Bill Gates: We Need “Pandemic Fire Squads” To Control You In The Post COVID-19 World

by | Feb 3, 2021 | Headline News | 25 comments

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    Bill Gates just keeps doubling down on tyranny despite the fact that no one likes this guy or even cares what he has to say. But in the “post-COVID-19 world,” Gates insists we need to be controlled with “pandemic fire squads” in case there’s another scamdemic.

    Another question that needs to be answered is why the hell are they preparing for the post-COVID-19 world? Are they ready to unleash COVID-21?

    Gates and his wife, Melinda, detailed their new plandemic idea in their annual letter, which was released last Wednesday. But the Twitter video perhaps brought the implications home for observers in a more powerful way. It shows Gates moving around small figurines like chess pieces on a world map.

    Gates took to talking to the general public like we are imbecilic children incapable of understanding.  The figures depict humans of various races, and Gates positions them “to spot disease outbreaks, as soon as they happen, anywhere in the world.” If the so-called “global alert system” identifies a new infectious pathogen, teams of first responders, like “pandemic firefighters,” will rush to the location to contain the outbreak, Gates said, using toy planes, helicopters, and figurines in protective yellow suits to illustrate his point.

    Stopping the next pandemic will require a big investment, but I think of this as the best insurance policy the world could buy,” Gates said. And yet, no one liked what he had to say, according to a report by RT.  It sure appears that the general public is tired of being obedient slaves.

    It didn’t help that Gates blocked comments on his Twitter page, except from people he follows. “So confident is Bill of preventing bulls**t pandemics, he turns his replies off,” commenter Andy Bird said. “Propaganda.”

    Gates has also suggested that social media platforms need to help censor any attacks against his ludicrous ideas. People aren’t allowed to openly express their desire for freedom.  Gates wants slavery to be your only option.

    For a guy who claims he just wants to help, Gates is getting a lot of backlash.  Listen, Gates, people hate you. A lot. No amount of talking is helping. Just do Earth and humanity a favor, leave us all alone and stop opening your mouth it.  People have figured it out and your plans for the totalitarian enslavement of all humans will fail.



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      1. Since I’m not sure what that is by his side – I probably would’ve written Gates and his ??”wife”???Keep up the good work.Thanks for the articles.

      2. Very telling that this depopulation obsessed psychopath Gates chooses the words “pandemic fire squads”. Remove the first word there and you know what they really wanna do to all of us.You just know these evil bastards want to just line us all up and take us down.Firing squads,deadly vaccines,gmo foods,etc,etc, these assholes will use anything at their disposal to eliminate the sheep.Truly can’t stand this satanist with his grinning evil face I truly wish Bill would return to his origins?The Gates of hell!!?

      3. The reason this Gates guy is always smiling is because he gets off on controlling our lives and causing endless suffering.Making endless amounts of money off a killer DNA altering vaccine while so many lives are destroyed by that very deadly cocktail is something that this freak loves! This truly is one sick evil s.o.b.!!! If,as they say karma is a real bitch – I hope she pays an extended,well deserved visit to Bill and his evil cohorts! A visit which is way overdue!!!

      4. Yeah, I know some people have died from the vaccine,but,that is only a drop in the bucket.Once tons of sheep start dropping dead from the vaccine – we can just blame it on one of the new “mutant variants”?
        Gill Bates

      5. Read an article somewhere where it said the vaccine would also protect against mutants.So,if I took it – I’d be protected against Democrats??

      6. A little off topic.Great news everyone!, Restrictions to be lifted at New Jersey restaurants.As we all know,that’s the state you wanna rush to eat at.Yeah,there’s nothing quite like eating in Jersey while sucking in all that “ambiance”?

      7. As more and more places continue lifting restrictions and opening up – it appears the political charade of phony 19 is coming more and more into focus?

      8. Bill Gates has been elected to nothing. In a functioning Republic, he would have limited influence.

        Another member of the Demonrat elite, Jenn Psaki (President Biden’s Press Secretary) is the perfect representative of the Tyrannical Executive administration. As she sneers down her nose and disparages a branch of our military, she reveals the disdain these (D) people have for most Citizens.

      9. @ Bill Gates, *&%^^&*((%#$% jerk )

        • @alfie,well said. Couldn’t have said it better myself.!

      10. Sorry, only able to supply legacy related commentary.

        Bill Gates effective age life on the social network has been ended.

        Windows 10 sucks. Take everything awesome from the past away, monetize what’s let. Break everything possible in preparation for the next Windows, which will merely restore some of the lost function and claim it’s an upgrade to the system.

        Still listening to free rip cd’s on the original xbox. And no region restriction. People often unload mod ones on ebay too, so if you wanted the special hard drive mod which included all the nintendo and atari games or whatever, check them out.

      11. There is no right on the part of officialdom, at any level of gov’t, to force people to get a covid vaccination, to force people to wear a mask, to socially distance (what a stupid phrase), or to comply with lockdowns. Gov’t cannot force individuals, they cannot force businesses, and they cannot compel local and state gov’ts to lawfully comply with its covid mandates. Only authoritarian dictatorial gov’ts do that. Since the State and its officialdom are doing it here in the US it is violating the Constitution, it is ignoring the rule of law, it is illegitimately claiming power it does not have.
        However, there are two problems here – the State loves power far more than legitimacy, and most Americans are sheep, they won’t stand up for their rights. Much of America are cowards, easy to intimidate. The middle class alone has a power that if wielded correctly would be invincible. The middle class does not have great wealth, but we do have great numbers. Instead though, we let the State divide us with a vast number of socially divisive issues (divide and conquer always seems to work), preventing us from uniting in any common cause. If the middle class formed a bloc united in purpose, it would be a formidable power, able to demand conditions and terms. Rather, many Americans are satisfied with their ballgames, TV, porn, Cheetos, and stimulus payments (bread and circuses). When the time comes to make an account of themselves, they won’t stand up, they’ll just whimper and cower, and they’ll watch their children kiss their shackles.
        Thankfully, there are still many places and many people in the US that will stand up, rise to the occasion, and will mean business when they say “NO, no one is going to take away our individual rights and liberties, no one is going to make us do anything we don’t want to do”. Here where I live is certainly one of those places. G*D bless the South.

        • Just as people flocked to legal marijuana states…

          Soon they will migrate to chase a fuller range of basic liberties…

          Time will tell.

      12. Billy ‘ray sirus’ gates. I heard that they were both alike taking other people’s ideas both are cowards both are shit eaters, I guess the only difference is Little billy gates is a shit spitter and thinks he’s queen of the world (WaWCW) Right there with the rest of the PIG committee. All that he has is a little money big deal, nobody can stand the punk. I don’t understand why people even talk about that terd. I’d like to see him get in his boat and park it next to the titanic. If he did that might change the way I think of him.
        He would listen to me about as much as I would listen to her. Elbulleheal

      13. I can go along with the “pandemic fire squads”, but only if Bill Gates is their first victim.

      14. People are being attacked for not wearing a mask in public. The “authorities” now say it is good to wear two masks. Useful idiots will now be attacking people if they are only wearing one mask.

        • Nobody has screwed with me all year long. I’m always out and about without a mask. This has been the best year. Salespersons no longer bother me. Other shoppers no longer crowd me in line. Traffic has been light and tolerable again.

          Probably because this entire thing is predicated upon strength vs weakness. Lots of internet tough guys out there but stand next to me in person. I’m not all that, just a regular dude with a little bit extra. Last guy I argued with in line was hands shaking. The other guy pulled out a knife and threatened to cut me with his knife for being outside on a summer day without a mask. He was a monster too and I just looked at him and said; “Give up your own liberties if you want to, I’m not going to give up mine.” He stormed off and knocked down an entire rack of baby garden vegetables on the way. Women were hiding behind husbands, mommies were running away with their kids. I just stood there staring at this idiot. Truly this was a great point for me personally, because when it actually happened, I was very comfortable with my position that I’d rather die than live a life without liberty. You know, when shtf.

          What sets me apart is the intelligent gaze, my immediate deep understanding of the emotional and physiological attachments emotions bring, readily apparent in all direct interaction with other humans. You’ve got to look people in the eye first. You always observe either one or the other. Confidence or fear.

          I have no interest in being understanding or polite to other humans whom start off on the wrong note. Things end where they begin. Present with basic dignity and respect for others, or pay the price for failing to do so. Such is the way of the world.

          I like to keep a mask in my hand but not wear it. I sometimes put it on right before checkout then take it off literally the moment my payment is finished. What are they going to do, force me to accept a refund? I like to throw masks on the ground right in front of the store and have a habit of not just removing the mask, but ripping it off and breaking the straps. I have boxes of the cheap masks. It’s all theater so yeah, I’m going to put my own unique spin into this character roll. It’s stupid. People whom believe in the hype are idiots. Being a hypochondriac simply has to be one of these trends that can’t last very long. It’s wearing people down at a record pace. They simply can’t continue to go the rest of their lives afraid of everything, it’s so taxing even the most adamant psychopath won’t be able to keep it up forever. Stockholm syndrome, like any other deficiency of the mind and ego, has limits.

      15. Yes, Bill Gates needs the firing squad.

        • I was censored for saying the same thing.

      16. Maybe they’ll just have us followed and captured by “Rover”.

      17. Gates is the face of this Satanic take over attempt they are going full steam ahead, as now more and more people are seeing these satanic evil inhuman creatures for wha they trully are, and as Bush the idiot said, ”If they knew what we are doing they would hang us from lamp posts”
        Well now we do know and they are panicking, before we do drag them out of office and give them a nice coat of tar and feathers..

      18. Bill Gates can burn in hell.

      19. ?

      20. ?

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