Bill Gates Pushed For Digital IDs In Kenya For NEWBORNS

by | Oct 31, 2023 | Headline News

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    Every time there is another tyrannical oppressive suggestion, Bill Gates is involved. This time, Gates is helping with the development and rollout of a government-backed digital ID program that was announced in Kenya after a recent series of “closed-door meetings” with President William Ruto.

    Ruling classes everywhere need a digital control system in order to keep the slave class in line. Far too many people have realized government is slavery and if they can convince people that they need the digital ID and digital currency, they will have ultimate control over those who accept it.

    Bill Gates Pushes National ID System

    The digital ID scheme includes a  biometric vaccination system for newborns to replace birth certificates while also helping to track children from birth to 5 years old to ensure all children receive their vaccines. This begs the question: why do the rulers care so much about vaccinating the public, especially considering they don’t want too many of us around?

    Michael Nevradakis says “We have to wake up many more folks with truth from the non-conspiratorial trenches. The wireless devices that folks are adamant they unequivocally require to count their steps, run their — and their children’s — lives and homes, and keep them current with society are the same devices from which society is already set up for techno-totalitarianism.” –The Daily Exposé

    According to the Kenyan Daily Post, Gates’ role in assisting the Kenyan government in its development and rollout of Maisha Namba was announced after a recent series of “closed-door meetings” with the Kenyan ruler.

    “The billionaire, who is known to champion GMO [genetically modified organism] foods, has met Ruto in a series of meetings since he came to power with most of the engagements shrouded in secrecy,” the Kenyan Daily Post wrote. “The deal will connect the government to key technical experts and partners who will offer professional advice to guarantee a smooth rollout,” reports.

    “Outside companies often pitch solutions to various governments that they can solve their problem with their product,” Alexis Hancock, director of engineering for the Electronic Frontier Foundation, told The Defender. “If governments are to implement this, the technology involved should be allowed scrutiny by the people first before anything is deployed, and delayed if it is not considered safe and equitable.”

    Digital ID programs are essential tools that make “governments more efficient at what they are already doing,” according to the Financial Times, “and can be used as a tool to suppress or discriminate against certain citizens.”

    This is what all rulers want; a stranglehold on power and the ability to control everyone with minimal effort. This is not about health or safety, and we can be rest assured of that because Gates is involved.




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