Big Surprise: Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro ‘Wins’ The ‘Election’

by | May 21, 2018 | Headline News | 42 comments

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    Several hundred opposition demonstrators protesting socialist Nicolas Maduro’s “reelection” blocked traffic in a march to the Organization of American States (OAS) headquarters in Caracas on Wednesday ahead of the “vote.”  Those who object to the horrific violence and poverty socialism has propelled Venezuela deep into say this weekend’s presidential vote was rigged.

    Venezuela’s leftist leader, Nicolas Maduro, looked set to win re-election on Sunday in what appeared to be a poorly attended vote condemned by foes as the “coronation” of a dictator and likely to bring new foreign sanctions, reported The Independent. Maduro did unsurprisingly win re”election” as all tyrants do.

    Maduro rose to power on the heels of former Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez who was praised as a revolutionary for instating sweeping socialist reforms. Maduro took over after Chavez’s death in 2013, vowing to continue his policies of state control, and it looks like he will continue to lord his false authority over a starving and unarmed population as all socialists seek. Maduro, the self-described “son” of former President/dictator Hugo Chavez, says he is battling an “imperialist” plot to crush socialism and take over Venezuela’s oil reserves. Opponents say he has destroyed a once-wealthy economy and ruthlessly crushed dissent.

    Progressive Hollywood celebrities and self-titled socialist Senator Bernie Sanders have pointed to Venezuela as an example of socialism working. In 2011, Sanders said that “the American dream is more apt to be realized in South America, in places such as Ecuador, Venezuela, and Argentina.”  Supposedly, unless politicians aren’t living like fat cats while the rest of the populace starves, no is “equal.”  In reality, American leftists need a lesson on both freedom and a dictionary to define the word “equal” because neither of those is ever given by governments regardless of who is in charge.

    While these same figures preach about how equitable socialism is, and rail against the 1%, socialist countries like Venezuela are run by tiny wealthy elites who are having a blast while their countrymen starve in the streets. Not only does socialism always fail, this ideology that so many leftists claim can end wealth inequality, always leaves the masses hungry and poor. It always props up a rich elite class that is insulated from the problems that they cause.  Not only is the wealth inequality amplified, but it’s exponentially worse in countries with the most government control.

    Maduro’s main challenger in the election was former state Governor Henri Falcon, who predicted an upset because of fury among Venezuela’s 30 million people at their increased poverty.  But with Maduro already having a stranglehold on power, it never was going to be a fair race and non-rigged election.  Much like voting in North Korea, your vote doesn’t matter, and the US is quickly running in that same direction. 

    Although some opinion polls have shown Falcon ahead, analysts didn’t expect him to win saying “his chances are thin” Given widespread abstention, the vote-winning power of state handouts, and Maduro’s allies on the election board, it was a rigged election by a dictatorial wealthy socialist from the get-go.  



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      1. Venezuelan Nicolas Maduro (president and dictator for life), just gave Hillary Clinton her blueprint for running for president a third time?

        • dictator for life

          better said, “dictator for the rest of his life” becaue it won’y be too much longer before a civil war starts and he is killed.

          I think it will start in about 4 months.

          CIA backed, well armed guerrilla groups will start the fighting.

          • What I ask myself is this: If Maduro would be a “right winger” there would already be wide guerrilla movement roaming the countryside. But Maduro is a socialist, and the opposition just sulking. Why?

          • JS, if they don’t screw it up like they did with the “Syrian Rebels” it just might succeed.

            • Here’s a History Less on Folks. Watch this Video and see how the US Overthrows Governments and destroys nations. Its Trojan Horse NGO’s that infiltrate the country and set up shop to destroy the country from within. Only Ignorant people say stupid sh!t like “Communism was the failure of Venezuela.”

              Watch and Learn.
              NGOs Are The Deep State’s Trojan Horses

              • See Min 15:55 of this Video, 1938 Congress passed the FARA – Foreign Agents Registration Act. This Act requires all foreign entities or agents from foreign governments and working within the USA, to register and their activities are more scrutinized.

                However, So Guess what (((Nation))) or (((Organization))) seems to be exempt from this 1938 FARA ACT, when everybody else has to register???




                • What’s AIPAC? It is customary to spell out abbreviations the first time they are introduced. Just so people don’t confuse your abbreviation with somebody else’s. And there are thousands of them. Whole sections in dictionaries are devoted to them.

                • Very interesting video. Thanks TSB.

                  AIPAC is The American Israel Public Affairs Committee is a lobbying group that advocates pro-Israel policies to the Congress and Executive Branch of the United States. Makes perfect sense they were exempt Wow to anyone who speaks the ugly truth about Rothchild’s Israel. Ridiculous you say? I dare you to try posting the truth behind Rothchild’s Balfour Declaration.

                  Truth is truth. It is not agenda-based. Agendas blind men to the truth.

        • Blame-e, Hillary has serious health issues and the Clintons have supposedly fallen out of favor with the DNC. I don’t see her running again.

          • How do you know Hillary’s health issues are not just a trojan horse? How do you know her so-called health conditions are not some great big come-on?

            They did it all the time on SNL with skits about Ronald Reagan. Made the old guy look like the biggest faker in history; portraying the doddering, dementia-ridden old fool as some kind of Superman, when he really was a doddering, dementia-ridden old fool who lost what brain cells he had left when John Hinkley shot him. Of course that is what made these SNL skits so funny.

            How do we know Hillary Clinton isn’t just one big faker? Oh. But. Wait.

          • See, the Chinese are a practical no-nonsense people.

            China also don’t tolerate the misbehavior of their unelected rogue billionaires. The state classifies them as international and domestic sponsors of terrorism. The state then arrests them. Their assets are confiscated. They bank accounts closed. And if they are lucky they only get to spend the rest of their lives in jail for re-education.

            Too bad we here in the US can’t say the same about our rogue billionaires like the Caravan and boat people sponsored George Soros events. God, I’d like to see that a**hole stripped of every penny and tossed out of this country.

        • This article is BS Propaganda from the get go. Still slinging this MSM Socio-Commie DEMON theme as to VZ’s downslide? Really MAC SHOULD BE ASHAMED For misleading your readers. START PRINTING THE TRUTH like I do to expose the truth of the US’s assault and destruction of a sovern nation. Did the CIA and Deep State send you their talking points to post?

          What suckers out there are believing this nonsense.

        • This article is BS Propaganda from the get go. Still slinging this MSM Socio-Commie DEMON theme as to VZ’s downslide? Really MAC SHOULD BE ASHAMED For misleading your readers. START PRINTING THE TRUTH like I do to expose the truth of the US’s assault and destruction of a sovern nation. Did the CIA and Deep State send you their talking points to post?

          What suckers out there are believing this nonsense??

          • Like Mac has been saying all along. This is a SHTF porn site. If you are looking for real news you’ve come to the wrong place. And you are going to have to look pretty hard these days.

            CBS ain’t gonna do it. CNN? FOX? The “New York Times?” The “Washington Post?” The “Wall Street Journal?” The “New Yorker?” These are all news porn sites, where the likes of Megyn Kelly come to show you their pussy. (Our president’s words. Not mine.)

            When nonsense is the only news being put out there where are you supposed to get the real news from? And. Does it really matter?

        • Really Mac? This entire article was written by tge deep state full if BS propaganda and out right lies. Show proof this election was rigged. I would also say any demonstrations in VZ was probably funded by the CIA’s NGO’s to create chaos. Economic sanctions and Saudi Oil price fixing destroyed Vz economy and like a good shill you blame the leader who is trying to stave off Invasion of Western influence that creates Nation destroying. Vz is lucky to have friends like Russsia to confrontbthis domino of destroyef nations. Remember Vz is a main player in OPEC and the Saudi’s dont want any competition. This is WW3 Unfolding.

          This article has ZERO Credibility. Phony Western propaganda.

      2. Rose petals can be boiled and made into tea for vitamin C. Taste is like any tea.

        Dandelion greens adds a slightly bitter addition to a salad.

        Chicken feet make a highly gelatinous broth, high in collagen for healthy joints.


        To hell with all these politicians. Take care of yourself.


        • She is dead now, but made a number of interesting videos about depression cooking.

          Check this one out about dandelion salads.

      3. When people understand that nothing is not, and can never be something, then, and only then, will they destroy and throw off the Zionist Central Bank that controls their lives. Same can be said for Americans and the Federal Reserve system that will eventually destroy the Republic. The Coinage Act of 1792 described and defined the American Dollar, the grams of gold or silver that constituted the Dollar!The people of Venezuela, just as the ignorant people of America, know nothing of the criminal racket that has been perpetrated upon them by the Zionist controllers and……never will!

      4. It is really hard to feel
        bad for these people.
        I will fight with anybody
        even if know I will most likely
        I guarantee you they will not want
        to fight with me again.

        • @Rellik

          I lived through serious SHTF after a hurricane last year. It was rough but I came through it ok.

          How are you doing?

      5. It’s only been since Chavez’s death that the people of that country have finally awakened and smelled the coffee about socialism. So Venezuela has rigged elections just like most of the world including us. No surprises there. Wonder how many dead people voted in that one?

        • What an ignorant statement Dep BH. Go watch the above video on how the US destroyed Venezuela. More LOW IQ morons on this site than you can shake a stick at. Try Fact checking before your pie hole spouts nonsense.

          Chavez was poisoned to death. I’d say CIA..

          • TSB
            Smart people attack ideas and don’t make things personal.
            Try to be as intelligent as you think you are.

            • F@ck your PC crap. Sorry you cant fix stupid, by those sheep who believe anything this author tells them.

              Do people have any curiosity to seek the truth? Or are you like a parrot repeating ignorant nonsense?

              Sorry I happen to like the truth good or bad. Truth really sucks sometimes. Deal with it.

          • TSB, I don’t recall pissing into your Wheaties so go f#$% yourself.

        • Democrats = Russians.

      6. Venezuela, socialism done right. Oh, the irony!

      7. Obviously Israel is the nation that interfered with the US election and preferred Trump to be the winner. He has fulfilled their expectations greatly. The citizens of America have lost complete control of this nations direction to a tiny country of extremist murderers. What a sorry state of affairs going forward for this nations freedoms. A once great nation brought to its knees in subservience to an evil cabal of intruders.

        • Interesting point, care to offer any proof how Israel bribed or otherwise manipulated the electoral college to get Trump elected? Or are you a killery supporter?

        • Israel is NOT a Nation. Its a squatter trojan horse parasite that invaded and took over part of a territory of a sovern Nation called Palestine.

          They did the same thing in the US and infected every aspect of our society. And people let it happen or by blackmail. Our country is being destroyed, chopped up and sold off like NAFTA, as the drugged up masses watch BS TV propaganda..

          • Palestine has never been a nation, dork……

      8. If you were a Democraticly elected President by your people of a soverign Nation. Could you trust anything the US Gobernment tells you or says?

        The US Government is hijacked and run by a bunch of greedy, power hungry psychopaths that will murder, invade and destroy you at the point of a gun if you resist their bullying.

        Our Country is a deep deep trouble morally. The world is all turning against the US because we are the pawn of Israehell who blackmails our Congress and President. Assad said it best. The deep state runs the American Government and Trump is not in charge. I agree.

      9. You can sure bet the Deep state tried to rig the Vz election like they tried in the US against Trump and lost, so the losers reaort to lying and try to claim the election waa rigged.

        Then we have the Alt Rt media here on this site spewing the same old Commie BS and the election was rigged. Show your proof or STFU!! Lets report the truth eh..

        • Yeah, but the Deep State had then Florida governor, Jeb Bush, rig the 2000 Presidential Election for his older brother George W. Bush. The Deep State pulled that off really well. And stuck it to Al Gore big time. Turned poor Al into the largest carbon footprint on the planet. And they got away with all of that.

      10. I would bet money that the few hundred demonstrators in Vz were paid by the Deep States NGO’s to creat chaos and set the phony stage, so the shill spewing minions here, can report that there is opposition and dissent. Muduro won by like 78% of the peoples vote. The Deep state looses again. Just like in Syria.

        • Muduro: Just another bought and paid for George Soros production.

          George Soros’ home country of Hungary just threw their prodigal son and his NGO operation out.

          Russia and China don’t tolerate any crap from unelected rogue billionaires. The US needs to declare George Soros a sponsor of domestic terrorism. The Treasury needs to confiscate his bank accounts and assets. And George needs to be sent packing.

          • Same thing with all these US rogue billionaires, like Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, the Koch Brothers, Michael Bloomberg, Elon Musk, etc.

            Rich people need to be taught their place, just like the rest of us.

            They are all parasites anyway. They pie is only so big. The rich only get rich by always taking more than their fair share. Look at Elon Musk. With taxpayer money and taxpayer bailouts the guy would be just another loser.

            Rich people need to only be allowed to get only so rich. After that — once they go from being just rich to being wealthy, where their richness becomes self-perpetuating — the government takes it all in taxes. Uniform income confiscation. [I am serious].

            Or just start shooting them in the face. Not killing them. Just shooting them in the face. That’s a message, that once sent, is easily understood. Just like how the steel workers dealt with the robber baron Andrew Carnegie and his lacey Henry Clay Frick. Settled that Homestead strike quickly.

            Labor Barons / Rogue Billionaires. Same thing.

      11. Typical Marxist election. In the words of Stalin “I don’t care who votes, I just care who counts the votes”

      12. It would appear all the “Stormfront” refugees have found a new home on this site.

      13. What is it in the human condition that makes us accept despotism in all its forms? Not only do we abide by it, they actually have us squabbling among ourselves as to which of them is the least worst as they constantly try to outdo each other. Boy, do they have our number. Reject the overlords … all of them.

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