Billionaire Warns Of Total Collapse End Game Scenario: ‘No Way Out… Your Money Will Be Worthless’

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    With currencies being rapidly devalued by their respective governments, the global economy in a slow-down, and tensions over resources heating up around the world, it’s time to start considering the endgame.

    According to billionaire resource investor Carlo Civelli there is likely no way out for central banks which have spent the last several years printing money hand over fist. Over his decades’ long career Civelli has either managed or financed over 20 companies, many of which now have market capitalizations in the billions of dollars, so he knows a thing or two about investing during boom times, as well as busts.

    In his most recent interview with Future Money Trends he warns of  an endgame scenario that is nothing short of a total collapse. And here’s the scary part: Civelli says that even gold may not be a safe haven should the worst case scenario play out:

    If we all talk about the end game and a scenario of total collapse, I can see the governments telling everybody that your money is now worthless and the bonds you own are now worthless. You all have to take a haircut.

    But would they let the people that own gold get away with it? I don’t think so.

    In this must-watch interview Civelli shares these and other insights you may not have heard before, along with strategies for crisis-investing that could position you to thrive as the rest of the world plunges into chaos:

    (Watch at Youtube)

    We all know the central banks are printing money hand over fist. Hundreds of billions, or maybe trillions are flooding the markets. The ECB, the European bank, is going to do the same here in a week or so.

    …obviously the way out of this quantitative easing is very difficult – nobody’s ever done it, and the verdict is still out whether the quantitative easing actually did something good or not. At least it prevented the world from collapsing right now, but what if interest rates really one day have to go back up again to normal levels, and all of these trillions of monies washing around now has to be taken off the market?

    Nobody knows what’s going to happen then… But would they let the people that own gold get away with it? I don’t think so.

    So the government at that point will say “Okay, guys, whoever owns gold has to give it back to the central bank within a certain period of time, and we’ll pay you whatever the gold price is at that time, less a big haircut.” Don’t forget that until 20-30 years ago, gold was selling at $35 and was fixed at that price, and so whoever owns gold, in my opinion, at that point will not be spared.

    There is no way out, so let’s live the good times for as long as they go.

    The notion that governments in the United States or Europe would confiscate gold like they did during the Great Depression is chilling indeed. But it is certainly a plausible outcome given our history and how far they’ve already gone.

    So what options do we have available to us should governments take this route?


    You certainly want to make an effort to prepare for a “total collapse” scenario by being ready for the supply disruptions and credit freezes that will be the inevitable result of any currency crash or bond market unraveling. We are seeing exactly this scenario taking place in the Ukraine now, and we recently saw a similar event in Venezuela. Food, gas, toilet paper and other personal items not only exploded in price, but disappeared from the store shelves completely because of supply-line crunches. It’s a scenario that could certainly play out elsewhere as the global crisis accelerates, including right here in America, so having some stockpiles in reserve is not a bad idea.

    But what about people with retirement funds, money market accounts or other dollar-based investments?

    The way Civelli explains it, even in a collapse scenario business will continue to happen. It’s knowing which assets to hold that becomes the challenge. During the Great Depression, as Roosevelt forced Americans to give up their physical gold, precious metals mining companies exploded in value. Carlo Civelli notes that there are always opportunities available in the resource markets so long as you follow what he has dubbed “The Three P’s.”

    So obviously there is a big market out there. The big guys are buying up the smaller ones, which is far easier now than to go out and drill themselves. And that will continue also into 2015, also in the oil industry.

    Now, my ideas have always been, and this is an old saying in the market, that the “three p’s” have to be correct. In other words, the price of the stock, the project itself, and the people behind it. That’s the three p’s.

    While a total collapse is going to wipe out many companies in the future, especially those whose business is focused on America’s consumption economy of electronics and other widgets, those that provide essential resources like food, oil, and metal ore such as Civelli’s latest venture capital project Callinex Mines will thrive.

    We are very quickly approaching the total collapse scenario described by Civelli. The consequences of government machinations and central bank manipulations cannot be avoided. Average Americans, billionaires around the world, and even many politicians know this is a foregone conclusion.

    It’s time to prepare for the inevitable.


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      1. Gold is great, but it’s not the only safe haven. If the government does come after it then what?

        I have food storage. a good amount of it but there are so many ways this can play out that having a number of different “investments” is the only way to go. even if the government wipes out half of what I have, the other half will double in value. I am hoping, at least.

        • If the governemt comes after it? How can they do that?

          Anybody with any sense buys *EVERYTHING* with cash and off the record. Now, the reality is that someone knows you have it but if you’re buying this stuff with a credit card you’re making it easy for them to track down.

          This will help. Put this sign on the front door:

          We’re huddled inside, starving and waiting for the government assistance we paid for with our tax money. We know its coming very soon.

          • The thing is,
            The last time the government took everyones gold we had a fairly polite society.
            This time
            Not so much, me thinks they will meet resistance.

            • Yes, Kula. And this time millions aren’t ignorant like those in the 30’s who thought the gubmint was their friend.

              • Tried to explain that to my mom, she grew up in the depression and remembered the government confiscating all their gold coins,
                I dont think they will be too successful collecting that gold when they start having trouble with lead poisoning,
                Some of us who have nothing are more than willing to put it all on the line to protect those older folks among us who have saved all their lives and made prudent purchases.

                • and the children, don’t forget the children.
                  I sense you will.

                  • Nope
                    They are just as important,
                    Sometimes ya gotta let em fly on their own,
                    But they are important to protect as well,
                    Most arent interested in what us “old people” are sayin though

                    • “those that provide essential resources like food, oil, and metal ore such as Civelli’s latest venture capital project Callinex Mines will thrive.”

                      TRANSLATION: Invest in my stuff and your money will be safe.

                      All this article is is an ad for someone’s business, a sales pitch. PERIOD, end of discussion.

                    • looks like somebody who owns this site is a whore for good ole cash. so many pop ups now I Call it whack an ad. Now we get more articals pimping real estate, gold, freeze dried foods. Whats next articals on gated community real estate? Prepper security cops for hire?

                    • To those with eyes that see and ears that hear,

                      You are controlled by debt. You are owned by usury. Today the “free market” is the freedom of monopolistic usurers to loot your productivity, your work. When you argue for their freedom, you are committing economic suicide. Do NOT empower the 0.001%’s global system that makes their accounting entries supersede and devalue your hard work.

                      How do you remove usury from capitalism without communism/socialism? Start by understanding that the banksters’ “free” market is a “bait and switch” global chokehold on 99.999% of us. Start by understanding how promising populist movements in the USA have been taken over by the banksters to their advantage and your suffering:


                    • Your money ‘will’ be worthless…try it already is.

                      Same shit, new day.

                  • oops…left off the word not, at the end…
                    ironic how that will change the meaning.

                • @Kula

                  The government did not “confiscate” gold in the 1930s. They bought it from the people at the price gold was selling for at the time.
                  Yes, they forced people to sell their gold whether they wanted to or not, so in some sense that was a confiscation but not the usual one where government simply takes something and has no intention of paying for it in any way whatever. Later, they devalued the dollar by revaluing gold from $20.67 per oz. to $35 per oz. The truth was and remains that this was a dollar devaluation and a pretty severe one at that.

                  The government in the 1930s was fighting a deflationary depression and this was part of their answer to that problem. History is pretty clear on the fact that their approach did not work and only served to deepen and lengthen the Great Depression.

                  Those who chose not to sell but bury their gold did not get this 70% loss of purchasing power from this government move. People were allowed to keep up to $100 in face value of gold coins, which many did, so having a few gold coins was not against the law. By being careful, it should have been possible to convert whatever gold one had into US 90% silver coins, which should also have protected one’s wealth without running afoul of the government’s gold grab.

                  One thing not often discussed is that EO 6102, which was FDRs basis for this gold move, was very likely unconstitutional but since it was never challenged in court, we’ll never know. If the US Gov tries this again, we can almost certainly expect a challenge in the federal courts.

                  One final point is that most Americans did not have much of the gold in the 1930s. The banks did and they were not loaning it into circulation but were instead hoarding it. EO 6102 was an attempt to break the bankers hold on gold, which was money at that time, and get more money and credit into the US economy to improve our very sick economy. Unfortunately, the Great Depression continued for another 6 years after this, so this was not especially effective in terms of improving the economy.

                  • “One thing not often discussed is that EO 6102, which was FDRs basis for this gold move, was very likely unconstitutional but since it was never challenged in court, we’ll never know. If the US Gov tries this again, we can almost certainly expect a challenge in the federal courts.”

                    And how many unconstitutional moves has the renegade in Chief made that have been challenged successfully in court?

                • A few nights ago I watched parts of Taking Chance. Watched some Angel Flight videos. Too many honorable military people have died obeying questionable orders. I like to think the sharp end of the American spear will tell the tyrant issuing confiscation orders to go blow a goat.

                  • “so whoever owns gold, in my opinion, at that point will not be spared.”

                    …now where did I put that shovel…

                    • such as Civelli’s latest venture capital project Callinex Mines will thrive.

                      Welllllll I know one thing about this “billionaire”

                      he knows how to promote his business

                      that is why he is a “billionaire”

                • I too grew up in the depression. In fact volunteered to serve in WWII. So I will follow what the people in the state government suggest. That will probably be O.K. because I live in western “flyover” country.

                  Secession, anyone?

              • The best revolutionaries are those that have lost everything.
                The 1980’s Corporate Fascists, same bunch today, have been planning for the paper currency collapse, they designed, not by accident, for decades. Their REX84 Martial Law is just sitting there ready to be enacted.

              • Yup, I’m pretty sure collecting gold his time around would be one of the most dangerous jobs in the world.

            • It is said that 10 to 30% of the gold in the public domaine was “volunteered” back to the government in 1933. So, the “government didn’t actually take everyones gold”, as you seem to be implying. Which might lead one to postulate, they, the 70 to 90% were not “ignorant” back then to what government was up to.

              This time around, however, for those choosing to hold on to their precious metals, there might be an extended period of time (before the present corrupt government is ousted) that one might only be able to exchange, sell, buy, barter gold, on the black market. Any bullion or gold coin not having the mark (the great seal of the fascist state) on a newly minted bar/coin (all volunteered gold melted down), let say in 2016 when the great gold confiscation might take place, might find it’s owner shortly, if discovered, deceased.

              Back in ’33 it was a $10,000 fine and or 10 years in jail. I don’t think they would be as generous this time around.

              • All the more reason to act with extreme malice!

              • A great number of the founding fathers of this country were smugglers and tax evaders.

                It doesn’t take much imagination to understand what their response would have been to King George had he issued an edict demanding that all the colonists sell their gold to the British Crown at their set rate.

                Any similar edict coming from the tyrants in D.C. will be met with similar devout disobedience by this poster.

            • When the government took gold it was from safety deposit boxes. Merchants wouldn’t touch it but the paper money although in short supply had value.

              If the paper money goes to hell people out of necessity will use anything accepted as currency in its place regardless if its “legal”.

              The book, “Economic Collapse” about Argentina is probably the best indication of what would happen it that event. A friend of mine married a woman from Belarus who was there when the USSR dissolved. Gold as in Jewelry was the most useful currency.

            • Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

              We’ve done this before. If you know an ignorant person, point out how after the first confiscation of gold, gold was revalued from about $20 to $35 per oz. We woke up one morning and our purchasing power was crushed.

              The more that know that outright theft at the end of a gun the better. It’ll help them at least for a second think of their safety and future for at least a moment. Maybe.

              • Take your gold to a goldsmith and have jewelry made out of it, problem solved. Lots of 24K rings,spoons, crosses, etc. 🙂 All stamped officially of course.

          • NR, you got that right! NONE of my savings or assets are in fed notes. Playing the paper game is for fools. Whats cool is my state accepts gold and silver as tax payment lol. We can go a loooonng time without fed notes… Knowledge is about the best asset. If you know how to do shit and have the hardware to do it YOU are gold. One thing a lot of people don’t do is stock up on communication equipment. That is one thing that WILL save your life! Scanners are also a VERY important prep. You will need a small solar setup to keep your equipment charged/ operating. Learn how to make ethanol, whether for fuel or otherwise. Stock up spare auto parts too. Tire plugs etc. We’re about ready to just say fook it and go off grid completely. I know a lot of peep’s can’t afford that but we spent 19 years getting ready for it. Hint: never buy new cars, houses, crap you don’t need 🙂

            • You really do sound like a genius to me!

          • .223/5.56 not available at the local Cabella. “Should’ve when I could’ve!” Is the common mantra now. What a difference a few days make. We have a lot of preppers here in bayou country and we are ready! We’ve had some cold weather but nothing like you folks up north. Diversification, sustainability, cooperation, community, are important and value will be in the eye of the beholder. There are too many unanswered questions in the national and international scene. A lot of bad and potentially explosive things but the world just putters on.

            Louisiana Eagle

            • There’s still plenty of good Lake City 7.62/.308 to be had. Grab the round that will truly reach out and touch ’em. You coon-ass know how to survive, been doing it since they tossed your grandperes out of Acadia. Keep your powder dry, mes freres, and aim small, miss small.

            • Everyone please don’t get screwed on this buying ammo. There are plenty of 223 and 308 places to buy ammo on the net. Now I am not sure about locally. But just shop around a bit for your flavor.
              Go to there are plenty to be had at reasonable prices still in all calibers.

              • Go ahead fools buy your ammo on line. Let the government know who has guns and us stockpiling ammo. Stupid stupid people.

                • Do they know how much of it you shot? No.

                • Yes Americanism your post right above would raise no red flags? Brilliant. Or you visiting these sites would go unnoticed?
                  Buying 500 or 1000 rounds makes me an enthusiast, buying 10,000 rounds makes me a threat.
                  Hate to tell you this but we all already have a file on us.

            • Everyone please don’t get caught up paying too much for ammo right now. There is a website that is basically a database for sellers with current prices. Was there last night and they have plenty of 223 and 308 available.
              Check out just search it or type in the www.

              • I was in the buying ammo game for a while, the fact the POI changes from lot to lot and even more so from manufacturer to manufacturer stopped me in my tracks,
                Yes you can buy cheap ammo, but if you need to re zero every time you open a new case that could screw you when your life depends on it.
                Long story short I only load my own now
                I know POI will be consistent within a much smaller range than with factory ammo and have been able to tailor the load(s) to give consistant performance in all my rifles
                Just something to think about, be a bummer to have the man from uncle heading to your AO and your shots hit 8′ to the right or left or up r down,,,

                • I didn’t think you get a clear 500 meter shot on your island. You can on my island, but jungle hit and run will be mostly what we will have to deal with. 7MM Mag nail driver is good to have but an SKS/AK for everyone in the family with 10,000 rounds will be a much better tool.

                • A fair point. Some of us though look at reloading as a hobby for now. While I agree it’s a useful skill, I don’t save as much for reloading as I would have made in the same amount of time going in to town and working at my job (which I can do if I want to).

                  Granted I still often milk a cow by hand, getting at most 3 gallons in 30 minutes, I don’t do it for the money. We have 3 grass fed, organic, jersey cows and the milk and butter is out of this world.

                  It would be cheaper though to just spend my time working and buy the product instead. YMMV.

                • I agree with you Kula about reloading. It is a great piece of knowledge and skill to have. But it is a time commitment thing.
                  Just curious have you have switched ammo and been 8″ off your zero? I have never had that much of a swing.

              • 5.56 green-tips are available at my local gun stores. One of the local stores has steel drums containing 12,500 rounds of 5.56 green-tips for $4,999, they sold two drums on Saturday alone. Bring a truck though, the drums weigh 375 lbs.

                150 round boxes of 5.56 green-tips are around $70/box, two box max. I only picked up one box at that price, I’ve already have 4,000 rounds at home.

                Besides, this too shall pass. Remember, a couple years ago when they were telling us, “You’ll never be able to buy an AR ever again.”

                • AOWG at todays prices that 12,500rd drum is a good buy. If I lived where your at I would buy one and put an add in the paper and sell half. At that price they’re around 40 cents a round, even the 150 rd boxes are selling for about 47 cents a round which is the cheapest I have seen lately and that is if you can even find them. Bet if you check back, it’s all gone. And your right, this to shall pass. But just as any investment, who knows the future. You might buy silver for $17 dollars an oz. today and next year it maybe a $100 an oz or it could be $6, if it’s 100, Oh how happy you would be, but if it’s $6 you would think boy was I stupid. Trekker Out. You Buys Your Ticket, And You Takes Your Chances!

          • “It’s time to prepare for the inevitable.” LMAO!!! Daniel has done it again!!!

            Buying public shares of gold mining stocks or most any other any other kind of stock prior to the next bubble burst, which is reasonably imminent is NOT a “prep”.

            The government will confiscate all of your physical gold, but somehow gold mining stocks will be liquid and valuable?

            LMFAO!!! 🙂

          • They dont come after your gold. They set the price at $ XXX.XX. If that is now the price, that is what it is worth and that is what it will sell for. Do you still want to buy more gold?

            • Yes. I’ll melt it down and make earrings out of it if need be, but I’ll take all I can comfortably get my hands on.

          • Keep on Stocking. WalMart has Libby’s Sweet Peas, Sliced Carrots and Sweet Corn, both Kernel and Creamed for 60 cents a can, with (best by dates of Dec.2017&Dec.2018). You know your living in the right place when you have to drive 50 to 100 miles to a WalMart on a Weekend and meet many of the people you know in the store doing their shopping. No golden horde out here. Trekker Out. Ain’t Freedom Great!

        • I bought a few extra shovels to bury the bodies of fucking traitors.

          • My dad had a few shovels that were used and used and used. They get paper thin after some years. I’m guessing that those shovels you bought will be paper thin in a few years. At lease I *HOPE* they are! If we don’t bury them we’ll be battling them in the future.

            • That’s why I bought several of them. These new ones aren’t worth a shit.

            • If there is a river near by, toss the bodies over the bridge. Or drop off deep in the woods/ over a cliff, etc.

              • We have feral hog in MS. ‘Nuff said.

              • We have feral hog in MS. ‘Nuff said.

            • Leave their bodies for the birds. They don’t deserve a decent burial.

          • F’n:
            I not going to use shovels. I have hogs to feed. they leave no trace.
            S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.Reb

            • i guess hogs even eat the bones, right?

              • They eat anything they can swallow.

            • Spread a little peanut butter on them, and the Bears and coyotes will do the job if the pigs are full.

              • Anon:
                why waist good food, when they get ripe the bears a yotes will have a field day
                S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.Reb

            • northern reb.I am not going to use shovels myself..Josie Wales said buzzards have to eat same as worms.

          • Hey Pissed, why waste the energy? Just drag them out in the desert and let the coyotes and buzzards eat em.

        • God, Ground, Grub, Guns, Groups, Gold. The six G’s. Don’t fret. If you have a team and a plan you will get through whatever is coming. Keep your eyes on the Lord and he shall direct your path. Just keep Praying, training, Preping, and building your teams. And while things are “good” enjoy life, walk the dog, see a good movie, mentor someone, take that trip to the coast (with you bug out bag, firearm, and CCP of course).

          • Just like the Lord directed the Jews into those box cars?
            Was this sound advice? Did the Jews prayers get answered when they were being butchered? The answer here is clearly no, and it also shows that prayers don’t work. It’s up to an individual to keep ones self alive, not the Lords. A person leaving all their faith in the Lord to save them, is a person who is giving up.

            • I love it when folks of your ilk don’t get it. It is ok for people to pland and prep and pray. mabey re read the post andlet people belive what they want.

        • I’ve been watching a youtube series called Ray Mears’ extreme survival. It’s pretty good.

          • I’ve been watching one called: “Sports Illustrated Babes” it’s better

            • I just love reality.

              Plan accordingly.

        • such as Civelli’s latest venture capital project Callinex Mines will thrive.

          Welllllll I know one thing about this “billionaire”

          he knows how to promote his business

          that is why he is a “billionaire”

        • There never was much in the way of a gold confiscation in the great depression, as far as police going door to door. There were charges filed against a single man, if I remember correctly, for the gold in his bank deposit box.

        • “””Billionaire Warns Of Total Collapse End Game Scenario: ‘No Way Out… Your Money Will Be Worthless’”””

          here we go again for umpteenth time in the past eight I guess even a blind squirrel will find a nut eventually..

          • Old70,
            those bilionares are not stupid they figured out with the internet all you have to do is PLAY the field, they are watched and so all they have to do is invest money somewhere and watch the people do the same and when the stock does a small bounce up , they sell before anyone else has a clue! takes money to make money!

        • A true story from the past war in Serbia: We here are also considering a “total” world economic collapse and possibly with the coming of a civil war and revolution combined with who knows what else.

          In Serbia a small city of 35,000 people were cut off from the outside world for over a year. No electricity, food, stores, gas, transportation, etc, no one could leave or come without being killed.

          At first the general trend was to attack the wealthy homes and peoples, they were killed and their supplies confiscated. Next everyone began to barricade themselves.
          Anyone who attempted to survive alone, regardless of how much supplies, food, or weapons one had, you were dead meat. Only those who gathered in groups, with at least five or more men, managed to survive. Gold, precious metals and paper money were worthless. How do you barter for, lets say some food or ammunition or some clothes, shoes, etc, something you or your family needs, with a gold bar? Gold at one time was worth $300oz the up to $1500oz, its worth was and has never been a constant. How do you get change for a gold bar or coin? and how much is it worth then, tomorrow or the next month?

          What became the most valuable barter items were the following, in approximate order of their worth, all worth more than gold and silver.

          1. Guns – especially AK’s, Semi-auto’s, some shotguns and pistols.
          2. Magazines and especially ammunition and accessories.
          3. Bic Lighters – also were worth their weight in gold. Think about it, no electricity.
          4. Powdered Gravy: Used to put taste in rice, beans, and pasta.
          5. Rice, beans and pasta, along with dried goods and canned goods.
          6. Various clothing needs: They were isolated for near one and one half years. Children were growing out of their shoes and clothes.
          7. Combat clothing, wanted for their durability.
          8. All type of pharmaceuticals, for minor cuts, sickness, flu, fevers, wound bandages especially and disinfectants.

          All these were worth more than gold, silver or paper money. If we experience what many are saying is coming, violence and starvation on a level never imagined in America, possibly civil war, martial law, revolution, gangs, mobs, neighbors once docile turning into monsters. I would consider the above and other items like garden seeds, and lots of dried foods, vacuum packed buckets of foods. Canned foods are good for up to 20-50 years and more as shown by recent government and independent studies. Expiration dates are just for turnover and profit. Canned goods have been found on a ship sunk in 1917 and a warehouse stocked in 1944, where near all the canned goods retained both their nutrition, vitamin’s and minerals, with some very minor loss in color.

          Guns, a good AK – AR – plenty of magazines, and you just can’t get or buy enough ammunition – which will be the near #1 desired need, plus a good list to consider including the above.

          Good luck with your “gold” or “silver” or paper money, which will all be worthless.

      2. Please, spare me.
        yes, a crash is coming and a new currency will arise and what a person has now will be probably worth 1/2 or less the value it is now.

        We saw this 5 or so years ago being tested in North Korea.
        it will be a North American Currency, US, Mexico and Canada,
        similar to Europe.

        Watch and see…..

        • Sounds like a plan. After all, that euro currency thing is working so well we should be doing some of that too.


      3. “Okay, guys, whoever owns gold has to give it back to the central bank within a certain period of time, and we’ll pay you whatever the gold price is at that time, less a big haircut.”

        Huh ? What gold ? Most Americans live paycheck to paycheck, and can’t come up with a thousand bucks.

        Yeah, there are a few goldbugs out there with a handful of coins, who are going to give them up…. and I’m sure there a very few folks holding serious amounts of gold, but just like in the 30’s….they will move it offshore and out of grasp of the govt.

        SO, if a ‘turn in’ comes, they won’t get enough to fill a couple buckets. What gold trinkets most Americans had, they’ve sold to “We Buy Gold” places, and it went to China or India…..where they DO know what real money is.

      4. “But would they let the people that own gold get away with it? I don’t think so.”

        Who owns gold? I don’t. Do you?

        At that point they’re irrelevant. Buy your gold but don’t be an idiot about it. Practice good OpSec and keep it hidden. If they come after it, it will be a YOYO situation anyway. Make them pay.

        They way out *IS* gold and silver and other resources (Guns, Ammo, food, salt, etc). Things of value that have value to keep you fed, safe, warm and watered will always have value and gold will be a medium of exchange.

        • Right again!

        • I got lucky all the Gold I had turned out to have chocolate inside; great eh?

      5. A billionaire warns that your money will be worthless????? I don’t have any money but assuming his billions would be worthless as well?

        Just did a small project today. Bought a can of paint in bright gold from Home Depot, covered around 150 rounds of M855 ammo except the green tip and paint them all in gold. Now I have M855 in disguise plus I can claim to have a gold and anyone who wants my gold I give it to one by one.

        • yeah..that paint is going to do wonders for your AR.

      6. Billionaire and he’s worried. Screw that guy. When this goes down I’ll have what I need. I’m not banking on my dollars.

      7. Well of course in a crash paper money will become worthless. IMO it’s a good idea to keep lots on hand and buy as much as possible in that sweet spot right before everyone realizes it has zero value. “$50 for a gallon of gas? Sure, I’ll take 20, here ya go, thanks.”

      8. First
        You gotta have money for it to be worthless!
        Got that covered, aint got nuttin honey!
        What is the most important thing that you are stocking up on?
        My cash is usually tight so for me its just the usual Costco cases of canned foods, 25# (23#) bags of rice, beans etc…

        • Kula, that gives me a sick mental image of your sheets flapping in the wind all night lol 😛

          • No comprende,,,

          • Ohhhh, get it,
            Beans beans the musical fruit!

            • A little slow, but we knew you’d get it! Lol!

        • Kulafarmer, all my spare money now goes to Costco as well.

          When the currencies finally collapse and become worthless, I doubt that our debt will also disapear?!?!

          Consequently, I am so happy that as of this month I am debt free (except my mortgage). My next prep is to get 3 – 6 months worth of expenses for emergencies. After that I am not sure what preps to get?

          • Yep, am debt free as well.
            have had people chuckle at me for buying canned foods and stuff, but those freeze dried foods are expensive, add to that the freight,
            So canned veggies, fruits, meats, dehydrate and can what
            I pick from the garden too, i think here, food will be most important, way easier to lay low and chug along if you have cases of canned foods and other basic necessities, soap, mouthwash, toothpaste,

            • @ Kula

              Another survival essential would be having a Wise Woman in your camp. Someone who knows how to midwife a birth, nurse the sick and bury the dead, because if interesting times last long enough each of those will be reality.

              reference: the movie Mac has above, after an auto crash the mother-to-be gave birth sitting under a tree, attended by a passing Wise Woman who just happened to be there.

              • Here I am! Ready and waiting! ( also busy with current clients)

      9. As has often been mentioned not only shovels and other tools are important to have but also the skill sets to go along with them. Also, I’m a very strong believer in having the right mental attitude so that what ever comes your way, you can face it.

      10. Only one percent or less own any PMs in this country. Not enough for the Gov. to mess with. BUT, food, water and land will be worth a lot…. I can see the Gov. taking land from the land owners. How will the people pay their taxes?? Or pay their note at the Bank???

        Pms will be worth a lot, the Gov will try to tax you 50% or more.

        • And when the collectors start dropping from lead poisoning?

          • Kula.

            Working on a cache of arrows. They don’t come cheap either.

            • Tell me about it, 1dozen carbon arrows 65$ 1 dozen Muzzy broadheads, 32$
              Then shipping
              Gotta have em

              • Kulafarmer: from maui?

              • I could always use a few more…

        • TUESDAY=
          My plan , allthough simple , is to have enough silver to pay land taxes for a couple years .
          Now this could backfire if silver becomes worthless , but its all i can do .
          Got a better plan ?
          Agenda 21 could could make this impossible , but we cant afford to throw money at things we cannot control.

          • Hammerhead,

            You are correct. Try to pay land Taxes with Uncle Sam wanting 50% of what you came with to pay taxes….And They will say….YOU, did not Build That… So we get 50%.

            • Why do you keep changing tags DK?

              Gotta keep those young girls guessing??

              BTW: Yes! I can spot your “others.”

          • We don’t control anything on paper or in a digital file somewhere. We can only control what we have in our hands.

        • @tuesdayissoylentgreenday:


          What up DK?

      11. Got a years worth of butt-wipe in the attic. Wife thinks I’m crazy.

        • I have 10 years of toilet paper!

          I want to save all my Federal Reserve Notes for wallpapering my study. I always thought that would be so cool!

          • If i count mine by the square
            I could spare a square, both plies, and still be close to your stash size,,,
            We can use the TP for barter too,

            • Why don’t humans have self cleaning assholes like most manuals?
              Ever ponder shit like that?

              • Grab a politicians face, wipe your ass appropriately. This is self cleaning, but with some manual labor. If these politician type people want to dish shit out to us, then we should have the common courtesy to give it back to them in return.

        • She thinks that now but just wait until she sees what you can get for a roll of that when the SHTF! 😀

          Useful things will become very hard to get and very expensive when found. If you want something of REAL value, you better be ready to fork over something else in trade that also has real value. Paper coupons with ink on them won’t be cutting it then.

          While I like gold and silver a lot, the value of trade goods will be great. Especially simple manufactured things that are cheap now but that will be of great value later on. Think things like matches, candles, soap, razor blades, tooth brushes and paste, needles and thread, fish hooks and line, Paracord 550, plastic bags and tarps, rope, hand tools, meds and supplies, batteries, butane lighters, BBs and pellets, .22 ammo, coffee and tea, chocolate, booze, fuel, cigarettes, etc.

        • Mountainboy, very wise. It’s good to have items that are multi-use. Insulation in the attic until needed else where. Now thats thinking, from top to bottom. Trekker Out.

        • Dad had a spare bedroom filled with toliet paper. At first I thought it was a bit much but after thinking over the issue, I came around.

        • She will ask you what your going to do when that is gone. I grew up on my uncles farm. Yes, we had no toilet paper. We used the only thing available in the biffy, free Monkey Wards Catalogs and whatever we could find. I suspect a lot of biffys will need to be dug in the future since most folks won’t have any idea what to do when their plumbing is all plugged up. cheers.

        • My wife feels the same, I just picked up 5 years worth(12 cases of 36 rolls each of Scott’s 1,000 sheet TP)at Sam’s Club, that and 12 caes of Bounty paper towels and 6 boxes of 180 tall kitchen trash bags. Already have a 5 year supply of soap, mouthwash, toothpaste…….

          If it doesn’t hit the fan, I’ve got enough to last until my retirement date.

        • crazy like a fox

      12. Gold is for concentrated long term wealth preservation, silver is for post currency collapse trade. True wealth does and will lie in tangibles. Fiat currency instruments of wealth will go up in a puff of smoke.

        • Agreed. Fiat currency comes from thin air, so having it return there would not be a big surprise.

      13. Roosevelt got away with Gold Confiscation in the 1930’s because

        1) People weren’t as well educated and informed as they are now, AND;

        2) Americans loved their country and wanted to “help” in the great crisis.

        Neither of the above applies today.

        No President has the power to seize gold; the Constitution does not provide that power to him. If Congress tried such shenanigans, the Constitution further says in the “takings” clause that “no property shall be taken for public use except upon payment of “just compensation.”

        Saying $35 is “just compensation” for Gold worth $1500 would cause a civil war.

        Next, Americans do not love this country anymore; they see it for exactly what it is: tyranny. A con job. A big lie.

        They’ll hold onto their gold, hiding it if they have to. Even door-to-door searches couldn’t recover even ten percent of what’s already owned.

        Little by little, via cruise ships or planes, that remaining gold would be secreted out of the country to places where real value could be obtained.

        • This idea should give us a clue as to what the TSA is really for—making sure that gold and silver don’t make it out so easily.

        • “No President has the power to seize gold; the Constitution does not provide that power to him.”

          Surely you jest. They been running roughshod over the Constitution and Bill of Rights with actions in peacetime (regardless of the war on terrorism, drugs or aliens from outer space for that matter). In war time or crisis time they’re even worse. As long as the military backs them up they can do anything they want.

          “Saying $35 is “just compensation” for Gold worth $1500 would cause a civil war.”

          No it wouldn’t. If they confiscated your IRA / 401K everyone would complain but those with assets, even if lost, are not violent. Take $5 off someone in, “da hood” and he may cap you with $8 worth of bullets.

          OBTW. They did not give the people $35 / oz for gold but rather $20 / oz as defined by the Constitution. Once the gold was in government hands it was revalued to $35 an oz devaluing the paper currency just given in exchange by 43% .

        • legalize pot and brothels.
          Tax the shit out of them.

          Ban all China goods.

      14. You want my gold? I leased it to a neighbor and he sold 100 certificates of paper claims against it. I swapped my gold jewelry in a quality swap for a claim on some pure gold that I leased to my other neighbor for a down payment. I did store some gold for my brother a while back but I am afraid it is all rehypothecated and leased to friends now even if he says he wants it back. You will have to accept these Federal Reserve notes instead. Yes, I know it hurts but there is no other way you see, in reality the custodian stole most the gold and he has a bankers get out of jail free card. You must trust me and I strongly object to any idea of an audit. There is no gold here, only recovery.

        • 😀

      15. I think Civelli is pissing in the wind. We are in uncharted waters and your own conclusion as to what will happen is as good as his. Pump and Dump.

        • YEP , uncharted water……….

          • I wondered how I got all wet…

            • SIX,
              Its uncle sam pissin down yer neck and telling you its rain.

              • Exactly, hammerhead.

      16. I can’t pay attention I’m too broke haha. Blow all them worthless bucks on guns you need enough to arm a couple squads. When you take control the gold everything is yours. Nuff said

        • I’m close to what you say I need, couple of squads, with a 1000 rds each? Squad is 144 right?

          • Where I come from, a ‘squad’ is however many you can get in the same place, at the same time.

            • Sorry… thought you said squat!

          • Ass Hat and Paranoid.

            Arming up a couple of squads? You better think that ALL the way through. I tried to “Pick Seven’. That is Seven people I could trust and train together to defend the area. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! So if you arm/gear up some people be aware of their capabilities and short comings. How many months of training are needed before you feel confident with them?

      17. On 12/17/14, Christ told John Leary that “a large tsunami of water” will impact our Eastern Coast and that this will be followed by a wave of bankruptcies in Eastern coast banks.

        So physical destruction is coming.

        Then economic collapse will come..

        The Divine Illumination of Conscience worldwide [The Warning] will occur which will be followed by Martial Law here in the United States.

        Make getting right with God your first prep.

        – the Lone Ranger

        • I think it is a metaphorical tsunami,
          Can take many forms

          • Kula.

            I have read many times in various articles that it will be a financial collapse that proceeds across the whole world. A common thread for sure.

            • A veritable financial tsunami!
              The house of cards can only stay up for so long.
              You factor in obolas Cloward and Piven strategy as well as the same thing progressing across Europe, the Mediteranean and parts of Asia,
              Im amazed they have been able to keep the balls up this long,

      18. Yep, Jesus is coming and boy is He Pissed.

        Hey, do you think you can pick the pace up a bit.

        • Sling, if i could help push it along, i would but The Kenyan is way better at it than me so i just let him take the lead. Trouble is he is doing it to the whole world and is nit concentrating on destroying just us. I will write him a letter…

        • Saw an article the other day and the title said: Jesus is here now. I wrote an entry in their blog, and asked them who took him down from his cross? Somebody should put him back up there where he belongs.

      19. It will be interesting to those that prepped to see how this plays out.

      20. Goldschlager for barter. Take shots of the Schlager can’t beat gold and a buzz.

      21. Headed to Costco this week. Been using up the preps (rotating) and down to about 6 months of food. Just wish they sold ammo. Not rotating that as fast now, to be sure.

        Don’t have any gold. A little silver, not enough to barter with. What little money we have goes to prepay property taxes and electricity. And food.

        Feels like the storm is just over the horizon. Hope I’m just paranoid, but got that same sinking feeling I had when everything went to crap in 2008. At least no debt this time, other than gov’t debt (taxes). Banks don’t own me any more, and never will again. Will never be on my knees for those slavemasters. Rather be dead. They can’t force me to borrow money. Hope they all burn in hell.

        • Hammer’s:
          You are right about that storm. I don’t believe you are paranoid at all. I have been prepping for many years. I’m in my sixties now and I started back in the late 70’s. I was not as dedicated to it as I am now.
          I have not had this bad of a feeling about what is coming down the road for us. I have been prepping off and on for 40 plus years. You younger folk are going to have it bad I’m afraid.
          I have been putting silver away now for 10 years or so, a little at a times, that is all I could and can do.
          Gold is great to have for long term retirement but if TSHTF, I don’t think to highly of it. It will be hard to pay for a sack full of food with $1400 one piece of gold. Were with one once piece of silver at $16. might be to get that sack even up. I know you can always melt it down, but how are you going to know how much it is worth?
          Keep prepping, do what you can do because you will be a hell of a lot better off than those poor fools that thought that the government would come and save them.
          S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.Reb

          • Paying for items with gold and silver.

            Whatever the market will Bear.

            you will have to have an idea what the price of gold and silver is worth at the time but I agree just handing over a coin worth more than the product is a concern.

            Hammer, a good chisel and scale. Cut 1 oz. coins accordingly and weight.

            • 1/10th oz Gold American Eagles.
              1 gram Credit Suisse/ Istanbul “bars”.
              Junk silver, 1964 and older dimes.

              I think there will be a learning curve for folks new to troy ounce math. Those that do not understand will still be able to figure out old dimes and quarters.

              If asking “price” for something in a barter society is one ounce Ag… ask if they’d take 6 silver dimes.

          • Northern Reb: Indeed. Sure wish I had started earlier like you did. Did not have the same understanding then that so many here have now. Trying to share, conservatively, what little knowledge I have with those I care about, without pushing so hard that their ears lock closed.

            Living very close to the ground, have a lot less distance to fall when the shtf. Right on about how to pay for anything with gold… I think it just makes you a bigger target if you try. Plus I can’t afford it anyway.

            If time permits, we will continue to procure means of production, for food and heat, and keeping things good with the neighbors so that we can defend our little spot out here with numbers if it ever comes to that.

            This crap from the last week has me feeling a lot less optimistic than I have been, with “net neutrality”, the 5.56 green tip ammo ban (what’s next) and the complete cave in by the people we elected specifically because they said they wouldn’t cave in.

            Obama is the devil.

            Reminds me of the line from Dante’s Inferno: “Abandon hope, all ye who enter here”, except it really applies to all of us who are already here, not necessarily, or immediately, those coming here illegally.

            Even more interesting, (in a grim, defeatist sort of way), anyone who has read Dante’s Inferno (aptly named The Divine Comedy) are the circles of hell, which could just as easily describe America today.

            Going to go cheer myself up with a replay of Mark Levin.

            • Hammer’s:
              It sounds to me that you are fighting the good fight, Keep it up, don’t lose hope. Just keep doing what you are doing.
              You sound like a true survivor to me. Keep your powder dry.
              S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.Reb

          • That’s why there’s the option to buy 1 gram and 1/10 oz gold coins and bars. If you’re into that type of thing.

      22. @GrandpaSpeaks

        Excellent. Let those bankers eat cake… er, paper gold. Creating that was their idea so let them live with the results of their scam. Most of the gold and silver in America has been most unfortunately lost in boating accidents that occurred in heavy fog, so there is no way to know just where it all went over-board. Sorry guys. None here anymore. (lol)

        • Methinks their gold manipulation game just got Shanghaied. It is hopeless, they will just tax any windfall gain on precious metal after any price reset. I am searching Chinese benevolence now and comparing. Lets see, negative rates on bonds here, bail in here, bail out for bankers here. China just hung a banker for corruption. Now searching Greek and Icelandic benevolence.

      23. Since I just finished the tv series Jericho, I read many comments in a different light.
        Like bodies. I thought of how to get rid of creeps like Ravenwood–
        definitely not bury; too obvious. One deep lake.
        Contaminate only one.

        • Jericho actually has some valid points to be made even if it is fictional.

          Did you notice the traders from Jericho showing up to trade with another town and bringing their sterling silver with them? They were turned down and not allowed to bring it in since they (the town) had been victim of radioactive metals already and they couldn’t trust it.

          Another series that makes very valid points about survival after a catastrophic failure is a British series “Survivors” which deals with the remnant of the population that survives a catastrophic viral event trying to live and sustain themselves in the aftermath. The thing you should do when watching it is ask yourself what you would have done to avoid being killed yourself every time one of them meets his/her demise.

      24. Oh, man, is timing ever everything! I ordered 600 rounds of the XM855 ammo for my AR last week and they arrived on Friday. Now I see that the seller is out. Other on-line vendors still have some but the price is more than $160 over what I paid.

        We all went through this crap in 2012 with ammo disappearing from most stores, .22-LR becoming impossible to find, etc. I vowed never again, so buy ammo every chance I get now. Even the cheap stuff at Walmart is worth buying. The Tula steel cased stuff works great in my AK. I have shot some 5.56 steel cased ammo through my AR and it functioned fine and shot well. Not sure if this is a good idea long-term, though. Some say yes, some no… opinions vary but no one seems to know for sure.

        My thought is that I would rather have steel cased ammo than no ammo. I reload ammo too, so need to get cracking on that. Have many 5.56 cases, primers, powder, but need more bullets… a few thousand would be good. Next gun show for sure.

      25. He lost me at, “20 to 30 years ago gold was fixed at $35/oz”

        No, it was over 40 years ago, and anyone who is going to give advice on it should know that.

      26. “””What little money we have goes to prepay property taxes “””

        How do you do that??

        I have several years saved–but I never heard of pre-paying.

        • Our county allows us to prepay one year in advance. Have tried to pay more, but no-go. So when the bill comes out, we go prepay the following year. Better than nothing… buys us an additional year at least. If we can do it long enough, we’ll outrun it. If not, well, with everything else that’s going to happen we’ll have definitely fought a good fight and go to our graves knowing we did our best.

      27. Regarding the government confiscating gold.
        1. We are no longer on a gold standard. Gold is not a currency, so the reasons the Government used in the last confiscation no longer exist. Not to say this government throughout history hasn’t figured out amazing ways to rob the public!

        2. The size of the money pit the government had in the 1930’s vs the amount of gold they grabbed was significant. Today the amount of gold the government could grab is like spit in the ocean of debt they created. High probability is it would cost more to run their confiscation than they would take in.

        3. There are other much juicier targets for the government to fleece.

        4. The very wealthy who have bought lots of Gold likely have it in overseas vaults, out of reach of the government.

        5. Very easy for Americans to bury the few gold coins they have, and just take the fifth. Anyone with even a small amount of smarts could alloy gold to 18 carrot, cast it into rings, and sell the rings to the used jewelry market one at a time, even if gold is tightly controlled as it was for decades after the confiscation.

        6. A review of government emergency management plans reveals the government already has the authority to search your home, and take food, money, guns, ammunition, medical supplies, gold, silver…. Pretty much anything they want! In a total collapse, your food growing in your vegetable garden becomes more valuable than a few gold coins, and the government is authorized to make you pick it clean, and give everything to them!

        7. Fallacy, can the US dollar reserve currency be made to go away, bankrupt. Not likely. There are 100’s of trillions of dollars in circulation, it permeates the whole planet. If you wanted to replace it with Euros or Chinese Yuan, you would need to overnight print incredible vast sums of those currencies which would be dangerously inflationary and would likely destroy those currencies, as well. Many third world countries use the dollar as their currency, or they directly link their currency to the dollar. They act as anchors for the dollar. To say the US is bankrupt, is to say that many solvent countries are also suddenly bankrupt. The dollar has a velocity, a momentum, can you stop a planet?

        I worked for a company taken over by MBA’s, the accounting tricks they came up with to manipulate prophets were unending and astounding. These are the guys that started the destruction of the dollar and the US, they off shored jobs, production, sources. Destroyed inventory. I will admit they did a few good things, but they did sacrifice the nation to get there. This is happening on a global basis. They never grasped the story of the Golden Goose.

        It is already over, there is no stopping the collapse, but it is astounding how long they can likely delay it!

        • they can’t tax me or enslave me if I’m killed or an active resister at large (son to be killed)….and that is EXACTLY what will happen with hundreds of thousands of able-bodied and skilled American men if the feds were ever stupid enough to actually come for our guns, gold, food or to arrest us.

          I don’t want to end my days like this….I’ve got a wife, kids, a home, a career, I’m an honorably separated veteran, and my character is in good standing (as far as I know). I want to wave the flagon holidays, go to church and grow old with grandkids and a paid-off home. But the way the unholy trinity of Wall Street, D.C. (District of the Caliphate) and Holly-weird are squeezing every bit of net worth out of Americans I don’t know what I’ll have to retire to except a bankrupt declining shell of a nation with a worthless currency, illiterate workforce and a Nazi-like government full of technocrats.

          But if and when the day comes that even people like me with much to lose decide that they’re better off spitting back in the tyrant’s face than letting the tyrant confiscate their net worth….then I’ll just have to fall-in and do what a patriot is supposed to do according to my rights under the U.S. Constitution.

          Or the motherfuckers who really run the show and use idiots like Obama and Dumya as meat-puppets can ease-up on us ordinary people before they have to fight us ALL to consolidate their possession.

          And I’m not afraid to say this on this DHS/NSA/CIA/FBI-monitored site because with all the eavesdropping going on I’m most-likely already screwed just for expressing my opinions on sites like this..

          The NSA…the only branch of government that still listens.

          • SKEPTIC-
            “then I’ll just have to fall-in and do what a patriot is supposed to do according to my rights under the U.S. Constitution.”

            YEP !
            Well said , sir.
            I am sure hoping that we wont need to go there , but this country is heading in the wrong direction .
            Interesting times we live in……

          • RW,

            It’s nobody’s first choice. But as an unavoidable final choice:

            Tell me how he died. And I’ll tell you how he lived.

      28. This message is to ALL of you who have NOT made Jesus Christ your Lord and Savior and repented of sins. Do you just not believe this is going to end VERY badly for this country?

        I would tell you America could be brought down as a nation in ONE DAY( Or Night) ,WITHOUT a SHOT BEING FIRED!

        I truly believe that an Asteroid the size of a mountain range could very well strike somewhere in the North Atlantic Ocean.(Puerto Rico to Brazil area, in the Ocean).Pastors have seen this in a vision and have been trying to warn and few are listening!

        This would result in massive earthquakes( are you listening California?) and fault lines coming open( this is for YOU CITIES along the New Madrid Fault) and giant tidal waves destroying cities( This is for you East Coast and Southeast Coasts!)

        Revelation 18:10
        “And the kings of the earth, who committed acts of immorality and lived sensuously with her, will weep and lament over her when they see the smoke of her burning, 10standing at a distance because of the fear of her torment, saying, ‘Woe, woe, the great city, Babylon, the strong city! For in one hour your judgment has come! ”

        We are the daughter of Babylon and it is coming!

        Here are some scriptures that shows what is coming for this country.

        Revelation 8:8-9 And the second angel sounded, and as it were a great mountain burning with fire was cast into the sea: and the third part of the sea became blood;

        9 And the third part of the creatures which were in the sea, and had life, died; and the third part of the ships were destroyed.


        So ask yourself this, If an ASTEROID the size of a mountain range hit the ocean do you not think it would take out ALL cities that are on the coasts?
        Here is another scripture to consider

        Jeremiah 51:42

        How Babylon has become an object of horror among the nations! “The sea has come up over Babylon; She has been engulfed with its tumultuous waves. “Her cities have become an object of horror, A parched land and a desert, A land in which no man lives And through which no son of man passes

        America is home to as many Jewish people as live in Israel.

        Home to a large population of Jewish Exiles-
        Jeremiah 51:45, “Come out of her, my people! Run for your lives! Run from the fierce anger of the Lord.”
        Revelation 18:4, “Come out of her my people, so that you will not share in her sins, so that you will not receive any of her plagues,”
        Zechariah 2:7, “Come, O Zion! Escape, you who live in the Daughter of Babylon!”

        God is giving us BIG WARNINGS regarding the DAY and TIMES we are LIVING IN NOW. Read Acts 2:20, Joel 2:31!

        Watch this video on why the TRIBULATION MUST BEGIN IN SEPTEMBER OF 2015

        There are SO MANY more scriptures I can show regarding the fate of this nation, America.!

        • Certainly all Christians are interested in upcoming events spoken of in the Bible.

          The Book of Revelation sheds light o the trying times we are living in.

          For another view (backed up with scripture) explaining who/what Babylon is go to:

          biblestudysite (dot) com

          Go to Q&A
          Choose Question #2 “Is America the Babylon of Scripture”

          The answer is NO….Read it for yourself….then you decide.

          • Sorry….It is question #1.

            • Could it All End This Way:

              When I go to your link Jim Bakker (yes, Tammy Faye’s husband) is linked to your post. Is that correct?

              I’m amazed he still has a following.

          • Yeah, I think anybody who wants to read the bible can do so anytime they want to without wasting space and time on somebody else’s website preaching about it to those who aren’t interested thank you.

        • [8] (And the second angel sounded, and as it were a great mountain burning with fire was cast into the sea: and the third part of the sea became blood;
          [9] And the third part of the creatures which were in the sea, and had life, died; and the third part of the ships were destroyed).——This part of your theory, is talking about WW2. 1/3 of the ships that took part in WW2 were destroyed, & the great mountain burning with fire, was the atomic bomb, again dropped on japan in 1945.. jut sit back & think about it..Your Welcome..

        • No such thing as stages.
          QE has only one ending result, and that is more DEBT piled onto more DEBT.
          Printing more money for Wall Street, and bailing out the Too Big To Fail Corporations does not improve prosperity for a Nation.
          Sorry, but I didn’t run up the unlimited credit to create this problem, and neither did anyone who is reading this.
          The Government on the other hand in time will say otherwise.

          So when a Nation has to print unlimited amount of dollars, and nothing to back it up to keep the system afloat has one outcome.
          DOWN or others may refer to it as ROME.

          • You didn’t look at the picture, did you?

      29. Money will be worthless, ok what about theirs, what are they going to use? Seems people are worried about taxes, house payments, car payments who going to go out and collect them, if it is a total SHTF Event and you leave your home (pay bills) friends your meat on table for sure more than likely you will not even make it there. So if money is worthless what are you going to use to pay with and what will they except for payment. Those bills mean little you have a HELL of a lot MORE to worry about.

        • “Money will be worthless, ok what about theirs, what are they going to use?”

          Money will be whatever they say it will be.
          They have the power, they make the rules.
          I strongly believe they will institute a paperless and coinage society. Everything Digital = more power and control.
          More power and control = complete slavery.
          Good for them, bad for us.

          • There is something called the ‘black market’- I expect it will thrive alongside digital,and probably dwarf it by orders of magnitude.

        • I’ve shared my thoughts on mortgage defaults before.
          What bank/mortgage company would rather have vacant homes susceptible to fires and vagrancy rather than occupied and being cared for and maintained??

      30. STG. Dale and other good LEO’s more and more badges are getting out of control. The average person out here doesn’t care how you act they only see the badge. It’s coming I’m very sorry to say OPEN SEASON on any badge. Be safe and watch your six. When that starts go home to the family.

        • I don’t focus on badges.
          I focus on uniforms.
          Don’t matter what color they are either.
          In a SHTF scenario, all uniforms will be considered an enemy.

      31. I don’t think the gold will be confiscated. I think that just before a planned currency reset/collapse the TPTB will manipulate the price of gold UP!, and “confiscate” pms with FRNs. THEN, there will be a reset.

        JUST before this starts to happen is when the gov’t introduces the new $1000, $5000, and $10,000 bills.

        I am not sure if the reset will involve another fiat currency or one based on PMs.

      32. Heads Up.

        .223 ammo. Dick’s Sporting. Two cans 420rds. 55 gr, left. $209.

        Academy. only had Match ammo. $23 a box of 20.

        Wal-Mart Not much of anything except high cost ammo.

      33. What I wonder is When will things get bad enough here that the illegal aliens decided to self deport?

        And second, don’t they know what’s coming?

        Risking their lives to come to this shithole…

        • I take it you haven’t been in Mexico recently.

      34. This guy lost his edge. He sounds like he needs a a diaper change through the interview. What kind of human would be dumb enough to relinquish their gold for anything but solid goods and services that they want. If they start a gold round up in America I can see a lot of shallow unmarked backyard graves popping up. You Americans need to watch your despot leader. Last time America had it’s gold seized they were paid. With the jihad kid in the white house you’ll e lucky to not end up in a FEMA camp once they take your gold and survival supplies from you.

      35. my two bits on pm’s

        gold and silver mines are now barely breaking even in production, the price for finished pm’s has bottomed out.

        considering that china now controls the global markets and it plans to enact a already in the works gold backed currency brics monies basket with russia over the next few years, i wouldn’t worry to much.

        one can always sell their pm’s to the international market to receive fair market value for their pm’s.

        as for the zog fedgov seizing privately owned physical pm stock from homes.

        i wish they would try it.

        i’m just looking for some u.s. constitution backed legal justification to ventilate these traitorous zio-jew neocon owned mudder-f*ckers!

      36. L.A. Police shoot homeless man.

        At The Daily Sheeple.

        “And away we go!”

        Jackie Gleason.

      37. Dick ammo Black Friday $20 550 rnd bricks 22lr past 2 years in a row $10 9 mm boxes not sure how many in box but very good deal the lines were huge in my local dicks sent wife in and her sis to get a box of 22 each 1 box limit gaay that’s socialism whoever has the $ should get what they want if they show up first IMHO. I don’t shop at my local gun store they are gouging the public fuck them only thing I can say is they have it if you want to pay $50 for a box of 375 mini mags. I refuse to pay too much for ammo. I wait till I can get a good deal and then get as much as I can afford. The gun industry is getting greedy IMHO. Not into paying a lot to shoot. I see people all to happy to pay through the nose for ammo they are fools to me. Whatever thought I’d put that out there that dicks Black Friday ammo deals. It’s a long time away but get the flyer a few days before thanks giving. Dicks and Wally’s has the best prices on ammo that I know of . If they don’t have any keep checking call spotting goods dept and ask. Do not pay too much for ammo you won’t enjoy shooting expensive ammo. It really takes the fun out of shooting to me.

      38. I discounted everything the guy in the article said right after he said gold was $35 only 20-30 years ago. We all know that gold started its climb back in 1971 after Nixon’s Sunday night speech. It was 40 years ago that gold was already up to $180.

        You can check the historical gold charts here:
        ht tp://

      39. The new Gold will be your Ammo, Camping equipment,Farming equipment & supplies, Firearms, Fishing, Hunting and Trapping equipment. Look M855’s went up as much as the Swiss Franc. If you can’t breath it, Drink it, Eat it or Secure it; your dead! So what good will gold be??

        If the SHTF like he says; they will give up the gold for the security we can provide. Accountant’s, Attorney’s, Entitlement recipients, Government Employee’s and Politicians will be the first to go. While that sounds great, I pray it never happens because it will be horrific. Essentially the last book of the Bible.

        • Gold is money,pure and simple.
          When the fiat currencies fail-there is only one money left-money that has been money for 5000 years and was the choice of people before any bank was thought about.
          As Greenspan has said,’In extremis gold is ALWAYS acceptable.

      40. Police shoot homeless man in L.A.. Really? First, “homeless man” is a euphemism for mentally ill, substance abusing, violent, street bum. Second, he was grabbing for the officers gun. If he gets it, then what? If you are a concealed carry type, imagine a mugger trying to get your gun away from you. What do you do? If you don’t shoot him and he gets your gun, what do you think will happen next? He’ll apologize and give it back? You have to shoot the still unarmed person or risk becoming unarmed yourself. Think it through folks. Think it through. 15% of all police who are shot and killed, are killed with their own gun after being disarmed. I’ve recently read where the number of concealed carry people getting shot with their own guns is going up. Too many people carry guns as a security blanket. Some don’t have what it takes to pull the trigger. I’ve known cops, over the years, that couldn’t pull the trigger. You never know.

        • thats if you believe the narrative of the cops,, thats your first mistake ..they like politicians and news anchors and presidents lie like fucking rugs..dont get fooled again

          • Turns out that the “homeless guy” was a convicted armed robber who was wanted for parole violation. He also was using a stolen identity of a Frenchman. So, dead guy is illegal Haitian and a robber. Go figure.

      41. I always report when the Baltic Dry Index is at record lows. As a matter of honesty, I must also report when it goes back up. The BDI is up a little from the low of 503 last week. It is now at 540. Should be over 2000.

        • BDI should be at 2000?
          How do you come up with this number?
          You must be basing it on manipulated numbers that the MSM reports.
          Consumer goods are and have been on the very low side.
          Retail Stores are showing the true nature of lack of sales due to or soon to be closing doors nationwide.
          Even Wal-Mart has been having declining sales, if the shipping of goods was so wonderful, then why is consumer buying at an all time low? Technically, none of this matters, there are bigger problems to deal with than the BDI.

          • SRSLY, you misunderstand. It is at the low 500’s because the world economy sucks. When the economy was better, it was at 2000. How do I come up with the numbers? I watch the industry chart.

      42. Yeah, don’t buy physical gold, or other metals, invest in one of these many mining companies, that I own a majority stake in! Listen to people like this at your own peril!

      43. For those of you who are interested, the Kane County Illinois gun show is next Sunday. Opens at 7:30 AM. For the preppers.

      44. Only morons will assist the proclaimed PTB in taking gold, guns, and whatever from an armed US public. Many young self deluded narcissists,thinking they’re ‘just following orders,’ will be gun ho until shot in the face by those they try to steal from. Waking up in the hospital with their faces gone, their balls shot off, and no legs, might serve as an example to others of their age and ilk to go back to mom’s basement and play video games.

        Seen in before in other lands.


      45. There’s not enough gold in the world to represent our money. IF they try to take it without representing something as having value, it’s theft. paper or digital money would be worthless. People will hide their pm’s or it fell of the boat along with the guns.

      46. The dollar was backed by gold, and the fed wanted to go on a printing spree to lower the value of the dollar, and to buy us out of the depression.
        They were not able to print with out the gold, So it was snagged.

        The other reason to grab gold was to make sure people had no option but to continue to use paper for their transactions.

        Question is will the government find reason number two compelling enough to do a recall again, and if they will extend it to silver as well.

      47. Try paying your bills with silver they will say no guaranteed.

        • second that.

          you will not be able to pay for anything in metals, but metals are just a store of value.

          when the debt tidal wave hits, everyone will just have to survive it and assets like metals and land will be what will keep you from being a serf once the tide rolls out.

          when the collapse comes, just gotta hunker down and wait it out, going to be a period of time where its total societal breakdown.

      48. The Signs of the Times, the New Ark, and the Coming Kingdom of the Divine Will: God’s Plan for Victory and Peace
        This is also an intersting book, even if you are not catholic you allways have to see the world from different stand points. The only thing to learn, read things of differnt views!
        I think we live in very interesting times and we have to enjoy this…………

      49. The Swiss are Socialist at heart. Never ever trust Communist, Socialist, left wingers and right wingers. remember the Swiss allowed 1000’s to hide their money form the USA and other countries to avoid paying taxes. The uber rich. I don’t trust the SWISS, they are now being forced to divulge all this condensant money laundering and must pay the price. Lying and stealing are not good virtues. Ethics and morality are not optional.

        • @ CubanExile

          “The Swiss are Socialist at heart.”
          You state that opinion as though it were a fact. Do you have any evidence for that? I visited Zurich in 2008. Spoke with maybe 60 or 70 Swiss in a week. Banking represents about one-fifth of the Swiss economy. Technical instruments, such as ophthalmologists use, pharmaceuticals, foods, medical tourism, agriculture, retail and hospitality are major swiss industries. Most Swiss AREN’T banksters. Many Swiss are small capitalists including farmers or work for them.

          Since taxation is theft, Swiss laws that allowed shelter from one’s property being stolen means they were opposing statism. Something no socialist would be caught dead doing.

          The Federal Government lies, steals and murders every day of its existence.

          Your first sentence is ad hominem. Unless you have some credible evidence for it I call you on your bullshit.

      50. I am not incompetent I am destroying America more quickly than anyone thought possible
        I am not ignorant I am advancing totalitarianism right under your noses
        I am not stupid , The stupid are those who fail to see the danger I bring
        I am not failing , I am succeeding at every goal I have set
        I am embracing your enemies and rejecting your friends
        I am acting lawlessly and Unconstitutionally
        I am ignoring your Constitution
        I am disobeying your laws
        Your media is abetting me
        your congress is not stopping me
        Those sworn to up hold your Constitution are not stopping me, or removing me
        I am fundamentally reforming the United States of America
        Your Constitution , Liberty, Freedom,wealth,future,&children,are no longer at risk… the risk has passed.. they already are lost

        who am I?

        • in fairness, presidents for decades have been running the country as they see fit and are never restrained; obama just is arrogant enough to do it in your face.

          pulling the country back to its foundings was lost a long time ago.

          • so… what are you saying? that its ok?

      51. The Devil, Barack Hussein Obama.

        Yes, I know. That was a redundant statement.

        • mmm… momma says that barack insane obama is the devil.

      52. This is in line with the end-time events of the book of Revelation. It’s very telling that the churches are remiss in sounding the warnings and that secular sources are daily filling us in on just how dire things are. We need to prepare physically and spiritually and be on God’s side. As Greg Hunter ends his weekly Friday videos – “Fear not.”

        • The Church remaining quiet to be popularly accepted, the rise of the apostate Church and a falling away from true teachings of atonement and salvation with the following of unsound doctrine in its place is a part of the end time prophecy.

          It is one prophetic sign of the season of the end being at hand, there are others that go along with it.

          • Laodicea. Sharon, I totally agree with what you’ve said.

          • Sharon–acceptance and compromise have killed America.

        • @ Klemens

          Really? Three weeks off? Are you as certain as all those fear mongers talking loudly about the ISIS “weekend of blood” that allegedly targeted the Mall of America in Minnesota “on February 28th.”

          That never happened.

          So unless you have some FACTS the rest of us don’t have I call bullshit on your prediction.

        • I dunno man, been hearing that the tribulation was just about to start ever since I was a kid. it got old decades ago.

      53. Vicky Nuland installed a mostly Jewish government in Kiev. The country’s gold reserves were immediately stolen. With the IMF putting it’s kosher tentacles around the throat of the Ukrainians, the average monthly income is reported as $40 – on a par with Zaire. Soon coming to Bibi’s colony, America.

      54. A you didn’t know it’s okay for the Jews to steal from everybody and anyone who speaks out against it is evil. The gold in Fort Knox was stolen years ago. I was wondering if there is a future in investing in copper I know it’s not silver or gold. Copper to me seems like a good metal. I’d like to know more about it. It’s like $5 for a half pound or something if it’s worth it I’d buy like 20 lbs of it .999 pure so it’s not shit just is it a good thing to have when the economy comes down.

      55. confiscate your gold, of course they can. It will be labeled under emanate domain in some made up law, so it will be “legal”.

        BUT> first it will be devalued under $400 an oz. You will get “just” compensation. Then as soon as they think they have all or most of it they will revalue it above $3000.

        Tried eating a gold coin, couldn’t chew it. So I tried to chamber one. That didn’t work either.

      56. Looking at the interest they pay you for having money in a savings account, the money is already worthless.

      57. Wall Street loves the national debt, it means GDP. What Wall Street will soon fear is a labor participation rate of below 50%, 75 million on welfare, and the coming ANNUAL multi TRILLON DEBT SERVICE on the national debt. At that time, the turd will be so far down the sewer line past the point of no return.

      58. Just a reminder, when things get bad, know who you can trust. None of us know each other for the main part on here but we talk all the time, if we were face to face in a collapse we could easily accidently take each other out. you know what I mean. People acting as police who are not but wearing a police patch on a plate carrier, things like that. People would act nice at first to meet you then turn on you. Others who you hate but would cover your back. Tough times all I can say.

        Roadblocks, NEVER stop in a collapse! They will confiscate your weapons. Drive in pairs or more for protection. If they find weapons on you they will detain you for as long as they want and then go to your house and take everything!! IF they find one green bullet they take it all, see what I mean!! Fuck them if they come after us we have every right to go after them if they use deadly force against us.(if we are following the law)
        Clutter your hallways with traps or items to slow a team of people to buy you time 3-4am In the morning. Get a laser beam alarm outside somewhere in your property to alert you, things like that. I love how my curser is running slower than hell and is being recorded live and when I type in words I have to go back every other line due to their backdoors. Pathetic what our country has turned into.

        Whats the one thing that can save us?? Defense. Lets all share ideas and feed off each other on how to make traps, warnings, fizzle things, whatever we can share to learn and food prepping. My next post going to list my best ideas.

        • Good ideas clinthospo.
          The roadblock issue is why I prepare to bug in.

          Organized clutter. Battery powered motion lights and door/window alarms. Check.
          Sharing ideas (while we can). Check.

          I try to stay vigilant and be aware of all that happens near my property.

          Although people rarely come to and knock on my door, I ALWAYS answer any knock from the 2nd story window (shovel in hand, out of sight). I am usually AT that window, watching any potential door knocking Apostolic, Jehovah Witness, or Mormon solicitor B4 they get to my door.

          When any neighbor gets any kind of delivery (pizza), I make it a point to make an appearance outside, and make sure the delivery person sees me. I make it a point to be seen by my neighbors whenever THEY are outside. I try to remain just inside the polite wave distance. I am an avid yardener and snow shoveler, and always have a shovel in my hands (CCL/G26 in pocket).

          I see the water meter reader, once a month, WELL before he sees me. etc. etc.

          In the event of WROL (or potential B&E)…

          ALL ground floor windows have closed blinds. On the inside, I have fishing line and hooks arranged with military surplus camo netting, and empty soup cans to entangle anyone that gets through the windows, and hopefully, give me a few more seconds to get in position to respond. My wife calls it paranoid-shabby-bunker-man-cave-chic style of decorating.

          Foot lockers and 18 gallon totes filled with clothing that most folks would donate to goodwill, old photos and frames bought for pennies at estate sales line the walls, and sturdy old tables to stack cans of black, gray, and brown spray paint are nearby. I keep an old refrigerator and stove against the doors for extra reinforcement, that can be rolled to the yard, that, along with old clothes and furniture, can be scattered around my property to make it appear that my house has been looted already. The paint is to “dress up” the exterior to look like there was a fire, too. (ty Joe Nobody – Holding their Own).

          I keep and rotate 35 gallons of gasoline in 5 gal cans, and don’t let either vehicle get lower than 3/4 tank. I have a fall back/bug out location hideyhole cabin about 60 miles away, but that would be last resort.

          • I salute your wife’s patience and tolerance.

      59. So very few own physical investment gold or silver it would not do them any good to take it. Not enough to make even the tiniest dent in the debts they have racked up. As always the problem is not that the government spends too much, the problem is citizens are not taxed enough or in this case own private property (gold/silver) that government desires for itself to insure their above average wages and pad their pension funds.

      60. (laugh) so the government will come after your gold, the welfare armies will come after your food, and the zombies will come after your flesh. I dunno man, sounds like we’re doomed all the way ’round.

      61. I think the boy’s will have their hands full with the 50% that don’t have much. The other 50% that might have some stuff will be preparing to protect what they have. If they do come for precious metals at some point I beleive they will hit the proverbal brick wall.Because at that point who’s left will have learned the Government is not your friens. I think the people in power will be hiding under rocks. It’s not going to be pretty. Say a prayer for the USA
        we’re gonna need it. Ed

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