Bipartisan Support is Growing for Gun Confiscation in 2019

by | Dec 27, 2018 | Headline News | 135 comments

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    This report was originally published by José Niño at the Mises Institute

    Is gun confiscation coming to Congress?

    The 2018 midterm elections produced a split Congress with Democrats gaining control of the House and Republicans gaining seats in the Senate.

    The chattering DC classes are already speculating about the Democrats’ plans to subpoena Trump’s tax records and Senate Republicans’ moves to consolidate their hold of the federal judiciary. But amid the DC gossip, a new threat is being overlooked—red flag gun confiscation orders.

    The Guardian detailed House Democrats’ desire to pass gun control legislation in the upcoming Congress:

    “Ted Deutch, a Democratic congressman from Florida who represents Parkland, where a February school shooting left 17 dead, said this week that he expected House Democrats to focus on bills with more bipartisan support. Those measures included bump stock bans and “extreme risk protection orders”, also known as red flag laws, which give law enforcement and family members a way to petition a court to temporarily bar an unstable person from buying or owning guns.”

    With the cries for gun control growing stronger, the federal government may finally give in to public pressure to “do something.” Red flag laws might just be the “come together” moment establishment politicians have been looking for.

    What Are Red Flag Laws?

    Red flag laws or Extreme Risk Protection Orders (ERPOs) are the euphemistic label for the gun control push du jure blazing across the nation. Under red flag laws, law enforcement has the ability to confiscate an individual’s firearms who is deemed a threat to themselves or others. A simple accusation from a family member, friend, or associate will suffice to seize someone’s firearms.

    These laws, mind you, operate in complete violation of due process. Individuals can take their accusers to court, even though the defendant in question has never been charged with or convicted of a crime. Additionally, the defendant could have their weapons confiscated without even so much as a hearing a before a judge. It could take months before a gun owner would have to appear in court to win back his gun rights.

    Thirteen states currently have red flag laws on the books, with dozens more filing their own versions. What started out as a state-level movement may have some legs at the federal level. Although it’s true that Congressional Democrats are making gun control a major theme of their legislative agenda, it’s naïve to think red flag laws are only relevant because of “gun-grabbing” Democrats have taken power.

    As we’ll see below, red flag laws have a history of bipartisan support. And when any piece of legislation has Democrats and Republicans locking arms in agreement, you know trouble lies ahead.

    The Gun Control Bipartisan Status Quo

    Despite the passionate campaign rhetoric, a significant portion of Republican politicians will change colors on gun rights once in DC. Several GOP members in the upcoming Congress stick out like a sore thumb when it comes to their gun control advocacy:

    Lindsay Graham:  The South Carolina Senator already introduced a red flag bill earlier this year. With the 116th Congress right around the corner, Graham will likely reach across the aisle with Democrat colleagues to move red flag legislation forward. Graham has opined that red flag legislation is the “place where we begin a long-overdue discussion about firearms and mental health. But we must start.”

    Marco Rubio: Following the Parkland shootings, Rubio joined the gun control chorus by sponsoring a red flag bill along with Democrat Senators Joe Manchin, Bill Nelson, & Jack Reed. Rubio has even flirted with the idea of regulations on magazine clips, raising the minimum age to buy certain firearms like AR-15s, and tweaking the current background check system.

    Mitt Romney: The incoming Utah Senator has an anti-gun record as Governor of Massachusetts. As Governor, Romney signed an assault weapons ban into law in 2004. In political fashion, Romney obscured his anti-gun act by turning to pro-Second Amendment platitudes during both of his presidential runs in 2008 and 2012. In a 2007 statement, Romney expressed that he does not “support any new gun laws including any new ban on semi-automatic firearms.” Nevertheless, the fallout from the recent Parkland shooting has made Romney reconsider the validity of enhanced background checks.

    Rick Scott: Former Governor of Florida and Florida’s new Senator, Rick Scott poses an interesting threat to gun rights. Despite his ostensibly pro-gun rhetoric, Scott signed SB 7026 Florida’s most expansive gun control measure in recent history. Pressured by the outrage from the Parkland School shooting, Scott’s SB 7026 contains red flag provisions, raises the age to buy a firearm to 21, and imposes a three-day waiting period for all firearms purchases.

    Trump Administration: Even the Executive branch is joining in on the red flag craze. The Trump Administration’s Commission on School Safety recently released a report recommending red flag laws as a means to “address school safety and violence.” It’s only a matter of time before legislation is introduced in either chamber of Congress now that the Trump administration has endorsed red flag laws.

    Even Larry Hogan, the Republican Governor of Maryland, kowtowed to anti-gun pressure. On April 24, 2018, Hogan signed a series of gun bills, one which included a red flag law. In October, the first month Maryland’s red flag law went into effect, there were 114 requests to confiscate individuals’ firearms.

    Maryland’s red flag law has not been without its fair share of controversy. At 5 a.m on Monday, November 5, two police officers came knocking on 61-year-old Gary Willis’ door to serve him a court order mandating that he turn over his guns. What seemed like a typical court order, quickly turned deadly as one of the cops shot and killed Willis in a struggle that ensued. Quick to defend one of his own, Anne Arundel County Police Chief Timothy Altomare defended the cops’ action by callously claiming that they “did the best they could with the situation they had.”

    Anti-Gun Ideology is Growing

    The tragic incident in Maryland is an ominous sign of what is to come should red flag laws gain more traction.

    Whether or not Republicans will support Congressional iterations of Red Flag laws is anyone’s guess. The bigger problem at hand is an ideological one. When society’s ideological compass is off, government transgressions can come at any time. The passage of red flag laws could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

    More than a century’s worth of Progressivism has normalized universalist ideas such as economic controls, big spending, never-ending wars, and now, gun control. Misguided conservatives can debate ad infinitum on the forums or their talk radio shows about how certain Republicans “sell out” or betray their movement.

    This, however, ignores how selling out—rubber stamping big government, embracing globalism, and embarking on nation-building—has been the standard operating procedure for many conservatives throughout the last century. Gun rights will be no different.

    Gun owners will need to de-program and recognize that decentralization, not the winner-take-all electoral slugfest we see at the federal level every 4 years, is the best way in securing their gun rights.


    Jose Nino is a Venezuelan-American political activist based in Fort Collins, Colorado. Contact: twitter or email him here.


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      1. “Take the guns first, worry about due process later”

        Orange Julius

        • They will then get the bloody hell civil war they’ve long craved.

          • The ones that are pushing for it are not the ones they expect to enforce it. The ones going door to door will not be telling their grandkids about their heroic acts.

            • Nope because they will be dead. They start this it will be time for offensive action.

              • I&M,things get that bad folks will follow their own lists/hearts ect. and find those who voted for/enforced/authorized ect. such actions to a large degree.

                Sure the top layer may be in deep hiding but the majority will be fair game.

                This isnanity comes to reality remember,the first one can cost you your monies/freedom/life,after that,they are all free.Lets hope it does not come to that.

                • Warchild, the would-be confiscators will be fair game unless they back off and forget about it.

                  • I’m afraid the politicians have forgotten what happened when George III tried this. They were shot well and often until their tyranny ceased.
                    pity the poor police officer who agrees to enact one of these unconstitutional edicts. Many fine officers, i fear, will die.
                    But even more when it does happen the people will go to the source, (politicians, judges) that allowed this and they too will be shot well and often.
                    Might want to rethink this disaster DUMBASS POLITICIANS!!!

                    by Rudyard Kipling

                    It was not part of their blood,
                    It came to them very late,
                    With long arrears to make good,
                    When the Saxon began to hate.

                    They were not easily moved,
                    They were icy — willing to wait
                    Till every count should be proved,
                    Ere the Saxon began to hate.

                    Their voices were even and low.
                    Their eyes were level and straight.
                    There was neither sign nor show
                    When the Saxon began to hate.

                    It was not preached to the crowd.
                    It was not taught by the state.
                    No man spoke it aloud
                    When the Saxon began to hate.

                    It was not suddently bred.
                    It will not swiftly abate.
                    Through the chilled years ahead,
                    When Time shall count from the date
                    That the Saxon began to hate.

                  • I,being a curious kind of guy, and not afraid to ask strangers their opinion on newsworthy subjects, have talked to several LEOs and neighbors that are active Military about the dreaded gun confiscation.Most said they didn’t think the crooked political rats should place them and their families in danger just for their own agenda.Every one of them I talked to were worried about snipers nailing them at home or along the road. Also car bombs and burning their homes with themselves and their family trapped inside and I don’t blame them.The so called “leaders” will be safe behind walled homes with plenty of ARMED body guards to protect them and their families,”somehow it just don’t seem fair”, as one National Guardsman said.

              • I personally hope they do try .. I can’t wait to see the traitor nazis slaughtered.. I want to see them killed with IED’s just to throw in their faces that we don’t even need guns to kill them for violating our second amendment rights

              • Menzo, whoever comes to do it had better have their insurance paid up and kiss all their loved ones goodbye. They will be toast. I’m not giving up shit.

                • DR – They will clearly outnumber you and yours.

                  They may not physically come for our guns but they can and will prevent you from doing business, renewing your driver’s license, etc, etc.

                  I feel the same way you feel but then realistically “overpowered” comes to mind. Trump has the power to make sure it never comes to this but apparently he’s not going to save us. At this point I guarantee you he’s going to let it happen, slowly but surely. Clear as day.

                  • I realized many years ago unfortunately that Gov’t, no matter what level, is just NO GOOD period!! And the Gov’t is in fact the true & genuine enemy, of us, the US Citizens. So, I will ask again – when is enough, actually enough? When are we the citizens going to put an end to this blatant violation and abuse of our Rights and the US Constitution. I for on am NOT at all okay with this illegal garbage…

                • TDR (formerly TDBh)…. It isn’t a matter anymore of any person saying “I’ll git ’em if they come for mine”. No, it has to be – “I’ll stand by my neighbor/brother/buddy if they roll on him”. One many cannot do this alone. Too, just posting this or any of the words I’ve read here put all on the “red flag” list. So… let’s all go with great care from here on out as to just how we phrase things.

              • They are already doing it in Florida, Washington State, Oregon, California and NJ. So far no one has fought back so your assertion is misguided. Unfortunately, they have already won.

                • K, you are right. Sadly, people are too submissive and obedient. I have less hope for the future of this country as every day goes by.

            • Nope.
              I for one will not do this. If I go door to door it will be to warn people what is coming.

              NO that I type this I will be one of the first to be killed or picked up first.

              Either way I win. I’ll be with Jesus or I’ll be the one that warned the Patriots of what was to come. Just like Paul Revere!

              Now is the time to buy guns and ammo. there are tons of sales going on right now. BUY BUY BUY!!!!


              • sarge, there’s another gun show in my area next weekend. I’m going for more ammo and whatever other goodies I can find.

              • Bought 11 this year and tons of high caps. My next one will likely be a Walther PPQ M2. I soo agree with you, but also fellow Patriots, buy AR and 1911 Parts. The AR Parts will either dry up due to the Democommies, or be very expensive.

                Also, I cannot emphasize it enough, buy 223/556 ammo, you’ll wish you all had by the end of the year. The DemoCommies are out of the closet EVIL and Luciferian.

          • Menzo, they just won’t be careful about what they wish for. If they want a war, someone’s going to give them one.

        • Stop using their verbiage.

          Call them “ANGRY WOMEN LAWS” and watch their popularity wane.

        • head of the line.

        • 1. Buy Ammo. Go to range weekly or more.
          2. Practice magazine reloads while moving.
          3. Practice change out, to secondary weapon.
          4. Learn to reload ammo. Purchase reload equipment, learn to use.

          *** *** Find a good church. Surround yourself with good people that are well armed. Pray often.

          – Water. Food. Ammo. Maps. Comm gear for 12 friends. Medical supplies. Building materials. Spare parts. Gardening gear/tools. Seeds. Canning equip.
          – Medical training.
          – Practice gardening, canning.

          Most Important: Get off your lazy fat ass and get into proper physical condition. Carry a pack while exercising. All those small muscles you never use otherwise, will build. Build your core and back muscles.

          1. Leave your home with a 15 minute max time limit. Be on road out of town within max 25 minutes, fueled, food, water, gear. Drive as far as possible on one tank of fuel.

          2. Take a walk with your family. Walk for three days. See how far you get. Do this yearly.

          3. Turn off lights, heat, AC, water. Do this over three day holiday weekend. Do this in both summer and dead of winter.

          Now install a storm shelter. Stock it. Practice w/family. Get in it in under 2 minutes.

          You MUST: Make all this Fun for the kids. Laugh. Play. Make it a game. Give them goodies, outings they want, prizes for success. Buy wife something she wants after a success, don’t be cheap. This will mostly keep the peace in the home. Yes bribes work. Ask any Politician.

          That is all I have for you.
          Good Luck. Luck favors the ready.
          Be Fearless. The ready are more apt to be fearless.
          Ask the Lord of Jesus Christ for help. Read your KJV bible to your family.

          Now you are a Ready American. You will also be an asset, not a victim to be exploited by anyone.

          • Anon, this is all excellent advise, except for the church/jesuss/bible crap, which will get you nowhere fantasizing about it. Better to stick to reality, read science books not fiction.

            • Body-Mind-Spirit, ALL must be Well Conditioned and Strong. Faith-Hope, both fortify your courage under heavy sustained unreleting fire, in combat or just in daily life.

              There is a saying, “You will find No Atheist in Foxholes/Combat.” That has been my personal experience.

              “As for me and my house, we shall serve the Lord of Jesus Christ, though I fall short.” Faith-Hope keep a person on the straight and narrow, away from earthly temptations that will destroy you. “Fear of the Lord is the first step towards wisdom.”

              My belief/experience, is that a belief/faith in Jesus Christ, helps a person NOT be decieved by forces more powerful than himself. Belief/Faith, Keeps you from being a “chump” and falling for worldly deceptions. I believe that the KJV bible gives myself and my children “street smarts”. And yes Science and tangible/useful skills, is very much part of my/their education.

              To each his own, Each man has his own view. Each man’s actions/choices, has consequences and unintended consequences. Sometimes good, sometimes bad? I am willing to be 100% wrong with my life view. One day I will find out. Until then I will not be swayed by earthly wisdom or so called “science”. Much of science is also subjective. Physics, Astronomy, Geology, Psychology, all require faith to believe their theories. Science has led to nuclear weapons that may very well destroy human civilization in it’s curreent form.

              Wish you the best Infidel and all here. May you and yours be blessed, your days be long. Wish you every happyness, in this life and the next. May the Lord God of Jesus Christ bless you and be with you.
              – – – Happy new year.

              • Amen! Well said. That’s why I am a Christian Patriot/Christian Dominionist. We bring something good to the Patriot/freedom table. Any non-Christian would be proud to share a foxhole or man a rampart with a Dominionist. You may have to put up with us passing out a X-tian tract or two, a few minutes of your time, but we repay it with courage and loyalty to our soldier-companions.

                I will not fight alongside Muslims or Communists, however, as they are diametrically opposed to us, kind of like Matter vs. antimatter.

          • 1. Buy Ammo. Go to range weekly or more.
            2. Practice magazine reloads while moving.
            3. Practice change out, to secondary weapon.

            snap caps are great for practicing gun malfunctions like failure to fire or stove pipes.

      2. As long as the second amendment is in my constitution – I will not obey any other law.
        The word infringe is my total cover.
        I can not believe anyone who reads the second amendment, Supreme court included, could change my rights.

        I will ignore all other “laws” period.
        Most people in country’s that have had gun confiscation – regret it .
        From Citizen to slave
        Not me – go to hell!

        • As long as freedom and self defense,birth rights the constitution in theory protects,will not comply,as millions of others won’t.

        • AMEN!!!!!!!

        • jakartaman

          Beware bro. all they have to do is Suspend the Constitution AND THEN WHAT ???????????

        • Jakartaman, same here.

      3. They can have em when im done with using em,,,,

        • Dammit Nail no,there may be others with your beliefs that could use the refueling as it where!

      4. Be prepared for it, plan for it… what you must.

        • They could search forever and never find all my weapons and ammo.

      5. After this starts we will first visit the homes of local politicians that support this and eliminate them and go from there.

        • Oh yea, y’all don’t give a fuck about our families being safe so don’t expect us to give a damn about yours either.

        • They will be in the guarded bunkers with WELL PAID armed private guards with class 3 weapons, then what ?????

        • All fear porn everyone go back to bed it’s not going to happen

      6. The scum enforcers will get the worst end of the deal when they attempt forced entry on some of us. Ironically it will not be bullets that will kill most of them as the majority will be burned to death long before they reach any door. Only traitors will attempt gun confiscation so it will be made as painful and horrible on them as possible.

      7. Time to build the guillotines!

      8. Menz I will stand with you. The patriots stood against the British
        We will stand against the commies.

        • We are many brother and they will not win.

      9. There is a big difference in firearm confiscation and an executive directive to ban bumpstocks. A bumpstock is NOT a firearm. Some folks are willing to break their legs in any old ditch. Pick your battles so they are winable.

        • But if the government is willing to bust into your home and maybe kill you and your family to get the accessory it becomes just as important of a matter.

          • If you red flag yourself by purchasing a dubious device when a simple heavy duty rubber band will do,then that demostrates a lack of prudence. The whole point as a prepper IS PRUDENCE.

            Maintain a low profile as some states are Democrat lead strongholds only too willing to see preppers, especially Christian veteran preppers, as the enemy. That has been true since the MIAC report and revelations about its existence.

            The FACT of the matter is the ATF in 2010 said they were no legal problem. Are you willing to sacrifice your family over $45 just to be ornery? Use a rubber band.

            • I never buy from stores, just individuals with zero paper trail. I don’t like the bump stock as it just wastes ammo. But I won’t tolerate a forced entry for any reason.

      10. My wife just reminded me that expressing my true feelings about this subject in an open forum invites (no, guarantees) that my name will inch higher on some government list. So I will exercise my “right to remain silent” and yet….. I still believe my name inched higher on that damn list.

        • Expressing that treasonous traitors of the constitution deserve death is not illegal it’s the very reason the second amendment exists .. they can make their lists and we will make ours and when the time comes they’re going to wish they hadn’t tread on us.. they will be made an example of by free men with guns and the will to preserve our rights for the whole world to see.. they will be slaughtered and their names will be forgotten.. they will go straight to hell

        • Yeah and with every post its a race to the top for us all. I wouldn’t lose sleep over it.

      11. I keep a stash of my personal guns on the mainland with a very reliable family member. They will overnight FedEx any weapon I request. Including ammo in sealed tins.
        I can fly to Seattle and I know who to contact in the Pacific
        Northwest to get real Ak’s, Uzi’s, and other military weapons,
        I would then FedEx those to myself or mail them as
        the case may be.
        This of course would be contempt of court or illegal,
        but since I think red flag laws are unconstitutional
        I don’t really care at that point. Something is going
        down and it won’t be me. After all you took all
        my guns right?
        Those silly laws won’t work on thinking persons.

      12. In the name of passing a bill, if the government ever mentions an event, that’s a clear sign that event was a false flag.

      13. Why hasn’t GOA challenged the ‘Red Flag Law’ yet? They’re challenging the bump stock ban???

      14. I have likely been on “lists” all of my adult life based on reading survivalist and prepper magazines. However Kentucky LEOs are often NRA members and have often gone on record that they will not follow unconstitutional laws especiallt federal laws that are wantonly created by traitors. I reckon most of the county sheriffs and deputies are preppers as well.

        Why are you living in a state that is diametrically opposite your philosophy?

        • Mara,
          “Why are you living in a state that is diametrically opposite your philosophy?”
          That is a good question.
          I abandoned California in 1979.
          I abandoned Washington state in 2000.
          I’m in Hawaii and most probably
          will stay as I’m too old to want to
          build another gentleman’s farm.
          All these states have Politics that I find
          The trick is to move to where the governments
          are less and less effective at enforcing their
          ignorant laws.
          I’m in very rural Hawaii. It is the poorest county
          in Hawaii. You cannot walk or drive to this island.
          Local government is very understaffed
          and poorly paid. Cops, courts, prosecutors, et al.
          They can barely enforce the important laws where
          a crime has been committed, an ordinance violated,
          much less deal with “Thought crime” laws.
          So I deal with the outrageous politics, because a law
          you can’t or won’t enforce is not a law.

          • The temperature was 50-58 deg F today just like springtime in Kentucky. That is unseasonably warm even though its subtropical here. You have the ocean so seafood, beautiful ladies, and a lengthier growing climate…but a lot of negatives if ever overrun.

            What we lack in Kentucky is salt but we have plenty of beautiful submissive Christian ladies and little chance of being overrun by leftists morons.

            • Negatives I’m aware of, is lack of fossil fuels.
              I can make black powder with local materials.
              I can grow food year round.
              I have year round water, it is called rain.
              I’m surrounded by forests.
              I have over 10 kW worth of Chinese Solar panels,
              most my neighbors are the same.
              I have access to beasts of burden( I have a donkey and a mule)
              My neighbors have lots of horses.
              There is a social system here, that will not
              tolerate gross misbehavior. Period.
              They all went to the same schools, go
              to the same churches, shop at the same stores,
              go to the same Cockfights, major problems get solved
              quietly. I’ve spent over twenty years living on
              Pacific islands and with Pacific Island people,
              It is definitely different than the Mainland
              culture I grew up with.
              I could go on and on.
              Other than a military force we aren’t
              going to be overrun, why waste your time and energy on
              an non-strategic island with only 200,000 people on it?
              Which is my original point, we are poor, have no military value,
              are hard to get to, and easily bypassed.
              We have hardly any Black people here. We have Mexicans here,
              but they work and then they leave. Too many Filipinos and
              Portogee already here I suppose.
              Selection of such a home, my friend is called prepping.

              • Rellik, I’ve got “beasts of burden” in my area. They’re known as libturds, minorities, illegal aliens, etc. LOL!

                • I have beasts of burden too. I am burdened at gunpoint to pay for everyone elses god damm kids! Read all the shit your property tax pays for…

                  • Yeah that pisses me off too.

          • Its bitches like you who run, instead 0f being a man is why we are in this situation to begin with. Fuck off you coward!

            • Do you have any idea how ridiculous your post is? If that is the case, why are you not fighting a revolution over suppressors and full auto restrictions?

              An army of one…loon.

        • Maranatha, I’m probably on lists going back to the Clinton era. But we patriots have lists of our own. Lists are a two-way street.

        • … LEOs are often NRA members and have often gone on record that they will not follow unconstitutional laws …

          Heard that a lot, and it would be great. But when the time comes, the proof ‘will be in the pudin’. Really, when it does happen, we all will have to make the same choice. Just hope we all can stick to our own individual commitments when it does.

          • It honestly depends upon two things: what state you reside in and how angry LEOs are from being cheated over their pensions and overtime.

            Some LEOs in some states have your back as they are honorable patriots. Others are LEOs in name only and are essentially mercenaries.

      15. Communism


      16. Makes a catchy headline. Ain’t happening.

      17. I just wonder if the Congressmen, and Congresswomen will lead the way to the front doors to come and get them.

        I can see PELOSI, and SCHUMER dressed up in SS Uniforms.

        Just asking ????

      18. On a lighter note José…

        “du jure” is kind of a collision between Latin and French..

        If you meant French it is “Du Jour” like in “Soup Du Jour” or Soup of the Day. I think that’s the one you were going for..

        “De Jure” in Latin – the lawyers and Gov types use that term to mean “practices that are legally recognized” almost literally “Of the Law.”

        Your Language Nazi…:-)


        • Love it!

      19. Many will try and many will die.

      20. reading these comments makes me think you all are SCARED. And i cant blame you. Big Federal Gun control is coming.

      21. Heh!
        Buncha keyboard warriors clicking away on this one. Wanna know why I feel y’all ain’t gonna do sh!t? All you do is talk. “Clickity clack” Grrr, grrr I’m gonna do this. Grrr, grrr I’m gonna do that!
        You ain’t gonna do sh!t!
        If you were you wouldn’t talk about it. Besides, one or two of you do anything and you play right into their hands. “Right wing kook” is what they would say. “Lone wolf domestic terrorist” would be the headline.
        What did you do when the Brady bill was passed? Jack sh!t! What will you do when Brady bill 2.0 or whatever the hell its called is passed? Jack sh!t! But you sure will b!tch and moan won’tcha?
        When I see movement of 100 or more, then I’ll know. Until then shut the f#ck up. Uncle scam likes to read your bullsh!t, and that’s all it is. “Clickity clack” you keyboard warriors when it needs to be “click clack”. Wake up and shut the f#ck up!

        • Oh yea! I almost forgot.
          A big middle finger salute to you, uncle scam stooge in your “undisclosed location” who reads all the bullsh!t posts. F#ck you and the fiat you rode in on!

          • I really would lay you dead. Now be a good boy and beat your lover’s meat for him. Be sure and clean up the mess the way you always do, with your tongue, fucker.

            • Menzo, LOL. Good one!

              • Menzo, BTW, I’d have no problem turning him into REAL ‘dead meat’ under the right circumstances.

                • The reason I use this name has to do with “life”. It is terminal and none of us will make it out alive.

                  Whether I go down from the big “C”, or a hail of lead standing for what I belive in, I truly am “dead meat”.

                  • Dead Meat, what do you believe in? I hope you’re not a liberal, for YOUR sake.

                    • I’m not left, I’m not right. I’m not black, I’m not white.

                      I’m a fucking AMERICAN every day, and every night!

                      And when communism comes and is fully in sight, I’ll be one of the few to take up the fight

                      But what do you stand for? What is your plight? Who will stand with me, or instead run in fright?

                      But go ahead and mock me, poke at this bear. Your tune will change swiftly when you see my 1000 yard stare.

                      This world is wicked, this world is cruel. But don’t think me a “leftist” I’m nobody’s fool.

            • Big words from a pea brain. You missed the point, just like you will miss your mark.

              • Dead Meat, I promise I WON’T miss if my 9mm is aimed right at your empty head.

                • Keyboard Commander! Keyboard Commander to base! Is that you?
                  We have an old camo wearing curmudgeon making terroristic threats in cyberspace.
                  He’s too fat to tie his own shoelaces but he insists on making terroristic threats.
                  Ewwww. I’m scared. Let me go run and hide from Mr. Mall Cop Tough Guy.
                  I think we should tell Mall Cop’s supervisor about his threats of bodily harm.
                  You can tell he’s thin skinned. Can’t take any criticism at all.
                  He can dish it out but he can’t take it. Deplorable Dildo and his butt buddy, Menzoshit.
                  Keyboard Commander, Report To Base! We have a renegade mall cop in the stratosphere.
                  Somebody is breaking into his bugout trailer 3 states away. What a great plan he has.
                  How anyone can take that clown seriously is beyond logic.

                  • legion, LOL! What are you smoking? I NEVER want to try any.

                • Dead meat, that’s some good poetry there. I’m also someone who believes in this country, its founding principles, its people, and its culture; at least the parts of our culture that really matter. I’ve previously been married to a refugee from a communist country. The stories she told me about what she and her family went through when I was courting her literally blew me away. I learned more about communism from her than I could have anywhere else. I’ve also known refugees from the Baltic states, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Ukraine who suffered at the hands of Russians during the Soviet occupation of their countries. I believe as you do and I’ll also stand with anyone who is like-minded. So my apologies for jumping the gun on you like I did. Welcome aboard.

              • You were cussing and bad mouthing us while trying to make your point, which doesn’t mean shit to me.

                • But those who read it, and know their true self would not be offended. It’s the keyboard commando who needs his ego stroked daily who takes offence.

              • Dead Meat, it’s “fuck”, not “f#ck”, and “shit”, not “sh!t”, you pussy cake.

                • Eh!
                  TomAto, tomAAto.

                  • I understand you Dead Meat.

      22. Dead Meat, I’ll tell you something, mofo. The good people here have the good sense NOT to go out and make any first move. THAT is what would play into their hands without any question. We’re talking about DEFENSIVE actions NOT OFFENSIVE actions. I don’t know what you use for a brain so I’ll just say f#$% you right back; along with the horse you rode in on. And if you ever want to confront me or anyone else here, your moniker will really become true for you.

        • And you missed my point too. Quit being offended over someone’s opinion.
          Opinions are like assholes,
          everybody has one and they all stink. Read my shit again, and get over your damn self.

        • Pipe down, Mr. Mall Cop with the trying-to-be-impressive name. Deplorable Dickhead.
          Camo wearing, senior citizen, wannabe hero, bragging about all the things you won’t do.
          Things that you will never do because you live in some kind of Red Dawn fantasy.
          You can keep on pretending you are the pillar of this website. You big dumb oaf.
          Sick of your ass. Go out to your trailer and leave the intelligent people alone here.
          You and that other degenerate, Menzo-bucket-of-shit.
          Retarded 60-something never has beens and never will be’s.
          Right on, Dead Meat! Let those assholes know something.
          Those opinionated fucking assholes think they own this website.
          Waiting for their ignorant comeback and phony baloney threats.” I’m a gonna shoot you!”

          • Legion, go out and play in a busy street.

        • I know you have been on this site a long time but with the way you speak to people you are turning them away from this site. Most people just read what is posted and I have noticed over the last two years that the views are lesser and lesser. I’m not questioning your beliefs or how you believe things will be, I’m just saying that you shouldn’t run people down just because their beliefs are a little different than your beliefs. I also don’t believe you are as of great of a shot as you say you are living in Memphis Tennessee. If we could shoot as great as you say you can we wouldn’t need a military or police. Hell, Memphis should be crime free with the way you can shoot and I don’t even know you and don’t care to know you. I use to listen to your comments but you have gotten so full of yourself that I believe you have about a two week life expectancy in a SFTF situation. You will need friends and support to get to north Georgia. Remember that. You have in the past posted good advice and some good comments but over the last year you have really gone down hill. I would say grow up but I think it is too late for that.

          • Far Away, I think you misunderstand. As time goes by and things just get worse I can’t get help but get meaner and far less giving a damn about anything. We all know what’s coming and I don’t see that being avoided now. I’m sorry to see you feel the way you do but I’m NOT going to debate with you. Think what you like; that is your right. I’ll make it back to GA and I already have a network of people who I can contact for help if necessary. I’m just so sick of what the left is trying to do my country and to us and I’m not the only one here who feels this way. I’ll even wish you the best of luck in what is surely coming to all of us.

            • DR, you have many friends here and I am one of them, I appreciate all of your posts and you and Menzo are pillars of this site.

              Some of these snowflakes are in a period of transition, they’re curious about us Patriots, but they still cant go all the way with us because they have to please their liberal girlfiends, and you know, the education system has dome a number on them. Most of the curious are still P-whipped.

              One curious effect it has on them is a constant urge to bash the older generation, the media has generated intense generational conflict in the minds of the young, they’ll go off on “grandpa” and despise him for no reason. Opposite-ology, Grandpa says Tomato, they say Tomahto, you know how it goes.

        • First they came for the Jews
          and I did not speak out
          because I was not a Jew.

          Then they came for the Communists
          and I did not speak out
          because I was not a Communist.

          Then they came for the trade unionists
          and I did not speak out
          because I was not a trade unionist.

          Then they came for me
          and there was no one left
          to speak out for me.

          by Martin Niemöller

          We could change it a bit…

          First they came for my full auto, and my grandfather said nothing because he didn’t have one.

          Then they came for my semi auto, but my father said nothing because the bill had an expiration.

          Then they came for my bump stocks, 30 round mags, and with mental red flag laws, but I said nothing because I didn’t think it applied to me.

          Then they came for my son’s to register all their firearms, semi auto bans, and forced confiscations, but nothing was left to stand against tyranny.

          You talk about DEFENSIVE, but I hope our “line in the sand” isn’t too late. Sometimes a best defense is a good offense. Until then we will wait and see.

          • Exactly

      23. Seems they Are taking baby steps toward that goal. Once the public is fully convinced, little will stand in their way.
        For a time there will be peace. Then folk will start to disappear here & there. In the wee hours of the morning. A knock on the door.
        You’ll not be able to trust you family or friends.

        • Jimbo,do see the disappear in the night thing but also see won’t last long,at that point folks have nothing to lose and everything to gain.I just folks know the enemies in their region,lists/visits work both ways.As always,sucks to even have to think this way but reality does at times have a tendency to get ugly.

          • Agreed.

      24. I have come to the conclusion that President Trump does not believe citizens should or need to be armed. He has said one thing when he really thinks another. When he claimed to be a gun owner himself that was just lip service, and as it has turned out meant nothing because he has had armed body guards all his life who carry for him. Feeling betrayed and duped.

      25. Newyears resolution,,,

        • Well Nail, to “Stash” one must first “Bloat”!

        • Nail,
          Mine is to finish my 2017 resolutions
          and 2016 resolutions and 2015 resolutions,
          and you get the idea.
          One thing I do constantly is build the “stash”.
          I found some old bottle rockets and firecrackers
          I’ll scare the animals and piss off my wife
          on new years.
          Happy new years all!

          • Get some mortars too. I could tell you lots of funny stories about buying and shooting ’em. Nobody hassles you about such things here. They routinely get shot at the slightest excuse. Heck even children could buy real M80s way back when and they had considerable firepower.

            Kids would drill a hole in an old can, stick a firecracker in that, then insert that in a larger can full of water. That makes a crude projectile that shoots up in the air quite a ways.

            • Fireworks make excellent distractions for guerilla actions. Hey that ryhmes 🙂

      26. I quote from this very informative eye-opening article which I have also fact-checked: “Even the Executive branch is joining in on the red flag craze” tells me all I need to know. The orange turd can’t be trusted. If he’s not against it, he’s behind it.

      27. The left is already forming their game plan. Have you ever heard of swatting? The provisions of these laws allow anyone to phone in a complaint, and the team shows up to confiscate, and perhaps kill the gun owner. No due process allowed.

        We should return the favor and refuse to go quietly into that good night. Make ever LEO who obeys these orders know that tonight will probably be the last night to ever kiss his wife and children goodbye.

      28. Dead Meat CALLED IT… DEAD ON… Bullseye………@

      29. I was reading about the German occupation of the Channel Islands of the UK, and within that article the authors remarked that only 0.3-3% of European civilians actually resisted whatsoever during WW2. Even on these tiny islands like Jersey, 900 women slept with their German occupiers and had out of wedlock babies in spite of all manner of confiscations, taxes, forced labor, etc. Those Brits were easily pacified.

        Yet in America, a remarkable number of civilians signed up to fight and die in the US Civil War. Did you know that half of all US soldier casualties occurred in the Civil War? Not only that but there were home guards in many states as well like Kentucky and these irregulars fought soldiers and other irregulars and often other civilians accused of collaboration. Missouri and Kansas were bloody places due to this phenomena.

        Never confuse the actions of Europeans with belligerant Americans. We are a strange pugnacious lot as we like war but then hate total war, which is why we keep giving back hard won territory and cannot properly be labeled an empire.

        40% of the US military comes from the South and most of them are of Scotch Irish ancestry. The experts claim it’s due to familial concepts of honor and clans…maybe they are right. We can be an irascible bunch of scrappy argumentative grinning lunatics.

        It would be a huge mistake to try firearm confiscation in Kentucky.

        • They will try.
          As the popular story goes, “It’s in their nature.”

      30. Never fall in love with a Politician, ANY Politician!!! Trekker Out

      31. I don’t know one gun owner that would turn in a single guns. So more than half the USA population will be criminals, which will require a lot of jails. With that many in jail, who will foot the tax bills? Are politicians really that stupid?

      32. ” Are politicians really that stupid?”Jim,did you really ask that question?!You must be drinking some of Geniuses paint thinner!

        Do you not remember the Cali. pol who said those who don’t comply could be nuked?!

      33. So they want to temporarily confiscate guns.

        At least it is temporary and not permanent.

        Like those telephone taxes established back in WWII that I’m still paying today, or the toll road tolls that were only until the road was paid for by them, the ones I still pay today since it was replaced with a new toll tax after the old one finally ended.

        When a politician says “temporary” be aware that the word has a different definition in political dictionaries than it does in the Webster’s dictionaries you find your definitions in.

      34. Well here we go again with more indirect, sneaky Gun Control, plain and simple!! Folks, they are gutting us via a “million paper cuts” so to speak. I have been saying for a solid 20+ years now, they want guns GONE! And I hope people are smart enough to know what exactly will happen to us once they have Confiscated/Stolen all of our legally purchased and owned firearms…they will really drop the hammer on our heads folks. And not to mention – where is the no good, pathetic, sell-out NRA?? I will never join them again nor give them 2 damn nasty stained up pennies.

      35. So, maybe people should have 2 sets of guns.

        An official set of junk guns, and an un-official set of keeper guns.

        I suggest learning how to buy an 80% lower, do the final machining, and assemble it using a lower parts kit.

        The step before that, you learn by buying a regular stripped lower (which does involve filling out the ATF form), and assembling a completed lower.

        I like my semi-auto’s. Shot 308, 224 Valkyrie, and 5.56 yesterday. Currently training mostly at the 200 yard line.

        Do any of you record your gun sounds when you’re at the range ?

        Sometimes I put a smart-phone out on “video record” to get all those interesting gun range sounds.

        • Better still, learn how to make things from scratch. Depending on how sophisticated you want to be, it isn’t that hard to do (and those 3D printed things are worthless unless you have one of those million dollar metal printers).

          Those lowers and all parts kits as well as most parts age going to be regulated or outlawed in the next year or two with registration being retroactive and mandatory (as was done with silencers, short barreled rifles and shotguns and machine guns decades ago).

      36. Fat and compliant is how they made the majority of us. This is the way they want us. The constitution has been slowly losing its power for many years. Death by thousand cuts comes to mind. I read this and many other pages. So my question is…When is enough actually enough? When is it time to start actually taking action and stop bytching? Gets old reading all the chest thumping and other crap while same stuff happens over and over again. Step up or shutup.

      37. Nancy Regan said it best…. JUST SAY NO TO THUGS

      38. The day will come when we are faced with a choice; surrender our guns/ammo -OR- Renew our various licenses come renewal time, before they expire — one or the other.

      39. Let me see if I understand this, you want me to surrender my guns so I can die on my knees…Hmmm NO

      40. Those who do not defend their free states with their arms they keep and bear have no use for keeping and bearing them.

      41. Missouri proposed bill SB 42 would allow firearm confiscation in cases of extreme risk. A ex parte hearing would be scheduled and it has no provision as written to notify the firearm owner. In other words, you are automatically guilty merely by virtue of a claim and a hearing scheduled…not due to a judgment!

      42. judging by the comments here, i think Gun owners are scared. The more they say “from my cold dead hands” etc etc, it shows they are scared and i don’t blame them.

      43. There is NO public push to “do something”!!!!!

      44. come & get it, d-sucker(s)

      45. People you better wake up they are already confiscating peoples firearms they are just targeting people one at a time. I have already had my guns stolen by corrupt killer cops who go around killing people and stealing thier guns with impunity. Another friend of mine was shot by these mafia hitmen killer cops and then they went and robbed all his guns while he was in the hospital. They later came back and killed him to fix their botched attempt the first time they tried to kill him. They said he killed himself by blowing his brains out with a shotgun. But if that was true there would have been a mess of brain splatter everywhere. He was found in the tub with his throut slit. How many people commit suicide like that? These mafia Hitman cops move from police Dept to police dept taking care of the hitlist and then when there is too much heat they move on to the next Dept. The way it works is they are allowed to keep the guns they steal as payment for the hit.

      46. My comments are not posting…

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