Bizarre Streak Over Naval Base: The Mystery Is Solved

by | Jun 13, 2018 | Headline News | 31 comments

A mysterious and bizarre object has been spotted over a naval air base in Washington state. The appearance of the object has led to a lot of questions, but so far there have been no solid answers, but one website thinks they have the correct explanation.

Social media has been buzzing about the bizarre photo captured by, which is a local weather website that also runs a number of webcams located near Hanesville, Washington. The site’s cameras were set up to look across the Puget Sound at Whidbey Island from Skunk Bay and one of them captured time-lapses of the undeniably picturesque setting.

According to RT,  early on Sunday morning, at 3:56 am, Greg Johnson of Skunk Bay Weather managed to capture a mysterious vertical light streak on the northern Kitsap Peninsula. His 20-second exposure picture shows an orange-colored line with a luminous tail piercing through the clouds, appearing to be a launched missile.

Johnson even posted the image on Twitter:

The Navy seems just as puzzled as the rest of the public over what they have seen. There’s a lot of speculation around here,” Tom Mills, the spokesman from the Naval base, told Fox 59. But it’s definitely not a missile launch.

So what is it then? It certainly looks like a missile. There is one website that believes they’ve discovered the truth.

We noticed an air ambulance helicopter—an EC-135T2+ registered as N952AL belonging to Air Methods—flying right in the vicinity of the Skunk Bay when the image in question was captured.

You will notice that there is an error with the tracking of the low flying helicopter that makes it freeze on the screen momentarily and Flightradar24 even notes this automatically. Then the chopper seems to dash across the channel at unbelievable high speed. This is an anomaly with the tracking, and in reality, the helicopter made its way across the channel at normal speed (around 115 knots at 2,000 feet) right around the time the photo was snapped and exactly where the streak is shown.

The thing that looks like a rocket at atop a flame would have been a ‘ghost image’ of the part of the helicopter that was exposed from spill-over from its running lights and the low available light in the environment. This can look nothing like the actual object as the long exposure and how the light plays on the object can result in strange and often elongated shapes—in this case, something like a ghostly image of a rocket. -The Drive

So, the mystery is solved, apparently.  The Drive actually did an impressive job of looking into what this could have been, and you can read their entire assessment here. 

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    1. Jim in Va.

      Slow day huh?

      • durangokidd

        LMFAO !!! 🙂 I know the difference between a helicopter and a missile.

        The question is not whether it is a helicopter or a missile, but why the PTB would not know or confirm the missile/rocket test; or why they would describe the event with a preposterous cover story to the masses.

        It may be a “private contractor” testing a rocket, or it may be the Israelis conducting a test using American waters to disguise their capabilities. This isn’t the first time that they have used American waters with the full approval of American authorities. 🙂

    2. B from CA

      Exercise and a good diet.

      _ ?

      • B from CA

        Diet and exercise.

        _ ?

    3. Oldguynorth

      A lot of explanation. Here locally, the initial report was the streak captured by a security camera.

    4. The Deplorable Braveheart

      I feel like I have a libturd in my ass but it could be something else, LOL. [SARCASM]

    5. John

      This article is complete Bull Shit!
      Helicopter? I think not.
      Just read that an Ohio class nuclear sub was of the coast at the time this picture was taken.
      Missile test. But for what reason?

      • Philosopher Deplorabilis

        That area is located next to Whidbey Island Naval Air Station and Bangor submarine base (where nuclear submarines are located).

        That area is full of planes and submarines. It doesn’t stand out at all. Well, except for an early morning missile launch. That is a bit unusual as it is close to civilian populations.

    6. B of A

      ….and if you believe this, then you probably also believe Oswald acted alone and that 9-11 was actually carried out by terrorists.

      • Cal

        “… that 9-11 was actually carried out by terrorists.”

        It WAS carried out be *terrorists, domestic terrorists. Oh… and add treason to that short list.

        Treason (Section 2385), Misprision of Treason (Section 2382)

        *Section 802 (Title 18), “domestic terrorism” is defined as involving “acts dangerous to human life that are a violation of the criminal laws of the United States or of any State;” which “appear to be intended–to intimidate or coerce a civilian population; (or) to influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion”.

    7. Red Hawk

      8 chan said “sky event”

      is a distraction

      i would say this qualifies

      • anon

        A curious response.

        Remove the spaces to view the images, note the implications

        “Sky Object”:
        1. https:// cdn.qmap .pub/images/64b4356d5c829e27078c281d0bcb4edcf61da2814232694ea1b7b7162d5a9072.jpg

        2a. https:// cdn.qmap .pub/images/dbc20d6d7aa5e4cbde931c380de1cdcb10baa92ed2127b5cbd9d2926313a52f2.jpg

        2b. https:// www. independent

        Current Listing of Explanatory Post on website below:
        Search or scroll to the Posts #1715654, #105/106, #1718830, #1718985, #1714928, #1732293, #1732422

        3. https:// qmap .pub

        If you are new and this all seems strange, the below document link is the most recent PDF version of original posts and the subsequent research into meanings and supporting documentation to try to make sense of it all. Try to use this to catch up from the beginning.
        4) http:// www .mediafire .com/file/qoohdwmk88rer23/Q%27s+posts+-+CBTS+-+9.4.0.pdf

        Downloading 100mb PDF’s aren’t your thing?
        Here is a Google Doc that has most of the information as well.
        5) https:// docs. google .com/spreadsheets/d/1Efm2AcuMJ7whuuB6T7ouOIwrE_9S-1vDJLAXIVPZU2g/edit#gid=1596710080

        Good Luck and Happy Hunting.

    8. wa

      I guess the “swamp gas” excuse is no longer in vogue.

    9. Wade Joplin

      I liked the “swamp gas” excuse, they should stick with their hits and forget this new stuff

      • Beaumont

        Darn, beat me to it.

    10. Warpd N. Twistd

      If I had a dollar for every time I saw a helicopter do that, I’d have, like, a nickel or something.

    11. Jorma

      What a load of BS. That’s a missile 12 ways to Sunday. The author also stated that the camera had a shutter speed of 20 fps. How in Gods name is that possible when we still see the booster? Listen folks. You cant be influenced by this kind of disinformation. They could have told you that it was the Starship Enterprise if you look at the photo at an angle. Please retain your common sense and bearing and dont fall for this garbage.

    12. Beaumont

      This is the light of Venus, refracted through swamp gas.

    13. Brian

      Look, somebody screwed up and launched a missile by mistake. They’re trying to cover it up. Somebody, somewhere is missing a missile. Somewhere, people have been unable to contact relatives on the telephone. The next natural disaster that occurs where a lot of people get killed needs to be checked out carefully.

    14. Just Me

      It always amazes me what official stories turn out to be, I guess they forget that tens of thousands of veterans are part of the populace. Veterans who have seen missiles in flight, veterans who know what fixed wing and rotary aircraft look and sound like in different conditions. Well, anyway, navigational charts of the North Puget Sound region will show that there is a weapons test area in the vicinity. While mostly used for torpedoes, why not other munitions. Nice try media. Remember folks, our government lifted the propaganda restrictions.

    15. dan-o

      Since they are embarrassed about all the failed missile interceptor tests, they just don’t announce them anymore. You can only stick so much egg on your face. A missile is a missile is a missile.

    16. ToS

      Looks like a weather-balloon-missile!

      • jackdaniels

        Looks more like a “TRIDENT” to me.

    17. Anonymous

      For duck’s sake – SPECULATION does NOT equal “The Mystery Is Solved”. Enough of the hype-filled headlines!

    18. Beaumont

      There were recent “tests” — probably, more like displays or demos — off the coast of socal. WA happens during NK security theater. Why is it counterintuitive.

      It was probably irresponsible, to do this a near a major airport, unannounced.

      Also, this plausible information has been re-used in the conspiracy theory community, in the narrative of a state, at war, against itself. fyi

      • El oso

        better pair of questions would be # 1 where did the Trident land, # 2 where was Airforce ! at that time?

    19. Richard

      Just watch the news for extra sun risings for the next few days…

    20. Surveyor 59

      If thats a missile or rocket what fuel leaves a continuous flame trail that doesnt plume?? Even a
      freakin Saturn V plumes out

      • anon

        The image of the was taken with a long exposure.
        The exposure time was reported by the original poster to be randomly set from 3.5 seconds to 20 seconds. After each photo, the camera would wait 20 seconds before the next photo image was taken.

        Here is a picture of a long exposure on a Falcon 9 rocket launch at night for reference. (Remove the spaces)

        https:// mk0spaceflightnoa02a.kinstacdn .com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/28348649546_49c8ac2222_k-2.jpg

    21. Simple Man

      This MISSILE was launched from the “decommissioned” submarine Richard B. Russel. Target = Airforce One which was en-route to Singapore at the time, the Kim Jun Un meeting.

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