“Black Sky Event” : Feds Preparing For Widespread Power Outages Across U.S. That Would “Bring Society To Its Knees”

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    The following report was originally published by Paul Joseph Watson at Infowars.com


    “Black Sky Event” : Feds Preparing For Widespread Power Outages Across U.S.
    By Paul Joseph Watson

    Federal government agencies are preparing for the possibility of “widespread power outages” across the U.S. as a result of a “black sky” event that could “bring society to its knees”.

    An exercise sponsored by FEMA and the U.S. Department of Energy set to take place on August 23 called EarthEX2017 will wargame responses to catastrophes such as mega earthquakes, cyber terrorism or high altitude electromagnetic pulse attacks.

    The exercise will simulate a “subcontinent-scale, long duration power outage, with cascading failures of all other infrastructures,” according to the official Earth Ex website.

    “Black sky events” are defined as, “Catastrophic occurrences caused by man or nature that bring society to its knees.”

    “Cars would have no fuel. Restaurants and grocery stores would be bare. Electricity could be out for months in such an event,” writes Mike Vasilinda.

    Given the soaring tensions between the United States and North Korea, which has threatened to attack the U.S. territory of Guam, the timing of the EarthEX2017 exercise couldn’t be more appropriate.

    According to former Florida Congresswoman Michelle Rehwinkel Vasilinda, North Korea’s saber rattling is making top brass “anxious” about potential society-changing disasters.

    “It’s not “if” but “when” a Black Sky event will occur,” writes Vasilinda, an alarming statement given that she discusses meeting with “members of the U.S. military, National Guard Adjutant Generals, officials from Homeland Security, Department of Energy, FEMA, NOAA, and experts from the utility, distribution and supply sectors,” at a private summit held in Washington DC.

    The summit was attended by 200 experts from 24 countries and was hosted by Congresswoman Yvette Clark, D-NY, Congressman Trent Franks, R-Arizona, the Rt, Honorable Lord James Arbuthnot, Conservative and the Rt. Honorable Lord Toby Harris, Labour Party of the UK Parliament.

    The summit convened to study the impact of a massive cataclysm that “severely disrupts the normal functioning of our critical infrastructures in multiple regions for long periods of time.”

    Given that FEMA has been stockpiling ready-to-eat meals, blankets and body bags for years, perhaps it’s time to dust off those old generators and stock up on that storable food.

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    Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of Infowars.com and Prison Planet.com.


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      1. I will be at the retreat then, maybe it will be on TV lol. Got solar? If they are so worried about it why don’t they do a damn thing to protect the grid? Just another conditioning for when they decide to pull the plug and blame it on NK or some other patsy.

          • This quote explains why any military conflict with NK will be the start of WWIII:

            BEIJING (Reuters) – If North Korea launches an attack that threatens the United States then China should stay neutral, but if the United States attacks first and tries to overthrow North Korea’s government China will stop them, a Chinese state-run newspaper said on Friday.

            • We need to run a drill called EXGovernment2017-

              That’s when “WE the People” run the exercise of full and complete shutdown of the US Government, practice hanging all the Tyrants and Deep State and taking our country back. This exercise may run from a full year into eternity. That’s when we shut off the lights, power, banking and all taxing ability by the Government. We shut down the Federal reserve and Issue our own money backed by Silver and Gold. We close all Foreign Military bases and Bring the troops home. We confiscate all the wealth of the Politicians and repay back the US Tax payers for their theft.

              Want to see change? We will run this exercise “EXGovernment2017” every year to fully shut down the Government, to clean house in every branch of the Government, and until it is fully restored back to “We the People, by the People and for the People.”

              • Term Limits. Mandatory Term Limits.

                According to our own fully dysfunctional government, the Russians have already taken over the elections. Term limits is the only way to halt the takeover of the United States by Russia.

                (Russia: a country with the GDP of Texas. And you don’t hear the U.S. government getting all hysterical about Texas taking over the country do you?)

                • how is term limits going to help?……the MINUTE they get elected, they get money shoved in their face to do what’s WRONG………………….a lot of people don’t believe in the electric chair…but for THOSE guys…we need electric BLEACHERS!

                • I think were past term limits

                  might be getting closer to the firing squad

                  people are pissed!, and tired of the games , and term limits at this point , is a game

              • Best exercise I’ve ever heard. ??

        • “G”
          Got solar? YEP!!!!!!

          While at BOL#2 watched Godzilla using 300 Watt inverter off a battery that was charged by a Solar panel.

          Just the right time, just picked up a 7mm Mauser for the wife for long range shots out to 500 yards. Less felt recoil from her 08 or 06. Also just got 10 AK mags for 80 bucks with shipping. Can’t have too many mags!!!

          I’m ready if the lights go out. Not a big deal. Won’t have this to play on, but Oh well.


          • Sarge, has Braveheart got solar? YEP, or at least the cousin does at the BOL. I’m headed there Sunday for 2 weeks. IF that event takes place, at least I’ll already be out of harm’s way. Unless we receive uninvited visitors in our neck of the woods which we’ll be ready for.

            • Stay quiet Be smart
              I believe the N Korea situation may be a psyop designed for these types of drills, as well as the creation of more alphabet agencies or already existing ones to be given more power. Even the most egregious psychopath will not do what Un is doing knowing full well that his own demise will be the result. All who did these things in the past thought they would not only survive but gain more power. China will not support him, their economy will collapse and ask yourselves, when was the last major war they fought? They are not battle ready or hardened because they do not have personnel that have any combat experience. This is why JJ is a big fraud. This supposed operator should know and understand this stuff. Instead, he reads books and watches movies and tries to incorporate that through a perspective of a wanna be bullshit artist. N Korea is not going to do anything. Didn’t Trump say that he would not speak as to what he’s gonna do militarily? Then why is he doing it? If he wants to bomb Un and his country, he wouldn’t be making these threats publicly. Un should’ve been removed, and he may be at some point, but for now, I believe this is an opportunity for tptb to gain more power by exploiting this situation. I could be wrong but it makes sense to me.
              Stay quiet Be smart.

              • I hadn’t thought about the fact that NK has not been fighting for 60 years. The USA has never stopped. It is one thing to have parades and cheer your god-man. They might not be able to think as individuals. Take out a couple layers of their leadership and they might be a non functional bunch. Our troops are trained to be an army of one. I hope this goes away without any shooting. But, if it gets hot, God help us as we help ourselves.

              • I’ve been thinking the same thing.

              • JJ is a Buffoon and an uninformed fraud. N Korea is No threat to the US nor is Russia. NK was already on the list of Nations to destroy back before 9-11, just 15 years ago along with Iran Libya and Syria. N Korea is just one more domino in the row to topple. So all of these BS Articles about N Korea and ICBM’s and Nukes are fraudulent. This is all part of the Psyopps Operation Mocking Bird by the Lying scum Media and CIA, to create more hate and support to destroy another nation its peoples and cultures. Look out for the False Flag Attack that the West will blame North Korea on. They will bomb some US City like they did on 911 to consolidate more power. The MICM’s Military Industrial Complex mafia’s stock profits and stock prices are the highest ever right now. Its all about the profit and money generated by perpetual war.


              • He could be playing a “suicide by cop” situation TRYING to get taken out. Of course he thinks immortal and can’t be killed. Was it his father that 18 holes in one during a round of golf? I wonder what clubs he hits.

          • Sgt. Dale / BraveHeart. Had given much consideration to solar.

            What happens if the SHTF lasts longer than the rechargeable batteries the solar uses??

            I’m not sure spending a lot of $s on a solar setup is worth it.

            perhaps it’s better to learn how to make tallow candles, beeswax candles or how to use oil from say, sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds. this would be hard work, but when everyone else’s rechargeable batteries die for good, we’d still have a little light.

            I read once about a village in Ukraine, pre WW2. Very rural, grew an old style black pumpkin and made the oil from those seeds. It was everyone lighted their homes after dark.

            • Pumpkin seed oil (Kernöl or Kürbiskernöl in German, bučno olje in Slovenian, bučino ulje in Croatian, tikvino ulje or bundevino ulje in Serbian, ulei de dovleac in Romanian, and tökmag-olaj in Hungarian), is a culinary specialty from what used to be part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and is now southeastern Austria (Styria), eastern Slovenia (Styria and Prekmurje), Central Transylvania, Orăștie-Cugir region of Romania, north western Croatia (esp. Međimurje), Vojvodina, and adjacent regions of Hungary.

              The oil is an important export commodity of Austria and Slovenia. It is made by pressing roasted, hull-less pumpkin seeds, from a local variety of pumpkin, the “Styrian oil pumpkin” (Cucurbita pepo subsp. pepo var. ‘styriaca’, also known as var. oleifera). It has been produced and used in Styria’s southern parts at least since the 18th century. The earliest confirmed record of oil pumpkin seeds in Styria (from the estate of a farmer in Gleinstätten) dates to February 18, 1697.

              The viscous oil is light to very dark green to dark red in colour depending on the thickness of the observed sample. The oil appears green in thin layers and red in thick layers, an optical phenomenon called dichromatism. Pumpkin oil is one of the substances with the strongest dichromatism. Its Kreft’s dichromaticity index is -44. When used together with yoghurt, the oil turns bright green and is sometimes referred to as “green-gold”.

              more info at ht tps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pumpkin_seed_oil

              • We grow a variety of pumpkin named Kakai, get the seed from Johnnys seeds, is an heirloom, grown just for seeds as they are a hulless seed, catch the pumpkins right when they start showing yellow/orange spotting, seeds are excellent for roasting but also press well for oil, excellent stuff, real tasty

            • “G”

              I know that someday the batteries will burn out. I have enough to get me by for about a year or so. There will be a lot of batteries around after TSHTF.

              I have used a small 5 Amp solar panel on my old motor home for over 3 years and the battery stayed hot. It turned over a Dodge 440.

              Its better than nothing at the beginning of TSHTF, It will be like comfort food.


              • Sarge, I’ve read that deep cycle batteries will last up to 10 years with proper maintenance. I keep a battery charger on them at all times and I make sure they have plenty of water. DON’T RUN THEM DOWN BELOW 50% CHARGE!

                My Costco deep cycle batteries have been going strong for over 4 years.

                Also, I will LOVE watching movies while everyone else is bored out of their minds with the power out. I will open a movie theater or day care service (keep the brats occupied when they’re not hooked up to the plow) if the power goes out.

                • A buddy of mine has a truck camper that he bought in 2011, and it has a 12volt deep cycle battery that is the original battery that came with the camper and he keeps it charged via a solar panel (90 watts?) on the roof of the camper and he had the battery tested at an RV repair and maintenance shop last summer and he said they told him the battery is still A-Ok. So, that is close to 6 years of life already – he used his truck camper this past April and the battery power is still going strong.

                  There are some RVs that have more than a single 12volt deep cycle battery in them, and I assume that they also have a roof top solar panel to keep them trickle charged when the RVs are not in use. Not sure what the wattage would need to be for more than one deep cycle battery, but its probably more than 90 watts.

                  Here is something that I ran across that sounds pretty cool:

                  Solaris POP – Plug & Play 160 Watt Solar Panel, Portable and Do It Yourself (Blue)


                • “J”
                  That is what I’ve been using now for about 5 years now and they hold up well. I buy a new Deep Cycle every year.

                  At BOL#2 I have 3 of them right now being charged off of 5 AMP solar chargers I got off of AMAZON. When I get there I just hook them up and we have light for days.

                  At my house I have 6 of them hooked up. 3 of them 20 AMP and the other three on their own 5 AMP units.

                  Had a major power outage. Hooked up some inverters and had lights and kept the Freezer and Refrig running for a day.


                  • When Building a Solar Battery Bank You need to Get all New Batteries at all the same time, and all charged up at once. Adding one new Batter every year to your existing bank is dangerous and the life of them are different as well as handling charges. This is what amateurs do when they are clueless, Niggerrig BS. That’s why you have to buy batteries every year is because you destroyed them and run them way down. When you doing right, you can have a battery bank of say 8 all new batteries, check the water levels once a month and add Distilled water if necessary, and they will last 10 years. Not 1 year when you rig it like a KneeGrow.

            • If shtf event lasts as long as batteries, you’ll have plenty of time to perfect making candles. That will be the least of your worries. After the first winter, the only one’s left will be the hardiest bunch that were meant to survive.
              molon labe

            • Remove the generator from the vehicle and cut a propeller for rotation by the wind .

            • Grandee, my cousin had the system installed in 2013, same year I first got the arrangment to move in whenever the balloon finally goes up. It’s only used as a backup whenever there’s a power outage but it’s been set up to where we can change over to it full-time whenever the grid goes down for good. The batteries are still good. It remains to be seen how long the system would last in post-SHTF. It’s her property and her decision to have it installed. All the rest of the family have solar systems also. I’m going back there Sunday for 2 weeks. If this even takes place, at least I’ll already be there and out of harm’s way.

              • US Battery L-16’s will last 10 years. Trojan L-16’s will last 4-5 years. US battery Us2200 golf cart batts will last 7 years. Trojan 105’s will last 3. Also it depends a LOT on how deep you discharge them, less disharge=more life.

                • My battery bank stays pretty fully charged, even by morning after running the fridge or fans all night long, the charge on my battery bank still says 12.1 Volts in the morning at first light. My Batteries should last 10 years at this rate.

              • Brave, everybody will get a STRONG message 72 hours before SHTF.
                Now, if you are really one of the few, you’ll intuitively know it and you’ll pack and go to your BOL.
                But for the moment, it’s bs as usual.

                • Bobane, I leave for the BOL Sunday. The event in the article is scheduled for the 23rd. IF something’s really going to happen during that time frame, at least I’ll already be there. I damn sure don’t need to be in this stinkin’ city when something happens.

              • DB ~ If / when an EMP event occurs, won’t the solar panels, inverter, batteries etc all be fried?

                • Karl V., I can’t really say for sure. But I do know that the inverter and battery bank are in an all-metal enclosure aka homemade faraday cage. If they get fried, oh well…..we’ll know how to live without them.

            • You think having a couple of low wattage solar panels is having solar?. Folks you need a complete system to run a full building of power and running a full fridge or freezer, not just trying to watch a TV movie or charge a cell phone. Get real. You are kidding yourselves. You will find out in a Grid down SHTF you are utterly unprepared with just a few panels.

      2. ““Catastrophic occurrences caused by man or nature that bring society to its knees.”

        The above also goes by the names of “leftism” or “socialism.” See also “Detroit,” or “Chicago” or “California”

        Just sayin’

      3. They should hold a failure of Congress drill instead. Call it Dollarexit2017.

      4. As for myself and my family. WE will take care of ourselves.

        • I don’t believe this article because I don’t think the government will lift a finger to help the American people.

          Just look at Hurricane Katrina.

          • @ JS, I’m sure not counting on any help from the government

          • It’s not about us, it never was.
            It’s about them, maintaining control until the very bitter end.

          • I dont want any help from them

            in fact i’d rather they just ignore me

            They would be nothing but a threat to my life anyways

      5. If the power goes out across the CONUS. That’s the end of society as we know it. It will be a free for all in a day. At best, there will be islands of society surrounded by a sea of no mans land.

        • A caution to all. No plan survives much beyond the first 5 minutes of battle. Lots of brave talk, “I’m ready beyond belief & you” b.s. Lots of “let ’em come, I’ll shoot ’em” and the like. Hate to quote the b*tch, but “it takes a village” to survive. Anyone – without exception – ANYONE who thinks they’ve got it in the bag and is guaranteed survival, thinks they’re fully prepared for God knows what is a fool. So cut the cr*p. It is a far better thing to admit “I don’t know” than to profess certainty and be wrong.

          • A village can also be attacked with a drone attack.
            Let’s face it–we are really screwed.
            The only reason we are here and not annihilated already is the elite/NWO assholes don’t know what to do with millions of bodies of humans AND livestock/animals.
            Can you say disease??

          • Yup
            Everyone has a plan , until they get punched in their face

            • Empty vessels make the loudest sound. -Plato

          • I figure it should be safe to come out once the world’s population is down to around 500-million. (That’s the WORLD’S population.)

            • 500 million is the figure on the Georgia Guide Stones

              • America is like 5% of the worlds population. Should we have an equal across the board die off. There will be about 30 Million Americans left.

          • Hey Heartless, you must have went to a Village Idiot Public school for brainwashing. The more remote and isolated you are the better chances you have for survival. Take the Black Plague back in Europe, those who escaped the populations and went into the countryside, did far better than those who huddled in masses spreading disease, killing each other off in the villages. After you are dead, I may retrieve all your preps for free. Good job!! Go to Club FEMA Village for Idiots. Plenty of social activities, like playing spread the hepatitis.

      6. I finally just got my hand well pump 2 wks ago. Now i will at least have water. I would suggest doing it pronto. I got the cheap hand pump at Lehmans ….oh cant spell that. Cost about $100, for a shallow well, need better one for a deeper well. Mine is only 34 ft deep and it will pull water that is down about 20 ft from the top of the ground., but better ones pull deeper. I couldn’t afford a better one. Well, guess it’s time to run out and get more candles now…..as i go low tech. I can’t afford high tech.

        • You should pick up a couple LED Coleman lanterns. The two I picked up run on 4 D batteries, have a low and high switch and put out a lot of light. 70 hours off bright portable light on 4 batteries…not too bad.

        • Marie, that is on the top of my list of MUST DO’s. Big exposure there. Other wise, I hoof it to the creek and bring 5 gallon buckets of water back up the hill. Not good.

        • Congratulations Marie on the manual pump. Having a safe source of water is priority #1. Having a light source is also extremely important. I wish I knew of a good cheap place to get candles.

          Perhaps some kind of lantern would be a better option? Does anybody have any suggestions? LED lights are so efficient, maybe that is a really good way to go.

          • This article deals with Lighting Options for When the Power Goes Out

            h ttp://www.theprepperjournal.com/2013/07/18/lighting-options-for-when-the-power-goes-out/

          • Use solar powered yard lights in mason jars. Works like a charm.

          • “I wish I knew of a good cheap place to get candles…”

            yard sales 🙂

            • Grandee, really good idea. I need to start watching yard sales for specific items. Thanks.

            • I got a couple cases of 200 votives through Amazon, were quite cheap, are ok candles, were real cheap

            • clean up after a candle lighting ceremony. I’ve got bags of candles from several of those events. Just a thought…

          • If you have a Dollar Tree the prayer candles are $1–I have a cardboard box full.
            They burn for about 100 hours for $1..can’t beat that.

            Need long matches or something similar though.
            I have a shoe box of those too.

            • JayJay, I didn’t know you could get a decent sized candle for anywhere near $1.00. At Walmart they were like $10.00 for a good sized candle. I will go by the Dollar store and look around. Thanks.

            • I love those Dollar Tree prayer candles. They work really well.

        • Marie, the well at my BOL has a FloJack in place for the past 3 years and one side of the property borders on a year-round creek. At least the cabin is only 200 ft. from the creek if I have to there for water.

        • You can get inexpensive glass hurricane lamps. They are good to use inside. I have some filtered oil to put inside. Very bright. Wicks are replaceable. Have spare chimneys. Nice and cozy.

        • Good Job Marie. Water backup are great. Just get a good filter, to filter and purify out any nasty’s and you should be good to go.

      7. Remember the two North Korean satellites in stationary orbit over the US? EMP? Attack NoKo and sparks fly out your butt! No more Oprah.

      8. After reading many comments on this web site over the past few weeks it’s apparent not only are a lot of people expecting a “Black Swan Event” but actually want a disaster to occur, the worse the better. Hopefully something bad enough to cause society to disintegrate into chaos accompanied by mass hunger, disease, homelessness, general mayhem, and deep suffering. No doubt many of these fruitcakes look forward to being able to randomly hurt or shoot innocent people which they would consider another benefit of the collapse. They’ve been predicting and craving collapse for at least 15 years and dammit they’re entitled to it. When previous expectations didn’t happen many became angry and upset only to predict something more dire; as if to express their desires would be sufficient to cause it.
        I am a prepper, have been for a long time, but hope for the best. Many peppers prep just to be there to enjoy watching a catastrophe unfold, and dream of living like survivalists. Life after a collapse would be exactly something Thomas Hobbes described as “where every man is an enemy to every man; no Knowledge, no Arts, no Letters, no Society; continual fear and danger of violent death; the life of men would be solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short”. But these so called “badass” idiots don’t know that.

        • All part of the programming, Bill.

          Start seeing the world as “Dealers” and their “addicts”.

          I asked the great spirit to show me what’s wrong with mankind, and she led me to places like these.

          Prepping is important because you can’t help others, unless you are equipped to help yourself. Correct?

          I truly hope that they chose the more noble cause to help others whom need it, when it’s needed.

          There is a lesson in all this.

        • Bill, I’ve been a prepper or a good many years but I don’t wish for anything bad to happen. However, whatever happens will happen and there’s nothing you or I or anyone else can do to prevent it. All any of us cn do is prep to the best of our abilities, especially the financial part, develop all the necessary survival skills we need, get right with God, pray, and hope for the best.

        • While your observations of folks on this site is sobering, we tend to comment that we want things to happen. I believe its more of wanting to wipe clean the slate of corruption, not only in our government but in general. While that is basically impossible, it give us/them something to complain about.
          The best advice suggested: ignore the BS and gleam what is necessary.
          Good Luck

          • Good sound advise I can take with me from all who commented on my post just above, thank you.

      9. Well,the jack does not need cooling(though do enjoy whiskey sours with ice!)/can load mags in the dark and save flashlights/can roll smokes in the dark,yep,I’m ready.

        I do enjoy Paul Watson’s videos,has a great way of getting the truth out with humor.

      10. I would suggest everyone reading this article get the book One Second After and read it as soon as possible. It will change the way you think and educate you on what an EMP will do to the United States of America.

        • MM, I read that book 3 years ago. Haven’t read the sequel yet but it’s a realistic scenario. Check out “Lights Out” with is available for free online.

          • Can you please provide a link? Author?

            • R522790, David Crawford’s Novel has been download thousands of time by people from all over the world. This remarkable piece of fan fiction is shared daily on forums such as AR15.com, Backwoods Home, Frugal Squirrels and The Survival Podcast Forum. The novel examines how normal Americans might cope with a true national disaster shutting down the nations electrical grid and follows .

              • I at moment cannot find a online copy without giving up way too much personal info.The author got a publishing deal and thus feel tis why a pain to find online,my guess is tis on Pirate Bay but need me other laptop to deal with that.

                • Thanks Warchild, I thought it was still available online at those sites. I hate to give out bad information.

        • One second After, That’s when the Author idiot will find out when living in Redoubt, what the Yellowstone Super Volcano will do to his bug Out Loc. Wiped off the map. Idiots move to Redoubt. And one of the first targets the Government will clamp down on in Martial Law. Think I’m kidding? Watch and learn.

      11. So what is our government doing about hardening the grid??

        • Gary, if you don’t know the answer to that, then the answer is that they’re not doing anything.

        • Gary,my guess is military/other govt. hardened but good chance they do not care about the citizens.Would be better if they wanted to control people(or think they can)by having whole system hardened and just a few “off”switches,but,that would cost a lot of money.

        • The government doesn’t own the grid. The power companies own it. Therefore, the government isn’t doing anything because it isn’t theirs. The power companies aren’t doing anything because they don’t want to spend the money.

          That’s why the light pole in front of my house is split, but they won’t replace it. They strapped a metal brace to the split with metal strapping.

          There are poles in my area that are leaning almost to the point of collapse, and have been that way for over a year.

          So, no, nothing is being done to harden the grid, when they won’t even spend the money on much cheaper repairs to keep things going.

      12. Infowars article. Those guys thrive on the hyperbolic.
        Alex Jones has African red ants in his drawers.
        He is THE definition of batshit insane. All the hillbillies love him.

      13. Paul Joseph Watson needs to get a life. Nothing that he writes for AJ is positive. I suppose fear mongering is a great tool to make mindless peeps buy stuff they don’t and won’t ever need.

        Ha, I am wondering how many households that have solar panels will have their electricity, hot water and electric stoves still working while the grid is down?

        Sunbelt states have plenty thereof..

        • I hear ya. I have boxes of gloves and masks stacked to the ceiling. And gallons of heavy duty disinfectant stored. All for the great ebola threat that was going to collapse society a couple of years ago. The hoax that never was. Lol.

        • Mr.D,actually the majority of solar may be down as a nuke emp or Carrington effect emp would fry a lot of the silicone panels and associated gear.As solar gets better see many advantages especially on the heating end that can be done with little in the way of fried electronics set up correctly.

      14. There will be no widespread power outage that lasts long enough to have any world ending effect on civilization.

        An EMP attack from orbit, assuming one was actually able do what it is claimed they would do, would require about a gigaton sized bomb to effect anything when the inverse square law is figured in and that would only be in an area directly under the blast.

        There is far more to worry about from a few dozen trained sapper teams that know what they are doing than there is from some mythical EMP attack that no one can currently carry out anyway.

        And that would only be temporary as well.

        • Even if the entire Grid goes down in the US, The Government will keep the Post Office working and delivery of mail to your house. Many postal trucks run on propane. That’s how they will hand out your Tax Bills and who you have to pay. You fail to pay they take your property. So get out of all Debt ASAP and get some silver stashed away.

      15. Wish they made hand pumps for 300+ foot wells, oh well, just store lots of water and filters, and make rain barrels instead.

        • they do, they are multistage hand pumps. research it.

          • D,they do,a bit pricey but check out buffalo water pumps for one,they can pull over 450-500 with right unit(and a lot of calories!).I would during warm season have a shut off right below pump so one does not need to reprime such a pull every time,bad though in freezing temps!

        • Or use cables, pulleys and scrap iron coming off the pump rod to counterbalance the weight of the water column. I have seen wells hundreds of feet deep pumped by hand. It is an old windmillers trick.

      16. Everyone seems concerned because NK can now successfully launch IBM to our shores. I agree, this is bad news. However, I thought they ALREADY had the capability to launch an EMP over our country via satellites they have cruising over the US a couple times a day. Why is everyone so upset now? If they hadn’t done it before, what makes you think they will now? I know things are heating up but, they already had the capability.

      17. BEST, cheapest source of light is those rechargeable solar lights for your sidewalk. Go on sale for $29.99 for a 12 pack all the time. AND, you can recharge a battery and put it in a flashlight or use for radio or whatever. Note there are both AA size and AAA sizes.

        Also note, I have tested these by taking into a room with no other light. It will light the room enough so you can move around without bumping into things, or held close, you can read a book

        • our closest Walmart has the 7pk of solar yard lites on sale for $5.00

          • Those Walmart trinket sidewalk lights are crap, after one year and the tiny batteries die and corrode and they become worthless. But they do sell a bunch of these to al village idiots across the US.

      18. NK will not attack as soon after their so-called country would vanish from the face of the earth. China won’t retaliate because we have a right to defend ourselves. Putin will sunbathe. Etc. Etc.

        Doomsday prophets have been calling for an economic collapse since the seventies. I bought lots of food, put it by, nothing happened. I ate it all.

        I’m not worried. When the SHTF (Yellowstone, Mammoth, EMP, solar, Mormon nuke, whatever) ninety percent of YOU will die and gets what left? Your PETS. Roaming the streets, starving and snarling. I spear a dog or two a week and I am fine. Your leftover pets = my survival food source.

        Did I mentioned I don’t keep pets -?


        • Obviously you’ve never dealt with wild dogs before. Good luck with just a spear!

        • Packs of dogs, coyotes, wolves. You won’t last a minute with a spear. Few people realize how many millions of domestic and wild animals will be looking for lunch when they are left to take care of themselves.
          molon labe

      19. But, but, but…. My Bitcoins!!?

        I rarely post but love reading everyone’s comments on this site. Would love to have you all as my neighbors when shtf but am pretty comfortable that my friends & neighbors here in N. ID. will rise to the challenge. Lots of recent arrivals from CA, not so much.

        At the ready,


      20. Hmmm,,,
        Oh well, would be exciting anyway eh

      21. The high voltage transmission grid is the ultimate soft target. While it is interesting the Feds are getting concerned that an attack resulting in widespread, months long power outages are possible and they should prepare for the inevitable, their preparations will still be totally inadequate. The feds also assume the cause of the outage will be an attack from outside the country, North Korea. Actually the high voltage grid can be knocked out with something as simple a small drone or a shotgun. Easily obtained by a lone wolf or small terrorist cell already in the country. If the terrorists, could be North Koreans, were to knock out three critical transmission lines or transformers supplying power to a large city like Chicago. The city could be without power for months. In the winter that would lead to 100s of thousands of causalities. The Feds either don’t see that as a possibility or the don’t want the people to know. Probably both.

        • Marc Schneider

          People read this blog and maybe one is “carrying a light sea bag”. It does no one any good to discuss specific how’s. Regardless the system has some redundancy but not like it did in its pre deregulated hay day.

      22. In the late 1970s deregulating public utilities was the rage. It started with PURPA. The expansion of cogeneration (the simultaneous production of electrical and thermal energy) was a great benefit to the consumer. Later IPPs (Independent Power Producers) came in to compete in generation with the utilities. This is where its economic benefits has an adverse effect upon grid reliability. Generation is the money maker and from it funds are available for maintenance and expansion, including the grid (distribution) as demand increases. Once belt tightening was implemented which was praised by the adherents of deregulation, here and there, upgrades and maintenance were delayed or abandoned. The grid had plenty of fat left over from the old regulated days that was repeatedly cut into. While each slice added increased unreliability as long as no major issues occurred it reinforced the practice to take more. In business the optimist is always held in high regards while the pessimist is scorned. We now have reached a point where the US electrical grid, once held as the envy of the world, is now like many things a hollowed out shell.

        Beware what you ask for because you might get it.

      23. Good article. I figure that an EMP or Yellowstone will be what does us in, but…I’ve this crazy neighbor that has building this huge boat and has been building it for years…and he’s measuring it in cubits. I ask him every now and then, “why”…all he says is get right with the Lord and then he chuckles.

        • And then he asks, “How long can you tread water?”

          • Actually I have an axe in my attic to escape a flood through he roof, along with vests, a rubber boat and the means to inflate it.

            Is that over the top? My house is above the 10,000 year flood level!

            Is this too much prepper?

      24. Major Ed Dames has for years predicted (based on remote viewing) that a nuclear bomb exploded on the Korean peninsula would precede what he calls “the solar kill shot”, a series of natural solar events which will knock out the electrical grid and really mess up our world. You can check out his interviews on YouTube.

        I’m not saying it will happen; but it’s something to bear in mind.

        And while you’re worrying, consider the TC4 asteroid which is expected to barely miss the earth OCT 12, coming as close as 4,200 miles. Of course, their calculations could be a little off or maybe they’re not telling us something. Check out the pictures of this rock – shaped like a foot in search of a butt to kick. (God’s idea of a joke?)

      25. When the lights go out I’ll mostly miss not seeing the animals hit the streets when their EBT cards no longer work. Will be quite a sight to see in the cities.

      26. Probably for a while after the lights go out
        You shouldn’t want to be the one that lights up your world
        Learn to be still
        , don’t stick out man

        If you have food , provisions.. don’t show it
        Meaning don’t be all fat n sassy
        Hungry people will kill and eat you and your stuff
        Look hungry act hungry

        • Yep. Low profile is the way to go.

      27. I’ve found the fastest way to cook with a generator , is a microwave., or waffle iron, George Forman type grill .hot plates with frying pans takes longer. The ultimate might be a electric pressure cooker but it takes 10 /20 minites . But for beans you got to have one?

        • Traitor, and every time your run your noisy generator you are tell the world you are cooking food. Good Job, I’ll know where to go when I am hungry!! Just follow the generator noise to the source. LMFAO!!!

          Rather, Go make or get yourself a solar oven, Runs Silent, never runs out of heat and will last a lifetime.

          • They have videos of people who made silencer boxes for generators. A waffle iron takes 1-2 minutes? An 850 inverter and car battery. 120 watt solar panel. Hand crank wind generator , to bike video. They will hear the generator see the solar panel smell the cookin? Hear the shots?

      28. Get yourselves some good headlamps so you can have both hands free. If good fences make good neighbors, great razor wire fences make truly great neighbors! Put them up as soon as possible!

      29. Just watch the old TV series “Jericho” & “Revolution” for a glimpse of what it would be like to attempt to live in a post-apocalyptic world. These were cancelled after 1 & 2 seasons because they were too realistic & were scaring too many people. They were quite accurate.

        • Retired130, I’ve got the whole DVD set of “Jericho” 1 and 2. Just finished watching them again about a month ago. It’s a real eye-opener. TPTB timed it exactly right when they took the series off the air. In the very last episode they were about to have civil war 2. Can’t go giving the slaves any ideas now, can we?

          • You live in some Red Dawn fantasy, Bravefart. 50-something cyber commando.
            Nobody gives a crap about what you do or what you brag about. Me. Me. Me. I. I. I.
            Stop playing the Rambo/ Chuck Norris/ tough guy role. Sick of you already. Snipe.

          • I’m sure you watched Red Dawn a thousand times, management boy.

            • Anonymous, so you’re sick of me, huh? Then why do you keep coming to this site? And no I don’t think Red Dawn is a realistic scenario. I expect it will be much much worse than Red Dawn. I’m in the real world, mofo. So why don’t you just move along sonny and go f#$% yourself in the process!

              • Hey DBH aka: Doorknob Security Guard. Do they even let you carry a gun to your Walmart greeter security detail?

        • Both were great series. I watched both when they were on. Also a big fan of the show, “Alone.” Interesting show. You can’t predict how people will act under severe situations and duress. Being able to stay calm, and calm others, is critical.

      30. “Black Sky Event”,yep,and it will happen in the US on Aug.21!It will happen,then,you will all hail Warchilds prophesy gifts!keep your eye out to the skies that day if you do not believe,you will!

      31. The eclips happens on the 21st. Were they say millions of people will be traveling to see it . Hotels in the full eclipse area will be booked as it makes a line across us. Signs in the sky? They will be setting up the drill before the 23rd. They could be ready by the 21st. O and North Korea threatened to EMP Guam.? : Don’t look up the flash will blind you. An EMP bomb probably flashes. But little concussion?

      32. Make sure to look up…the stars will be amazing!! And listen…NO jet noise….Then freak out and arm up….

      33. If an attack of a nuclear nature is launched by NK on the US..it will most likely be an EMP. Don’t need to be exact with the missile just get it at the right altitude let it pop and boom, boom out go the lights. Or as other’s have already mentioned, they do have a satellite that crosses above the US.

      34. Baloney

        They need our taxes…

      35. Those of us here in the nation’s bread basket aren’t really that concerned, we’ll do fine here, won’t be great but we will make it, we always do. Like Hank JR. said… ‘Because we can skin a buck, we can run a trot-line and a country boy can survive.’

      36. Where’s the required idiot to claim emp’s aren’t real?

      37. 110 volts from the stone age.

      38. Nothing will happen: China just checkmated the whole crisis. They said they will let the US hit NK if NK starts the war but they will hit the US if the US starts the war.

        The real ‘black sky event’ is already happening now: America is quietly exporting its black population to Canada and getting rid of the biggest welfare drain in human history. Wisely, America is going to dump these people on to Canada’s welfare state and let them deal with the problem.

        • What Frank announced, whether he realized it or not, was that China just told Trump and the greasy neocon cockroaches that he stupidly allowed to slither inside his administration – that the US has to arrange another 9-11 / Pearl Harbor flavored false flag attack on the USA and then get their blood thirsty war mongers in the mass media to repeat what they did after the false flag event on 9-11 and start peddling lies and phony, manufactured bullshyte that pinky swears that North Korea and their crazy Fat boy leader were responsible! And, just like the 9-11 false flag event, the stupid, nose picking, naive, gullible, and not very damned bright American public will once again swallow their neocon lies and get all lathered up and screaming for war against North Korea.

          I have never really been a big fan of the draft, primarily because of how corrupt,evil and dishonest our political leaders have become and as a result, I have zero trust in anything that these mentally insane, blood thirsty, war mongering psychopaths tell us – especially when they trying to lie us into wars based on pure bullshyte reasons.

          But, if the American public continues to be stupid enough to keep falling for the same old B.S. narratives and if they refuse to wise up and realize that they are being lied to – and stop supporting these wars, I might have to change my mind on the draft. These idiots NEED to be worried about being scooped up off their stinking sofas and sent to fight these wars and have to worry about getting THEIR asses killed – as opposed to cheering for our volunteer military people to have their lives put in harms way while Joe and Jill Sixpack sit safely at home and watch the war on TV.

          • Tucker, you make some damn good points as always but WW3 will happen so fast with nukes flying nobody will even be thinking about the draft. Draft wouldn’t even have any political support these days anyway.

          • “if the American public continues to be stupid enough to keep falling for the same old B.S. narratives”

            Problem there is that most have been taught what to think, not how to think. So, whatever is presented as news is what they take in.

            I was taught how to think as were my siblings. Critical thinking is a skill sorely needed in modern times. I passed this skill on to my son and he is teaching his children.

            Thinking is hard work. Many people don’t like to do anything that’s hard whether physical or mental. Exercise well both physically and mentally.

        • Assume you are talking about the Somali’s.

          • Yep! I like black people but these people aren’t the educated ones; this is a free-for-all of anyone who can get their ass to the Canadian border. Hey, at least Canada’s sex industry will get a jolt of fresh flesh to keep it going.

      39. I think we should be really mad at the sun. IT blew off several huge explosions and they all missed…

      40. Has anyone else noticed hi output from panels lately. It’s like the Suns active?

      41. Countries and empires rise and fall, sometimes slowly and sometimes quickly. Things change. Sometimes through human actions and sometimes through natural events. The current generations of Americans have been living in a dream world compared to the lives of people in other countries in history. While America has its strengths, it also has weaknesses and problems that are reaching a crisis. Being as ready as possible is just a precaution; I hope nothing bad will happen but I don’t count on it.

      42. I think this is them telling us what their plans are for us

        been hearing way too much about this for it to just be coincidence

      43. Come people, are there not any engineers who read this stuff ?
        Batteries , especially lead acid ones are certainly not rocket science !
        After the die off , there will be a plethora of materials to manufacture new ones from scratch.

      44. During Hurricane Katrina, FEMA “forgot” and left the food some other place, while the military went door-to- door, confiscating (stealing!) peoples’ guns, knocking down and beating up little old ladies who were packing, then shot any looters who had the nerve to break into stores for food. People who tried to cross bridges to see if they could find help were shot at by the military and the few supplies they had were confiscated (stolen!) by the military.

        Is that how they plan to conduct drills? How to do all this as successfully as they did it during Hurricane Katrina?

      45. The problem with solar panels is that they must be in the open to get the sunlight. In a grid-down world, they’ll be worth their weight in gold if they work. One of the problems in Venezuela are people in authority misusing that authority for their own purposes. Taking things that are supposedly critical for their jobs only to use it for their own needs. Accusing people who have stockpiled emergency food supplies of “hoarding”. Too many government people see themselves as “vital” and believe they can misuse their authority to get what they feel they need. “greater public good”.

      46. When that warned of event starts, it’s all over in one hour. And the door is shut. And the foolish virgins didn’t have enough. And they became Tares.? It’s written 7weeks but many say it means 7 years? Call 7 weeks 2 months .People who got to the stores first with money could get what, 1 weeks food 2 ? So some people might have food for 1-2 weeks ? The others will have no choice but to beg borough steel kill? Suicide will be the first wave? Friends will ask you to end their children? Canibles? The great fear? Some digging for worms slowly weakening, easy canible days? Then another wave of suicides at the 30 day Mark ? Their food and strength gone and three weeks to go? Soon there will only be canibles and soldiers , police , most government employees, rich people , and Preppers? Then the clean up starts? With a world wide emergency relief labor force, That never leaves? Then they imprison the food hoarding preppers? Then it’s master and slave? And they almost pull it off. But then the Mesiah with Gods help . Shows up .

      47. “Compost-powered water heater:How to Heat your Greenhouse, pool, or building with only Compost” by Gaelen Brown. A compost pile can generate a great amount of heat while supplying compost. This book by Gaelan Brown gives practical advice on how to channel that heat for use in your home. I know it is summer but in a long crisis, you will need heat. This book is worth a read.

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