Bill Gates: Africa Has Reached A ‘Turning Point’ As Population Booms

by | Sep 18, 2018 | Headline News | 43 comments

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    Bill Gates, who is the second wealthiest man alive with a net worth of $90 billion, has described the projected birth rates in the poorest parts of Africa as “mind-blowing” and pressed the need for action.  Gates said if Africa’s population growth was left unchecked, it could unravel decades of progress and fuel instability across the globe.

    In an interview with The Telegraph UK, Gates laid out his “fears” of an African population boom. Gates also outlined his three principal global health security concerns in the interview: antibiotic resistance, cuts to government funding to improve health in the world’s poorest countries, and the unknown pathogen likely to start the next big pandemic, referred to by the World Health Organization as “Disease X”. Gates is actually quite terrified of “Disease X.” He warned, “We are not fully prepared for the next global pandemic.”

    Ahead of today’s publication of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s annual Goalkeepers Data Report, which tracks the greatest challenges faced across the world in terms of poverty and health (according to Bill Gates of course), Gates spoke to the Telegraph UK about his fears. His concern is that poorer people are reproducing while the wealthier are not.

    In the report Gates warned birth rates are faltering in the developed world while in the poorest parts of Africa they are booming.  By 2050 the 10 poorest countries on the continent are projected to contain 65 percent of the world’s population deemed living in extreme poverty.  “To put it bluntly decades of progress in the fight against poverty and disease may be on the verge of stalling,” he said.

    Gates did stop short of demanding authoritarian intervention, however, noting its failures and damages to society. Imposing top-down birth control targets did untold harm in India and China. But he said improving access to birth control and educating and empowering Africa’s women were more vital to improving their prospects and the prospects of Africa’s economies.

    But Gates did admit that he wants the ruling class to regulate and control speech on the internet. “Governments have to really get educated on these things,” he said. “Just like families decide what are the rules for your kids.” Just in case you though Gates had somehow decided not to be an authoritarian, you don’t need to worry.  He’s still all about putting people in power in order to control other people.


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      1. gas them or drown them at sea…

        • Relax, cannibalism was invented in Africa.

          • and from what I understand… thankfully Ebola was too. Next outbreak ol’ Billy-boy.. just use a few of your billions to give free cross-country travel throughout Africa in the name of ‘no borders’ to the denizens of the sub-continent. Problem solved.

        • “Disease X.” The next “Black Death.” I hope they release it in Chicago too.

      2. Not to worry.

        The United States and Europe can take in their excess population to keep things in check.

        As we have already started doing.

          The US Mexico Border is being over run daily with Armed Illegals. Watch this video. CAN’T WE STOP THIS?

          • TSB – Most enter the US by flying in and never going back. Unlike most countries who would send immigration officials to come looking for you if you overstayed your vacation or visa, the US has nothing in place to stop them from flying in and setting up home here. No one goes looking for them. They also get to stay when they have a baby born in the US.

            But most who are here illegally don’t actually cross the border on foot. Some also take the underground tunnels. It is a rather elaborate underground system that some have access to, but which is mostly used to transport drugs.

            But most Mexicans who are here illegally do not/did not actually arrive on foot by crossing the border. Anyway, wall or no wall, another broken Trump promise. I knew he wasn’t going to build the wall.

            • The US will be so much better when this liar is impeached and removed form office.


              After all he hasn’t kept a single promise so far and the economy is in the tank and heading farther downward at an incredible pace.

      3. ToS says if Gates’ worldwide influence is left unchecked, it could unravel decades of progress and fuel instability across the globe.

      4. This may sound very cruel, but Africa is being enabled.
        Let them balance out to the resources available. So what
        if they kill all their animals? So what if they starve?
        Leave them alone, let them die.

        • You’re not wrong. A generation of “aid” has led to a perverse dependancy instead of development.
          There just aren’t any “magic bullets” that can solve the continent’s problems.

          • Aid or no aid the 3rd world citizenry produce a lot of offspring. They’re needed to work to support their parents. India is no different and they’re genetically smart people. Life is cruel for most of the people on the planet.

        • Rellik, agreed. Africa is doomed regardless.

      5. Regardless of Africa and it’s future, drop dead Bill and Melinda scumbags.

        • Menzo,
          The devil isn’t done with them yet.

        • I agree. If they want to curb the world population, they need to start with themselves.

        • Menzo, agreed about the Gates couple. Africa is doomed no matter what happens.

      6. This planet needs a good ole fashioned pandemic….to take out 90% of the human trash in the turd-world countries. Population problem solved.!!!!

        • JJJ

          Seriously, why do you believe that your special and above the culling? Do you think TPTB who have the capacity to orchestrate such an endeavor put the US masses up much higher than these people?

          • As for me —
            I am highly-capable of abstract thinking, have executive function, mentally, and do not break any Noachide Laws, for starters.

            k asked, “Do you think TPTB who have the capacity to orchestrate such an endeavor put the US masses up much higher than these people?”

            Of which we are aware, the ptbt don’t consider themselves any better than the raw savage, so will draw from the same “medical services”, potable water, and food sources being offered by eugenicists. In general, they will miseducate their young with the same factoids, dress them with the same mass production, and should knowingly accept the same rfids, into their bodies, should that become standard.

      7. I friggin hate eugenics monster Gates, but he is right, Africa needs to be euthanized. Completely. Forever. Besides less disease and terrorism and crime, would anyone really notice?

        • But first the United States must be euthanized. Bring in all those Africans. All of them. Turn the entire country into a Soweto ghetto. Then declare victory.

      8. What kept the human population down for so long was infant mortality and women dying in or as a consequence of childbirth. Advances in healthcare changed this and the population has continued to rise. Human progress has consequences that we have to deal with.

        • @Brian, and to add, safe legal abortion before 10 weeks gestation (when 99% of abortions are performed) when the partially formed embryo is somewhere between the size of a lentil and an almond.

        • Also advances in medicine that keeps people alive longer with diseases that would have killed them sooner, eg. ALS, MD, GLYCOGEN STORAGE Diseases, etc. The devices mainly used for this is the ventilator. People on vents with these diseases can now stay at home and live for years, where in past years their lives would have been cut drastically short. This also adds to the extreme costs of keeping these people alive longer. I once cared for a young man with MD, also his brother with the same disease, and the cost per year for each was 250,000 dollars for just nursing care. This is not taking in the cost of all the different oral meds, IV meds, ATB, pain patches, weekly changes of all tubing associated with their care. They don’t have a real quality of life, because their life is that of complete lack of movement, including breathing, being fed by someone orally, fed via G-tube or parenteral nourishment(TPN). As cruel as it may sound to some, sometimes IMHO it is better to let nature take its course. In Africa it is probably better to let nature take its course and let the survival of the fittest reign. The only effort being made in Africa being that of halting travel to other parts of the world.

      9. There are 200 billion Africans that want to come here. The Globalists and the communists want them here. Most illegals get here on commercial aircraft these days. Verifiable. We are in even bigger trouble if we don’t stop this. By any means possible. Act accordingly.

      10. There will be a population boom right here in the US in approx 2 yrs from now. And this population boom will continue throughout the coming decades. It will be mostly poor and lower middle class, not so much upper middle class/wealthy. A poor and lower/middle class boom = more people on SNAP, welfare and medicaid. But no one here seems worried about that population boom that WILL surely, in some way, impact all of us.

      11. Most of the money given to African and Arab countries to help with development projects is stolen by the gatekeepers. Just enough is allowed through the gaunlet of theft to make it appear that there is success…so that more can be received.

      12. We, Europeans did this. We are responsible.

        Africans kept their population down through warfare. They had no idea about sanitation until we taught them. Now we feed them. And genius Gates can’t figure out what to do short of taxing us to pay for his tax free foundation to vaccinate and instruct and empower the women. What bs.

        Rellik is right.

        Bill Gates gives eugenics a bad reputation.


      13. B from CA, I think Margaret Sanger would be proud of Gates. Blacks always screw like rabbits, whether in Africa or in the US.

        • The Deplorable Renegade

          While what you stated is politically incorrect it is factual. Indians in India have many offspring but here they have few children and take the educational opportunities for advancement. The black out of wedlock birth rates are staggering.

          The black community’s 72 percent rate eclipses that of most other groups: 17 percent of Asians, 29 percent of whites, 53 percent of Hispanics and 66 percent of Native Americans were born to unwed mothers in 2008, the most recent year for which government figures are available. The rate for the overall U.S. population was 41 percent.

          Culture? Genetics? Nature or nurture? Who knows why? It is what it is.

      14. So Bill is concerned… well Bill, spend some of your billions to help them… But no, you want the world to donate money and you get to keep yours in the bank.

      15. Now they have illegals coming across our southern border from Bangladesh. Word does get out you know…

        • And who is paying to get them into the US? This is all the fault of these unelected, rogue, billionaires like George Soros. Russia and China would never tolerate this crap. Russia and China declare their unelected, rogue billionaires “enemies of the state,” then they confiscate all of their assets, and offer them two (2) choices — a bullet in the head or prison.

          This will go on until the damage of “open borders” is done, and then the US government will finally stop it and declare victory.

      16. Save the mask of humanitarian concern for Halloween.

      17. what progress????

        “left unchecked, it could unravel decades of progress”

      18. I’d like to say: “They ain’t coming here.” But with Bill Gates, the Democrats, George Soros, Catholic Charities, and “Open Borders” in control of the United States I guess I can forget that.

        Africans have turned my home in Upstate New York into a Soweto Ghetto, with Black Adidas wandering the roads, streets, and highways on foot. Catholic Charities and George Soros spend just enough to get them here, and then it becomes the responsibility of Upstate New York taxpayer to feed, clothe, house, and take care of them.

        No wonder the Governor Andrew Cuomo has racked up over $350-Billion dollars in debt (that can never be repaid).

      19. The population of Africa will double in 20 yrs mean while there is chaos brewing in food production as the white owned farms are being taken over to break up into stick farming by locals using sharp sticks to plow the land In a very short time they will be look for food in unlimited millions of uneducated, unskilled people They will migrate like a plague of locusts searching for food. They are coming

        • And don’t forget: Black South Africans believe it is a crime to be white. Imagine what happens when they run out of white people in South Africa and move to juicier hunting grounds in the U.S. Plus the land is better here, so it’s a win-win (for them).

      20. It is the fault of aid. Aid was introduced after WWII. Prior to that, Africa had a low population relative to its land mass. Africans had a living standard SUPERIOR to Asians up to the end of the 1950s.

        So, what happened? Aid. Aid to Africa was enormous. It quickly become the dominant force in Africa, dolling out free food, free money, and do-gooders spanned the continent vaccinating kiddies to make sure they survived. The result was that countries such as Uganda saw their populations triple and then quadruple, until today’s exponential population growth rate.

        Starting in the 1960s, African countries kicked out whitey and started to run themselves. That was toxic: free money and ignorant morons running the show. You can see a similar thing play out in real time in today’s South Africa.

        The result is now an exponential population growth with no ability to run their countries or develop value adding industries. The Africans will either flee if they can or they will end up attacking each other in fights over resources. I prefer war because at least we can make money out of selling weapons and it will get the population down. Exporting Africans will only lead to an infinite exodus of blacks that will never end. The West will then look like Africa, as it already does in parts of Paris and London.

      21. 2nd wealthiest.. that’s funny. Idiots like Gates and Bezos are just employees of the corporation. Their billions mean nothing.

      22. Very, very strict border control will generate natural social pressures in corrupt African and other overpopulated areas. Then, nature takes over and does its job. Well intended humane efforts at sensible birth control don’t seem to be broad enough, intense enough, or working at all. Brexit doesn’t go far enough, and needs to show clearly to citizens that “Less migration means less tax” needed to pay for International Soros criminality (a sure political winner). Mass deportation as announced by Italy is essential, why not start with Nazi collaborator Soros (Judenrat collaborator) as they are running out of camp guards. Gates just wants to sell more vaccines.

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