Black Markets Emerge in School Cafeterias Across America

by | Sep 25, 2012 | Headline News | 196 comments

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    One thing is guaranteed…anytime the government moves to restrict something, be it alcohol during prohibition, marijuana in the drug war, gold after 1933 confiscation, black markets always emerge.

    In the case of the tight school lunch restrictions being put into place in schools across the country, enterprising young bootleggers are smuggling in chocolate syrup and selling it by the squeeze.

    Michelle Obama championed the federal Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act as part of her Let’s Move campaign.  The act has been put into place to combat childhood obesity but it’s leaving a lot of kids…well…HUNGRY.

    Image: Mrs. Obama is not leading by example. The Obamas enjoy a burger and fries – does this meal exceeds the 850 calorie allotment laid out by the school lunch policy?

    School lunches have undergone such a drastic transformation that students across the country are complaining of hunger pangs throughout the day.  Portion sizes have been reduced, dessert and flavored milks have been banned, and, in the name of financial easing, the prices of these smaller lunches have been increased.

    USDA Deputy Undersecretary Janey Thornton blames the kids for the reported hunger pangs. “One thing I think we need to keep in mind as kids say they’re still hungry is that many children aren’t used to eating fruits and vegetables at home, much less at school. So it’s a change in what they are eating. If they are still hungry, it’s that they are not eating all the food that’s being offered.”

    The kids are fighting back.  Student athletes across the country are complaining that their caloric needs are not being met by the enforced diet. No adjustments are being made based on energy output – the food offerings are the same across the board.  Kids report only drinking the milk and throwing out the plates of hummus and black bean salad in revolt, according to a student in South Dakota. Serving sizes are only slightly adjusted by the age of the kids – the new rulebook sets calorie maximums for school lunches — 650 calories for elementary-schoolers, 700 for middle-schoolers and 850 for high-schoolers.

    Nutrition Nannies, a group on Facebook, is using the power of social media to join the revolution by asking for photo submissions of school lunches across the country. One picture shows  one cheese-stuffed bread stick, a small dollop of marinara sauce, three apple slices and some raw spinach.  The student who snapped the photo asked why there was no meat in the sauce and was told by cafeteria employees that it would “put them over the protein allowance.”

    Students in  Kansas, with the help of some teachers, indulged in a creative Youtube protest with this video-gone-viral:

    Give me some seconds
    I, I need to get some food today 
    My friends are at the corner store 
    Getting junk so they don’t waste away
    My lover ate her 2 grams of meat 
    Just about to starve
    My bread was taken by some school bully 
    Askin’ bout s’more 
    And i know i gave up on food months ago 
    I know i’m trying to forget it 
    But between the milk and feta cheese 
    The pains in my tummy sing 
    You know I’m trying hard to find

    Expect to see more canny young capitalists smuggling in candy bars, single serving packages of chips and other contraband.

    Expect to see brown-bag protests as more students begin bringing their lunches from home.

    And like any prohibition, expect to see disciplinary crackdowns on the kids that refuse to comply with the limited “rations” being offered.

    Contributed by Kimberly Paxton of

    Kimberly Paxton, a staff writer for the Daily Sheeple, is based out of upstate New York.


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      1. Hey, check out the menu for Sidwell Friends today:

        Yup, that would be the elite private school where Obama’s daughters attend. Notice the pepperoni and flatbread pizza. Yup, just the sort of “evil” food that Moochelle Obama has been nanny stating out of the schools set aside for us common peasants, and our children

        “Some animals are more equal than others”…is that it?

        • The sad part is there are many children that are dependent on their school breakfast and lunch. Kids go through “growth spurts” and at times it seems like they are always hungry.

          The school lunches have always been very good here. The menu may not be “fancy”, but those women in the kitchen do an excellent job. Parents here are welcome to come to school and have lunch with their child in the cafeteria.

          Some years ago when I had lunch with my daughter, I noticed that nearly all the children had the school lunch. I saw the principal in the lunch room the whole time, walking around and talking with the kids.

          Midway through lunch, I was surprised when the principal came out with a big bowl of macaroni and asked if there were children still hungry. If so, a scoop was added to their lunch tray. A few minutes later, extra green beans were brought out.

          I guess the “food police” would not permit that now.

          It feels like we are being pushed toward scenarios like in the “Hunger Games” books.

          • I have not read the “Hunger Games”, but based on an article I’ve read and the conclusions I have come to it seems that food is going to become a luxury soon.

            Why is that? Well, apparently increases in carbon dioxide results in plants, such as wheat, barley, rice, potatoes, and soybeans, making more carbohydrates instead of proteins. While this may not sound too important it is important because we indirectly get our protein from animals that eat these grains.

            Animals will still need the same about of protein to grow so this will result in more grains being used to feed animals which means meat will definitely increase in price.

            Also, the weather seems to be getting more chaotic every passing day and the areas with the most fertile soil are being destroyed by drought, erosion, floods, or salted down with oceanic water. This will also hamper food because there will be less in quantity and quality.

            Hopefully I didn’t make this too hard to read and I ask of you to not act on this as hard evidence.

            But I do suggest people to keep in mind that protein is valuable and that it might be good to stock up on items that contain good amounts of protein for consumption should shtf.

            • I remember when I was in 7th grade. I would buy gum at the store for 2 cents a piece and sell it for 10 cents at school. After a week of making about 2 bucks a day profit, I was called into the office and forced out of business with a 2 day suspension for my trouble.

              I learned more from that experience, both about school and making money, than in the other 11 years combined.

              That was in 1974-5. The more things change, the more they remain the same. Hopefully, each kid that gets in trouble for participating in the candy bar market will learn as much as I did and carry it into adulthood.

            • GC…had a similar experience about the same time frame…I was selling baseball cards and related stuff…for quarters,got shut down….later I started selling jewelery….got in bigger trouble….kept tryin,they kept stopping me….so I dropped out and went to work…they dont call me REB for nothin… 🙂

            • ummm, not sure about your first point regarding more plants due to increased CO2. protein is related to nitrogen. Thus, if we have more plants, and thus more nitrogen, we’ll have more sources of protein for the animals. Or us directly if we just eat the plant material. In fact, an increased supply of plant material would make for less expensive inputs for the animal feeds. The greater threat here is the increasing and more volatile fertilizer costs, since they are largely based on or made from petroleum. nitrogen fertilizers come from Natural gas, largely. I hope this helps.


          • Ha-ha!

            The name of this is GLYPHOSATE EFFECT!

            RoundUp contaminated GMO food suppressed human ability absorbe minerals.
            That’s why your body asking more food and receiving more RoundUp.
            This process will cause many kinds of disorders.
            Obesity is just at the beginning of a long list!

            • OQ – Try this out. My wife and I are planning this for the upcoming weekend. Can’t hurt that for sure…


              Our local butcher was happy to sell up all the ends at a huge cost savings. Now if there’s any left after we fry it up we’ll be all set…

          • The careing picture that you present is how it should be but with childhood obesity at all time highs it would be nice if they offered the green beans and macaroni at the same time. I agree with the USDA Deputy Undersecretary on this one, many kids just won’t even try the fruit and veg because they are used to fast foods. Those fast foods cause one to feel very full. There is a difference between being SATISFIED and being FULL. The goal should be to feel satisfied but if you are used to eating high fat, high sugar, high carb foods you are used to feeling full. Instead of just offering healthy meals the schools need to also offer health classes where they talk about one type of food vs the other. What is the goal here? It should be healthy lifestyle changes not mandated changes.

            • What purpose does regulating food for the children that need it serve- if they hit the vats of Ice cream and Oreos at home? How about reserving any energy/funding left for public schools to make it so high school graduates can actually read and form an intelligible sentence and join the workplace upon completion? Instead they remain retarded/apathetic/unemployed and live off of You and Me. Education should be addressed in schools not diet!

            • Ohhhh I like what C and trotter O have to say. Both are dead right!!!!! Thumbs up kids.

        • “If they are still hungry, it’s that they are not eating all the food that’s being offered.”

          Typical Liberal Bureaucrat blaming the kids for being hungry instead of looking at the portion size and quantity of portions being served. What a jerk.

          • Make that SOB eat that shit on the tray. But the way What is it?

            • I did mean the liberal bureacrat, not the kid.

            • Nobody is making them eat it unless they are getting a free lunch and breakfast. Free is free and if they are complaining about being hungry maybe they should sell the Iphone and buy a burger!

          • If you can’t give up the tired old paradigm of us ver them, the powers that be will win. I hardly see where anyone involved in the only two political parties in the US has room to critize. A house divided cannot stand; remeber that one?

        • Here is another example how someone else(the govt.) knows what is good for me…..fascist at its best.
          So if we are doing it to the kids lets do it to the obese people on welfare too…..oh wait cant do that he would lose supporters.

          • im not done yet…how about limiting the xbox or t.v. and send them outside to play….oh we cant do that because that would make parents responsible for their children and there is nothing better than the t.v. for a babysitter.

          • One of my pet peaves is targeting overweight/fat people on planes. They must buy 2 seats if they hang over into 2 seats. Ok thats fair. But what about broad shouldered people who hang over into 2 seats? I once rode with a very broad shouldered man who bought a center seat and I thankfully had the window. I had to spend the entire flight pressed up against the window. The woman on his other side had to lean into the aisle and got beat up everytime someone or a cart went by. He only paid for one seat but took up 3.

            • Very simple. Sell airline tickets by the pound or kilo, just like any other “frieght”.

            • The airline makers and haulers should have a plan to accommadate “broad shouldered or naturally large people”…thats not their fault that theyre built big….being grossly overweight isnt the same thing…a few may not be at fault but most fat people are because of their own behavior,changing their behavior changes the problem,a large boned person cant diet or do much to shrink their physical size,so charging the broadshouldered one extra wouldnt be the same as charging the overweight one extra.

          • Free school lunch is for the fat people on welfare dumb ass.

        • OK, seriously I’m glad to get 40 green thumbs…but can someone tell me who the sorryass douche bags are who gave three red thumbs because I pointed out that Michelle Obama is an utter hypocrite?

      2. There have been black markets in schools for years. I used to make lots of money in the 70’s selling stuff. Hope to more of this happening. Its the only way many people will make it.

        • Yes HSL,When I was in school during the day, I sold Cinnamon toothpicks. It was the rage during the day. Hell, I just might have to start making them again. These are the entrepreneur’s of today. Learn the way of sell, buy, and barter young grasshopper…..!

          I love how MSM jumps at the lift the housing market was to stocks, but no worries about the economy grips the headlines again. I just wish propaganda news would just vanquish from the scene. The fools that haven’t waken, still fall for the same BS day in and day out.

          A world of hurt is coming to those that do not see the writing on the wall. But then this is exactly what TPTB want, population reduction at any cost, so they can(think they can)control the rest of the populace of the world.

          People have to quit being so apathic!

          B Aware, B Awake, B Alive

          • ok, I would never reply to my own message, but did anyone see that stocks are at 13,457.55 at end of day. A 101.37 lost in points. I have to scream BFS, because earlier stocks were at 13,605. what the hell happened to the other 100 points.
            Did anyone else not see this??? This shows how corrupt wall street is and MSM!
            Maybe, I am just living in another plain of this universe?

            If an alien race actually announced they are here and they would take you away from this world on exceptional good terms, I would chuck it all and say beam me up….

            B Aware, B Awake, B Alive

            • actually 47 points after looking at the numbers., but still they even falsify the points. Lies permeate everything these days!

              I need a vacation……!

              B Aware, B Awake, B Alive

            • What’s wrong with you? You must be ten years old. The stock market has always had wide/wild swings. The mystery now is how with the horrible state of the economy it can be so overvalued. I guess the insiders having all that TARP and QE money to dump in the market and manipulate it is the reson.

          • Don’t take the kids long to figure out how economics really work. Too bad the lessons are suppressed and beaten out of most before they graduate.

            A good example of how screwed up our public schools are is the negative ammortization mortgage, where you don’t even pay all of the usury “owed” for several years, and the part you don’t pay is tacked onto the principle. If economics education in public schools was not practically nonexistent, nobody would ever sign such a contract (or the ones that allow the banksters to raise credit card interest rates and change the terms for any reason, or no reason).

        • Agreed. I used to make a killing in high school by sneaking in a backpack full of single-serving chips, those little pies, and many other goodies. I’d sell them for a 150% markup (the school sold many of the same things for a 200% markup at the counter, so I still profited.)

          Of course back then, they didn’t ration out portions. :/

          I suspect that the biggest demographic that will get hit by this aren’t going to be most students (who will simply start packing lunches), but those students who rely on the school free/reduced-cost lunch program. Those are the kids who are going to raise the most Cain over the whole thing (and start stealing food from other/smaller students, etc).

          It’ll be a miniature SHTF case study of sorts, where you see the strong-but-hungry steal from the weak-but-hungry. In a perverse way, it’ll be one hell of a life lesson.

          • When I was at school in the 80’s they used to give us dinner tickets to get our lunches until one day a couple of us broke into the deputy heads office and nicked a roll of tickets. We sold them at 50p a ticket so everyone could go and get seconds. I used my share of the money to buy vinyl records 🙂

        • Stuff??

          Reminds me of a wonderful couple, married “older” hippie types that frequented my auto repair shop.
          Dropping off the old Chevy van for service (really), He said to her ” did you get the stuff?”
          She said ” what stuff?”
          Him “Yoouu know, the stuff”
          Her ” Oh, that stuff. Yeah, I got it”
          Sweetest couple, absolutley hilarius at 5:00 pm.

          • I think my stuff was different.

          • Knock on Door…Whos there?

            Its me…Dave!

            Dave Who?!

            Comeon man its Me Dave, and I got the Stuff!

            Who? Dave? stuff? I dont think dave is home.

            No No! I am dave! open the fuckin door!

            Daves not here!

            Frustrated dave goes balistic…OPEN THE DAMN DOOR! This is the Police! We have a search warrant!

            Ok Dave quite screwing around and come on in, the doors Open asshole!

            • Ahhh that brings back such good memories.

      3. And here’s the multi-course State Dinner menu when the Obama’s hosted UK’s David Cameron in Washington D.C. earlier this year:

        First Course
        Crisped Halibut with Potato Crust
        Shaved Brussels Sprouts
        Applewood Smoked Bacon

        Second Course
        Spring Garden Lettuces
        Shallot Dressing, Shaved Breakfast Radish
        Cucumbers and Avocados

        Wine: Peter Michael Chardonnay “Ma-Belle Fille” 2009
        (Sonoma County, CA)

        Main Course
        Bison Wellington
        Red Wine Reduction
        French Beans, Cipollini Onion

        Wine: Leonetti Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon 2008
        (Walla Walla Valley, WA)

        Warm Meyer Lemon Steamed Pudding
        with Idaho Huckleberry Sauce and Newtown Pippin Apples

        The price for the meal is unknown, but we know that bottle of Ma-Belle Fille is $85 a pop, so we can surmise that each individual dinner exceeded $500.

        The Obama’s live lavishly while average Americans – and their children – starve.

        • Let them eat “cake” comes to mind…..obama’s pension for extraordinary parties has been “off topic” to the main stream media since the tea party soaked him in the mid term elections with 80 new congressmen. We might still hear about an occassional golf outing, but not these elaborate White House diner parties and their main line entertainment we all pay for.

        • Well, schuckie darn! You mean to tell me all these years I been eating those brussels sprouts and radishes with the whiskers on??!! I was supposed to shave ’em??? I guess that’s why I’m not president. Damn, I feel dumm.

        • Taint never heerd of a breffast radish havin’ wiskers.

        • GET IN ME BELLY!!!

        • Good job Mac. The dinner menu really puts it into perspective. How can anyone eat that much?

        • No sympathy. The mopes elected him and will probably elect him again. They deserve everything bad that is coming to them.

        • Mac, you should have mentioned that all previous presidents have done the same thing…it is just that every game runs thinner and thinner until…

          there is nothing left for anyone but the criminals.

        • This really does ring of The Hunger Games. President Snow and Katniss Everdeen.

        • Thanks now I’m hungry!

      4. This reminds me of those fat camps portrayed in movies and cartoon in which food is smuggled in. It just makes what someone can’t have that much more desired. Contraband on what is common each Sunday during football games, this country is becoming so f’ed. 🙁

      5. “Please, sir, may I have some more?”

        I wonder how much of this school lunch anti obesity initiative is about saving money? (Money that will be diverted to admin salaries, possibly) I’d love to see what the budgets for these schools look like.

        Just more reasons to home school, IMO

      6. Its ok to limit calories and pass out the morning after pill in schools. Parents need to take back the schools and say ENOUGH! Remember when just chewing gum in class was considered bad and a disruption?

      7. I think it is great that they are screwing it up. Why should they be feeding the kids anyhow. When I went to school, it you didnt bring your lunch, you didnt eat.
        My mother would pack chicken and soup with some potatoe salad in you “Ecology” lunch box. More ofen than not, I would trade some of it for a PB&J sandwich so I would feel lie the other kids who parents wouldnt take the time to make them some good food….

        • Ummm…the kids PAY for these lunches, Capben. Furthermore, not all kids have a mom that will pack a good lunch for them.

          • AND – the kids that are fortunate enough to get those lunches packed by mom are inspected by the school nazi’s for compliance. How many articles are out there that report on packed lunches being disassembled by school personnel and articles taken out for non-compliance.

            • I have a child with pretty serious food allergies – so I am scrupulous about packing her lunch every day to be sure she is not getting something that will cause a reaction. She knows not to take food from other people and is aware this is for her own protection.

              The day someone takes apart her lunch and tries to feed her something I did not send her is the day I rain high holy hell upon that school!

            • @ Daisy. Good for you! 🙂 I truly enjoy reading from a parent how they will fully defend their child from the ridiculous KGB tactics that so many schools employ against the students. So many parents just take the garbage that a school will do against children because they are considered “authority”. Schools can be sued of course, but the damage to a child can be catastrophic when some a$$hole school flunky does something asinine like try to mess with what a child with allergies eats. Again good for you, your daughter is lucky to have you always in her corner.

          • My point is perhaps parents will start packing good lunches for their kids instead of paying for pig slop.

            • Oh my God Capben, I just laughed my ass off at your comment. Thank you, I needed that!

            • When I was in school (1969-1981) we never got school lunch. Mom packed PBJ’s, chips, apples, homemade cookies, stuff like that. No snack packs or poptarts. Those were for wealthy kids. The poor kids from the hood got free lunch. We were kinda poor but didn’t know it yet. Saying kids need free lunch is like saying their “biological” parents need welfare. “But what about the children”. Is it my/our job to pay for the result of other people getting to fuck?! What if there was no free lunch? For kids or adults. This article is justifying kiddy welfare. It’s like not only is there no shame to be useless and on welfare but it’s so much a part of our society that it’s normal or something. It’s fucked up. Fine, I would never want to see a kid go hungry, but when they grow up thinking free lunch is normal then they will think welfare is normal. Always a discussion, never a solution. If parents could take care of their sexual by-products this would not even be an issue. Let’s just raise taxes some more to improve other useless peoples way of life and fuck the working class.

            • @ Capben. The one thing I can remember from school lunches is that bad smell, and that was decades ago. You are so right about pig slop, as the stench I can still remember in those school cafeterias. I still remember this rotten lunch lady that, must be about 100 now, was as nasty to everyone as the old witch she was. Anyone like this lives for a long time as their purpose in life is to make everyone else as miserable as possible. Then when they die they become bad ghosts that haunt graveyards for centuries. Just a little humour to add to the debacle that has become giving school children proper good for you food to eat each day.

          • The National School Lunch Program and School Breakfast Program provides nutritionally balanced, low-cost or free lunches to more than 29 million children. The program also includes snacks served to children in after-school educational and enrichment programs. Even the lunches for which children pay the “full price” are subsidized. The program operates in more than 100,000 public and non-profit private schools and residential child care institutions.

            There is an income test. All income actually received by the household is counted. This includes salary, public assistance benefits, Social Security payments, pensions, unemployment compensation and the like. The only exceptions are benefits under Federal programs which, by law, are excluded from consideration; in-kind benefits, such as military on-base housing (but not military housing allowances); certain kinds of assistance for students and irregular income from occasional small jobs such as baby-sitting or lawn mowing.
            A foster child placed by an agency into a private residence is eligible under a criterion of a family of 1. Only income specifically identified for the personal use of the child may be considered for determining eligibility.

            Following are eligibility guidelines for free and reduced-price breakfasts and lunches for the period July 1, 2006 to June 30, 2007.

            *Admin Edited (to shorten length of comment). Please follow link for more:

            • The more is given, the more is expected.

              Sorry. When I was in school, a long time ago…
              we paid for the meals. It was subsidised, yes, but we were still expected to pay something.
              It seems today, schools are expected to feed, warehouse and educate the kids.
              No wonder they pop out expecting government to take care of them.
              Here is a novel idea; Don’t have kids if you can’t afford to raise them. If anybody doesn’t realize how it starts, ask me.. I’ll whisper in your ear.

            • You’re a smug nasty little man, aren’t you Rick:)? Every post you’ve made shows a complete arrogant lack of compassion.

              Do you suppose that people might have had kids and then lost a good-paying job? And now they can’t afford to feed them? Then by all means, lets just smother the horrid little welfare children in their sleep if mom and dad have fallen on hard times. We’d hate for Rick:) to have any of his tax dollars used to feed them.

            • @ Daisy Pardon me, but perhaps you can enlighten me regarding whence comes the lawful authority for the feds to forcibly take money from me or Rick so it can buy food for your kids- or anyone else’s for that matter? Who trusted the central planners with this power??

              Mr James Madison has this to say on the subject: “I cannot undertake to lay my finger on that article of the Constitution which granted a right to Congress of expending, on objects of benevolence, the money of their constituents.”

              It’s the Constitution, Daisy. It has been horribly disfigured already and when it finally dies, we will be no better than slaves.

            • Phone home at least…

          • Thank you Daisy…it is/was our job to see that our kids had a healthy lunch.

            I saw the term “govt lunch” and got very angry.

            Folks, you must take control of your own lives.

      8. Lesson learned I hope, but probably not… If it takes starving school kids or bombing them while they sleep, either way we have to learn sometime right? right? I wont hold my breath though…

        • Daisy: Very true, the reasons are varied and complicated. Some kids come from homes whose parents are multi-generational welfare professionals. But the biggest increase in the last 4-5 years have been kids whose parents have suffered to some degree in the biggest economic downturn since the Great Depression. And yes Rick:)I agree with Daisy, you can be snarky little bastard sometimes. Peace and Love.

          • Gregory 8,
            Your comment about the economy being the reason for these kids not getting a lunch is bull. I bet these same families spend fifty bucks a week on the lotto and a bunch more on booze, cigarettes and drugs. The cheapest way to make lunch is make it at home. These parents are just too damn lazy to be bothered, most probably don’t get their asses out of bed until noon when they do their first hit of whatever.

      9. Another of the many problems with the government. Give the kids fair portions of home made food. (REAL FOOD)Don’t give them processed government crap. Instead of cutting there food and forcing a drastic diet on them from government. Give them more gym class time. Give them the time to be active and be kids. Make Gym class an every day thing. Don’t make it only one day a week in elementary school and every other day in high school. Bring back the physical requirements to pass the class.
        Look at charter schools and privet schools they are doing something right. Maybe public schools should take a page out of there book and get the parents involved.
        I know for a fact that my cousins are doing much better in Philadelphia charter schools then i ever did in suburban public school. Because of the requirements and parent involvement that the school requires for you to attend.

      10. Won’t have to worry about this when TSHF. Parents will be hungry too. Yes, I know it’s callus.

      11. “It’s not going to get easier, it’s going to get harder. So we might as well do it now; pull off the Band-Aid, eat our peas.”

      12. I know a teacher in an elementary school that is serving only vegan/vegetarian foods. The kids are in open rebellion, they have “mutinied” against their breakfasts, lunches, and suppers served at the school. They openly refuse to participate in some of the school activities because they are hungry come recess time. This particular teacher quit eating at the school and has started bringing their lunch from home because the food is lousy and does NOT provide enough food. And this is a peanut free school – NO peanut products allowed, period. Denver television channels were making a big to do about the new food “guidelines” and how wonderfull healthy the meals were going to be a few months ago. This side of the story has not been told. So much for fair and balanced reporting.

        • Breakfast, lunch and SUPPER!! Are there snacks, too? Your joking, right? Am I that freaking out of it. If so, it’s way worse than I thought.
          Are they supplying clothes and shoes too? Oh shoot, I’m giving them ideas.

          • Daisy. You nailed me. Dead on. As a matter of fact, you couldn’t possibly realize how well you described me.
            I am a smug, 5’8″ (small?) little man. My parents were very hard on me and my siblings. I have worked, in one way or another, since I was 10.
            I am arrogant. I am a “know it all”. Earned it.
            I am not wealthy, but comfortable, and worked for every thing I have.
            We raised 1 son. He is on his own. 27 yo. Salary $65,000+.
            I struggled to send him to a private school.
            He joined the National Guard, almost got killed in Iraq, and they in turn paid for his degree. No school debt.
            We ( I have been married for 30 years) chose not to bring more children into the world.

            And I’m SICK and TIRED of paying for other people’s problems.
            And I don’t appologize for that.
            But, I’m sorry I hurt your feelings.

            • Rick! Run for office! You have my vote. If we as “conservatives” cannot work together to disassemble the leviathan federal government and get all three branches back within the confines of our societal contract called the Constitution, the nation is doomed. There is and never has been authority granted the feds to make transfer payments of any kind. And just because nine black-robed oligarchs who are little better than political hacks say different, doesn’t make it so.

          • Yes Rick. School uniforms that are mandatory because kids were literally getting shot over shoes and sports teams jackets (no shit) so uniforms were made the rule. Also free coats. Can’t have the little hoodlums getting cold now can we. I guess moma’s crack keeps her warm. Also free school supplies. My mom used to take us every year and get us the “plain” stuff because money was tight. I have said this before, the parents should be cut off 100% and these poor kids should be put in military schools where they get tough love, an education, and a chance out of that shit enviroment that they can’t help they come from.

            Daisy, no I am not talking about parents who have fallen on hard times. I have fallen on hard times and have taken second jobs. People who fall on hard times get the door slammed in their face at the welfare office while the crackwhores and able bodied sperm donors get the free ride. It’s bullshit.

          • The state owns them. wait until the bill comes due and the state comes to collect.

      13. ‘Ol satchel-ass Moochelle says, “don’t do as I do, do as I say”.

        • I’m telling you the woman looks like a clydsdale horse from the backside!!!

          • Hey, Hey… You hurt the Clydesdale’s feelings..

          • RICO: Wait till you get a Load of the Front view of the Mammycoon

      14. The first lady idiot has single handedly contributed to more unemployment. And she’s no dummy, she knows it too, she just doesn’t care.

        If more kids brown bag it, then we are facing a downsizing of cafeteria staff of between 1 and 2 employees PER SCHOOL!

        Do the math, there are about 100,000 public schools in the USA. That is a loss of 100-200,000 MORE jobs (unless of course they are unionized, then we’ll just pay them sit around & twiddle their thumbs all day since they’ll have no work to do).

        Good God these people hate America.

        • They are in the food service industry. there are other food service industry jobs out there. That hire every day. Part time full time. Seeing hwo lunch ladys average around what isit 80 dollars a week I think McDonalds pays more then that. So they shouldn’t be out of work for long eh?

          • Yes, but being a lunch lady is a great part-time job if you have school-age kids – you’re only working when they are at school. It would probably be hard to get that kind of schedule with McDonald’s.

            • People without school age children don’t realize what a blessing is for a job that allows you to take care of your own children. Like you said, there aren’t many out there.

            • Thanks, guys, now I have Adam Sandler’s “Lunch Lady Land” (and Chris Farley, RIP) dancing through my head. “Sloppy Joe! Sloppy, Sloppy Joe!”

            • Actually mc donalds has a very felx schedule for parents.
              My mother worked while my sister was at school coming in after she dropped her off at school and leaving to pick her up at the bus stop. 5 days a week. As well as one of my aunts who was a school lunch lady and did get cut a long time ago. Most of the fast food services will offer good flex time for parents. Specialy since kids work after school, and the school out time is one of the slower times in the day. Now if you had a child in half day school you may need to rethink this but then again a child in half day school is normaly not there for the whole of the lunch periods of the school. It also pays more, not saying it is ideal but it is doable, and they are not going down in pay. It is just harder work at the fast food places.

        • Mr. B, the problem is simply this:

          The free and reduced crowd (47%ers, CoCoa Puffers, etc) that produce the lambs (or mutts, however you phrase it) that consume this Monsanto Frankenfood stuff, depend on it. How nice it is for us to take that burden from them. I mean, this way they don’t have to be as ashamed that they don’t feed their kids. Let the government do it. Let us do it. What better way could I spend my money?

      15. who does this knuckle draggin bitch think she is,

      16. Beef –> Tofu –> Soylent Green

      17. Awesome video!

      18. If the Obamas are so worried about the kids eating healthy food, how about they provide them with organic, non-Monsanto GMO food for their lunches?

        That would be a REAL step towards healthy children.

        • We have similar issues in the UK.

          How we allowed Jamie Oliver, the man who legally named his own son Buddy Bear (massive parenting fail imho at the very first hurdle!)to become the arbiter of the national diet for kids is beyond me.

          Another one who makes a simple packed lunch for her kid to take to school daily. One slice of tomato, one of lettuce & a slice of cucumber does NOT equal a salad in my eyes. No child learns properly if their belly is rumbling.

          It always suprises me how few of my son’s friends eat breakfast at home before school. I come from the school of thought that says a wee child shouldn’t regularly go out into the winter cold without summat hot in their belly.

          3 square meals a day is cheaper to provide than the constant grazing on junk that has become the norm. It is also far easier to budget and plan for – increasingly important for many of us in these straightened times.

          • Our son is now in college, so he no longer packs a lunch.
            Every night, I now make 3 lunches; daughter, wife, & me.
            I usually have whatever leftovers are from dinner, if we have any.
            Daughter’s lunch:
            Sandwich, current fave is pastrami & provolone on those “thin sandwich” things
            fresh (organic) strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries
            (organic) apple, whole
            pretzels (the only junk food in there)
            bottle of water or home-made decaf iced tea

            Wife’s lunch
            fish fillet ( i prepare 5 on Sunday evening & refrigerate)
            same fruit as daughter
            sliced apple w/ peanut butter
            fresh veggies (carrots, celery, cuke, etc)
            bottle of iced tea as above

            mine is leftovers, plus fruit & veg, and water

            Cheaper & healthier than buying lunch, and I’ve got it down to about 15 minutes to make all 3!

      19. There were no free or reduced lunches when I went to school (yes, I am an old MF). With 5 kids we brown bagged it every day. PBJ sandwiches or liverwurst sandwiches or baloney sandwiches. Is there a new law that says no one is permitted to pack a lunch? If the food is unsuitable bring your own. The whole school lunch program is another bloated government moneypit. Wake up and quit depending on the state to take care of your family.

        • Thanks! That’s what we’ve been saying for years. We also take our kids to school, then back home, instead of putting them on the unsafe, tax-payer money pit school buses. Am not sure when the government took over all the kids. Sometime between when I graduated and married and had children who we take care of, including home schooling for several years, and will be doing so again next year. I’m already taking vitamins for the future battle with the school. Every child not in a classroom costs them money, and they scream and fight like demons for every potential dollar.

          • School district here charges $250 per year to ride the bus.
            I shuffle my work schedule to drop off & pick up my daughter on general principles.
            Once she’s old enough to drive, a parking permit is $150 per year.

            • My daughter was fortunate enough to have the use of a second car because I could work from home. She worked and paid for the gas for the car. However, the cost to park on the school lot? $150 each semester. So for her junior and senior years she paid (we paid) $600. Now, the parking lot accommodated over 500 vehicles. You do the math. Nucking futs! Where does that money go? Not to parking lot maintenance, not to signage, most likely into the teacher’s pensions. Sickening. Also paid for her school lunches for 4 years. She usually ordered something ala carte, since she’s not a big eater. Average daily cost for a drink and small salad? Almost $3. Actual food cost for those items would run about $1.25. Someone else referred to it as a black hole, I submit that it’s one of the few revenue streams that public schools have and they know it!

            • A parking permit is $150.00 per year!!!!???? What??? For your child to park on school grounds that we the taxpayer’s pay for??? Geez, that stinks. What part of the country are you in?

          • Amen Vicky, take them out and home school! I wish mine was home-schooled, at least is in a private, small Christian school, though home-schooled is best, imho.

        • Mr. B, the problem is simply this:

          The free and reduced crowd (47%ers, CoCoa Puffers, etc) that produce the lambs that consume this stuff depend on it. How nice it is for us to take that burden from them. I mean, this way they don’t have to be as ashamed that they don’t feed their kids. Let the government do it. Let us do it. What better way could I spend my money?

          • NetRanger, I think his was a sarcastic post.

      20. Perhaps the kids will learn some supply side economics, and their time in school won’t be a complete waste.

      21. So it almost feels like they are prepping our kids with small portions so their bellies will be used to it for when there is very lil or no more food sounds like they have more planned than fixing child obesity. We all now half the Americans are over wieght but can we honestly say that came from eating at school? Plus there are still lots of kids that only get to eat at school

        • Intro to “Rations”

      22. Absolute bull. I remember eating lunches at school, and it was not enough. Most of the food was unhealthy processed junk anyway, but at least most of it tasted good. I was never a milk drinker but I can recall kids loving those chocolate and strawberry milk cartons. It is ridiculous that schools are stopping children from choosing their own meal. It should be the parents job at home to keep their children from becoming obese. What happens to hungry, non satisfied children during class that can’t get dinner off their mind and or are falling asleep because of lack of proper energy? Students grades will drop because they will no longer be able to focus to their full potential.

        • David

          Exactly the point I was going to make. Whether or not a kid has tater tots or a small bag of chips with his/her sandwich during the school day is not the issue. It’s not why kids (more and more of them) are fat. Here’s the problem: while Jr is at school, mom or dad are running around the grocery stuffing their cart with processed foods, microwave pizzas, frozen french fries, bags of chips and dip, sugary snacks and cases of soda.

          Then Jr comes home from school, lays around on the couch or plays video games while a 4,000 calorie dinner is prepared. Jr doesn’t exercise because mom and dad don’t exercise or encourage it. Thus, poor Jr is doomed to a life of excess weight gain and probably Diabetes.


          • When I was a kid ( I’m 50 next week), you couldn’t keep us in the house. I really don’t recall any fat kids. None. Some “big” boys… remember “husky” sizes?
            Is there an obesity problem in China? Seriuosly.

            • Happy Birthday Rick! I am 54 and we were the same way. We got up and ate breakfast and my mom fed half the kids on the block. Then we got on our bikes and went riding or played ball till 5 pm in the summer. We ate good home cooked meals and did our chores before dark. Kids today are never outside anymore. There are many in my neighborhood, but you never see them playing outdoors.

      23. I almost always pack my son lunch, once and a while he eats at school when it something he likes. My mom did the same for me. Last year I sent a Sprite in his lunch because he had been sick. He got into trouble!!!! I was so pissed off, the rest of his lunch was great but who the hell do they think they are saying I can’t pack 1 soda a year.
        I did know some kids growing up school food was the only thing they had to eat during the week. So they really needed staying power. We will see a lot more of that soon.

        • Hey JL,

          I once had the same problem when my kids were in grade school. My kids all wanted root beer left over from a birthday party — that’s about the only time we ever had soda in the house, btw. So I said, sure…they went to school, and then came home very upset. Apparently the principal told them they shouldn’t have brought a fucking root beer to school. In the lunchroom. In front of their friends.

          Needless to say, I went to the school,and told the slimy little POS that if he ever psychologically assaulted my children in that fashion ever again, I was going to throw him into a pit of live lawyers.

          Th next day, I sent my kids in with a can of Jolt cola each, just to make my meaning plain.

          Not a peep from the school 🙂

          • When I was a kid we had a break time and if you had the money you could buy a pack of crackers or a pack of krispy kreme do-nuts for 10 cents and a coke for 15 cents. Wow, how times have changed.

            • In My JR high(8th grade and lower) Lunch cost me .40 Cents!…But if I skipped lunch I could go to a nearby store and buy a, 16oz Bottle of Pepsi, And, one pak of smokes! And still have a Nickel left to make a phone call at the pay phone there! ALL for 40 cents total!

              Then I quit school before they switched to kommie policys and they never got their Hooks into me.

              The Only solution to all the Forced Bussings and intigrations is to Keep Us and Them seperate! Gov George Wallace, before he got gut shot and it ended his run for prez.

      24. If they want to search the brown bag maybe it’s time to give them a civics lesson regarding illegal search & seizure…

        Oh by the way, SAT reading scores are the lowest in 40 years. Way to go “educators”!

        • The public school/ghetto babysitting service is just another government failure. I went to the worst schools the slums of Newport News VA had to offer. Now I live in a state that is 50th in the nation in education. From bad to worse. I worked the equivalent of 2 full time jobs to keep my 2 daughters ( that’s all I could afford ) from going to these POS schools. I know a teacher here that says they teach the test all week and come friday some kids still can’t pass. Also she says over 75% of all public school kids here are “at risk” whatever the fuck that means. I think it means they come from the hood and/or a fucked up home or enviroment and are at risk of abuse, neglect, shit like that. Poor little bastards. They probably don’t stand a chance.

      25. Anyone sending their kids to public school is a moron and deserves all they get. For God’s sake, people, these aren’t schools; they’re indoctrination centers and the guinea pigs are YOUR GODDAM KIDS !

        Get them OUT of public school…and don’t think that charter schools are anything less than public school without some of the aggravation.

        The stupidity, it burns.

        • Tom. I could not have said it any better!!!!

        • Easy to say, less easy to do. So don’t be so flip about it

      26. “You’re All … going to DIE !”

        Kneeling on your FDA approved MONSANTO GMO eugenics sterilizing cancer tumor food , fluoridated town water , ZOG FEDGOV FDA intentionally physically poisoned caused obese pudgy AmeriKan diabetic premature arthritic knee’s by the edge of a ZOG CDC MASS BURIAL BLOODY DITCH GRAVE … groveling for your tax debt slave life very existence to the NWO ZOG UN AGENDA 21 GESTAPO NSA CIA FBI DHS FEDGOV weather underground COMMIE TERRORISTS aka ZOG NWO BLACK BOOTED DHS NATIONAL AMERIKAN POLICE FORCE MAFIA THUG ILLEGAL-IRS TAX DEBT SLAVE ENFORCERS !”


        IT IS HERE …

        IT IS NOW …





        • Is that you?

        • Are you realted to Cocopuff?

          • Anonymous- was thinkin the same thing.

            • The respite was brief, however nice.

        • where you been?

        • Welcome back n.o

      27. What the hell happened to school lunches. We had pizza, fish sticks, chicken pieces. hamburgers,tacos, Milk,Soup,poatoes ETC. A menu was handed out for the week and you decided which days you would bring your lunch. We had a few that were short but we would chip in and get them something. We did have a period of GYM and played sports. Didn’t have all those new gadgets either to fiddle our thumbs with. Well, what are the lunches going to look like when food prices increase? Ketchup sandwiches anyone? Food Nazi’s I tell you.

        • No ketchup sandwiches, didn’t you get the memo? Ketchup contains too much salt.

          I have read that in prisons, hot sauce is a prized commodity because it covers the taste of the poor food. Maybe those mini bottles of Tabasco will become popular contraband in the schools.

          However, this is actually a good thing. The kids are learning early on the results of totalitarianism. I am heartened that they are rebelling.

      28. The Largest “CRIMINAL GANG in ZOG FREEMASON CATHOLIC jesuit MORMON mafia gangster corrupt criminal occupied enslaved COMMIE AMERIKA wears a BLUE UNIFORM and carries a FedGov Department of Corruption(justice) DHS FEDERAL AGENT BADGE !”



        read learn then ARM UP FREE AMERICA … while you still can .

        the u.n. smalls arms treaty has been passed – they will soon come for your guns .


        see below link…


          Ready was being followed by local police while out on an errand. Two local police, reputedly his “friends,” showed up at the home to wait for him.

          Police then executed Ready’s girlfriend, her older daughter, her boyfriend, one younger child while another child was hiding under the bed.

          Had the killings been done by Ready, no child would have been under the bed nor would the execution style killings, typical cartel shootings, have been the method used. This was a carefully ordered “hit.”

          Ready then returned home and while talking on his mobile phone, was gunned down in a hail of fire. No shots were fired from the two weapons he carried.

          Unnamed suspects fled the house and left in two black cars. No one has said they are unmarked police cars.

          • Change the “Red” to “Drag”.

      29. Yeah, like food is the real problem with public socialist indoctrinating schools. Their tummies may be as empty as their minds when they leave. Food is not the real threat to these kids.

      30. I would never let my kid eat a school lunch, we make it at home and it goes in a bag. This way I know what she is eating, and its cheaper.

        besides, she tried to eat a school lunch once ( she forgot her bag lunch) she never ever forgot her home lunch again, and never has asked to buy lunch.

        • The quality of the school lunch program varies with different schools. When our girls were little, we lived for a few years up north. The lunch program at our daughter’s school was TERRIBLE! Everything was deep fried and processed. I packed the girls lunches every day – sandwiches on whole wheat bread, fresh fruit, vegetables, etc. An overwhelming majority of the kids brought lunches from home. I felt sorry for the kids (many I knew came from poor families) who had to eat the ‘poor quality’ stuff served in the school lunch.

          When we moved here, I started out packing the kids lunches. I was surprised when they REQUESTED to eat the school lunch. After I visited the school cafeteria, I understood.

      31. A cynical person might think the real goal is to help the students fail through malnourishment, under the guise of eating healthy.

        They promote one thing but get a different outcome. How often has that happened form the government?

      32. Just what are the teachers, guidance counseler’s and pricipals eating for lunch. It better not be over 850 calories. And for that matter, how about the whole damn school board. I’m Fired Up!

      33. I pack my kids’ lunches every day. I don’t think that schools should have to provide lunches or make them available. If you want a kid, you should take of them otherwise don’t have them. But…I’m in a pissy mood today.

        • Nothing pissy about that!

        • Would those that T.D. kynase’s comment please explain what, about said comment, disturbed you?

        • Geez…typos today…you should take CARE of them. Arg.

        • Taking care of your kids. What a fucking concept. I think this discussion has everybody in a bad mood. Kids not eating right, parents not taking responsibility, gov control, fucked up schools, I guess I see why.

      34. I always thought government schools were like prision – now they feed you even worse than prision.

        I really can’t imagine sending anyone sending their children to these mind controlling / indoctrination camps!

        • @ Doug_B

          Correct, that’s why they’re referred to as ‘Brain Laundromats’.

      35. They are just getting the kids used to the food shortages that TPTB know are coming. Skinny and hungry will be the new hip and happenen. As for dealing food in school, hey I made a lot of spending money back in the early 70’s but it wasn’t cinnamon toothpicks. lol

        • This is only the first step. Wait till they begin use of Scratch N’Sniff food stamps.

          The kids who Can read will see instructions that say “Scratch food stamp and Sniff picture of food…Then turn stamp over and read side #2…It says “If you think the picture of a Tbone staek smells great?….Get a fuckin Job and buy a Real one to eat!”

      36. Where in the Constitution does it say the government can control our children and fondle my nuts!

        • Constitution? What Constitution?
          That piece of parchment was eliminated a while back.
          FYI, the perps responsible include:

          1.) The executive branch (manifold presidents).

          2.) The legislative branch (congress).

          3.) The judicial branch (supreme court).

          4.) The electorate (voting public).

          5.) The mainstream media (see owners).

          6.) Academia (see dumb-down education).

          7.) Those who invented “Marxism”.

          8.) Hedonism (i.e. me only syndrome).

          9.) Usury (see Federal Reserve).

          10.) Lack of courage among the population to eliminate the above.

          Per DK’s advice (slightly modified):

          -Prepare to engage w/ deadly force-*

          *at this point, whatcha’ got to lose?

        • That aint in the us const…Rather it Is in the Talmude. You got it backwards though…Talmude allows them to Fondle your Kids. And 100% Kontrol You.

      37. I say we help Michele Obama with her “Lets Move”campaign….by moving her fat clydsdale ass back to Chicago!

        • Chicago has enough troubles. Move the sheboon to her tribe back in Zamboonie Africa..Across the street from Kenya where the Zambonei tribe hangs out.

          Give her a $100 bonus for each ziotribe member she stuffs into her suitcase to take along.

      38. we shouldnt depend on schools feeding our children, that is the responsibility of the parent/parents. schools also shouldnt be allowed to prevent kids from bringing lunches from home. If jobs didnt require highschool diplomas then maybe more and more families would take the time to educate their kids and start giving them job training when they turn 13-14 years old. Also why in the hell would we as a country force by law everyone to go to school? I know we have a right to education but we also have the right to bare arms, it doesnt meen that the government should force all of us to carry guns just because we have that right. we have way too many flaws in our system, where do we begin?

      39. “If you don’t eat your meat you can’t have any pudding, how can you have any pudding if you don’t eat your meat”

        • When logic and proportion
          Have fallen sloppy dead
          And the White Knight is talking backwards
          And the Red Queen’s “off with her head”
          Remember what the doormouse said:
          “Keep your head!

      40. You know, a lot of people are saying how it should not be the school’s responsibility to feed the kids. In a perfect world, we’d all have enough in the pantry to make a healthy delicious brown bag lunch for every child in the country. But we don’t live in a perfect world.

        Did you stop to think about the economy and unemployment rates? Some families are forced to make the terrible choice between food and shelter. Does this mean that their children should sit at an empty table while the child beside them gets to eat?

        The United States sends billions to aid foreign third world countries to see to it that those children are fed. Why would we be so stingy about taking care of our own kids?

        I’m not pro-welfare at all, but when it comes to hungry kids, all bets are off. Every child deserves FOOD. And if school is the only place they get that food, then so be it.

        Where I lived the past 10 years, they did not have school cafeterias. Many children came to school without having eaten breakfast. They didn’t have anything for their lunch either. Food pantries were in those schools, completely funded by donations from the parents and local business but still, kids went hungry. I used to send double lunches with my kids so they could share, and then a policy went into effect disallowing sharing because of allergies, etc. More kids went hungry.

        I think most people here are truly kind people and that those of you saying that these children should not be fed at the schools would feel differently if you actually witnessed the heartbreaking sight of those kids with nothing to eat.

        • Daisy,

          Well said! I agree!

          With all of the aid programs that our U.S. tax money pays for, the school lunch program is one where it reaches those (children), whom it is supposed to be helping.

          It is a shame that due to new ‘guidelines’, that children are leaving the cafeteria still hungry.

          • I agree to a degree. I hate seeing a kid go hungry. But when I see that kids parents in the grocery store with a buggy full of junk food and no real healthy food, it burns me. I see these same parents walking around with a soda in one hand and a cigarette in the other all the time, while hard working parents are barely making it with no government assistance. At some point and time the scales are going to tip and someone will have to say no more freebies. I don’t want to be the one to say it but if the government will take food from my kids to feed your kids, I will draw a line.

        • Daisy, I know your heart is in the right place but this topic hits a raw nerve. If the State in which you live wants to tax its citizens so as to provide food for school children, fine. Same with the county, school district, city, local United Way, Red Cross or (gasp) even the local churches can contribute to a worthy objective. All fine.
          But nowhere, nohow does the federal government have the Constitutional authority to stick its grubby power-hungry paws into the food our children eat. And just because the feds get away with wasting gozillions on other unConstitutional programs doesn’t make this one morally right.

        • Daisy – In regards to the gov sending money and food overseas for the poor, watch “Black Hawk Down” this weekend. How long has money been sent to Africa with no or “less” improvement. I admire your warm heart. I hope it is never tarnished by the hardcores on this site. Myself included.

        • Then YOU pay for it.

        • Look around you. In USA, availability of food is obviously not a big problem.

      41. The Red Queen sounds like Cocopuff Crackhead; maybe one and the same? Anyway, I attended public schools in memphis back in the 1960s, the last years of segregated public schools in the South. memphis City Schools only became integrated in 1971. Before integration, EVERYBODY brown-bagged their lunch to school or they simply went without. Everybody back then had mothers who would pack a good, nutritious lunch for their kids. When I was in 5th grade, we had a course called “Healthy Living”. In that course, I learned about the five different food groups and that people should have a combination of items from those groups in order to be healthy and have good nutrition. These people who push the idea of becoming 100% vegetarians live in a fantasy world if they think that’s all you need to be healthy. I’ve been eating meat, fish, chicken, etc. all my life and will still continue to do so. I’m 55 now and I’m still in very good health. Some people swear up and down I should have died from my diet at least 10 years ago, but NO WAY, JOSE! School officials didn’t have the type of attitude toward the kids in the 60s and 70s that they have now. it warms my heart to see the kids learn something about tyranny and rebel against it. These sound like some kids who have overcome the government propaganda and have learned how to think for themselves. Unfortunately, the alleged “educators” will find some way to penalize the kids; the kids should also rebel against being punished. GO KIDS!

        • Meat, seafood, and poultry are good for you. Read up on paleo diet, also known as hunter-gatherer diet or caveman diet.

        • We should just cut the bullshit and have a closed door meeting with the leaders of Israel , Europe , Russia , and just to keep peace , China and carve up the middle east between those powers and thats the end of it . Kill anything that resists . Everybody hits them all at once and get it done once and for all . Everybody has their own piece of the pie and oil production from their new territories .

          • Before everybody starts whining , this has already been done on a large scale twice in the 20th century …….just look at the world map before and after each world war . just sayin

            • TR Brits did it with the Balfour agreement. Isreali and NY/London/Chicago jews broke it by demanding a Jewish Only State. Balfour stipulated Jeruslem Remains a Holy city for ALL THREE world major religions who has a Vested intrest there. Christians-Islamic-Talmudic Jews.

              Jews all agreed…Till they Butchered and ran off 800,000+ palestinians(many were Christians too!)

              Ever since jews demand a jew only “state”

              Because the Highest power on earth(not counting God or spiritual stuf) is to Own and Control a State or Nation. Where you can have a navy-military-create laws etc.

              Then you can use the state as a Criminal zone for ONLY Your type folks(jews). Refuse to let any citizen be taken from state for amy international espionage or high crimes etc.

              Picture an Al Capone…With His Own State!…Criminal zone for the entire Tribe! Now to really screw the other nations of world! Threaten to use Samson option!

              Samson option=Jews and isreal gets all they want or…300+ Nukes go flying to every major city in europe!

              Whoever Own their own nationstate can make al capone look like a 5yr old beginer. They can Play-act as if God themselves. And get away with it as long as usa and many other nations Funds it all!

              Just make NWO world religion to be Holacaustianity! Worship jews & all things jewish, pay enormous sums again and again for so called Six Million etc. Bingo! NWO is Now JWO!

              And Amerika=Isreals/jews…BITCH!…OyVey!

      42. Daisy, your point about kids not going hungry is well-taken. I’ve never been a parent, but i don’t want to see a kid go hungry either. All I’m saying is that as long as there is going to be a school lunch program at all, change the menu back to the choices the kids used to have. At least the kids back then got enough to eat and were able to focus on school work and even had the energy for the athletic programs; they were much better off before Obama started tampering with it. When I was in the 5th grade, we had a course called “Healthy Living” and were taught about the five different food groups and that we should have a combination of items fromm all 5 groups in order to be healthy. Also, an active teenager needed NO LESS THAN 2000 CALORIES PER DAY in order to be healthy. What they’re serving the kids for lunch these days is the biggest joke I’ve ever seen. When I was a kid I brought my lunch only on occasion and NOBODY CARED WHAT THE KIDS WERE HAVING FOR LUNCH JUST AS LONG AS THEY WERE HAVING SOMETHING, PERIOD. In my day, educators were truly educators and only cared about educating AND NOTHING ELSE. They didn’t care what you did after you left school property as long as you made it back for the next school day. Today’s “educators” are a joke. They stick their noses into areas where they don’t belong and don’t even think about educating. Or should I say INDOCTRINATION; so they are truly INDOCTRINATORS. it heartens me to see the kids rebelling; somewhere they have learned to think for themselves. GO KIDS!

        • Why go kids? They are leeches. The price they pay for school lunch does not cover the true cost of the meal. The rest is made up with tax money. This especially true of students recieving free or reduced lunch. Either way, the buyer is not paying full price. Why don’t the kids provide their own lunch of they are unhappy with what is offered? Problem solved.

        • braveheart I’ve been a teacher for 12 years now, and I can guarantee you that many of us think this is horseshit too… we’re sick of being nannies, counselors, father confessors, wet nurses, psychologists, and prison guards. Many if not most of us do everything in our power to resist doing that crap, because it has NOTHING TO DO WITH TEACHING. We see it as an utter waste of time, and it is imposed upon us just as it is imposed upon the students.

          Our rebellion started long before this, and will continue long after these children graduate

      43. Thats too funny , just goes to show this crap works about as well as prohibition did . All prohibition accomplished was to create criminal empires .

      44. Why are you coming to the defense of people who are dependent on the nanny state? An easy solution is for these people to provide their own lunch. You know, self-reliance. But, I have learned to expect such hypocrisy and inconsistancy from a site populated by delusionals.

        • Like anywhere else ……dont let the door hit your ass on the way out .

      45. lisa “hay danny you got the stuff?” Danny “ya you got the money?” Lisa”Ya!” Danny”o.k. it’s two dollar’s two shot’s all right?” Lisa”hurry I shakky now hurry!”

      46. wow what happen to feed the hungary? Now here we go the next move soilent green being fed to our kids. probably getting them ready to function on little to no calories so they will be ready for the fema camps

        • I’m so Hungary I could eat Poland.

        • Connect the Dots& Follow the Cash….Weather modification fed programs spray aluminum and??? all over usa. Droughts occures after too much rain and cold last 12 yrs.

          Ranchers cant cope= Sell Off Cattle big time!..Soon zero Meat available for any price. PETA clowns jump for joy!

          UN-NGO’s implement Agenda21…While during 2008 to 2010 Record crops of corn and wheat was causing wall street prices to Soar!

          But americans and others nations was told of mass Shortages of corn and wheat. Hmmm…CNBC market gurus say prices soared due to China buys it all to stock up long term. Hmmm…USA food prices skyrocket!…Hmmm…

          Agenda21-PETA-Treehuggers-New agers all agree with UN long term goals…Stop producing Beef and most All meats. Force higher prices for Veggi only diets while claiming “We Know Best for YOU!” (use fake Global warming as scare tactics)

          2012 Begin phony bleeding heart project to brainwash children to eat way Less and zero Meat etc…Use mammycoon to promote it at Schools!

          2013 Begin patriot roundups Before enough awaken and realize what the Real reasons are for the 2nd ammendt!

          2014 Final bodies of former peta& un ngos crowds are piled High in Deep Pits and Torched, to prevent spread of diseases.

          2014 & 1/2= Smooth sailing from here on out!

      47. We’re teaching the kids well, aren’t we?

        By the time they graduate high school, they will be expert hustlers and con men and women! “I’ll trade you this tomato for two lollipops! How about it?”

      48. what else do they want to control about our lives..?? think about it: mandatory health ins; school lunches; control of the internet; “smart driver” modules for vehicles which record, gps location, speed, etc; “free speech zones”; now, add to these the already existing laundry list of controls and prohibitions we deal with daily…

        what’s left..?? “papers” check points, curfews and then “disappearances”… it’s all coming folks, you better be ready…

      49. How about they just bring in their own lunch. And those that don’t have food at home, are unfortunately, stuck eating what the government provides, and may that be a lesson to them.

        Instead of parents/kids whining about it, just bypass it and move on. Kids don’t like packing their own lunch, TS.
        They have choices.

        No one is making them eat the government slop, they aren’t in the military. At least they have food to eat. My gripe is the government shouldn’t be dictating what they eat.

        More than the people during the last great depression got. Pros/Cons here. More government interference, and yet the parents have a choice, so do the kids, pack a lunch.

        • Thank you Just Me Says! See my evil comments just below. You hit the nail on the head.

      50. the other related story was ” military reports many kids to fat for service”..
        youth must be ready to defend der Homeland!

        • He lost weight because he was not eating out you sheep! Compound the $29 a week by 3 kids and yourself and I tell you what. I would be eating just fine on $116 a week. Yes x 52 weeks and BAM! $6,032 a year. Do you need me to make a buget for you? Don’t forget free lunch and breakfast for all the littles one you have.

      51. I see people on here commenting the they can not believe parents would send thier kids to school. That is ridiculous to say and unrealistic to think everyone can be home schoole d. Apparently unlike the posters most of us have to work to provide for our kids so they dont think we are looking for thier money. They must be indepenently wealthy and be able to sit at home and school thier kids on “the important” things and then go count thier ammo. While we should take care of our own not all of us can take our kids out of school and not work to provide for our families. Some here tend to sound like the very thing they are Rebeling against. We too are preparing for the events that are coming the best we can. And for the real prep/survivalists on here you have the right idea ranting and grouping everyone else in a group because we dont think the same way is not freedom eith3r. I think a group in germany learned that many years ago.
        Again by all means take care of your own kids and not obligate others. Prep for the worst and pray and hope for the best and change that is desparately needed. To do this you dont have to be so hateful because if you let your emotions run you all of your prepping will be wasted on bad , emotionally drivin decsions and the cost will be your life and others around you. Think about our true goal and keep your head. Rough times ahead. Your gonna need it.

      52. My child has snack time in elementary class once a day. All our children bring the brown bag lunch with an extra snack for snack time. Last week my child took the snack out of the bag at the appropriate time with all the other kids and began to eat. The snack which my wife supplied our child was one of those “lunchables” It had a small amount of turkey, cheese, and a small bag of m&m’s. The teacher “food police” told my child they could not eat the candy portion and that they will have to bring in a more nutritious snack next time. My son being who he is ate it anyways but when I found out I almost blew my top. That teacher now has to deal with me……. Wish her luck.


        • Give the bitch hell! You worked hard for your child to have a meal and the F-ing system can take a hike. P.S. M&M’s are yummy!

      53. Wow do you all like to whine. If they don’t like the lunch then bring one. If mommy can’t afford one make it out of the EBT $. What! We should pay for 2nds and 3rds of pizza and candy. Get off it people. Most every kid getting a school lunch these days is getting it for free. All these kids have cell phones, IPods and plenty of money for smokes and candy. Don’t even start the crap that the little ones are hungry. Trust me, they will not die before they get home. Oh thats right. Free lunch and breakfast for everyone and an EBT to boot. Hey thats just food! Free everything and give it to them now! It’s called socialism people. In other words “bought votes”. If they don’t like the free food STARVE! Sorry for the long post but I’m so sick of feeding the world and having them shit on me in return. And for all of you with the thumbs down. You should have tried harder at work and maybe you wouldn’t of been let go in the first round. Oh wait. You wanted it that way so you could suck 99 weeks of unempoyement off the rest of us. Hows that hope and change working for you all. This system is corupt to the point of no return and it got that way from you all voting in freebies for yourself. Me, Me, Me. Everyone else is to blame. Me, Me Me whaaaaaaaa! If it were up to me the food bag would be cut the F off.

      54. If you don’t like what the government is serving…PACK YOUR OWN! Don’t like what the government’s teaching…TEACH THEM YOURSELF! Stop bitching about government control and take personal responsibility for your kids.

      55. school food has always sucked. now you just get less and it coast more…kind of like the stores.

        pack your lunches! I used to pack my daughter’s lunch every single day and she loved it. Chocolate milk, PB sand, chips, carrots, ranch dressing and pudding cup. Would sometimes come home and not eat all. never went hungry! Everything was by single serving size to fit in the little lunch box.

      56. We want meat and potatoes! Meat and potatoes! Meat and potatoes! Meat and potatoes! Meat and potatoes!

        What the F%@K is humus? Don’t sound like anything good to me. Lets quit all this micro-managment BS and get our scool kids some MEAT AND POTATOES! and pie for desert!

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