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    This is a sponsored report from Wealth Research Group

    It’s quite unbelievable to imagine, but had Warren Buffett wanted to, he’d be a heck of a lot richer today.

    Because of his public reputation, he decided to abstain from investing in some of the best opportunities of the past 50 years, companies that have surely popped on his radar screen on numerous occasions and have made others a fortune.

    Some of the best stocks to own are those that sell recession-proof addictive products, which I do include Coca-Cola with, but my real focus is on cigarette and alcohol manufacturers.

    In 2003, a list of the 20 best-performing companies of the past 50 years was published in Jeremy Siegel’s masterpiece book.

    Phillip Morris, the most enrichening investment of the 20th century, is, of course, the manufacturer of Marlboro, among other products.

    In fact, Wealth Research Group has gone through the list of these companies and found that most of them are engaged in the distribution of addictive products, which aim to create life-long junkies, either of beverages, drugs, food items, or consumer goods.

    Yet, Buffett has stayed away from cigarette manufacturers because he didn’t want it to hurt his public persona.

    I have dedicated an entire section of our website and newsletter to Wealth Stocks, but one thing that I wholeheartedly object to is owning a business that puts garbage into the bodies of others, by using sophisticated marketing.

    Like me, millions of Americans, Europeans, Asians, and Australians are waking up to this reality.

    Big pharma isn’t looking to cure you. Instead, it seeks to recruit and own you by creating medicine that allows you to live for a long time, but only by consuming their drugs.

    Big tobacco doesn’t even care about that.

    Big food is concerned with making food as addictive as possible from an early age, so that parents naively let their children get hooked on food that is pure entertainment and does nothing to improve vitality.

    In recent years, energy drinks have claimed to boost our bodies using chemicals, but the ingredients used are super harmful. 

    The wellness revolution, which includes organic foods, non-GMO seeds, proprietary blends of herbs and fruits from the east with proven super foods from the west, and the need to keep our minds sharp during our daily work, which is mostly mental and intellectual nowadays, has brought about the rise of a new sector.

    I’ve never come across such a ground floor opportunity, which both defeats big pharma and truly delivers high-quality products to the market.

    Moreover, the big change here is that they are targeting the type of demographics that I like – the productive people in society, who want to make it a better place for everyone.

    I hate big pharma – now I can actually invest in a company that aims to crush it, decimate it, and put it out of business, by empowering people to become more alert, aware, and enlightened to the mass intoxication committed against them.

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