Billionaire Warns Of Massive Crash That Will Wipe Out America’s Colleges: “You’re Going To See A Repeat Of What We Saw In The Housing Market”

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    The billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks says America’s colleges are in serious trouble and that over a trillion dollars in student loans will put many of them out of business.

    For years the federal government has been subsidizing loans, much like they did with houses ahead of the 2008 crash. This has led to increased tuition costs and lending to individuals who will more than likely never be able to pay back their student loans. The end result, according to Mark Cuban, will be a bursting of the debt bubble, a significant drop in college tuitions, and an outright collapse of America’s institution of higher learning:

    College tuitions have exploded because of easy money guaranteed by Sallie Mae. So, if any student can borrow more and more money, and it’s guaranteed by the federal government, why wouldn’t the colleges take it all?

    The problem is that bubble has led to over a trillion dollars in student loan debt, which is having a significant impact on the economy and it’s really holding us back in the economy’s ability to grow.  It’s holding back housing, it’s holding back apartment building, it’s holding back car sales, it’s holding back clothing sales… anything that’s not an absolute necessity, kids can’t spend their money on.

    That’s a real problem for the economy and I think that bubble is going to burst. I think it’s inevitable at some point there’ll be a cap on student loan guarantees and when that happens you”re going to see a repeat of what we saw in the housing market when easy credit for buying or flipping a house disappeared. We saw a collapse in the price of housing and we’re going to see the same collapse in the price of student tuition and that’s going to lead to colleges going out of business.

    Though going to college was a stepping stone for bigger and better things several decades ago, the notion that having a degree is the only road to success today is one of the largest scams in U.S. history:

    College education is big business, and with easy Federal loans, prices for everything from tuition to text books is going through the roof. Once degreed, the majority of college grads are ill-equipped to handle the current marketplace. Many of those who entered college just five years ago simply can’t find work in a 21st century economy that’s imploding on all sides. What college grads are left with are massive loans that can’t be repaid and a room in mom and dad’s basement.

    At one time, college was an investment. Today, it’s become indentured servitude.

    For parents and teens looking at colleges, we suggest taking a close look at the amount of money that will need to be spent and borrowed, compared to the benefits that will come out of the degree pursued. Thirty years ago, a bachelor of business would have been a desired degree to hold. In an economy with over 20% unemployed, one must ask: how many business administration and management jobs will there be four or five years from now, especially if we continue to lose production capacity to cheap foreign labor.

    A micro-documentary produced earlier this year by Crush The Street exposes the scam for what it is:

    The government gladly invests taxpayer dollars into student grants and loans. This is what has been driving the increase in college tuition bringing it above and beyond the average student and family.

    For teenagers the propaganda is so potent that high school students in many cases have blind optimism that they will land their dream career after college and have the income to easily pay off any loan balances occurred along the way.

    Some graduates are left with over 100,000 in debt and can barely find any job, let alone the one they pictured themselves getting into four years ago.

    We’re not suggesting that a college education isn’t worthwhile. But at current tuition costs those who lack practical skills for today’s economy once they get out of school will be left indebted, impoverished and living in mom’s basement for the majority of their working lives. That’s hard to believe for many future students of higher education but the fact is that nearly 85% of college graduates will return home jobless:

    Saddled with debts that will take years to pay off, college graduates are finding it almost impossible to acquire any sort of meaningful labor in this much touted jobless recovery.


    Though estimates vary, a recent study by Twentysomething Inc., a consulting firm specializing in marketing to young adults, predicted that of the 2 million graduates in the class of 2011, 85 percent will return home because they can’t secure jobs that might give them more choices and more control over their lives.

    Millions upon millions of dreams will be crushed by the propaganda being spewed by high school counselors, university marketing departments and the federal government.

    Think carefully before committing yourself to tens of thousands of dollars in student loans just so you can hang out and party, because partying is the last thing you’ll be doing for the 20 years that follow your graduation ceremony.


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      1. I cant think of any degree these days that results in a guaranteed job, even STEM jobs. American kids coming out of college with engineering and IT degrees are being undercut by H1 and L1 visa holders that will work for less than Americans and are basically slaves to the corporation sponsoring their visa. Too many lawyers these days looking for jobs, glut of pharmacists, the goes on. Colleges are guilty as anything in perpetuating lies concerning shortages of this profession or that to fill the seats. Another scam is the text books, changing the edition every year to kill the used book market. Colleges are also requiring all enrolled to purchase some sort of meal plan. Yeah if your kid lives at home- still has to buy some sort of meal plan. Private companies having starting building dorms and are in cahoots with the college– colleges restricting residency in those new dorms to lower classman.. Its time the college scam collapses.

        • Killing our oppressors is the only way back.

          • This going to College BS started back in the 90’s. It was a scam and I saw right thru it. In the 70’s I went to a free Voc-Tech school which happened to be, High School. Yes there once was a time when getting a valuable education and learning a trade was free.

            Now it’s all ala carte. HS kids have been fooled to pay for college and no jobs because as Ross Perot once warned about “that giant sucking sound..La La Larry”.

            But have the Gangster Banksters are laughing all the way to their banks.

            • I was thinking about just your point. Kids used to be able to get some basic vo tech education in high school. Enougg to possibly get an entry level job with some on the job training and continue on at a 2 year college. Why would the government give away for free what they can make $$$ from you via interest payments, ugh.

              The laws of exponentials are going to be at play soon enough with college costs, healthcare costs and national debt. The rule of 70 is good one for determining how quickly things double. College and HC costs are doubling every 8-10 years, not sustainable with flat wages, no jobs and people increasingly unwilling or unable to take on debt.

              • University isn’t designed to give you a job, any more than high school is designed to teach kids how to use a checking account. Anyone that borrows themselves into a hole for a college degree deserves to be there.

                With respect to a University degree, ASU for example, costs 5,000 usd per semester for tuition. Pell GRANTS are $5,000 per semester, so tuition is FREE.

                These people want to borrow their way through college without working for it; then grad school, and expect a Wall Street firm or major law firm to give them a $250,000 to $500,000 a year job. When they don’t get it they complain. Its just that Gimme Dat Nation mentality at the next level.

                Work study programs will pay for a good meal card and most of your on campus housing. A part time job will pay for the balance and your books. Students should be working summers and saving that money for school in the Fall. I did as an INDEPENDENT student.

                If a student goes to community college for the first two years getting their core courses while living at home, University is that much cheaper for the last two years, and a Masters. Anyone who REALLY wants a University degree can still afford one at a major state school without drowning in debt.

                The GI Bill is still a valid way to pay for college and combined with Pell Grants on campus work study, and a weekend job, will help you buy a NEW CAR while in college without other loans. I know, I did.

                University is not designed for everyone. It is best for individuals who are mentally oriented and who want to pursue IDEAS. Mechanically inclined individuals should become LOCKSMITHS where you can still make $1,000 a day in a major metropolitan area; if you are inclined to work.
                That’s NO BULL!

                I know, I know, W O R K is a four letter word. 🙂

                • You have laid out ways of reducing costs of a degree for those motivated to WORK and have their eyes on the prize which is a degree and not much, if any debt. So many kids want to go live in a dorm and party and have not money smarts… The holiday thread about spoiled kids proves that.

                  • To get through my eight years of university, one year I worked full time at night and went to school full time during the day in the 1970s; then in the early 1980s, when doing grad work in Canada, I lived in an unheated basement in B.C., where the window didn’t close fully. I slept in a heavy sleeping bag, and still remember waking up one morning with a snow drift across my bed and bag.

                    No sex, drugs and rock and roll in a dorm for me, that’s for sure.

                    • I got my L1 visa, then EB-2 GreenCard as an IT worker because US education sucks.
                      I was paid $80K/year at the beginning.
                      So, I left US after 10 years, because this country is going to collapse.
                      But I took a huge experience and 4 my children born in US back to Russia.

                      US received unrecoverable impact from Cold War.
                      Eating resources out of Russia after US declared winner itself just gave temporary relief.
                      Now Russian 1998 is coming to US.
                      Russia is 20 years ahead of US now in this kind of experience – recovering after Cold War.

                  • You said the key words here…..”have no money smarts”.

                    Most kids have no clue, much less common sense. The fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree.
                    It’s the parent/parents, fault.

                    It’s the parent’s fault for “not” saying…NO!

                    No, we can’t afford it.
                    No, you don’t even know what you want to do with your life.
                    No, you are too prone to a party lifestyle, that will lead to bad grades or worse.
                    No, you will not work part time and help with expenses.
                    No, it will lead you and us into an eternity of debt and possible bankruptcy.
                    No, because most of the Universities are operated under a liberal, anti-moral, anti-american, politically correct, agenda; that doesn’t promote biblical guideline foundations for living.

                    Sad to say, but most middle class and especially upper middle class to the wealthy, parents, want their kids to go to University as a “status symbol” for themselves. That is why they don’t have any problem financing the continous partying and trips to week long beach and ski vacations for those spoiled brats.

                    It’s a vicious cycle that will bring some devastating and negative results back home to roost.

                    In saying that, there are many parents and their kids, doing the sensible things when it comes to a higher education. Sad to say, but they are becoming more and more a rarity.

                    • Oicu812, excellent post full of things I have to agree with. Spoiled brats will not survive SHTF.

                    • Noname, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

                    • “Biblical guidelines for living”… are you out of your mind? The Bible (the Old Testament, at least) was a guide for ancient Jews. Aside from commandments 5-10 and “love thy neighbor”, it has no place in today’s society.

                      “Biblical guidelines”… Passages in Leviticus deem shaving and wearing clothing of mixed fabric punishable. What a load of nonsense.

                • You are proving incorrect information about how much Pell Grant funding a student can receive. For 2014-2015, which would mean the fall 2014 semester, the max a student can receive is $2,865! That is a huge difference from what you stated. Max Pell Grant for the year is $5730 no matter what college you attend. And that is only if the student qualifies for the max, many receive a reduced amount…it is income based.

                  • Damed in NY, in 1990, I applied for a pell grant to get into a school and was rejected. I also know of other white males who were rejected for those same grants but women and minority people were getting approved with no problems. The pell grants are race and gender based. This is fact. OK, bring on the red thumbs. I stand by my remarks regardless.

                    • I lived out of my jeep pickup for 6 months to be able to afford tuition at the U of Maryland. Showered in the dorm and worked for hospitality services where I nicked left over food that was to be thrown away. Kids today and college? You’ll find my “sympathy” between 5hi^ and syphilis in the dictionary. Keep in mind that these colleges are pumping out liberal 0bama voters who perpetuate the system that they then complain about.

                  • DA, that down thumb was an accident – touched it while scrolling down…

                  • Plus, if you are an adult who works for a living (and are not a member of one of the various minority groups that get special consideration for diversity purposes) you get almost nothing. I ran the numbers and would have had to have made less than $12k a year to get grants to help me return to school. My sister is just finishing school right now and has enough student loan debt to buy a small house where we live! I have no idea how she will ever pay it off.

                • It is a little frightening that you did not truly understand how much Pell money you received while attending college. You are correct that you can combine several grants, scholarships and work programs to cover all costs and work or save to cover costs without loans…if you attend a college that you can afford.

                  • DINY: Pell was giving that much money for independent students when I attended school many years ago.

                    Pell grants like loans amounts are based upon need. Last year, ASU was willing to give a kid I know, $5,000 per semester, or $10,000 for the school year, and another $9,000 in loans towards a meal card and student housing.

                    I saw the financial award. I know EXACTLY what I am talking about. EXACTLY. 🙂

                    • In fact, I believe the maximum Pell Grant per semester is over $5100 per semester, if an ad I saw on the internet is to be believed. 🙂

                    • The reason that University Degrees are not a path to success is that, historically, they were never intended to make people “job ready”: and still don’t.

                      Success in life is determined by the individual. Lets remember that Michael Jordan was cut by his HS basketball coach because he wasn’t good enough to make the team.

                      Not exactly the raw material for becoming an outstanding college player leading his team to the National Title; or moving on for six NBA Championships. Somewhere between HS and college Michael Jordan learned the meaning of work.

                      Warren Buffet didn’t become one of the wealthiest men in the world by graduating college. It was the COUNTLESS hours of study after college that determined his success.

                      The problem with most wanna be’s is that is all they have: a want to be. You must have fire in the belly to reach above and beyond the status quo; and then you must apply yourself relentlessly.

                      Let the educated segment of Gimme Nation pay their own school loans. I have no desire as a taxpayer to underwrite their good times. 🙁

                    • I can tell you for a fact, that the fed gov will let your borrow 100% of tuition room and board, even if you don’t wualify for pell grants, etc. I borrowed $20k a year for 2&1/2 yrs to replace my salary when I had to quit work to do my anesthesia training. Based on my salary the first year and hubby’s the rest, we qualified for NO subsidized loans or grants.

                    • The $5k is not a Pell grant. It is the student loan amount. Most college students can get subsidized student loans for $10k per year. That is $5k per semester. Pell grant money is maxed out at around $4500, but split between two semesters so it is about $2250 per semester. You have wrong information and inflamed the information. Exactly.

                    • It is nearly impossible to declare oneself an “independent student” these days. My son is a freshman, and the rules now pretty much state that you can only be declared independent of your parents if you were a ward of the state, a foster child, and have NO financial ties to your parents (including health insurance). This speaks to why so many kids have few resources at hand– even if their parents cannot or will not contribute to their education expenses, the kids cannot receive any aid and are considered dependents. Pile on the loans… 🙁 And yes, Pell Grants are income based. This is not to say that there are not other options to make college more affordable for young people, but I wanted to put that out there.

                      For any young person with a decent work ethic, some jobs (if you can get one) will pay for you to get your degree. I work as a welder, and my company will reimburse 100% of tuition costs if a C or better is earned. An enterprising young person can earn a degree and grow with the company on their dime. But hey, not everyone wants to WORK. (Personally, I spent last semester sleeping in my car in the parking lot between school and work. I’m 37 years old and am the only person taking advantage of this benefit. The youngsters could care less. 🙁 Sad, stupid, and true.)

                    • the durango kidd says:

                      “Success in life is determined by the individual.”

                      That’s pretty funny coming from a Red State collectivist.

                      “Lets remember that Michael Jordan was cut by his HS basketball coach because he wasn’t good enough to make the team.”

                      Wrong! He was “cut” his sophomore year because he was only 5’11”, and deemed too short for the position. It had nothing to do with “he wasn’t good enough to make the team.” Do you just pull this shit out of your ass?

                      “Somewhere between HS and college Michael Jordan learned the meaning of work.”

                      I think most people would not consider running up and down a gymnasium floor with a ball “work.” While in may fit the definition of “work,” it is better described as “play.” Play ball!

                      BTW: Michael Jordan’s college degree is in “Cultural geography.” LOL. My dog has that very same degree. It’s “earned” him a gold plated bone.

                      “Warren Buffet didn’t become one of the wealthiest men in the world by graduating college. It was the COUNTLESS hours of study after college that determined his success.”

                      You don’t suppose Warrens success has anything to do with the fact that his father, Howard Buffet, was a 6 term member of the House of Representatives from Nebraska’s 2nd district, and founder of Buffet-Falk & Co. Investments do you???

                      Nah… that’s just coincidence!!!

                      “If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit.”

                    • MomOCG: Sorry Mom the information I have about the Pell grant is 100% correct. I saw the email from Financial Aid.

                      It was $5,000 per semester ($10 K total) for an independent student, plus another $9,000 in loans for the year; for a kid making $800 a month. Additional money from work study was also available to defray costs.

                      That is FACTUAL!!! 🙂

                    • YMWW: Michael Jordan said himself many times that he did not make the varsity squad in High School because he wasn’t good enough.

                      The varsity coach that cut him has since said that MJ was sent down to the junior varsity squad because he wasn’t tall enough, even though he was 5’11” at the time. The sophomore selected instead of MJ was 6’7″.

                      Running up and down the floor all day, “not work”? Obviously you were never an athlete, and do not understand the definition of work.

                      I suggest you read the “work” of Fredrick W Taylor, the Father of Scientific Management who defined work for the rest of US. 🙂

                    • YMWW: “You don’t suppose Warrens success has anything to do with the fact that his father, Howard Buffet, was a 6 term member of the House of Representatives from Nebraska’s 2nd district, and founder of Buffet-Falk & Co. Investments do you???”

                      I am sure it had a good measure of influence towards his “success”. But being successful and becoming the wealthiest man in the world is two different things. The former does not guarantee the latter.

                      The number of sons who squandered the benefit of a successful father is legion. 🙁

                    • The durango kidd says:

                      “Obviously you were never an athlete, and do not understand the definition of work.”

                      LOL… High School All-American 1982: 100yd Butterfly.

                      At 17 I was more of an athlete than MJ!

                      Q: Do you know how to swim DK???

                    • Durango Kid;
                      Regardless of what your friend received, all grants are need based. If you are poor you can qualify.

                      So lets assume for a moment that the average person does not qualify and must take a loan.

                      According to ASU’s website the average cost for an In-State resident student who will live at home is $18k per year that jumps to $32k for out of state person.

                      Just wanted to clarify some of those numbers for you.


                    • GR: You didn’t “clarify” anything for me. I already know the costs of attending ASU NOW for the 2014 – 2015 school year. Tuition is $5,000 per semester for an in state, full time student, paid for by Pell Grant. Out of state students pay twice that rate, always have. “Full time” meaning 14 hrs per semester.

                      A studio apartment on campus for a single person/ single occupancy was $600 per month (utilities included) for a nine month occupancy which must be paid in advance in the fall; or $5,400. That cost for the kid I know was allocated within the $9,000 loan, the balance to be applied toward student fees, and meal card. It didn’t include all the costs of the meal card and it didn’t include the cost of books.

                      These items and their costs were budgeted to come from her $800 per month income, of which she had other costs, like car and insurance, etc.

                      That is the unvarnished truth. 🙂

                    • YMWW: “LOL… High School All-American 1982: 100yd Butterfly”

                      Hey good for you! One doesn’t become an All American in any sport without WORK.

                      You should understand that. Slow day, yesterday??? 🙂

                • Durango,
                  your mostly correct about the college BS, but what i would like to point out the SAD part is that so many of these kids are being told by people who are suppose to be advising them and since it is a scam they come out of college with a HUGE loan and NO job and wonder what happened !!! those people who knowingly promote the kids into this situation need to be jailed !

                • But if I stay on your plan, how will I ever get good at beer pong? What about my “college career”?

                  DK is right. People want to borrow a middle class lifestyle for years, then “occupy Wall street” and demand “student loan forgiveness” (oh, and make me your boss). What do us old farts or the students who didn’t pile up debt get from any “forgivness” deal? Oh, that’s right. They get to do the payin’

                • Good Write Durango- Yes, and the Public Schools indoctrinate you from the beginning how to be a good worker Bee and compliant to rules. Be a worker to the Slave Masters. They don’t teach kids these days to think, how to create, as they try to get rid of art classes and education that creates free expression, like band class, they want you to be defined to a box with numbers and tasks. And even Obama wants you compliant, so he demands that your organic lunch you bring from your garden is not good and so you get free school lunched full of GMO’s that make your kids dumb and non-fertile, unable to make more babies. Like Fluoride in the water. They don’t want to teach you how to be independent free thinkers able to start your own business, they teach you to learn their program so you get the Lure of a job from them. And never let you discuss wages cause they will just import cheaper labor pool from illegal immigrants. OBAMA HAS SOLD OUT AMERICANS, ABOUT ENTIRE GOVERNMENT HAS ALSO SOLD US OUT TO THE NWO FOLKS. The American Government is starting a massive build up of Military contractors in the middle east to get back into Iraq, and stockpiling massive amounts of military vehicles in Kuwait. They teach you to be patriotic to fight their illegal wars to help save their worthless Fiat Petrodollar. Their world (NWO) is crashing, lets help them get crushed. Boycott the Pig Corporations. Corporate food is poison, do NOT feed it to yourself or your children. (Cancerous and toxic)

                  • It is clear the dumbing down of Amerika is not just in schools but has also become commercialized.

                    Look at all the new Lego sets. Nothing like they were 30 years ago. When I was a kid I had an awesome Lego set of all generic non-specific pieces that I had to use my imagination and creativity to build anything with them. No instructions or pictures telling me what/how to build, I had to think for myself.

                    Today, each Lego set is designed specifically to build one thing. Plane, tank, helicopter, police station, whatever, with instructions and pictures. Lego removed all creative thinking from the child building it. I would never buy that for my child.

                    No need for a child to think for themselves these days, the corporations, schools, and government will to their thinking for them.

                    Today’s generation is being programmed to be mindless drones for the Peoples Rebublik of Amerika.

                    • “to build one thing. Plane, tank, helicopter, police station, whatever,” Interesting choice of kits. More (mind) programming? Haven’t shopped for these in a long while. Are little farms (barns, etc.) unavailable?

                • Yes and no….. Tuition at the college from which I graduated in 1985 was $1300 per semester for a full time student. Today it is $14,000 per semester. Wages have not risen 1000% so the old saws of working your way through school like you used to just don’t hold true. What you could in the 70’s, 80’s and even the 90’s does not hold true today. That being said, a 4-year degree now is a waste of time and money. It prepares you for nothing in the real world. You are much better off in trade school and more employable too.

                  • Couldn’t agree more on the trade school idea. That is the road I hope my kids take.

                    I just did a quick check on tuition rates for state college in NJ and it is nearly impossible to get a 4 year degree for less than $40k (and that’s doing 2 years of community college).


                • My son started UA last semester. While figuring out the costs, Alabama sent this helpful missive regarding “expected parental investment”, basically the costs for tuition ($4500/semester, fortunately free due to fill academic scholarship), dorm (freshman required to live in dorms, $3400/semester), meal plan ($1500/semester), parking ($300/yr.) books, ballpark $400/semester (we’re vets, VA loans books for free on campus, he got all but 2 books this year via VA. So his schooling is costing right at $6300/ semester, including free tuition. He covered 1year of credits via honors courses in high school and getting credit based on test scores, so,he’s on a 3 year plan. Next year, he’s responsible for 1/2 of his expenses (every dollar he earns, via work or scholarships) we’ll contribute a buck. We’ve been preaching that college is fine, as long as he has a plan (he does) but what he learns in school isn’t going to land him a job. It’s the intangibles, the work ethic, the get it done attitude that will help him, or anyone succeed. I employ 23 people, I know what I and others look for in job candidates. Unfortunately most of the young candidates are pretty worthless these days. I don’t want my son to be part of that rabble. SO, college can be afforded, if the correct prep time is put in way ahead of time: good study habits established by middle school. Excellent academic achievement, take all the ap and honors courses possible in high school and take the for credit test. Study hard for ACT, and retake as necessary to get over a 28 (FYI, a 34 gets you lots of,scholarship,opportunities). Have your high schooler start applying for scholarships after junior year. Most,have deadlines mid senior year. Take part in all the extra curricular academic stuff you can. I figure at worst, total tab for 4yr degree will run $38k, and the plan is about 1/2 of that gets defrayed by scholarships/part time work.

                • You must have gone to college in the 80’s or 90’s because as the parent of 2 kids in college: Not everyone is eligible for Pell Grants, part time jobs are now taken by 40 year old adults,there are no more “meal cards” for working in the college programs. And just because tuition at ASU is $5000.00 a semester,what about the books? Between $100-$500 EACH! Lab fees? up to $500 a semester, living expenses? $1000.00+ a month if there isn’t a college in the town where your parents live so you can’t stay with them. So actually you have no idea what you’re talking about.

              • No school is free! Grade 1-12 are paid for on the backs of property owners taxes! You want to bitch about something? Bitch about putting the burden of educating kids in govt, schools on those that don’t even have kids! Everytime I get my tax bill it’s school this and school that then to top it off parents get a income tax writeoff and I pay the full burden! Want some fairness? Pay for your own damn kids, Hows that for a dose of truth!

                • Are you the same a genius that was telling us that Ebola was a government scheme to wipe us out a few moths ago? What happened? Was there a change of plans?

                  • I don’t recall ever saying that but now that you mention it it could be.

                    • ht tp://

                      The flight carrying 162 passengers lost contact with air traffic control after taking off from the Indonesian city of Surabaya, according to Indonesian media.

                  • Why don’t you pipe down, you jerk? I also have no kids. I pay property taxes on 3 properties, all of which have a huge school burden in the taxes. I am not wealthy. Just middle class. But I am damn sick and tired of paying for your kids. I am now retired.
                    PAY FOR YOUR OWN DANABLE KIDS!

                • To Genius: I agree! Every year when I get my prop. tax bill
                  I take a look at the school taxes. It’s 54% of the bill. The graduate rate of so many HS in the state of FL is below 75%.
                  I’m sick of it!

                  from Camellia

                  • So not only are you paying for something you don’t use, but that doesn’t work either!

                • DK, it’s bad enough that as a taxpayer I have to pay for women and minority people to get pell grants but I as a white male couldn’t get one because I’m a white male. So that kept me out of school.

                  • It has come down to one important fact; the people that learn how to “work” the system are the ones that benefit the most from taxes paid by the hard workers that don’t believe in getting/taking handouts.

                    I wanted to further my education after highschool. I could have paid for it all because I was working a full time, second shift job; and had been since I started my junior year in high school.

                    I grew up poor, not dirt poor, but in the bottom 25% of my school mates. I was tired of being poor and being looked down upon. I worked like a dog while putting myself through high school and also got to drive a pretty damn nice car.

                    When I got kicked out from living with Dad,(too many kids, and not enough space), I had to move in with Mom and her asshole husband, and pay rent. When I went to a small community college, they said check out this BEOG (basic educational opportunity grant), and maybe you can qualify for financial assistance/free money.

                    Dear ole Mom, doubled the amount of rent payments I was paying her and I qualified for almost the maximum. yea, we worked the system a little, but I got help that would have went to other non-whites, that didn’t have to lie about their finances.

                    Do I feel guilty about that…Hell No!
                    Would I do it again? Hell yes. Why? I worked and paid into a system that has robbed me of benefits that I deserve. The wealthy politicians have robbed my hard earned $$ to give to other wealthy crooks. After forty-five years of hard work,and paying taxes, I wish I had taken more.

                  • RB: Excuses are like assholes; everybody has one. Being a white male didn’t keep you out of college. Pell grants are not race based. They are needs based.

                    You could have gotten them, or you could have went part time and worked your way through starting at a community college for the first two years.

                    You didn’t want it bad enough, so you didn’t get it. 🙁

                    • DK, I found out some other things about it that caused me to change my mind about it. It was never lack of motivation on my part. Regardless, I’ve always kept my nose to the grindstone and pulled my own weight. I have a decent standard of living and a few benefits with my job so I’m happy with what I have now. I got it the good, old-fashioned way by WORKING for it. I’ve already paid a lot of dues and busted my ass to get to where I’m at now. The best part is I’m debt-free; no stinking loans of any kind to pay on, not even a credit card. I don’t even care about school now. I’m fine like I am. Take care.

                  • If you had wanted to go to school bad enough you could have gone. The poor pitiful white man excuse is as lame as it gets. You should be embarrassed for even posting that crap. Says more about you than women and minorities. Besides, most grants are means tested….

                • Another Mid Air Asian Flight Missing – Probably hacked like the rest of them, and flown to some remote location to pack it full of Eboli or some of the bomb making material- look for more false flags coming. Heavily stockpile food for you and your family ASAP. Buy lots of bottled water/6 mths per person.

                  • It was an Airbus A320 – Mid Asia Flight 8501 just disappeared from the radar screen. TP2B Probably turned off the transponder and the plane is sitting in some hanger being repainted. Passengers probably handcuffed and tortured.

                    • I posted a link up above around 10 last night

                    • I wonder if we’ll see an Airbus A320 to be shot down over Ukraine over the next few weeks.

                    • WWTI, I saw that article earlier today. We still don’t know exactly what happened MH370 and its people. Probably never will.

                • Yep Genius… 51% of my property tax bill is to pay for horny parents reckless sex lives and educating their bastard children they produce. That is Communism.

                • interesting. who do all of you wonderful people think paid for your education? You can bet your sweet bibby it wasn’t just your parents taxes that paid for it. It is called being part of a community. Your post and all you who agree are a prime example of what is wrong with our country today. nobody gives a rat’s ass about anybody else. Selfishness and greed is the downfall of our nation. Makes me sick.

                  • Well T-town, Im sure all the taxes both my parents paid all theyre lives more than covered my school. BUT that doesn’t make it right. WHAT GIVES PARENTS THE RIGHT TO HAVE THE GOVT. HOLD A GUN TO MY HEAD TO PAY FOR THEYRE KIDS? Community? You T-town are a fookin COMMUNIST! Flat out antifreedom, anti constitutional, marxist communist! Do you even know what communism is? Instead of having your thug govt. do your dirty work and extort money from people to pay for your wishes, why don’t you just go door to door YOURSELF and demand money from people? Take your communist community and thug govt. and shove it! 🙂

                    • A prime example of whats wrong with the country???

                      YOU are the example! Because of people like you who think you can just have the govt. force people to pay for others shit. Look in the mirror oh self rightious one, for its there you will truly see why we live in a facsist, communist, socialist country and have the tyranical govt. we do…

                    • No “Genius”, I am just homesick for the America I grew up with. The one where people cared about their neighbors, the one where we started each school day off with the pledge of Allegiance, you might remember how it goes, “one nation under God”? The America that stood proud and free. Seems lost now. Replaced by division, and violence. Is that what you say to people who disagree with you Genius? call them names and tell them to shove it? nice. what a true American you must be, one of those “new” Americans I mean. too sad.

                    • Yes I AM an american, one that believes in freedom! Freedom from being robbed at gunpoint by the monster govt to pay for your demands! You haven’t got a clue what freedom is do you? Cry me a river about how it used to be I miss it to BUT the same shit went on back in the old days too! Make the govt do your dirty work and give you money for your wishes on the backs of others. What a stupid post you made I can’t believe it. This ain’t a popularity contest here it’s about THE TRUTH! And you can’t handle the TRUTH! Don’t come back with a stupid dodge the point reply either, what you posted is PURE communism. McCarthy warned us about you 🙂

              • Good points but it is the Rule of 72 that is used to determine when something doubles. Prices rising at 9%, for example, will double in 8 years because 9 x 8 = 72. 🙂

                • Correct. The rule of 72 is to take 72 divided by the rate of increase to arrive at how long it takes to double. At 72 / 9 = 8 years.

              • lets take for example, NY University. It is a private jewish scam d.b.a. as a multinational corporation, that pays NO taxes- yet is has bought up much of the best real estate in lower Manhattan- mostly with tax payer money… It is another scam that uses the AIPAC model of swindle- get taxpayers to fund it via the crooked Zionist Congressmen, then launder that money to buy up masses of land/apts etc — to drive up property values and rent- then they harrass charge rent hikes of 100% or more… and if you don’t like it? YOU are sued for antisemitism

                • Time to ask more question of WHY??
                  Why does the Government Guarantee Student Loans? So the Banksters can write trillions of Bad loans that will never be paid back. But the Bank always get reimbursed. What a Racket. AND WHY Tuition is way too high. Just like the Car Loan Bubble. Millions of car loan buyers will always be up side down on their loans vs value of the used car…

            • You are right, all of you. Yet the game will be played out at the American taxpayers expense for years to come. Regardless of what you hear the United States has the most to give away than anyone else. All this and more will continue to be at play until one day when the entire system collapses.

              It’s just my opinion but other countries will bite the bullet first before we will fall. But jut in case I am wrong which I usually am I will continue to prepare. I never thought we would get this far.


              • Woooohooooo, this is some damn good news. Let that disgusting lie and all those pos professors burn to the ground…violently!

                And Sallie Mae can go to hell and burn too….the sooner the better.

                Thanks for posting something so cool and positive Mac 🙂

                • BJ, I agree about the colleges. I believe they are “failed institutions”. There’s not one degree these days worth going after. College education has long been way overrated. Nothing useful is taught in them. They’re all just cesspools of communist BS. I always knew I was right to avoid college.

                  • Then why were you so disappointed that you couldn’t a Pell grant to get into one of them? You seem to make contradictory statements about the subject, on the one hand, you wanted in, on the other, you’re glad you didn’t go? Which is the real braveheart?

                    • Anon, back in 1990, I had some desire to take some computer courses; ‘broaden my horizons”, so to speak. After getting turned down for the Pell grants, I started hearing some stories about what really goes on in the colleges from other white males who did attend. Told me about how the women and minority students get special treatment all the time and white males being treated like 2nd-class citizens all the time. That’s not my cup of tea. I would’ve ended up in some fights with someone there, probably the commie professors themselves. After hearing all that I decided it was better that I stayed out. Nothing contradictory.

                    • Braveheart,

                      If all you wanted to take were some computer courses, you could have done that at ANY community college for not much money and gotten a 2 year certificate. You only attend a 4 year university if you want a BA in computer engineering or programming, that is what Pell grants are for, not just taking a few courses to ” broaden your horizons”, surely you must have been made aware of that before you tried for the grant.

                  • Rb-you have got to be one of the more ignorant tools I have seen of late on this site. First, you blame women and minorities for you not going to college. Then you say all colleges are communist cesspools. (From your vast experience of places you never went.) Why do you continually open your mouth and prove beyond all doubt what an uninformed idiot you are?

                    • Foxglove,

                      I suspect he’s unaware of stupid he really is, he really believes he can post 2 entirely different positions that are 180 degrees in opposition to each other and still make it sound like he knows what he’s talking about. My thinking is this stems from the fact that he ALWAYS try to play both positions on any given issue, but the one constant theme he has is ” poor ole’ white man braveheart never done git no breaks ’cause he’s white”, then launches into a tirade about how hard workin’ poor ole’ brave’s been and never been given nuthin’ from no one, all in the pathetic name of trying to get pity from everybody, and it works on way too many readers here unfortunately .

                • Nursing is one of those jobs that always has openings. An RN can pretty much get a job anywhere. It is well worth getting a BSN for the money they make.

                  • I agree and never see an unemployed nurse, LPN or RN unless they want to be unemployed.

                    • I am hearing that the major hospitals dont want new nurses want 2-3 years experience and in some areas new RNs are having to work in nursing homes, at poor wages before having a shot at a job at the hospital.. Also, they are starting to bring in Filipino nurses that will work for less.

                    • Nursing grads these days have Jack schidt for experience. Most schools don’t even teach IV insertion anymore. Obamacare and electronic records requirements have turned healthcares most valuable assets into data entry technicians. This is my soapbox. Don’t get me going.

                    • well that is just another reason why the borders need to be closed until this country gets back on its feet !! if it is not too late and i fear it is already a goner, just not fully happened yet!

                    • My wife is an OR nurse and gets Email and snail mail job offers weekly. It takes a year of OJT to really become competent in the OR.

                      The hospital tried the Filipano Nurses and it was a diaster. They could not afford to live in the community because their agency takes two thirds or more of their wages. Most of them are difficult to understand.

                      The hospital has a training/mentoring program for new grads and they feel it is well worth the investment to get a good employee.

                    • apache54
                      the real powers who are behind the PTB do not want the country back on it’s feet. every time we start to get up, they kick a crutch out from under us. they just want the filthy rich and the dirt poor here, no middle class.

                    • You get more money overseas being a LPN or RN

                    • You’re right about that Old 70. Nurses, LPNs, and CNAs usually don’t have too trouble finding jobs, at least in my area. Unless they really screw up and end up the Registry. If someone has just the CNA certification alone, they are practically pounced on by the staffing coordinators and Human Resources. Especially in nursing homes. I speak from experience; currently working in a nursing home. I have a Bachelor’s degree, but unrelated to the medical field.
                      Trust me, working in a nursing home is a rough job, but I would like to get a CMA license sometime down the road. Or become an LPN.

                  • Agreed. I’m an RN myself and wouldn’t have it any other way. You can even get an associates for cheaper and then take advantage of employer educational assistance – which practically every hospital offers – to complete your BSN. The money is good. Hours can suck but it’s a stable and honorable vocation.

                    • Chantilly Lady: Filipino nurses are not new. This has been
                      a path for immigration for 30 years that I am aware of.

                      Still the lack of nurses is so acute, hookers with HS education are diverted to a two year community college program in Arizona, if at all possible, when busted.

                      I shit you not!!! 🙂

                    • The sponge baths could get very popular.

              • I am not at heart for bail outs and thought they were all wrong to begin with…….especially the ones to the fat cats.

                Having said that…..since they got bailed out at our expense, why not bail out the young and naive? IMO if the fat cat bastards got it, so should the students.

                But again, IMO, they should of never happened to begin with.

                • Sure, Two Wrongs always make a Right. Trekker Out.

                  • The system is already broke beyond repair….the curtain will drop and that is mathematically inevitable.

                    Why not root for the people to get as much as possible from the system before it all ends?

                    Better in the hands of the people than in the hands of TPTB.

                  • Actually, the money belongs to the people, not the govt….so I am not so sure it IS two wrongs?

                    • BJ, I agree. It IS the peoples’ money, NOT the govt.’s. I’m also against bailouts for anyone. I still remember the savings and loan bailout and when I spoke out against it, people looked at me like I came in from Mars. WE TAXPAYERS SHOULD NEVER HAVE TO PAY FOR SOMEONE ELSE’S BAD DECISIONS.

                    • RB: The S&L Debacle wasn’t a “bailout”. It was a premeditated attack by the Commercial Banks using their NWO Cronies in DC to pass legislation RETROACTIVELY to destroy the S&L industry, confiscate the depositor base, and capture the emerging trillion dollar MBS market.

                      S&L’s were not bailed out. Where are they? They were destroyed.

                      Bad loans caused by the retroactive legislation were placed into the Resolution Trust Corporation. That same process COULD and SHOULD have been used for the bad assets of the Commercial Banks in 2008/2009.

                      Instead, the gangster banksters convinced Congress to give them $800 billion up front, and then continuing QE until last October or so: Four to five trillion altogether, of taxpayer money. 🙁

                    • Durango, You make a good point about the S&L scam. What I would see coming up is the attack on Credit Unions. We have already seen the attack on PayDayLoan Co, under Operation Choke Point. Banks are the Biggest Theiving Predator Culprets out there.

                      **Here is a Great Hint. Anytime you have any Bank try to rip you off for anything, You tell them unless they correct the Problem or adjust the Fee you are going to file a Complaint with the Banking Commission and “SEC” for “Predator Lending,” and make sure you get the name of the person giving you the problem including their managers name and write it down right then and there, and make sure they (The Bankers) see you physically writing their names down, and tell then you will list their name specific in your complaint. You wanna see them fold like a cheap tent, they will give you what you want. They are cowards and will try to rip you off if they can, That’s how the Banks Make Money. Just like when you take a check drawn on their bank and you try to cash it with out being a member and they try to charge you $5 for check cashing. You tell them there is no warning written on the check that a $5 Fee will be charged. Just like ATM Machines that are required to tell you the feed to run the transaction before you do it. It is Proper Legal Notice.

                      If any bank tries to charge you a check cashing fee, tell them “NO I am not paying any check fee,” this is an instrument payable on demand and endorsed by your bank and tell them there is no written warning on the check that a fee would be incurred. If they refuse you, ask for the manager, and if he also refuses to waive the fee, then get their names and tell them if they don’t waive the check fee you will file a complaint for Predator Lending. They will fold and waive the fee most of the time.. They know what they are doing is illegal, and just ripping stupid people off. Stand up for your rights and avoid getting ripped off. Banks are some of the Biggest Thieves out there.!!

                    • @ the durango kidd:

                      The S&L’s were not destroyed by “a premeditated attack.”

                      The S&L debacle was the worst financial crisis of the twentieth century as well as a crime unparalleled in American history. Yet the vast majority of those involved have never be prosecuted, and those who were received minimal sentences.

                      Contrary to government and “expert” explanations that chalked the disaster up to business risks gone awry or adverse economic conditions; S&L leaders engaged in deliberate fraud, stealing from their own corporations to speculate on high-risk ventures. Tempted by the governments insurance safety net (FDIC), these criminals looted their own institutions. It was dubbed, “Collective Embezzlement.”

                      The S&L failure should be a case study in the deliberate nature of financial fraud, the political collusion involved, and the leniency of the criminal justice system in dealing with those “Gucci-clad white-collar criminals.”

                      “We built thick walls; we have cameras; we have time clocks on the vaults . . . all these controls were to protect against somebody stealing the cash. Well, you can steal far more money, and take it out the back door. The best way to rob a bank is to own one.” ~ House Committee on Government Operations, 1988

                    • YMWW: I agree. In the case of Lincoln Savings that was definitely true, and there are some others that qualify for theft and embezzlement as well; but it was the retroactive legislation passed by Congress that destroyed the entire industry, and the theft and embezzlement was exposed with its demise.

                      Kill the FED. Death to the New World Order. 🙂

                • I disagree. Many of the students took on more loans than they even needed to attend college so they could live high on the hog …. At tax payer expense to some degree because of the default guarantee.

                  • Some may have, but some may have been sucked into it thru deception, predatory practices etc. etc.

                    All in all, its one bail out I could maybe accept, where as those evil bastard bankers bailout makes me infuriated

                • DK, they’re already trained to be the head nurse!

              • One of the good things about Canada is that in the 1990s, after the Liberals destroyed the economy, they/we had our own Greek-style implosion. No, it still isn’t perfect by a long shot, but there was some major cleaning up after that has left Canada better off than most of the G-20. Small consolation, but a fact nevertheless.

            • If you have accounts with the following, you should change your password.

              Hackers release cache of 13,000 passwords and credit cards of PlayStation, Xbox and Amazon users

              -Hackers took down PlayStation and Xbox networks on Christmas Day

              -Now, hackers have released 13,000 passwords and credit card details

              -Amazon, PlayStation and Xbox One users all affected by the latest breach

              -Hackers also released Sony’s movie The Interview for illegal download

              -Thousands of children were disappointed as they could not play online

              -The Christmas Day attack was claimed by hacking group LizardSquad


              • Old Days, Old Ways. Pay with cash, and if necessary pay with personal check, and never give anyone access to your checking acount. I know they’re so convenient if your a little lazy, but what the Hey. Computers are great for sending emails to your friends and reading prepper and/or survival sights. Sorry Hackers, nothing in here for you to get, except some pictures, and nothing explicit at that. Trekker Out. Hate Blackmail!

            • Actually this goes back to the 1950s. It has only grown since they figured out how to really make money from school loans that it expanded dramatically.

              I found myself displaced in the work force in 1980. I did the degree thing. I graduated with debt. I finally got back to work, at half what I made before. I had 10 years of work before I turned 50. I didn’t fully financially recover. There was no work for a 50+ computer degree holder with 30 years experience. I was forced to take Social Security early because my income had dropped below $200/month.

          • I hope the colleges do collapse.

            • I recall getting into an argument with my card carrying Liberal democrat Uncle (by marriage) about student loans leading to the high cost of tuition. I gave him points similar to what Mark Cuban just did in his video (click on “according to Mark Cuban” phrase above). This is no difference that a government subsidizing, or regulating an industry. The market forces will over inflate the actual cost every time……

            • Could just be the Liberal/Left buying another percentage of the voting block? Here as well as the US the Left gets their basic powerbase from Universities where highly paid yet totally unproductive lecturers and “professors” preach the Left/Socialist ideology to impressionable minds and create more “dependants”.

              Remember, it is only a very small number of votes that decide elections and the Politicians only are about the next result – and if they have to pour a heap of taxpayers dollars down the drain to get it, do they really care?


            • If there is a collapse, whaddaya wanna bet it will only be the smaller, cheaper community colleges that go down?

              I doubt the Ivy League will suffer.

              • Not a chance….. every one of those community colleges are heavily subsidized by government…… and we already know once a government program starts… IT NEVER ENDS!

          • America’s Colleges have been hosing kids for decades.. early 80’s State UW charges $2500 for 2 semesters or per year. The Government like free welfare and permanent debt slaves for the Banks loan as much money as you want and the Banks get paid even if you fail to pay. Student Loans cannot be discharged under bankruptcy and if you fail to pay, the Government will take as much as 15% of your Social Security Payments when you retire until the debt is paid in full. There is a lot of FRAUD by schools and banks taking loans out under your name and keeping the miney, then 4 years later after you graduate you find out you owe twice what you thought you owed. But no problem before you figure you have been defrauded they roll over all the debt into one consolidation loan washing the old fraudulent loans away. Now you can enjoy your new life as a permanent debt slave. What a country. And you got schooled in the process.

            • WWTI, I hear stories about that all the time. college is one of the biggest scams in US history.

          • Amen

        • Not to mention grade inflation. When I went back for a masters, less than 10 years ago, I actually had a professor tell the class; “Here is how it works. I give you an ‘A’ and you give me an ‘A’.”

          My B.A. degree required more effort and was much better than my M.A. degree.

          Ya want proof? Walk into ANY campus center and look up on the wall for the students that earned a 4.0 out of a 4.0 average. Go back 50+ years and you will find multiple years worth of names on one plaque. Then look at the last 5 years or so and you will see that the names now require multiple plaques. Are more people smarter now than in the past, not likely.

        • Some of my daughters text books have an online code u have to buy. My wife went back to school, forced to buy workbooks with most text books, we have most of them still wrapped in the cellophane. Its a huge scam.

        • Meanwhile there is a shortage of plumbers,brick layers HVAC mechanics, auto mechanics and other skilled trades that go begging. These kids want to sit at a desk with computers inventing computer games and other high dollar jobs. Making $60,000 a year isn’t enough either. Good luck kids! when the bills have to be paid and food on the table is needed,mom and dad won’t always be there. School is another high dollar scam.

          • Indeed Jim. My 26 yo daughter just graduated with a BA in Mechanical Engineering. Her work study job ends in January. She has no job lined up, nor interviews. She does not want to work overseas where I am. I offered to send her resume to a hiring manager based in CONUS for an entry level tech job. She isn’t interested because its beneath her. Even when I told her that in six months she can start posting for other jobs within the company and start working her way up, she still wasn’t interested. Then she asked me for $300! Hell no, I’m not giving another dime after helping her through school and giving my slightly used new car! I will not enable her extended adolescence anymore!

          • Many of these skilled labor folks have retired, and will soon be retired, in the past few years and more will follow. To incl medical techs near me that make decent pay and aircraft mech. living close by, nearing retirement.

          • I can’t find any young guys willing to learn carpentry. I’m willing to pay someone willing to make a 5 year commitment $16.00 an hour to start. That seems to me to be a pretty fair wage. I’ll get a guy now and then but then they all puss out. Bunch of lazy fucking brats…

            • I tried hiring from temp labor places here in Oregon, like “Labor Ready”. They get less than half of what you pay the agency for them. They’d keep sending me out these big, strong-looking young guys and they’d be packing their stuff up by lunch time.

              I asked them to do no more than I was doing. I demonstrated the tasks, and said that if a 160 pound woman can do it, a 200 pound guy should be able to.

              I lost 4 out of 5 by lunch time…every week.

              • Wow! And they vote…we are screwed as a country!

              • Wrong and Sixpack, the word ‘work’ has become a dirty word for today’s young people. No way they’ll survive SHTF.

            • Isn’t there a carpentry app?

              • I wish

              • If they ever make an iphone with pliers, knife and those neat little tweezers in them, I might consider buying one…if it has a magnifier app too. 🙂

            • Sorry, but $16/hr is a really shitty wage. It is not a living wage in a major city where 1 bedroom apartments are $1200 a month. Nor is it enough to pay back student loans. The bare minimum I can accept, financially, is $22.50 which allows me no luxuries, I assure you.

              • So are you surfing on mom’s couch? News flash! Most people have to do entry level crap jobs to get experience to qualify for better jobs.

              • I made $14 an hour CASH in 2001/2002 in Southern Florida working for a guy who did all the work for a large property management company.
                With a 3% raise each year, that would be about $20.56 an hour now. Of course that job was cash under the table too.

              • Then stay in the fucking basement. If you can not afford $1200.00 per month for an apartment, too fucking bad. You could rent a 4 bedroom house for that kind of money all over the Country.

                $22.50 is $46,800.00 a year full time. A solid middle class job. You will not get this job. You are not worth that kind of money. I know people who make 1/2 of that and would work circles around you.

            • Carpentry and most jobs related to construction just plain suck. They are boom bust jobs. Often seasonal, have poor benefits and is a dead end job as a career.
              A 5 year commitment is the problem.

              • Yes, have to agree about the construction jobs, they’re hit and miss at best. Add to that whenever you walk by a site where a new home is being built, you NEVER hear anything spoken in English anymore. It’s all Spanish and Polish, and EVERYBODY works out of the trunk of their trucks! NO trucks with COMPANY names on them anymore, just a bunch of fly by night subcontractors. No wonder the quality of a new home is shit, the general contractor is on the hook for the first year, after that, you’re shit out of luck. Even if you could FIND any the contractors that were responsible for shit work, they’ll just fold up the tent and become a NEW company next week.

                • @ both Anonymous’ posts;

                  – If you are going into the construction trade, pick a trade that is either service(repair) oriented (plumbers and HVAC) or plan on becoming a highly skilled carpenter willing to hustle and do side work when things get slow. Electricians aren’t bad, but they tend to be a bunch of pussies.

                  – No one makes good money building houses. The margins just are not there. That’s why they just slap the house together and move on. Commercial construction is much better.


              • That’s why us carpenters always masquerade a machinists, laborers and warehouse help (to only name a few) when the construction jobs get thin. We take private remodels and such in our off time. Between jobs, a carpenter can be almost anywhere, doing almost anything.

          • Jim, if I was making $60,000 per year right now I would be perfectly happy. I’m 57 and only made $44,000 last year before deductions. It will be the same amount for this year also. These kids’ expectations are totally unrealistic in this crappy economy.

        • Just another massive bubble – and one bubble popping at an opportune moment could jut be the first domino in the landslide.


        • The college debt bubble will not pop because the US will just print more money to cover the bad loans. The bubble was going to pop a while ago and that is when the US federalized the student loan industry.

          An yes, it is indentured servitude. I graduated in 1994 and it cost $22,000 for 4 years which included housing and tuition.

          I looked at the following web page for the college i went to and was shocked to see that it is $10,000 per semester. Figure that to be $80,000 in four years of study. That is a home mortgage!!!

          They will never pay that off.

          • I’d be inclined to agree if the whole Government were Democrats. Big Ed has supported Dems for years, and will expect payback.

            What am I talking about? If the present R Party leadership manages to stay in power, they’ll do it, too.

          • Where do you think they’ll get the “doctors” and “nurses” for the “single payer” system? Indentured servants will be all too willing.

        • well the rest of us have been fucked ..

          so,let the rest of the assholes who’ve take our hard earned frns as false as they maybe,drown in them

          Luciferian bastards..


      2. The value of a college education has greatly degraded over the last few decades since opening the doors to students who couldn’t afford it without huge loans and taxpayer-funded socialist grants.

        Add to that the colleges and universities mandatory diversity programs now result in acceptance not based on grades and performance anymore but instead now on skin color, and damned be you if you are a white male anymore.

        Plus, now that colleges and universities have filled their classrooms with diverse mix of students from the more stupid breeds, they all had to lower their standards so that even blacks and browns could pass the exam and graduate.

        It’s all part of the “Dumbing down of Amerika” game plan.

        Oh, now it looks like we’ll get a new inrush of Cubans soon.

        It’s time for a big Ctrl-Alt-Del in this country.

        • We’re so deep into this mess that only a reset will fix it. Ctrl+Alt+Del is inevitable, I think.

          • Sad but true, Mac.

            It’s going to get ugly, that’s for sure. The trick is to use the coming pain to make real change, not just continue down the same old path of self indulgence and self destruction.

            • Don’t Fear the RESET.

              • History shows again and again,

                How nature points out the folly of man…

                …gotta love BOC….

                ….be safe stay the course…..BA.

            • The problem is todays Professors have No life work experience just book text education. Just like in most sales offices, the who can’t sell shit is usually the Sales Mgr Trainer paid a salary. The good sales people are out there selling making money. I would only recomment college is you need technical education like medicine. Even computer geeks learn more by joining a hacking group than being taught an out dated technology by dumb professors with no work experience.

              • WWTI, the professors are just commie POS who live in the biggest fantasy world anyway.

                • Plus those bastards get tenure, no matter how shitty they are. That’s the biggest BS of the university system.

                  Every one of my tenured professors wanted nothing to do with teaching students at all. They left that to their teaching assistants, most of whom were Indian and we could not understand a fricken word those green people said.

                  No one should ever get tenure for any position. No one.

                • And you personally know this how?

              • WWHTI: Not true at ALL. NOT AT ALL. A generalization with NO basis in fact. Shame on you!!!

                Except for the TA Grad students, ALL of my professors had outside business experience that they drew upon; from small family businesses of various kinds, to trucking companies, law practices, shopping center development companies, psychology practices, etc, etc, etc. And ASU, though a State University, is a big time school, with tenured professors.

                Even the grad student TA’s had business experience through jobs after their BS degree, summer internships, and family businesses. Blow smoke up the wanna be’s asses if you want, but as usual, you have NO idea what you are talking about. Those without a University education are always identified by their disparaging the value of one.

                Who would have thunk it!!! Me. 🙂

                • Correct. DK.

          • Same shit, new day…

          • Please don’t let it happen before the Tide beats the crap out of the Buckeyes.

            • Roll Tide!!!

          • Correct.

            I went through, got my doctorate. I have 100k in loans (relatively low) but I got the loans understanding that the reset will occur before I ever get close to paying them off…

            But the degrees put me in a far better position to keep working as long as possible before the reset, because I’m at the top of the heap in my field.

            It was, in effect, calculated risk, debt load weighed against practical benefits for my family.

            • I have a Master’s Degree in Taurusfeceology. Working on my Doctorate.
              Hmmm. Dr. Slingshot, B.S.

            • My Nephew rolled his Dental School Tuition into a 30 Year Loan. He is a debt slave for life. Just like a 2nd house payment. Ouch!!

          • Mac: Ctrl Alt Del on many of the public school teachers
            in this country, too!


            • How many of you People had teachers or Proffs that you did not respect?? And it affected your learning?? In high school we had this Faggot Algebra teacher. Students were cruel. They would write Fag on the chalk board before class and he would come in and stand up there erasing it off the board and everybody would be laughing, then he had to try and teach the class.

          • No, I’m afraid we’ll have to do a cold boot.

            • Also known as the North American Hard Reset in my industrial days. The three-finger salute results in a controlled shutdown. NAHR means yanking the main disconnect, and be damned the consequences.

        • I hate to agree with the N.Koreans, but obamanation is a Monkey. The US hacked Sony and scapegoated NK is my firm belief. Don’t get me wrong though, they are pieces of shit too.

          • FP it is interesting to see pieces of shit having at each other. Obama reminds me of Cheetah in those old Tarzan movies from the 30s.

            • Cheetah was smarter.

              • Wrong, you’re right Cheetah could run circles around the Kenyan. My apologies to cheetah for the insult.

          • I believe Sony and the US gov were in on it together, conspiring to flame NK. I hate to agree with that fat NK POS turd, but this time I think he’s right, especially about our Monkey-in-Chief.

            • Oh yeah its all coming out. SONY was hacked by insiders. A woman who worked there passed on Co Passwords, etc.

              For the life of me how can our Government come out and threaten to retaliate, or as the Media keeps asking these politicians, should we drop bombs on Korea to retaliate. They are all a bunch of Psychopaths Begging for a New Boogie Man enemy and war. This one guy say so you think cause they hacked a computer at a US Company we should drop bombs on them. Like WTF he said shaking his head.. You Idiots!

              • WWTI, neocons ARE psychopaths.

        • Let’s also talk about Common Core. I’m tutoring my grandson at home for fear he’s falling behind in math. I’m in my late 50s, when I was in school we were taught multiplication in third grade and in fourth went on to division and fractions. His class is still teaching 7s in multiplication. He was asked by other students how does he know so much about math and science, he said I study at home with my grandmother. He’s in fourth grade and haven’t started other math problems. So over the Christmas vacation we will study. He’s a bright boy that wants to be a biologist and go into research. I don’t want him to fall behind in math because common core wants to teach weird word problems that’s suppose to be math. That’s dumbing down America. Where will our researchers and scientist come from not common core. Jen Bush pushed this system.

          • Lots of Alien pukes ready to move right in and work for peanuts and push citizens out of the job market. Don’t agree? Look at the construction trades over the last ten years.

        • Nobama, AMEN to your comments. College is just as useless as any public school. They’ve really done their job of dumbing down people. Diversity is ruining this nation. Lowering standards is what the commies call “leveling the playing field”. Bring on the reset.

      3. Glad that I graduated with honors from the School of Hard Knocks.

        • Prophet ,
          I graduated from the school of Uncle SAMs Misguided Children , taught me everything I needed to know and them some, as someone with a masters in Aerospace Engineering the 21 st century really SUCKS so far . Opportunities are really scarce I feel sorry for those just embarking on life’s journey . It’s getting more difficult each day to embrace that suck. We need more than control -alt- delete , we need to REFORMAT THE ENTIRE HARD DRIVE back to factory spec.

          I managed to make it home Christmas eve from temporary detached duty in BFE .
          It’s good to be home hopefully permanently for a while before something else happens.
          Hopefully I can spend New Years Day at home . My poor friend is a US Marshall he’s still on station till mid January .

          This is really getting old.

          You all here have a Happy New Year if I don’t get I touch again for a while .
          Hope you all got some useful stuff for Christmas and were with family and friends on that day , this is what truely counts.

          Semper Fi 8541

          • Just think NB, if we had the money we spent on regime changes and cover ops, spent it on space exploration, we’d surely be manning star ships in the next galaxy by now, instead of waiting for our probe to cycle around!

            • oops “covert ops”

              • Sixpack ,
                The stuff dreams are made of in the early 1960’s in those heady day of the early space program was a project called “Orion ” it utilized nuclear Pulsed Propulsion( NPP) it had the potential for interstellar flight . ( multi generational starship ) , the concept was developed by two physicists from General Atomics , Freeman Dyson and Ted Taylor it was initiated in 1958 by the institute for advanced study at Princeton . My last project at NASA before it was down sized was to write a white paper on Project Orion for a study group on advanced propulsion for the Mini Mag Orion concept Project . One study by Cornell University by no less than Carl Sagan planned a flight to Alpha Centauri at one percent the speed of light ( 36 days at a constant acceleration of 1g ) would take 44 years , you could theoretically travel in 100 years to a distance of 10 light years .
                de-accelerate with a magnetic sail that would be deployed at destinations sing no fuel , allowing the ship to travel at maximum V throught the voyage.

                Ship gross dimensions diameter 100 meters , mass 100,000 tons including 50,000 ton payload .
                300,000 Teller / Ulam Devices , in theory MAXIMUM V with out slowing 8% to 10% speed of light.
                It was cancelled after JFK was assassinated . All the reports of this program seemed to be scrubbed fom the Internet , this craft had the mass of an aircraft carrier ( see above from information in FOUO Documents ) it may have been studied past the concept phase and in 1 case the ablative blast shield / pusher plate ( full scale ) was tested in a nuclear test , it appeared only in one frame of the high speed camera exiting the underground shaft intact , it was never located after it exceeded the range of the site radar facility.

                You have know idea how right you are , sadly .
                May be if I survive the re-set I will live to see this become a reality , yesterday’s. Dreams are today’s hopes and tomorrows realities.

                Semper Fi 8541

        • Prophet, I graduated summa cum laude from the same school.

      4. A lot of young people I know that got their degree work as fitness trainers or in grocery stores or retail of some sort. And the student debt doesn’t go away either.

        • My daughter turned 43 and still paying off her student loan.

      5. Trade school if you can find one affordable is a good option, nothing wrong with being a plumber, welder, ect, the pays good and no thirty year slave loan. Jmho.

        • If I had a kid and lived in the W or mid west I’d be telling a young kid to get a CDL or welding cert and head to N Dakota, work hard for a few years save your $$$ and go to school. Course it will be interesting to see how hard the bust will be with oil prices heading south.

          • 4years ago you would have been right. In 6mo at these oil prices Dakota will be a mess

          • I’m in the Bakken now. Things are quieting down a bit. Money is amazing, but carpetbaggers are here taking advantage of us (cost of living is high). The oil price is determined on the futures market (rigged). Demand for welders and pipefitters is good. Drillers and truck drivers are already seeing a decline in work.

        • HVAC is a great trade for any part of the country, especially in the north during the winter.

          • Amen, been at it for 25 years.


        • Your mad.

          • Yeah, I kind of get upset about GENOCIDE through chemical attack by Corporatist Fascist filth, and children being posioned by their shit stain parents with toxic GMO shit covered in SUGAR/HFCS, and maybe if you were not a COWARD PUSSY it would upset you also.

        • Easy fix. Abolish the Federal Reserve, income tax, and stop all immigration to the USA. All our wealth is going to Your a Peon bankers. End the Fed!

      7. “The world needs ditch-diggers too” – Caddyshack

        But even they now get $15/hour in places like Seattle.

        • Nobama 50 years ago that was a threat that you always heard “if you don’t get a college education you won’t even be able to get a job as a ditch digger” back then ditch digging was hard work because most of it was done by hand, not so much anymore. Most ditch digging now is done with a backhoe and many of them make 20 to 30 dollars an hour. Trekker Out.

        • Nobama

          If it wasn’t for the free trade agreements $15 / hr $30,000 / yr would be a fair, not excessive compensation to dig a ditch considering the present cost of living.

          The economic pie has shrunk and everyone is fighting over retaining a piece while the financiers and their hired help grab everything they can in the process. The masses are arguing over pocket change. Like rodents they will be following the pied piper off a cliff before its over.

      8. Back in college I was working three jobs to pay for it. Illegal in college told me he was getting all the loans he could because when he got his degree he was going back home and not pay off the loans. There were numerous ways minorities could get money that were not open to white students. I heard some minorities shouting in the financial aids office that unless they got some money they would be back with guns. Nothing happened to them. Lovely double standards

        • Mr Illegal went back to facilitate globalization on our dime. Mission accomplished.

          • Mr. Illegal should’ve gone home with a zipper across his face…

            • sixpack

              I didn’t say I agree with what is happening but to assume its by accident is foolish. The illegal is just taking the opportunity presented. Fault us for providing it.

              Regardless of the question be it economic, environmental or anything else the answer from official sources always facilitates globalization at our (common citizen in the US) expense. As an example, global warming. Solution, tax carbon based fuels in the developed world, for “fairness” don’t tax them in the developing world. in the end industry flees the developed world for the developing but the ostensible reason is, “The environment”.

      9. A college education has become a joke in many areas. With all the professors insulting Christian beliefs, constitutional laws, and common sense, what is really learned? Socialism!

        There are only a few colleges noteworthy of “higher learning” like Hillsdale. I found apprenticeship taught me more than any college could, as experience is the best teacher.

      10. I had tech skills before I went to college and relied upon those after graduation to start a business–in the oil industry. NOW, the phone doesn’t even ring!

        These low gas prices are a warning! The bubble is about to pop & I see 2008/9 will be know as the good ol’ days.

      11. Attended University of South Carolina back in the seventies. Jehan Sadat was a guest teacher of one class. It was called women in the third world. Pay was for a full tenured professor and included all air travel from Columbia to her home in Virginia (I think). The system is set up for a select few.


        • Think about it. Just what does Hillary Clintoon have to relate that is worth the outrageous fees she receives for speaking. Might as well go to the pound and listen to all the inmates barking. Probably learn more. All she knows is how to lie.

      12. Medicine and engineering still have opportunities but far too many go to college for something they like rather than something that pays the bills. Art and history majors and my personal favorite Art History preferably European are great places to separate the student from their parents money.

        Several generations never wanted for money; “That be a changing”.

        • The one degree that tops the list of worthless degrees – BA in Religious Studies. Yes, it does exist, and I know someone who actually went through that program, why I’ll never know – she could not answer when asked why. Since graduating she has never found a decent job paying more than minimum wage. The only winners there were the university, book companies, and student loan providers.

          • but of course if you are going on to seminary it’s the perfect degree

          • Its a zero sum game. Your stupidity goes right into someone elses pockets.

            • Acid, speak for yourself. I never went to college so I don’t have any student lo debt to pay for.

            • Acid, thats because you have your pockets full of your hands doing nothing. just because you couldn’t hack don’t assume others don’t.

          • Most of the young people I know with this degree have gone back to school to get something more useful or if employed in a church are on a part time basis– the bi-vocational pastor.

          • Don’t forget women’s studies.

            • That’s spelled womyns’, Shithead.

        • I’ve done pretty well in the medical field, though the loans hurt. One of the things my wife and I looked at when I decided to go to college (I was 28 years old and we already had two kids) was a job that would allow me to live anywhere we wanted.
          Thus we were able to flee our beloved Dixie and move to rural Idaho where I’m sitting in my study, looking over a major river to an island that we own part. The other part is owned by the BLM as is the other bank of the river. 8 acres total, 5 of which are irrigated pasture, and a really nice barn I built.
          I sometimes marvel that they loaned me money for all this simply because I have a doctorate and a job in town.

          • Shutup, your making me druel

            • Billy Joe your just like my Cuz, guess you were to cool for school, I can see you didn’t go to college either. I think it’s drool!

        • The ACA is destroying medicine as a career opportunity.

      13. I retired from truck driving a cpl years ago and got tired of sitting. I now work again doing medical transports 4 days a week, we use the extra cash for more preps bought 9mm, 223 and TP today, you know just the important stuff. There are three college grads working where I work for 9 bucks an hour and they all three have loans to pay back.

        • College is a bunch of bullshit worthless waste of money. The sheeple think you need this “education” to get along in life.

          • Acid, I have to agree on that. All they teach in college is communist crap; nothing useful whatsoever. And you have to go and borrow up to $200,000 over a 4-year period to pay for the privilege of listening to some stupid, asinine commie professor who doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground. I never went to college and I do OK.

            • Cuz you don’t have to tell everyone that you never went to college in every comment. It’s already obvious.

          • When I went to college I lived in a 10 story Co-ed dorm. Got layed a lot smoked a lot of dope and drank like a fish. What did I learn? It was a big waste of time. I learned way more by self education, ambition and curiosity to learn and earn more. You don’t need a diploma or a degree to be self employed 20+ yrs now. And there are no drug tests and I keep all the profits. Ha!!

          • You can get by without a college education as skilled trades are valuable. A Dentist or Physician doesn’t just get by but rather prosper.

            I made a good living starting out as a power plant operator and working my way up to an operations supervisor. We called ourselves, “white collar with a dirty neck”. All things considered I would have rather had that real engineering degree as opposed to a Gold Seal Engineers License.

        • Honestly, my business is so bad I’d take that $9/hr just to pay the small monthly student loan payment I still have. My business is beyond dead.

          I can’t even get an interview to flip burgers.

          • Wendell, I hear you loud and clear. I would also take that $9/hr job if nothing else was available because that is how I was raised. Good luck.

        • If I had it to do all over again I would get a Law Degree. Cause Attys don’t do jack shit today but chase after Insurance companies negotiation settlements on your doctors screwups and your poor health. And Insurance companies don’t care cause they can just pass the losses back on to the doctors and patients. Its a sad fact but true.

      14. First of all, if you are going to go to college, do the first two years at community college. This is a no brainer. The first two years you are in lecture halls even at the best universities. But I guess kids are more than happy to have mommy and daddy pay $50,000 for two years of sex drugs and rock and roll when they go away to Podunk Jct State U to study 17th century Belgian lesbian musicology

      15. Earned my degree in the late 70’s, and put it immediately to use. I was lucky. There are still opportunities out there for engineering and sciences majors. But good grief….Don’t major in poetry or literature or sociology or…..and expect to waltz into a decent salaried position. It will take a long time to pay off the college debt with those majors. Coach your kids and grandkids realistically. The world does not need another starving art or music major. In today’s world those are hobbies….secondary to a solid other source of income.

      16. Old engineering joke:

        What is the difference between a pizza and an engineer?

        A pizza can feed a family of four.

      17. My son has one more semester to acquire a BSN – Nursing. We told him upfront – no fantasy degrees for a fantasy career. He spent the first 2 years living at home and going to local community/college, but had to finish the last 2 years away. We have paid cash and it was in-state and state run middle sized college that specializes in medical and engineering. They have no football team or any sports team that I know of – except for ice hockey. Hence the smaller tuition/expense. Some of his friends went off their freshman year with new $40,000 cars and lived in Resorts – I swear – new and lavish – with pools, saunas, tennis courts, work out rooms, private security – joined expensive fraternities, ate out, went to clubs and their parents co-signed the loan !!! These were huge universities with huge football programs and the frat houses are the biggest buildings on campus – I am not lying. I have no sympathy for them and their $120,000 plus loans. If they have to live a lesser lifestyle in the future to pay it off – that is just too bad. Honestly, I blame the parents more than the kids. I know of a company in the south that charges thousands of dollars to put your graduating high school senior girl in a “charm crash coarse” so that she can get in the “right” sorority. I heard the going rate was $10,000 per girl. No joke.

      18. Lots of people have no intention of repaying their student loans. Someone was kind enough to finance their college education, and they would like their investment back, same as these kids would want someone to repay them. If you don’t pay back this or any other debt, you are a thief. And I don’t care if no one agrees with me.

        • Usury is also thievery. That’s why God’s law prohibits it.

          • In the parable about the talents, Jesus seems to imply that usury is good. Originally, usury simply meant interest. Now it’s a legal term for excessive interest. Money does have a time value, so if money is loaned out, interest is required.

          • I think Archivist is right. There is also the whole issue of the value of money, or cost of money, over time. If there is no cost at all, you create horrible bubbles, as we see today. But as it is, I don’t see interest on money as against Scripture at all. Important point to bring up tho, Odin!

        • AnneMarie you are 100% correct. Many students who should not even be in college, partying on funds from their student loans have no intention of ever paying it back. They don’t have to, if they know how to cheat the system, and many do by filing extension after extension claiming they can’t pay all while living it up and partying, or continuing on to grad school and/or multiple degrees – the “career students”.

          • Your college graduates can’t find work; yet I have two friends originally from Romania who just moved down to the western USA and both have good jobs there, she in finance and he in computer programming. So they “stole” jobs from American college graduates who have massive debts to pay off. The job market here is good, but we still bring in foreign workers because some folks do not want to work. The whole system is screwed up.

      19. Too many college professors seem to have a major problem with math. Even Math professors can’t seem to count.

        • I’ll bet I could run circles around a math professor and I only went as far as HS. Oh, wait. I could run circles around ANY commie professor.

          • Cuz I know you could! Cause I remember when you use to run circles around a Merry-Go Round.

            • You sound like my 6 year old’s, it is BEcause, not cause.

              • No Billy Joe, it’s because not BEcause. It would only have a capital on the first letter and then only if it was the first word in the sentence.

                • Thanks, I just won a bet with my wife. I knew you would fall for it.


        • … and if you laid all the economists at every university end to end…. they still wouldn’t reach a conclusion!

        • especially the math professors that went to work for the govt.

          • Sixpack, I believe everyone here [except acid/eisenturd] could run circles around any and all commie professors.

      20. I took print shop in vocational high school for half the day. Learned how to run letterpress and offset printing presses. The letterpress is outdated now, most everything is now offset printing. I worked a few different places and I was good at it, mostly letterpress and composition of metal type into forms to be printed. It figures that letterpress printing would now be outdated except in small job shops. There are vocational schools to learn a trade. Just pick one with a future, if there is such a thing.

      21. I got trained as aircraft mechanic in the USAF and got out after 10 years. Should have left sooner. After getting FAA license, I took job in Europe making over 100k a year doing the same work that paid 30k a year in the USA. Haven’t been back to USA to work since.

        • Daruka. After filing dozens of air over flight violation complaints to the local FSDO office who were not properly filing my complaints I filed a DOT hotline complaint to the DOT IG inspector General. The DOT sent an FAA investigator down to interview me and investigate and when his report was filed 6 of 7 of my grievences were valid. Lets just say the majority of the FAA inspectors at the local FSDO Office are not working there anymore. Lazy worthless idiots.

          • Most of the violations were low flights over VFR Yellow Sectional high density of less than 1000 Ft. Title 14; part 91.119(b). I read the entire FAA manuelcover to cover; 1280b PI privacy law and the last Inspector I talked with a few weeks ago busting another single engine plane flying @ 500 ft and read the FAA flight rules to the inspector by memory. He asked if I was a pilot. I said No but read the FAA flight rule book. He was very impressed. Be self taught and nobody can F@ck with you.

      22. As a kid growing up I worked every summer for my grandfather building homes in Miami. Started at 8 years old. I’m 56 now, self employed going on my 28th. year. I’ve gone to our local school trying to find a young man to labor,stack lumber, sweep, clean up job site. In the last 6 to 8 years it’s next to impossible to find help even at $10. an hour. Heck even the 20 to 30 something’s will not work. 2 or 3 days then lay out or just quit for no reason. And anyone who’s ever been to trade school doesn’t know crapola about carpentry. You have to have hands on experience and drive. People are not hungry to learn or work too damn easy to get a check.

        • I agree. I’d go so far as to suggest the dismal unemployment rates among graduates probably have as much to do with their motivation and ability to put out any effort at all as it is their junk degrees in underwater basket weaving.

        • 10 years ago I could maybe find kids for $10. an hour. Now it doesn’t matter what I offer. There is no-one that will work with their hands outside for $15 or even $20 an hour. I will hire 6 people tomorrow and pay them well, if there were any!!

          I believe there are less than 2% of the ones under 30 that would still do physical labor. Everyone else would fall over dead if it wasn’t given to them.

          And about this college loan crap. I personally know 2 around 28 years old that got married and together have 600,000 in student loans. That is not a typo!! My last in college will not have more than 20k in loans when she’s done with her PA program. But she isn’t afraid of work.
          molon labe

          • WIprepped

            $10 a decade ago is $5 an hour in todays purchasing power.

            This is the theft by inflation complements of fiat currency. Its slow (for now), subtle (for now) but always incessant. I remember when a lead operator in an oil refinery got a raise to $10 / hr in 1980. The old timers, the guys who were WWII / Great Depression people about 60 years old then saying, “Thats too much money”. This is the rats syndrome fighting over the crumbs of food.

          • This is true: we can’t get anyone from the US or the UK to work for us who is any good. They won’t turn up for less than £50,000 plus benefits and the US equivalent won’t do it for less than $100,000 (I don’t mind paying that much; just want good results for it). This means we hire other nationalities instead. The British are the worst for drunken behavior and unreliability/ignorance and unprofessional behavior: pure scum.

            We hire heavily from Asia, Northern Europe, Eastern Europe, Canada: the countries with the most number of ‘brights’ out there. And, yes, there is something to eugenics and it plays out in how people behave when their nuts are up against the fire. Most employers will confide in that after a couple of tumblers of single malts.

            I say go long any mobile app in the US that hooks up indebted college chicks with sugar daddies. That has a real good growth projection I suspect.

        • Are you surprised nobody is taking your worthless job for $10/hour? It isn’t even close to a living wage. $10/hour today is the bare minimum to just get a body at the job site…tack on another $3-5/hour to actually see some work done.

          • $10.00 an hour for a school kid to work during the summer, it’s called making money.

      23. Now we know why we import workers,some skilled and others that want to be.

      24. I don’t think that colleges will be wiped out. Instead what will be wiped out is a large number of unjustified administrative ( non teaching) positions and the exhorbitant remuneration packages that come with those positions.

        What also will be wiped out are some of the courses that are either graduating too many graduates for the level of demand in the market or providing courses that are about as useful as underwater knitting.

        • get rid of tenure. too many incompetents teaching and having no accountability and no real experience to impart.

      25. Where did Christmas go?

        • On the Outer Banks, it will be here in 8 days.

          Old Christmas, January 6.

        • It’s coming. In 363 days.

      26. I’ll only say this once: NOTHING guarantees employment! NOTHING! You can have a doctorate and be unemployed. you can have a HS diploma and make $75k/yr. What you can do however give yourself better chances of employment by educating yourself, taking risks, and busting your a$$ at working lesser (or non-) paying jobs. College NEVER guaranteed anything, especially with students graduating with such trash degrees like “music appreciation” or “western equestrian horsemanship” (both real where my oldest goes to school.) She is about to graduate college, and yes with significant debt. the difference is the degree (and the knowledge she actually LEARNED) is in veterinary sciences, not some social “science”. She’s been working as a vet in everything but name for 3 years, and already has the support and foundation to open her own business as a large animal/farm vet. she has a budget based on reality and a plan to get what debt she did take on paid off in a matter of months. Don’t listed to all of the naysayers: useful degrees are good provided you absorb the knowledge and not just get the piece of paper, you walk in the door prepared and with as much in the way of scholarships as you can, and you have a serious plan for getting what loans you took paid off. The rest of those kids in “video game programming” degree track and a half mil in loans on the other hand will be shi7 out of luck im sure.

        • Well put.

        • i had the most fun in “western equestrian horsemanship”

          what a great class!!!

          quit college after 1st year got married and never looked back.

          spent 8 yr managing in fast food, saved every penny and now we are retired, RVing when not preppin.

          We carry no debt.

          My cousin & hubby both have student loans. Hubby rolled his over into refinance home mortgage, then died @ 60yr. She is paying off his student loan still because of the way he refinanced. She is way underwater and will never see that debt in her lifetime.

          • ooops–
            She is way underwater and will never see THE END OF that debt in her lifetime.

      27. I never went to college. I always wanted to go but I couldn’t due to other issues. Today if I had gone to college I doubt I would be able to find a job after words. I’m currently helping my handicapped daughter with a craft based home business. Everything I need to learn, and there is a lot, cannot be found in any college courses. Someday I would love to go and get a degree but not in this current market.

      28. For your reference:

        The OpenCourseware Movement took hold in 2001 when MIT started recording all their courses and making them available for free online. They currently have over 2080 courses available that have been downloaded 131 million times.

        In 2004 the Khan Academy was started with a clear and concise way of teaching science and math. Today they offer over 2,400 courses that have been downloaded 116 million times.

        Now, the 8,000 pound gorilla in the OpenCourseware space is Apple’s iTunes U. This platform offers over 500,000 courses from 1,000 universities that have been downloaded over 700 million times. Recently they also started moving into the K-12 space.

        All of these courses are free for anyone to take. So how do colleges, that charge steep tuitions, compete with “free”?
        As the OpenCourseware Movement has shown us, courses are becoming a commodity. Teachers only need to teach once, record it, and then move on to another topic or something else.

        In the middle of all this we are transitioning from a teaching model to a learning model. Why do we need to wait for a teacher to take the stage in the front of the room when we can learn whatever is of interest to us at any moment?

        Teaching requires experts. Learning only requires coaches.

        • OpenCourseWare website:

          ht tp://

          • MIT Open Courseware, along with any number of course specific videos on YouTube, go a LONG way in providing solid information to anyone interested in anything from quantum mechanics to microbiology.

            Many young people would do well to look to Ray Bradbury for inspiration.

            After graduation from high school in 1938, Bradbury couldn’t afford to go to college, so he went to the local library instead. “Libraries raised me,” he later said. “I believe in libraries because most students don’t have any money. When I graduated from high school, it was during the Depression, and we had no money. I couldn’t go to college, so I went to the library three days a week for 10 years.”

            He turned out alright…

        • I heard a great quote the other day though cannot recall who said it.

          “Education is what others do to you. Learning is what you do to yourself.”

          LOVE this quote.

          • Beautiful……applies to many here.

      29. Where do the children of the rich go to school. There is always a position at a company or firm waiting for them when they graduate.

        Extending control over the masses?

        Your children go into debt and have no GOOD job to pay back the loans.

        • @ slingshot

          G. William Domhoff, sociology professor at the University of California, makes a study of the super wealthy. Wrote, Who Rules America. website by that name too.

          One of the functions of universities such as Harvard and Stanford is to enable the children of the rich to network. To get that white collar meal ticket before they join daddy’s firm on Wall Street as a trainee at $100K a year. Graduating from an Ivy, one is presumed to be minimally literate. But WHO one knows is very important.

          I agree with the point you seem to be making that children of the elite have no worries about what they’re gonna do for an income once they’ve spent a few years smoking the hookah in Marrakech.

          The other function is to be a recruiting tool for bright plebes who aren’t elite themselves but who have the brains to be useful to the elite. Law School, MBA, MD etc.

          Lesser places such as Brown turn out a lot of underwater basketweaving graduates. Who often don’t have the brains for law school but whose magna cum laude in underwater basketweaving gives them an entree into Federal employment where their resentment at those who do productive work takes root by taxing and regulating productive people to death.

          Meet most of your middle and upper level federal employees.

      30. People think they gonna go to college and come out makin 100grand a year dream on .they have no real world experience . I don’t have a degree but work with guys that have them and it’s not needed where I work. I just got a certificate and a class a liscence that’s it . I work for 1of the most respected motor carriers in the us . I make more $ than people with degrees . I never got all the rage about college . Ya you can get a really high paying job sitting down . To me that blows . College seems to breed snobs and very eccentric people . We all shit the same people . These people are very book smart but have zero common sense . They beleive some professor lecturing them about some theory . Honestly I realize people need skills learn a good trade that is in demand. It’s not as prestigious but I work for$ not some title or whatever bullshit . How many art students that leave college get real good paying jobs. Leave the crayons and coloring books behind. Take your life seriously. Have skills to offer a company that they can use . Then you can negotiate strong pay . I could never afford college myself I wouldn’t bother anyway seems it’s run by a bunch of liberals that push their ideals on students and put them In debt . I can turn on a tv and get it all for free.

      31. EAT THE RICH!

        One thing I do know is the BIG colleges such as yale, harvard, U.C. BERKLEY , c.u. university of colorado and texas a&m all have HUGE VAULTS FULL OF PHYSICAL GOLD BULLION ON CAMPUS.

        i learned this working as a armed courier in denver colorado for the denver mint.


        something to keep in mind if ever there is a real crash or war on zog amerikan soil.

        EAT THE RICH!


          • A good reason why Hillary will win the Presidential Election.

            • Hell NO!!!

            • i secretly want her to be elected in 2016.

              hello @s.s., i really do hope the traitorous murderous lezbo cow hitlery lucifer clinton is elected in 2016.

              the sooner the system of zio-jew corruption crashes due to illuminati oligarchy zionist jew greeed ‘overload’ the sooner we can start the American Revolutionary Civil War – part 2.

              only by armed force, a few assassinations of nwo zog traitorous political leeches/ government enforcers/ tax collectors, bankers and some bloodshed will things change in once free Zog Amerika for the better.

              till that happens we suffer as goy tax debt slaves of the nwo zog zio-jews.

              only by the common American citizens taking up the gun will we be free as a nation of zionist banker jew oppression in once free Zog Amerika.


              • Pig Killer.

                There are people stuck in normal bias. There are people who have open eyes but will do nothing. Then there are those who see and understand that no one will escape and that bad things will happen. Rational and irrational behavior will be blurred, depending on the situation.
                As we see with Obama with the low rating, Hillary can with win as she would be thought by many to be the balance with a Republican Congress. Indications are, if Obama can hold a Republican Congress at bay, imagine a Hillary in the White house.
                I know from time to time I piss people off here but to stay true to myself and then you know that not all the people are going to be like yourselves(preppers) when the reset comes a knocking.
                I am voting For Hillary. Why would people be so angry if I do? Would it mean I upset your Normal Bias life. That what we have said here is all a Fairy Tale made up by Doom and Gloomers to satisfy their insecurities. Why then would it matter. Our vote may not for anything, but there is always Hope as they say.

              • She might well win, cuz I’M NOT VOTING FOR JEB! COLD DAY IN HELL.

            • Many women go to college for the MRS. DEGREE.

          • You mean, that degree in 18th C. Belgian Lesbian Musicology Studies won’t make me 100k at graduation?

          • I did two graduate degrees, one at U. of Illinois, one at U. of British Columbia – finishing in 1981. Neither degree was usable, so had to totally go back and reinvent myself in the mid 1980s – on my own time and my own dime. And I still continue to do this to today. I learned very early that I needed to do this, or literally starve. SOME of my friends did get in with teaching or govt positions, or big companies (Deloitte, Caterpiller, etc.) and made out like bandits, but today those sinecures are becoming much less frequent and more and more tenuous.

            Not sure I agree with all your observations – some are propositions without any supporting details – but some really are right on, at least from my experience. Particularly with daddy (or society) bailing out the “poor girl.” (That is why you seldom see street women begging. There are some, but maybe 10% of the total). My personal experience is that many – NOT ALL – women are coddled, and thus have less of a clue (my wife is one that was NEVER coddled, and thus grew up early and well.) They also tend to run to the government when things go sideways. It is interesting that the conservative/libertarian vs. the leftist divide is really between married vs. unmarried women. Basically, the government is the “husband” for these sad, cat women. ‘Nuff said, eh!

            And while the split is now something like 60-40 for women at university, how many of those 19th C. Belgian Lesbian Musicology Studies degrees will actually be employable?

            My main concern is that the govt will exchange student debt for signing on to be a modern version of the Red Guard. You KNOW that has to be in the forefront of the vile leftists’ minds….

            • I went to a top ivy league university on a scholarship because I was bright but poor and have never had a problem since getting work. I had an absolute blast there and met and hooked up with the best and brightest women. I read about these women when I pick up the best sellers lists or check out who is running major companies and institutions on Linkedin. And I can always remember what they were like back then – tight, fit, and beautiful – that memory alone is priceless. You will never have that memory from putting up plaster board, no matter how much they pay you.

      32. How many NFL players ever used their degrees?

        Listen to how they speak.

        • The causation for that lies at the college sports programs that raise millions for the schools. Everybody knows since the beginning of collegiate sports athletes of all races were offered scholarships to the school to play mostly football, but branched into other sports as well. After one season in the NFL these guys make more money than most people do in a lifetime of working a 40 per week crap job with good communication skills. The old saying goes’ I’d rather be lucky than good ! I certainly would be willing to trade places with any NFL player if I could.

      33. Nowadays people don’t wanna work . Iv seen some awful workers I mean these people suck no skills and they don’t wanna learn either . my boss says this new guy is gonna work with you I just roll my eyes. This guy is a dope they got me training . Too stupid to figure out what we are doing. Or is he just lazy . He’s getting in my way slowing me down . I’m afraid he’s gonna get crushed by the machine I’m operating. So I stop what I’m doing go take a piss and tell my boss hey don’t put people with me any more I’m not training them yes I can tell him that . If he don’t like it we will be in the managers office with the shop Stewart and the business agent in the morning. I don’t waste my time on greenhorns anymore. It’s not that I’m an asshole it’s just can’t get trainable help . I’m not the only one either that won’t do it . I’m not getting life changing injuries and ending up disabled or dead.

        • I had a garage door opener installed a decade ago. I happened to discuss fractions with the installer regarding motor HP. He believed that 1/4 was bigger than 1/2 because 4 is bigger than 2.

          I held my breath as he completed his task. The door operates fine. Just don’t take his word if your with him regarding how much gas in in the fuel tank; you may be walking.

      34. I go with the pig killer eat the rich people I like the bacon the armored truck guy sees all follow the $

      35. A kid I grew up with went to college got an engineering degree and now is working to take over his pops engineering firm . Really smart guy . College isn’t useless to some . Know where you fit in this world . Leave the rags to riches stuff for hollywood

      36. I got my degree in Culinary Arts…my first job was not even close to what I thought it would be. The Original Oyster House of Pittsburg is what I got…ideal? No. But after that I got Treesdale Country Club. It is what you make it people.

      37. Understanding who and what the Frankfurt School is will tell you everything about why we are in the condition we are in today. These folks – and their philosophy – is what lies underneath the vast majority of the rot and lies we see from the left. If your time allows, 13 min.

        “Modern media fills the cultural airwaves with a mist of anesthesia, so that principles and values are slowly desensitized to the coming onslaught. The new culture arrives on the heels of this propaganda. It simply moves in and takes over, like slipping a fine new glove over a numbed hand. The outcome of the war is just as devastating, but without bombs bursting , twisted bodies to bury, or rubble to rebuild. A new class, a different culture, simply takes over.”
        – Charleton Heston

        • An eerie quote there from Chuck.

          Reminds me of TV commercials lately, like the housewife that says ‘my family loves to eat Shmuckmo for diner…’ and shows a boy and girl, but no Father…

          Or the young hip white urbanites livin’ large as they shlep down some of this or that, laughing and posing, with the obligatory Black guy right there with them, (politely intergrated ads) but rarely a Hispanic to be seen…

          Then the ‘news’ comes back on and the desk jockey says we must have an immigration policy change or the Democrats will win again, (because the illegals that can’t vote will vote for Democrats).

          Back to the commercials, where if there are two men (1 black, 1 white) and one of them is portrayed as an idiot, its the white guy, because to portray a black as an idiot is racist and might upset delicate sensitivities…
          Or just show a crankey old white man as an idiot- that’s always sure to sell product.

          The only good looking white man you’ll see is the one that has ‘erectile dysfuntion’ 🙂

          There are many examples of this psychomanipulation in media.
          Maybe I’m the one that’s too sensitive, but it seems there is an ongoing attempt to keep Americans of all types subtley wary of each other, or to instill feelings of guilt…

          Divide and Conquer

          ‘By Deception you will be Victorious’ -Mossad credo

      38. How hard were the tough times in the Great Depression? My family had a relative that graduated third in his class from MIT with a degree in Electrical Engineering in the mid 1930s. He could not find a job in his field and worked in a bakery. He actually ended up very successful with an Insurance Agency he founded and only worked as an Electrical Engineer when stationed at the Philadelphia Navy Yard in WWII getting out with the rank of Lt Commander. Another gentleman, a family friend, graduated with the same degree a tad earlier at a different University and had to go to the Amazon jungle running power lines as there was nothing for him in the US. He became a Major in the USMC in WWII serving in the First Marine Division.

      39. Many women go to college for the MRS. DEGREE.

        • one of my sons went 4 yrs to play baseball for the college

      40. I had an employee in my catering company once who had $60,000 student loan debt and a degree in Women’s Studies! What does one do with that useless degree besides teach other people the unless stuff you learned? That kind of BS degree should be illegal.

      41. I love it that I am not the only one gripping.

      42. How would one survive post collapse with a degree in women’s studies how could you barter that skill. You know carpenter dentist plumber can see how they could trade services . people need to think of how to make$ .Go to your local unemployment office they will tell you what’s in demand train for that there is no dream jobs that you really love. It all blows people . You are either making it or your not. Colleges don’t care if you get your dream job they just want your$ a degree is just a piece of paper. I would rather be the catering guy he’s getting $ right away and he will have work after shtf. Feeding the working people on their break. These people with their flutter head dreams are screwed. I turn the tv on and they say the university of whatever did a study on babies sleeping on their side they can rollover and suffocate they say don’t do it. Ok makes sense . Then a month later the same people say it’s ok to let baby sleep on his side . Which is it. This is just one example there are many . These geniuses don’t know a thing so marijuana is bad for your health. But we did a study and found it’s not as bad as we first thought it has benefits now . Beneficial to the state to open dispensaries . You are a drug dealer they are an enterprise. See what I mean it’s ok for the crooked gov to make money off dope . They see all the $ they are losing and they want in they have to say its good for you now or they look like drug dealers

      43. Glad to see the cat is finally out of the bag. All I ever hear about is public school bashing. Couple of years ago the state universities in my state cried like a baby when they changed from 49-51% to 60-40 the education funding going to colleges (7) vs. all of the k-12 (tens of thousands). That same year the biggest college opened their lazy river around the student center-no kidding. I got a BS degree (yea that BS) in business mid 90s and the recession (2000) made it difficult to stay employed in the high tech mfg I was in so I only got five years out of it. Went back to school and am a career tech teacher in a public school. I tell kids straight out that if I had to do it over again I would become a welder or electrician. The kids are just following their parents lead, dumb steeple haven’t figured out it has changed. Oh and I saved up to go back after my admin degree, after two classes and 4 grand they can kiss my arse. Hey I will take your $15 an hour job if you let me come in after 5pm, inflation is killin me with not enough funds to prep. It will get much worse in 2015 and cheetah will try something worse before he gets outta office in 2016. Gotta tell ya the next prez is Bush version 3.0.

      44. IMHO most of this boils down to parenting or lack thereof. Kids that grow up in homes dependent on food stamps and welfare CANT be expected to understand the concepts of pride or hard work because their parents never taught them this. These folks now represent about 47% of our population, when the immigration mob we just let in become naturalized it will be over 50%. The children of these folks will grow up with the belief that handouts and “assistance” are normal and expected. The values of hard work, individualism, courage and initiative that had sustained us in our first 200 years will become increasingly irrelevant. I have three sons, 2 with degrees and one without, all 3 work and have never taken a dime of assistance from anyone, what makes them different; I raised them that way. I know there are still millions of Americans still raising their kids with similar values, but we will soon be outnumbered. What happens when the takers outnumber the producers, it doesn’t take a genius to figure that one out.

      45. Defaulted college loans will bring tuition costs back to the real world.

        Why is everything going to lead to the apocalypse with you guys?

        Mark Cuban doesn’t know everything. I remember years ago, when youtube was just starting to get big. He said he would never invest a dime in such a site because it would be bankrupted by all the copyright lawsuits.

        Not everything is the end of the world. Not every piece of seemingly bad news is going to cascade into some all out destruction.

        • You are correct in that it may not be the apocalypse. That day will come when our govt is no longer able to keep this shitwheel spinning with printed cash every year. If the trillion plus per year were stopped right now, it would be game over, so the question is, when/what has the ability to stop the US credit card?

      46. Read a prior post about a guy with an army tank lucky guy that’s sweet just fortify your location stand your ground as long as you can if you get overwhelmed get in the tank and bust out with your group I don’t think the main gun can work by law and where do you get those big ass rounds for it . Used to know a guy who had a Duce it was huge big off-road tires. Think a humvee would be awesome drives under water but I will have to settle for the ford ranger I know it don’t compare to all that will probably end up abandoning it at some point it’s more practical anyway for my needs. A recoiless rifle or some other realy powerful anti material weapon that’s man portable.

      47. 48 years old and retired more or less. Don’t have to work. No college degree. College for most people is a scam.

      48. Don’t get butt fucked, folks. College makes you a slave for eternity.

      49. anarchy, economic and societal collapse, violence, hunger, desperation, WROL, havoc etc. is a great smoke screen for carrying out vendettas against people who have royally fucked you over in better times….and for people whom you fucked over to get even-up with you….

        (For examples..the immediate aftermath of WW2 Europe and the fall of Saddam Hussein’s rule in 2003 come to mind)

        Sorry folks….just trying to add a little cheer to the sour news while I make my list 😉

      50. This is going to date myself here. A HS grad= foot in the door. AS or AAS degree= door wide open. BS or BA= sure job. Now a BS or BA= not even getting your foot in the door, takes Masters’ or higher to get a foot in the door now. Or you know someone high up on the inside.

        MTCFMF!!//RIP America.

      51. I have a friend who is a 18 wheeler driver. He says kids should skip college for now and drive a truck. They can easily make well above 70K and get to see the country (and real life).

        • how old is your friend? all the good companies want 5-8 yrs experience, all the other companies without mentioning any names will jerk you around because they know you can’t get a good job without the experience. you’ll spend what you make living in truck stops weekends and paying lumpers. Just a license and physicals will cost over 800. -hazmat endorsement, doubles ect. oh yeah, they’ll put you in a pretty truck and you can run all the legal miles, but you will not need a chain drive wallet to carry your check.
          I was an owner operator for over 30 yrs amoung other things,flatbed mostly and then pulled a tank for ADM for the last seven yrs before selling the trk. I made a living but didn’t get rich and was almost never home. there is a shortage of drivers now, but there is also a shortage of good paying jobs where a family man might get home a couple times a week.

      52. Well i worked like a twat 7 days a week and paid tons of taxes and had no say about immigrants being let in to the UK or people sitting on the dole.

        Yes i did 4 years training to be an electrical engineer and then did a masters in IT but my wages stayed the same for ten years because more and more immigrants were let in to the country.

        Feck it, i now sit on the dole just to make sure that i get some of my taxes back that i paid in instead of it all going to immigrants or to pay fees for the immigrants to get a free education.

        Here you can jump NHS waiting lists and social housing queues if you are not british and i just got tired of playing the BS game without having a say in what my taxes are spent on.

        I cannnot even rember the last time a saw a english doctor becaus the NHS won’t hire whites anymore.

        You lot can keep playing and i’ll just watch.

        • Mr. Smith; That’s how its getting here. Apparently our leaders don’t learn from others experiences or mistakes. Anybody that works now is considered a “chump” and is encouraged to sit back and get what everyone else is being handed before it runs out. We’re going to run out of working people to provide for the rest and it’ll then collapse.

      53. yes and it seem as if everyone in any position of power has sold your asses out, so tell me now what good did your votes do?

      54. I’m a truck driver and teamster it is not an easy bit I’m a union man my self have seen guys that aren’t get the runaround it’s not cool I worked non union jobs these companies don’t usually have the capital to do it right. They are startup trucking company’s little mom and pops a couple of trucks . They are taking advantage of new drivers not being able to get better job. This is how I started if your just out of school go to local oil companies stuff like that day jobs your gonna have to do it like this for a couple years. Keep applying to good pickup and delivery company’s . P&d is better than over the road you wanna be home daily with your family. Trucking is tough and living in a truck will bring divorce fast . You want to work under a contract . Not some guy sayin I’ll give you 15 an hour . It is not glamorous but I like to be outside delivering to local busnesses talking to people. If you get a good job never say no if they want you to do something they won’t call you anymore. Just do it it will get better over time everybody that’s new does the bullshit before greener pastures come . Petroleum is a solid bit but it’s not for me I’ve done it I don’t like it being new at this you will work all holidays . This has been my experience with it . Leave the pretty trucks to cr England guys you know who is the best is shoot for that unless you like to live on the road for two weeks at a time then get the runaround from dispatch saying we ll get you a load going by your house ya sure not knocking the guys that do this. If that’s what u like . Just make sure you know what you are getting into b4 you sign any leases or long term commitments .

      55. You won’t get rich driving a truck the glory days of trucking are over now. Have to remind drivers this a lot of them are stuck in the past . This ain’t smokey and the bandit and your not the snowman. It’s just a job people

      56. Hello to all. I’ve been reading SHTF and the comments for years and decided to join in.

        • Welcome Clem to the SHTF Chaos club. Where we solve all the would problems.

        • Welcome, clem. Nice moniker, loved Red Skeleton.
          Have a thick skin.
          Since you have read for years, you kinda know us all.
          Welcome to an experiment called the ‘plan’.
          Hope you will fit in well…

      57. Much of the language, in regards to the job market, is overtly disrespectful toward people, who may have been intelligent and participating in good faith. The first commandment was to tend the garden. This discussion assumes that someone could support himself, entirely on menial labor (by the sweat of his brow), or that skilled labor positions are any more available than technical or managerial ones. The goalposts of what counts as real work, or who deserves it, would seem to be moving out of view.

        “Why is everything going to lead to the apocalypse with you guys?”

        The Christian Bible tells us that it will eventually happen and to be watchmen.

        In this case, we have the most notorious merchant nation and exporter of apostasy, of all times, facing the effective collapse of every possible sector.

        Jer 50, Rev 17

        Yes, I can still find reasons to stay positive, but that is somewhat beside the point of this particular discussion.

        Mene mene tekel upharsin.

      58. Good because all they teach them how to be good sheeple, commies. Most of the teachers are nothing but Commies out of the 60’s. God when I grow up I hated to be around these turds. They could never see the big picture.

      59. Peter Schiff warns the economy will collapse and it will be a bloodbath. The government is lying about the numbers of GDP growth and economy.

        They now include unpaid debt as part of our GDP, and 1 out of 3 people are in collections for non-payment. Now you know how the numbers are fudged.

      60. I love that scene in good will hunting where matt damon’s character is schools the ivy league student and is like you can get the same education for a couple bucks in late fees at the local library. I can’t tell you how many of my classes I wish I could have just come in and tested out of, or how many I slept through because I had already read the text book and really I don’t need you to read it to me. College is such a waste, most of these kids coming out of college don’t have a clue and yet have a degree, I have many in my congregation that I will want in our community postshtf over those with a degree, most of them are tradesmen, farmers, etc who might not be able to tell you the difference between Shakespeare and Beowulf but man they can rig just about anything, and they know how to make food, and are not afraid of hard work…

        • Like everything else in life, you get out of college what you put into it; Social Security and ObolaCare being the exceptions to the rule. 🙁

      61. You left out the other reason why college tuition is so expensive: the people at the top, who run the colleges, pay themselves enormous salaries. A Huffington Post study says that 42 presidents of private colleges earned over a million dollars each. And while some professors and instructors are paid well, most are not. In fact, some young adjunct instructors are paid as little as $10,000 a year (and still have to live with their parents).

      62. Would like a better job but my state has the highest unemployment rate in the nation I’m just lucky to have one really I see so many bums and panhandlers commercial property for lease the state of Rhode Island is in deep shit I would say more people here are on assistance than anywhere it is a total nanny state come the first of the month stay out of the grocery stores I mean the shelves are bare .I grew up here it was not always like this it has been in decline for years now Iv always managed to make it and find work my job is considered to be good here but for how long. I get so pissed when i see people constantly not working but they lack skills to do things . Mostly. Factory jobs warehouses stuff that don’t pay you will always have bums freeloading any where you go. The biggest employer is electric boat they build submarines for the us navy these guys build the best boats on earth but everyone can’t work there . People with metal trades really only work there . The gov leaders suck bunch of lliberals keep kicking the can down the road it a shame because it’s a great state the seafood is the best calamari chowder quahogs all the good stuff great beaches parks Newport mansions . It’s definetly a who you know place because it’s small state can cross it in like a half an hour. When I come to work and find the gate locked and the place shut down . I will move on away as I’m a worker and this place is where all the welfare people come . They get all the same things workers get for free there really isn’t much incentive to wrk here. Before Clinton signed nafta there was jobs galore you could grab a job same day quit following week and get a better job . I’m not in bad shape at all but I know people who are they struggle to keep a car on the road pay rent and keep the lights on . The elites really have a strangle hold on this place it’s impossible to get any republican leadership here they always lose elections . I will sell my house and take my $ and go to another state and rhody will have one less taxpayer

      63. Hey old 70 your a veteran driver compared to me you said to get cdl cost over 800 $ that’s a deal to get one I paid 5000$ plus paid all my endorsements plus the teamsters driving school wouldn’t let me graduate unless I joined the union cost another 500$ figure I’m in about 6000$ and no job placement luck for me I knew someone with a few trucks and he gave me a shot driving . The driving academy is very strict and lots of people don’t get through I have no at fault accidents and have moved some really heavy loads I’ll bet you got some stories to tell . I love being a trucker despite the danger. I know what people mean when they say they have diesel in their blood . Drivers are a dying breed like cowboys Iv talked to drivers that would say they used to come home with2000$ a week that’s sweet those days are gone . Good luck to you sir keep truckin

      64. QUESTION ?

        Do you think we are on the horizon of a major WORLD WAR

        Then there will be plenty of work, and then the victors will

        have to rebuild for who ever is left ????

        Do you think we will be thrown back to the Amish level ?

      65. So, you could short to profit from the housing bubble, what can you short here except perhaps Phoenix or itt?

      66. Good stuff here. I sent the link to the article and the video embedded within the article to my daughter’s high school principal. All that school does is push 4-year college. My daughter was pestered weekly by her counselor to take the SAT and apply to 4-year colleges despite the fact that these 4-years do not offer any of the programs my daughter is interested in. I stressed that his school is a huge part of the propaganda machine and his counselors aren’t serving the students.

      67. War would be the best economic boost ever I think when the system was built they figured wars into it all . Takes troops they gotta have supply’s infrastructure logistics that cost$ there is a lot of destruction and that costs $ to rebuild this hits all labor markets providing tons of jobs . The biggest problem is the cost of lives. Modern folk don’t want to make the human sacrifice . Can’t say I blame them but if it was figured into the system war will be a constant till the end might as well embrace it and destroy the evil ones with all we got. I mean it make a major sacrifice now. For greater domination of the world and spread liberty throughout the world .nations do win wars it’s a fact doesn’t mean you won’t suffer great losses . But I think it’s the right thing to do even if it is unpopular. A strong offense is the best defense.

        • War is definitely on the cards and they have already calculated how to do it with minimal casualties in the West. Basically, the frontline troops will be the sad-sacks in client states in the third world. They will do the blood sacrifice. The West will sell them the equipment to kill each other and run the IT systems and logistics. Consumption will be the duty for the rest of the population in the West: shop until you drop for the war effort (as opposed to in the past, when Western populations were subject to harsh austerity in WWII).

          Robotics is going to be the game-changer in a future world war. The West will be protected by an iron ‘e-curtain’ of electronic surveillance and weapons and the latest in killer robotics/drones. To get a picture of it, look at the border of South and North Korea. Already, killer robots patrol the border with ruthless accuracy and an ability to kill 24/7. Any ‘threat significant’ communities in the West (think Muslims) will be DNA chipped and tracked to make sure they do not go jihadi.

      68. but, but, but,
        The Republicans have been saying for years to better myself and get a good paying job (because while the world needs ‘ditch diggers, they do not deserve a respectable paying job) to go to school get a degree and then own a business!
        Mission accomplished! Govt subsidies for the companies that provide loans.
        (But cut all other forms of assistance.)

      69. I made a similar point in an article I wrote about a better way to spend 4 years right after high school, rather than going to college(just go to and do a search for ‘D.T.’. The article is titled “Getting A Real Education– Why Becoming Self-Sufficient Is Better Than Going To College”) Learning skills is the way to go. Becoming a farmer, rancher or mechanic will be more valuable after the economy crashes. If you are already working, learn to grow food, make and fix things during your free time. The more self-reliant you can be the better. And get your housing paid for as soon as possible.

      70. Thanks for the welcome guys, and yea I’m thick skinned. I’ve had “Maw Kettle” for a mother-in-law for 26 years now.”Paw Kettle” was a great guy though. Won’t get to post much, I have to work for a living same as yall, somebody has to feed and cloth the uneducated voters.

        • LOL regarding work Clem! No doubt!

          Thanks for jumping into the mix and have yourself a good week!


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