Black Panthers: ‘We Should Be Armed’

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    [Video follows excerpts and commentary]

    Dr. Malik Zulu Shabazz, leader of the new Black Panther Party, says that their party, like the Tea Party, should be armed. Speaking at a Black Panther Party National Convention in Atlanta, Shabbaz said, “of course we should be armed mentally, culturally, and spiritually. If you don’t think we need to be in self defense, according for those (sic) who are watching, to our second amendment rights – if you think we should go less than our so-called Constitutional rights, you’re out of your mind.”

    Unlike the Tea Party, which has for the most part stopped short of calling for its members to intimidate police and other government officials by arming themselves with weapons and violence,  Black Panther Party member King Samir Shabazz says that everyone in their neighborhood should be armed and willing to defend their community against police – namely Caucasian police officers:

    The quickest way to get rid of police brutality is to get rid of police.

    We need deacons for defense in each and every black community. It makes no damn sense why cracker police come in your neighborhood and militarize your neighborhood. They go home to their stinkin’ wife and children and they don’t have to police their neighborhood.

    Twelve black men standing on the corner. One little punk cracker come driving through the hood and say “get off my corner niggers,” and you flee. Everybody on the corner strapped, and you still scared.

    I love fightin’ me some crackers. I love fightin’ peckerwoods Police shake in their boots when they see me. Why? Because I defend my hood. and niggers in the woods too. I stay in jail. Why do I stay in jail? Because I defend my hood.

    Had a Tea Party leader made such a speech, we no doubt would have seen it all over the mainstream media as an example of hate speech and racism within the movement.

    While Mr. K. Shabbaz has a resonating point about individuals arming themselves and working within their communities to police crime, including law enforcement brutality, his racial based motives is where we differ.

    It seems that Mr. K. Shabbaz sees everything in black and white, and has failed to realize that the very system he is arguing is unjust towards black communities is similarly brutal and unfair for whites. We’ll avoid the historical discussion about how blacks were treated in America during the slave trade, as these arguments no longer have as much merit today as they did, say, in the 60’s. We understand the history. Most realize slavery was not only wrong but an abomination of the very founding of this country and our Constitution.

    Until Mr. K. Shabbaz and the Black Panthers work to create color blindness within their own organizations, the majority of white Americans will consider them a hate group, because let’s be honest, based on this video, the voter intimidation incidents during the 2008 election and other actions of the Black Panther Party, their motivations seems to be strictly based on race. One can’t help but get an image of a Black Panther member screaming “the white man is keeping me down!”

    Guess what Black Panthers: That rich, powerful and sociopathic white man that is making your communities poorer and imprisoning blacks unjustly for crimes that shouldn’t be crimes are doing the exact same thing to White communities, Latino communities and Asian communities. This so-called “white man” is keeping us all down, except he also happens to be black and Hispanic and positioned in Congress, the Judicial branch and across the spectrum of government institutions.

    Though there may be individuals within the government that are racially motivated to harm others, the fact of the matter is that the system as a whole could care less what color you are. By segregating ourselves into racial groups, we further empower those who would control us and become instruments of our own tyranny.

    There is common ground that can be found here, as the grievances against the powers that be are very similar in many of the groups protesting the actions of government including elements of the Democrat and Republican Parties, Tea Partiers, and the Black Panthers.

    Protect yourself Mr. Shabbaz. Then protect your community. Then protect your state and your country. But most importantly, understand that directing your anger at a group of people based on the color of their skin is simply, well, racist. And if you expect others to change while you wear black, white and brown shades of glasses, then no change will ever be enacted in America.

    Watch Excerpts from Black Panther Party Convention in Atlanta:


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      1. The Black Panthers,the NAACP and all other Africanized racist hustlers who enjoy rattling the cages of Caucasians should think long and hard about who they are screwing with.
        Whites in America are the heaviest armed citizens on the planet,we are tolerant to the point of self destruction by other races,but we have limits and if those limits are exceeded,you will experience a devastating response that will end in every single goddamned Black being placed back in shackles,forced onto large ships again,but this time sent eastward back to the homeland that you claim to love so much.
        We outnumber you 8 to 1

      2. Dave, first you do not have to be racist. These organizations have been primary funded by white people. Also the fact that they incite violence means that these groups are the exception and not the norm. I believe that most groups are tolerant of each other and these few groups are inciting violence just to give a lable to a whole group of people. Plus the fact about slavery;  Western Africans from various groups and tribes were forced by both Europeans (Your ancestors) plus other Africans who wanted to make money/goods off their people.

        Also, North America is not the land of milk and honey. The whole sub-continent of Africa is not either. Africans who are American-born are not Africans and the only thing that ties them is based on skin color and ancestry nothing else. Also from what I have been reading at this website and others it seems as if some political activists saying bring back America makes me wonder if some of the activists actually hate other groups.

        America was first taken from another group who settled here some time before, took people from another land to earn money off of crops, and currently illegally hiring illegal immigrants to do work that Americans can most likely due but cannot because companies would loose a lot of money hiring legally.

        The only thing I respect about the country was creating your own business and the idea of freedom of worship. It is basically a socialist police state which has caused harm not only to its citizens, but to other people in the world based on the idea of worth of the fiat currency currently known as the American Dollar.

      3. f you dave… as a white vet greyboy , i’d just like to say your an cracker ass man.  and maybe it’s you who needs to be sent back to europe. we’re all tress passers here in america .  to all you folks of color out there… you’d better arm up fast.  it’s the brown folks who  the MAN plans to kill first with eugenics.  arm up prepare to defend your very right to exist brothers and sisters. your time has come. pissed off veteran

      4. Hold it fellas! Before we all go over top and start making promises of retaliation or counter-threats remember this; an acronym and a word . Ready? Here they are; FBI HONEYPOT. This guy is a paid Government plant to talk sh*t and see what shakes out of the radical fringe when he calls for “killin’ pigs” or “whitey”. And that works both ways, for the blacks that agree with him and the whites who start talking counter violence. Think about it- If he was a real threat he would be in prison or dead. If you don’t understand what a FBI honeypot is then do a internet search. While you’re at it, do a search for COINTELPRO, a VERY successful black-op the FBI and the CIA pulled in the 60’s and 70’s, and obviously are continuing today. Do not compromise your op-sec by posting rants or joining some group who are most likely started by or at least infiltrated by the .gov.

      5. We as Americans owe a great deal of gratitude to many White, Black, Hispanic, and GOD only knows what other races for the sacrifices they made in many wars that this country has been in. We all want our freedom and our rights except for maybe all those in this video and other groups like them be they White, Black, Hispanic or GOD only knows what race. Keeping the We The People in the Constitution is what people in America are to do. The rest of the animals will rob, rape, and murder because they are not people. Protecting our families our states and our Constitution is what we as people must keep in mind. Criminal scum come in every race.

      6. SCAR,that’s a good point,but history shows us that Black groups can in fact incite violence and make threats against whites with no repercussions.
        You see,that is one of the negative side effects of liberalism in our courts and media,is that it allows “oppressed minorities” to vent their frustrations and even commit physical acts of violence to “let off steam”.
        This is no honeypot,this is a legitimate black racist who will be allowed to utter threats with no punishments and he knows it.
        By the way,on the spot,instant retaliation for an assault is legal,initiating it,planning it is not.

      7. If you noticed this all looks organized and its not getting the mainstream media attention it should. If you notice,it seems like there following a socialsit agenda with there demands on the Panthers website.  Notice Obama is  not getting involved .most blacks still support obama and by him doing ,its basically a green light to continue it . Notice the Arizona boarder situation is the same from Obama adminstraition, just tie it up in federal legislation and pass more Laws on Racial Profileing.Instead of Dealing with it constitutionally, they continue to regualte, ignor and implement there own means of dealing with it . 

      8. Ah yes childrens… I know all about King Malik Shabaz and his brother King Samir Shabaz.  Perhaps you’ve seen the video highlights of King Samir Shabaz standing out in the public with a megaphone saying “I hate white people.  ALL of them.  Every iota!”… he also goes on to say “We need to KILL us some white people… KILL their babies!”  There’s also been separate footage of King Samir Shabaz and another New Black Panther party member standing outside a voting station in Philladelphia back in 2008 showing King Samir Shabaz in full para-military garb holding a baton in his hand.  Their intent was to intimidate people to vote for… wait for it… waaaaaait… Mr. Obama.  Ofcourse in the New Black Panther parties defense… King Samir Shabaz and his “associate” were there to make sure that black people were allowed to vote because the New Black Panther party was informed that black people were not going to be let into the voting stations to vote.

        Yep… just your friendly neighborhood New Black Panther Party member spreading peace, joy and love.

        The other morning I caught part of an interview where someone off camera asked King Malik Shabazz if he supported what King Samir Shabbaz had said about killing white babies.  King Malik Shabbaz’s reply… “For the sake of this interview… No”.  Oh yeah, let’s not forget the video footage of King Malik Shabaz praising Obama Bin Laden after the 911 attacks.

        Racism is racism regardless of who’s preaching it.  Appearantly members of the New Black Panther party have never seen a black mayor… black governor… black senator or black president… it’s only the “white man” who’s in power.  Oooops… I almost forgot… there must not be any black police officers either. 

        Then you have the NAACP who seems to turn a blind eye to black on white racism… yet if it were members of the KKK promoting killing blacks and there babies… the NAACP would be in lawsuit heaven.

        Being someone who lives sandwiched between the south side of Chicago and Gary, IN… black on black gang violence is a daily occurence and in the local media every day.  But it’s me… the white man who’s oppressing them all.


        King Cynical Optimist

      9. KCO that was a TKO.  This administration has brought race relations to a new 100 year low, just think about that. BO is a divider and a destroyer, he has done nothing good.

        Someone sent me a clip of the NBP being run out of a nieghborhood back in 2007 or 08 I wish I had sent it to Mac.

      10. Mac,  I know you stated, we do not need to go re visit  slavery, however,  it needs to be pointed out to  our black friends and black Americans, that if it had not been for slavery and the awful life their forefathers and mothers had to endure in slavery,  they would not be Americans today.
        Every black  American should thank the Lord that their ancestors were brought here, even if it was for slavery,  because of the fact , that the healthiest, richest, longest life expectancy, most educated blacks on earth, are from this evil, one time slaver  Country.

        Think about this.  If you were told, that if you sacrificed your life, into a life of slavery,  it meant that all your future family, for generations to follow,  would be  better off for it,  would you do it?
        I know that no man or woman should ever have to  be a slave,  but to the black American,  I contend,  that you most likely  would not be here, as Americans,  had it not been for slavery.
        It is well past the time. to get over it. …   imho

      11. Comments…..I really don’t think the black people were set free, all that happened is they economicaly  enslaved the whites with them, putting them all in the same boat giving the illusion of freedom.
        The new financial system enslaved everyone except for the few elite, end of story. Soon eveyone will be at each others throat, it might start with balck and white, but it will expand to every ethnic minority, miltia, rich and poor, pro-anti governement , etc. just give it 5-6 years.

      12. I’ve listened to this Black Panther racist crap since the late ’60s-’70s and the White Supremacist rhetoric since I was a toehead. I’ve come to the conclusion that it is nothing more than a means of propagating chaos and confusion among the general population of the U.S.  As long as Americans are divided along the racial lines, this New World Government gang keeps tightening their grip. And this said, by me, a Bigot.
         If anybody wants to arm up, good for them. If they want to commit criminal acts by indiscriminately shooting people or raping and robbing, then they should be prepared to meet their maker. Thuggery is Thuggery; no matter what color, creed or race the person is. I check my munitions and small arms daily. I’ve never found one round or weapon that was prejudiced twards it’s target.( except some Chinese ammo that didn’t want to hit a barn door.) Woe to them, that prevents me from voting by threatening me with violence by club. Would be inferior genetics that caused him to bring a stick to a gunfight.
         If these Panthers break the law, then they should be held accountable for their actions. Period. Their use of Freedom of Speech exposes their own predication to criminal violence and intentions of injury to the public at large. Just remember, these Black Painters are getting funding from somewhere.

      13. All I see comming is WAR !  Not Riots although it will start with Riots , but escalate to out right war with all its horror , as long as mr shabbaz continues to preach his kind of hate .  If this is to be our fate so be it , I am armed and ,I will fight to protect my loved ones and my property.  You want war mr shabbaz ?  Bring it on !

      14. When there were slaves in America,  Slave owners had to feed them, clothes them, house them, doctor them,   and in return, most Slave owners had to make their slaves work.
        Today, in America, we do not have slavery, yet to a large section of the population,  our government  feeds them, clothes them, houses them, and doctors them.   Only now, we can’t force them to work.    The difference is, today Americans of all colors, have the choice to remain in modern day slavery, or get out of it.   The choice is theirs, Mr. Malik Zulu Shabazz.   So cry me a river!

      15. Geez, I wished we could just pack these whitey haters up and boat them en masse to Cuba, Haiti, or the Dominican Republic.  Send their black messiah Soetoro with them.   Jackson and Sharpton too.  If the leaky boat sinks on the way who cares?  

      16. Sure they are getting funding from somewhere …. somewhere around the corner on East 14th Street.  🙂

        Mr. Shabbaz is just the talking head of the political front for the militants that run the drugs and collect the cash. Thats been well documented for decades, even when I lived in Castro Valley just east of Oakland in ’68.

        Why the FEDS haven’t closed their shops is any body’s guess but I suppose the CIA needs someone to distribute their merchandise once they bring it in country.

        Just saying …

      17. PO’d VET,try again,we are not all “tresspassers here”,Google KENNEWICK MAN,that is the skeleton found in Washington state that has been dated to 9300 yeras old,it is either south Asian or European.
        This man was here long before your treasured redskins and the indians were falling all over themselves trying to bury him BECAUSE IT PROVED THAT THEY WERE NOT THE 1ST!
        By the way,I too am a vet(Marines 1983-87) “FU”.

      18. Just because some fools create an inflammatory youtube video does not mean they actually represent “people who look like them”. We’re all Americans. If we keep that in focus, propaganda like this will be ineffective. Haters who truly believe that kind of crap, be it black hate or white hate, are thankfully in the minority. Divided we fall, fellow citizens…

      19. As a Caucasian, I am sick of being called a racist. I don’t have anything to apologize for, and I am totally colorblind as far as a persons skin color.  I didn’t enslave anyone, I didn’t take away anyone’s job, and I don’t have my boot on anyone’s neck.  I earned every single thing I have and the government has never given me a single dime, loaf of bread or even a ride in the back of its pickup truck.  Hence, I don’t feel guilty and I don’t care about your politically correct threats.

        So here is the deal, when the shtf, or before…, if you come onto my land with the intent of killing, raping or stealing the very sustenance from my family, I will unsympathetically kill you and your friends, and leave you as food for the feral animals as a sign for what will happen to those who follow in your hatred.

        When it comes to protecting my family, I am an equal opportunity employer of force.

        Just call me cracker, whatever the hell that means.

      20. Sam has it right!

        They didn’t abolish slavery. They simply revised it to be equal for everyone.

        Take a look:

        Now we all get enslaved economically.

        As far as Mr. Shabbaz, I agree about 90% with what he is saying, except, I see black officers as oppressors too. Maybe he’s got it more correct that we are willing to admit. I’m so sick of seeing these swat team drug raids on private citizens that have half an oz of pot in their home. …coming from anonymous tips or informants. If I was a black man and saw white swat teams doing that over and over in my neighborhood, I think I’d probably stand with Mr. Shabbaz. 

        The police brutalization / militarization of our communities is simply disgusting. I reject the racial component, however, I agree with everything else.

        I do think, however, that there is a certain amount of sabre rattling here. I think Mr. Shabbaz is talking big with his fingers crossed hoping that he won’t have to back it up. The fact is, black, white, green or purple, your Common Law Rights are continually violated by the United States Federal Corporation (see previous link) and its sub-corps, the states.

        Maybe there will be race wars within the cities, however, in the smaller cities and in the rural areas, whitey, blacky, browney and yellar have cookouts together and come to each others aid, borrow tractors and intermarry.

        …and frankly, I don’t care if its a racial slur or not, NOBODY makes fried chicken like the black folds. NO BODY! And if somebody threatens the maker of the finest fried chicken in the county, me and my Winchester 1300 are gonna be pissed!

        Most of the black people I know think 0bama is a doofus. …even though they voted for him. I understand, sort of. I would have considered it. I had no love for McCain. Just another big government goof. Had 0bama been more like Ron Paul he would have gotten my vote even if he’d been a flourescent shade of green! Screw this racist bullshit. 0bama is an scumback because of what he is not because of the color of his skin.

      21. There is an awful lot of anger out there. I always find it interesting that the anger is vented, not at the ones who truly deserve it but at the knucklehead  with the big mouth. Where were the Black Panthers six years ago when everyone thought times were so good? You never heard from them. Times are a little (or a lot)worse now and suddenly it’s a black against white against mexican issue. It seems to me we are taking our eye off of the ball. Who created these financial problems, immigration problems, ect? We need to keep our eye on the ball or we will “Strike Out!”

      22. As long as the PTB can keep us divided and fighting amongst ourselves, there is less work for them to do as far as implementing their NWO goes. Provided with the proper motivation, we will cheerfully kill each other and do their work for them.

      23. Bert Gummer hits it RIGHT-ON the spot!! Ignore this rant crap from those racist organization. The only purpose they serve right now is to divide and steer the American people from the REAL threat!!! Keep your sights on the target and vote those “elitist” out of their power seats and put the average Joe/Jane into it because THEY are the one that are harming what we know as America today!!! They can shove a 2000 + page “health-care” bill down our throat without reading it, but have the time to go after Arizona when they are doing the Fed job..think the people in power have an agenda folks??? So, enough on this BS! Let those pathetic racist rant and keep your eyes and ears on the REAL threat to the American citizen!!

      24. Please, don’t get me angry!  You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry!
        Ex-Marine.  Will fight for freedom.  See recommended website,

      25. The quickest way to get rid of police brutality is to euthanize felons.

      26. MA,

        Thanks for your two posts.  It would be something if the Tea Partiers and NBPP could work together.  I agree that Americans have been targeted for divide and conquer.  Sadly, whenever I try to point this out to people, they usually scoff and tell me I’m brainwashed or a right wing extremist.  I’m convinced that most people will never understand what’s been done to them.  If one percent of the population is aware of what’s going on, I’d be surprised.

      27. the radical racists  do not want reconciliation,,,in the fast approaching era of “you’ve had your turn now produce”.. and there is no where to turn…no excuses for I”M ENTITLED  TO A FREE RIDE<<well you know what comes next.  some one works or someone riots and gets a free HD TV

      28. The thing that drives me nuts about white people talking about racism is that they are only concerned about racism (real or imagined) against white folk. Racism against blacks, jews, indians, asians, etc., does not concern any of the voices I am reading here. The institutional racism is massive in all the statements I have read on this forum.

        If you want to get a decent education about the roots of racism, especially institutional racism, read “War Against the Weak,” by Edwin Black. He is Jewish, if that offends any of you all and make you think that this well researched book about the eugenics movement is biased.

        You also may want to take note that unless some of you all are from the wealthier classes, you have more in common with these folk than you do the government, the wealthy, and the corporations that you don’t point out as being the root of what these folks are fighting. You should all be sitting down with these folks, finding your common grounds, and struggling together. That would take some serious balls. Me, as an indigenous person, am going to look into that.

      29. You all have more in common with the folk like the Black Panther Party for Self Defense than you do with the folk who run this alleged system. You need to listen and understand the history of these people. You need to learn and understand beyond sound-bites.

        I am currently listening to the book, “The Help,” about black maids in Jackson, Mississippi in the early sixties. IT IS UGLY! The book is beautiful, but the real situations that it is based on are truly UGLY!

        Radicals, such as myself (Native American), do want reconciliation. To make a blanket statement that radicals do not with nothing to back it seems right along the lines of Andrew Brietbart.

        Read the book, “War Against the Weak,” by Edwin Black. It is about the eugenics movement. They didn’t only go after blacks, indians, puerto ricans, asians, etc., they went after poor whites as well. Poor whites were the first victims of their sterilization programs.

        You all need to sit down and talk with folk like Malik Zulu Shabazz. You all need to find your common ground. You all need to fight the right people, which is not each other.

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