Big Pharma May “Need To Change” COVID Vaccines To “Fight” All of The New Mutations

by | Feb 24, 2021 | Headline News | 18 comments

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    Big Pharma is on a rampage when it comes to making sure they get paid by the government to keep the mRNA vaccines coming for the peasants. They are making plans to make changes to the CONVID-19 vaccines in order to fight off the new mutations as the ruling class continues to censor anyone or any information that may cause people to have second thoughts about this mass vaccination program.

    The authoritarians want you to stay panicked and remain in fear for the time being, however.  Changing these vaccines that will alter your DNA take time, they say. According to VOA News,  you cannot just make changes to these vaccines. “It’s not really something you can sort of flip a switch, do overnight,” said Richard Webby who directs a World Health Organization (WHO) flu center from St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Virginia.

    Viruses mutate, or change, often. Recent studies have raised concerns that first-generation COVID-19 vaccines are not as effective against a coronavirus mutation that first appeared in South Africa. However, many of the COVID-19 vaccines are made with new technology that permits changes. But it will still be difficult for experts to decide whether the virus has mutated enough to make it necessary to change the vaccines. –VOA News

    The rulers who think they own us continue to say we can’t be human beings again until we give up being human and get the mRNA vaccine. We were born free, yet somehow, everywhere are chains we put on ourselves at the commands of the rulers. Interestingly enough, the “authorities” say they are looking to the flu for “help.” Interesting considering they change flu vaccines all the time as it mutates and we still have to live with the flu.

    They must think people are too stupid to think this out on their own.

    For COVID-19 vaccines, Webby said an important step will be establishing a similar observation and testing network. It can then decide on which mutations are most worrisome. Today, there are wide differences in how nations track and test mutated versions. For example, Britain does more testing of the changing viral genome than the United States does.

    Three variants first discovered in Britain, South Africa, and Brazil are worrisome because of combinations of mutations that make them spread more easily and quickly.  –VOA News

    Wake up. This isn’t about our health.  If it was, they wouldn’t have insisted we destroy our ability to provide for ourselves or our families over something that has turned out to be as deadly as the common cold.


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      1. Pendants for authority and gluttons for punishment (which is more than 90% of everyday people) are not going to plainly see the moving goalposts for what they are.

        You critical thinkers are not only fighting against a few effete degenerates, but against the inertia of the great unwashed.

        • We need an ‘edit’ function.

      2. I have NOT taken the phony 19 “vaccine” that is already available and I am also eagerly looking forward to NOT taking any changed or altered versions as well?

      3. The very fact that they are continuing to push all these blatant lies over what is obviously a non pandemic goes to show the deranged mentality of these psychos.

      4. “many of the covid 19 vaccines are made with new “technology” that permits changes” Exactly!,because these are not “vaccines” these are targeted technological “programs” designed to turn your own bodily defenses against you! Stay as far away as possible from this or any other upcoming “vaccines” ?

      5. Q,Mommy,will our lives ever be normal again?
        A.No dear.
        Q.Why not?
        A.Because the ones making the decisions for all of us are not normal to begin with.?

      6. So,let’s see: We have contaminated water,polluted air, poverty,destroyed businesses,hunger,increasing homelessness,depression,
        suicides rising, joblessness,
        economic chaos,and yet,the most important issue on Earth at this moment is vaccinating everyone to keep us “safe” from what is essentially a mild form of the flu.As you often mention, is there still anyone,
        anywhere who still believes any of this has anything to do with “protecting our health” Anyone at all???

        • It’s all about the money. Then those evil psychopaths die. I hope they think about this. Was it all worth it in the end after they’ve murdered the rest of us?

      7. And the Andrea-bot will be here to write a book in 3…2…1…

        • @Genius,when I first read this comment I didn’t know what you were talking about.It was only today that I figured it out and it gave me some good laughs.You are right though.If not a book,then an essay with very long paragraphs.Thanks again for the laughs.

      8. Everybody knows the secret to any mammoth scam is

      9. New strain just discovered in Finland which apparently has the ability to “hide”. Makes perfect sense when one remembers that we are dealing with the most intelligent “virus” in the history of the universe.

      10. Another covid variant found
        in Finland.
        On a side note,researchers
        continue to look for original covid which noone to date
        has ever been able to find?

      11. Hey – I am doing OK
        I think waiting awhile to give the kids time to sort this shit out might be the right course.
        In fact to call this virus a pandemic is a stretch to me.
        We live in a 350 million nation and we have 500k dead. I am also sure they are throwing a lot of deaths into the covid bucket that really should not be.
        Relax – sit back take a deep breath and watch the stupidity!!

      12. Big pharma should be ashamed of themselves. It’s not like they can take all their money with them when they die.

      13. All of this unerringly and eerily harks back to The Georgia Guidestones, doesn’t it? Everything is happening exactly as The Guidestones decreed. I’m in thrall that I know all (about this, that is) . I learned of it many years before the Guidestones were erected in a very rare, special program of learning that I attended when I was an innocent man doing life without parole on San Quentin. I finally crashed out of the awful place by getting my mind right (via education) and using it all as an irresistible weapon to crash out of the awful place (all done legally and lawfully, of course.) In fact, I made the place eject me, and gladly at that, which is where it’s at in such a spat with the gnat that I was right then). Now I don’t participate in any such state, but just watch in mucho interest and awe as all (except I and my fine puppy), inexorably mire in the gyre and retire to the wire made of fire that’s no way to expire even for hire. Ain’t no jive, Mr. Fear! Keep it clear and dear here, above all peer, but don’t jeer and do steer clear of my rear unless I be in full control right down to my soil, else thou be…

      14. Georgia Guidestones tell the same thing.

      15. One Vaccine to Rule Them All!

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