Black Friday: America’s Running Of The Bulls

by | Nov 26, 2010 | Headline News | 45 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    In Spain they have an annual running of the bulls, often dangerous, sometimes deadly.

    In America, we have our own version. It’s called Black Friday, a day when seemingly calm humans are transformed into animals. They’re predators that will stop at nothing to catch their prey – TV’s, video game systems, clothes, jewelry, and anything that’s on sale and not nailed down.

    At times, it’s as dangerous as the yearly San Fermin festival.

    Videos of this year’s Black Friday sales follow.

    The 2010 Target Stampede:

    Circuit City:

    Black Friday Shoppers Brave the Elements:

    Target staff gets ready:

    Target shoppers hoard TV’s:

    In this video several women hoard four TV’s even though they claim that they only need two of them. One of the women asks “who else do we want to be nice to” in regards to giving away the two extra TV’s that are in their possession. At 0:40 a man attempts to pick up one of the boxes only to be told that the TV’s are taken. At 1:39 another man is deemed deserving of a TV and is given one of the four.

    Best Buy opens its doors after a four hour wait:

    Do it for the children – lines outside of Toys R Us:

    Lines stacked up outside Best Buy:

    Running of the Bulls:

    As the world sits on the brink of possible war in Asia and/or the Middle East, an economic collapse in Europe and the United States, and continued erosion of individual rights in America, consumers aren’t dismayed. Hundreds of thousands stood in lines across the country, lured by what the mainstream media has referred to as “the deepest discounts” ever offered on the day after Thanksgiving.

    Unemployment rages on, millions are losing emergency benefits, wages continue to decline, and some 40 millions Americans require food stamps to survive. Many of those hitting the sales this year will likely be using what little credit they have left to max out their spending limits this Holiday season. In the 20th century layaway made it possible to buy products before you had the money to pay in full, though before you could take possession, you had to pay off your entire balance. In the 2000’s we don’t worry about coming up with the money now – we just pull forward our yet-to-be-earned wages to acquire as many Chinese made products as we can fit in our cars.

    Black Friday is a microcosmic glimpse into the behavioral programming to which we’ve all been subjected.


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      1. Comments….. Mac, at least you could have offered up some popcorn while viewing all the nut cases chasing after China crap. LOL!  This is better than watching  old reruns on MadTV.

      2. now imagine if they where looking for food.   I will happen

      3. GF, I do have a 40 pound bucket of Popcorn that I just packed up the other day…. Sorry I didn’t offer 🙂

        @mad: you are right on target with that…. These are people rushing to buy TV’s and toys… I can only imagine the panicked crowds that would hit grocery stores if the SHTF.

      4. ERROR: Programming Failure. Error 1. If they tried to program me, it totally failed. These people look stupid, vain, greedy and moronic to me.

        This stuff, honestly, pisses me off!!! Of all the ignorant garbage that is available to watch, this is the worst. Humans behaving stupidly.

        I wonder how these people are going to act WTSHTF? I have a feeling that I want to be as far away from these morons as possible. There are some that are redeemable. Some are not. YOu can pick out the intelligent people in these videos, though, just the fact that they are they calls into question their IQ.

        I’m ready to see all this blow up. It can’t happen soon enough for me. I’m uncomfortable saying this, but, can anyone really not see why the elites call these people “useless eaters”?

      5. Mad, that’s exactly what I said…if people will push, cuss and trample to get yet another tv or video game, what do you think they’ll do when faced with the thought of no food for their kids (or honestly, for themselves, cause I know plenty of selfish people who think they are more important than their own kids). 

        I’d rather stock up now than risk being in a crowd twice this bad, fighting for something I have to have.

      6. Now if we can just get some of these online stores to start offering Black Friday deals like & not to mention a couple others out there. I am like so many other people in that I don’t need a computer, tv or new microwave. I need more storage supplies. Oh Cabelas did have a great deal on 00 Buck – 175 2 3/4 in shells for $99 so I guess that’s okay.

      7. Comments…..I tried this Black Friday about 10 years ago.  Showed up at Office Depot at 4:30am to get a computor.  Well I saw the line of 30 or so people in front of the store and said “No way!”  Hubby and I went out for breakfast.

        The materialisum in America is alive and well.  Unfortunately, it appears to be commiting suicide.  Next year Americas economy will be dead from the blood letting.

      8. Comments…..NetRanger said: I wonder how these people are going to act WTSHTF? I have a feeling that I want to be as far away from these morons as possible. There are some that are redeemable. Some are not. YOu can pick out the intelligent people in these videos, though, just the fact that they are they calls into question their IQ.
        People will come with guns, people will have their groceries taken away at gun point as they leave the store. People may even be followed home with a home invasion on them a few hours later.  Take a look at the people – I am sure they’ll find a new name for Black Friday. I am surprised the black community hasn’t complained already. I expect Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton to step up to the plate and make a big scene about it.

      9. Straight out of “Zombieland” casting!

      10. The Humility……….

        These are the people that will be slaughtered when the SHTF.  I feel embarrassed watching…    Can you imagine these idiots going after food or water?   What a bunch of lunatics  – racing for the boxcars……

      11. I can’t believe how can ppl behave like this just for some materialistic items.  Anyone that is that materialistic is never happy.  No matter how much they have. 
        People like this will hurt anyone who they think is in their way.  Material things have no life and do not communicate or have feeling FOR YOU!!!
        Happiness comes from people, especially someone that cares for you or sweet talks to you.


        Too many material things for children are not good for them, because you teach them bad habits. 

        And how people get into debt and spend more than what they actually have. Basically, living beyond their means.  This is how society becomes a mess!

      13. These situations kind of speak for themselves. When the food chain production will break down, I hope you’re not in need to go the mall for food and also not in a big city. Expect zombie-like runners everywhere. But in a way, it’s good to look at this because it reminds us what’s coming when the shtf. This decade will be horrific. Still a few years to go.

      14. The women with the four TV’s didn’t seem to be all about materialism and excessive greed, it was more like they were on a power trip, enjoying the praises they received from those they felt were worthy and were selected to get one of the TV’s from them.
        I wonder if that is the same kind of feeling of control people get from identifying with groups, say like the TSA?
        That attitude may be one of the most dangerous circumstances in a SHTF situation? Idk.

      15. We are no different. We all  lined up at walmart and gun shops for ammo. Just let someone start a rumor about some new gun or ammo law. Look at the freeze dried food rumors. It’s all control. Whether you think it doesen’t effect you or not, it really does. We have even seen it on this site. When someone says the world is going to end we run out and get that last bag of rice and beans. And now that prices are going up we think maybe just one more case of corn.   
        It’s all button pushing.And it gets us all sooner or later.
        This is human nature for better or worse.
        For laughs just google Johnny Carson toilet paper shortage of 1973. 

      16. Ray, There is a fundamental difference; The last bag of rice, beans, ammo, or T.P. is a hedge against starvation, depression, or other potential disaster which would prevent one from obtaining these necessities on short notice. It is quite doubtful that greed or social status is the primary motivating factor for those who prep for unknowns of the future; in fact you would be hard pressed to find a case of a prepper trampling to death his fellow shoppers in order to get the buy one get one free spam sale. Learn to act rather than react, and the button pushing becomes irrelevant.

      17. Great work Mac!

        “Insanity will reign in the inner cities of major metro areas and this violence will spread to the suburbs. The mentality and psychology of the population in the major metro areas is very different than that of smallville.”

      18. I am starting to look at things as potential trade items. I mean how much ammo does one man really need? When the SHTF you won’t last in a firefight more than a couple minutes any way. In the Marines we use to have a life expectancy list for all the MOS’s. Mine was about 3 min. as an 0311 (infantry). So when I was doing a spreadsheet on my food storage last night I was thinking “maybe my wife is right”, maybe I am a bit crazy for thinking the way I do. My excuse is always “I am helping out the economy” by buying this stuff and if anything ever does happen you’ll have beans and rice to eat with some dehydrated corn thrown in for your daily fiber. But am I being controled or am I controlling the situation? I just ordered a couple cases of Yoders canned meat from mredepot since they have a Black Friday free shipping thing going on so I guess I controlled that one, or did I?

      19. I have seen this happen to many other people, including some of my rich friends.  I think they just wanted to get the latest and the greatest gargets on the market, at a discount price.  The materialistic items that they could live without. 

        Their spending habbits were like a drug addiction which could ruin their lives, and it has to many people

        If it was for survival, then I could understand as it’s human nature for survival needs.
         But it was not the case in the vids.

        Discipline should be learned from childhood. So you don’t develop a bad habbits.  Bad habbits are difficult to change.

      20. It is interesting to see the the faces of those who will be the first to die in a SHTF scenario.  They are totally cluless to what is happening in the world and around them.

        Cannon fodder to buy time for the rest of us I guess.

      21. Jane, you’re wrong about human nature when it comes  to survival needs. It’s more about our animal instincts. The same biological patterns for all living things. For better and/or worse, you want to find food and then protect it from intruders.  It’s the same behavior in all species. A starving human is almost no different from a starving lion.

      22. This demonstration of humanity’s lowest common denominator explains perfectly why I had done what I have done.  Not the most prepared, I’ve done what I can.  Good for a year, if you don’t count the heirloom seeds.  Does anyone really believe one of thse fools wouldn’t storm your house believing they had a right to do so?   THAT YOU SOMEHOW OWED THEM SOMETHING? I guarantee you I would kill as many as I could right then and there.  Two shotguns would be most helpful in this regard.  And they would think they are in the right, or somehow entitled.  I personally find myself feeling disgust, contempt and hatred.  So when someone tells you not to tell anyone, this is why.  My stash is known to but a few, none of whom live in my town, even good friends…none.
        Believe them.
        It could save your life..
        Besides, I’d rather share with one of you people, those of a similar mind and values. 
        And I don’t do black Fridays.

      23. When I turned on my 6 yr. old laptop this morning to check the road conditions (we had a winter storm warning) my laptop cooling fan made a horrible bearings-going- out sound. We were going to check out Cabela’s Black Friday sale and there is a Walmart nearby. Pretty much on a whim I stopped by the Walmart at 0445 hrs. to see if by chance I could snag a doorbuster deal on a new laptop. There were no rude, pushy  people, just very orderly lines -and to make this story come to an end I was back in my vehicle with a $298 HP laptop by 0520; And we went to Cabelas afterward and found all the items we were looking for without any hassle (including Herters 7.62×39 154 gr. soft point for $3.99/box). Not saying all Black Fridays are like this, just my experience this morning.

      24. @ olduvaigorge,  you need to read my postings again.  How can I be wrong about survival crisis when I never talk about it.  These videos are not about people’s behavior in a survival period.  Again, if that happens anything goes and I understand as I’ve previously said.  I’ve never seen ppl or myself behaves in a survival period; therefore, I didn’t discuss it.

      25. I just want to echo the opinions of a lot who have commented already. When these same people have their food stamps and unemployment checks taken away you want to be hundreds of miles away from them. Imagine that same size gang roaming your streets busting down any door they come to so they can get their hands on some food. I have my stockpile of ammo. Do you?

      26. Comments…..In the game of life…after you get extra points for winging these trolls? My personal view is that these are the same animalistic trash who made the disaster in New Orleans so much worse than it needed to be..These were the same idiots shooting at the rescue helocopters and attacking other survivors as well as looting… New Orleans was NOT UNIQUE.. You can bank on that crap but on a much bigger scale soon.. It will be a war of survival..You and your clan vs the starving packs of wolves..You have the advantage though..You are prepared, and you will use your brain..these animals will only operate on their emotions and physical needs (food,water,sex,drugs, hunger,pain) As such, one bright spot I can see is that these wolves have such limited intellect and skills that even if they run wild for a while, they will run out of supplies and targets before they learn how to survive…and the winter kill should make the next spring safe for survivors..My advice…move somewhere COLD… Urban trash like this have no outdoor survival skills, and Grandfather Frost will protect you from them in the long run. (Why not take the kids/spouse snow camping this winter…make it a fun adventure, the training they “accidently” get will save their lives later)  The sub-human trash in this video I would pick off at 400 yards if they approched my farm…I would not bother letting them get close enough where I would need to use a shotgun, pistol or bayonet.. Plan your bug out location well, make sure you have a good observation post for your compound. Plan a duty schedule for your family/friends to take shifts on a 24/7 watch. (a starlight scope or infrared detectors will help). Make no advertisements that you are even lights at night, no movement..hunker down, and watch. If there is a bridge between you and town or the highway…blow it when TSHTF..If a band of sub-human trash comes to your compound, remember only survivors can go and bring more trashy reinforcements  back…it they just disappear, who would ever know…or care? 
        Plus as you start to rebuild a sustainable world, they could provide pig feed or organic material for composting…
        Think through your worst nightmares..plan how you will cope with and handle as many possibilities as possible..prepare the best you can and pray that you are totally wrong and nothing happens…but if it does, you will not be suprized or unready mentally, physically or materially.   

      27. To set these animals against each other an ideal scenario.  I have considered possibilites, not sure how many I could stop.  One can hope many would take off knowing a shotgun blast to the gut awaits them.  As for the rest?   I wish I knew.  I do know I would not hesitate to backshoot one such as these as they fled.   I also know I would be utterly ruthless and merciless to anyone killing my wife or daughter, or for that matter, friends.  Clean ’em out like a pack of rats.   All of them.   Or hunt them down with a group of people and dogs.   Fear and hunger…..considering the temperature outside right now, without gear and food you will not survive long, that too, is on our side.   If during the summer…….well, we shall see.   I’m in a small town, a Godsend in my book.   As with all of you, if society started going south, I would be watching developments more closely, in the end telling the wife I think I’m out of a job, just got a new one.  If that bad I tend to doubt a mortgage company would believe taking my house would be a high priority…if they even could.  What would be interesting is to observe would be the reactions of those used to robbing people, then finding out their money, even gold and silver, will buy nothing if you do not have willing sellers…….

      28. Sounds like some folks haven’t taken the medication today. Shotgun blast to the gut and looting in New Orleans etc. Most of you will believe the evening news before anything else and this is a shame. 99% of you have never delivered a shotgun blast to the gut let alone had to clean the resulting mess up. Most of you have never been shot and haven’t a clue what its like to see your blood shooting out all over the place. Do you seriously think you’ll have this much control when the SHTF? PLAN PLAN PLAN or you won’t last 3 minutes in a fight. Exercise, exercise, exercise or you won’t make it around the block. YOU HAVE TO BE SMART in order to win. Why do you think so many died in Iraq? The Nike tennis shoe bad guys watched and learned and then improvised and ultimately kicked our asses. Once the shell leaves your chamber, everyone will know where you are and will come for you (guaranteed). They won’t come one at a time, they will come at their convenience with backup and when the time is just right. You will need to be smart in order to survive the upcoming SHTF scenario not just stocked up with ammo and freeze dried food. Start a paintball group for your posse, this way you’ll know what it is like to jump over rocks, trip over twigs and hurt like hell while trying to stay concealed. Go 8-10 days without sleep or food and you’ll have some idea what is in store for you down the road.

      29. +1 Scott. Quite a few here a bit too willing to deal out death and judgment today. I tend to think it would be a bit difficult to sort the wheat from the chaff at 400 yards. Temper justice with mercy people; for as you would judge, so too will you be judged. (or so I’ve been told). Some of these sheeple are merely misdirected and ignorant of the truth, as some here in fact used to be, and as someone else has previously opined “it’s not all about you”.

      30. Scott nailed it. Plan, exercise, TRAIN, use your grey matter.
        Train until everything is instinctual. In some circles it is called “developing muscle memory.” Learn to “do” without thinking.
        See “instinct shooting” or “quick kill” because the odds favor close quarter contact.

        The key to long term survival and success is “maximum flexibility in the face of adversity.” The direct implication of this statement is general knowledge/skills vs our “new and improved”  idea of specialization. The specialist is completely dependent upon their current environment. The generalist can fit in anywhere. Even the lowly coyote survives and thrives from the sub-arctic to downtown Houston, Texas. It does so by being opportunistic, ie. flexible.
        Fortunately, I live over 150 miles from the mobs taking advantage of Black Friday or anything else. Rural Alaska in the winter is not for fools. Although I have to admit that in the case of shortages, rural Alaska WILL be the first to be trimmed from the supply lines. It is called “cost effectiveness.”
        Rural Alaska presents a scenario of low population density, short growing season and lack of skilled individuals capable of developing a sustainable community. A person can accumulate supplies, but it is far more important to develop the skills required to survive without the corner store.

        The skills I consider important are: hunting, fishing, trapping, gardening and tool maintenance. Barterable skills will become valuable once the initial carnage has run its course.

        Put “how-to” books high on your list. Consider taking classes in some of the current hobby skills that linger from the days when the skill was a actual trade. Among these are pottery, sewing, gardening,  etc. Practice, practice practice these skills. Experience is the best teacher.
        The US Coast Guard has some great teaching videos on survival as well as plenty on their website on what to do if you are ship wrecked. Granted that it is a different scenario, but survival techniques are roughly the same. Shelter, food, water, inventory supplies, positive mental attitude and recreation. NEVER underestimate the value of recreation. Any fun makes the crisis more endurable and improves mental outlook.
        If you think chaos is imminent, then time is of the essence. With Xmas coming, consider utility as a factor in gift selection. If the imagined scenario is just a long-term depression, the supplies and skills will assist in carrying your family through the initial storm. And perhaps more importantly, make you a valued member of the community. Individual skills built America and those same skills will rebuild America. Never let pessimism blind you to opportunity. The pessimist rarely survives. Survival/success is heavily dependent on “positive mental outlook.”

      31. Though many of us here may have already seen this clip, it’s instructive, and worth a refresher. Many above are wondering how these same people might act when it comes to a life and death need for food, rather than another gadget they don’t need. Here’s your peek at it, in case Katrina wasn’t clear enough. This happened earlier this year in the Boston area when a water main broke, and the average citizen hadn’t put aside even the most BASIC of essentials, such as bottled water. Now imagine this happening everywhere when supplies simply cannot reach their destinations, for whatever the reason. Get prepared.

      32. God help us.  We are doomed.

      33. The submissive will standing in lines for food.  The trash will be breaking into homes while you are answering the front door.  Don’t show your real wealth.  I’m not “most”.  How about you?  Have you seen bullet wounds while bodies are on the ss table waiting to be cut open?  Organs being weighed?  Inside your home is your castle.

      34. “If My people, who are called by My name, will humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” 2 Chronicles 7:14

      35. @Going2Heaven- and what about little children, the elderly and innocent people worldwide who have done nothing and who are victimized and tossed away like garbage? I see biblical stuff all the time and NO ONE can provide an answer.  Where is Jesus when some pervert grabs a little child walking home from school looking forward to seeing her mommy only to end up dead at the hands of some sick minded person? Where is Jesus when the bombs are dropping and old women, men and children are dying for some politician’s gain? Is it this “sin” you mention that has caused them ill will? I’m pretty sure they called his name, but what was the outcome? An innocent child has no sin! What if the entire Bible (New Testament) was a fabrication of  Paul?  Where will your God be when the SHTF?

      36. Scott: The questions you raise are metaphysical in nature and flow from the purpose and meaning of life and our attempts as human beings to understand and interpret our experience here in the world.

        As individuals we cannot begin to understand these questions until we know and experience our true nature as spiritual beings. This is possible for US, but not experienced by everyone as most people are consumed by the tasks and time of living in this world; thereby putting their physical being first.

        This is akin to believing that THAT which is most rare in the world is the most precious and most valuable. Not true. That which is most valuable in physical Creation is that which is most abundant; like air and water.

        In the same way, the cares of this world make us to believe, accept, and create the physical environment we live in as THE reality of life. It is not. This is false, but the reality of your hunger or thirst would suggest otherwise.

        Everything in this world happens for three reasons: by the will of God according to His plan; the grace of God in answer to our prayers; and by His forbearance, as He allows US, as Agents of Life, to exercise OUR free will; think, do, and create the world we live in.

        Don’t blame Jesus for the actions of others, who themselves are not aware of their true nature as spitual beings. If they were aware of that nature, they could not do such things because they would understand that it is wrong to to do such things; and worse: they would understand that THAT  which we do to others, we really do to ourselves.

        Our consciousness and personality extend beyond this dimension. To be out of the body and in the spirit while you are yet in this world, gives you the understanding of your true nature that you are in essence: a spiritual being first, that inhabits many dimensions of life.

        Pursue this experience for yourself through prayer and meditation and THAT truth will be revealed to you. The rest will fall into place.

        Even Jesus.

      37. @Durango Kidd – no disrespect intended but that’s the stupidest response I have ever heard.

        There was nothing metaphysical about my previous response or about people purchasing prepper supplies on Black Friday. Do you think when the SHTF its because of 1 or 3 of God’s reasons.  And when they kick down your door you will stand there and read them scripture? I wanted to go on but will stop because this isn’t the place to call you out.

      38. Where were you at when you went 8-10 days without food? 

      39. Hey Scott! No disrespect taken. I was responding to your response to Going2Heaven and your concern for meaningless acts of evil against children and the elderly, because bad things do happen to good people and it often staggers the imagination to behold. People can be cruel, ruthless, and even demonic.  I wasn’t referring to your prepping.

        Understand that I was not and am not trying to convert you or anyone else to anthing. Neither will I read anyone scripture because I am not a bible thumper. As I have been preparing for this time for 40 years, I am not concerned about anyone reaching my door, let alone knocking it down.

        Rather than believing that no one has the answers like you, I believe that everyone has the answers and the questions within themselves, to both ask and discover. I am merely encouraging you to go within and discover yourself, that’s all.

        Long ago and far away as a young man I had many questions:the same questions that all of US face at some point in our lives about the meaning of life and our purpose in it. People search for that meaning in many ways, both consciously and unconciously. Some of those ways are harmful. Some are not. Some of those ways are successful. Some are not. But everyone has the potential (and the responsibilty to themselves) to discover who they truly are; so that they can reach their full potential.

        In that search, if you ever get that far, you will discover that you are indeed a spiritual being first: with spiritual attributes not unlike the physical ones you have. I do not ask you to believe me. I encourage you to discover that about yourself. It will expand your mind and your possibilities, in a profound way. Let me leave you with the words that were first given to me as I began that journey 45 years ago:

        Seek. Seek. Seek!

      40. Comments…..I a normal situation, I am not willing to shoot anybody..especially at 400 yards…BUT…when TSHTF, the bunker of doom bugout compound is well stocked, far away from any population centers, far off any paved road  and over 5 miles from the nearest neighbor (another prepper)..Only a deserted looking shack is visible..We have a clear field of fire,  motion sensors and nightvision toys and there is a 300 yard buffer between the property line and the zone of no return…so if you ignore the no tresspassing signs, get through/over the fence, and still don’t get it…and you have walked over 900 feet further…past a couple more locked gates/fences, you are not going to leave to get reinforcements..and nobody will hear you or the gunshots….simple as that…and YES, I do know what that group has a good assortment of medals we earned the hard way in war zones in other parts of the world. I and a couple others have scars or bits of metal we still carry around with us, so don’t say we don’t know what we are talking about or that we don’t get it.. we prepared mentally, morally and spiritually long ago…yes…do we understand what it means to shoot or be shot…yes….are we willing to put our faith, trust and lives in each others hands…But because of this, we have a better chance than most…  My little family/friends group have a good assortment of needed skills. Interestingly a couple days ago, somebody suggested horses if things take more than a few years..and we are short of is somebody who can shoe a horse…so we need to elect somebody to learn how to at our next planning meeting.
        At first it was only me…the family nut…then they started thinking and listening too..and prepping..doing this alone would be beyond me or any one person…but when several adults all throw their resources into solving a problem…you can get into a good place.. my advice for all of you is to form alliances.. as groups of perhaps as many as a dozen people, you can share your resources, and can avoid duplication of efforts.. for example, if you can provide power with 2 or 3 generators (2 backups) instead of everybody having to buy them, that leaves a lot more green for buying beans bullets and bandaids.. By pooling resources, you can buy/build far more substantial and defendable places to call your bunker..than the basement of your several individual suburban homes..Our group is a good size… it has a good mix of people..all joined by blood or marrage…all invested in the care and protection of our collective children/nieces/grandkids.  So our group is stable and has one goal..In your planning that is a good place to start…The decision making becomes easy…”how is this going to help us protect/care for the children?” everybody old enough to understand the constitution and bill or rights gets a vote in the decision making.. 

      41. Comments….. I have some posts missing…what’s up with that?

      42. Mickey the Pirate: You re my kind of prepper. I have thought about horses too, but they do eat about 50 lbs of feed a day and its not like they produce eggs or truly edible offspring on a daily basis. 

        If you must have horses, I have been thinking to adopt some mustangs from the BLM. They would be hardier, require less maintenance than a domesticated breed., and survive well in the wild

        A burro or donkey from the BLM might be an even better choice.

      43. I cant remember standing in a line to do anything…..especially at wallyworld,I stay away from there as much as I can, and I can usually!
        The old adage to the effect of…(Pray for peace,but plan for war) is good advice,like others here have said or alluded to,its better to have it and not need it than to need it and have no hope of getting it…prepare now while it is yet daylight,for the darkness is soon coming when no man will be able to prepare.
        On the other hand preparing can only take you so far,actually “doing it ” is another learning curve that can only be learned when actually immersed in it,time will tell each of us if we made the right choices,until then keep preparing and loving and living,oh and laughing…at ourselves and life and the whole thing…otherwise we will go stark raving mad! 

      44. Not sure who asked me where I was when I went 8-10 days without food but this has happened on 2-3 occasions with the most recent being the hospital where I was on a water and ice diet for 9 days. I lost 82 lbs. since last March. I am now fit and my weight has stabilized. I had a terrible infection. If you would like to know the other 2 occasions email me. The point to this comment was to try and reinforce the importance of testing your limits. If you eat like a pig and you are out of shape then your in trouble. Also in the testing piece (now that it is winter) sleep outside once in awhile using your bug out bag, then adapt your gear to your findings.

      45. Comments…..Durango Kid…thanks for the idea…donkeys are the better solution..should have thought of them first, they are far hardier and less and the blm/wild ponys have brains

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