of properties became catastrophically devalued due to oil, oil fumes, contaminated ground (and/or) drinking water, lost agriculture capacity, and so forth, and THEN, all those pissed off people decided to just fuck off their mortgages, HELOC’s, etc?

        Talking about all the properties in the first 100 miles or so inland from the gulf……

      19. This reminds me of the scene in the movie, Jaws where the mayor and city council says it’s safe to swim, it was just a boating accident.

        “What do you suppose would happen if hundreds of thousands of properties became catastrophically devalued?”

        The banks would get bailed out of course, and the little person… well, we all know what happens to the little people. And then the government could say they’ve caught the shark responsible, you can all go back…

      20. i worked on the exxon-valdez oil spill cleanup in 1989.  i was lucky to work on our local beach, where the contamination wasn’t as bad, so i’m still alive.  what’s happening with bp, was exactly the same scenario back then.  they lied about everything.  they took over and wouldn’t get out of the way.  they threw money at people to get them to shut up.  they used corexit dispersants to hide the amount spilled.  our politicians supported them and forgot about us.  the courts ordered exxon to pay those who lost their livelihoods 5 billion, and they paid 5 million last year, 21 years after it happened!  these corporations are criminals pure and simple who do exactly as they please with no accountability, just like the banksters, who robbed us of 23 trillion dollars.  don’t give them your money.  start trading with your neighbors.  back out of the system that enslaves us.  take your money out of their banks, because banking is a scam against us.  they loan us digital money with no backing and then come take our real property if we miss payments.  wars are about them making money, too.  it’s not about who’s right or wrong.  it’s about deceiving us into believing there are “reasons” for war, and then they rake in the big cash.  my sister is an army officer in afghanistan and said the corporations are over there doing exactly that, and are taking over most of the jobs the soldiers use to do as part of their job, such as cooking their own food.  now they have corporations feeding them.  and doing their laundry, etc.  corporations are getting rich from the wars.  don’t participate in any of it.   none of it is meant for our benefit.  it’s all for them.  it’s their lie…their matrix.  we the people can do better because we’re not lying thieving assholes.  the bulk of humanity wants to live in peace and just be left alone.  boycott corporations!     

      21. why not film your tadpole and let us see it? this is quite a claim that you repeat twice. it would be easy to show us. maybe next time?

      22. Sheeeesh!!  Another H1N1 vaccine nut!!  Can you nutbags get any dumber?  

        Sure crude oil is a potentially dangerous chemical compound.   Try to avoid it, clean up if you touch it and make sure your water is clean.  But don’t jump off the cliff following all the other conspiracy lemmings. 

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